Ghost Picture From Raynham, Ma. The Full Story

Alright, well the story behind this guy, at least as far as I can figure out, but first a little background about me. I'm 24 now, and this story spans quite a few years, starting in 7th grade and going through 10th.

Raynham, Massachusetts Ghost

When I first started actively pursuing ghost hunting the first thing I bought was a book called "Scrying for Beginners" and a crystal to see what I could do. After a while of using the crystal, I started hearing voices in my head, one of which seemed particularly angry and kept telling me "stop using the crystal or you will regret it". Of course, I kept using it. I used it for quite a while, then my interests moved away from the paranormal and onto other things.

It wasn't until 9th grade that I started using the crystal again. At that point I was dating a girl named Kerrie. I liked her a lot, and things were going well. 'Til I started using the crystal again. One night while using it, I heard a voice again from the same entity that had contacted me years before. It said, "Stop using the crystal, or you will regret it". That night, I didn't see anything in the crystal.

At that point I had been dating Kerrie for probably only a month or so, and the next night when I looked into the crystal, I closed my eyes and saw her sitting at a table in my school's cafeteria. She was talking and looking at me in disgust like I had done something wrong, and now she was with this new boy.

Raynham, Massachusetts Ghost

The next day at school, she told me that she wanted to break up with me because she was getting back together with her old boyfriend. Strange, and it affected me (like most immature 9th graders) and that night I went back to the crystal. I heard the same phrase again. "Don't use the crystal, or you will regret it". At that point I put it away for about a year. I still was interested in the paranormal however, I figured that crystal wasn't worth the trouble.

Kerrie and I got back together a couple days later, and stayed together for about a year and a half. Somewhere, towards the middle of 10th grade, I decided I would give the crystal another try. I figured what could go wrong. While using it, I saw a strange green light inside of it move from right to left, then an orange light move from left to right and explode inside the crystal, no idea what that meant, however I was excited to see that something was coming from it.

I heard the same voice, say the usual thing, and I began to get worried, so I put the crystal away, but while laying there, and my crystal tucked under my bed in a velvet bag, I still heard a voice say "If you use the crystal again, I will take away the only thing that is important to you."

The next day at school, once again, Kerrie broke up with me for one of my best friends (real quality girl there eh?).

That night, when I went to bed, I took the crystal out, and looked into it, and said "What are you going to do to me now? You already took away the only thing that's important to me!" (lol at silly high school disorganization of priorities).

It said back, "You'll see."

I fell asleep, and I still (8 years later) remember the dream vividly. I was in the middle of a hurricane, in a tropical area. I was walking down a path in back of my hotel, towards a screen door with a dark figure on the side of it. I remember palm branches littering the ground, and this figure being in a cloak with his face completely covered. I walked up to him to see if he needed help, as he shouldn't be out in the storm. He lifted his head (he was turned to the left of the door) and looked at me. (kind of cliché but) His head looked like a skull with glowing red eyes. He smiled at me, and said, "You shouldn't have used the crystal."

I woke up the next day sick as a dog. (graphic, sorry) Throwing up, bloody mucus, and other ailments that one would associate with a 24 hour flu of sorts. I didn't want to let my mother know I was sick because I felt this story that I'm typing out might have come up, and my mother never really approved of my ghost hunting or any other paranormal things. I had left my crystal in the same place I always do, under my bed, in a velvet bag, inside of a metal case with a latch.

I got to school, opened my backpack and started putting the books into my locker. At the bottom of my bag, was the velvet bag with the crystal in it. One possibility is that I put it in there while I was sleeping, but I have never sleep walked or anything more than talk in my sleep before. I hardly even move while sleeping. So for all intents and purposes I ruled that out. I left the crystal in my locker, and went to class, still just sick out of my mind. Before I left for school I had 104.1 temperature.

I went to my classes and didn't learn a thing, then came home, brought my crystal with me, and went to my room. It was stormy out so it was a bit dark early in the day. I turned off my light, and lit 4 candles, and sat there in between them (they were all around me) and held the crystal in between my middle finger and thumb while looking into it. I began speaking in a language I didn't understand, it didn't sound like anything I had ever heard and may have been more just strings of sounds than an actual language. Sadly, I don't remember anything I said, but I got the impression that I was trying to trap the hostile spirit inside the crystal. I got up, with the crystal still in my hand. I felt as if I had finished whatever I was doing, and that I had the spirit actually trapped inside the crystal. I walked down the stairs, just in a total trance. My mother said something about dinner, and I told her I was going to be a couple minutes.

I was heading to the pond near my house.

As I walked, I could feel my palm burning, the crystal was actually getting hot. In hindsight I thought that I might have been squeezing the crystal so hard that my hand felt it was burning, and whether that is true or not, my hand was burning. I walked about a minute to the pond, and stood there for a second. I didn't look at the crystal, and I threw it as far as I could into the pond. As it sailed through the air, it seemed to take an almost impossibly long time to hit the water, but when it did, I felt that I had finally done what I had to do. I was sad to see the crystal go because I had seen plenty of other good things in it, but I knew it was best to get that spirit out of my life.

And that is the story of this picture. It was taken by my brother in law in my room, there is a wooden dresser on that side of the room with a stereo on it. What I actually see from this picture, is a figure, with a cloak on, holding a black cross. Or there is a black area where a cross should be. If you look at this enlarged version of the picture, you can make it out a little better.

Contributed by William Eburn and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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