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Inviting The Demon – A Ouija Board Story

Posted on June 22, 2009

I am 30 years old now, but I have a true story to tell back when I was 17, almost 15 years ago in Seattle.

It was raining heavy all day, darkly overcast and dark early which is typical for a Seattle September. I decided to call one of my friends who lived up north that I hadn’t seen in a while and catch up with him, so I gave him a quick call, grabbed my sleeping bag, some weed and my toothbrush, jumped into my rusted out old bomb of a car and headed two hours north into the woods where his house was.

When I got there, Jake (my friend) who was 18 at the time, had people over, a few people that he knew, Amber, Crissy and Mike. Jake lived in a big house almost 15 miles from a small town on an island. He inherited the house from his late grandfather and his dad lived almost 200 miles away in eastern Washington, so it was just us.

Although the house had a fireplace and wood stove, it was always cold, probably because of the high ceilings, stone and timber floors and open spaces. We hung out in an old wine cellar/basement that Jake had converted into his guitar room and studio under the house, heated by a small blow heater, it was just enough to keep the basement bearable.

We smoked the weed I brought, and drank some red wine Mike managed to get from a guy he knew. We were all laughing and having a good time talking politics and music. Mike was telling us about a really cool band he heard one night in Pioneer Square by the University district that he thought was going to be big. (I won’t name the band, but as it turned out, they became huge.) The conversation turned to more esoteric material, Amber and Crissy were talking about the occult. Mike and Jake were talking sports.

I was getting sympathetic glances from Jacob when he realized I had nothing to say about either topic. He turned his conversation toward me, and asked if I wanted to play a game. “Sure” I said. Amber broke mid sentence and interrupted, “we have a game”.

Mike immediately piped up, “I’m not making out with you Amber, besides, we don’t have anymore alcohol.” Which I thought was a bit rude, because Amber was really pretty and although a bit eccentric in an emo gothic way, but she was nice. “No” she said, pulling a Ouija board out of her duffle bag, apparently the girls had decided to stay the night too and packed accordingly.

I think Mike was really stoned because he sat out of the game, lounging on an old beat up couch Jacob had bought from a thrift shop for 18.00. Curled up in his HS letterman’s jacket, he fell asleep.

We turned off the one light bulb hanging from the basement ceiling after lighting a few candles. Jake always had a lot of candles in his house, (I don’t think he liked to pay electricity bills), besides being only 18, he had a minimum wage job at a pet store, so finding candles in Jacob’s house was never a problem.

We turned off the heater to create a more silent atmosphere. It was eerie down in that dark basement lighted only by candles in the middle of the night staring at a Ouija board in a big old house in the middle of the woods with only the sound of rain and the creaking floorboards above us. But surprisingly I remember, we were not cold, some of which I think was because we were so high.

We all put our hands on the board and closed our eyes. Amber who was the one who studied witchcraft and that stuff was directing us. Telling us not fall asleep, but to relax our minds, to just let go and focus on creating a triangle in our minds where the spirits could come through. (I thought to myself, relaxing my mind will not be a problem, but the rest of this sounds like B.S.)

I said nothing, but just did as she said. I tuned out everything except the sound of her voice, creating a space in the form of a triangle for the spirits to come through in. I felt sleepy, but I did not lose consciousness. Then it happened.

I saw an image of really hot guy. I didn’t know him, I just remember thinking to myself, wow!, this will be easy to look at as he stood in the triangle. I actually began to feel a bit horny, but of course I kept that to myself. I heard Jake make a soft Hmmm, sound to himself too, like he was seeing him too, but dismissed it, because I know Jake was not gay.

Then, this guy reached out and touched my hand, I felt a cold chill run through me like a nervous tingle up my spine even though it was just in my imagination. And the pointer moved! The image of this guy stayed in my head even when I opened my eyes. I did not expect to be able to still ‘see’ him and keep my eyes open and watch the board at the same time, but I did. The pointer spelled out the word H-E-L-L-O.

Jacob was smiling ear to ear as was Crissy. I wondered if they had a similar experience, still I said nothing but I wanted to know if they were experiencing the same thing as I was. Amber just sat there, expressionless, and finally said in a flat tone, “they have arrived.” “Who? Who has arrived Amber? and did you move it?” She swore that she didn’t. We all sat there silent looking at each other. “OK, nobody move it this time, for real, let’s ask it something,” Jacob said. “Like what?” Crissy said. “I don’t know, something that only one of us knows.” “Ohh I know,” Crissy said, “that time that you and Mike went to the party and the car got stuck, Mike left and would not tell anyone where he went. Only he knows, lets ask it that”

Amber, directed the question, “where did Mike go on (such and such day) after he walked off?” Much to my surprise, the board did not hesitate, not even for a second. It spelled out B-A-S-E-B-A-L-L-F-E-I-L-D. “Baseball field? Mike ditched us to go to the Friggin baseball field? Are you kidding me?” Jake was a little upset, I could see it in his face.

I tried to calm him by telling him, that it didn’t matter and probably wasn’t true anyway. The board continued to answer our questions for about a half hour before Mike woke up. He jumped off the old couch and yelled something none of us could understand and scared us half to death in the process. “What the hell dude?” Jake said to Mike.

“I just had a bizarre nightmare, I was at a Seahawks game and we won, I was so happy then afterwards I was allowed to go back and meet all the players. It was awesome, we were hanging out in the locker room and everything, then.. their skins began to fall away, and they turned into vampires and crap and began eating people with knives and forks and drinking blood from crystal glasses. You guys. They sat at a table and served you up as platters of food. They’re were about 10 of them and they were digging around inside your decapitated heads, saying that if I wanted to eat the body, I had to eat my brains first, I mean your brains first. You guys were the main course.”

“Knock it off Mike, your not very funny, besides, where did you go that day after the car got stuck? Answer me honestly, its important,” Jake said.

“Ohh yeah, well, your probably gonna be a bit pissed, but I went to the baseball field across town to meet Crystal, sorry man.” He said wiping the drool off his lip.

The room went silent and the pointer began to spell again. Y-O-U-A-R-E-A-L-L-G-O-I-N-G-T-O-D-I-E. Just then two of the four candles we had lit just spontaneously fizzled out and the room got a whole lot darker. A cold chill came over me and all of a sudden, I could feel myself being watched from every corner of the room. I wanted to curl up in a ball, because I could feel something or someone beside my feet under the old card table that the board sat on. I could feel, the presence of something or someone coming through the brick stone walls that lined the old wine cellar basement.

The feeling of being stared at from behind and from the sides was so intense that I had to keep looking around to make sure that nobody was actually there. the board spelled out again and stronger and faster this time, “W-E-A-R-E-G-O-I-N-G-T-O-K-I-L-L-Y-O-U-A-N-D-E-A-T-U.

The image of the sexy guy in the triangle turned into an image of a demon. I could see his dark black pits of eyes that sunk into his skull and dull gray cracked bald head and fangs in my mind. He was licking his lips with a dried out crusted tongue, scraping it across the gaping black maw that resembled his mouth. I felt a wave of nausea and disgust come over me, I closed my eyes but the image stayed there, and even got stronger. Opening my eyes wide did not help, since it was in my imagination I could not get the image out of my head. He reached forward and scooped out a portion of my brains showing me and said to me in my mind, this is your imagination, I’m eating it, and soon, I will have your entire soul.

I felt so alone and scared. other demons with fangs and claws began to emerge from the background in my mind. back in the physical room, it was filled with a thick atmosphere that you could cut with a scalpel. Mike was the only one who didn’t seem to be affected by it, he was just fumbling around in the dark looking for his cigarettes. The rest of them just sat there motionless at the card table, looking around the room, I know they felt it too.

Then, it happened, something slapped me in the back. I whizzed around thinking Mike was playing a joke on us, but he was sitting on the couch lighting a smoke. “Something just slapped me on the back,” I said, looking at Crissy, Amber and Jacob. “I know,” said Jacob, “something hit me earlier too, I just didn’t say anything before.” “Guys, this isn’t funny, I’m starting to get freaked out here,” said Crissy. In a flat tone Jacob just said, “nobody’s laughing, I don’t think this is a joke”.

Being aware that candles cast shadows and that you can see some pretty strange stuff, what I saw that night in the darkness of the wine cellar was definitely not the result of shadows being cast by candles. I saw black misty shadowy things moving in a controlled and very deliberate way around the room out of the corner of my eyes. Some of them very lighting quick, and others seemed to stroll though and take their time, knowing they had all night.

Amber, who was leading the séance before, suggested that we close the circle down, that this had been enough for one night and that we should go upstairs and make a fire and try to get warm. Just then I became aware of just how cold the room was, even colder than normal. Everyone agreed except Mike who just wanted to go back to sleep after his cigarette, but couldn’t because he complained about the cold despite wearing jeans, a thermal top and a jacket.

Amber started out by telling us to grab the planchette and repeat in our minds, spirits depart. But the pointer just kept being drawn to the word No on the board. “I demand that you leave this house, depart, now!” she said. The pointer just spelled out the letters G-O-T-O-H-E-L-L-A-N-D-D-I-E-S-L-U-T-S.

We packed up the board anyway, and went upstairs. The rain was still coming down and in droves. As we walked up the creaky wooden staircase out of the basement together with candles in hand, toward the top of the staircase I thought about putting the light back on, but decided to just get out of there instead. Jacob made a fire, and Mike went outside to pee. When he came back in, he told us that we had better lock the doors because he thought he saw a pack of wolves roaming around the perimeter of the trees, that he wasn’t sure, but that’s what it looked like. I remember him asking Jake if his neighbor owned pet dogs, Jacob said he didn’t really have many neighbors and that he didn’t think they did.

So we locked the doors to the outside and gathered by the fire. I looked at my watch and was really surprised to see that it had stopped on six o clock. I asked Crissy what time it was because she was the only one wearing a watch besides me, she said she didn’t know because her watch had been playing up and was broken too.

Living in the city, I’m not used to packs of wild animals roaming around my house, especially wolves. The whole thing seemed a bit too corny and coincidental to me, but Jacob assured me that it was normal to have wild animals living in the woods by the house, including wolves and not to worry. He explained to me that raccoons and possums regularly go through his trash. I felt a little bit better, but was uneasy about the fact that I could not get the image of that demonic face out of my head and I was stuck out in the middle of the dark woods in the pouring rain in a big old house with the possibility of being surrounded by a pack of hungry timberwolves just beyond the brick and wood walls.

The image of the Demonic face was not going away, it was only getting clearer and I felt as if the shadow creatures I was seeing darting around out of the corner of my eyes had followed us up the stairs and were coming up through the floor. I felt weak and unmotivated to do anything about it though.

I really started to get scared when I went to the bathroom upstairs, turned on the light and went over to the sink. I stared at myself in the mirror, I stood there for almost 15 minutes just looking at myself. I don’t know what came over me, but I definitely wasn’t high anymore. I was as sober as a person could be and for some reason I just stood there in utter silence fascinated at the sight of my own face. I remember poking it and feeling it, as if it wasn’t mine at all. It was the weirdest feeling I had ever had. I felt cold all over, but I was oddly enough able to tolerate the feeling with an ease that I hadn’t before. I felt as if I could just strip down naked despite the fact that I could see my breath when I blew. I didn’t.

The feeling to urinate that led me upstairs and into the bathroom to begin with, strangely passed, as I no longer felt the urge to go. I looked over at the sink and saw one of Jakes razors in an old plastic cup sitting there. I grabbed it, and felt the overwhelming urge to cut myself, I don’t know why, I never had any thoughts like this before and I never, ever cut myself before. But the thought of what it would feel like to run a cold piece of steel over my flesh was too much, I pressed the razor into my wrist, I still to this day don’t know why and I was totally aware of doing it at the time. It just seemed like it wasn’t me, but it was me… this is difficult to explain.

The feel of the sharp razor pressing into me did not hurt as I had expected it to, but instead felt.. for lack of a better word, …good. This was a totally alien concept to me, I had heard of people cutting themselves before, but never in a million years could imagine me doing it to myself. I remember feeling surprised as the warmth of the blood began to flow from my wrist. I instinctually raised my arm to meet my mouth to stop the bleeding, I dropped the razor to the floor and the tinking sound of the steel meeting the tiles for a moment broke the utter silence. The rain outside had stopped.

I began sucking on my wound, at first to stop the bleeding, but the gentle flow of the warm blood into my mouth took hold of me and I began to suck harder and harder. I could smell the iron, that distinctive smell of blood. I felt so strange standing there looking at myself in the mirror with my wrist to my mouth drinking my own blood. Just then I heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs from down the hall. It was nearly 40 feet away and I somehow knew it was Mike.

As I heard him draw closer and closer up the stairs, I began to ‘come out’ of it. I was no longer fascinated by my own image and couldn’t believe I had done such a stupid thing as cut myself! What the hell was I thinking? I quickly picked up the razor from the floor, washed it off in the sink and put it back. The words, ‘cut deep’ came into my mind earlier, and I was now glad that I hadn’t. The bleeding had almost stopped due to my intense sucking, but was still coming through a little bit. I ran it under cold water and started looking around the room for a bandage. Just then, the face re-appeared.

I saw that gray skinned demon with cracked skin and deep black pits for eyes and fangs again. This time his mouth was red with blood. I pulled myself out of it and re-attended my cut. Again, I thought to myself, how could you do this? That uneasy feeling of being watched returned. The sets of eyes that were glaring at me from behind were now so intense I could feel them piercing right through me at the back of my neck. My hair was pricked up and the coldness again returned.

Mike knocked at the door with a loud knock that he has. “Is everything OK in there? You’ve been in there a while.” “Yes, its OK, I’m finished.” I said. He opened the door and looked at me like I was dressed like a freak or something. “What the hell have you been doing? You’ve been in here almost 45 minutes. (silence)

“Well whatever, come with me, you need to come downstairs. now” I was not in the mood to argue and I could not explain what just happened to even myself, let alone anyone else, so I went downstairs with Mike. He can be a little out of touch with the weirder side of human nature, but he is a strong personality and I felt safe with him around. I knew now that whatever came out of that Ouija board did not get put back, and it would not be pulled into line by anyone, especially Amber. Whatever it was, I felt like it was time to acknowledge it.

It followed Mike and I down the hall and down the stairs to the main room where the fire was going. Jake and Crissy were comforting Amber telling her it would be OK. I leaned over and asked Mike what had happened, he didn’t say anything. I asked again, “I don’t know” he said, “she just flipped out.”

Jacob spoke up as we approached them, “that thing in the board, we need to put it back,” he said raising his head to look at us. I could see that Mike was confused, but I knew exactly what he meant, and was in full agreement. I could see the shadow creature images darting around the room again from the corner of my eyes and feel the dark presences filling the room. “Amber is not well, she needs a hospital or something. Mike, you could take her on your bike.”

Mike had a new street bike that he bought after suing a hospital for giving him an infection during a routine operation several years ago, which kept him in hospital longer on IV antibiotics, which led to him being dropped from the Varsity football team, taking up smoking, falling in with the ‘wrong crowd’ (Jake, Amber & Crissy), which ultimately led him to be here, in the middle of the dark woods at night possibly surrounded by a pack of hungry canine predators, in an old house that was colder than Stalin’s crypt, amongst  obviously malevolent and supernatural entities who’s explicit orders were, for us to die.

I would have felt sorry for him if I too hadn’t been in the same situation. At least he had an out. It had rained so much over the last two and a half days, that I’m sure my little car would not be able to make it up the steep dirt (mud) driveway to get out. Not like a state of the art motorcycle.

In the end Mike put the helmet on Amber and took her into town so that she could get seen by a doctor or nurse. Jacob, Crissy and I were left to our own devices. I never did find out what Mike meant by Amber ‘flipping out’.

Later that night, we got a phone call from Mike’s Aunt at the hospital. They never made it to town. Apparently there was an accident, a motorbike carrying two passengers were killed when they hit a fallen tree. Slippery roads, poor visibility and excessive speeds were the official blame. Marijuana was also found in the coat pocket of the female passenger and was thought to contribute to the accident.

I suspect there was another cause of their deaths that night and it didn’t have anything to do with pot or slippery roads. Although those are all plausible explanations, I can’t help but to remember the Ouija boards words about us going to die that night. And it happened. Even as I felt myself up in that bathroom cutting into myself I could hear the words as if an entity was speaking into my ear, “cut deep little girl.” Knowing now that if I did, I would not be here telling you the events of that September day, and if it had not been for Mike coming up those stairs when he did, I know deep down, that a part of me would have taken my own life even though I was not suicidal.

I had seen the image of the gray vampire in my mind and my dreams for years after that. I fell into a deep depression and was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Days had passed where I was so weak, I was unable to even get out of bed. I lost my job and eventually my life (or the quality of my life rather) to this demon/vampire.

Since doctors could not help me, I turned to psychics and alternative healers instead. Some of them just took my money and told me I was going to get married and live a long happy life, but a handful of legitimate ones would take one look at me, or do my cards and give me back my money telling me that they could not help me. Some would be more forthcoming and say that I had a very dark and evil presence feeding off of me, and was taking just enough of my life force to keep me going.

I turned to a pastor but his prayers did not help me, It only antagonized the entity to punish me more and I learned not to go back to the church.

I stayed away for many years, never going outside unless it was at night when it was less crowded with people and only then in certain areas where that were thought to be abandoned. I lived off a state pension after my diagnosis and had food delivered to me in my tiny west end apartment and gradually grew into an agoraphobic.

During my time with the entity, it told me many things that would come to happen, and most of them did, including the election of Barrack Obama before he even ran for president. When the entity inhabited me, I seemed to know certain things about people that when I asked them about it, freaked them out. I lost many friends during this time.

Everytime I would try to free myself from the entity, it would seem to know, and it would punish me harshly for trying. Then one day a young man staring at me one night in a coffee shop in Everett as he was drinking his coffee, just waiting there, doing nothing gave me the strangest feeling that I knew him. I had to walk over to him and excuse myself, but, ask him, do we know each other?

“That is an interesting question and one that is not easily answered.” he said. What a weirdo I thought at first, that was the strangest reply I had ever gotten from a person and totally unexpected. Yet I felt something from him, like an odd familiarity that I could not explain… and it was terrifying to me. I only knew that he represented something that wasn’t good for me, but my curiosity won the day and I sat down across from him watching him close.

“The entity that you harbor see’s me as his enemy, ” he said. He introduced himself as Santa… (something) I forget exactly. He claimed to be a Kabbalist Magician who studied hermetic sciences. Whoever he was or whatever he was, I thank him, he told me that the entity was a psychic vampire by the name of …….-…. and that the entity had overstepped his authority and should release me now, that enough time had passed and my contract with him was finished. I don’t know what he meant by all of that or all the other stuff he said.

I tried to explain to him what had happened and how I tried to get rid of the creature. He said that the spirit no longer had a legitimate contract over me and that he would see to it that it moved on. He warned me about the dangers of dabbling in the occult and emphasized that knowledge should always be the first weapon.

In the end of our conversation I said to him that he was a good person for doing this and was he able to kill the demon? His reply puzzled me, even to this day. He said, no, he wasn’t going to kill the entity, that it was an important part of creation and although I could not understand it, it serves it an important purpose. That he was just putting things back in balance. He also pointed out to me that if I thought he was a good person, what did I feel about him while the entity was in possession of my mind? I never saw him again after that night.

That is where I will end this. I hope anyone who reads this very seriously considers the risk and consequences of playing with Ouija boards or dabbling in the occult without knowing what they are doing. I would not have posted this, but in the last part of my conversation with the Jewish mystic, he told me to tell my story so that others will know. Today I lead a good life again with balance and freedom. The images have stopped and apart from telling my tale about that September night, I do not think anymore of it.

I swear that everything in this is true and not embellished. These events happened just as I have described them and I have nothing to gain by lying. I only wish people to learn from the mistakes we made that night.

I am also sorry to report that Crissy had unexpectedly passed away about 5 years ago from sudden onset stroke at the age of 28. R.I.P.

Written by Shelly Mitchell, Copyright 2009

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856 Responses to “Inviting The Demon – A Ouija Board Story”
  1. scarygirl67 says:

    I could not stop reading this story until I was done. What an experience.

    This story should be on every petition out there to stop marketing the Ouija board as a toy. I am so sorry for the loss of your friends, Shelly. You have my good thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing this, as it must have been incredibly painful to relive.

    • E.Bero/author says:

      Same as everyone else, I could not stop reading. I have had paranormal experiences myself that are a little scary but not quite as terrifying as this. I’m sorry about your friends. As far as taking ouija boards out of stores, unfortunately all you need is a pen and a paper for a ouija board. So there really isn’t a way of taking them out. But it’s a start. Move on with your life and be thankful you made it out alive.

      • anonomous person says:

        i had a few paranormal experiances but non as interesting or as scary as this
        i tryed using an ouigi bord with 2 of my friends when we camped in my garden
        (it was a nice warm night) and it went cold and one of my friends just went to sleep so we didnt touch it

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s Ouija for one thing. You’re obviously a child so don’t mess with that board. Shelly, I’m so sorry you went thru this. I’m sorry for your loss. Now you’re healthy & doing well & I’m glad.

          • Anonymous says:

            Im so sorry.I have experienced something sorta like this,where i did wigi board with my friend,and a demond had come to haunt me in my sleep.

            • rob says:

              I recently experienced a demon oppression from seeing the movie paranormal activities. I am a christian so it couldn’t get inside me but it still scared me nearly to death. I eventually led one of my friends to christ because of it and it has left me! GOD saved me from its terrible powers and if you experience something like this pray and just go to church and it should leave you eventually because they hate anything that deals with God. Remember I didn’t want this to happen to me all I did was go see a movie and I came back with a demon so it can happen to anyone. People don’t understand that Demons are much more powerful than humans and they can possess you and control you if you are not saved. They are not cool to see or try to communicate with and they can drive you crazy and ruin your life!!!

              • destiny5059 says:

                Now I believe in this stuff too, but a demon going after you becasue of a movie that is in no way true. PLEASE> I just dont buy it. Yeah that movie was a bit off the wall and yes the scarey part’s were somewhat scarey. Dont let your imagination run away with you it is a power ful thing.

                • katelyn4612 says:

                  i agree with you. i’ve never heard such a thing. that movie was fake. scary but fake. the imagination is a very powerful thing and i believe his got the best of him.

                  • leeleenat says:

                    Actually, it’s very possible. I was never really phased by scary movies, but ever since I really became a Christian, I know to stay away from them. Why? One night while my entire family (save for my dad) was sleeping over my uncle’s house we watched some stupid movie, I believe it was A Haunting in Connecticut. Honestly, it wasn’t really scary and I wasn’t especially frightened when watching it. It was when we turned the tv off and I went to sleep in the living room that it happened. I heard a voice in my head that if I closed my eyes they were coming to get me. Surely enough I closed my eyes and I still can’t explain what I did. Before I knew it, I was at the top of the stairs and I was screaming my lungs out. It was a really strange scream, too, not one that I’ve heard come out of me before. I had absolutely NO control over my actions. I didn’t even realize I was at the top of the stairs until my uncle came to calm me down. These things ARE real. These movies, who do you think inspired them? Obviously the inspiration for them didn’t come from good places.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Actually its probable that a demon could manifest as a result of seeing a movie like Paranormal Activity.It’s a scary movie,and demons feed on fear.Demons cannot act on their own accord,they are just fallen angels.They can only take orders.They have been ordered to find weaknesses in us humans that allow them to enter our lives.Fear is a weakness,and a door that demons can use.If a movie causes fear,that fear can lead to far worse things.

                  • Anonymous says:

                    both of you are right and both of you are wrong. nothing is impossible and yes demons feed off fear and fear opens the door for one to enter your life but something that is not based with a spirtual pressance cannot open the door to allow one in. a movie has no true spiritual power to it like if you went to a graveyard and got relly scared. a grave yard has spirtual connections with both heaven and hell so demons can enter through the door that was opened. again a movie with no spirtual ties cannot open the door to the demon relm

                    • Anonymous says:

                      A movie certainly can do these things. It does not matter if it is fake or real, it is glorifying evil and that is a wide opening for evil to attach to anyone. But Christ has defeated all and in His name, it must flee.

                  • miss scared says:

                    even i had an horrifying expierience of bloody marry when i was in 4th grade in my school now i am in 7th grade i am looking for horror stories for my school project

                    • bubbly says:

                      if you have seen bloody marry you would be dead badly injured or scared for life careful love

                  • Mike says:

                    The only scary part of the movie paranormal activities, was the last 20 seconds. It sure seemed like a huge waste of time just to get to the last 20 seconds. I don’t think I will even waste my time with the second one, because the first one was such a flop. I felt like I was let down, and it totally lacked the suspense and horror factor.

                    • charles walker says:

                      Both paranormal activity movies were a complete waste of time. Total rubbish as far as I am concerned.

                  • jojoscosco says:

                    demons are not fallen angels…lucifer was, then he created demons like God created man…

                    yu are all so typically american….sort yourselves out!!!!!

                    love ya ;)

                    • Caretaker says:

                      Well that is the first I have heard about a belief that Lucifer had the ability to create life. Interesting.

                    • Paul says:

                      Satan doesn’t create life. (I say Satan not because I’m a typical American but because Lucifer was the name he was given as an angel, once he was cast out of Heaven, he was called Satan) If you’d like to go off of scripture, which is NOT American, Revelations 12:9 says “The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.” Just like Lucifer became known as Satan or, the Devil, the angels that followed him and were cast out of Heaven with him became known as, demons. You should research topics further before you insult people’s intelligence due to being “so typically american” so that you don’t make whatever culture you’re from look foolish.

