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What Are Shadow Creatures?

Many have spoken of them... either from personally seeing one or hearing accounts of others. These strange shadows that don't really have a face or a form... other than outlines. Some could have possible natural explanations... others remain a mystery. Are they manifestations of energy that are visible to the eye? Are they "watchers" of some sort, for other entities? Have they gotten a negative reputation unjustly, or are they evil in nature?

One thing that is certain... many people have seen them, and many of them have very similar descriptions. There are some that see apparitions that seem to be animals, and some describe a menacing figure that appears to have a cloak on. Many speak of seeing a tall figure wearing a hat... often called "The Hat Man". While there are explanations that need to be ruled out... do those explanations cover all of these sightings? And if not... what are they?

While the notion of these beings is not new, the term "Shadow People" was used as the title of a radio show in the early 1950's. In looking at many different cultures, there are accounts of seeing these apparitions that date back hundreds of years. It is important to note however, that in modern culture, the phenomenon has gained in popularity since the early 1990's and reports of them before that were much smaller in number. There are also scientific explanations to be considered.

It is just as important to note that before it became popular to see them... they were indeed seen. The point that is debated is the cause.

Origins of "Shadow People"

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The term "shadow people" was brought once again to the radio in the early 1990's. This time it wasn't a serial drama... it was the radio show "Coast to Coast AM", created by Art Bell. This show covered a variety of unusual topics with an emphasis on those paranormal in nature.

Art Bell and Shadow Creatures

Art Bell

Bell was especially fascinated by these descriptions of shadow people and the similarities in the descriptions people would give. He had Heidi Hollis, a controversial researcher of this phenomenon on his radio show many times. She was of the belief that they were evil in nature, and that they had been around since the earth's inception... and that they possibly had an extraterrestrial connection.

Nations indigenous to the land we now call the United States are often referred to when people are talking about shadow creatures, shadow people, shadow beings, or the many other names they are known as. In reality, few of these legends spoke of shadows, however many had accounts of shape-shifting. Cherokee legend speaks of the Raven Mocker, which shifts from a menacing bird into a grotesque human-like shadow. It was believed the Raven Mocker's mission was to capture the souls of those who were facing death.

Islam speaks of the Jinn, who were created along with humans as creatures of free will. They, along with humans and angels, are part of the creations of Allah capable of logic and reason. According to this belief, the Jinn live in a world along side of ours and like us, are capable of either being positive or negative. It is thought that some of the legends of shadow people came from the possibility of humans seeing the shadows of the Jinn while they exist in their parallel world.

Are Shadow Entities Evil?

There are religious groups that view shadow entities as demonic in nature. The shadows themselves are not thought to be demons, but rather watchers for potential souls to be claimed. This way of thinking assumes that when one is seen, a demon is present. Cleansings and blessings must be done to avert any negativity that is trying to permeate the person or the home where the shadow is seen. This is generally done with a blessing of the area in the name of whatever higher power a person believes in. As in anything... it is the power of belief that determines how well something like this would work.

According to this poll approximately 80% have seen a shadow creature and 30% believe that shadow creatures are evil ~ Are Shadow Creatures Evil?

Appearances of Shadow Creatures

The characteristics of shadow entities varies. There are some that simply show as a black mist that shrouds over an area. Some seem to be animals. A notable one that has been allegedly spotted by many is one appears to wear a cloak with a hood. There are rarely facial features... simply an outline of one form or another. They differ in reported sightings of ghosts because ghosts are generally described as having a human appearance. Shadows don't appear to have any human characteristics. There is one notable exception to that... a creature known as the Hat Man.

The Hat Man

The Hat Man

The Hat Man

As mentioned earlier, one of the things that is fascinating about shadow people is the similarity of the descriptions from all over. One of the most common descriptions of a shadow being is that of a tall man wearing a wide brimmed hat. Details vary as to whether he has no facial features at all or glowing eyes of red or yellow. Some speak of only seeing this creature once in their life, others have reported seeing several sightings concentrated in one area. The similarity lies in the stature of the creature and the hat it appears to be wearing. There is also the general consensus that it is malevolent in nature.

One thing is certain, this Hat Man is believed to have been seen in places all over the world. In this country (USA), there seems to be an emphasis of sightings in the northeast, however it is certainly not indigenous only to those areas. One of the things that sets the Hat Man accounts apart from some of the other shadow entities is the interest this creature appears to show to those who have seen it. While many shadows are seen out of the corner of the eye, only to disappear when one focuses on them... the Hat Man seems to want to be seen. This seeming intelligence of the entity is possibly what gives it the negative perception that it has.

Shadow Creatures and Sleep Paralysis

There are those that have reported being physically attacked by these entities. Some cases can be explained as sleep paralysis, which is a state of sleep where the person is awake, and yet still experiencing REM sleep.

The sensation of not being able to move has sometimes been accompanied with visions of menacing shadows, including a hooded figure known as the "Old Hag". People have also reported these shadows physically touching and trying to harm them. The explanation may have a natural origin... however to the person experiencing it, there is a real sense of being attacked.

In most instances, the shadow usually is quickly out of sight before a person is able to focus on it and the ones that remain seem to be more interested in watching what is going on rather than causing harm.

Shadow Creatures and Manifested Energy

It is also believed by some that shadows are simply manifestations of spiritual energy. Energy can either be positive or negative... it depends on who and what it is originating from. Some of the accounts people have given describe feeling drained after seeing one of these creatures. It is thought that the shadows themselves represent the energy of what is around. Surrounding yourself with positive thoughts, actions, and people will keep positive energy flowing. By the same token, negative behavior and feelings will feed dark energy. In this instance, the person is responsible for which energy is chosen to dominate.

Shadow Creatures and The Alien Connection

Another idea that has been thrown out there for consideration into the shadow entity phenomenon... extraterrestrials. This idea is, of course, a fairly controversial one. To think that aliens would disguise themselves as shadows to observe the human condition is a little unsettling to say the least! Some accounts of those who claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrials have alleged that they were subdued by shadow-like creatures. Stuff of a good science fiction movie? True, but with all that we still do not know about what is out there... at the very least it is something to think about.

Scientific Point of View on Shadow Creatures

Everything about shadow entities is theory at this point... and there are many scientific facts that cannot be ignored. To truly understand something, all sides need to be examined. Science shows how something can have a natural explanation, which is essential to look at. Only after ruling out what can naturally cause something can we look at other possibilities.

One cause for seeing shadows that needs to be ruled out right away is side effects from prescribed medications or street drugs, as well as any neurological disorders. Erratic EMF's from nearby power sources that collide with the brain's natural electrical impulses is another possible explanation. Simple pareidolia (matrixing nondescript objects to appear as something specific), cannot be overlooked either. Hypnogogla is something else to consider... the period during sleep where a person is lucid, yet able to still see clearly into their subconscious. Many times a feeling of terror is accompanied with this, along with shadows that can appear menacing.

There are many theories to the question of what shadow creatures are, and yet no real definitive answer. Much of it has to do with personal beliefs and experiences people have had. It can't be ignored that these sightings are numerous and similar in nature. Whatever the truth is... the mystery continues to fascinate and intrigue those who know they saw something.

Written By Angela Sangster, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com all rights reserved

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