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Author's Comments on My Daughter's Imaginary Friend Was an Evil Ghost

I wanted to share this with the person who wrote about her daughter's invisible friend thinking this would be helpful to her or anyone else dealing with the same.

The thought of my daughter being led to go out a second story window by what she believed to be another girl was terrifying to me. It was one of those occasions which I found worth in my kids spying on one another. If my son had not seen this happening I'm sure my daughter would've gone out that window and possibly to her death.

The ceilings in that house were 12' and we were living in the second story of it. Add another foot for the second floor and a couple more for the foundation of the house and you've got 15'. An alley lays below and about 1 1/2' from the house. It's paved with bricks underlying it. In other words a fall from 15' to a very hard surface below would be a very bad fall.

The windows are all 84" windows. If they weren't painted shut they were a bear to get open, not so for the windows in my children's room. Although they opened without a great deal of struggle you had to have the strength to push up the heaviness of them. My son has been very strong all his life and even at the age of 7 he was very strong. For all his trying he couldn't get that window open, or any other in that house. That meant that the two adults then in the house, I and my sister in law, had to have been the only ones who could do it, bu neither of us opened it. Whenever we opened any of those windows it took all our might to do so. Sometimes we had to help each other open a window due to the heaviness of them. Could a normal 9 year old girl open one of them? In my estimation, no.

I and my sister in law knew this right away since we wondered how it had been opened. This told us that something, very bad, had done this and was presenting itself as a 9 year girl in order to get my daughter to go out that window to join her or it. This, in essence is why I wrote this account, so that no one else underestimates the value of a child's word when they say there is a child they play with which no one else seems to be able to hear or see.

Just after catching my daughter with one foot out that window I went into the kitchen to get an egg. I made her watch me drop it out the window to the alley below. I told her to imagine that the egg was her before I did this. After she watched it burst on the alley I asked her if she believed what the 9 year old girl had told her about being able to fly out the window. Do you know what she said to me? "Mom, the girl flew out the window alright, and she didn't drop to the alley and get hurt. I thought I could too!"

I took her outside to illustrate it further for her. There was a small wall alongside the walk out front. I had her stand upon it and see if she could step off it and fly like she'd seen that girl do. She must've tried to fly for about an hour before she finally asked me how that girl had been able to do it.

My son was sure she must be nuts to think that a human being could fly. I asked him if he'd ever seen anyone fly and he said no. This was way before hang gliding. He asked if I'd ever seen it and I told him no I hadn't, but I said that a saint was said to have flown without the aid of wings for many years and people had seen this. He scoffed, but I told him we could not judge so quickly, something we just hadn't seen yet.

He thought the argument that jumping up and down and leaping off something would prove it couldn't be done. I told him there were many things that we didn't yet know, science especially, so not to think you've got all the answers.

I told my daughter not to expect to fly anytime soon unless she were able to get into zero gravity. Believe it or not teaching her what gravity was really did help the situation. I told her that we could not see gravity but only knew it was there by how things with weight acted under it's influence.

I asked her to tell me what made things fall down when thrown up in the air. Then I asked her to tell me how to make them stay up in the air. She said she couldn't see what made things fall and had no idea how to make them stay up. We had a balloon and I showed her how the use of static electricity could make a balloon stick to the wall, but static could not make it hang in mid air. She saw though that the less something weighed the longer it could stay in the air.

I had a picture to show her the bones of birds, how hollow they were. This is true of feathers too. Even so I urged her to watch the birds and make note that they too had to have some strength and work hard to get into the air and stay up. Yes, it was difficult trying to teach all this to my 5 year old daughter, but it was worth it.

I found an item in our house which weighed the same as a bird would and had her pick it up. Then I asked her to pick up her brother, which she couldn't do. Even the thing which weighed very little could not just be thrown into the air and remain aloft. We had her do this so she could see that what goes up must come down unless acted upon by an outside force.

She said the girl looked as real as she did and she even felt her at times which told her that the girl was real like she was. She'd seen the girl step on toys on the floor so she assumed that the girl had weight to her since whatever she'd stepped on depressed under her weight. She insisted the girl must've had some sort of rocket on her to make her go up and out like that.

The girl had passed right through the glass and wood of the window. So, I asked my daughter to put her finger through the glass without breaking it. She evidently thought she could but when she tried she found she couldn't. She tried it all over like there must be a soft spot to go through or something. We watched her do this for some time before my son said, "duh! are you done?"

The way she struggled to understand how this all worked and tried to make it work told me that she'd actually seen someone go through that window. Parents need to be aware that ghosts are real and can lead their children to their deaths by just showing them how it's done. Kids tend to believe what they see.

The next day my daughter told me that the little girl called me a liar and said I was very mean. My daughter told her not to ever call her mommy a liar! Like I said, she was like a little rooster when she got angry. She said I proved it to her that what I said was the truth and told the girl that she was a liar.

I told my daughter that the girl told her half the truth, or showed it to her. I told her that we all have a spirit that can glide through the air just like bad spirits can. Of course this is according to personal experience of dying and coming back. For me this was easy to believe because I'd experienced it already. I couldn't however, show anyone else that proof.

I had also felt ghosts pass through me before and have seen ghosts that were as solid looking as you or I which disappeared right before my eyes. I and my brother held a conversation with one who was in my uncle's garage with a tractor. We didn't see them disappear but both were gone within seconds of going out the door and back in it. I myself touched the tractor as did my brother. It was solid and real.

Another man ghost was in my path outside one day and already leaned over to say "boo!" and laugh before fading out completely from my view.

By the time I had kids I'd already known what ghosts were from vast experience. Who's to say what they are really? Maybe the ones our kids think are monsters really are but maybe they're human spirits too. I don't know. All I do know is that people need to quit laughing, scoffing and ridiculing adults to kids about seeing them. One day their disbelief may cost them dearly as it almost did us.

Written an contributed by Patty Roe Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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