Inviting The Demon – A Ouija Board Story

Posted on June 22, 2009

I am 30 years old now, but I have a true story to tell back when I was 17, almost 15 years ago in Seattle.

It was raining heavy all day, darkly overcast and dark early which is typical for a Seattle September. I decided to call one of my friends who lived up north that I hadn’t seen in a while and catch up with him, so I gave him a quick call, grabbed my sleeping bag, some weed and my toothbrush, jumped into my rusted out old bomb of a car and headed two hours north into the woods where his house was.

When I got there, Jake (my friend) who was 18 at the time, had people over, a few people that he knew, Amber, Crissy and Mike. Jake lived in a big house almost 15 miles from a small town on an island. He inherited the house from his late grandfather and his dad lived almost 200 miles away in eastern Washington, so it was just us.

Although the house had a fireplace and wood stove, it was always cold, probably because of the high ceilings, stone and timber floors and open spaces. We hung out in an old wine cellar/basement that Jake had converted into his guitar room and studio under the house, heated by a small blow heater, it was just enough to keep the basement bearable.

We smoked the weed I brought, and drank some red wine Mike managed to get from a guy he knew. We were all laughing and having a good time talking politics and music. Mike was telling us about a really cool band he heard one night in Pioneer Square by the University district that he thought was going to be big. (I won’t name the band, but as it turned out, they became huge.) The conversation turned to more esoteric material, Amber and Crissy were talking about the occult. Mike and Jake were talking sports.

I was getting sympathetic glances from Jacob when he realized I had nothing to say about either topic. He turned his conversation toward me, and asked if I wanted to play a game. “Sure” I said. Amber broke mid sentence and interrupted, “we have a game”.

Mike immediately piped up, “I’m not making out with you Amber, besides, we don’t have anymore alcohol.” Which I thought was a bit rude, because Amber was really pretty and although a bit eccentric in an emo gothic way, but she was nice. “No” she said, pulling a Ouija board out of her duffle bag, apparently the girls had decided to stay the night too and packed accordingly.

I think Mike was really stoned because he sat out of the game, lounging on an old beat up couch Jacob had bought from a thrift shop for 18.00. Curled up in his HS letterman’s jacket, he fell asleep.

We turned off the one light bulb hanging from the basement ceiling after lighting a few candles. Jake always had a lot of candles in his house, (I don’t think he liked to pay electricity bills), besides being only 18, he had a minimum wage job at a pet store, so finding candles in Jacob’s house was never a problem.

We turned off the heater to create a more silent atmosphere. It was eerie down in that dark basement lighted only by candles in the middle of the night staring at a Ouija board in a big old house in the middle of the woods with only the sound of rain and the creaking floorboards above us. But surprisingly I remember, we were not cold, some of which I think was because we were so high.

We all put our hands on the board and closed our eyes. Amber who was the one who studied witchcraft and that stuff was directing us. Telling us not fall asleep, but to relax our minds, to just let go and focus on creating a triangle in our minds where the spirits could come through. (I thought to myself, relaxing my mind will not be a problem, but the rest of this sounds like B.S.)

I said nothing, but just did as she said. I tuned out everything except the sound of her voice, creating a space in the form of a triangle for the spirits to come through in. I felt sleepy, but I did not lose consciousness. Then it happened.

I saw an image of really hot guy. I didn’t know him, I just remember thinking to myself, wow!, this will be easy to look at as he stood in the triangle. I actually began to feel a bit horny, but of course I kept that to myself. I heard Jake make a soft Hmmm, sound to himself too, like he was seeing him too, but dismissed it, because I know Jake was not gay.

Then, this guy reached out and touched my hand, I felt a cold chill run through me like a nervous tingle up my spine even though it was just in my imagination. And the pointer moved! The image of this guy stayed in my head even when I opened my eyes. I did not expect to be able to still ‘see’ him and keep my eyes open and watch the board at the same time, but I did. The pointer spelled out the word H-E-L-L-O.

Jacob was smiling ear to ear as was Crissy. I wondered if they had a similar experience, still I said nothing but I wanted to know if they were experiencing the same thing as I was. Amber just sat there, expressionless, and finally said in a flat tone, “they have arrived.” “Who? Who has arrived Amber? and did you move it?” She swore that she didn’t. We all sat there silent looking at each other. “OK, nobody move it this time, for real, let’s ask it something,” Jacob said. “Like what?” Crissy said. “I don’t know, something that only one of us knows.” “Ohh I know,” Crissy said, “that time that you and Mike went to the party and the car got stuck, Mike left and would not tell anyone where he went. Only he knows, lets ask it that”

Amber, directed the question, “where did Mike go on (such and such day) after he walked off?” Much to my surprise, the board did not hesitate, not even for a second. It spelled out B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L-F-E-I-L-D. “Baseball field? Mike ditched us to go to the Friggin baseball field? Are you kidding me?” Jake was a little upset, I could see it in his face.

I tried to calm him by telling him, that it didn’t matter and probably wasn’t true anyway. The board continued to answer our questions for about a half hour before Mike woke up. He jumped off the old couch and yelled something none of us could understand and scared us half to death in the process. “What the hell dude?” Jake said to Mike.

“I just had a bizarre nightmare, I was at a Seahawks game and we won, I was so happy then afterwards I was allowed to go back and meet all the players. It was awesome, we were hanging out in the locker room and everything, then.. their skins began to fall away, and they turned into vampires and crap and began eating people with knives and forks and drinking blood from crystal glasses. You guys. They sat at a table and served you up as platters of food. They’re were about 10 of them and they were digging around inside your decapitated heads, saying that if I wanted to eat the body, I had to eat my brains first, I mean your brains first. You guys were the main course.”

“Knock it off Mike, your not very funny, besides, where did you go that day after the car got stuck? Answer me honestly, its important,” Jake said.

“Ohh yeah, well, your probably gonna be a bit pissed, but I went to the baseball field across town to meet Crystal, sorry man.” He said wiping the drool off his lip.

The room went silent and the pointer began to spell again. Y-O-U-A-R-E-A-L-L-G-O-I-N-G-T-O-D-I-E. Just then two of the four candles we had lit just spontaneously fizzled out and the room got a whole lot darker. A cold chill came over me and all of a sudden, I could feel myself being watched from every corner of the room. I wanted to curl up in a ball, because I could feel something or someone beside my feet under the old card table that the board sat on. I could feel, the presence of something or someone coming through the brick stone walls that lined the old wine cellar basement.

The feeling of being stared at from behind and from the sides was so intense that I had to keep looking around to make sure that nobody was actually there. the board spelled out again and stronger and faster this time, “W-E-A-R-E-G-O-I-N-G-T-O-K-I-L-L-Y-O-U-A-N-D-E-A-T-U.

