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The Beast - A True Ghost Story

This IS a true account of a period in my life. Every bit is true, through hearing the experiences of six people.

Hello everyone. I'm here to tell a tale many people don't believe. Through the ages of 1-15 I lived in a very haunted house, haunted by a six foot demon and several minions. (according to a Priest, but several people have seen figures)

The typical goings on at my house were (and mostly when you were alone in the house) Dish washing/rattling, pounding on the floor, running down hallways while beating on the walls LOUDLY, coming down the stairs like a 800 pound giant VERY fast, and you could feel the wind from him approaching so quickly.... He also threw newspapers and bags around. This was so horrible. It really was an extremely bad haunting, and it was affecting my whole 5 person family, but It mainly went after me and my sister.

The most common thing that happened was while I slept in the basement. The door to the stairway would fly open, I would shoot up and look, to see no one going down the stairs, but hearing a heavy bipedal creature pounding its way down every step, until it walked across the floor and stood and waited, then walked back up the stairs and closed the door ten feet away from me. It would also bang the walls on the way down like a torrent of blows.

Eventually, a man gets tired of being tormented. I started praying every day, and built myself up for the next confrontation. And just like clockwork, he woke me up in the usual way, but this time I ran towards the stairs and up them, where I was met by a solid black, muscular, almost featureless humanoid figure. I ran at him, knowing that my Lord was with me, and as we collided I commanded him to leave the house. It was like running into a brick wall, but he bounced back and disappeared... And I cried... knowing the torment was over.

From that day on, there has been peace in my house. I learned something from this. Your age or size doesn't matter, it's your faith that counts. I know this story sounds a little extreme, but I swear this is true, it hindered my life for years, and my Family's.

God bless you guys,and have faith, Mike Walker

Contributed by and © Mike Walker all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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