                    • Tonja says:

                      Jojo, you really just didn’t say that did you?

                      Satan was cast out of heaven with a third of his angels. The bible does not say “the” angels, it states “his angels.” Any bible clearly states that all things created were by God.

                      They all were cast from Heaven for rebelling against God.

                      And what does being an American have to do with biblical scriptures and interpretations?

                    • Lauren says:

                      No….That sounds like something from Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’….Fantastic piece of literature, but still fictional….insulting other people’s intelligence when you’re the one in the wrong makes you look VERY VERY stupid! (I’m English BTW….just incase u would like to insult the English for your encore)

                • Anonymous says:

                  Sorry sugar but things like that do happen. It may sound silly and it may see fake and whatnot, but it all has to do with what you subject yourself to. Yeah so what if the movie was stupid and so what if the movie was a fake, but having an opened mind is just as well as having an opened door for anything to come through. The posibilities are endless and unknown so be smart and think again.

                • Ashley says:

                  Actually, it is possible. Spirits will hang around in any bad atmosphere, and I’d say that that movie sent out a bad vibe. You never know what can happen to you, or where it could. Maybe not necessarily FROM the movie, but it could have been there, and latched itself onto him. Don’t judge until you know all of the facts….

              • Anonymous says:

                it has been proven that demons can travle through tv music magazines and etc… and just because u believe in a certain religon or go to church regularly does not mean you are protected and invulnerable. they feed when u try to think ur god will protect u through it all. some people dont know demons are angels when satan was kicked out of heaven he took a third of the angels with him therefour any thing a demon does god knows about they cant do anything he cant control. some sympthoms of having a demon attached to u is sleep paralysis,feelings of falling, and thoughts of suicide.demons can efect your hearing your vision and ur thoughts (thats where the thought of someone chasing you comes from) i have had some experiences my self. but id rather not explain because that could set “things” off.

              • Happy Muslim says:


                anyway, become a muslim, please

              • Riece says:

                That’s called fear. There is no demon. You honestly believe that a supernatural entity started following you because you saw a movie that millions of others did too? Incredibly naive.

                • Just Curious says:

                  Couldn’t agree more with you. I find it interesting to read what others think about demonic possession. I don’t think a movie can make you vulnerable. That’s just crazy. to me anyway. Opinions are great because we all have different ones. The mind is a powerful thing and I believe that because these individuals believe this can happen, it can happen. Again, just an opinion.

                  • charles walker says:

                    Totally agree – it is the mind of the person that causes problems and nothing else.

                • Solja says:

                  People perish because of lack of knowledge, I believe what this guy is saying about being oppressed after watching a movie…sometime you’ve gotta ask yourself, where does the inspiration of such movies come from, most of them aren’t from just human creativity…the source is rather dark and very evil. Demons can oppress human as long as they are allowed in, fear is one of the portals to invite these “entities” in. I’d say not acknowledging the presence of these entiies or downplaying their capabilities is really Naive, and that’s excatly what they want; they want human to remain ignorant of how they do “business”, that way it will be hard for humans to stand their grounds in those attacks: Jesus Christ is the Light and the only name against which these entities are totally powerless.

                  • MARY says:

                    Solja I could not agree more ,was watching something the other day and the family was left by the paranormal team with the thought they may just be sick in the head or attention seeking UNTIL they were followed home and attacked several times (the team members) , this demon was sooo intelligent it had them snowed into thinking they were being lied to , that is not a good thought. However , I have a VERY STRONG faith in God and believe he is the Great Equalizer. Whenever , evil is afoot whether it be a person or a real diabolical I will always call on Him. Just my thougtht and belief system . But the devil is not forthright he is sneaky very sneaky and can hurt in every way mind , body, spirit. We all need to know that not Fear it so we are afraid to live our life but Fear enough to be Smart and open minded to people in the know. Blessings and Light as Always , Mary

              • Sparkles210 says:

                i totally agree with u demons are no fun and they WILL make your life from where they came from HELL im telling u people its worst than dealing with barney

              • Star says:

                I will never touch a Ouija board, because I know better. I am a Wiccan and do not wish to be in any kind of relationship with a demon. For the person who says they got a demon oppression from Paranormal Activity, I don’t think it was really from the movie itself… it was you who let it in with your fear and ideas after watching the movie. However, I have been scared and stuff before and never had a demon affliction, so I don’t know what you did to make it able to get to you. And as far as being saved and everything, my friend is a Christian, and she’s played with Ouija boards twice, and she has had several encounters in her home. Things calling her name, doors shutting on their own, etc. It hasn’t left her, and she is in church and youth group and prays every night. Of course her friends both also got rid of the Ouija boards in ways you’re not supposed to, so that could account for it… anyway… thank you for sharing this story Shelly. I would like to own a stone Ouija board, just because it looks cool, but I would never use it… especially if it decided to entice me by moving on its own HAHAHA. I think I would definitely keep the planchette separate…. if I even get it.

                • charles walker says:

                  I am wiccan and have used an ouija board for more than 40 years with no problems what so ever. The board is perfectly safe in itself. Problems with it come, I am sorry to say, from the attitude etc for the person or people using it. This method of communication is not right for everyone so caution is the way to go. You have to take everything said through the board with a pinch of salt and also never let anything play on your mind.

                  The one thing it is important to remember is that the ouija board is NOT a game. It is not something you play. If you are of the right frame of mind and take care you will come to no harm.

                • bubbly says:

                  OMG… thankgod im not the only wiccan i no of :) but seirously guys my friends step mum or friend did one and only 2 walk the earth now 1 got hit by a truck 1 commited suicide and the other one was in a carcrash it wasa true story

              • Anonymous says:

                i wouldnt say someone thats not “saved” i myself am agnostic but thee ouiji board i dont mess with. i think demons haunt only the weak spirited. ones that cant get over something or alow themselves to be thrown out of focus. at least you you can use your beleif as a crutch for yourself. i myself have found another way…akit harder though, but in the long run feel alot more mentally and emotionally stronger

                • MARY says:

                  Anon, truly do you believe one must be weak to be under attack? The opposite is more than true , the devil has no time for weak he wants the zealout , he wants to rid this world of the Believer of God , how much easier his job would be if no one cared or had faith. It is truly my opinion that the devil RUNS after those who believe the most as that is the prize for him to make a true follower of God afraid or worse disbelieve . The weak are easy , the faithful is the fun for him. Again , this is my opinion. Blessings and light to all . Mary

                  • charles walker says:

                    Believe in God and you are in trouble because the chance is you believe in demons and the devil and believe that they can take you over – the more you believe that the more chance of you getting into trouble. No God no Devil no Demons = no problems.

              • Teresa says:

                Exactly what denomination are you? Honestly, I don’t believe you, even in the slightest. Being baptized does remove the mark of original sin but it does not make us saints. Each and every one of us sins everyday. Because of this we are all vulnerable to demonic possession. Even the Pope himself is vulnerable to demonic possession, so wherever you got your information from is sadly mistaken. And if anything really did begin to happen in your home after seeing PA then it was either your imagination, someone screwing with you or something you invited in with your fear and intense thoughts about the movie. I am glad that you do believe in God, but please bear in mind that being baptized or “saved” as you put it does not safeguard you from being possessed. Be careful out there, yeah. Peace!

                • Light Rules says:

                  Christians can not be possessed by demons. When you are saved, Jesus comes into your heart to live in you. He is, “…the light of the world…” and Scripture declares that, “…God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.” Darkness and light cannot dwell in the same place at the same time. God created everyone and He has authority over everyone and everything. He would not allow a demon to dwell in the place where He lives… it will never happen. However, Christian or not, you can definitely be oppressed by evil spirits in many areas of your life. As for being oppressed by a movie, I don’t believe it was the movie itself, if anything it was fear that opened the door as God has not given us the spirit of fear so it is always from the devil. People need to realize they have authority over every evil spirit and rebuke whatever is trying to harm them. Just as we are the ones that opened the door… we can also close it.

          • Wicchalla01 says:

            Could not stop reading this story, i’m sorry to about your losses and hope that all that read this will NEVER try this!!!! i had a similar experience when i provoked a spirit in my house… believe me it is something i never want to experiance again. an Ouija board is not a toy! people should Realise this!!

    • Anonymous says:

      yeees isnt it scary ive never played the quiji board and not planning to anyway soooo yeah

      • Teri says:

        It’s not a quija board for one thing. Another thing, it’s not something you “play” with. Why do people keep saying “play the Ouija Board”???? Anyways, Shelly I’m glad you’re doing well. What happened to Jake?

        • aaron&cooper says:

          Some people are right you dont “play” these board they are something to be taken serious and shouldn’t be used i believe they shouldn’t be distributed through stores as toys either

          • breanna says:

            ouija boards are sold as toys? wow some people are just plain stupid! so you mean that if some little kid where to get some money and go to a store they could buy a board?

            and i must ask that what is it about a ouija board that makes people want to use them? just wondering because i have never used one and i know better than to open a gateway to hell but they still hold that appeal to see what would happen. i wont though.

            • T says:

              A ouija board is like a bad habit. its addicting for those that have questions, fears, boredom, etc.. If you have never touched or been around a ouija board, it isnt a good idea to start. They are truly evil. I think most people who have ever had anything to do with them, have had a bad experience. Atleast I have. Please, be careful. Think about what it is capable of before you consider it. Its sold as a game, but it is anything but that.

              • jen says:

                Using a Ouija board cost my sister 10 years of suffering and dealing with demons that wouldn’t leave her alone. Don’t test it out and don’t use it out of curiousity. It could be harmless, but it’s a gamble. It opens unguarded doorways. Unfortunately, it is usually young, curious people that do it, but if you are reading this and thinking about it………Please don’t

          • bubbly says:

            Yes they aren’t “toys” and you don’t “play” them you atleast have to know ’bout this stuff before you do it but i advise not to.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am just incredulous. I offer you all the positive energy I can send and I am sorry for the loss of your friends. I, too, have had a very negative experience with this… although mine has not had the effect yours did, I do understand.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the guy she met was jesus because of the feeling she got when meeting him and his reply about creation it was at least an angle. and I mean this quite literally

      • Bex says:

        For me I don’t know what to think about that man. She identifies him as Santa something – isn’t that a little close to the spelling of Satan?

        I, personally, don’t believe her story as it being supernatural. They were stoned, Amber lulled them into the beginnings of hypnosis (without realizing it my guess) and then when Mike woke up he described a dream – they then had that dream as a suggestion in this state.

        I am sorry she lost her friends but the accident is just really good odds of happening – trees down, slippery road, etc and then he has someone on his bike who had been ‘flipping out,’ she may have done this. A stroke is something that happens to healthy people all the time.

        If she was diagnosed as CFS then she would feel like something is ‘feeding off her’ and taking energy – ask anyone suffering from it. Although I liked that part about the man. I am a believer in things like this so I do consent that some parts are true but mostly, no, just life with a few parts of mind altering substances.

        • BekkieLassy says:

          Why would satan help her? I think you’ve got at all wrong!!!!!

          • Bex says:

            Make some inquires about Satan – also known as Lucifer. He was an Angel – the most powerful of all the angels. He questioned why God thought Man was so great. That Man is fickle, does horrible things to themselves and to each other, etc. Lucifer never created Hell, not does he ‘run’ it. If anything Lucifer points out the horrible things Man does and turns to God and says “See this is what I was talking about.” He doesn’t force or coerce you or anyone into anything. I am not a Satanist, I am Christain (although I think the Bible is nothing but a guide and certainly not the rulebook for living and misses very important events and moments – and it was written long after they all died, stories were from the spoken stories, one man complied it and in gets translated from ancient Hebrew which means miscommunication is bound to happen.) I was pointing out that Santa is close to the spelling of Satan. He could be just been saying Saint in Spanish though. I still find the story suspect. Of all the countless times I have used the board, only once do I think I was actually talking to someone and she was funny and laughed alot (spelt out haha).

    • Anonymous says:

      I used ouija acouple times. What I know now has definitely made my mind up about using it again. It told me I would get back together with my ex 9 days from the time I used it. I didn’t try to contact him, and actaully forgot on the 9th day about the prediction. Low and behold the 9th day is up and he calls me asking for me back. It freaked me out because it also said my sister will be raped by a man named daniel sevil while walking at night. It hasn’t come true but I am wary that it will. It also told me that I won’t have children due to complications with my eggs, and I’m going to get married at age 27, the age I deemed appropriate for myself to have babies. I hope that these predictions don’t come true, knowing ouija though, I’m afraid they just may. You don’t want to know the future people, don’t use the ouija board.

      • Jennifer says:

        How did you ask it for the future? I tried doing it once, but nothing happened. I actually feel lucky that nothing happened, maybe it was because of how i did the board? the surface wasn’t taht smooth, and i didn’t have a plachette.
        But can i discuss with you some more information???
        it’s really important

      • Star says:

        Also, I have to say that I don’t think the Ouija board is outright evil. It is certainly a gateway used for evil to get to you, but it in of itself is not evil, and not all entities that try to communicate through it are evil. I think if you use it willingly, by yourself, you open yourself up to whatever entity wants to take over, and that certainly will be evil. But if there is a spirit nearby when you have a Ouija board on hand, it may try to contact you through it as well. Spirits cannot harm you unless they are poltergeists, and I’m sure if you have a poltergeist you know it. So, I think I might use one, if I thought a spirit was trying to contact me… but it all depends on how the board is moved. If it just randomly and suddenly flies across the board or doesn’t stop, it’s most likely a demon. But if it’s just moving ever so slightly, it could be a spirit and shouldn’t cause you harm unless you open yourself up to other things while you are using the board by asking stupid questions. My boyfriend had an experience with a Ouija board. He and his friend were using one, and his friend decided to ask it if he would get into an accident. It said yes, then stopped answering anything else he asked. The next week, he got in a car accident, and luckily, survived… but still… for those of you who can’t keep away from it, just don’t be stupid about it. Know that a demon WILL try to get to you, and don’t ask questions that will allow that to happen. Though again, if you use it of your own accord, you are pretty much willingly opening yourself to anything as it is.

    • Anonymous says:

      dont get me wrong im never gonna use the board but i found this to be fake
      i have reasons and one is how everything was cliche of a horror movie
      i saw him he wudent go away
      pack of wolves?
      cut deep girl then changed to cut deep little girl and the amount of detail within it just sounded like you were writing a horror movie

      • Anonymous says:

        alright seriously, it’s very corny i mean it happens to be at night in a basement where the house is in the middle of no where. And dont forget that they were high to. im sorry but people try to be more realistic, and not so gullable

        • Greenie says:

          ok first of all, weed is not a hallucinagen. and it could cause dimensia over time. doesn’t mean if they do it the one time they’re automatically gonna start seeing crap all over the place. if anything, being high make you “tripp” even more over what you see. in other terms, makes everything more… vivid i guess. and there are quite a few people who can remember everything from when they get high, whereas some people don’t. and i wouldn’t be saying this if i didn’t know what i was talking about. i am, what you could call “a stoner,” and i remember everything that happens when i’m high. so even though there are those slight mistakes like the whole “cut deep girl” or whatever it was and “cut deep little girl,” that was a LONG story, so like one little mistake doesn’t make the whole thing “fake.”

      • leal***** says:

        this story may or may not be true, but i am sure that the ouija board in not a game and should not be played. God and the devil do not play games if u open the door to the devil of course he will come in and if you open the door to God he will come in. i suggest that no one should bother opening the door to the devil you will regret it. i know this girl that played will the ouija boared for years and the devil posessed her for years at church when they prayed for her she would say wierd things with a voice that was deep and loud saying she wanted to kill. she would always faint and throw up blood it was really freaky. the pastor prayed for her for years now she is saved, she has a husband and a baby boy. im telling everyone out there DO NOT OPEN THE DOORS TO THE DEVIL YOU WILL REGRET IT AND SUFFER DEEPLY

        • Moemoney says:

          How did You know that the Girl was Possessed? What if she was acting it all out? Maybe she was a phony. Maybe she really was possessed, but how do you know if shes really saved just because she has a baby and husband doesnt mean she is saved. She can still have the “supposed Demon” in her and could be hiding it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow same here im a new visiter here but i am so,so,sooooo sorry for your loss i will never play with a ouji board that was really freaking me out when i was reading it so sorry!

    • ImmortalBabee says:

      I couldn’t stop reading this artical. For some reason a strange urge came over me to continue reading. It was like someone was forcing me to. Weird. You may all think i’m joking but you can think what you like. I know what i felt and you don’t.

      • Susan says:

        I tottaly agree, my friends were messaging me like crazy on msn. It was flashing i the corner non stop, for some reason I couldnt stop reading until the very last word. Even then I felt like I had to catch my breath.
        This is my opinion but I would never be able to wake myslef up fromthis horrible night mearish memory.. I dont know what I would do.
        and Yes, I belive that demons wont do any harm to you unless u give them the chance to comethrought to u,…
        I am also very young and I have deffinitley thought about doing the “Ouiji Board” But just when I am gonna do it, I read this and now I am uneasy about it…
        I really dont wanna risk my life and sanity or friends…
        I am curiosu but will prbably never wanna findout if it will work or not on me…
        If I ever do play it, which i am not planning on doing, lets just hope it wont work.. also giving away to peer presure is what many kids at school do…
        I amnot that Idiotic though.

        If you friends really re dead.. or maybe they arent really ur “friends” Im sorry for them and you. I know myself, I couldnt live with seeing they’re faces when just a few mintes later they are gone,, SOrry for ur pain….thats really all I can say.

      • Santa says:

        Wow, it’s almost as if demons can enter your life through a story about the Ouija Board. Terrifying.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe anyone stupid enough to buy one should be punished-not with anything serious, just enough to teach THEM TO NOT USE IT ever again, and to tell there friends- i have never used one because i believe they are evil and wicked. anyone who has used them my prayers are with you.

      • charles walker says:

        Ouija boards are NOT evil at all. Used correctly by someone in the right frame of mind they are perfectly safe.

        • Chelsea. says:

          Okay, I completely agree, they aren’t evil and don’t always lead to it, just because a lot of religious people say everything that isn’t like their practices is bad doesn’t mean it is. For the 1000th time, a Ouija board can be used safely if you don’t ask it questions where if, based on the question you asked, it can hurt you to fulfill its answer. Duhhh

    • vinny says:

      hi, i have no idea where have i landed up..im an author..and very soon would be completing one with a film on it. i need u guys to keep telling me stories so that i can use them as evidence, i want it to be the success of the millennium… better then evil dead, exorcist or say grudge..nothing but just u cant sit and watch it alone.! trust me its coming. and if u realy believe in God.. dont forget that evil gets stronger when u give Ur side to God. evil doesn’t stand and watch the show..he gets everything by snatching all that you have, and take u alone to tell you how strong he is and you aint capable enough to stand his wrath! and thats when you remember..who realy is GOD! we like watching movies of ghosts and what not. have we ever felt like watching a movie on jesus christ or the begining of the earth and the universe.. nope we dont, the more we see and like getting edgy and scared.. the more u believe in ghost and not GOD! so lets get scared this time..watch my movie and it would be first day first show free for all world wide.! thats a promise. Happy Scaring!!!!!

      note from admin – If you are an author who is working on a film then you should be able to read the rules by the comment box. If you post your email address publicly and ask others to contact you again your entire comment will be deleted. Please follow the rules, to be frank I really dont have time to edit comments for people who dont even try to follow the short and simple rules posted very plainly by the comments box

    • charles walker says:

      I agree that ouija boards should not be sold as a toy – it is not a game. Web sites that invite you to ‘play the ouija board’ should not do that either. IT IS NOT A GAME. At the same time the board itself is NOT dangerous. Much of what comes over the board is influenced by those involved in using it. You should be of sound mind if you are going to use it. NO drugs or alchahol atleast 24 hrs before using it and take any messages with a pinch of salt.

      All in all too much fuss and scare mongering is going on about the board. Used correctly it is safe. I have been using on for 40 years with no problems.

    • satanist31 says:

      i study things like this and i can tell you a lot about them first of all if any of you were christian that why this demon did what he did, also how you used it was improper everyone must put there hands on the planchette which i suppose you may have done also make sure they say goodbye before taking your hands off and dont let it count 1-0 it opens portals i fel bad for your loss but you should not have playing with unknown forces if you had used it correctly this incident may have not happened

    • Anonymous says:

      what ab ibteresting yet terrifying story. im amazed. i have watched many programs on demons and their capelbilities. but NEVER had i thought they could create that much chaos, R.I.P friends. hopefully people learn from teir experiences. the ouijia board is NOT a game to be foolishly played under any circumstances.

  2. Jackie says:

    Ok, this is something i believe could have happened to me, had i not asked for help from God during an attack from something evil. This too happened after a ouija board experience, but not straight after. I was hit in the back three times when this evil tried to possess me.

    Gosh, this is all too reall from the results of messing with the occult. I wonder if you would consider signing my petition to get rid of ouija boards out of toy stores. If caretaker will put a link here, then i know he doesn’t mind.

    • Anonymous says:

      why does every one turn to god over every thing, does anny one believe they can do any thing by themselfs?

      • Bella says:

        i believe we do not av 2 turn to a higher enterty (such as a catholic god) to fix our problems… I am pagan and believe in many Gods and Goddesses but in my believes we can fix things with our own will as well as i have done many times in the past with the help of my spirit guides

        • Liara says:

          You may not have to, but most do. Let people have their own beliefs :)

        • teresa maranho says:

          I think you should write a book…then maybe see if you can get it made into a movie.
          I didn’t believe a word of it. Had me biting me nails, tho, just like Friday the13th did. Way too much detail. The couch, the price of the couch, your toothbrush, rusty car, his varsity jacket. Even how he managed to get some wine. You went on and on with the details. You also said you saw the guy at the ‘coffe shop’ when replying to a poster on here you said ‘diner’ You could say you forgot, but you have way too good of a memory.

          It’s just like your typical horror movie, young kids, dope, alcohol (wine) alone out in the woods.

      • Thinkbeforeyouspeak says:

        ya know it was GOD who has helped this guy over the whole ordeal and it was GOD who put you on this earth for a purpose obviously not to tell people to do things themselves when it comes to demons or any other evil presence you need to think about things before you open your mouth granted i dont go to church and im not a total religous person like im suppose to be but i still believe in GOD and BELIEVE that he can help people when they truley need help.

        • chris says:

          its not GOD that helped, the human mind can over power anything. wat drove the creature out was “santa’s” belief he was a magician. as long as you believe truly in wat you are doing. the power is limitless

          • Anonomouse! says:

            (The name that I have used is not as some kind of sick joke, all of this is completely serious, however I am a great believer in the paranormal feed off fear and what not, I find comedy or whatever you will call it is the opposite.) I completely agree with Chris, I believe the paranormal itself only exists through our belief, therefore we are limitlessly more powerful than it, also if you consider things, the ‘entity’ is almost ‘in you’. Effectively, in another comical sentence: That is yo turf! In theory you control everything that happens within your mind. Personally I would force a comical twist onto the entity, a funny one I’ve done in nightmares: A strange version of chubacca (spelling?) rubbing his breasts all over the entities face. xD

          • Yaya says:

            We are nothing without GOD!!!! If it were’nt for God then she would have been dead

      • bubbly says:

        no offence to god but he wont or cant do anthing cause this is a demon we are dealing with here

  3. Carmen says:

    I am sorry for your loss. I am glad to hear that you are ok and were able to free yourself from that entity. Your story is an example of the consequences we don’t realize we are putting ourselves in when dealing w/ Ouija boards or dabbling in the occult . Again, I am just glad to hear that you are OK.

  4. motomoto says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am sorry for your friends as well.

  5. trolldoll1681 says:

    how very tragic and strange i totally believe you as demons have great powers. i’m very sorry for your loss. and i don’t believe for a minute that the alcohol or the weed gave you these images, but probably weakened your defenses. thank you and blessed be.

  6. confused girl says:

    wow!! i couldn’t take my eyes off of tha computer screen until I waz through wit tha story!! i am so sorry u had to go through that! but trust me since i’ve read ur story i know that i will neva mess wit those things!! thanks sooooo much for sharin ur story!! and im sorry bout ur friends!!! and do u think that the jewish person could have been an angel??? well thanks again, great story!!

  7. Baby Rachel says:

    WOW! What a very scary and awesome story! It sure kept my eyes glued right to the screen to the very end! I’m so sorry to hear about your friends deaths, and also that Demon possessed your mind in a way to make you believe that cutting yourself was ‘GOOD’. I’m glad that life is going along much better for you now, and hope it will continue to flow like that. I do know, from other’s experiences, that Ouija boards can be very dangerous/frightening. I myself have used Ouija boards in the past, but I never had any bad experiences from them. God Bless You!

  8. Gregory Brown says:


    I am very sorry about your loss of some good friends. I am glad to hear that your suffering has ceased in some part. I wouldn’t believe for a minute that you should feel unwelcome in a church. However, I myself have learned that there are some people at some churches that simply will not make you feel welcome…, after all they are only human. Don’t give up. I believe there are people out their with similar experiences to your own…, and they may be the first to welcome you, and encourage you. You may discover some very good friends in time. Keep looking.

  9. Hannah says:

    I’m sorry about your friends. Your story was amazing. Imagining you cutting yourself, kept my arms under my back.

    My best friend, believing in ghosts, I told her about the ouija board way before this started and told her not to use it, but she did anyways. She never told me, but she did. She has something evil attached to her. She will hit me, cut me, attack me sometimes and it’s scary. I can’t leave her because I know the thing possesses her, so it’s hard.

    What should I do?