The image of the sexy guy in the triangle turned into an image of a demon. I could see his dark black pits of eyes that sunk into his skull and dull gray cracked bald head and fangs in my mind. He was licking his lips with a dried out crusted tongue, scraping it across the gaping black maw that resembled his mouth. I felt a wave of nausea and disgust come over me, I closed my eyes but the image stayed there, and even got stronger. Opening my eyes wide did not help, since it was in my imagination I could not get the image out of my head. He reached forward and scooped out a portion of my brains showing me and said to me in my mind, this is your imagination, I’m eating it, and soon, I will have your entire soul.

I felt so alone and scared. other demons with fangs and claws began to emerge from the background in my mind. back in the physical room, it was filled with a thick atmosphere that you could cut with a scalpel. Mike was the only one who didn’t seem to be affected by it, he was just fumbling around in the dark looking for his cigarettes. The rest of them just sat there motionless at the card table, looking around the room, I know they felt it too.

Then, it happened, something slapped me in the back. I whizzed around thinking Mike was playing a joke on us, but he was sitting on the couch lighting a smoke. “Something just slapped me on the back,” I said, looking at Crissy, Amber and Jacob. “I know,” said Jacob, “something hit me earlier too, I just didn’t say anything before.” “Guys, this isn’t funny, I’m starting to get freaked out here,” said Crissy. In a flat tone Jacob just said, “nobody’s laughing, I don’t think this is a joke”.

Being aware that candles cast shadows and that you can see some pretty strange stuff, what I saw that night in the darkness of the wine cellar was definitely not the result of shadows being cast by candles. I saw black misty shadowy things moving in a controlled and very deliberate way around the room out of the corner of my eyes. Some of them very lighting quick, and others seemed to stroll though and take their time, knowing they had all night.

Amber, who was leading the séance before, suggested that we close the circle down, that this had been enough for one night and that we should go upstairs and make a fire and try to get warm. Just then I became aware of just how cold the room was, even colder than normal. Everyone agreed except Mike who just wanted to go back to sleep after his cigarette, but couldn’t because he complained about the cold despite wearing jeans, a thermal top and a jacket.

Amber started out by telling us to grab the planchette and repeat in our minds, spirits depart. But the pointer just kept being drawn to the word No on the board. “I demand that you leave this house, depart, now!” she said. The pointer just spelled out the letters G-O-T-O-H-E-L-L-A-N-D-D-I-E-S-L-U-T-S.

We packed up the board anyway, and went upstairs. The rain was still coming down and in droves. As we walked up the creaky wooden staircase out of the basement together with candles in hand, toward the top of the staircase I thought about putting the light back on, but decided to just get out of there instead. Jacob made a fire, and Mike went outside to pee. When he came back in, he told us that we had better lock the doors because he thought he saw a pack of wolves roaming around the perimeter of the trees, that he wasn’t sure, but that’s what it looked like. I remember him asking Jake if his neighbor owned pet dogs, Jacob said he didn’t really have many neighbors and that he didn’t think they did.

So we locked the doors to the outside and gathered by the fire. I looked at my watch and was really surprised to see that it had stopped on six o clock. I asked Crissy what time it was because she was the only one wearing a watch besides me, she said she didn’t know because her watch had been playing up and was broken too.

Living in the city, I’m not used to packs of wild animals roaming around my house, especially wolves. The whole thing seemed a bit too corny and coincidental to me, but Jacob assured me that it was normal to have wild animals living in the woods by the house, including wolves and not to worry. He explained to me that raccoons and possums regularly go through his trash. I felt a little bit better, but was uneasy about the fact that I could not get the image of that demonic face out of my head and I was stuck out in the middle of the dark woods in the pouring rain in a big old house with the possibility of being surrounded by a pack of hungry timberwolves just beyond the brick and wood walls.

The image of the Demonic face was not going away, it was only getting clearer and I felt as if the shadow creatures I was seeing darting around out of the corner of my eyes had followed us up the stairs and were coming up through the floor. I felt weak and unmotivated to do anything about it though.

I really started to get scared when I went to the bathroom upstairs, turned on the light and went over to the sink. I stared at myself in the mirror, I stood there for almost 15 minutes just looking at myself. I don’t know what came over me, but I definitely wasn’t high anymore. I was as sober as a person could be and for some reason I just stood there in utter silence fascinated at the sight of my own face. I remember poking it and feeling it, as if it wasn’t mine at all. It was the weirdest feeling I had ever had. I felt cold all over, but I was oddly enough able to tolerate the feeling with an ease that I hadn’t before. I felt as if I could just strip down naked despite the fact that I could see my breath when I blew. I didn’t.

The feeling to urinate that led me upstairs and into the bathroom to begin with, strangely passed, as I no longer felt the urge to go. I looked over at the sink and saw one of Jakes razors in an old plastic cup sitting there. I grabbed it, and felt the overwhelming urge to cut myself, I don’t know why, I never had any thoughts like this before and I never, ever cut myself before. But the thought of what it would feel like to run a cold piece of steel over my flesh was too much, I pressed the razor into my wrist, I still to this day don’t know why and I was totally aware of doing it at the time. It just seemed like it wasn’t me, but it was me… this is difficult to explain.

The feel of the sharp razor pressing into me did not hurt as I had expected it to, but instead felt.. for lack of a better word, …good. This was a totally alien concept to me, I had heard of people cutting themselves before, but never in a million years could imagine me doing it to myself. I remember feeling surprised as the warmth of the blood began to flow from my wrist. I instinctually raised my arm to meet my mouth to stop the bleeding, I dropped the razor to the floor and the tinking sound of the steel meeting the tiles for a moment broke the utter silence. The rain outside had stopped.

I began sucking on my wound, at first to stop the bleeding, but the gentle flow of the warm blood into my mouth took hold of me and I began to suck harder and harder. I could smell the iron, that distinctive smell of blood. I felt so strange standing there looking at myself in the mirror with my wrist to my mouth drinking my own blood. Just then I heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs from down the hall. It was nearly 40 feet away and I somehow knew it was Mike.

As I heard him draw closer and closer up the stairs, I began to ‘come out’ of it. I was no longer fascinated by my own image and couldn’t believe I had done such a stupid thing as cut myself! What the hell was I thinking? I quickly picked up the razor from the floor, washed it off in the sink and put it back. The words, ‘cut deep’ came into my mind earlier, and I was now glad that I hadn’t. The bleeding had almost stopped due to my intense sucking, but was still coming through a little bit. I ran it under cold water and started looking around the room for a bandage. Just then, the face re-appeared.

I saw that gray skinned demon with cracked skin and deep black pits for eyes and fangs again. This time his mouth was red with blood. I pulled myself out of it and re-attended my cut. Again, I thought to myself, how could you do this? That uneasy feeling of being watched returned. The sets of eyes that were glaring at me from behind were now so intense I could feel them piercing right through me at the back of my neck. My hair was pricked up and the coldness again returned.

