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This section of True Ghost Tales represents our ghost story archive. Most were published before we created our paranormal blog to present our reader submitted ghost stories to our readers. Stories will no longer be added to this section on a daily basis. However, we add new ghost stories and ghostly stuff to the blog every day. Browse the long list of stories here or visit the Paranormal Blog

Dangerous Ouija Board Spirits ~ Added 05/19/2009
That Halloween was the creepiest I had ever experienced with the black bat and the Ouija Board. I have never had any desire to play with another one since, and raising my own four children I would never allow them to play with such a dangerous tool letting something happen to them like it to did to us that Spooky Halloween. There were many sleepless night in that house after that occurrence.

The Bermuda Triangle ~ Added 07/12/2008
The Bermuda Triangle is inexorably associated with time travel, UFOs, missing time and wormholes. Christopher Columbus wrote in his memoirs on how his compass acted strangely while sailing through the Bermuda Triangle. He also witnessed along with another shipmate a glowing globe of light that seemed to hover over the sea. Did Columbus and his shipmate witness a UFO in the Bermuda Triangle in the year of 1492? Did the UFO help Columbus find land?

Tree Ghosts of Vietnam ~ Added 07/09/2008
With all of the tragedies of Vietnam, I believe there are many, many ghosts. I will never forget as I walked the Bridge of River Kwai in Thailand. I could feel the pain and suffering that once befell this tragic area. I didn't have to be psychic to feel the deep negativity. So when Thuy Phan tells me that there are ghosts in Vietnam. I have to believe her.

The Offer From Satan ~ Added 06/22/2008
I believe that Satan chooses to come to people with his offers when people are children because of our lack of experience and how naive we are to everything. He was trying to offer me what ever he could think of by using my desires and reading it off of my thoughts and subconscious for the exchange of my SOUL!

I See Dead People: The Renee Christine Martine Story ~ Added 06/21/2008
This true story falls into the 'I See Dead People' category, because Renee is a sensitive. She is a magnet to the spiritual realm and a beacon that summons the departed to her physical being. Her great grandmother was a black witch and dabbled in black magic. She was well known through the Wiccan community.

A Study on Reincarnation ~ Added 06/17/2008
There have been many case studies in which people are attracted to Civil War reenactments or renaissance fairs because they feel they are old souls. John Richter partakes in all Civil War reenactments because he feels he was once a Confederate soldier. He knows intimate details of one Confederate soldier's life and when he confronts the family with the information, they are astonished, because the knowledge that he has about this Confederate soldier is accurate. His claim is that he was that Confederate soldier and during the Civil War, he died on the battlefield.

I Was a Teenage Chupacabra ~ Added 06/14/2008
Sometimes my interviews and investigations can fall into the category of 'X-Files' On June 13, 2008, Friday, I was headed out to interview two people with very bizarre claims. I get all of the weird and bizarre assignments.

Was This Ghost Trying To Get My Attention? ~ Added 04/21/2008
I have a story that happened to me when I was about 10 maybe 9 years old. It was the first ghost experience that ever happened to me that I could remember.

Ghost in the Rocking Chair ~ Added 04/12/2008
Is it possible for an old rocking chair to be possessed or perhaps used by a ghost? Here is the true experience of one of our readers with an old rocking chair that haunted her for years.

Paranormal Enounters In My Life From Age Three and Up ~ Added 04/02/2008
Here is an overview of the paranormal encounters I have had since I was three years old. I am no longer bothered and that most ghosts fear me now days. I go to church so now days I believe all ghosts are demons.

Terrifying Ghostly Encounter In Arizona ~ Added 03/31/2008
... My heart started racing. We both knew what was happening now and we had refused to believe it before. This was the ghost that haunted this part of the mountain side...

My Hell In A Haunted House ~ Added 03/31/2008
My mom and I just bought a house that had been around since the late 1800's, she insisted on moving in, but something about the house just put a shiver down my spine. Here is my story of the hell I went through in this haunted house.

The Fawn Hoof Mummy - Egyptian Influence In Ancient America? ~ Added 03/31/2008
The Fawn Hoof Mummy, discovered in Kentucky's Mammoth Cave, was prepared and embalmed in much the same way as used by the ancient Egyptians. Where did the ancients in America get this knowledge? Did the Egyptians have contact with early inhabitants of America?

The Eight Horsemen of 2012 (The Apocalypse) ~ Added 03/29/2008
The Mayans were an intelligent civilization that had advanced writing, knew mathematics and were well versed in astronomy. Most people think that perhaps the world will end in 2012, because this is the prophesy of the Mayans. The Mayans made this prediction 2000 years ago and the dire date of doom is December 21, 2012.


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