The Case of the Lady in Mourning, The Horned Creature, Faces in the Mirrors, Shadow People, The Ghostly Priest and a UFO

I have been on some strange cases, but this is one of the strangest cases I have ever been on. But, before I get into this story, I want to thank Nancy Bradley for hosting the Noscars at her home, in which awards were given to Gold Rush Ghosts and HPI core members for their contribution in the scientific approach of ghost hunting. The awards were given out by Nancy Bradley - Celebrity Psychic and Shannon McCabe - President of HPI. There was some good roasting of members from each group. It was a fun and exciting event and I was proud to be part of it.

Today is Saturday, February 16, 2008. Got the Ghosttracker filled up with gas and headed over to pick up Chris Grissom, new HPI Lead Investigator. Chris treated me to dinner at Da Nang Vietnamese Restaurant 10499 Folsom Blvd, Suite C in Rancho Cordova. If you ever have a chance, check out their menu, kick back and try their cuisine, it's scrumptious. While dining at this fine establishment, Chris and I, went over the facts of this unusual case. I was familiar with this home, because Chris and I consulted with the occupant Sarah. Sarah wanted a demonologist to bless her home and I took on the task of blessing her home. When I blessed the home, I asked for any entities that resided in this home to leave, I went through the ritual of strategically placing holy water in the areas of the home as prayers were conducted for the expulsion of any entities that plague this family. Chris was notified by Sarah that the entities of her home were still there.

My blessing of this home was unsuccessful. It was now time for an HPI core member team to investigate to see what was causing the disturbances that Sarah claimed to have witnessed in her home. Chris and I, met up with the team. Paranormal investigators for this private investigation were: Chris Grissom - Lead Investigator/Technician, Paul Dale Roberts - Ghostwriter/Demonologist, Holly DeLaughter - Professional Photographer and Kirsten Shelly - Researcher/Historian. Chris gave us all a briefing at Starbucks at Old Placerville/Bradshaw Road. What was funny, as I was waiting for Holly to show up to the meeting, I was calling her and then I heard the loud ringtone of "Thriller by Michael Jackson", it was the ringtone that Holly programmed into her cellphone when I call. All the investigators had a hearty laugh. It just made me want to get up and do the Michael Jackson zombie dance and the Moonwalk. Equipment used: video camera, TV monitor, digital cameras, digital audio recorders.

Chris did a marvelous job as a lead investigator, he has an analytical mind and commanded the investigation with perfection. As we entered the home, we were greeted by Sarah. - occupant, John - occupant's boyfriend and Joy - friend. As Chris and the team set up their equipment, I found a place where I would be comfortable in interviewing Sarah, John and Joy.

Sarah relates to me that she has lived in this residence for 2 1/2 years. After living in this home for 1 week, the door mysteriously flew open by itself. She once saw a man in a black suit with brown hair outside of her apartment and as she watched him, he vanished. She has seen a girl with long brown hair - 15 or 16 years of age and a boy with dirty blonde hair - age 12 appear in front of her and they also vanished in front of her eyes. She tells me that she feels a heaviness in her home that can last all day and into the night. She has heard dishes rattling, wet tennis shoe sounds of walking in her kitchen at 4am, she saw a priest with white collar in her bathroom, she believes that on her property there was once a church and that there were gold mines that are under her home.

There was discussion of a possible portal near or around her home, because John, Sarah and Sarah's son saw a UFO above their home. John described it as a bright UFO, possibly a mother ship in which 5 or 6 little lights came out of the ship and flew in an erratic form, zipping here and there and changing colors from blue to red. The middle of the mother ship spun around like a rhythmic rotating engine. The lights or discs that came out of the mother ship took off at a high volume of speed. Now here is when things kind of get interesting, Sarah tells me that she has taken pictures of a little girl with almond shaped eyes. Perhaps she is also being visited by 'grays'? Other strange activity is when John asked to be touched, Sarah was touched instead. Besides hearing fingernail scratching sounds on the mirror, knockings on the door, mysterious footsteps, Sarah has heard the clock chime and discovered the clock had no batteries.