Mike knocked at the door with a loud knock that he has. “Is everything OK in there? You’ve been in there a while.” “Yes, its OK, I’m finished.” I said. He opened the door and looked at me like I was dressed like a freak or something. “What the hell have you been doing? You’ve been in here almost 45 minutes. (silence)

“Well whatever, come with me, you need to come downstairs. now” I was not in the mood to argue and I could not explain what just happened to even myself, let alone anyone else, so I went downstairs with Mike. He can be a little out of touch with the weirder side of human nature, but he is a strong personality and I felt safe with him around. I knew now that whatever came out of that Ouija board did not get put back, and it would not be pulled into line by anyone, especially Amber. Whatever it was, I felt like it was time to acknowledge it.

It followed Mike and I down the hall and down the stairs to the main room where the fire was going. Jake and Crissy were comforting Amber telling her it would be OK. I leaned over and asked Mike what had happened, he didn’t say anything. I asked again, “I don’t know” he said, “she just flipped out.”

Jacob spoke up as we approached them, “that thing in the board, we need to put it back,” he said raising his head to look at us. I could see that Mike was confused, but I knew exactly what he meant, and was in full agreement. I could see the shadow creature images darting around the room again from the corner of my eyes and feel the dark presences filling the room. “Amber is not well, she needs a hospital or something. Mike, you could take her on your bike.”

Mike had a new street bike that he bought after suing a hospital for giving him an infection during a routine operation several years ago, which kept him in hospital longer on IV antibiotics, which led to him being dropped from the Varsity football team, taking up smoking, falling in with the ‘wrong crowd’ (Jake, Amber & Crissy), which ultimately led him to be here, in the middle of the dark woods at night possibly surrounded by a pack of hungry canine predators, in an old house that was colder than Stalin’s crypt, amongst obviously malevolent and supernatural entities who’s explicit orders were, for us to die.

I would have felt sorry for him if I too hadn’t been in the same situation. At least he had an out. It had rained so much over the last two and a half days, that I’m sure my little car would not be able to make it up the steep dirt (mud) driveway to get out. Not like a state of the art motorcycle.

In the end Mike put the helmet on Amber and took her into town so that she could get seen by a doctor or nurse. Jacob, Crissy and I were left to our own devices. I never did find out what Mike meant by Amber ‘flipping out’.

Later that night, we got a phone call from Mike’s Aunt at the hospital. They never made it to town. Apparently there was an accident, a motorbike carrying two passengers were killed when they hit a fallen tree. Slippery roads, poor visibility and excessive speeds were the official blame. Marijuana was also found in the coat pocket of the female passenger and was thought to contribute to the accident.

I suspect there was another cause of their deaths that night and it didn’t have anything to do with pot or slippery roads. Although those are all plausible explanations, I can’t help but to remember the Ouija boards words about us going to die that night. And it happened. Even as I felt myself up in that bathroom cutting into myself I could hear the words as if an entity was speaking into my ear, “cut deep little girl.” Knowing now that if I did, I would not be here telling you the events of that September day, and if it had not been for Mike coming up those stairs when he did, I know deep down, that a part of me would have taken my own life even though I was not suicidal.

I had seen the image of the gray vampire in my mind and my dreams for years after that. I fell into a deep depression and was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Days had passed where I was so weak, I was unable to even get out of bed. I lost my job and eventually my life (or the quality of my life rather) to this demon/vampire.

Since doctors could not help me, I turned to psychics and alternative healers instead. Some of them just took my money and told me I was going to get married and live a long happy life, but a handful of legitimate ones would take one look at me, or do my cards and give me back my money telling me that they could not help me. Some would be more forthcoming and say that I had a very dark and evil presence feeding off of me, and was taking just enough of my life force to keep me going.

I turned to a pastor but his prayers did not help me, It only antagonized the entity to punish me more and I learned not to go back to the church.

I stayed away for many years, never going outside unless it was at night when it was less crowded with people and only then in certain areas where that were thought to be abandoned. I lived off a state pension after my diagnosis and had food delivered to me in my tiny west end apartment and gradually grew into an agoraphobic.

During my time with the entity, it told me many things that would come to happen, and most of them did, including the election of Barrack Obama before he even ran for president. When the entity inhabited me, I seemed to know certain things about people that when I asked them about it, freaked them out. I lost many friends during this time.

Everytime I would try to free myself from the entity, it would seem to know, and it would punish me harshly for trying. Then one day a young man staring at me one night in a coffee shop in Everett as he was drinking his coffee, just waiting there, doing nothing gave me the strangest feeling that I knew him. I had to walk over to him and excuse myself, but, ask him, do we know each other?

“That is an interesting question and one that is not easily answered.” he said. What a weirdo I thought at first, that was the strangest reply I had ever gotten from a person and totally unexpected. Yet I felt something from him, like an odd familiarity that I could not explain… and it was terrifying to me. I only knew that he represented something that wasn’t good for me, but my curiosity won the day and I sat down across from him watching him close.

“The entity that you harbor see’s me as his enemy, ” he said. He introduced himself as Santa… (something) I forget exactly. He claimed to be a Kabbalist Magician who studied hermetic sciences. Whoever he was or whatever he was, I thank him, he told me that the entity was a psychic vampire by the name of …….-…. and that the entity had overstepped his authority and should release me now, that enough time had passed and my contract with him was finished. I don’t know what he meant by all of that or all the other stuff he said.

I tried to explain to him what had happened and how I tried to get rid of the creature. He said that the spirit no longer had a legitimate contract over me and that he would see to it that it moved on. He warned me about the dangers of dabbling in the occult and emphasized that knowledge should always be the first weapon.

In the end of our conversation I said to him that he was a good person for doing this and was he able to kill the demon? His reply puzzled me, even to this day. He said, no, he wasn’t going to kill the entity, that it was an important part of creation and although I could not understand it, it serves it an important purpose. That he was just putting things back in balance. He also pointed out to me that if I thought he was a good person, what did I feel about him while the entity was in possession of my mind? I never saw him again after that night.

That is where I will end this. I hope anyone who reads this very seriously considers the risk and consequences of playing with Ouija boards or dabbling in the occult without knowing what they are doing. I would not have posted this, but in the last part of my conversation with the Jewish mystic, he told me to tell my story so that others will know. Today I lead a good life again with balance and freedom. The images have stopped and apart from telling my tale about that September night, I do not think anymore of it.

I swear that everything in this is true and not embellished. These events happened just as I have described them and I have nothing to gain by lying. I only wish people to learn from the mistakes we made that night.

I am also sorry to report that Crissy had unexpectedly passed away about 5 years ago from sudden onset stroke at the age of 28. R.I.P.

Written by Shelly Mitchell, Copyright 2009

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856 Responses to “Inviting The Demon – A Ouija Board Story”
  1. scarygirl67 says:

    I could not stop reading this story until I was done. What an experience.

