Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences Part V

Here is a collection of short stories and experiences that have been submitted by our readers.

Ghost Haunting in an Old House

A year and a half ago me and my husband bought a old 1876 house located in its own ground.

The first night I was getting changed and my husband was watching T.V. there was a bedroom opposite my room the windows were shut tight but all of a sudden the door opened and slammed shut I went to push it open but it felt like someone was putting there force on the other side, I ran down stairs to ask if my husband was messing around but he said "no", when I went to open it again it opened I walked inside turned the light on it seemed really cold there I remembered I rolled a new rug up but I found it unrolled and it was dirty, the slamming of the door happened again around 3:30 am, the next morning I told my husband what had happened and he said "I'm imagining things", but I knew something was wrong.

The next night I was prepared I took a torch and a digital camera it was really dark in the room so I took about 15 pictures I left the room and I printed the photos out and it showed an outline of a little girl.

Me and my husband have now moved out of that house it was so cold in that house and it was so spooky.

Rhian Thomas

The China Cabinet Poltergeist

I had moved to Maryland with my aunt and uncle and their 2 children when I was 13 in 1997.

My cousin Tammy (their daughter) was downstairs in the basement. I am not sure what she was doing down there. I was in the living room watching TV while lying on the couch. From where I was lying I could see the doorway to the basement and see the light on in the corner of my eye while I was watching TV. So if I would have gotten up and stood at the basement door I could look across and see the dining room with the China cabinet in it.

Anyway, I started hearing the drawers of the China cabinet opening and closing. Mind you no one was in the house but me and my cousin. If Tammy were to walk up the steps out of the basement I would have heard the steps creaking.

My aunt and uncle came home a little while later and my cousin still hadn't come from the basement. My aunt then asked me what I was looking in the China cabinet for and why didn't I tuck the cloth napkins back in.


Strange Things

I was in the living room with my mom and I was on one couch just there with my mom quite because my mom was reading a 15 min prayer book when she was half through the book we hear someone walking in the kitchen like men's boots walking in the kitchen. I got so scared I jumped up and sat next to my mom.

This other time I was playing hide and seek with my sister and friend I was going to go look in the closet and I saw a little girl standing there looking at us play I turned on the lights and all three of us left that room and never played hide and seek again.

When we were in the shower you would feel like someone was watching you. When my mom was inside the house alone she would here someone in my little brothers room moving boxes. My little brother saw a little girl sitting in a little power wheel car that we had in our room and she was just there watching him play with his toys. He ran out of there and told my mom, he was only three and he still remembers.

I would see a cat sometimes. The first time I saw the cat my mom was behind me and the cat went from one wall to the other. I screamed really loud. My mom asked me what was wrong. I told her but she didn't believe me because she didn't see the cat and the same day I went to my room and out of the corner of my eye I saw that cat going to my closet but when I turned around the cat was gone. The last time I saw that cat was in the kitchen. It went right in front of me and I felt its fur touch my leg. I almost tripped over it and that was the last time I ever saw that cat.

My mom still lives in that house and she says she still sees stuff and she hears things.

Esmeralda Leal

Slave Cemetery

I was Living in a Old neighborhood that I had lived in for years. One day me and my friends heard a story from one of the elderly men that had been around even before the houses where built.

He said it use to be an old slave plantation and that there was a slave cemetery in the woods behind this old burned down house. So of course me and my friends wanted to find out more so we took a hike up the hill behind the old burned down house and found a little cabin. Being freaked out enough we still went on up another hill. We traveled through many trees then finally came upon a old wooden sign that said Alexandria Old Plantation on it.

We walked a little bit more seeing old grave stones, more of rocks with names on them, my friend noticed that a cement box was open with the top laying beside it on the ground. Then all of a sudden we heard a scream and it was so loud and high pitched. We turned around and saw a tree that was not there before with a rope hanging from it.

We went home later thinking maybe it was just our heads tricking us, but we were soon told a little slave girl killed her self when she went to go visit her dead Mother.


Strange Noises

There is a small town in France called Aix en Provence which has only old buildings to live in. I rented an old apartment there as a student 4 years ago. At the beginning it seemed nice and warm but during my stay there I realized that it wasn't at all friendly.

It all started with strange noises during the night like if I was living with someone else. I was sleeping in the bedroom and noises came from the living room and the kitchen. Every time I went to check what was going on,I found several things changed like if someone was moving them.

I thought that I was imagining things but then one night I figured that I had to move out. I was really tired that day and decided to have an early night. While trying to sleep with my bedroom door locked I heard an extremely loud noise coming from the kitchen like if several glasses were breaking. I thought that I didn't have to go and check this time but it wouldn't stop.

I really don't know how but I found the courage to get up and go towards the kitchen. I switched on all lights and went into the kitchen only to find out that all things were in order. As I stood there for only a minute, terrified, the noise of the breaking glass came from the bedroom this time! I really can't recall how fast I got dressed in the middle of the night and left the house! The next day I was moving out.

The apartment was situated in a building dated from 1820. As I found out later on, everyone that had rented the house before me had left in less than 2 months. I stayed there 6 months.

Cynthia Chios

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Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences

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