    • zacharia abdollahi says:

      hannah…take your friend to a roman catholic church…i guarantee that through the power of our lord jesus christ and tghe blessed virgin mary you can help your friend find peace…….good luck…god bless

    • MARY says:

      GET HELP! Call on a priest to look at her and see if she can be exorcized. She is dangerous to you and herself and others. Please do not keep this to yourself , get help right away now , yesterday if you could, this is not a game and next time she goes off you or someone else could end up Dead. Blessings , HOPE < PEACE for you both, MARY

      PS You don't have to be a Catholic to receive the right of exorcism you just have to be able to see that she is inhabited by a demonic entity so start keeping a log and call a church tomorrow to talk to a priest. I will be praying for you so hard PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW YOU ARE PLEASE !

    • riceman1230 says:

      My ex-girlfriend had similar issues. She was raised by her Mexican mother who practiced traditional beliefs (witchdoctors, etc) and she had something follow her growing up into adulthood. On many occasions she would go into fits of rage way beyond what is normal or even rational and once even snapped and grabbed my throat (which she doesn’t remember doing). Anyway, one day she was at church and someone started praying for her and some demon basically took over and manifested itself violently. She didn’t get cleared that day but she was made aware that she was demonized (even though she had called herself a Christian for a while). She did some research and found a church that offered a deliverance ministry. She put it off for a long time because every time she would try to make plans to make an appointment, she was gripped by terror over it which caused her to avoid it for about 6 months. But she finally signed up and went through it; when she did, those Holy Ghost filled people knew what they were doing and those demons were expelled. In the same session she was filled with the Holy Ghost herself and she’s never been the same since. She’s completely free.
      I recommend that you start with repentence from all sins, especially with any involvement in the occult in any of it’s forms. Then give your life to the Lord completely (by doing that, demons will have no authority to have a place in your life). Then look for a Spirit-filled church that offers deliverance ministry; I also recommend you order a cd set that we found from Derek Prince ministry who teaches on this subject from the word of God and also the many experiences he’s had to face. Don’t bother with catholic church or praying to mary or any other thing like that and especially don’t go to any spiritists or mystics or psychics, etc; you’re just asking for trouble. Only the power of the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit can set you free of all that evil. God bless you.

  10. not crazy after all says:

    Though I’ve never touched a ouija board [and now I'm sure I never want to] I totally believe this story.You are very lucky to have lived through your ordeal.God has special plans for you,at least that’s my opinion.Maybe it is to open people’s eyes to the real dangers of “the game”as your friends called it.God bless you and thanks for the great story!

    • Caretaker says:

      Hello everyone, a friend of mine asked if it would be OK for me to post her link here. She actually has a Petition on her site trying to called Get Ouija Boards Out Of Toy Stores – check it out –> Ouija Board Petition.

  11. Pundreek says:

    Good story i believe your all the incident happen to you and to your f

  12. amazed says:

    this is an amazing story. i’m terrified of ouija boards now. and i’m never ever EVER gonna use one.


  13. Sabrina says:

    Wow, thank you for posting this because, me being the fool that I am, think Ouija boards are cool. I was warned not to use them by a friend, she said they were dangerous. I didn’t believe her and asked my mom if I could have one, thankfully she doesn’t believe in that stuff and said no. I never got one and now I am happy that I didn’t. I can see they are very dangerous! I am sorry about your friends!

  14. Jackie says:

    Thank you Caretaker for the link. I’m glad alot of you are not considering using ouija boards it was terrible what happened in Shelly’s story. There are many more stories like that which people may have read about.

    I used to think like alot of you, what harm can a simple board do, it’s only a bit of fun. Well this is what really happens: as you are playing with them, bad energies see people tapping into another existance as a beacon of bright light and are immediately drawn to it. So before long your game is underway, with this energy trying to manipulate you and lying to you.

    By asking it questions and connecting with it you are gradually drawing this energy through what is known as a portal of access into our existance. Once through, it will attach itself to one of you and you may not even be aware this has happened. Then sometime later when you are at a weakened state of mind and body, this evil will attempt possession, which is it’s ultimate goal in which to get out of its existance and into ours. This might sound a load of rubbish to many people but it is what happens. It is also worth remembering that once this energy has attached itself to you, whoever lives in the same home as you is also at risk. The energy may leave you and attach itself to someone who is extremely vulnerable like a young child.

    I was only watching a programme yesterday on Sci Fi Sky channel, called, ‘Haunted Homes’. One of the true stories on there was about an evil, demonic energy which was brought unintentionally invited into a family’s home through the use of a ouija board. The person investigating had some trouble getting rid of this, but did in the end. It’s not always that easy though. Take the case of the boy Roland Doe, who was the inspiration for the movie ‘The Exorcist’. This film, although exagerrated and the main character was a girl, it was based on true facts about the boy Roland who messed with a ouija board. The Catholic church verified this case as genuine, with over 40 signatures from Jesuit Priests who witnessed the repeated attempts at exorcism. I’ve read the Jesuit Priests diaries of events and it is realy frightening stuff.

    One thing she said which i thought i’d tell you here, if you do play with a ouija board and you think you may have brought something into your home, then she said you must say outloud, ‘your invitation is revoked’. Hopefully, that will work, together with removing the ouija board and all other occult objects.

    She was stressing to the woman of the house how much she MUST get the ouija board out of the house, but the woman argued about this. I think although she promised never to use it again, she was drawn to it. Anyway they got rid of it in the end.

  15. duddledeedo says:

    brings a whole new perspective on life… at first ur story sounded like a horror flick, but i like this better. I was thinking of using a ouija board for fun too… but now uve made me think abt it twice. But how else do i get to have encounters ??
    Reading abt ouija boards makes me think of Monty Python’s sketch on ouija boards where policemen use witchcraft to fight crime, u see cops in a séance around a ouija board spelling out the letters : U-P-Y-O-U-R-S
    “Up yours ?? what a rude ouija board !” XD

  16. duddledeedo says:

    Btw, why won’t post the name of the entity ?? doesnt make sense to hide that please tell, for research purposes, im a sucker for supernatural myths

  17. Ec says:

    wow! i am just speachless as to this story and i do believe this…. n also it may happen to any one i just hope that this may be a warning and a lesson to those who are messing with this board to STOP! NOW!!!!

  18. amber says:

    wow this was an amazing story, im sorry you had to go through all this, but im glad u were willing to share this experience! i have only ever used an ouija board 1 time and it wasnt a bad experience at all, but i prolly wont b usin another after reading this! your story also was so real to me because my name is amber and my friend is chrissy and her husband is jake, lol kinda weird but i think it made me feel more connected to the story like i knew who was there lol. im not like the amber in your story tho, but this was very much an eye opener and i enjoyed hearing about it! sorry about your friends but i am glad that you are doing good now!

  19. Haunted says:

    This is such a heart breaking story, I’m so sorry that you lost so many of your friends and so many years of your life because of this. Ouija boards are so dangerous and should not be sold in stores marketed as simply a game. It’s a game that can literally cost you your life.

    Shelly, I’m so glad that you had the strength to survive this horrible ordeal and that you’ve finally gotten freed from this demonic presence and have began to rebuild a life. You must be a really strong person to have lived through this nightmare and been able to escape with your life and your sanity.

  20. CMF says:

    your a good writer but this tale is most likely false

    • anonymous says:

      Why would she make something like that up, friend?

      • ballsack says:

        This story is 100% false i can assure you.

        The writer of this story continually adds in irrelevant details into the story. Such examples encompass the description of the couch, with the amount of expenditure acquired to obtain it. These irrelevant details can be easily distinguished from relevant details, such as the fact as the main character of this story did not have any previous urges to ‘cut’ herself. I’m not suggesting for a moment that malevolent entities, afflicted with animosity, cannot take possession of a human, utilizing it as a vehicle (science vs belief debate). However, my argumentation is simplistically that the English utilized to conceive this story adds in irrelevant details, distinguishing genuine tales from false one. Analyzing this story from a writing point of view, in actuality, it is quite a good tale, designed to deceit those too encapsulated by the details to obtain comprehension that this story is indeed, false.

        Congratulations, on writing a fascinating story.

        P.S, I apologize if this story is actually authentic and have engendered antagonism, especially, with the death of your friend.

        Thank you.

        • Caretaker says:

          So if a writer includes irrelevant details a story must be false? Are you aware that the people who send these stories in are just “regular” people and not necessarily professional writers?

          • ballsack says:

            When i wrote this, i was fully aware that this was a regular person, and that is my actual argumentation. Studying other stories on forums, regular people actually tend to write straight to the point, not spin off on an elaborate tangent, describing irrelevant detail.

            • curious says:

              I’m leaning towards agreeing with you on this. What stands out to me is the fact that this happened 15 years ago and the writer actually recalls all of the irrelevant details described in the story (such as the old couch, the price of it, etc. etc.). While I’m not 100% convinced that this is just fiction, it doesn’t seem likely to me that someone would remember all these details from an event that happened 15 yrs ago. Good story though, well written and all… true or false though, I just don’t know.

              • MARY says:

                Ah … Curious , her friends DIED. We tend to remember details of all kinds when we suffer a great loss and some of us just shut down. I remember the most horrific timeof my life and can retrieve it in my mind as if I was right there and this was 25+ years ago. Some people are very into details . But ,you are entitled to think she is lying but , i feel a sense of truth here. Just a flat , fear, possibly guilt that she is here and they are not. I certainly am happy that she has a place to get it out of her system though.

                Blessings and LIght to you and yours , Mary

                • peaches says:

                  BTW, has no one noticed that the writer was not a native speaker of english? or pretended to be an nns? I wonder if this is a US update of a russian tale? (colder than stalin’s crypt) the change in register added to my fascination with this peice, it seemed too sophisticated in places for a ns with such grasp of storytelling to change register so (seemingly) artlessly/ jarringly

            • BekkieLassy says:

              Dear Ballsack…….. ( Wow your name suits your attitude)
              How can you critisize the writer. Her friends passed away for crying out loud! Of cours she will remember every detail of every moment of those years that passed. It was A hard few years for her.
              Why did you read the story to the end if you don’t believe her. Why comment if you can’t say eney thing nice. This just show that you have no sence of sencitivity to her loss.

        • OffWhiteKnight says:

          well people I may step on some toes here, and if so i apologize in advance. But for those who are wondering if Santa was Jesus or an angel, the author plainly says that he identified himself as a kabbalist magician. Now, the Bible, at least the version of it that I’m familiar with, calls being involved in the occult sinful, so assuming Jesus and/or angels do hang out in coffee shops, do you think they would present themselves as any type of magician? I think it’s a lot more likely that he was just what he said. Santa is Spanish for “Saint”. Some goth types, (I am gonna go out on a limb and assume he was a goth type as in my experience most involved with the occult are) take bizarre names for themselves, years ago in high school I knew a girl who called herself “Widow” for about 3 years. on another note, has anyone ever heard of putting a silver coin on the ouija board to prevent negative entities from coming through? I read somewhere that this should be done (can’t remember where) and it makes sense to me since occultists have used silver and iron for protection against evil for a long time. I

  21. andy says:

    Wow. I have been wanting a ouija board forever. My Uncle and his girlfriend tryed one yesterday asking if there were spirits in the house and it told them that there were 2 in the house with them at that time. They Talked to them i guess. i wasnt there so i dont really know exactly what happened, but after they put the board up his girlfriend starting having a siezure and holding her chest saying something about “it has entered me”. yea Weird. But i Will DEfiently Not Get That Board Now.

  22. risa says:

    i’m really sorry to hear about what had happened to your friends and you
    i’ve used a ouija board before but nothing has happened yet i dont know if im ever goin to use one again but my mom does keep one in her closet. im really interested in spirits and things and this story has made me realized the dangers that can happen when opening doors to the other side. the time when i did use the ouija board my mom had said a prayer to protect us so maybe that was something that worked.

  23. John says:

    I read this story with interest and it does have the ring of truth about it. Over fifty years ago my cousin, who was staying with us on vacation, introduced my mother, my sister and myself to ouija. It was easily constructed, just the letters of the alphabet written on pieces of card and arranged in a circle on a table. Then a small glass was placed in the center on which we each placed a finger. At first we were intrigued by the messages and secrets we were told. Some things that we couldn’t possibly have known, turned out later to be true. We were “saved” from playing further when my terrier dog leapt on the table barking wildly into space. He went demented and that was that. I believe his sixth sense saved us from serious harm. As it was, the house acquired an pervasive, uneasy atmosphere which occasionally would become heavy with menace. There were also strange noises and both my sister and I “saw” strange people at night. Ouija, combines the French word for yes and the German word for yes. My advice is to say NO! NO! NO! if anyone ever tries to draw you into messing with this means of communicating with demons.

    • shaylynne says:

      This stuff is real.
      Maybe not this story, but Ouija is really nothing but letting demons in your life.
      a few years back I messed with the board all the time. I would talk my friends into playing it all sorts of stuff. I started acting strange like I always wanted to be alone I was rude…..Just not myself. then in 2010 I suddenly had a strange desire to go to church…which was odd for me cause I listen to demonic bands such as slayer, eyehategod, and lamb of god, but when I started going regularly I was noticing strange things, like the feeling of being watched at EVERY moment. I ignored it until i saw weird black clouds in my room and had reoccurring dreams of demons at the edge of my bed. one night i awoke from one of the dreams and actually saw a black shadowy silhouette once again i ignored it. this went on for months until The thing started messing with my stuff. It started rearranging all my things. so I talked to my friends grandma who was pentecostal and asked her if she believed in demons and she told me almost the exact same thing that happened to me before I even spoke of my story. after we talked about whats been happening we talked about getting rid of it. the way to get rid of a demon is through Christ. open a bible and command that thing to leave in the name of Jesus. and I’m proof of it working.

  24. Rebekah says:

    I sat reading this story and wondered…did Jacob die?

  25. ih8demons says:

    ouija borads are not real wen it comes to contacting demons and or sprits. a ouija borad basicly cfontrolls ur mind and u are telling ur selt to cut ur self or to cut some 1 or wat ever i do belive ur story just its not a demon its ur own mind dat the oujia controls

  26. Randy says:

    This story if it is indeed true is one of the most fastinating i have ever read about the paranormal.
    Those hours in the woods must have been very tramatic for both you as well as your friends,sounds like somehing out of a horror movie except it’s real and not acting.
    Perhaps your friends dieing in such a horrific accident should serve as a gruesome reminder to all those that the ouija is not a toy,and that sometimes “things” (for lack of a better term) are real and will chase you until you are dead.
    God bless you and thank you for telling your story.

  27. Sketch in bone says:

    I believe in the paranormal and the demon board and i believe in all of that. I just do not think all vampires can be that unheartedly. Maybe they are. I should research more about them. My condolences to your friends.

    • jaime says:

      it is true because i research things about werewolves demons and vampires on the computer and they say it’s all true ask me if you wanna learn about wolves demons and vampires! hugs love and peace jaime

  28. Kacie says:


    I’m very sorry for your losses (may they rest in peace). I hope that this has at least taught those who wish to dabble in the world of the paranormal to at least learn about what they are doing and to not treat it as a toy. My friend has done something of the same thing, against her will, with two bullies. It wasn’t a Ouija board, but it was of the same sort of consequence. She and I both believe that Ouija boards are sometimes horrible things, that they should be treated with caution, but we don’t believe that people should not use them if they are confident and have taken the proper precautions in using them. However, after reading this, I do not think I shall be trying this because these things are outside of our (and my own) control. Again, condolences.


  29. andrea says:

    Wow… Know i know what would happened to my mothers brothers friend he would of had the same thing when he played the game ouija the bored told him to go to the bathroom he did when he came out nothing happened but that only because he were god cross and he didn’t go alone but with god i hope everyone who reads your story will learn about calling devils I belive you are one of the lucky survivors cause i would of died Amen.

  30. Haunted says:

    I too dabbled in Ouija and have been attacked by a demon in which I won’t say the name. The reason I don’t say the name is in fear that it will gain more power and such. I fooled around by myself and bought it. I was told never to mess with it alone by my mother which is psychic. Ever since then I have been followed by this entity. I feel some of your pain by thank God none of my family were killed or harmed by this foul beast.

    Be at peace and I hope you are well.

    I feel sorry for your frieds and I hope they are at peace as well. RIP dear ones.

  31. vanessa87 says:

    this story was incredible, i could not stop reading it. scared me a bit it has to be one of the best stories ive read in my 22 years of living

  32. Julian says:

    I am so sorry for your loss.
    Thank you for telling us the story so we will not repeat the same mistakes.
    What happened to Jacob though? Is he still alive? Do you talk to him or is it really awkward now?

  33. shelly Mitchell says:

    Wow, I did not expect some of these replies, I am/was a bit surprised at how much interest the experience has generated. Thank you VERY much everyone for your sympathy and kindness, but it is not necessary. Allow me to clarify a few things.

    Yes Jacob is still alive living on Camano Island in Washington state, he runs a ad hoc animal/(mostly dog) shelter and still lives in the same house. He is very good with the animals and does some training on the side for petty cash.

    Before that night I left my house, I did not know Mike and Amber at all. They were friends of Jakes who just happened to be there that night, I’m sure if they had not been involved in that fatal crash, we most probbably would have been friends because we really clicked.

    Crissy was on my swim team when we were younger and her death probbably affected me the hardest, I can’t say for certain IF it had anything to do with that night, but for her fitness level and age, it was/is not common to die from a brain hemmorage. All I could think of for months afterwards was the image of that THING digging around in our heads with its dirty claws.. (This is imaginary, right?) It was very weird to me that I could not get it out of my mind for a long time afterwards.

    For those who do not believe this experience happened, that is your right and I respect your choice not to, but regardless if you do or not it does not change the fact that it did happen, and I am happy that at least some of you have considered this as a lesson.

    I am very grateful to all of you, thank you for your input. I have not posted the name of the entity and I try not to think of that thing anymore because of something the Jew said to me at the diner that night. How we are linked to each other by imagination and how words have power. Over the years I have become very much familiar with the way it works, and I know that if its name and symbolic image were made known it would attach itself to someone else, I have absoluetly no doubt about this at all.

    I will not allow it to consume anyone else’s life force , so to speak, because of my careless actions. I am sorry, but I cannot help you about its details being made public. I hope this does not upset you too much (to the person asking).

    Sincere peace Shelly

    • MARY says:

      Shelly that is absolutely correct that giving the name or anything symbolic of what inhabited you could open a door for someone else but most likely YOU would be the center of attention. Once you have come up against a demon and defeated it and learned it’s name , it is always going to keep you on it’s list per se.

      I believe your story and actually am quite happy at how well written it is , so easy to read and follow that is not a normal occurance online with all the lol’s and such. I am going to tell my story which is very detailed and I am a good not great but good writer and I now know that belief will in some ways be wavered by the fact that I can write .

      God’s Blessings to you and yours always and stay away from any symbols or names or anything to do with the bothersome source , it has been eradicated and you are free ! Mary

      • Tim says:

        ah yes its true that knowing its name gives it more power, but as a demonologist I must say that knowing its name gives someone just as much power against it.

        also, I am the descendent of a Templar so I know how to fight these things very well, granted the one in my house always comes back. only one demon always says ‘Nos es hic’ translated from latin that means ‘we are here’

        • Tim says:

          also, I am the descendent of a Templar so I know how to fight these things very well, granted the one in my house always comes back. only one demon always says ‘Nos es hic’ translated from latin that means ‘we are here’

          • Tim says:

            sorry for the triple post but forgot one more thing. Shelly, you said that Jacob still lives in that same house? has it occured to you that it just may be because, not because he doesn’t want to leave, but because he can’t leave? stuff like that useaully take 3-5 priests saying the rite of exercorsim all at the same time

        • MARY says:

          I learn something new every single day Tim and thank you. Truly however , personally I don’t want to know these names unless they are attacking myself or family as i really believe it can be kind of set out on you in a way and would like to not be in that situation.

          Am really fascinated by your backround though and will be seeking out your posts , the more one knows the more prepared one is.

          Blessings and Light to you and yours Mary

    • Teri says:

      Glad to hear you’re doing good & Jake too. I believe every word of your story. I come back & read it now & again. My favorite on here. I tell people about it too. You’re lucky to be saved. Contact me if you ever want to talk.

      Peace & love

  34. Yo. Ya. says:

    Playing with ouija or occult or other ‘magical’/religious items opens you up to demons. This is why it is forbidden in the Bible, because demons ONLY want to destroy people and later have their souls in hell–and the path to hell is WIDE and the larger potion of people follow it—as Jesus Himself stated. No person wants to end up in hell (after you die) b/c demons (who have no mercy) will have much more authority over a person there (b/c God gives you up to punishment)–and torture people ‘made in God’s image’ endlessly.

    As a true Messianic believer in the REAL Jesus the (very solid) Bible speaks of, I’ve had plenty of contact with Kabbalahists before, and your contact with the Kabbalah guy is very typical of my own experiences–as often Kabbalists themselves are possessed.. I have no doubt he ‘sees’ the entity, but being Kabbalah, he is himself a danger to you.

    Your best bet is to know the living God of the Bible and His salvation AND to stop inviting spirits around you. INVITE GOD, don’t take interest in spirits.

    From time to time, I’ve had experiences with demons before, but I’ve had NO PROBLEMS thereafter because the Most High God protects me.

    • MARY says:

      Well , HOW ON EARTH did you come across Demons if you are so close to the ONE true God? Don’t get me wrong God is my Father , Jesus is my Saviour , Mary is my Mother, but, I also keep my mind open and I see others’ points of view. They may not be mine but I don’t ignore them because of that.

      However , I’m blown away that you have had several, SEVERAL , run ins with the evil one and I have had none. The inhabitants of my home are Entities Vile YES but Demonic no. So what have you been doing that has brought so much ugliness in your life? Blessings and Light to you and yours , Mary

    • MARY says:

      YO YA , no offence my friend but the HOLY SPIRIT has been sent by God to us until he comes again to judge the living and the dead. So , do you have nothing to do with that Holy Spirit as well or just spirits you may want to have nothing to do with? Just curious? One more thing and I will say this with all my heart. Find the ORIGINAL BIBLE that Jesus himself God Almighty wrote in and I’ll run around with it in my back pocket until the end. As long as there are 6,000+++ different versions of the Bible , I just have to believe in God and listen for his word FROM HIMSELF , and Mary and the Angels and Saints. Blessings and light much light to you and yours!

      Men are flawed , they wrote and rewrote the Bible there are so many different versions can you tell me which on is the real one?

  35. lgk says:

    people get infections in hospitals all the time,you can not sue for it,it i searched the net for motorcycle accidents and other strange deaths around and in seattle during this time, there were not any that matched these. this story is very similar to hundreds that are posted on paranormal sites,most of them are b.s. also. if any of this story is not fabricated it is the part that you were drinking alchohol and abusing drugs, might of had something to do with the wild story.

    • Jennie says:

      Okay, when I got to the part where you said, “I grabbed some weed” I instantly thought; ‘Oh, weed, it’s gonna be fake.’ Some details in this make it unbelievable, like sueing the hospital, and you remembered the exact couch? And Jake’s jacket? And this was +15 years ago? That seems pretty unbelievable.
      Although, upon researching Ouija Board, I could see this is real… May your friends rest in peace.

    • civil twilight says:

      I could see the lawsuit sticking if he lost a scholarship but idk. And I wouldn’t doubt the validity of the story simply because you did an online search and couldn’t find any motor cycle accidents in the seattle area 15 years ago (that I however do doubt). In any case, considering the sheer quality of the writing in this piece, it may very well be fabricated. But regardless of the fact, none of us will ever know for sure. One thing however is certain, and that is that quija board, demons, and the occult are real…and even if she did make this up, she probably prevented God-knows how many children from “playing” with these dangerous “toys”, which are actually just occultic tools used to conjure up spirits and/or a gateway to the spirit world…

  36. vanessa87 says:

    i read this story ..and loved it..i then had my brother read it..were both curious..did u major in some kind of writing class or something..bc we both agree that u wrote this with precise and almost perfection..it was well written is all

  37. tham says:

    I once tried meditation thinking it was a good thing but after I was done I kept seeing things and feeling uneasy. I will never try it. But in all seriousness If that happend to me I’d be so mad

  38. bozzy fox says:

    omg i could not stop reading that until i was finished i shouldnt have red that thouhg be cause its close to bed time and i get freaked out after reading stuff like that but ny way im sorry that your friends died and WHAT WERE YOU DOING WITH POT ANY WAY??!!!!!

    • $exy_Ninj@ says:

      lol!! i couldn’t stop reading the story too n then i started reading the comments when i reached urs i started laughing cuz i too like scary stories and before going to sleep yesterday i read some ouija board experiances and got freaked out and slept with the light on LOL!!!

  39. Irene says:

    This was a great story.. and scary.. Im sorry for your loss.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow. I`m so sorry about your friends. This is a lesson to all of you who think that it`s a good idea to play with ouija boards. Be thankful you made it alive,

  40. scarygirl67 says:

    I completely believe your story Shelley. I’m grateful you are able to publish it here. I know it couldn’t have been an easy thing for you to write, but your strength in doing so has made a serious impact. Thank you

  41. samanthaxoxo says:

    omg that was so scary i had almost a same experience.
    it was at my bf’s house and she had an ouija board and
    she played around with it. she asked wats ur name. it
    replyed georgiabrown. and then she asked are u dead
    and it repled yesiamaghostnow i was so scarred i ran
    back to my house and the next day she wasn’t at school
    and on for th next month. people say her house is empty
    and i never saw her again.

  42. trolldoll1681 says:

    samanthaxoxo have you ever tried to find her i sincerely hope she is alright!!