    This story should be on every petition out there to stop marketing the Ouija board as a toy. I am so sorry for the loss of your friends, Shelly. You have my good thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing this, as it must have been incredibly painful to relive.

    • E.Bero/author says:

      Same as everyone else, I could not stop reading. I have had paranormal experiences myself that are a little scary but not quite as terrifying as this. I’m sorry about your friends. As far as taking ouija boards out of stores, unfortunately all you need is a pen and a paper for a ouija board. So there really isn’t a way of taking them out. But it’s a start. Move on with your life and be thankful you made it out alive.

      • anonomous person says:

        i had a few paranormal experiances but non as interesting or as scary as this
        i tryed using an ouigi bord with 2 of my friends when we camped in my garden
        (it was a nice warm night) and it went cold and one of my friends just went to sleep so we didnt touch it

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s Ouija for one thing. You’re obviously a child so don’t mess with that board. Shelly, I’m so sorry you went thru this. I’m sorry for your loss. Now you’re healthy & doing well & I’m glad.

          • Anonymous says:

            Im so sorry.I have experienced something sorta like this,where i did wigi board with my friend,and a demond had come to haunt me in my sleep.

            • rob says:

              I recently experienced a demon oppression from seeing the movie paranormal activities. I am a christian so it couldn’t get inside me but it still scared me nearly to death. I eventually led one of my friends to christ because of it and it has left me! GOD saved me from its terrible powers and if you experience something like this pray and just go to church and it should leave you eventually because they hate anything that deals with God. Remember I didn’t want this to happen to me all I did was go see a movie and I came back with a demon so it can happen to anyone. People don’t understand that Demons are much more powerful than humans and they can possess you and control you if you are not saved. They are not cool to see or try to communicate with and they can drive you crazy and ruin your life!!!

              • destiny5059 says:

                Now I believe in this stuff too, but a demon going after you becasue of a movie that is in no way true. PLEASE> I just dont buy it. Yeah that movie was a bit off the wall and yes the scarey part’s were somewhat scarey. Dont let your imagination run away with you it is a power ful thing.

                • katelyn4612 says:

                  i agree with you. i’ve never heard such a thing. that movie was fake. scary but fake. the imagination is a very powerful thing and i believe his got the best of him.

                  • leeleenat says:

                    Actually, it’s very possible. I was never really phased by scary movies, but ever since I really became a Christian, I know to stay away from them. Why? One night while my entire family (save for my dad) was sleeping over my uncle’s house we watched some stupid movie, I believe it was A Haunting in Connecticut. Honestly, it wasn’t really scary and I wasn’t especially frightened when watching it. It was when we turned the tv off and I went to sleep in the living room that it happened. I heard a voice in my head that if I closed my eyes they were coming to get me. Surely enough I closed my eyes and I still can’t explain what I did. Before I knew it, I was at the top of the stairs and I was screaming my lungs out. It was a really strange scream, too, not one that I’ve heard come out of me before. I had absolutely NO control over my actions. I didn’t even realize I was at the top of the stairs until my uncle came to calm me down. These things ARE real. These movies, who do you think inspired them? Obviously the inspiration for them didn’t come from good places.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Actually its probable that a demon could manifest as a result of seeing a movie like Paranormal Activity.It’s a scary movie,and demons feed on fear.Demons cannot act on their own accord,they are just fallen angels.They can only take orders.They have been ordered to find weaknesses in us humans that allow them to enter our lives.Fear is a weakness,and a door that demons can use.If a movie causes fear,that fear can lead to far worse things.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    both of you are right and both of you are wrong. nothing is impossible and yes demons feed off fear and fear opens the door for one to enter your life but something that is not based with a spirtual pressance cannot open the door to allow one in. a movie has no true spiritual power to it like if you went to a graveyard and got relly scared. a grave yard has spirtual connections with both heaven and hell so demons can enter through the door that was opened. again a movie with no spirtual ties cannot open the door to the demon relm

                    • Anonymous says:

                      A movie certainly can do these things. It does not matter if it is fake or real, it is glorifying evil and that is a wide opening for evil to attach to anyone. But Christ has defeated all and in His name, it must flee.

                  • miss scared says:

                    even i had an horrifying expierience of bloody marry when i was in 4th grade in my school now i am in 7th grade i am looking for horror stories for my school project

                    • bubbly says:

                      if you have seen bloody marry you would be dead badly injured or scared for life careful love

                  • Mike says:

                    The only scary part of the movie paranormal activities, was the last 20 seconds. It sure seemed like a huge waste of time just to get to the last 20 seconds. I don’t think I will even waste my time with the second one, because the first one was such a flop. I felt like I was let down, and it totally lacked the suspense and horror factor.

                    • charles walker says:

                      Both paranormal activity movies were a complete waste of time. Total rubbish as far as I am concerned.

                  • jojoscosco says:

                    demons are not fallen angels…lucifer was, then he created demons like God created man…

                    yu are all so typically american….sort yourselves out!!!!!

                    love ya ;)

                    • Caretaker says:

                      Well that is the first I have heard about a belief that Lucifer had the ability to create life. Interesting.

                    • Paul says:

                      Satan doesn’t create life. (I say Satan not because I’m a typical American but because Lucifer was the name he was given as an angel, once he was cast out of Heaven, he was called Satan) If you’d like to go off of scripture, which is NOT American, Revelations 12:9 says “The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.” Just like Lucifer became known as Satan or, the Devil, the angels that followed him and were cast out of Heaven with him became known as, demons. You should research topics further before you insult people’s intelligence due to being “so typically american” so that you don’t make whatever culture you’re from look foolish.

                    • Tonja says:

                      Jojo, you really just didn’t say that did you?

                      Satan was cast out of heaven with a third of his angels. The bible does not say “the” angels, it states “his angels.” Any bible clearly states that all things created were by God.

                      They all were cast from Heaven for rebelling against God.

                      And what does being an American have to do with biblical scriptures and interpretations?

                    • Lauren says:

                      No….That sounds like something from Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’….Fantastic piece of literature, but still fictional….insulting other people’s intelligence when you’re the one in the wrong makes you look VERY VERY stupid! (I’m English BTW….just incase u would like to insult the English for your encore)

                • Anonymous says:

                  Sorry sugar but things like that do happen. It may sound silly and it may see fake and whatnot, but it all has to do with what you subject yourself to. Yeah so what if the movie was stupid and so what if the movie was a fake, but having an opened mind is just as well as having an opened door for anything to come through. The posibilities are endless and unknown so be smart and think again.

                • Ashley says:

                  Actually, it is possible. Spirits will hang around in any bad atmosphere, and I’d say that that movie sent out a bad vibe. You never know what can happen to you, or where it could. Maybe not necessarily FROM the movie, but it could have been there, and latched itself onto him. Don’t judge until you know all of the facts….