Sarah enthusiastically tells me that she had heard the fingernail sounds of scratching in her bedroom, crackling sounds, that reminded her of the popping of knuckles, as if there was someone standing there making the knuckle popping sound next to her. She calls one entity the Lady in Mourning, because the entity appeared in front of her wearing a veil and one half of her face was covered, with only her chin being exposed. Her clothing was dark and she wore something that resembled a tie. As she watched the Lady in Mourning, it also too vanished. She goes on to tell me that besides doors flying open, the air being thick at times, feeling strange sensations in the bedroom, her dishwasher knob turning on its own, the sound of glass being scratched, the smell of sulfur and brimstone, a strong energy being felt in the bathroom, she also witnessed tall shadow people that kept their faces looking towards the ground and one of the shadow person was wearing a hood. What she described is what other people describe Shadow People to look like, which I found interesting. She either had previous knowledge of this or she actually witnessed this. She claims she had no previous information on Shadow People.

Holly was drawn into the boy's room, she felt some form of energy. Holly and I, took a zillion or so pictures and we did capture orbs. Orbs are not any kind of reliable evidence, orbs can be generated by digital light refractions, bugs or dust. I can't take credence on orb activity. We also caught a few orbs on the TV monitor darting here and there. Holly discovered that the house cat was chasing a moth in the household, which could have generated the image of an orb on our video camera. This is a possibility that can't be overlooked.

Here is what John relates. He says he has heard dishes rattling, he has heard strange sounds through the air vents like cellophane being crumpled. He has felt like he is being watched. He has seen shadows moving around. He has felt the sofa move on its accord when he has been laying on it. He has felt a pressure on his leg that was unexplained. Sarah and John explained to me that they have blessed their home, they had a priest bless their home and they had me bless their home and nothing is working. The entities at times will leave their home for a couple of weeks and come back. I asked John if he ever had any other paranormal experiences and he told me that when he lived in Pennsylvania he lived in a haunted home, where doors would fly open on their own. John said that at this new home, he was once mimicked by a shadow creature. If he scratched his head the shadow creature would scratch it's head and so on and so on. He once saw a horned creature and when the horned creature appeared, he smelled sulfur and brimstone. He thought immediately that this must be a demonic entity. When this demon appeared, John almost fainted. I learned from John that he is a follower of my articles and that he is familiar with Holly's famous full body apparition photograph at the Georgetown Hotel.

While I was preparing to interview Sarah's friend Joy, Holly was debunking certain shadows that were captured in the mirror. Holly had the occupants move away from the mirror and the shadows were no longer captured in her photography. Holly also worked on the debunking of faces captured in the bathroom shower area. The faces were a trickery of light done by the reflection of the camera's flash.

Joy has been to the residence three times. She tells me that her mother and grandmother are paranormal investigators and now she is a paranormal investigator-in-training for another group. She also claims to be a sensitive. She has picked up male energy in the bedroom closet area. She has seen something transparent with a face moving about. She has taken pictures of what appears to be a little girl's face. She recorded an EVP, which sounded like the digital audio recorder was being smacked around by an unseen force. She has heard eerie tapping sounds. Another EVP was the sound of a girl's faint voice that sounded like it was in the middle of a conversation and later she thought she heard the name Tiffany.

Kirsten took an unusual photograph of a shadowy form. Kirsten recreated the photograph and discovered that it was a shadow from her leg. Kirsten also felt an uneasy feeling in the boy's bedroom, similiar to what Holly felt. Holly felt more drawn to that particular room.

Now it's time for all of the investigators to gather their crucial evidence and submit their evidence to Chris to analyze. If anything is found, we will list it on

I must say that this was a strange case, because if this case has any substance, it would mean that there is some kind of portal that equals to the Skinwalker Ranch that is located near or around this home. A portal that is bringing in possible aliens, shadow people, ghosts and everything else that goes bump in the night.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter, Ghosthunter, Demonologist
Email: [email protected]
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Be on the lookout for the: HPI NORTHERN CA PARANORMAL CONFERENCE at the Brookdale Lodge May 16-18th, 2008
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI
Copyright © 2008 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter all rights reserved

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