  43. daniel PJ says:

    I could not believe this story when I read it! This really hits home for me because about a year ago I knew of a couple of people who were playing around with the ouija board and had some similar things happen to them. nobody died or anything but that part about you self harming for no reason and seeing images was almost the exact same ‘symptoms’ that they described that happened to them.

    this is really freaky to read this because I wasn’t ever really sure if i believed them or not, it all sounded a bit random and off the wall to be 100% true, There are a lot of little subtle similarities in your story to make me think twice about what they said happened.

    thank you for sharing your story, its really made me think twice!

  44. Scarecrow766 says:

    Is that what happens when you use your ouija board? Because when I use mine, I get nothin’. I think mine’s broken.

  45. Voice of Reason says:

    Nice story, but come on. I had a Ouija board growing up, used it many times by myself and with friends and nothing ever happened (except when we pushed the sliders to freak out the younger kids – we even used a magnet under the table once to make it move on it’s own.) It’s time to put this little Victorian era con-artist tool to rest and accept it as a novelty left behind by the late 19th Century Spiritualist movement…alongside the ‘photographs of faeries’ and the seance. Do you really think that anything mass-manufactured by Parker Brothers can serve as a gateway to Hell?

    • Claire says:

      Actually, Ouija boards weren’t created until a long time after talking boards had been in use for years. Ouija is the name that Parkers Brothers gave the boards, but they were talking boards or spirit boards for years before that and nothing close to the children’s toy Ouija was marketed as.
      Please get your facts straight before calling people out.

      • lynsey says:

        well said, just because the board happens to be manufactured by a toy company , doesn’t mean it cant be used as a tool by entities or whatever else is out there we know nothing about, if you can record evp’s on mass manufactured devices then sounds like any communication aid can be used. Also when something like this happens to you, you do remember irrelevant details. Until something similar happens to a person who thinks the millions of experiences recorded by people are all lies, hallucinations and trickery, they wont believe.

  46. Mark says:

    What a story, the funny think is, i had an experiance very much like yours but i cant bring myself to write it down. It is always in the back of my mind. Thanks for sharing your story and best of luck in the future.

  47. Anna says:

    I have never messed with an ouija board but believe all the stories about it’s dangers. I do believe that demons can create hazards for the living, resulting at times in death. I truly believe that both my mom and dad, although they died 3 years apart, died from the result of demonic powers. The house my dad bought was filled with evil. My mom became sick, ending up in the hospital. Each time she got better and went home, she would immediately become sick again but with more intensity each time. She was given 3 years to live at first and within 3 months was dead. My dad died 3 years later in an accident involving a trucker falling asleep behind the wheel driving behind my dad. Ironically, my dad had taken my mom’s ashes with him when he left on vacation that time. I am sorry about your friends. I just know for a fact that there are encounters that can result in the deaths of so many. I just wonder how many deaths that we hear about are the result of having demonic attachments to them.

  48. canadiangirl says:

    Ok this is very much scary .(And i’m am very sorry for your lost ).. …I was always intressted in the paranormal i played ouija alot of times but nothing ever happend ..and i never saw anything ( if i would i would die on the spot) so im kinda skeptical but i believe some of these story’s and i do believe this one for sure and i dont think i will play ouija again … i have a ouija bored in my house and i will most def get rid of it ..

  49. Pearlyshells says:

    Great story. I just couldn’t stop reading this. It was like a movie playing in my head. I’m very sorry about your friends.

  50. kaitlyn says:

    I couldnt stop reading this until the end. it was like i could imagine it happening. its so weird. adn kinda scary. this kind of changed my thoughts of playing the ouija board.

  51. Snappy says:

    That is really scary. I’m also sorry about your friends. One of my friends actually has been interested in the Ouija board recently. She keeps telling me to come over and use it with her, but I am always too scared to. After reading this, I will never EVER use a Ouija board. It must have been terrifying, and I feel horrible for you.

  52. John says:

    I think This is a fabricated story written by a wannabe author. The gay young man that lives in san fran? and the 2 friends that died on the bike? I think we all expected something “tragic” like that too happen. There are too many pin holes in this story for it to be real. It all seems too…. rehearsed to be written strait from memory. This story is too well thought out to be real.

  53. Anonymous says:

    woh..that’s very true whatever u had experienced, coz even me n m my friends we did
    may god bless u
    take care

  54. Dedre says:

    Hi, I must say thank you!!! I’ve never really seen ghosts or any thing (but believe in it) and also never played this kind of games for the simple reason i am too scared to meet something that i dont like or get bad luck for fiddeling around with something i dont know. I have been interested in the super natural world since i was very small and had someone telling me that i am gifted and have alot of powers wich i just dont know how to use. My mom is pshycic and it always interested me, but i never went that far to try and meet spirits or people from byond. I even bought myself a set (more than one) of tarot cards, but use them only for myself for spiritual inspiration. Your story (or no i rather want to say….) experience was amazing!!! I promise to send your story to alot of people i know. If this was i lesson for me (AND I WILL DEFENITELY NOT PLAY THESE KIND OF GAMES), I am sure it can be a great lesson to any body else. I must say though, i was actually searching the net because i get weard dreams about demons which freaks me out and wanted to know what it means, because that is all it always is… dreams, but it doesnt feel right and it worries me. Also my daughter from 6 gets very bad mood swings and when it happens she has this evil look that you wont expect from a six year old and would then always shout I dont love you anymore or i dont like you anymore and all this for no reason. A lady told me a while ago that i will have to make a plan because my child is posessed and i chased her out of my house for saying things like that. I refused to believe it, and after having these dreams as well and my 7yr old son telling me I make him scared when i just wake up and talk to loud and his sister is scaring him if she gets those mood swings i realised i had to search for an explanation for this to help my children. I decided to give that lady’s words a second thought although i still dont want to believe it and for some unexplained reason i came to your life story. Good luck and enjoy your “free” life now if i can put it like that.

  55. Margarita Leath says:

    OMG! That’s sad. I hope everything is well with you. I hope god help you get over your friends loss. Your story really make me think twice. I say this because I always wanted to play with a oujia board. At least if I still do, I’ll know to be careful. My mom told me of two guys, one she knew and the other one was a friend of her friend. Any way both men messed around with a oujia board and asked “when will I die?” The board said soon. The friend of a friend guy died the next day. He was in his house in a chair watching tv, when a car came and crashed into his house and hit him. The guy she knew tried to get rid of his by taking it up a street to throw it away, after trying to burn it (I heard you must never try to burn that board. It’ll make the spirits worst.). Any way the man ended up dieing. I forgot how. I think he was walking outside one day and got hit by a car too.
    But any ways I could’t stop reading your story, till I was done.

  56. Shield-Bearer says:

    Wow, quite the story. I will admit that it all sounds pretty rehearsed and well scripted, but I can see no good reason for someone to lie about such a thing (on an anonymous internet site especially). Also, I have experienced some things in my life that I can find no other explanation for than ‘ghosts’ and ‘demons’, for lack of a better term. There have been a few times in the last 3-4 years of my life where I experienced very real contact with a demon or some sort of malevolent entity (or more than one). I was raised (and confirmed) a Roman Catholic, and there was a part of my life when I was younger where that was very important to me. However, I suffered a loss of faith towards the end of high school, from which (at age 27) I still haven’t fully recovered. I do think of myself as a spiritual individual (‘seeker’ if you will), but am wary of organized religions and usually skeptical when it comes to the paranormal. These supernatural experiences however, were very real and VERY frightening, and it was only through great personal strength (or more accurately, that and the extreme stubbornness that runs in my family) that I was able to resist attacks that were clearly intended to make me more vulnerable to the influences of evil. On the worst occasion, I literally spent hours paralyzed by fear in my bed while being spiritually attacked. The only way I saved myself was by forging a shield in my mind, complete with a heraldic crest that symbolizes what I believe is good and right in the world and my life, and where I draw spiritual strength from. I’m not saying this was the best way to go about it, or that it would work for everyone, but it was personally meaningful and effective for me. The next day I went home and drew up the shield, and I now have it tattooed on my chest (right over the solar plexus) as a reminder and a ‘talisman’ if you will…but of course, it’s only as strong as I make it.

    In regards to what Voice of Reason said about people seeing the Ouija board as a ‘gateway to hell’, that is not really accurate. The Ouija board itself is not a gate, it’s only a tool – it is the mind and spiritual energy of the user(s) that cause the opening of a gate or portal. Think about it: they relaxed and opened their minds and created a gateway in their head – all very foolish things, especially for inexperienced, lighthearted (and drunk/high!) teenagers. The demon (or probably more than one) entered through the ‘triangle’ in their heads; it didn’t come out of the Ouija board. Like VoR said, it’s made by Parker Brothers, and certainly not evil in and of itself. The board is just an instrument used to focus the mind and help create the desired state of spiritual vulnerability. And that’s exactly what it is – vulnerability. You are opening yourself up to another plane of consciousness/existence/whatever, and there’s no guarantee what’s going to notice you and try to influence you in some way.

    Anyway, long story short (haha, not really at this point!), I would strongly caution anyone considering experimenting with Ouija or other forms of occult practice. There are forces in the universe that we can’t comprehend, and not all of them are good from a human perspective. The only advice I can give to someone in this situation is to make yourself as strong as possible (knowledge being the best weapon you can have), believe in yourself, and have faith in God’s love and protection.

    Thank you for your story, Shelly. Peace be with you all.

  57. Nohemi says:

    I’ve played the Ouija board when I was 16yrs old n the apartment were I lived with my mother was always cold from the inside but on the outside was worm,alot of my friends knew the place was haunted n they also said that along time ago the apt’s was a GraveYard…Nothing ever happend to me but my sisters alway heard noises outside n they were always afraid of going outside late at night that they’ve alway’s made me go cuz I wasn’t afraid of them even though I heard them too but I was never a chicken type of person to beging with….But the last time I played the Ouija and the spirit was “good” said that another spirit called me this name “Fiend” n I have no clue what the hell it mean’s,But I was wondering y would some spirit call me that???
    I’m 27 now…..Thanks For Reading!

    • Krysta says:

      it probably ment “friend”. often times words are misspelled with letters missing and such.

  58. ivy von teeze says:

    ouija board can be interesting,fun,challenging and scary….me,myself love to get connected with someone in past,but to do that i need a lot of bravery to survive the game…..but ouija board is the game that everyone willing to play,just to know the truth but it is dangerous…..that is supernatural

  59. abhey says:

    hi i am sorry to hear what had happened to you . But it also reminds me one point that
    u pepole don’t belive on god and that the problem because the creature of all of us is
    more powerful than any demon in this world belive on what ever religion you follow and just ask for his help and find the diffrence……………………..

  60. mamaloves says:

    Hi Shelly,

    I’m sorry for what you went through honey.. and for the loss of your friends.
    If only more people could read your story.. maybe they would think twice before dabbling with the ouija board.
    Thankfully you have got your life back.. thanks to that young man you met that night..
    Take care.
    Mama Loves

  61. AC/DC fan says:

    i wanted 2 use a Ouija board to talk 2 my grandparents (they passed when i was young) thanks 2 your story i will not take a chance of the samething that happened 2, u happening 2 me

  62. Satan is says:

    I read your story and took it with a grain of salt. In fact, it was so long I almost fell asleep. You should really consider being a novelist. What I picked up on is “thinking about something that no one else knows” and have the Ouija Board spell out what you are thinking. Anyone that has studied the Bible in depth will tell you that the one thing that Satan (Demon) can not do is read our minds. Satan and his followers, Demons, are not an equal with God. You can not hide anything from God who is ALL powerful. I personally feel that you made up a scarry story that would go over great around a camp fire. It may be that you smoked to much MJ and drank to much red wine.

  63. Lady Diime says:

    Thanx for sharing this story bt i had this mate hu used ot see ghosts nd one daii we were going to ma nans nd we have to walk through a grave yard to get there nd we were half way there wen she stared shivering nd it wasnt even that cold! it wasz about 9 in the night nd she started screaming nd whimpering nd she wudnt say anything jus shivered! nd from then on she went to a hospital where they do this sort of things nd she started to say things even we didnt no what? she started to see things that were supernatural nd it reely freeked us out! she used to cme to skool nd tell us that she saw this girl with red her nd was pale who the ghost used to harm her. we just thought it was another of her faked stories to get noticed!! neva new what she talked bout though!!! :(

  64. james Alexander says:

    So cool.Why didnt you followed your friends?

  65. pravin more says:

    I m really sorry 4 ur friends …though…….

  66. johann-mattias says:

    i am truly sorry about your friends.but dont you think that the crack couldv’e ,,helped” a little to the paranormal experience.well anyway in conclusion crack + ouija board =bad for you,really bad,worse then you can ever imagine.

  67. Jonathan says:

    Though I think Johann-mattias was being a little crass and exagerating a bit, the poster did mention weed. :)

    “so I gave him a quick call, grabbed my sleeping bag, some WEED and my toothbrush, jumped into my rusted out old bomb of a car and headed two hours north into the woods where his house was.”

  68. Jonathan says:

    Caretaker -
    dang it I knew I was doing something wrong :)

  69. Ashley says:

    Wow I really never had a thing for Vampires or entity’s really until recently. And after reading your story it make me believe 100 times more. You are a much stronger person that I am, I honestly don’t think I could have lived through that. My grandmother used to buy us Quija boards for Christmas. Until one year my sister was saying she was seeing demons and talking to them. After that we got rid of them. My grandmother only thought it was a GAME… and yes it was a GAME not to us, but to THEM. I am just glad that I could read your story and understand a little more… THX!!! And so glad that u made it through it all and GOD Bless U!!!!

  70. anotherloginname says:

    I’m gona go ahead and call B.S. Even in this day and age, I find it hard to believe that so many people still believe this stuff. This is right there with Mediums and Astrology. Now I do believe that some people, older people know more than me, and that is called experience and wisdom. And maybe people who have been close to death and lucky enough to escape it, might know more than me about leaving this releam. But that does not make them a Psychic. To believe that someone can tell you all the great secrets of life is just BS. People get so caught up in the fear of death, they forget that there is nothing to fear. If for no other reason, simply because we will all meet it! None of us get out of this world alive. So for the sake of humanity and civilization trying to grow as a whole, please give the assumptions about death and god a rest. It sets us back as the human race. Because when you die, you will be able to see for yourself. If not, I will start a cult and try to scare some suckers into giving me all their worldly possesions…j/k. That is true evil.

  71. SomeoneNotImportan says:

    I’m not sacred of death, I know it will come to me one day but I hope not soon though. I like this story and I believe it, my older brother used the board once but contacted my grandpa (R.I.P.) warning not to use it

  72. astrodude says:

    another, how can just just make a blanket statement and say that NOTHING is real, thats it’s all .B.S.? even einstien and sagan both believed in the supernatural, as did tesla which motivated him to touch the other side through his experiments. Believing in the supernatural doesn’t set back humanity, it opens it to explore all aspects and dimensions of our being.

    And Astrology is real, it has been irrevocably proven that the gravitational force move space to a point where they emit EM (electromagnetic) waves in specific frequencies and on different vibrational bands that contact the earth and everything on it. these EM variants have certain effects on our physiology and can and do effect portions of of neurochemistry. (the hormones and chemicals made by or effecting our brains). The only part of astrology that is B.S. is the flawed human interpretation of it at times.

    I wrote a research paper at cal -tech a few years ago, i was brought before a board and asked to explain why my paper on neutron degredation appeared to be rehersed. I simply said to them that it was because i had a lot of time to think about my work and ity was because I knew my topic so well. I passed, this story DOES sound reherased but I am not discounting it, it probbably is because she lived with it and knew it so well.

    another, as a physicist I am only asking that you keep an open mind.

    • Riece says:

      How can you be a physicist? You can barely spell.

    • Caretaker says:

      You are a physicist yet you say Astrology is real and has been proven? Surely you must realize that there are more than 12 types of people in the world :)

      Also I am sure that many scientists believe in some paranormal phenomenon but they would be an exception not the rule.

  73. Behold says:

    IMHO, those people who had bad experiences with using it mostly because they didn’t have a full respect toward the unseen. I bet these people were either making stupid jokes, poking at each other, giggling or laughing during the session — especially teenagers. Teenagers shouldn’t be doing it nor even go near it. To everyone else, it is ALL ABOUT RESPECT, FOLKS ! If you wish to communicate with the other side, you would need to be respectful and sincere when doing so. However, respect without fears. In the back of your mind, fear no one but only GOD and only allow GOD to be within you during the session to protect you. Always remember that as long as you have a full commitment of yourself to GOD, nothing can harm you providing you don’t provoke any wrong doing. It must take two persons to touch the pointer so no entity can take over your body. Again, you must have respect and sincere thoughts during your communication with the other side. Ask yourself these questions, would you most likely to help someone if that person came to you with respect? With their respect, would you want to do any harm to that person? Just think of all the powers the unseen beings possess; they can break a living human being like breaking a piece of cracker.

    I used ouija board once and that was 14 years ago. I had a positive outcome from it and I cherish it. It was a very emotional experience. I will not do it again because I learned that the bible told us not to. My advice to everyone is abstain themself from doing it. Be wise and be afraid of what may happen to you if you do it.

    Hope that helps. Peace out.

  74. anotherloginname says:

    I didn’t say I believe in nothing. I just don’t believe a toy made from Parker Brothers can be used to contact the dead. I don’t believe that non christian are going to hell, and I certainly don’t believe in the tooth fairy, or emtional vampire thingy. I believe in a god type thing. But I can’t even begin to imagine what “it” is. Or what motivates “it.” I do believe in a collective, because of eisteins theroy. I also think that evolution is a direct evidence that there is some kind of after life.

    And yes, believeing in old superstitions DOES set back humanity. Now QUESTIONING the supernatral is very healthy for humanity. But when you believe, you become bias and no longer half a clear way of thinking. People that BELIEVE bypass logic constantly when it conflicts with their beliefs. Beliefs, not to be confused with morals. Morals are a different topic.

    Astrology is real…. gona call BS on that too. Astrologist, the scam artist they are, recite phrases off of a piece paper that they must have gotton from a chinese fortane cookie plant. Most of things they say are so general that, if you BELIEVE, it sounds like they are saying things that are true. What you forget about is that 60-65% of what they tell you is false. But because you believe, you focus on the things that were true instead of the whole picture. For example: he might say “You are very happy and social when you are at work.” And then in the same breathe, he’ll say “but you also get sad and keep to youself when you are at work….. sometimes…” So pretty much they just try to cover all their basis. And really, if it was just kept at entertainment, I would be ok with it. But people make big life decisions because of these charletons. They tell people to leave their spouses, move to different locations, that a sick loved one will get better. Terrible people. $elling false hope to people that are already down on their luck. Pure evil.

    • filip says:

      You have a very simple way of looking at things, im not a big fan of astrology but I do know that it has been studied by some of the most brilliant minds over a very long period of history so to your comment about every1 being a scam artist is BS, and niether u nor I have right to comment on it as I can see u know nothing about it n think its all newspaper> your week ahead kind of stuff and i dnt know much about it. AND belief does not set humanity back at all, maybe believing in one point of view to the piont that no other way of thinking is entertained at all. yes, questioning other religions, the paranormal, astrology etc is a good thing but that does not make believing unhealthy, at the end of the day>> most people have just enough skepticism to equal a healthy balance, and you ‘believe” astrology n mediumistic skills (I will agree i think a lot of them are scam artists who prey on the bereaved,but some have been shown to be far too accurate for coincedence etc to b the answer) is all crap…you contradict yourself.

  75. Online says:

    … ive used an online and real ouija board b4 both with having the same things happen when i used a ouija board iouldnt stop seeing a church with unholy angels standing at the bible taking someting good and replacing with evil ever since the where-ever i go i c them each time taking a new good and putting new evil…

  76. Online says:

    its the evil of ouijia board

  77. freddy says:

    that was scary and chilling. sorry about your friends.

  78. Anonymous says:


  79. child like says:

    I am sorry for your loss of your friends and what you had to go thru. Why it picked you have you asked yourself. Maybe it was for a reason to learn and teach others not to mess with what they don’t know anything about. As I read your story tears rolled down my from my eyes so I know it is true because I felt it. I just want to say danger in the unknown is everywhere not just by using the ouija board. I am going to tell you something that happen to me when i was a child and I don’t care if anybody believes me or not. I was 8 yrs old and we moved a two story house which was divided into two floor apartments. We lived on the top floor just me and my parents. Behind our apartment was a small house, which lived a nice middle aged lady. Between her house and mine was a tree where I always sat under doing my homework and just playing underneath the tree and one day the lady asked me to go in for a drink of ice tea. I said ok and we became good friends. She talked to me about her son in the Army and he will be coming home soon for a visit. She wanted me to meet him very much. One day I saw a young man and up today I can still tell you how he looked. Younge man, jeans no shirt on and a guitar in one hand. The nice lady asked me to come in the house to meet his son and I did. He was here for a short time and the short time he had he played songs for me after school when I would go over. I always noticed though that when she asked me for dinner she always put a plate for her son and her late husband that had died when he was in the Army . I was 8 so I didn’t think much of it at the time. One day I was having dinner with the Lady and no I never knew her name and I didn’t even asked her. Like I said I was 8 yrs old. I saw two military men at the door giving her some papers and she just cried and it made me cry when she told me her son was killed in the Army.
    That night she showed me pictures of her late husband and her son. She even gave me her jewelry and to this date I still have it so I know it did happen even though no one believes me. The next day as I woke up early in the morning wanting to see her because I was worried about it the house was empty and it looked to dirty inside. I told my mother about it and she did not believe me and when I showed her the box of jewelry she had given me she got mad because she thought I had stolen it from her. So my mother dragged me by my arm straight to her house and told me the lady moved away years ago when her only son died before we even moved in the apartments and so i got a beating of my life because i wouldn’t tell her what she wanted to hear where I had really gotten the box of jewelry from. To this day when I remember about the nice Lady I open the box she gave me and I held the jewerly in my hands I just cry not sure why it makes me cry because me mother did not believe me or because I miss the nice Lady and her son. I don’t know but this is what happen to me when I was 8 years old and it really doesn’t matter if anyone who reads it doesn’t believe me because my own mother didn’t……………… The supernatural sometimes picks you where you are asking for it or not. I believe everything that happens to us is for a reason. What was mine to have an open mind.

    • angela says:

      I believe you and I think its pretty awful of your mum to give u the beating of your life, I have 2 kids and there is no circumstances that would make me even think of beating them. You would have been lying had you said you stole it, sumtimes you just cant win.
      Very strange things happen to many people, its not something we can control,it just annoying when hard nosed skeptics tell you your making a story up or you imagined the whole thing, if more than one person has an encounter with the supernatural they say its mass hallucination. I believe you coz ive heard a lot of stories,some strike me as being made up but some…idk…u can kind of tell,did actually take place. as long as we all keep an open mind and never mock others for what they believe, study and research into these kinds of phenonoma will some day give us some insight I hope, so we dont feel like freaks for saying what experiences we have had and r able to share them. Good on you for sticking to what u knew to b true, i dont know if your stil at home or how old u are but if u r stil a kid, plz get some help, parents should not beat their children.

  80. trolldoll1681 says:

    wow child like what a surreal thing to happen!! YOU WERE THERE AND YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!! how could your mother treat you like that. if you know the woman’s name and her son as well try to find out more about them, she sure sounded real to me!! thanks for your experience and don’t dwell on what your mom said and enjoy the jewelry, your very lucky to have had such a good friend!! thanks

  81. Carman Elise says:

    i have messed with quija boards before im a satanist and i dont find them harmfull in anyway awesome story though i do believe it is true but i can talk to demons and spirits and see them too i have conections with evil and good if you ever get stuck in a situation with a quija board try to nicely comunicate with them and they will not harm you.

  82. child like says:

    To trolldoll1681
    thank you for your honesty and kind words
    I know i said i doesn’t matter if they believe me or not but when I read your comments
    I sure felt a relief someone did believe me after so many years. Again thank you for
    your kinds words and your honesty.

  83. Dawn says:

    HI my name is Dawn I am sorry about your loss I am happy you are free from the evil demons that were after you. I remenber using the ouija board when i was about 13 i asked it when i was going to die it said in july that is when i was in a youth group playing a game of tag i fell against the steps and shattered my kidney i lost four units of blood and almost died on the table in the hosptial i also used the ouija board in my grandfathers bed room and asked it when my grandfather was going to die it said in june my grandfather died in his bedroom asleep had a heartattack and is gone to this day i dont dabble with this kind of stuff it is dangerous

  84. Julian says:

    I’m glad to hear that Jake is all right.
    I think you will be too, now that you told the story…But I am not the one to know.

  85. Cassii says:

    Hi Shelly,
    I am sorry for your loss, and I’m also glad to hear that you are free from evil.
    I am never going to play the Ouija Board. Ever.

    May God Bless You and Have A Great Life Full Of Love And Kindness.

    Love Cassii

  86. jazzygirl says:

    Hey that kinda makes no sense but it’s creepy.I own a ouija board soo i;m scared

  87. ecko says:

    WOW.. i guess u been through alot latly in ur life… i would never buy a ouija board!!!

  88. Neelu says:

    Thanks for sharing your story.My friend has a ouija board and she always call someone from that board.Now i can aware her by telling your story.

  89. anita says:

    IS this story really ture?

  90. Neelu says:

    i and my friend have play ouija board two times but nothing happened.But my friend once saw a woman and she thought that was just her imagination and i hear someone voice but it was of boy.Now i am really scared.Are they ghost?plz say that they arenot

  91. Jennifer says:

    I’m not saying this isn’t real. but while reading this I kept forgetting it was an actual experience, it seemed like a story book with all the descriptions and exact quotes. How would you remember everything they said? I dunno. Just a thought..