              • Anonymous says:

                it has been proven that demons can travle through tv music magazines and etc… and just because u believe in a certain religon or go to church regularly does not mean you are protected and invulnerable. they feed when u try to think ur god will protect u through it all. some people dont know demons are angels when satan was kicked out of heaven he took a third of the angels with him therefour any thing a demon does god knows about they cant do anything he cant control. some sympthoms of having a demon attached to u is sleep paralysis,feelings of falling, and thoughts of suicide.demons can efect your hearing your vision and ur thoughts (thats where the thought of someone chasing you comes from) i have had some experiences my self. but id rather not explain because that could set “things” off.

              • Happy Muslim says:


                anyway, become a muslim, please

              • Riece says:

                That’s called fear. There is no demon. You honestly believe that a supernatural entity started following you because you saw a movie that millions of others did too? Incredibly naive.

                • Just Curious says:

                  Couldn’t agree more with you. I find it interesting to read what others think about demonic possession. I don’t think a movie can make you vulnerable. That’s just crazy. to me anyway. Opinions are great because we all have different ones. The mind is a powerful thing and I believe that because these individuals believe this can happen, it can happen. Again, just an opinion.

                  • charles walker says:

                    Totally agree – it is the mind of the person that causes problems and nothing else.

                • Solja says:

                  People perish because of lack of knowledge, I believe what this guy is saying about being oppressed after watching a movie…sometime you’ve gotta ask yourself, where does the inspiration of such movies come from, most of them aren’t from just human creativity…the source is rather dark and very evil. Demons can oppress human as long as they are allowed in, fear is one of the portals to invite these “entities” in. I’d say not acknowledging the presence of these entiies or downplaying their capabilities is really Naive, and that’s excatly what they want; they want human to remain ignorant of how they do “business”, that way it will be hard for humans to stand their grounds in those attacks: Jesus Christ is the Light and the only name against which these entities are totally powerless.

                  • MARY says:

                    Solja I could not agree more ,was watching something the other day and the family was left by the paranormal team with the thought they may just be sick in the head or attention seeking UNTIL they were followed home and attacked several times (the team members) , this demon was sooo intelligent it had them snowed into thinking they were being lied to , that is not a good thought. However , I have a VERY STRONG faith in God and believe he is the Great Equalizer. Whenever , evil is afoot whether it be a person or a real diabolical I will always call on Him. Just my thougtht and belief system . But the devil is not forthright he is sneaky very sneaky and can hurt in every way mind , body, spirit. We all need to know that not Fear it so we are afraid to live our life but Fear enough to be Smart and open minded to people in the know. Blessings and Light as Always , Mary

              • Sparkles210 says:

                i totally agree with u demons are no fun and they WILL make your life from where they came from HELL im telling u people its worst than dealing with barney

              • Star says:

                I will never touch a Ouija board, because I know better. I am a Wiccan and do not wish to be in any kind of relationship with a demon. For the person who says they got a demon oppression from Paranormal Activity, I don’t think it was really from the movie itself… it was you who let it in with your fear and ideas after watching the movie. However, I have been scared and stuff before and never had a demon affliction, so I don’t know what you did to make it able to get to you. And as far as being saved and everything, my friend is a Christian, and she’s played with Ouija boards twice, and she has had several encounters in her home. Things calling her name, doors shutting on their own, etc. It hasn’t left her, and she is in church and youth group and prays every night. Of course her friends both also got rid of the Ouija boards in ways you’re not supposed to, so that could account for it… anyway… thank you for sharing this story Shelly. I would like to own a stone Ouija board, just because it looks cool, but I would never use it… especially if it decided to entice me by moving on its own HAHAHA. I think I would definitely keep the planchette separate…. if I even get it.

                • charles walker says:

                  I am wiccan and have used an ouija board for more than 40 years with no problems what so ever. The board is perfectly safe in itself. Problems with it come, I am sorry to say, from the attitude etc for the person or people using it. This method of communication is not right for everyone so caution is the way to go. You have to take everything said through the board with a pinch of salt and also never let anything play on your mind.

                  The one thing it is important to remember is that the ouija board is NOT a game. It is not something you play. If you are of the right frame of mind and take care you will come to no harm.

                • bubbly says:

                  OMG… thankgod im not the only wiccan i no of :) but seirously guys my friends step mum or friend did one and only 2 walk the earth now 1 got hit by a truck 1 commited suicide and the other one was in a carcrash it wasa true story

              • Anonymous says:

                i wouldnt say someone thats not “saved” i myself am agnostic but thee ouiji board i dont mess with. i think demons haunt only the weak spirited. ones that cant get over something or alow themselves to be thrown out of focus. at least you you can use your beleif as a crutch for yourself. i myself have found another way…akit harder though, but in the long run feel alot more mentally and emotionally stronger

                • MARY says:

                  Anon, truly do you believe one must be weak to be under attack? The opposite is more than true , the devil has no time for weak he wants the zealout , he wants to rid this world of the Believer of God , how much easier his job would be if no one cared or had faith. It is truly my opinion that the devil RUNS after those who believe the most as that is the prize for him to make a true follower of God afraid or worse disbelieve . The weak are easy , the faithful is the fun for him. Again , this is my opinion. Blessings and light to all . Mary

                  • charles walker says:

                    Believe in God and you are in trouble because the chance is you believe in demons and the devil and believe that they can take you over – the more you believe that the more chance of you getting into trouble. No God no Devil no Demons = no problems.

              • Teresa says:

                Exactly what denomination are you? Honestly, I don’t believe you, even in the slightest. Being baptized does remove the mark of original sin but it does not make us saints. Each and every one of us sins everyday. Because of this we are all vulnerable to demonic possession. Even the Pope himself is vulnerable to demonic possession, so wherever you got your information from is sadly mistaken. And if anything really did begin to happen in your home after seeing PA then it was either your imagination, someone screwing with you or something you invited in with your fear and intense thoughts about the movie. I am glad that you do believe in God, but please bear in mind that being baptized or “saved” as you put it does not safeguard you from being possessed. Be careful out there, yeah. Peace!

                • Light Rules says:

                  Christians can not be possessed by demons. When you are saved, Jesus comes into your heart to live in you. He is, “…the light of the world…” and Scripture declares that, “…God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.” Darkness and light cannot dwell in the same place at the same time. God created everyone and He has authority over everyone and everything. He would not allow a demon to dwell in the place where He lives… it will never happen. However, Christian or not, you can definitely be oppressed by evil spirits in many areas of your life. As for being oppressed by a movie, I don’t believe it was the movie itself, if anything it was fear that opened the door as God has not given us the spirit of fear so it is always from the devil. People need to realize they have authority over every evil spirit and rebuke whatever is trying to harm them. Just as we are the ones that opened the door… we can also close it.

