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My Haunted Home

I live with my grandparents, who are in their 80s at this time, in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Maybe I should explain, first off, that I live about 100 yards away from an old Indian burial mound, which my mother has suggested sparked this ordeal.

Ever since I can remember (I'm 21 now), I've been afraid of this house. Of course, I won't admit this to my grandmother, who doesn't believe in the paranormal. There's something in this house that scares me, though I've only actually seen it once or twice.

My computer is upstairs, which only consists of the den and master bedroom, and a little half bathroom, so it's a small space. I have the entire upper floor to myself for my video games and computer. I used to sleep up here occasionally.

When I'm in the dark up here, with no other light, other than the street lamp in the alley behind the house, I get this strange feeling that I'm being watched. Like something is hovering over me very close and just watching me, so I won't stay up here without some form of a light on, even if it has to be all night. I think it's the same thing I saw one night, a few years back.

I think I was in the tenth or eleventh grade, and it was a long weekend, which was the only time I ended up sleeping up here. I was in the den, sleeping on the couch as I had been up all night the night before, and as I was laying on the couch, I could see something from the corner of my eye, staring at me from the half wall next to the staircase up. It looked like this boy my step-brother had been having problems with at school, someone I didn't like anyway. I watched out the corner of my eye, until I was absolutely sure he was there and jolted up, only to see nothing at all. It scared me a little, but I decided I'd been imagining it, and laid back down. That's when things got weird for me.

The next day, I was on the downstairs couch in the living room, taking a nap, when I started to hear music in my ear, like listening through a headphone. It was plain as day, one of the Anime songs I'd been listening to for a little while. I hadn't heard it enough to memorize the lyrics, but it was playing in my ear, just as clear as day. I went upstairs to check the computer, and it was turned off, after having crashed the previous night. That weirded me out, and I went to stay with my mom for a few days.

Then it happened. I came back on a Wednesday, because I was sick and had to miss school, so I went to get on my computer. I surfed and decided to go take another nap at around noon. I went into the upstairs bedroom and got on the bed and closed my eyes. I opened them again about thirty minutes later (I learned this from looking at the clock downstairs). Something was over my bed! I was too scared to move, it was hovering over me, covered in black! I thought I was sleeping, but I wasn't. It reached for me, so I screamed and ran downstairs and out the back door and huddled against the fence in the furthest corner of the yard I could find, out of the view of the bedroom windows.

Ever since that day, if I've had to sleep upstairs, I have to leave the computer monitor on, and I won't go anywhere in this house at night without a light on in the same room that I'm in. I've taken to wearing the crucifix my aunt got me from the Vatican years ago, though I'm not religious. I just won't take chances like this. I can still feel it, staring at me in the dark, though.

Contributed by Layla Brewer and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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