  92. child like says:



  93. Jenae says:

    I have always wondered what it would be like to play with a quiji board but i have heard so many stories and none of them good like my mom had one and when she tried to get rid of it she through it in a dumpster and when she came back in the house it was sittin on her bed and the story this girl has posted i just dont see my self playin with one of them but sometimes curiosity almost gets the best of me

  94. Crystal says:


  95. nix says:

    Love ur story its so hollywood..but m not sure if its true..but now i really wan2 use the ouija board & see for myself.

  96. JLT says:

    Thanks for sharing you’re story . Ive had a bit ov an exprriance myself years ago but i wasn’t on the board, my friends was on the board i was too scared because i have always belived from the stories that i have heard, 3 of my friends ask the board [do you want [ME ]TO JOIN it replied yes i started laughthing.STOP TAKING THIS PISS they all swear blind it wasnt them so they asked ,somithing a personal question ONLY I KNEW and the answer came on the board i couldnt believe it i laughed again [nervousley] knowing only i knew the answer.they diddnt think to ask was it true,i think they all believed it was one of them ……….the answer was true ,weird to this day i still havent told them

  97. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a story you wrote in a creative writing class in high school. You are an excellent writer, however, as others have stated, it sounds extremely well rehearsed…like “copy, paste” rehearsed.
    Sorry, I have to throw the b.s. flag.

  98. mananana says:

    you would have to be extreamly gulable to really belive this its obouivsly a narative

  99. Molly says:

    true or not (i believe it to be true, or parts of) you would be extremely ignorant to assume these things cant happen. the mind is a powerful thing and so are spirits good or evil and people should not mess or open doors to things they do not understand and cannot protect themselves from. exciting though it may seem it is also very dangerous and can ruin lives. the reason it can effect some people and others not is simply that some are more suseptible to it than others or maybe someones looking out for u.

  100. Jennifer says:

    Sounds like b.s. to me

  101. Rose says:

    My heart is in pain after i read your story. Spirits come to me and tell me (sometimes show me) events of how they have died and send me their pain of their death. I ease their pain to help them move on…sadly most of them don’t give me their names. Your story sounds oddly familiar to me told to me by a female presence. After the spirit told me of the events that led to her death my body was filled with unbearable pain. It might have been one of your friends. Being only 16 so much pain has filled my life…some spirits stay behind and comfort me but leave soon after…Ouija boards are evil and usually demonic spirits are talked to…the first question you always must ask if its a good or bad spirit.

  102. Nick says:

    “…we smoked the weed I bought” ends the story before it begins…

    • MARY says:

      Nick just an FYI for you , doing mind altering drugs b4 calling on spirits pretty much guarantees a pretty bad outcome it makes the people easier targets for the not so nice entities to creep in . So , the weed actually makes a great bit of sense when we hear of the horrid outcome of what was suposed to be a fun silly game. Opening the door high will most certainly leave you open for the sneaky and wicked to poke their heads in and start a load of crap for the practitioners it’s pretty much rule ONE in NOT what to do before dealing with the supernatural side . No nastiness meant just as I said FYI . If you are going to play , you have to play it straight and what you seek is usually what you attract , if you are out to be scared for a thrill , they will usually oblige everytime. Blessings and light always Mary

  103. cesar f. says:

    i will not play that game.im gonna just stick 2 monopoly. thnx 4 sharing!!

  104. DarStarr says:

    That is for sure! Wonder where the heck they got THAT stuff from and what was in it!!!!! wow! LOL

    • James says:

      SO do you think that people who smoke weed cant remember anything or be trusted to tell the truth? Well, you will be in for a rude awakening because this world is full of politicians, teachers, doctors, artists, musicians, writers, etc who smoke it. In my opinion you have heard about it but you probably dont really know anything about it.

  105. child like says:


  106. DarStarr says:

    Not at all, but you have to admit that you might be prone to some wicked hallucinations if there was something a little extra in it!

  107. DarStarr says:

    And you all know I have nothing but love for ya!! :)

  108. child like says:


  109. DarStarr says:

    All I am trying to say is that I have a hard time believeing this one.

  110. child like says:



  111. DarStarr says:

    As a matter of fact, some friends and I did mess with a Ouija board and had a somewhat frightening experience many years ago.

    I do totally believe in the Supernatural, and I understand that things happen, believe me, but there are some things that over time are remembered MUCH differently than they really happened, especially when there are other substances involved.

  112. child like says:


  113. child like says:


  114. DarStarr says:

    No, not just because they were on drugs. I just don’t happen to believe this one, like quite a few other people. Different opinions is all. I believe SOMETHING might have happened, but just not all that. Sorry. I know there are supernatural things all around us.

    • angela says:

      I know what u mean but drugs also alter your consiosness (sp inc i know, im a crappy speller) and open your mind up to these entities. I know some of it sounds a bit far fetched and even the best of us can embelish on our own experiences but these things do happen. like u, i believe but not to the piont that i take everything i read as truth> best advice I can give to anyone is— keep an open mind mind, but not so open that your brain falls out. I believe they a paranormal experience but I think the weed didnt help wen she was in the bathroom thinking about cutting herself, i dont know….:)

  115. child like says:


    You have no idea what is out there!

    I seen a lot and experience a lot the bad and the good but mostly the good for myself but I have seen the bad on others in my family happen to them.

    And you are right everyone has the right to there opinions and I am sorry if I am sound like I am attacking and defending. All i can say is I been there and done that which is why I do believe her. What is it about her story that you did not believe everything or a something she said that you do not believe. Is it the Demon! Psy vamires pass as demons and they do exit believe me. Do you think that when her friends died that day two of her friends what she went crazy and made it all up with the rest of them? Her story is not the first I have heard. Sure it has a little difference in all of them but the same bad experience using the board. Demon coming across from the board and chose to control one of them. Everyone she/he loves are threaten with their life or dies one at a time. It’s what the Demon does to show you who is in control of your life. I tried the board several time when i was younger and it did not work at all for us. I told my mentor about it and she said i was protected along with my friends but eventhough the board did not move in my house my friends who was there with me trying the board they all experience seeing things and hearing things thru out the years of our teenage years but I did not. At least nothing negative like they have. Well, that’s another story. I am full of them I can even write a book. But that will be another time. Again I am sorry if I came across a little strong. You and the rest of the world have the right to your own opinions.

  116. Shel says:

    I recieved an e-mail a few weeks ago that my experience was still up. I did not expect that it would have raised so much debate. In some ways I am sorry for posting it, but at least the message of it has gotten across to a few people, so I should be grateful for that.

    I have no way of proving to anyone that what I am saying is true, but it was. If nobody believes this could have happened then that is a choice you must make on a personal level and we all must respect that. But the facts remain, independent of what anyone believes.

    I just want to answer back to a few things, i’m not going to defend this because i know i dont have to, but it might clear up a few things.I am NOT a writer, never have been, never will be and I have no interest in it at all. I have never taken a class or anything of the sort. If this seems scripted it is because it is scripted, I have had to live with this experience for many years and I remember it so well and have gone over it so many times in my head over the years that I suppose the clarity of my thoughts have been perfectly reflected on the page. This was not planned.

    It was so real to me that when asked to remember it, i can tell you everything in every detail, (more than i printed in the story), it wasn’t like trying to remember what you ate for dinner last tuesday.

    Also, maybe it was the heavy rain, and drugs that caused the accident that night… i cannot honestly say for sure, IT WAS JUST THE TIMING OF IT ALL THAT FREAKED ME OUT.

    Also much of this experience was in our minds, the attack was not Physical as such as it was mental and emotional. It seems strange to me that people have no problem believing in spirits moving stuff around the room, but when i say I saw something in my mind, it’s like ‘no you didn’t’. … bizzare.

    I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that these images did appear in our minds and they were very specific. what I did not say before was that each one of them had a certain feel to it. they all carried a ‘feeling’ that felt as if they were from outside ourselves. This is really hard to explain, I’m sorry, i dont have the skill to convey this accurately.

    I hope that this clears a few things up. Peace to all of you

    • angela says:

      wow, dont be in the least bit sorry u posted it….this debate is a good thing, it gets u thinking and looking at other peoples piont of view and giving it some thought. Its excellent to hear from like-minded people and also healthy to question our own particular beliefs from time to time. i believe u wen u say u can remember it exactly, I remeber something I seen, standing in my cot, screaming trying to waken my 2 aunts asleep in the same room, i can remeber my other aunty coming into my room and this ‘thing’ walking straight past her, she never seen it. I only found out years later my cousin seen the exact same thing as me in that house wen she was a tiny tot, I was 2 years old. but, on the other hand I have been telling something else that happened to me and found myself saying a statement that i wasnt 100% on, I had to reel myself in and think ‘stick to the facts.’ but i can overexagerate…it doesnt mean that u do and i do chek myself if i think im getting fiction a little mixed with fact :/ WELL DONE for telling n starting a debate on this topic and people that have said ‘well i think its all BS’ make themselves look quite stupid.

    • MARY says:

      Oh Shelly , most of us cannot explain it. We try desperately to explain it away at first and then we doubt oursrlves and what we saw heard or felt and then we tell people ughhhhhh this only makes it 10 times worse ! You cannot truly comprehend a haunting until you are affected by a haunting. Whether you have the gtift of sight , or clairaudience to hear them, to see them , to feel them , it is a gift but comes with a price. the reason some are horribly affected and others seem to skate by is sensitivity , you must protect your very self and soul , once you learn to do that you can get through your bumps in the night. They eat fear like ice cream . When my story is told I hope youwill read it and tell me what you feel as it is very detailed and still happening. They are here and I am very Faithful , I won’t even read the word G..damn in a book , and Mary has gotten me through my fair share of pain and stupid mistakes. They are my sheild but not all of us have that. So you just tell it like it is and let others deal with their fear by tearing it down or taking it apart looking for mistakes in the end though I know I saw the spirit go through the wall and you know that something was digging around in your mind. Blessings and Light to you and yours , Mary

    • reasoning says:

      No one has to believer her, it’s not that big of a deal if it doesn’t directly affect you or if you have never had an experience like this. Sure, it’d be easy to laugh it off.. I was giggling at some of it to, but I believe her. Nothing has to make sense, the fact is, not everything does. Shelly could easily prove this to all of us, but she has said she doesn’t want to bring the demons name up for the sake of someone else. Thank her for that or you could be googling this demons name and he can have an effect on your life as well. It seems like Shelly wen’t through hell.. and that’s just that- HELL. That’s what the demon wanted to show her.. you can still live in hell on Earth. I don’t necessarily believe the werewolves thing.. maybe it’s a Twlight over exaggeration thing that I just cant believe it.. my mind just won’t let me.. but she could also give us details about the house, where it was exactly- the address, city, state, zip code.. but would it really matter if she did? Sure she could give us Jacob’s name since he is still alive and we could look his little business up, call him and ask him ourselves- but then what does that do for us? She has waited a long time to let her story out- Wouldn’t you? If many years of your life were taken away from you over something you couldn’t explain? Where no one believed you? People thought you were insane? Ask yourselves these questions when you choose to be rude and poke fun just because its not something you necessarily believe yourself. I’m on the fence about this story- like I said, there’s parts i believe for sure.. others I question, but I can only thank God for that. That I’m not curious enough to mess with the other world because quite frankly- there is one.. it’s one we shouldn’t mess with if we don’t know anything about it.

      And about the whole weed part of her story- I honestly thought to myself it was made up as well… she probably tripped pretty bad. When your high you can make yourself believe many things too.. though I then had to think back on the times I smoked.. and I never had the urge to kill myself, nor did I ever have a freakout like that.. so I assumed the weed was laced.. and when everyone is smoking the same laced weed- yes, everyone can believe the same thing going on because they’re all discussing it out loud.. BUT ON THE OTHER HAND.. i began to think, the weed wasn’t a significant part of the story and didn’t completely make what happened to her untrue because weed has a way of relaxing your body and mind. So if all of them relaxed that deeply.. I believe it. If your sober.. your more likely to giggle, think about other things, ruin the saence.. whatever- When your high off thc though.. you can focus your mind to think about one thing and your body will allow it.. that’s what leads me to believe the story could be very true- spirits feed of emotions. They were all relaxed and blank, and asking for something to happen. Unforunately, it did. The fact that Shelly isn’t on here 24/7 like a few of the people posting comments, let’s me know she is for real and doesn’t need to hear the negative things people are going to say about her. She’s obviously already been through enough and is just putting out the fact that unthinkable and unexplainable things can happen.. it’s her way of warning people.

      I’m off my soap box now. thanks.

  117. DarStarr says:

    It’s not one specific thing really, it’s little things. Like, why on earth if it was raining would they take the bike? She said she had her car. If someone was flipping out, why would you go on a bike in the rain. Like I’ve said, I believe in the supernatural, and I believe something happened, just not all of it. Sorry

  118. DarStarr says:

    And I know they felt that the car wouldn’t make it up the driveway, but a motorcycle in reality would be even more dangerous. Don’t be defensive, there are many stories I believe and this just isn’t one…at least not completely.

  119. Supernatural says:

    im not quite sure wut an ouija board is but i know it cant be good as a supernatural fanatic i find ur story amazing and i would like to know more if possible. The board has nothing to do with good souls, but with hells demons i assure u that u will never forget this experience, the world will not let u but you cant let spirits take ahold of ur life and u must not let any one tell u how to get rid of something unless u are definitely sure they work. i believe in god but also can assure u that preist can help u but not always in ways that u want.. i know because i never wwent to one “i was about 7 wen this happened” “6 years ago ” i awoke wen i turned on the light i had an image of a girl she told me of a story that is remarkably like urs but i think it was a dream, and the fact that the main person was a guy sry but other than that detail it was such a resemblance to ur story it almost scared me i am a normal child and i believe u and sry to say but i am glad you survived and that it wasnt me in ur place…………i may believe and i may know alot about the supernatural but i understand enough to read the storys posted on the net but not to get myself involved. head my warning all tat read this post, beware of wut u do and understand wut u have done never iinvolve urselves because no matter who u are u cant avoid destiny so to speak. u cant destroy or prevent wut u cant see feel or truly understand last ….. the truth isnt wut it seems u shall all finish wut u started its always a journey that doesnt end so end it or dont start it…… and with this i leave u only to be revealed by the stories that so interestingly pull me in.

  120. child like says:

    I believe you ! I understand what you are saying. And I just want to say if the accident was because of the weather and the drungs ok we will never know but I still think the evil had a lot to do with it. Demons play with your mind, emotions to be able to control you and that is how it all started. You were not the only one with images in there mind so were your friends and that was why they freaked out some of it could of been because of the drugs but come on it couldn;t it all be because of the drug. It’s not a kind of drug from out of this world to have reacted that way for everyone.
    I am glad you got rid of the evil demon and I just want to say I believe you. I worn the shoes you have sworn. I walked the mile you have walked to I can say I believe you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God bless you and keep the faith and becareful ok. You have to build up your faith and your mental state to be strong so you wont be attacked again .
    God bless you always

  121. Kyle says:

    Shelly, maybe you can help me. First off im sorry about what happed with them and you.i played the board right after i had lost a few friends, thinking i maybe could talk to them. I loved them and wouldn’t let go. shortly after that i got sick in feb 07 and im still sick. Docs dont know what it is. I started going to temple and prayed all the time that i would get better. It was a Jewish temple, the name is Temple Beth El. I still stayed sick, so i stopped going. i go on Tuesday the 1st for my second upper GI. I just hope this is soon over. any advice would be great. thank you

    • MARY says:

      Kyle make sure you exhaust the medical information , once done if you are not well, you may be attached therefore you may be under the influence of a vile entity who is enjoying your fear and sucking out your energy . I see that you are Jewish but I would go to a priest as they are the only one who can perform an exorcism to rid you of what you have picked up , they will figure out if it is demon or human , human will just require your telling it to go back from where it came and that it is not welcome near your home , body , friends , family etc. it must go, The priest can help you with that , the demon will have to be exorcised but please please do not keep this secret any longer tell someone who will listen and keep talking until someone gets you spiritual HELP. If it is not medical you may just have picked up a PARASITE from that board and it needs to be taken off. All God ‘s Blessings to you keep talking until you are HEARD! PLEASE , peace to you , Mary

  122. Sheena Heidt says:

    I have a hard time beliving things like this. Im not saying your not telling the truth because sometings tells me you are but that is the crazist story I have ever heard. I really never had any experences like that before but I just feel like this is true. I do remember playing around with an ouija board a few times and I can remember having cold chills both times and seeing things that I probably should not have seen,and cant explane. I am sorry about your friends and I hope they are in a better place. I am also sorry you had to see a face that scary for so long. I wish you luck in your life and much happiness. Thank you for sharing your story it will be one I will not forget.

  123. child like says:


    You are being attacked by the spirit that came across. Try going to a Catholic church and ask the priest to pray on you with holy water and the special oil they use for the sick that might help. I wish you luck and dont give up. Use a wear a rosary when you go to sleep.
    I will be praying for you. Let me know how it is going ok. I care………..
    I will light a candle for your on your name .
    God be with you always

  124. wanna hav third eye, or not says:

    Scary story….
    it could be published in a book or something…

    btw, i’m really sorry 4 ur friends…

    how can a person activate his third eye?

    • MARY says:

      I need to get it all together for but have a great exorcize that works consistently. Remember yu already have one since birth you just have to wake it up and practice . It is called YOUR BASIC PSYCIC LEVEL , where all of our psycic abilities stem from . PROMISE I WILL GET BACK YO U!



  125. Diana96 says:

    I wonder where do they sell the Ouija Board??I really wanted to experience when we talk to spirits.But not like this.Very creepy….

  126. Annika says:

    I’m having a hard time believing this one. First off, it just sounds like a chapter out of a trashy ghost novel, and you mentioned that you all smoked weed. It could easily be just a bad trip or something. .-.

  127. Jones says:


    A bad trip from smoking weed? I am assuming that you dont know what you are talking about here as that is impossible unless a person is already completely ‘mental’ or using other drugs. I dont know if this story is actually true or not but I think it is funny when I read through the comments and see that several people seem to think that weed makes you trip and/or hallucinate. I suppose that is what listening to propaganda causes – ignorance.

    Please do not be offended by my use of the word ignorance – it only means that a person doesnt know the facts and in no way infers that they are stupid or dumb.

  128. trolldoll1681 says:

    jones you are right on about smoking weed it does not make you hallucinate!

  129. Anonymous says:

    @Jones:How ironic,the only one who’s ignorant here is YOU.
    It’s funny when people defend the usage of drugs making them sound as if they’re something justified.Those drugs DO have such effects,why else do you think people take it in the first place?
    “This is the main reason why most people use weed. The ‘high’ can incorporate many feelings and sensations. Marijuana has been shown to have not only a mind altering effect, but also to change ones mood. The experience of some users has even bordered on the SPIRITUAL. There is concern in many circles that in this state, weed smokers can be a danger to themselves and to others.”

    I was already skeptical when I read that the usage of weed was involved,and not just that..but parts of the story just don’t feel right. I truly believe in the supernatural but I’m unsure of this story. Sure,something to that degree could’ve happened but when you are under the influence it is hard to distinguish what is true or not.

    Try to argue with me,it’ll just make you look a downright moron.

    • adam says:

      Not sure if i believe the story or not, simply because it does seem so very well written.
      am a paranormal investigator myself, used the board many times with ”good” results. have been toyed with also but we were protected. I still would in no means advise the use of it to anyone who does not have experienced but more so – educate, people with them.

      I too have read many of the comments and it is kind of annoying that people ARE being IGNORANT in regards to suggesting that the weed is most probably the cuase of whatever happened this night.
      That weed can cause such effects..

      if the story is true or not, what they claim here is indeed pure bull.
      I HAD smoked weed for about 12 years, a lot. way to much. and i can testify that nobody that i have ever been with (thousands) or me myself personally has ever had any mind altering states.

      some weirdo come on here claiming that someone else is being ignorant – trying to defend drugs…
      that person is not being ignorant, nor is there any irony in the claim.
      you CANNOT talk about the effects of cannabis without knowing them first hand.
      you CANNOT say that people take cannabis for this mind altering effect, which you claim exists. I certinaly did not smoke cannabis for this so called effect you claim (and yes i had smoked some of the best, just as like some of the worst weeds) .
      recently i had quit weed (for the 2nd time), as yes it does for some people (me for sure) turn the person into a moody person. although from experience ive SEEN and KNOWN first hand, you take that anger/mood out on the people you love the most (parents usually, you will be fine around friends etc) .
      it is absolute bollox that some random person on here came up giving it all the high and mighty suggesting things about a drug that she has (im assuming due to her/his harsh, and quite frankly, RUDE, reply to one of the comments here regarding weed) that she/he has never experienced herself.
      While medical staff have learned the obvious, yes weed CAN give u mood swings, weed CAN ehance depression/anxiety, or even happiness should someone be very happy. ( i have experienced all of these many times, and the depression being the result of quitting weed)… while trained medical staff have worked this out finally, and will for sure throw other things regarding weed out there for people to learn/understand/be fooled into believing, trained medical staff have also attempted to explain that 1 joint of unfiltered ciggarrette/cannabis is as harmful as 20 cigerrattes.. or was it 10.. or was it 4. i dont know, ive heard that number change over the years so many times, which one is the truth entilted to set by?
      my POINT is, that nobody can sit there PREACHING about something they have not experienced in a long term, and then say ”if you dare to argue i will rip u apart” or something ( lol)…. whoever said that , under the name annonymous, is a laughable joke. YOU are being ignorant for your attack on (jason, was it? i cant see the name, too many comments to find it) .. YOU are being ignorant… not him. he was NOT defending weed, just knowing from experience that the effects YOU claim that are correct ( IGNORANCE) are not as you describe. coming from someone with probable vast experience, in comparison to your probable 0 experience.
      i think YOU are a laughin joke that you come on here giving it the large, when you know crap all about what your talking about. Your opinion is valid, dont get me wrong.. but the way you write… and finish it (lol) its like only your opinion matters, and anyone elses cannot be true.
      Learn one thing, if anything, from this trash i bothered to write to you at 6am.
      in this particular case, YOUR opinion is wrong, AND YOU were being ignorant and pathetic

      thats why people by LSD………..

      please note, before you kick your anti drug war off at me,
      i do not approve of drugs. But i am an experienced user from previous years of my life.
      i have tried LSD, Ectasy, cocaine, more than once. but i have smoked weed everday for 12 years of my life.
      I wished i had done it sooner, but am now leaving weed behind too. i left the others behind a long time ago.
      Get your facts right before you preach about something u have no idea what you are on about.

      • adam says:

        oh, and realizing people are confused as to why some are unsure if to believe the story based on how well it was written.
        The point of that was, so many details were written into the story. that were quite frankly, un-necessary.
        I think from a personal point of view, the ONLY details you would put into a story when attempting to tell something from memory, are the ones that serve a purpose in explaining what it is you saw, or how you felt, or anything that could paint a better picture of the paranormal incident in question.
        I did exactly that in one of the stories i published on a different website, because it was hard to understand what i was trying to explain.

        HOWEVER, the reason I (and im going to assume others, who have said that by how well its written it makes one wonder as to its authenticy) the reason i question it being real due to how well its written, is because there are details that generally are not required – added to this story.
        Those details make it feel more like a story… makes you feel like you was there.
        Those details, in my experience (reading thousands of apparant true stories, and writing some of my own, which i know are true), those details are generally not added.
        BUT they are added in a published book, because such details suck the reader into feeling a part of the story, bringing them closer to every detail.
        THAT is why i question its authenticy due to how well its written, it DOES look like it has been pulled out of a ghost story book. It looks like it has been written in a way to pull the reader in, and this is how every single book is written, in one form or another. That’s what makes it different from your average story.. and being a published one.
        Im NOT saying that it is fake, due to this. BUT from reading 1000′s of (claimed) true stories, NONE have ever been written quite so well, that it looks like it could have been easily pulled out of a story book.
        I agree yes, you may remember a lot of detail from something like this. But its not something that you would normally share, when talking about a story like this.
        Unless you wanted to capture the audience…… which is what any professional story writer tries very hard to do…
        and that, is why it makes me – and a lot of other people, bring up that question.
        basically, im on the fence.

  130. Jones says:

    Anonymous How can I argue with you? You havent even touched on what I actually said but instead you made up your own words. Read my comment above again and see if your reply was even relevant. Where did I defend anything? Where did I justify any thing whatsoever? I made a simple statement of fact – Marijuana does not make you hallucinate. Thats it! Everything else you claim that I said or intended is nothing more than your own imagination.

    If you want to argue with me then why not argue about something I am actually stating?

  131. child like says:


    I agree 100% with you………………………… You are right…………………………………
    Being under the influence it is hard to distinguish what is true or not. I can’t even imagine what it is like because I have never even tried drugs but I do know it is dangerous to be under the influence but I don’t have the personal experience to say only that I think it could have different effects to different people. I do agree with you though………..

  132. Karen M. says:

    Well, actually I agree with Jones, why do they perscribe marajauna to cancer patieints and people with glaucoma?

  133. Jenae says:

    you know it takes a lot of courage to get on here and tell your story and all you people who thin you are some type of critic or something why dont you get out there and put your story up oh yea you cant because you probably dont have one that is why you guys are so hard on the people who are on here and as for the people who say that weed is the reason that they went through it then you all need to wake up weed does not do that weed will calm you down NOT make you see stuff so before you start accusing then you need to get your facts straight dont sit there and dog someone over something you now nothing about!!!!!!!

