A Study on Reincarnation

There have been many case studies in which people are attracted to Civil War reenactments or renaissance fairs because they feel they are old souls, that they lived in a certain period of time in mankind's history. Case example. John Richter partakes in all Civil War reenactments because he feels he was once a Confederate soldier. He knows intimate details of one Confederate soldier's life and when he confronts the family with the information, they are astonished, because the knowledge that he has about this Confederate soldier is accurate. His claim is that he was that Confederate soldier and during the Civil War, he died on the battlefield.

On June 15, 2008, Sunday. A team of HPI researchers in this phenomenon will conduct their own investigation. I will include their colorful nicknames that they use when attending these fairs and festivals. The researchers that will be assisting me are: Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe aka Lady En Du Tromp; Tim Hawkins aka Lourde Hawkins; Maria Eivers aka Irish Mary, Natalee, Jennifer Cicero aka Jezebel, and of course me, Paul Dale Roberts aka Captain Renfield Raven. My persona is that of a rogue pirate. I also take claim to being directly descended from a real pirate. His name is Bartholomew 'Black Bart' Roberts. A Welsh pirate that terrorized the Caribbean seas.

Some of the most colorful characters of this festival are the Pirates of Emerson Haunted House area, in which strange witches and horrendous looking pirates came out to scare the visiting pirates of this lively festival. If you visit the Pirate Festival in Vallejo, I suggest you visit this spectacular booth and apparently they have a real haunted house in Fremont at 45031 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA. Sounds like a good HPI event might be in the works... I regress...

Now, to my interviews, my first interview was with:

Maurene Drew aka Maiden Molly.
Maureen says that she has always felt a connection to the Middle Ages and was always felt connected to water. As a little girl she grew up with drawings of castles on her walls. She has always been involved with the Renaissance fairs and on this particular day, she was dressed as a lovely mermaid, as she greeted the many people who were attending this festival. Maureen could be a good case example of reincarnation, because she is definitely drawn to this period of time. The time of pirates and the time of the Renaissance.

As I looked around the festival, I noticed there were many people dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow, a fictional pirate. Every time we saw a Captain Jack Sparrow look-alike, we would hit each other and say 'Sparrow Bug'. Same thing as if you see a Volkswagen first and hit the other person and say 'bug punch' or something in that manner. I got punched many times, because there were many Jack Sparrow lookalikes.

There was one person that looked exactly like Davey Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I was impressed and couldn't figure out how he could walk around in that hot costume on a very hot day. He must have been dying inside of that costume. Let's get to the next person I interviewed.

Mara Truly
Mara has been exposed to many people that attend the Renaissance faires and makes claim to reincarnation from this period of time. Mara feels she is merely attracted to the costumes and that is what compels her to attend these events. If she could go back into time, she would definitely want to be a pirate, she is attracted to this roguish lifestyle.

As I continued to walk around and looked at everyone's costumes, I could only wonder why no one was dressed up as Edward Teach aka Blackbeard. Blackbeard was a very colorful pirate that would tie candles into his long black hair. He would light the candles before attacking, giving him the appearance of the devil.

Blackbeard commanded a vessel called Queen Anne's Revenge, that terrorized the Caribbean coast and all the way up to North Carolina. He became legendary when he had a running duel with the British thirty gun man-of-war named the HMS Scarborough. As I was looking for someone that resembled Blackbeard, I ran across a film crew called 4321 Films. Dan West and Rick Popko of 4321 Films were doing a semi-documentary of this event and I did a bit of networking as we exchanged business cards. The Pirates Festival in Vallejo is a great place to do a documentary, because there are extraordinary people to interview and astounding sights to see.

Below, are two people at the Pirate Festival, that do not feel they were reincarnated.

Alisa Jones
Alisa says that she has attended both pirate festivals in Vallejo and is merely here for the fun. She didn't feel like she was reincarnated, but loves to dress up and greet people. She was greeting the guests in her cute belly dancing outfit.

Arani Linoge
She said that this is a place for great fun, and there are great people to be around. She loves the crafters and checking out their wares. She had friends that got her into dressing up and attending these events. She has never heard of the reincarnation theory. She would also love to go back into time and live the pirate life. She finds it thrilling to live life on the sea and seeking adventure. She resides in the bay area and is a professional bow hunter.

