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Ghosts In My Brother's House

I've never was a believer in the supernatural or any thing that can't be explained, at least not until I had my own experience and even now its hard for me to accept what really happened.

When I was living out of town I'd get lonesome for my family so I'd phone my brother Ben at least twice a week. Ben, his wife Sherry and his two toddlers Dustin and Summer had all just moved into a small house in the county.

After the first few days I asked Ben how they liked the house and he kind of acted unsure about it. He said there was some strange things happening. He said he and the kids had been sick since the day that they had moved in. He told me that the house had a draft because he could stand in an area that was cold then move just a few steps away and it would be hot. He said everyone could smell smoke like sweet pipe tobacco but no one smoked in his house at all.

The next week I called and got some bad news. My brother told me that his wife had been standing on a chair reaching for a glass pot from a cupboard when she fell and cut her arm. It took 135 stitches to close the deep wound. The strange thing is my sister in-law swears that someone pushed her. I tried not to sound as though I didn't believe him but truth is I thought they were crazy.

A few days later he called me to see if I could come stay with his wife and kids for a few days because he would be in the hospital having his tonsils removed. I told him I would be there. I arrived the night before my brother was to go into the hospital and we spent all after noon talking about the odd things that had been happening.

My nephew, who is 4 and has never been afraid to sleep in his dark bedroom alone was now too afraid to go into his room at all even in daylight. He told us that something comes to his bedside and stares at him. My brother had moved the kids to his bedroom and he and my sister in-law were sleeping in the living room every night.

I finally heard enough. I told them that all this talk was keeping them and the kids afraid because now even I was getting goosebumps. When it came time for bed I told my brother that I'd sleep in the kids room - just to prove there was nothing to fear.

I was tired and fell to sleep fast. Later I was woke up by a sound. It sounded like someone with a cold, a congested breathing, so I thought maybe my little niece had come in to sleep with me. I sat up but found that no one was there. Convinced I'd let my imagination get the best of me I laid down and fell off to sleep again.

A short time later I was awoken by a voice - this time I jumped up and called out to my brother "Did you say something to me?" At that same time he was coming down the hall toward me, telling me to help him get the kids and to get out of the house.

I went to the other bedroom and grabbed my niece. My brother grabbed my nephew and we headed through the living room to the front door. I still remember looking over at my sister in-law who was sitting on the floor in a trance. My brother screamed her name and she slowly got up and followed us to the car.

When we were in the car and driving away from the house I asked what just happened and my brother asked me "Didn't you hear anything?"

I told him what I thought I'd heard "I heard a man say parent or something like that."

My brother then told me that he and his wife had just finished having sex and that a man's voice came from right in front of their faces and said "SHARE IT"! I knew it was true because that is what I heard too but I didn't get it until then.

We went to a motel that night and stayed until they found another place to move to a week later.

I told a lot of people about this back when it had just happened but everyone reacts in the same way to these kind of stories. They think your crazy so I do not waste my time trying to convince anyone anymore. It will only be true after it happens to you!

Contributed by Debra Titsworth and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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