  134. trolldoll1681 says:

    i’m giving you a standing ovation jenae!

  135. Jenae says:

    than you man i just think it is crap when people blame drugs on things that we have no controll over i mean i ma not saying that there are not drugs that make you see things but not weed i mean some people are just so pathetic

  136. DarStarr says:

    Karen M.
    they presribe it to numb the pain and increase appetite. I believe also to help with anxiety.
    Please don’t get angry. It’s not worth it. Everyone has a different opinion on everything and getting mad doesn’t solve it.

  137. InterestedGirl. says:

    Your story is incredible yet the Ouija Board still fascinates me. Is that wrong?

    • Anonymous says:

      yes my friend and i r goin to use a ouiji board tonight i know you warned us but i dont believe anything will happen to us. If it does im happy to admit i was wrong but we’ll see…

  138. Wamphyri says:

    I was just browsing the net, feeding my curiosity of such things, when I happened upon your story. I found it to be quite an interesting and sad tale. I had never heard of such things happening with Ouija before, although Iv not delved much into it. I must admit Im still curious. As with the name that was given to the entity, suggests that the knowledge is out there without needing to be tempted using a board. I once met a paranormal team who advised against using ‘crude tools’ and such like due to the bad things that can happen. Iv had no such experience myself, but I believe if your not meant to be part of that side of things then dabbling isnt wise. Thats probobly why ‘tools’ are available so people can cheat. Those people that are and can be part of it.. just are, for bad or good.
    Anyways. Just wanted to add something.

  139. alex says:

    u know also i learn hypnose and i pratice ouija its fun because u talk with ur subcousncient but if negative person u talk with ur negative side be honest man the evil there its u or ur friends man be honest with ur self list make ur dreams come true feed ur self with confidence after u see the ouija will be different because u change just pratice u see 98% in supernatural cases got explanation another 2% their are osb investigation ok so its not ouija cience dont care about ouija my friend its something old even this kind of things u buy in toys r us for a kids just think how bad they are . midium and psychos make money because people like u give then money that not big deal everyone can do that man u dont need to call ur self medium or psycho that its just brain knowledge dont believe in all they said because u will be hypnotise just that think about that man

  140. Jenae says:

    you now i dont now whether to laugh at you or be mad at you you tell me not to get mad its not worth it and all that crap then why are you on here one min. atacking the people who do put their stories up and then the next you are one of the people who has had a “paranormal” experience dude just make up your mind and quit wasting everyones time!

  141. DarStarr says:

    Not believing someone’s story is not “attacking” them. This forum is to voice different opinions and I have never been cruel in voicing mine, I am not wasting everyones time. I have had a paranormal experience, but that does not mean I have to believe what everyone puts out there.
    If I offended you, I am sorry, but you seem to be the one attacking me!
    My original comment was meant as a joke because her story seemed VERY far-fetched to me. Again, I apologize if you feel i was attacking anyone, sorry for having a voice.

  142. trolldoll1681 says:

    enough already everyone has a right to say what they feel i hate it when people argue over little stuff its not worth the stress and lord knows we have stress. just read the stories and say what your first impressions are. its that simple i’m so darn honest, i get myself into trouble peace to the people!!!!

  143. DarStarr says:

    Amen! I was just so upset yesterday! I felt attacked! For something that was meant as a joke! Oh, well. such is life!
    And peace to the people right back at ya!!! :)

  144. D.R. says:

    Wow. People assume a story is false because it is “well scripted” and “seems rehearsed…? Would be more believable if she lacked education and wrote randomly so that we couldn’t tell what the heck she was talking about? Voice of Reason, listen to your voice of reason. Anotherloginname, it seems you have a hard time believing in anything at all. It’s refreshing to know, though, that there are people out there who do not have the deal with these kinds of things (therefore have a hard time believing). Can a so-called toy call spirits? Absolutely. SALT and SUNFLOWER SEEDS did! My son did it twice (against my will)! I have told my stories several times and each time they get easier to tell so the stories make better sense. They get a little more “well scripted” and yes, “rehearsed” so to speak because I have told them so many times. And they are absolutely true.
    Shelly, I am sorry for your losses but am thankful you made it through. I believe you did so that you could share your story and help at least one person. It appears you have helped many. Best wishes…

    • Caretaker says:

      D.R. I see comments quite often where someone says they do not believe a story because of poor grammar and/or spelling. I also see similar comments where people say they dont believe it because it is too well written. In reality neither one has anything to do with whether or not a story is true, some people are great writers and others are not. A story should never be judged by how well the story teller can write,

      • MARY says:


        I have a triple digit IQ and so does my husband bad at math I am , great at reading , grammar sp?lol, and spelling most of the time. When you realized it has been over 20 years since college you can understand i may have lost some of my moxy in that dept. However , the story is just that no matter how it is written. I can write , I have had an around the block so to speak life , i’ve run the gammett and am only not even 1/2 way done yet. So , friends are always saying Mary write a book , well i’m too busy proofreading my hubs letters and emails lol!! He never paid attention in spelling , he regrets it now but he can’t dance around me with numbers so we all have strengths , weaknesses , lets not strike out at people and not let them speak and share and receive help because they are not good or too good at writing. That is the exact opposite of what this site is here for. It is hard to tell your story my pain is still happening and much too fresh yet. I can’t imagine writing it well and having someone accuse me of llying about an entity attacking my four children and taking an unborn child from me by throwing me to the ground.?? I think it would shut me up and out. So , maybe we all can just open our hearts and minds to these stories if they are indeed false so what , the writer has to deal with the consequences not us. So , suspend your disbelief and help if that is what is being asked , it is nothing but a good thing for us all to do. PASS IT ON…….. PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL HERE DONT’ BE AFRAID TO TELL THAT ONLY MAKES IT STRONGER AND MORE DANGEROUS. LOVE , MARY

        PS If you are lying , oh well not my bad or anyone else here also not my job to judge you one way or the other. you ask for help I give help whether it smells fishy or not. eh,,,

      • Tonja says:

        You are absolutely correct Caretaker. If the story is not well written or too well written, it falls in the cracks and crevices. After posting my opinions on Yahoo! for a number of years on many different news articles, I have seen that people will attack others that have written some great posts and opinions, in my opinion. It seems to me that some people want this sense of security/belief/opinion/dogma/etc…and when someone brings some light to that area that contradicts their point of view, they can’t stand it. I mean, can’t stand it. Some will get to the point of being very rude, nasty, self-righteous and holier than thou, and to the point of calling you a liar. What everyone must understand is this! Live and let live. Respect other’s opinions/stories/doctrines and in return ask that they respect yours!

    • adam says:

      if you read my comment a few posts up you may realize why people considered this fake due to how well its written.
      Such people are probably used to reading acclaimed stories of paranormal. i for one sure am, i do it at least twice a week. I have written a few too.
      Its not that the english is so good, its how well the story is put together as a whole. it captovates the reader, it draws them in… it makes you not want to put the book down.. oh sorry, it makes you not want to turn the computer off.

      Basically, im not sorry. what my point is, which you obviously did not get, is that people are used to reading ”true” paranormal stories, and such stories while often create a picture, do not go into great detail of things that have nothing to do with the paranormal or story itself. irrelivent detail, if you will.

      I know that when i wrote a story, while goin through my memory, i would attempt to paint a picture yes, BUT i would instinctivly only add details that are relivant to understanding what is happening, or providing a better description. Many details in this story do not do that. BUT THEY DO make you feel as if you was there, as if you know every part of the room.

      THAT is how a writer captovates his audience. THAT is how a writer wants his reader to feel, as THAT is what WRITES a good story. and THAT is how any good story from a ghost book would be wrote….

      AND THAT .. is why many people think it could simply have been pulled out of a ghost book.

      The details in some places tend to be irrelivent to whats going on….
      such details are ESSENTIAL in a book that is going to be published and sold to millions… its just the way GOOD stories are written. period. its what makes them interesting to read.

      WHAT people are suggesting here, is that :

      1. the writer has a gift for writing.. and despite not wanting too, SHOULD embrace it.
      2. this has been pulled straight from a book.


      understand now ?…

  145. D.R. says:

    I agree completely. I couldn’t believe that people were questioning her because it was so well written. I find the story fascinating and the fact that I could read it smoothly made it better. It’s a great lesson, for sure.

  146. luna says:

    yeah!that was a fabulous thing to learn your experience and you,ve done a great job by sharing your story.i guess it helps many of them not use the ouija board as a toy

  147. Hope says:

    Shelly, of course people that never experienced something like this will not understand. But that is something you have to deal with when you bring your story out. Of course you are going to remember every detail of your worst memory. You wish you can’t always recall all the horrible details, but you do. I know, because I can remember every little detail of my worst memory. I can remember down to the times and what I was wearing, and it happend to me almost 10 years ago. Don’t worry about the people who criticize. Just know that there are people out there who understand and have been through what you went through. You are not alone.

  148. isha says:

    i read ur story and i am sorry for the loss of your friends………… i am truly scared by ur story and i just can’t experience what u did……… i’ll die out of fear………. (I SWARE I’LL NEVER THINK OF PLAYING WITH OUIJA BOARD EVER IN MY LIFE). IT’S GOOD I HAVE NEVER PLAYED ALSO..!!!

    • MARY says:

      Isha that is a good choice, and i am sure the poster will feel as though she has helped at least one person from possibly going down a bad road. To all the others thank you for understanding my post MARY btw , I just wanted to help people see around the edges not get caught on them.

      I am sure the poster is very greatful to all of you for your well wishes and change of heart. I had something happen to me not of the paranormal , when I was 10 and I am now 42 yrs in 32 yrs I could tell you EVERY STICH color and make of clothing I had on and what the place smelled of and where a phone was and where the door was.

      When something happens that is that HORRIFIC, we tend to keep it in a locked place for our memories that we don’t want to look at all the time but that we can see down to the last detail when we need to help or aid someone else from making a similar mistake.

      Raven, I also know of many who use the board as a tool and know how to use it , unfortunately the ones who are using it the most are kids looking for something to do and since the things yu attract are directly related to the expectations you put out. ie … supposed to be somehting spooky that is what they are getting and then what?? After the fun, they don’t know how to get rid of the entity that has entered their lives. Blessings and Light to all who are here, MARY

  149. raven says:

    i have messed with the ouija board and nothing has ever happen to me. iwas using it by myself nothing ever came nor was i harmed. so i don’t really believe you but stranger things had happen.

    • angela says:

      just because you used one and nothing happened you dont really believe other people. i know friends that have used them and i myself have used one and eventually something did happen. but had nothing happened i still would not discount other people and their stories.

  150. hopeless angel says:

    wow.this is an amazing stories
    i thought all of the person who are linked in this story had a moment that he/she will cant forget.especially when you tried to use the planchette but the spirit continuing fighting them.
    if that thing happen to me i swear my life would be strange, strange as the strange.maybe if that happen to me yesterday, tommorow you will know in the news tht im unalive with no source of sickness.
    and oh i forget this reply is all about your story. your a good teller.im starting scared when i read the word man coz im so scared in an evil.

  151. Brenda says:

    I sent this story to an wiccan instructor and her response was this is a urban legend, that she remembered hearing at sleep overs when she was a kid. PB board since they are mass marketed are pretty safe. Parker Brother’s boards are made from man made materials, so they really don’t have much connection to nature or the spirit realm as a true wooden board. So if this is a true story Im sorry for the loses and hope everyone R.I.P.

    P.S. If you are going to play with a ouija board then you should knwo there are rituals and cleansing to do before and after to make sure you are safe.

    • angela says:

      OMG— as somebody else pionted out–could every1 take note- it doesnt matter that some boards used are mass produced by a toy company, its the people, the place and other factors that have these things happen…not the damned board. y are people preoccupied with the board not being an ancient relic from transylvania or something. AND your ‘instructor’ has probably heard tales like it because thay are not as uncommon as people think…why take 1 persons word over anothers. your instructor wasnt there at the end of the day was she? and i dont think it was wise of her to dismiss this girls experience out of hand without looking into it and therefore influence your thinking . Instructors are not meant to do that, they are supposed to have an open mind…u would think??

  152. Katy J says:

    I don’t think this IS an urban legend,and I don’t think your ‘Wiccan instructor” is very good.

    The person who wrote this is describing the events from a single and very personal viewpoint. I have won awards in literature and hold a masters degree in English lit, I have studied a lot of works and I can’t tell you if this story IS true or not, but I can tell you without a doubt that the person who wrote it either did experience what she says she did, or she honestly believes that she did.

    An Urban legend is generally told in a third person narrative without personalisation. Even if there is personalisation it is easy to spot the objectifications in the style and grammer preferance. I have never heard anything like this and I did an entire semester of ‘Urban legends’ we studied over 600 ‘legends’ in that class.

    This person I believe, is in fact either genuine, or insane and believes they are genuine. The only way to verify is to look at external facts and interview those involved.

  153. alex says:

    i am going to said again i dont believe on this because all this movements its made by idiomotor effects so if u see the believers its just people dont study the area or people want to make believe others for soon make money with this like midium make alot of money withnall that so just read about DERREN BROWN and will be able to tell more things about that dont make a mistake in ur self believe things not trully make sure bye bye

    • angela says:

      what on earth are u talking about? u make no sense. read wot u have written…
      Derren Brown (the only bit I understood) makes very valid pionts and he is a very clever man. BUT thats my piont…he is a very clever man , just because he can make you think you see something u didnt, most people do not have his talents do they. I think a lot of mediums are scam artists but please do not tar them all with the same brush…some are genuine, its seperating the money orientated, lying scumbags from the real thing that is a problem :) )

  154. BabyDoll says:

    This is a very detailed and fascinating story, but it just does not convince me. The author’s perspective is way too broadened on the lives of the other character’s to deem it credible. Apart from my skepticism on the manner in which the possession was presented.

  155. Prime_DuDe108 says:

    well its good…not too crazy about it but its ok thumbs up for the one who wrote it…

  156. jessica husband says:

    i am so freaked out right now its not even funny i dont know what to say

  157. ComradeJim says:

    Are you kidding me? You believe this? I believe in ghosts,demons,ect but come on that sounds like a teen slasher story. I don’t pretend to know if one of those boards can speak to demons or stuff like that, but this just sounds like hogwash. Entertaining though, gotta give props to that.

  158. kristi says:

    When you say ” that it was an important part of creation and although I could not understand it, it serves it an important purpose. That he was just putting things back in balance.” And it puzzles you, its okay. I mean, I know you wouldnt understand but I know exactly what he’s talking about. I’m not supposed to tell, because I’d get in trouble with a certain situation. But believe me, there are people out there who protect you, I’d know. Now its not what you think with super powers, like flying, something along that line, and dont worry I’m completely sane. But if you could give me this demons name, I’d like to search him. Maybe he was your demon? You probably dont know what I’m talking about, but soon you’ll know. Its hard to explain with out people thinking I’m crazy, but if you see someone who you think is maybe something otherworldly, or just “Something” Then, yeah, they probably are.

  159. Nexus-7 says:

    May the Lord Jesus Christ who has dominated all principalities and powers Bless you and teach you in his wisdom!

  160. aarya23 says:

    i’m a guy frm a diff religion………………i hav studied about paranormal……since i was 12…………….my mistake was tat i didi not respect d dead and paid a lot frm my mistakes………..ur story is similar to 1 wic happened in india to a 30 yr old women……but she died due to ouija board……………….thanks for sharing ur story.it helped me alot……..god bless you brother………….peace

  161. Mike says:

    I’m sorry, I’ve used ouija in the middle of a cemetary, calling on the nastiest spirits to enter my body, and satan himself with zero results. I enjoy the stories, because I have a great imagination. I don’t really believe any of this though. Can’t let your head play tricks on you.

    • angela says:

      hey, do u seriously think that just because you sit in a graveyard and call for the most evil spirits to enter your body that its gonna happen. I dont think the spirit realm are going to jump to your commands. I think it was a bit of a silly and weird thing to do anyway. these things do not work like that, if your vunerable, a believer, on a different level of conciouness etc then it may be more likely to happen it is not something u can demand happen. come on!!

    • MARY says:

      Unfortunately Mike,

      demons are so very patient , there are so many eye witness accounts where people YEARS after messing with the occult perhaps in High School in some teenage angst comes back in TRIPLE against their children , spouses , parents , themselves. Please , take that board and tell any THING you may have spoken to that you are now CLOSING THE DOOR You do not want to talk or go back and forth you just want to GO BACK AND tell them that the door is now closed between them and anyone who was involved. Blessings and Luck , keep that mind open and get it done. Peace Mary

  162. eyepriestess says:

    The ouija board does work, just because you’re in a graveyared Mike doesn’t mean it is going to work. The bodies are buried there, but it doesn’t mean the souls are still there.

    Hope you are ok!

  163. Bryiana Williams says:

    wow iw as told to read this because i messed with a ouija borad on hallows eve and they tod me to read this stroy to know what i could have been againstmy eyes were literally glued on the screen and i know now that i sjould be caeful when messing with spirtual entities. so thnk you an i am sorry for your loss.

  164. hello says:

    great story !!

  165. !!! says:

    ii noe stories bout tha ouija board but this ones unreal….
    sorry bout ur friends
    its good that u are out ov its control

    n hope ur layin off the drugs…
    buht other than that i totally agree with what ur saying

  166. alYz says:

    i like the story

  167. vee says:

    Hmmmm idk about this, u say u were smoking weed, u don’t think it had something to do with it?? Im often told u should never ever play with the board if u are under the influence of anything, or in a vulnerable state of mind, makes it easier for evil to pass through cuz ur mind isnt fully aware.. I’ve played a few times and never had anything bad come out, you should always bless the circle before calling the spirits..

    Im sorry to hear about your friends.. May they rest in peace.

  168. Tonja says:

    Can anyone who posts a comment here…. not make it seem like a cellphone text message.

    Cuz, this is really silly, like, u should no.

  169. Robert says:

    Hmm… I just have to comment on the few of you who seem to have an aversion or bad-feeling about Marijuana… Guess what – there is nothing wrong with it! And it could not be the cause of demonic possession..

    It certainly could assist in conjuring up the very complex story we just read…

    There is one aspect of your story, Shelly, that I find hard to DISbelieve:
    …that is, the dream “Mike” had…

    That dream, and the way you quoted him to have described it – covers EVERY deranged and disgusting perversion of [the person's] reality that I – as an experienced “dreamer” we’ll say – know to be the MO of demons. They’ll take a nice, pleasant, happy situation (in the dream) that is seemingly benign, and not only twist it into something disgusting and horrifying, but KEEP THE PLEASANT HAPPY VIBE GOING… Meaning, the vampires were having a great time, cutting open this guy’s friends, drinking their blood from “crystal glasses”, probably toasting each other, and mentioning the correct way of eating the people – brains first.. What a perversion.. I know this style..

    I hope you’re doing well.

  170. Matt says:

    if i was in dat house i would be the most paranoid person ever sorry to hear about your friend

    live life to the fullest becuase you will never know your time it could be today or tomorrow


  171. Randa says:

    Now I’ve had some things happed to me but your story seems to be made up BIG TIME! No freakin way all that went down!!!

  172. Karen M. says:

    Randa, ha ha “no freakin way all that went down”, that reminds me of old Miami Vice episodes, anyway love the way you said that!

  173. Cloverthorn says:

    Hello Shelly.. I am Also A Qabbalistic wizard..or magcician.. The reason you were told that the entity had a purpose was because good and evil MUST remain in a constant balance. Both are equally important. Without one there is no other..Also knowing an entities name, and also its Geotic symbol..as in the Grimoire Of Armedel, gives you some power over the entity, but you do need complete faith in your ability to free yourself for it to be effective. You also said that the main link you had with the entity was through your imagination. That is because the power behind REAL magick is through proper intent, and intense VISUALIZATION!! This mystic has taught you something very powerful..I am glad it saved you.. Blessed Be….Cloverthorn

  174. becky says:

    i have heard some bad things about ouija boards and possession but maybe it was just cause you were high weed cause hullisianation

  175. mikey says:

    dude that is crazy but make a book about i couldnt stop reading it

  176. bilbo says:

    GReat story… good to read when in work and nothin is happenin!!!

  177. hallowboy says:

    uuummmm….not so much.

    I highly doubt this is true. Good writing and the fact that you can get so many responses, job well done. But as for all these “believer’s” sounds like a bunch of D&D role players here that obviouosly hang out at Hot Topic and believe they have seen fairies! Grow up all you wierdo’s, “Shelly” is obviously a story teller that has too much time on her hands to come up with this. Makes you wonder if this blog is all she really has going on with her life.

    • angela says:

      yes we are all weird because YOU think its all bs. u r the one that needs to grow up, ur comment makes you look immature and very narrow minded. have u any idea how long these sorts of things have been going on-NO- so what right do u have to call other people who have studied the subject and have a brain. No one has mentioned faries, get on the topic or pipe down, how dare you call everyone weird coz you disagree with them. get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Tonja Brown says:

    Hi there hallowboy.

    Seems you have too much time on your hands to spend as much time as you did reading Shelley’s story and then posting your comment.

    And while I am grown, I do love ghost tales, so please do join us WEIRDOS.

  179. TonysGirl says:

    I,too have had a really horrifying experience that I wasn’t even aware of until my friend was slapping me awake as we were walking! We had been using the board and I had also used it alone on occasion. (Apparently, this is a BIG no-no!) The “spirit” we contacted was named or called GREGIS and was nice enough to start with but got more and more aggressive the longer we used the board. Bad things did start happening to me and the spirit was telling me things before they would happen. These were not things I could have controlled. The last time we used the board it told me that it would possess me and I was terrified! A few nights later, my friend Nikki and I were walking down the road and the next thing I knew she was slapping me and crying and screaming for me to STOP IT! I had no idea what was going on and she finally calmed down enough to tell me that I had been speaking a different language and even my face looked different. I told my best friend Brett about it later that night and he came to my house, got the board, broke it over his knee and burned it in a barrel at my boyfriends house. Three days later, my best friend Brett killed himself in front of me. I am an adult now and have 2 teenage daughters that have mentioned using a board and I will not allow it. They know how I feel about it and there won’t be one in my home. It couldn’t have been drugs or alcohol induced hallucinations for me as I did neither. I didn’t even smoke cigarettes at the time. I know it sounds made up and fake but it is all very true. I don’t know if I believe the whole of the girls story but I feel that it is very likely true. This is just my story and my personal opinion of hers. My advise is to please stay away from them because I, too, once was under the impression that cardboard and plastic couldn’t hurt you and I guess I was wrong. I am truly sorry for the loss of your friends and all the others who have had a similar fate due to the “board”.

  180. mekilla says:

    srry could not read d full thin but i belive in it nd i live in india so can sumone tell 4m where can v get dat board coz me nd my friendzzzzzz wanna try dis

  181. Jennifer says:

    Wow! I couldn’t stop reading this til the end. I truly am sorry for what you’ve been through. I DO believe this is true. I myself had a weird experience with a Ouija board when I was a girl. I had a boyfriend that lived out of state at college and a couple of friends and I decided on a rainy night to play with it. I had never even seen one before except at stores and assumed it was a toy. My boyfriend’s tag read “Roe 66″ on it, and nobody else there knew that except me. We were playing with it and of course, they asked the board to tell us something about someone in the car and the board spelled out “Roe 66″ and everybody kept asking what that meant. I was too scared to tell them what I knew it was from. So I didn’t say anything. We kept playing with it for awhile and then finally everybody started getting so cold and we felt so weird, and so my friend who the board belonged to said that he wanted to stop because he was seeing images. We tried to get the board to say “Goodbye” and it wouldn’t. We finally put it up, and after that, the friend of mine that had the board did not do well for many years, and still to this day doesn’t do well. He’s always very sick and says weird things. I finally had to stop talking to him because he got so strange, but now I see that he may have had some episodes also. So sorry for your loss. I hope you continue to do well.

  182. raistlin says:

    hmmm great story reguardless if it was real or not im sorry for the loss of your friends but i believe that if you know what your doing and your careful you can use a sprit board and stay safe from such things just remember if you dont know what your doing then you probley shouldnt be messing around with it in the first place.
    blessed be

  183. dawn says:

    evil is very real in this world people are fool if they think different and that board isnt a toy it is a doorway for spirits and evil ones to god is good he will answer your prays if you believe you dont need anybody but god to help you he has done a lot for me and i m grateful love dawn

  184. Megan says:

    Most people who think that these boards are all meant for just fun and games need to read stories like this and look up the history of these things, because it was never intended to be used for enjoyment. when you play these games you are opening the doorway for anything to enter, and it is damn near impossible to close to close it once its opened. Shelly I am deeply deeply sorry for you loss in all of this, and I pray that things are better for you now. I feel that maybe now it is your job to warn people, however possible, of these very real dangers. I am glad, so glad that you were able to regain your control back, and while it may be hard for some people to understand why something like this should not be killed, it is easy to see if you look at the bigger picture, basically because there has to be a balance of pure good and pure evil, and if you kill something that is truly evil, you must kill something that is purely good, so that the balance is kept. (thats my own personal assessment of it, anyways) I hope that people read this story and really take it to heart, so that the tragic deaths of those children (they were children in my eyes, although I myself am only 24) were not in vain. Learn from their mistakes, and be careful.

  185. pinky says:

    .,_ouh so sad.,what happend to your friends? I know god has a better plan on you., Live your life to the fullest., “TRUST IN GOD”.,

  186. Thomas says:

    I don’t mess with Ouija boards, and I tell anyone interesting in magic not to go near it.
    It opens a door, and when you open it, it truely is impossible to close.
    I’m just glad I didn’t read the words “And then we burned the board” or “And then we destroyed the board”
    that keeps the portal open.
    Pretty sucky.