          • Wicchalla01 says:

            Could not stop reading this story, i’m sorry to about your losses and hope that all that read this will NEVER try this!!!! i had a similar experience when i provoked a spirit in my house… believe me it is something i never want to experiance again. an Ouija board is not a toy! people should Realise this!!

    • Anonymous says:

      yeees isnt it scary ive never played the quiji board and not planning to anyway soooo yeah

      • Teri says:

        It’s not a quija board for one thing. Another thing, it’s not something you “play” with. Why do people keep saying “play the Ouija Board”???? Anyways, Shelly I’m glad you’re doing well. What happened to Jake?

        • aaron&cooper says:

          Some people are right you dont “play” these board they are something to be taken serious and shouldn’t be used i believe they shouldn’t be distributed through stores as toys either

          • breanna says:

            ouija boards are sold as toys? wow some people are just plain stupid! so you mean that if some little kid where to get some money and go to a store they could buy a board?

            and i must ask that what is it about a ouija board that makes people want to use them? just wondering because i have never used one and i know better than to open a gateway to hell but they still hold that appeal to see what would happen. i wont though.

            • T says:

              A ouija board is like a bad habit. its addicting for those that have questions, fears, boredom, etc.. If you have never touched or been around a ouija board, it isnt a good idea to start. They are truly evil. I think most people who have ever had anything to do with them, have had a bad experience. Atleast I have. Please, be careful. Think about what it is capable of before you consider it. Its sold as a game, but it is anything but that.

              • jen says:

                Using a Ouija board cost my sister 10 years of suffering and dealing with demons that wouldn’t leave her alone. Don’t test it out and don’t use it out of curiousity. It could be harmless, but it’s a gamble. It opens unguarded doorways. Unfortunately, it is usually young, curious people that do it, but if you are reading this and thinking about it………Please don’t

          • bubbly says:

            Yes they aren’t “toys” and you don’t “play” them you atleast have to know ’bout this stuff before you do it but i advise not to.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am just incredulous. I offer you all the positive energy I can send and I am sorry for the loss of your friends. I, too, have had a very negative experience with this… although mine has not had the effect yours did, I do understand.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the guy she met was jesus because of the feeling she got when meeting him and his reply about creation it was at least an angle. and I mean this quite literally

      • Bex says:

        For me I don’t know what to think about that man. She identifies him as Santa something – isn’t that a little close to the spelling of Satan?

        I, personally, don’t believe her story as it being supernatural. They were stoned, Amber lulled them into the beginnings of hypnosis (without realizing it my guess) and then when Mike woke up he described a dream – they then had that dream as a suggestion in this state.

        I am sorry she lost her friends but the accident is just really good odds of happening – trees down, slippery road, etc and then he has someone on his bike who had been ‘flipping out,’ she may have done this. A stroke is something that happens to healthy people all the time.

        If she was diagnosed as CFS then she would feel like something is ‘feeding off her’ and taking energy – ask anyone suffering from it. Although I liked that part about the man. I am a believer in things like this so I do consent that some parts are true but mostly, no, just life with a few parts of mind altering substances.

        • BekkieLassy says:

          Why would satan help her? I think you’ve got at all wrong!!!!!

          • Bex says:

            Make some inquires about Satan – also known as Lucifer. He was an Angel – the most powerful of all the angels. He questioned why God thought Man was so great. That Man is fickle, does horrible things to themselves and to each other, etc. Lucifer never created Hell, not does he ‘run’ it. If anything Lucifer points out the horrible things Man does and turns to God and says “See this is what I was talking about.” He doesn’t force or coerce you or anyone into anything. I am not a Satanist, I am Christain (although I think the Bible is nothing but a guide and certainly not the rulebook for living and misses very important events and moments – and it was written long after they all died, stories were from the spoken stories, one man complied it and in gets translated from ancient Hebrew which means miscommunication is bound to happen.) I was pointing out that Santa is close to the spelling of Satan. He could be just been saying Saint in Spanish though. I still find the story suspect. Of all the countless times I have used the board, only once do I think I was actually talking to someone and she was funny and laughed alot (spelt out haha).

    • Anonymous says:

      I used ouija acouple times. What I know now has definitely made my mind up about using it again. It told me I would get back together with my ex 9 days from the time I used it. I didn’t try to contact him, and actaully forgot on the 9th day about the prediction. Low and behold the 9th day is up and he calls me asking for me back. It freaked me out because it also said my sister will be raped by a man named daniel sevil while walking at night. It hasn’t come true but I am wary that it will. It also told me that I won’t have children due to complications with my eggs, and I’m going to get married at age 27, the age I deemed appropriate for myself to have babies. I hope that these predictions don’t come true, knowing ouija though, I’m afraid they just may. You don’t want to know the future people, don’t use the ouija board.

      • Jennifer says:

        How did you ask it for the future? I tried doing it once, but nothing happened. I actually feel lucky that nothing happened, maybe it was because of how i did the board? the surface wasn’t taht smooth, and i didn’t have a plachette.
        But can i discuss with you some more information???
        it’s really important

      • Star says:

        Also, I have to say that I don’t think the Ouija board is outright evil. It is certainly a gateway used for evil to get to you, but it in of itself is not evil, and not all entities that try to communicate through it are evil. I think if you use it willingly, by yourself, you open yourself up to whatever entity wants to take over, and that certainly will be evil. But if there is a spirit nearby when you have a Ouija board on hand, it may try to contact you through it as well. Spirits cannot harm you unless they are poltergeists, and I’m sure if you have a poltergeist you know it. So, I think I might use one, if I thought a spirit was trying to contact me… but it all depends on how the board is moved. If it just randomly and suddenly flies across the board or doesn’t stop, it’s most likely a demon. But if it’s just moving ever so slightly, it could be a spirit and shouldn’t cause you harm unless you open yourself up to other things while you are using the board by asking stupid questions. My boyfriend had an experience with a Ouija board. He and his friend were using one, and his friend decided to ask it if he would get into an accident. It said yes, then stopped answering anything else he asked. The next week, he got in a car accident, and luckily, survived… but still… for those of you who can’t keep away from it, just don’t be stupid about it. Know that a demon WILL try to get to you, and don’t ask questions that will allow that to happen. Though again, if you use it of your own accord, you are pretty much willingly opening yourself to anything as it is.

    • Anonymous says:

      dont get me wrong im never gonna use the board but i found this to be fake
      i have reasons and one is how everything was cliche of a horror movie
      i saw him he wudent go away
      pack of wolves?
      cut deep girl then changed to cut deep little girl and the amount of detail within it just sounded like you were writing a horror movie

      • Anonymous says:

        alright seriously, it’s very corny i mean it happens to be at night in a basement where the house is in the middle of no where. And dont forget that they were high to. im sorry but people try to be more realistic, and not so gullable

        • Greenie says:

          ok first of all, weed is not a hallucinagen. and it could cause dimensia over time. doesn’t mean if they do it the one time they’re automatically gonna start seeing crap all over the place. if anything, being high make you “tripp” even more over what you see. in other terms, makes everything more… vivid i guess. and there are quite a few people who can remember everything from when they get high, whereas some people don’t. and i wouldn’t be saying this if i didn’t know what i was talking about. i am, what you could call “a stoner,” and i remember everything that happens when i’m high. so even though there are those slight mistakes like the whole “cut deep girl” or whatever it was and “cut deep little girl,” that was a LONG story, so like one little mistake doesn’t make the whole thing “fake.”