As I surveyed the grounds for new interview prospects, I noticed some of the women dressed up as the way I would imagine Mary Read would look like. I asked a few women that had, what I call, mannish pirate attire, who their favorite pirate was. Many of them said Mary Read.

Who is Mary Read?

Mary Read was born in London and took on the appearance of a man. She joined the British military and showed her bravery in the battle of Flanders. On a vessel headed for the Indies, Read was captured by pirate named Captain Calico Jack Rackham and his lusty pirate mistress Anne Bonny. After befriending Anne Bonny, she took on the life of a pirate.

Yes, I must say pirates were truly colorful characters, no wonder there are so many people fascinated with this type of lifestyle. I had to chuckle as I heard so many people of this festival attempt to imitate old English accents and say things such as: "Argh...what a fair wench she is!" or "Where is thy booty my maiden?" I found myself a few times concocting a few imitations myself. Let's see what the next three people I interviewed had to say about reincarnation.

She feels she is an old soul. She feels her soul has shared experiences with other souls of this festival. She feels like her soul dwelled in purgatory and went through various levels. It took a long time before her soul went back into human form.

Aruna Karen Andes
She feels like she was reincarnated from the time of the Spanish Inquisition. She felt she was branded as a witch and was impaled through the heart. She also feels like she was set afire afterwards. She is now a professional belly dancer and enjoys attending these pirate festivals.

Evelyn Miller
I ask her the simple question...do you feel you were reincarnated? Her answer is an immediate 'yes'. She feels more comfortable wearing old style period clothes and attending these festivals. She also feels she is an old soul. She feels she lived thousands of years ago and went through a succession of live periods. She feels also she may have been acquainted with William Bonney aka Billy the Kid and Captain Morgan (the pirate).

My next interview was with HPI's, president, Shannon"Ms. Macabre" McCabe.

Shannon McCabe aka: Lady En Du Tromp
Shannon has been working and enjoying the faires for about 5 years now. She and her good friend Jennifer aka Jezebel sat me down by the water to tell me of their times in Tudor England. Shannon felt that if she was reincarnated that she might have been a courtesan in a Tudor Court for Henry the VIII. She said she made a handsome wage from the romantic approaches of Lord Viscount Montague and his lords. Lady En Du Tromp would have gentlemen of the Court pay generously for the affection of Jezebel and her company. From the looks and adoration they received from the pirates at this particular faire, no doubt they brought home a nice purse in the court of Tudor.

Yes, Shannon and Jennifer both feel like they are from the same time period and actually knew each other during the Renaissance. They sipped their flasks and laughed hysterically as they told me their tawdry tales...

As I finished up my interviews, I do believe that reincarnation is sort of a tuning fork for the past. As we are born upon this world, we are more acceptable to receiving information and knowledge of past lives. Our sixth sense is more attuned at early stages of our lives. We are able to gain the knowledge of past lives and actually believe we were another person that lived in another era. In a sense, we are that person, because we tuned into their knowledge of their life and it has now become the person who we are now. We may desire what they once desired, we may have their past habits. Another case example is the story of John Middleton.

John at an early age was attracted to stories about Southern plantations. He couldn't understand why he was so fascinated with the history of plantations. During regressive hypnosis, he learned he was an African slave on a plantation. He described details of his capture in Africa and being brought back on a slave boat to America. He remembered being sold to a plantation slave owner and toiling in the cotton fields as a slave.

The man, John Middleton who relates this story is Caucasian.

What we see, what we think is processed in the form of energy. Energy cannot be destroyed and lives on. Who is to say that babies born upon this world, cannot pick up these past thought patterns of deceased people. Perhaps this is what reincarnation is. I will continue my search. My search of the truth of reincarnation.

For information about Vallejo's Pirate Festival, click on the link visit www.norcalpiratefestival.com
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Paranormal Investigative Reporter, Ghosthunter
WPRT Paranormal Radio - Content Editor
Email: [email protected]
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this story).
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI
Copyright © 2008 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter all rights reserved.

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