  187. Lorinda R. Earles says:

    My husband Chris lost his left hand while using a chop saw at work.

    According to my daughter Julie, she used an ouija board a few times and at one of those times she told an entity that she disliked her stepfather Chris because he was such a looser… and that her mother being with him made her a looser too.

    We not only shredded that board, we burned it.

    To this day we face problems.

  188. child like says:



  189. Funkiliserd says:

    You don’t hallucinate with Weed.
    I truly believe your story. Sorry for your loss.
    I will never try the board. Always have been chicken about it, always will be. I rather stay on the safe side !!

  190. Aasha says:

    oh wat an experience..!!! i trust u….thanx for sharing ur experience..
    it really helps us..so many ppl try 2 play dis game as dey dont know anything abt dis game..
    if dey read ur story den definetely dey ll get 2know and dey ll be very careful..
    i played dis game so many tyms,my sister left off her hand in middle of de game,i got worried wat may happn to me but god’s grace nothing happnd 2me and i alone played dat game in my home too..i wasnt scared while i was playin,ven de coin started movin i jst laughed lyk anything perhaps my sis scolded me for taking lyt abt dis game,she said dat dose games r not gud and it may cause to depression too..
    i listened to her words and i stopped playing..
    but am still little bit childish and wanna play to hav fun..but i ll remember ur story and i ll b far away from this game..
    once again thanq for sharing ur experience..sorry for ur frnds..i hope u lead a succesful lyf..byeee..enjoy..!! take care..

  191. G-Man says:

    OK, I have no idea what to think. Part of it sounds made up (or as other people have been saying, rehersed), and the other part sounds belivable. I’m not saying I don’t believe in the supernatrual, I do, but just the simple fact of your to friends actually died because of the game and the detailation of the whole thing sounds like to much. If this really happen to your friends than I sorry, but coulden’t it all be because of the weed. I mean I don’t do it my self, but I got friends that do it and have told me that it makes you hilusinate at times and makes you feel sort of queezy. So either way I hope you fell better now and I’m sorry for your loss.
    P.S. Where do you find that game anyways? Please someone reply.

  192. meme says:

    You go girl!!! You should make this into a book!!! Get the story out and warn more people about the risk of the ouija board. I could not stop reading this. This is a special story . You should be on discovery or history channel. This story is deep. I was going to do the ouija board but i dont wanna. yet something is just telllin me i shuld do it. Do u hav any idea how i can control myself from this temtation to get an oija board? i really dont wanna get it… but i feel like i got to. please help me. and im very sorry about ur friends. may they rest in peace in god’s hands.

  193. Megan says:

    To G-Man:
    First off, your friends are idiots. I smoke weed for a little while and it does not make you hallucinate. I know ALOT of pot heads, and while I don’t smoke it anymore I can tell you that none of those pot heads felt the need to hurt themselves because of the weed. Weed has the exact opposite effect. It makes you feel kinda …mushy, i guess is the word i am looking for. Like everything is just whatever. If anything the weed probably kept them somewhat calm for a little bit longer than they would have been otherwise. This story doesn’t sound R-E-H-E-A-R-S-E-D (i spelled it out for you), and I am not trying to attack anyone, I just hate it when people say things like that, when they themselves don’t even know it to be true.

    to MeMe:
    That something gnawing at your head, telling you to just give it a shot is not a good thing. DO NOT LISTEN TO IT. Just ignore it, and eventually it will leave you alone. If you need a way to control yourself, just keep reading stories like this, because things like this really do happen all the time, and once you open the doorway, it is almost impossible to close. I say almost because it can be closed, however it takes a person of tremendous strength, faith, and experience to do it, and its just not easy to come by those people has you might think. Please don’t, for your own safety and the safety of people around you that you love, just don’t.

  194. trolldoll1681 says:

    here here megan, i just wish the people would listen! marijuana DOES NOT CAUSE HALLUCINATIONS. IT IS A WEED JUST LIKE DANDELIONS. MOST OF IT IS FROM A DITCH, AT LEAST IOWA. ask any native a merican.

    blessed be

  195. Brian says:

    I remember reading a book several years ago that talked about this sort of thing. “psychic self defense’ by dion fortune (a early 1900′s mystic) this story by its descriptions and in conjuction with other works very, authentic in the way that the whole thing progressed.

    If this is NOT true I am highly, highly impressed by the acuuracy and detail of occult knowlege that it would have taken to write this. EITHER WAY, good story and I do believe this could be absolutely true. there is a lot of subtley hidden within it that is not obvious at first. I want to know more!

  196. sc says:

    omg im so sorry for ur loss of friends me and my mate we going 2 do that board but we looked online before we did just in case after reading ur story i dont think we will soz for ur loss but they must of been horrible ghosts lucky u survived :) xx :(

  197. BelieverintheONETRUELIVINGGOD says:

    Shellie thanks for the testimony. Remember we overcome by our testimony.

    Although, I have never had an expierence like this I do believe that it is possible. I am sorry for your losses and the other individuals who have lost something at the hands of evil.
    EVIL is all always present.
    The Holy Scriptures tells us in James 4:7 to Submit yourselves therefore to God resist the devil and he will flee from you.
    This means give the devil NO place.

    To Kyle:
    You don’t have to go a priest to be healed of this sickness. God/Jesus have given YOU the power to bind up and cast out these demons in the name of Jesus. Jesus was wounded for our transgression, bruised for our iniquity and by his strip we are healed.
    I say that you shall live and not die. Be healed my son.

    To Interesedgirl.
    DEUTERONOMY 18:10-13
    10There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

    11Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

    12For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

    13Thou shalt be perfect with the LORD thy God.

  198. Anonymous says:


  199. TRAKSTER Los angeles says:

    My dad was going to bie that game in mexico but the store manager said that they had ran out, but there was so many of them displayed on the window of the store. Luckyly my dad got lucky because if he would of bought it i probably would of never been born. Well hopefully you have a good life now. May good be with you.

  200. bellah says:

    I,m so sorry that you lost so many friends . I will never be the same after reading that, sorry again buy.

  201. Kylie says:


  202. Kelsie says:

    OMG Girl you make me so scared you make me petrified

  203. Emm says:

    Firstly my two cents on the “Marijuana doesn’t make you hallucinate” thing… I’ve never actually smoked the stuff, but I have studied its physiological and psychological properties and effects, as I study psychology. I’m not going to pretend to be all I-know-everything-cos-I-read-it-in-a-textbook… but it does have some hallucinogenic properties, which, from what I gather, MAY cause hallucinations, but because it’s such a mild drug, in most users nothing will happen and you’ll just feel kind of mellow and “airy-fairy” (as one of my pothead friends says) and some people just see things in a different colour (my friend apparently sees in green).
    But a couple of my friends have had scary experiences with it, which sound quite similar to some of the things mentioned in the story. One of them in particular, the first time he tried the stuff, started having hallucinations of demons rising up out of the ground and torturing and crucifying his friends. He totally flipped and had to be restrained by his brother for quite a while before he calmed down. Since then though, I don’t think he’s had any really bad hallucinations like that from marijuana use.

    Back to the actual story – yeah, these things can be really dangerous, especially if you go in unaware of what you’re dealing with. A friend of mine told me about his late uncle, who messed around with a ouija board and got into contact with a spirit. The spirit apparently took a liking to him and asked him if he liked it back. He very stupidly said he did, and the next week, he was dead from a sudden heart attack – he was 40, with no health problems. So go figure.

  204. /b/rother says:

    Cool Story Bro

  205. child like says:


    Sorry about your uncle, wow!

  206. Mello says:

    I am sorry for your loss, i find that to be a bit suck-ish, about that physic vampire… i heard of them, but i didnt know that they were around since then! so creepy, i have recently learned about physic vampries actually, i never knew they excisted until yesterday when i stumbled onto storys and a video of someone talking about them…. i believe they are real just like many other things…. i have been studying up on the ouija board recently only cause i have had this weird feeling, something telling me to play one, and i found out a lot about the board, i have had experiences with it and with spirits and ghosts and other things because of my past, the things that have happened to me and my friends, some of which i wish i wouldnt remember but time did move on and we werent bothered as much as we were… once again im sorry for your loss

  207. dc295 says:

    it is rather humorous that most of these comments are being written in OCTOBER the month of ghouls and ghosts. anyway i felt so sad about reading about your friends deaths that physic vampire thing was awful. i mean how you seemed to first fall in love with it and then it haunts you for almost half of your life. the good thing is that it is gone now and it doesnt seem like its coming back. thank god your safe and good riddence to what ever happened to that thing. unfortunately i am bound to my list of people and creatures that i am to drag to hell with me. and that thing along with everything else that is invovled with dark deeds. on the day of judgement they are going with me. please dont think im crazy because if you were me you would be terrified. :( but luckily we are all alive and in control of ourselves which means we should live life to the fullest.

  208. whooo says:

    what a story! i so like the story! i love reading scary stories thank God your doing good now and May your friends soul rest in peace. always take care now

  209. serina says:

    umm i am so glad you posted this cuz me and my friend played wigi with a fake board and at the store while waiting for the man to give us a real borad i read on the box of a picture of one it said ” anyhting and everything that happens to you with this board is not the responsibility of the place ar store you bought it from” and now i know wigi is not something to play with

  210. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to say I’m sorry.
    I know the affects there are from demons.
    I’ve been through much, so much, and it wont stop.
    I’m glad theres someone out there that understands.
    Thank you

  211. Mello says:

    I know, same here ‘Anonymous’ i have experienced and went through alot! still am today but not as bad as it was back then… hopefully things will get better for you!

  212. kristen:-p says:

    i do belive dat thair r such things as demonds and such thanks to my own exiriance but this just doesnt seem real no offence!!!!

  213. niki says:

    DO NOT PLAY OUIGI BOARDS!!!!!!! THEY ARE EEEVVIIILLLL!!!!!!!!! its says that in the bible, im a christian….so i dont do that stuff. Godbless you alll.

  214. someone says:

    wtf!!! r u serious man i will never b da same after reading that i read and research alot on that this is a very good story cuz i came closer to finding out what really happens thanx i am srry about what happen to u im glad ur ok now i do know that some demons acctually end up possesing u so i know these things r not to be messed with ive known this from research mom and church , i believe that the man who saved u from this was god helping you out so u r very lucky some people dont get out of this well anyway take care

  215. Ali says:

    I am sorry for your past, I have experienced and went through alot. Most of the time i want to be alone, some times thoughts runs through my mind to sucide. But i feel that i have some natural powers which helps me everytime. once i fought with demon i hit him harder & i never say about this to anyone but i feel that your past is similar to my life, if you need any help pls contact me i have natural powers gifted by god….

  216. Mello says:

    There are alot of people with gifted powers… some people never know about it and never use them, others use them alot…. and some use them when neccesary. Seems like a lot of peoples lives are similar on here, we have all used ouija boards or have not used them because they already know what is going to happen if they use them… Myself i am a energy junkie, and many other things…. i live off of energy, the more i get… the better i feel basically… me and my friends have always been like this even since elementary school.. we have experienced a lot with spirits, demons, ghosts. Some of us have been possesed for a short period of time…. Luckly i wasnt one of them, but i was scared for my friends that were, we are never alone anymore…. we live next to eachother… all 5 of us. Things arent as bad as they were, but we fear it just might go back to that again, one of us is a listener… they can hear what they say, even when they dont want us to hear, she can…. i can see them even when they choose not to show themselve… All of our pasts on here are almost alike, we have all been affected by some sort of weird events from the ouija board or not. once again im sorry for your loss, and also sorry for all these comments im leaving… lol

  217. Anna says:

    A very interesting story here…
    I do not know HOW the Oiuja Board works.
    Messed around as a teenager once, and only once.
    Not the same holds true for pot though… hehehe
    As far as hallucinations go… My then boyfriend and I had smoked before going to a HS basketball game. (This was “normal” for the majority in the early ’70′s). As (he) drove to the school, we had to go around this curve. Speed Limit was/is 45mph.
    (Note I have driven around this curve 1000′s of times in my life- It takes all of about 10 seconds).

    I closed my eyes as we entered the curve…
    I swear I opened them 4 more times and we were STILL going around that curve!
    He laughed.
    I am not sure, but this is what I would classify as a soft hallucination anyway.

  218. Doug says:

    Wow…talk about opening a doorway to hell, when you play with the ouija board you open up a portal for demons but most people are mildly bothered and suffer nightmares and visitations, but concentrating on the triangle and allowing unlimited access to your mind body and soul is surely playing with fire, I’m sure even serious occultists would not even dare to allow unlimited access to there minds…one very terrifying story.

  219. Fritz says:

    Just to comment on a few things… marijuana is not hallucinogenic, at least not to the degree described by some here. However, it is a common practice amongst certain users and dealers to “lace” marijuana with portions of other psychotropic drugs. So experiences such as those described by Emm’s friends are likely due to taking marijuana laced with a potent hallucinogenic. In and of itself, marijuana can act as a mood amplifier (i.e. smoke it while happy, added euphoria, smoke it while depressed, increased depression, etc.) so that can certainly add to the negativity of an experience.

    On the subject of this story, the occult in general, etc… I’ve never been religious to the slightest degree, though I remain open to the possibility I may be wrong. I was just apparently born without much capacity for faith, and have always held a rather materialistic/rationalistic view of the universe. That said, I do believe that, even within that framework of thought, there is room for demonic entities, hauntings, and “vampires” as described above. Though I do believe in the power of science, I also feel that those who find it more than a recently-lit candle barely illuminating the vast darkness that is our knowledge of the world to be arrogant in the extreme, and that centuries from now, our modern age will be scoffed at for its severe limitations in the field. I have never (and will never) used a Ouija board or any similar occult trapping, because I do not know or understand what I may be entering into, what other forces exist in our world that I would be powerless to combat should they be drawn into my life, and so avoid any action which would serve to bring such entities (or energies, possibly) into my world. Some friends who share my generally rational view of the world laugh at what they term my “superstitions,” but their mild scorn is insufficient reason to take such a profound risk.

    Sorry to rant – just recently developed an interest in this area of study/discussion following some personal experiences which I won’t recount here, and even more so following the experience of a close friend, which I am quite fortunate to have not shared, and this listing came up under a general search.

  220. trolldoll1681 says:

    fritz, you hit the nail right on the head, i couldn’t agree more

  221. Glow Bat says:

    Nice story. However, Pioneer Square isn’t even close to the University District (Called University Village by most who live in Seattle). Perhaps the writer meant the International District or really lives elsewhere.

  222. MTR says:

    Hey guys this is my first time chating. when i was in high school some freinds and I had a board.we asked it a few question but never answred my questions. it kept going to my freind. It told her it liked her and said that she would die soon. Well 3 years later she did. in a car accident just like the it told her she would.

  223. GodBless says:

    Im so sorry for you. :(
    I will never be the same after reading that.
    I have to be in the light everywhere, the dark makes me hallucinate and see that demon.
    But why should I be scared? You poor woman had to go through it.
    If I had went through that I wouldv’e ended up comitting suicide.
    I hope with all my heart and soul that this was just a joke.
    That is what keeps me going, that one hope.
    That its not real.
    God bless.

  224. whitney says:

    what a story.i couldnt imagine going threw something like that.
    it was scary, but like more real.i cant explain it really.
    but sorry for your loss of friends.
    if i had went threw something like that, god in heaven only knows what i would do.
    never use a Ouija Board. that is one thing for sure.

  225. matty says:

    ive never played a game like that but is it possible for a demon to choose you and make your life torment i mean im losing sleep im having angry thoughts and i never knew there was a demon who could just do that to you but anyway i dont always get the feeling im alone the last time i went to church i was 12 and now i think some force i cant see is making me pay the price . but i hope you found happiness theres a saying you cant get to heaven without going through hell . i hope your friends found peace in the next life : )

  226. seth says:

    about the pot deal, i used to be a big time stoner, marijuana does NOT cause hallucinations, the only way you will hallucinate, is if you add to the drug, lace it with PCP, balming fluid….etc…marijuana itself will not cause you to hallucinate,

    about story, i believe every word you have said, i have had something following since i was five, i am currently in iraq, and i have had some of the same occurences that has been happening to me for the last fiftten years. my roomate and i are GOING to get a Ouija to find out what this is, i love the feeling of being terrified, call me stupid call me what you will, im findin out what it is, if something is followin me, i wanna talk with it, if you can help me figure out what it is, ill tell you what happend and wont get a Ouija board, but unless i get some advice, im gettin one, and gonna see if it is real or just some fake bs that is tryin to scare ppl.

  227. Alex says:

    I believe your story to be true, I would like to offer you more information on what actually happened to you that night. I believe I can explain what these demons are and where they might have come from based on all that I know. But only if you wish to know. Knowledge is power… this goes for anyone else as well.

    “I know the pieces fit.”

  228. PRETTY GIRL says:


  229. Ellie Ann says:

    Oh, that’s to bad. I’m so sorry.
    Just think, though, if you guys never took out
    that Ouija board, Mike and Amber could still
    be alive. Maybe even Crissy, too. Again, though,
    I’m so sorry about the loss.

  230. babygirl071 says:

    I know the Ouija board is really bad…i personally played it with a few friends..years ago…and im SOrRY to say 4 of them are dead j……..just like the board said that day.And the other 2;one is in jail , the other one is an adict…and for me…only GOD knows…so take care n be greatful ur ALIVE….

  231. SPIRIT_GUARDIAN07 says:


  232. Geno says:

    danggggg that is some scary stuff just a minute ago me and my lil bro was gunna buy the game off of ebay..haha .. but im srry for ur loss!!

  233. mar says:

    To tell u the truth i do believe this story. Even though i havent played the ouiji board myself and not likely to do so but i have known closer relatives and friends who had. And they all experience different situations that hunts them till this day.
    Thanks for sharing your story shelly and sorry for your loss

  234. dee says:

    The board is very evil and addictive. I got so addictive to that board that I started playing it by myself and dangerous things began happening in my life. I am blessed to be alive. I had to have people lay hands and pray the evil spirit that I allowed to posses and control me in order for it to come out. that was many years ago but it was one night that I tried it and I didn’t have anyone to share their experience and warn me. The last time I tried to play with it online the ouija board itself told me not to play with it run it’s evil.

  235. brad says:

    i have used a wigi board before….
    it was verry weird but nothing terrible like this happened.. we wernt doing it for long
    my freinds and i asked questions… but all it would say was yes, no, god, dog and man…
    dose anyone know what this means…

    my friends and i all swore we would not move it and it did move… so i am reli confuzed… nothing bad has happened to me… and it was 2 years ago

    anybody can explain this it will take alot off my chest!!!

  236. SiknisIsInMe says:

    I’m sorry, I gotta call B.S. I’m not saying its not possible, because I truly do believe it can happen. I’ve had experiences of my own. And IF I’m wrong, I’m sorry. But your story was written like an author writes a book. Not like someone telling a story of an experience. I just can’t take it as a serious account of something happening because of the way the story was written. Sorry, but hey good job telling a fascinating story.

  237. ace_aka_bunz says:

    this story is interesting, i beleive it
    i feel bad for your losses and afliction, i know a way out
    first of all you cant be controled unless u beleive u cant stop it
    for if you truely bellieve an entity is in contole of u then u must also have a conection
    consider this, y arent u in controle
    to escape another u must first understand your self
    u must understand to occomplish somthing u must bellieve u have the power to
    and u do
    so confront and overcome your fear with this in mind
    only u have the power to decide what to bellieve.

  238. frank says:

    dude this story is awsome and sad. i am sorry for your lost.

  239. michaela says:

    im a medium and i have seen the ways of the board and i still see things in my heart and mind about my exsperiances as a child with ghost

  240. trolldoll1681 says:


  241. trolldoll1681 says:


  242. child like says:


    Since you are a Wiccan, Tell me what can I do to protect myself from my boss who threatens me with using voodoo and santaria. I know there is something you can tell me to help me.

  243. child like says:

    I am good. I always help out people even when I really don’t know them and my boss cheats their clients and secretly I let them know. I know when ever he finds out he will put a spell on me and make me pay but I don’t care. I am not going to let him hurt the clients that comes in this company I work for. That is the kind of person I am. I just need to protect myself .

  244. trolldoll1681 says:

    i’m sorry he does these things to you!! i wish you could avoid him but you can’t unless you quit and find work elsewhere. i honestly feel sorry for people who do these things to others regardless of how they do it!! hang in there!! and if at all possible try to get out of that situation, and thats very smart on your part, letting the clients know what he’s doing!!!

  245. child like says:

    thank guys

    I am trying to look for another job right now and as soon as I find it I am gone you won’t even see the dust behind me.

  246. Spaz says:

    child like,

    Magick is complex, but just don’t believe in it and you should be ok. The only reason magick works is because it’s pretty much mind over matter. Alot similar to faith and religion. Or if that doesn’t seem to work try to charm a object that you carry on your person daily and make it charged with a protection spell or something simple. Then there’s always the normal thing to od, report him lol. Not all magick is bad really, try looking into white magick spells they could help you as well.

    Magick is alot like faith and religion. It only really works if you believe in it. Try looking into some white magick charming spells and charm a object with positive, protection, good luck or something along those lines. But white magick is def. helpful with protection and health.

  247. lonergrllove says:

    2 U.

  248. Karis says:

    I was very touched by this story, and just like you said here, don’t get involved with Ouija boards in the first place. Sometimes it’s not just the fact that they involve dangerous “demons” and things that mess with your head, they also test your imagination and just thinking of one can play with you. If you’re that curious about what’ll happen in the future, you’ll have to wait – or would you rather face the concequences?

  249. Nicole says:

    Everyone stay away from Ouija Boards!!!!! I played around with one when I was 22 years old, two years ago. I have never writen my story and the people I told did not believe me. So now I just keep it to myself. I was visiting some friends and playing with the board. It was the 1st time it was working for me. We were drinking and talking to it all night long. It was telling us alot of true things that no one woulld know. You could literally feel the energy under the shot glass, you could tell it wasn’t us moving it. It told us it was a child around 12 that was stuck in between worlds. He had comitted suicide.

    Note from CareTaker: Nicole wrote a very interesting comment and this is just the first part of it. Her comment has been published in its entirety at //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/stay-away-from-ouija-boards/

  250. J. Chilly says:

    ok so lately weird things have been happening in my apartment :/ even as i type this i can hear knocking and faint whispers of my name. tonight i have made a makeshift ouija board but i have not used it. are they real? i want to know what’s trying to get my attention but i’m kind of afraid to.

    this all started when me and a friend decided to do witchcraft in my place. the immediate result of the spell was anger, i become unexplainably angry… after the anger had passed i’ve been hearing these things in my apartment and it’s often cold in here.

    and for the record, i’m not drunk or on any kind of drugs :P but i need to know of thee’s any way to make this all go away?


    (TO J. CHILLY) The feeling that you described is the feeling of a spirit,and using a ouija board will only worsen things,as a christian i beleive i believ in heaven,hell,demons,angles,spirits. what came upon u is the spirit of anger and i dont know u very much but it sounds to me like anger really isnt in your personality. i no u dont know me and i dont no u but ill pray for u. what u need to do is try not to mess around with any of that stuff couriosity can be helpful in learning things but can also be dangerous in what youve learned.

  252. harry says:

    try once more to communicate with your haunted friends……. you can find out the way to get out of it…….. they will help you …….

  253. VampR says:

    Wow!! This stuff is reallly kewl but frighting. I wish i was as lucky as you but i guess were all different. I played with the board and im not happy for what happened. I was over taken by the demon and it killed my frens. Im gald you had the guts to say this stuff. And glad your warnings may be helpful for the others.

  254. Luke says:

    Guys, please don’t play with the Ouija Boards. I know, this storywill vput you off anyway, but JUST DONT PALY ME

    NOTE – edited to remove profanity

  255. yogi says:

    wow this is very importent to know
    im so glad you posted this
    many times before some friends have asked me to use a ouiji board with them
    never would have ever imagened this would happen
    i completly believe you and what happen to you
    im also very sorry for your losses
    may ur friends R.I.P


    HELLO everybody i just wanted to say that i reed all different articles in the internet about all different supernatural or paranormal activities. This story was by far one of the most impressive ones ive read. I personally do not believe in demons and vampires but i do believe in ghost and other stuff, the thing is that this story makes me think a lot about what i believe. I dont think you invented it i just think that this story is very weird ive never hears of an ouiji board before but i will not try it i promise
    macho men

  257. siddharth says:

    i felt sorry about the guy which died,,,,,any way its ur fault that u were playing with the quija board…tho all the readers :dont ever try to disturb the ghosts,, u may pay a lot for it

  258. matt says:

    The entity is still there, kabala is just as bad as the occult, it dosent help at all, even thoug its your life and your choice the only thing that can get rid of the Demon you invited into your life, it could be years before it starts up again

  259. Megan says:

    I believe in spirits, ghosts and what not. I am not religious at all and do not believe in heaven or hell. I believe people believe in god and follow religion simply to feel more safe in life.

    I dont know if i honestly believe this story 100%, because wouldn’t that mean vampires are real? Sounds interesting though. That is really scary, I want to try a ouiji board but after reading this I am having second thoughts… I think it really depends on your location… and I know for certain that my house is haunted.
    I have seen on many occasions (aswell as my good friend Dan who has stayed over many times and my sister) a tall woman dressed in all black and a little girl… It is really really creepy. For this reason I no longer sleep in my own bedroom since it is in the basement. I have to sleep upstairs in the spare bedroom, always with a little lamp on. It doesn’t really seem to matter where I am in the house, I have seen things everywhere.
    My basement seems to be the place though where I see things the most.
    Are demons seriously real? It seems so far fetched to me.
    If they are, it goes against everything I believe in.
    If I were to try the ouiji board, my bedroom would probably be the best place.
    I plan on buying one this friday, so I will for sure update here if anything happpppens!