      • leal***** says:

        this story may or may not be true, but i am sure that the ouija board in not a game and should not be played. God and the devil do not play games if u open the door to the devil of course he will come in and if you open the door to God he will come in. i suggest that no one should bother opening the door to the devil you will regret it. i know this girl that played will the ouija boared for years and the devil posessed her for years at church when they prayed for her she would say wierd things with a voice that was deep and loud saying she wanted to kill. she would always faint and throw up blood it was really freaky. the pastor prayed for her for years now she is saved, she has a husband and a baby boy. im telling everyone out there DO NOT OPEN THE DOORS TO THE DEVIL YOU WILL REGRET IT AND SUFFER DEEPLY

        • Moemoney says:

          How did You know that the Girl was Possessed? What if she was acting it all out? Maybe she was a phony. Maybe she really was possessed, but how do you know if shes really saved just because she has a baby and husband doesnt mean she is saved. She can still have the “supposed Demon” in her and could be hiding it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow same here im a new visiter here but i am so,so,sooooo sorry for your loss i will never play with a ouji board that was really freaking me out when i was reading it so sorry!

    • ImmortalBabee says:

      I couldn’t stop reading this artical. For some reason a strange urge came over me to continue reading. It was like someone was forcing me to. Weird. You may all think i’m joking but you can think what you like. I know what i felt and you don’t.

      • Susan says:

        I tottaly agree, my friends were messaging me like crazy on msn. It was flashing i the corner non stop, for some reason I couldnt stop reading until the very last word. Even then I felt like I had to catch my breath.
        This is my opinion but I would never be able to wake myslef up fromthis horrible night mearish memory.. I dont know what I would do.
        and Yes, I belive that demons wont do any harm to you unless u give them the chance to comethrought to u,…
        I am also very young and I have deffinitley thought about doing the “Ouiji Board” But just when I am gonna do it, I read this and now I am uneasy about it…
        I really dont wanna risk my life and sanity or friends…
        I am curiosu but will prbably never wanna findout if it will work or not on me…
        If I ever do play it, which i am not planning on doing, lets just hope it wont work.. also giving away to peer presure is what many kids at school do…
        I amnot that Idiotic though.

        If you friends really re dead.. or maybe they arent really ur “friends” Im sorry for them and you. I know myself, I couldnt live with seeing they’re faces when just a few mintes later they are gone,, SOrry for ur pain….thats really all I can say.

      • Santa says:

        Wow, it’s almost as if demons can enter your life through a story about the Ouija Board. Terrifying.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe anyone stupid enough to buy one should be punished-not with anything serious, just enough to teach THEM TO NOT USE IT ever again, and to tell there friends- i have never used one because i believe they are evil and wicked. anyone who has used them my prayers are with you.

      • charles walker says:

        Ouija boards are NOT evil at all. Used correctly by someone in the right frame of mind they are perfectly safe.

        • Chelsea. says:

          Okay, I completely agree, they aren’t evil and don’t always lead to it, just because a lot of religious people say everything that isn’t like their practices is bad doesn’t mean it is. For the 1000th time, a Ouija board can be used safely if you don’t ask it questions where if, based on the question you asked, it can hurt you to fulfill its answer. Duhhh

    • vinny says:

      hi, i have no idea where have i landed an author..and very soon would be completing one with a film on it. i need u guys to keep telling me stories so that i can use them as evidence, i want it to be the success of the millennium… better then evil dead, exorcist or say grudge..nothing but just u cant sit and watch it alone.! trust me its coming. and if u realy believe in God.. dont forget that evil gets stronger when u give Ur side to God. evil doesn’t stand and watch the show..he gets everything by snatching all that you have, and take u alone to tell you how strong he is and you aint capable enough to stand his wrath! and thats when you remember..who realy is GOD! we like watching movies of ghosts and what not. have we ever felt like watching a movie on jesus christ or the begining of the earth and the universe.. nope we dont, the more we see and like getting edgy and scared.. the more u believe in ghost and not GOD! so lets get scared this my movie and it would be first day first show free for all world wide.! thats a promise. Happy Scaring!!!!!

      note from admin – If you are an author who is working on a film then you should be able to read the rules by the comment box. If you post your email address publicly and ask others to contact you again your entire comment will be deleted. Please follow the rules, to be frank I really dont have time to edit comments for people who dont even try to follow the short and simple rules posted very plainly by the comments box

    • charles walker says:

      I agree that ouija boards should not be sold as a toy – it is not a game. Web sites that invite you to ‘play the ouija board’ should not do that either. IT IS NOT A GAME. At the same time the board itself is NOT dangerous. Much of what comes over the board is influenced by those involved in using it. You should be of sound mind if you are going to use it. NO drugs or alchahol atleast 24 hrs before using it and take any messages with a pinch of salt.

      All in all too much fuss and scare mongering is going on about the board. Used correctly it is safe. I have been using on for 40 years with no problems.

    • satanist31 says:

      i study things like this and i can tell you a lot about them first of all if any of you were christian that why this demon did what he did, also how you used it was improper everyone must put there hands on the planchette which i suppose you may have done also make sure they say goodbye before taking your hands off and dont let it count 1-0 it opens portals i fel bad for your loss but you should not have playing with unknown forces if you had used it correctly this incident may have not happened

    • Anonymous says:

      what ab ibteresting yet terrifying story. im amazed. i have watched many programs on demons and their capelbilities. but NEVER had i thought they could create that much chaos, R.I.P friends. hopefully people learn from teir experiences. the ouijia board is NOT a game to be foolishly played under any circumstances.

  2. Jackie says:

    Ok, this is something i believe could have happened to me, had i not asked for help from God during an attack from something evil. This too happened after a ouija board experience, but not straight after. I was hit in the back three times when this evil tried to possess me.

    Gosh, this is all too reall from the results of messing with the occult. I wonder if you would consider signing my petition to get rid of ouija boards out of toy stores. If caretaker will put a link here, then i know he doesn’t mind.

    • Anonymous says:

      why does every one turn to god over every thing, does anny one believe they can do any thing by themselfs?

      • Bella says:

        i believe we do not av 2 turn to a higher enterty (such as a catholic god) to fix our problems… I am pagan and believe in many Gods and Goddesses but in my believes we can fix things with our own will as well as i have done many times in the past with the help of my spirit guides

        • Liara says:

          You may not have to, but most do. Let people have their own beliefs :)

        • teresa maranho says:

          I think you should write a book…then maybe see if you can get it made into a movie.
          I didn’t believe a word of it. Had me biting me nails, tho, just like Friday the13th did. Way too much detail. The couch, the price of the couch, your toothbrush, rusty car, his varsity jacket. Even how he managed to get some wine. You went on and on with the details. You also said you saw the guy at the ‘coffe shop’ when replying to a poster on here you said ‘diner’ You could say you forgot, but you have way too good of a memory.

          It’s just like your typical horror movie, young kids, dope, alcohol (wine) alone out in the woods.

      • Thinkbeforeyouspeak says:

        ya know it was GOD who has helped this guy over the whole ordeal and it was GOD who put you on this earth for a purpose obviously not to tell people to do things themselves when it comes to demons or any other evil presence you need to think about things before you open your mouth granted i dont go to church and im not a total religous person like im suppose to be but i still believe in GOD and BELIEVE that he can help people when they truley need help.

        • chris says:

          its not GOD that helped, the human mind can over power anything. wat drove the creature out was “santa’s” belief he was a magician. as long as you believe truly in wat you are doing. the power is limitless

          • Anonomouse! says:

            (The name that I have used is not as some kind of sick joke, all of this is completely serious, however I am a great believer in the paranormal feed off fear and what not, I find comedy or whatever you will call it is the opposite.) I completely agree with Chris, I believe the paranormal itself only exists through our belief, therefore we are limitlessly more powerful than it, also if you consider things, the ‘entity’ is almost ‘in you’. Effectively, in another comical sentence: That is yo turf! In theory you control everything that happens within your mind. Personally I would force a comical twist onto the entity, a funny one I’ve done in nightmares: A strange version of chubacca (spelling?) rubbing his breasts all over the entities face. xD

          • Yaya says:

            We are nothing without GOD!!!! If it were’nt for God then she would have been dead

      • bubbly says:

        no offence to god but he wont or cant do anthing cause this is a demon we are dealing with here

  3. Carmen says:

    I am sorry for your loss. I am glad to hear that you are ok and were able to free yourself from that entity. Your story is an example of the consequences we don’t realize we are putting ourselves in when dealing w/ Ouija boards or dabbling in the occult . Again, I am just glad to hear that you are OK.

  4. motomoto says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am sorry for your friends as well.

  5. trolldoll1681 says:

    how very tragic and strange i totally believe you as demons have great powers. i’m very sorry for your loss. and i don’t believe for a minute that the alcohol or the weed gave you these images, but probably weakened your defenses. thank you and blessed be.

  6. confused girl says:

    wow!! i couldn’t take my eyes off of tha computer screen until I waz through wit tha story!! i am so sorry u had to go through that! but trust me since i’ve read ur story i know that i will neva mess wit those things!! thanks sooooo much for sharin ur story!! and im sorry bout ur friends!!! and do u think that the jewish person could have been an angel??? well thanks again, great story!!

  7. Baby Rachel says:

    WOW! What a very scary and awesome story! It sure kept my eyes glued right to the screen to the very end! I’m so sorry to hear about your friends deaths, and also that Demon possessed your mind in a way to make you believe that cutting yourself was ‘GOOD’. I’m glad that life is going along much better for you now, and hope it will continue to flow like that. I do know, from other’s experiences, that Ouija boards can be very dangerous/frightening. I myself have used Ouija boards in the past, but I never had any bad experiences from them. God Bless You!

  8. Gregory Brown says:


    I am very sorry about your loss of some good friends. I am glad to hear that your suffering has ceased in some part. I wouldn’t believe for a minute that you should feel unwelcome in a church. However, I myself have learned that there are some people at some churches that simply will not make you feel welcome…, after all they are only human. Don’t give up. I believe there are people out their with similar experiences to your own…, and they may be the first to welcome you, and encourage you. You may discover some very good friends in time. Keep looking.

  9. Hannah says:

    I’m sorry about your friends. Your story was amazing. Imagining you cutting yourself, kept my arms under my back.

    My best friend, believing in ghosts, I told her about the ouija board way before this started and told her not to use it, but she did anyways. She never told me, but she did. She has something evil attached to her. She will hit me, cut me, attack me sometimes and it’s scary. I can’t leave her because I know the thing possesses her, so it’s hard.

    What should I do?

    • zacharia abdollahi says:

      hannah…take your friend to a roman catholic church…i guarantee that through the power of our lord jesus christ and tghe blessed virgin mary you can help your friend find peace…….good luck…god bless

    • MARY says:

      GET HELP! Call on a priest to look at her and see if she can be exorcized. She is dangerous to you and herself and others. Please do not keep this to yourself , get help right away now , yesterday if you could, this is not a game and next time she goes off you or someone else could end up Dead. Blessings , HOPE < PEACE for you both, MARY

      PS You don't have to be a Catholic to receive the right of exorcism you just have to be able to see that she is inhabited by a demonic entity so start keeping a log and call a church tomorrow to talk to a priest. I will be praying for you so hard PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW YOU ARE PLEASE !

    • riceman1230 says:

      My ex-girlfriend had similar issues. She was raised by her Mexican mother who practiced traditional beliefs (witchdoctors, etc) and she had something follow her growing up into adulthood. On many occasions she would go into fits of rage way beyond what is normal or even rational and once even snapped and grabbed my throat (which she doesn’t remember doing). Anyway, one day she was at church and someone started praying for her and some demon basically took over and manifested itself violently. She didn’t get cleared that day but she was made aware that she was demonized (even though she had called herself a Christian for a while). She did some research and found a church that offered a deliverance ministry. She put it off for a long time because every time she would try to make plans to make an appointment, she was gripped by terror over it which caused her to avoid it for about 6 months. But she finally signed up and went through it; when she did, those Holy Ghost filled people knew what they were doing and those demons were expelled. In the same session she was filled with the Holy Ghost herself and she’s never been the same since. She’s completely free.
      I recommend that you start with repentence from all sins, especially with any involvement in the occult in any of it’s forms. Then give your life to the Lord completely (by doing that, demons will have no authority to have a place in your life). Then look for a Spirit-filled church that offers deliverance ministry; I also recommend you order a cd set that we found from Derek Prince ministry who teaches on this subject from the word of God and also the many experiences he’s had to face. Don’t bother with catholic church or praying to mary or any other thing like that and especially don’t go to any spiritists or mystics or psychics, etc; you’re just asking for trouble. Only the power of the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit can set you free of all that evil. God bless you.

  10. not crazy after all says:

    Though I’ve never touched a ouija board [and now I'm sure I never want to] I totally believe this story.You are very lucky to have lived through your ordeal.God has special plans for you,at least that’s my opinion.Maybe it is to open people’s eyes to the real dangers of “the game”as your friends called it.God bless you and thanks for the great story!