  260. Athena says:

    Marajuana DOES NOT MAKE YOU HALLUCINATE Don’t know what the people that think it does where smoking but it wasn’t pot.

  261. Beatrice says:

    well i want to try an ouija board but my sister said that if i want to try one, i must wear a holy cross and have my bible with me just in case. i know alot about the supernatural and paranormal, well more than most people

  262. Jason says:

    I’m fascinated by this subject and have done a lot of research, I would like to believe in ghosts but simply can’t find anything to go on. I don’t completely rejct the idea of ghosts…yet… but demons?! Really?? It does sound like a spooky film and as we all know they are always better if you say it’s a true story.

    The ouija board can be described by something called ideomotor movement, basically concious thoughts making tiny sub-concious movements. I’ve done one before and it moved, spelt names, gave answers, etc. However, these were things that we wanted to hear and although I was convinced I had witnessed the paranormal nothing that was said was rellevant and alot of the bigger questions just weren’t answered coherrently.

    Basically ghost stories exist for three resons:
    1. The human mind is easily tricked or mislead, usually by itself but this serves a purpose making us wary of predators (when we were cavemen obviously) and would be hightened at night. There are also physical/chemical things like magnetic fields/getting high.
    2. Humans are great story tellers/exagerators (BS) and like other people to believe what they believe. Some guenuinely believe what they’re saying and some just like to preach for some reason.
    3. They make for good horror flicks.

    I hope everyone can sleep better thinking that the existance of a super evil demon vampire ghoul, is at best, unlikely……..or is it? mmwwaaahahahaha ;-)

    • angela says:

      The ideomoter effect does not explain all the accounts of the planchet moving of itsown accord, does it? How can u say ghosts etc are all the result of human imagination, look more deeply into the subject. You have this little notion in your head that nothing paranormal happens because you dont believe in it, take a wider perspective, i have no idea what exists beyond physical realm, whether its real or what,so you dont know, none of us can say for sure.
      i know the mind is an amazing thing but there are so many experiences that sane, well balanced, responsible people have had, that could not possibly be imagination.

  263. ajah says:

    is that true story or not why he go to the baseball field?
    and sorry to your that passed away and condolence
    and take care :)

  264. ashley says:

    hi and u are amazing but u shouldnt mess with witchcraft stuff but at my grandparents house we have soooo many ghosts in the house u get so cold oh and i know why the basement was so cold when ghosts/demonz are around it can get pretty cold and of how much energy u guys let in it will get freezeing cold well bye u are soooo amazing !

  265. frost says:

    that is so creepy

  266. school boy looking for scary stuff says:

    that is really good i was thinking about useing an ouija board. i dont thimk so now not til i no more on it

  267. Lotus S. Dust says:

    sorry for your loss.

    what an intriguing story! you are a very talented writer! can i get this in paper back?! i really hope to see you published one day.

    furthermore i have my MML (for medical marijuana) you dont see things too bad, at least you dont lose control of your self. i really dont care what anyone says. and yes ouija is not a game! i resent the fact that its sold in toy stores, the same stores i buy my children dolls & things! if you dont get it by now, to stay away from this crap, i dont know what to say! but SHAME ON YOU!

  268. AnotherOne says:

    Absolutely amazing! Now I want to know more about this Kabbala. I’ve heard about it. I’m so impressed by what the man said. Obviously, he was informing the spirit that it’s time was up. I think the man was sent specifically for you. I wish there were more people like him in the world. If only to help others who are captive by these demons. We, as Christians, are told in the Bible that we have the power of Christ to send demons away. It’s not as simple as it sounds. So, I’m just glad you posted this because it truly is a teaching story. Totally WOW! I just found this sight tonight, and I feel I’ve learned something-which always helps. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  269. Anonymous says:

    We need to understand these things but not get involved i belive its better to understand it so we can stay as far away from it as possible and we dont mess with these boards lack of understanding is what makes us curious to try these things its not our place.

  270. Satansgirl66 says:

    Okay first off, “People stay away from quija boards!” is not advice. Those boards can be of great help in comunicating with spirits, when you are in control of yourself! I read the first part of your story and alreadt have some serious questions for you. Why would you do something like that stoned/drunk? You are inviting chaos at that point. Any spirit could screw with you at that point and you really would not be able to fight back.

    Next, why were you dabling in the occult? The word occult means “hidden knowledge” and their is nothing inheriently evil about it, but you don’t just dive head-long into something you don’t know anything about. I am sure you learned some kind of lesson from this, but labeling the occult evil should not be that lesson.

    Third point here, no those boards are not toys, they also are not evil. They can be used as tools when working with the occult. Like all tools, it can be dangerous in unexperienced hands. You would not hand a powertool to a small child and say “have fun”. Which, in essence, is what you did here.

  271. micky says:

    hi all im micky im 35 now,im frm ireland i tried it when i was around 10 i rembr calln the spirit of hitler to show himself and give ud a sign ounce t he glass movd i got up and to the house as quick as a could id nvr try it again still scares me to this day,

  272. 613 says:

    man that must have been a lot of fun. me and my friends went to a sleep over and i had an ouija board and we lit the candles and not long after a spirit came and they all started ot go crazy and i had to calm them down but as soon as i got them quiet a piece of glass came out of nowhere and cut my wrist and my blood started to pour out. after awihle we got the cut to stop bleeding them afterwards we didn’t play again.then the next day i went home and i went to my room and closed and locked the door and pulled the board out again and this time i llit to many candles, and by the time i started to start their was already atleast four or five spirits there. after bout three minutes after i started i got really dizzy and passed out. when i woke up i was on my bed and their were shadow people walking around me and my door was still locked so no one but the shadows could have moved me. after that encounter i started to see stuff i wasn’t sopose to, like when a animal or someone would passaway. i would dream about it BEFORE it ever happened. after that encounter i threw away the board but i was to stupid to relize that i just made my house haunted. so now every time i go to bed i can feel someone touching me until i fall asleep. and every now and then i’ll see a face in the wall but i started to paint my room they have started to leave but this one spirit it’s like it is connected to me because no matter what i do i always feel or see the spirit and now i can always know when something happens so i’m not as suprised or upset as i usally am anymore. so i belive that sirten encounters with the spirits can be good for you while others can hinder you. but i totally belive your story and if i could fet another ouija board i would but that one board was very old and i needed a new one anyway so i guess it is for the greater good and all that.

  273. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting Story, But is it really true!!!!

  274. jake says:

    i know ill be hated forever on this site for saying this, and im not dismissing demons, ghosts, majic etc. but how many of these stories, as entertaining and possibly real as they may be all represent text book cases of schizophrenia. i could be wrong but i think if you experience these symptoms, regardless of your prior ouija experience, between your visit to a priest and a psychic you should stop by your local doctor too on your who to help me with my demons, depression and isolationist behavior. worst case senario you save your self a few years from this behavior

  275. Anonymous says:

    at my church my pasterd wife told me that one day she and her friends were playing with a ouija bored and when she whent home there were demonds flying a round her house soe she never playd with one a gin

  276. Erin says:

    wow, now I know why my mom yells at the t.v. when I am watching movies or shows that people use ouija boards. this stuff is scary! your friend died when you were so young. well i really should not say that considering that fact that i am only 12, but still. 17 is not that old, is it? you said in your story that you felt that someone was wastching you from all sides of the room. I feel like that all the time, but i have never even seen a ouija borad in real life, only on t.v. i called my grandpa on all souls day, could a demon came through? last year i tried to kill myself, and for me, that was so out of charter! i cut myself hopeing that the loss of blood would kill me. and i always felt that there was someone, sitting there, ugreing me on. telling me to cut deeper. i have not heard that voice in about 6 months, about the time i stopped cutting. do you think that was a demon? cant ask my preist, he will tell my family, i am the only one who believes in theis stuff in my family. and i will get in trouble. big trouble, was it a demon?

  277. Robert v. molder says:

    I thought that was a brilliant story indeed.But that demon has not departed,it’s just lying dormant waiting.People are not born with the power to rid Demon’s,they must find it.If you show the demon no fear then it will have no energy to feed off of.So demons make the host fear them on a large scale but starting out small leading to diabolical torture mentally and physicaly on the human body.Ouija boards were used in religious ceremonies generations ago.I tell my students that it’s common sence that it creates portal’s to many place’s and sometimes people will activate a portal to the underworld and the demons think that you’re actually inviting them in.A demon is something you do not want to bring into you’re life.As a Demonologist i agree that if you use the ouija board the wrong way you pose a great risk to you and other’s around you.

  278. lanapoet says:

    i did the same with student friends, except we played for months.
    there have been dire consequences. and i also know of another person who did it with a group of friends, they all died young shortly afterwards. he survived but has a terrible relationship with his partner, always arguing-they can effect couples.

    i would strongly urge you to please go to christian church and pray and also pray to God saying that you want to go to heaven, and ask him to break any soul bonds, ties or connections with any evil forces. cover yourself and be sure. please.
    I have encountered many different types of demons, one thing they share in common is a hate of God and Christ which says it all.whatever deception they are oreopared to do, which is almost anything, they will not praise Christ. they find it impossible.

    another thing when i turned to christian church `I got a vision of a horrible thing that was part human that paced back and fro angrily underground somewhere. i didn’t imagine this, it came clear as day. from what I have encountered I believe strongyl in the power of Christ and in the existence of only one true God. please stick with good christians. dont deal in any form of occult at all (spiritists/healers). please. i have been down that road. just dont.

    ps regarding the deaths, the bible clearly states that this is a possible consequence of occult involvement.

    if you are in the UK, theres a catholic conference at wallsingham annually, and theres an expert there, one of the organisers, who clears things out of people from ouija-

    there are countless 1000s of people seeking help for these things, and there are some great workers for God out there, not all christians know about this stuff by far, but there are some who do and do daily riddance of these evil spirits.

  279. Imy says:

    For those that are believers should not be playing with ouija boards at all. There are spirits – and poltergeist and demons are the worst.
    Even magic shouldn’t be used. It doesn’t matter if it’s white magic or dark. White magic does not always work (it does go dark). A protection spell may protect you but it can endup killing someone you love.
    I’m a Christian that believes in heaven and hell, that there are demons (that want our bodies), and there are angels watching over us. I belive the key things in life, to keep those evil things away from us, is to stay strong, live, laugh, and love.

    I’ve played with the ouija board once and I will never do it again(it scared the crap out of me. Good thing it was only a spirit and not a demon). I thought of messing with magic, but I ended up thinking of the consequences. I never have and never will put myself or anyone I love in danger.

  280. Robert v. molder says:

    I did some research on the Psychic vampire down at the university today and you are luckey not to be paralyzed.A psychic vampire is the human form of a Demon and can’t get their energy by it’s self.So after it posses’s the Host it drains all the energy,happyness,will and health from from the Host’s body.After gaining enough energy it can carry out it’s deed and if it thinks the Host is trying to get rid of it then the Demon will hurt the Host just like what happened to you.When the Host dies the Demon simply moves on to find another Host.But if the Host does not die the Demon waits until the right moment.Demons are very patient and can wait for months and even years.The Kabbala you mentioned just put that curse of the vampire psychic aside for a while ,God only knows how long.Psychic vampire’s hate humans most of all Mediums or Kabbala’s.

  281. Hailey says:

    This story is really interesting. I’m still not sure if I believe it 100% though.

  282. Anonymous says:

    well sorry about your friend may she R.I.P., the person who owned the house did he keep it or sell it? cool storie- :D

  283. Satansgirl66 says:

    To Imy:
    Why should magic(k) never be used? Are you saying there is something wrong with magickal healing or that of ceremonies in many faiths? Maybe it’s because you know nothing about magick and you are afraid. There are people who do magick as a part of their faith(myself included) who go their entire lives with no negative side effects. Magick is a beautiful, sacred thing.

  284. SD says:


    This is a very interesting story.
    Note from admin – This comment has been edited – Please do not ask people for their contact information

  285. Anonymous says:

    my new fave story!

  286. Osito says:

    Haha…so many gullible people. I call BS. Good story though. Even the follow-up.

  287. trolldoll1681 says:

    osito, explain what you mean by gullable, inquiring minds want to know!!!

  288. Imy says:

    The one thing about magic is that you have to keep your faith and trust it. I’m not powerful anought to trust it. I have read about white magic. For it to work properly you need to keep focus and concentrated or else it won’t work properly. I just don’t trust myself dealing with it. Playing with magic can raiise up spirits and deamons.

  289. Imy says:

    To Satansgirl66:
    Not all magic is beautiful. I may not know you but your probably my powerful than me. I admit I’m afraid of using magic and I have my reasons, I’m not strong enough.

  290. Satan says:

    omfg something like that happened to me too. I don’t think they should stop manufacturing Ouija boards because they can be fun most of the time! you just have to not call upon evil spirits and if you feel like an evil presence is there end it make sure you say goodbye or it wont leave roflmao ! Ask specifically for good ones and before you start say a little prayer to God too. oh gtg off to play mi Ouija board :P

  291. christianwarrior101 says:

    messing with ouija boards is bad regardless what your meaning behind it it is very dangerous your opening a door and you can control what comes through that door you might want something good but all in all anything you talk to are demons any way familar spirits acting like humans so be care ful god bless

  292. Anonymous says:

    I am a belever myself and am very sorry for your loss

  293. CInda says:

    When I began reading this story, I thought that it would be just like some other that I have read in the past which were not very detailed, unlike yours. I am a very strong believer in ghosts and demons, and this story reminded me of what is called “shadow people.” Shadow people, if you do not know, are entities that take the form of shadows. In this story, the shadow people are, indeed, very evil. I am relieved that they have left you alone, but I must warn you that you can never be too careful when it comes to demons and shadow people. I, too, have something close to a shadow person that follows me some places, but it has been avoiding me for quite a few months. I have learned from your story never to mess with an Ouija board, although I have had thoughts about it before. -Cinda

  294. trolldoll1681 says:

    i think shadow people which i’ve seen one, are ghosts that either choose how they are seen or the amount of energy it takes to appear. they are not all evil.

  295. christianwarrior101 says:

    demons take many forms ghosts shadow people animals whatever they have many ways in but anything you come in contact with like that is all demonic and very evil i have seen it many many times its all demons god bless

  296. JesseJames911 says:

    Wow, that is very intense experience and I can’t imagine what you went through and sympathies to your lost ones. Reason I came to this site is because I have recently become in contact with a powerful demon which I found out his very name, and like his story states.. once you start looking for help or a way out things tend to get more creepy and ouiji boards just invite them in..I can’t mention the demons name here in case I get him angry, but he at first in my dreams for a constant 2 weeks he sent hell dogs after me..Then another episode.. a friend told me to fight back so I did, and in a dream I stabbed a demon in the chest with a stake which this only got him more angry..

    I can’t say how to get rid of him cause I have no idea, but he only bugs me or annoys me for his own pleasure when he’s bored or to get my attention and rightfully so he has; I’ve lost a couple girlfriends due to some incidents at night but have also gotten lucky in a few incidents.

    So my question after all this rambling on…Are Demons good or bad? depends on the demon and how you interact with him/her.. be careful and if you want to rid of it, be prepared…If there is a heaven, there must be a hell.

  297. Demoncutter says:

    Why did he go to the baseball field

  298. Anonymous says:

    When I was younger we played the Ouija board in a cemetery, and honest to god there was a grave stone that fell over behind us. We ran to the trailer that was behind us that we were staying at and being scared we continued playing asking if it was us that had to do with the grave stone falling over, it replied yes and told me as well as my friends that some scary stuff that was going to happen to us,then things started coming off the walls and shelves we got rid of the quija board but things still happen today as it said it would.So yes I do beleive.

  299. Anonymous says:

    this story is so scary i had goosebumps while reading it.

  300. Anonymous says:

    wow that sounds realy messed up why did you even agree to that was it cool at the time
    your lucky to be alive.

  301. Keely says:

    I’ve been doing my research on these types of entities/polergeists/ghosts whatever you feel you should call them, and at the start of this story your friend claimed he saw wolves.
    wolves are part of a demonic possession or entity passed on through experiances with the paranormal. what he saw, was in his mind. i’m truely sorry for the loss of your loved ones. unfortunate things like this happen sometimes and you just have to live through them, day by day.

  302. hazel says:

    thank god u r still alive and i swaer 2 play ouija board coz i am intersted and i am not scared…i am sry abt ur frnds…..i wanted 2 ask u abt jacob is he still alive

  303. me again says:

    this will sound biased and cliched but ~
    to my experience ~ i can say ~
    do the born again thing ~ ~ accept christ
    its the ONE thing that worked for me and seems to for many others
    i totally relate to a lot of these stories i am reading
    and i was almost in the same situation as you
    i am sorry about the loss of your friends
    pray to jesusgodholyspirit and accept, ask to protect your friends from any dark influence,
    (yes ~ the ones who are not here ) ~ ~
    i will too
    nothing else works ~ demonic entities and the powers of darkness can and will prey on
    anyone not protected by the holy spirit ! ~ ~ ~
    (and especially when they invite it!)

  304. BIGTAC says:

    Crazy story. Don’t kno if I bleev it 100% tho, but really crazy story. It’s kinda crazy tho now dat I think of it cus as I think bak, I remember alwayz wanting 2 get my own Ouije board since I was a lil kid ( I’m 32 now) but 4 sum reason somethin alwayz stopped me. Makes me wonder .. if any of dis is true, den maybe sum of da stuff on doze episodes of Charmed might have sum truth 2 dem.

    Anyway, I plan on doin alotta research on sum of the stuff mentioned in dis story & if anything outta da ordinary happens, I guess I’ll let U guyz kno.

  305. Samah says:

    Being a Muslim, believing in the existance of entities beyond our materialistic comprehension is part of my faith. I do believe your story SHELLY and CHILD LIKE. Demons, Ghosts or Jinn .. no one can deny ever experiencing something that relates to this area. As much as feeling a presence, or suddenly getting the chills when you re alone at night is an indication of some sort. I believe God has created both worlds to co-exist seperately, if one side tries to overcome, cross or communicate, like in the case of playing with Ouija boards. the balance is lost, thus results in most cases cant be anything less than catastrophic.

    Word to the wise for those lacking excitement in their lives: go bunji jumping, cuz while toying around with a ghost might give you the thrills and all … I highly doubt the amount of enjoyment involved in going to bed with an unidentified, unseen, creepy, shadowy “it” that will probably stick to your behind for the days (months or years ) to follow.

    so just … you know, live and let “them” live …. AWAY

  306. child like says:

    Very well put SAMAH…………………

    I agree with you….

    Have a great day……

  307. Anonymous says:

    Wow this was a cazy story I couldnt take my eyes off this story

  308. Valeria says:

    Wow… demon contact! I would have pooped an elephant, but I’ve been somehwere near that.. but honestly, never expiercened anything frightning…..
    I have encountered two spirits or whatever they are, but I never played the ouiji board. I have never tried to make myself contact witht the … whats a word… “Bad world” I’ll use that. Where demons and creatures that hide in the shadows live.
    I have been called names, and heard noises around my house. My sister’s use me for protection, always making me walk out of the room and night. Note that I’m a middle child with an older sisterof 19 and a younger sister of 12. I clearly was not afriad if I were to confront them. Many times when I was younger, I’ am turning 16 now, I would see “spirits, things” walking around the halls, going up my stairs. In my room… blue-ish purple forms that would stand out of the darkness of my room looking like male and female sihouleettes.
    I while ago, probably the beginning of the year (2009) , I decided to see if I’m correct, soemthing is in my house. I used my cell phone and watched t.v while it recorded the quiteness in my room. I listened to it, and the third time I did I got an answer. “Vanessa, It’s me.” A young girl said that in a whisper. It wasn’t me. my t.v was on mute. I did not speak. Of ourse it was someone else. A second time I caught a spirit/whatever on tape was on a BRAND NEW CAMERA that I recieved on christmas. NEVER USED… i put in my SD Card with photos from my old camera. I did not have ANY voice records in the memory Card… and my cousin found a voice clip saying, “Pina, Pina wake up! (whispers) Where am I?”
    NEVER USED. This voice record was in the camer’as built in memory card. Scary. I cried. A lot. I’ve been called Vanessa and Pina.
    My mother says (who also witness spirits) it’s my gaurdian angel, but I believe otherwise. Usually when they call you names, I think it’s because you remind them of something to THEM.. so they call you it. I feel that because I have such strong emotions (I’m very close to have a 6 sense) I had an ability to see these when my sister’s were blind of it all, and they were attracted to my energy. Yes I do think that they follow the strongest energy, and feed off of it; Like fear. Thats why I was always the shield in the family, telling the things in my house to screw off at night when the constantly created sounds…

    Shelly, I’am sorry for your friends and the horror you went through. I hope your life is filled with happiness, peace, and blessings.

  309. Anonymous says:

    Hey well am not sure if to believe this story happend the way it did, I’m not saying is not true and I am truely sorry for your looses, I don’t know how to explain this but I know what you went through I am gifted as well as some of the people who commented on this story and I am willing to help anybody if possible, thank you for sharing and God bless.

  310. D. WD says:

    Who is able to discribe how some humans have supernatural abilities?

    Well I have read your story and I’m not sure if i believe it happend the way you wrote it I understand hiding some events to protect some people but still that demon was so diffrent to others I have read about thank you for sharing and God bless

  311. Minister CAL says:

    Do not run from God, it is because of Him that we can live forever when we accept Christ Jesus. He will protect you, but you have to trust Him (Jesus) first. I never participated with occult objects but I still had a low class demon (polterguist) messing with me when I was 17-18. It made itself well known. Now the only Ghost that is with me is then one from God, the Holy Ghost. I will pray for you from this end. May God bless you and protect you always, Amen.

  312. ken7 says:

    Believe it or not, as I was reading this story, a door to my basement creeked open. It doesn’t ever do that… no joke, it was so cool.

    My only experience with a ouija board was when an old gf of mine went on a girls-weekend-away thing. We had been together for a few weeks and she told me they used a ouija board. She said that when they were talking to the spirits they asked them about me. The response she received was that she should stay away from me. I was dangerous, scary or something… When she told me I just laughed and said to her that it was the SPIRITS who were scared, we’re projecting their feelings onto her and that she had nothing to fear.

    See, I’ve always had very strong inner confidence, been able to sense dark energies, have dreams that come true, frequently become aware when people I know are “next” to die (4 times) when there are no obvious health/warning signals, have changed my future (avoided death) four times (one time someone else died instead similar to Final Destination) by having visions prior to the event, and I daily use something akin to force of will to fix things, remove obstacles, achieve my goals and otherwise turn negatives into positives. This isn’t boasting, I’m just a regular guy, but these “coincidences” have happened so often that I’m now convinced there is far more to it, and that reality is far more interesting than what we can see with our own two eyes.

    Personally, I don’t agree with the Qabalistic feedback here that things should be in balance, etc. Whenever I encounter anything negative lurking around, I immediately burn it down using methods that work great for me. Of course, I never ever know if anything was ever really there, but it is nice to never have to give it a second thought even when walking around in the dark in only my shorts at 3:30am :D

  313. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure if i should believe this or not,
    but i don’t judge or doubt people for I have had amyn experiences myself.
    I wish you the best.
    And that is why people should not mess with Pranormal stuff.
    It is way beyond our knowleadge.
    And it’s not something people should just toy with.
    God bless you all!

  314. noname says:

    i could not stop reading untill the end!
    i am really interested in all this spirit stuff and now know the dangers of the Ouija board.
    you must be strong to take that fear with you the rest of you life!

  315. raja says:

    this experience did really attract all my attention . as i don’t like reading . i was suprised bout myself the way it attracted to read till the end . i too have gone through many ghostly experience’s since my childhood . even since the time . i was too young to even know anything bout this things . i had once purchased a pendant . in a symbol of a fish hollow in between .and wore it’s face facing upward . it was in a store .like many other funny looking symbols . but for no reason . i chose that perticular pendant . which i wore for 4 days . and those 4 days . i felt something . was around me all the time .something evil .and could also hear voice’s .and i was’t even removing it from my neck . and once i did .all of a sudden .everything seemed to stop . i am a courageous person .but all of sudden .i felt as am left alone to the prey of something bad .and my faith just did’nt seem to be of any help .real bad things happened to me in this four days .. so never play with that what is paranormal . and yes . i tried this Ouija thing with my 2 friend’s . in the terrace of my building . it did’nt work . i consider myself lucky .that it did’nt after reading ur experience . thing could have been far too worse . if a cheap pendant could cause something weird .then Ouija is far too much too handle . 5 yr’s of life . is just unacceptable .

  316. kissofdeath says:

    really scary story… ..,

  317. ashley says:

    i couldnt stop reading this until got to the end it grabbed my attention so well… i always wanted to do a ouji board untill not that really creeps me out i already used to cut myslef with out anyone telling me and i have stopped and i dont want to start again and loose my friends… and im very sorry for yout losses R.I.P.

  318. someone says:

    i believe in god and i believe that jesus died on the cross for my and your sins. then if you believe then your are protected from demons like this if they bother you then just say in the name of jesus christ and the blood that was spild on the cross rebuke you demon you have no right to bother me. all you need to to is be born again god is more powerful then any demon or devil he is there creator and he will distroy them when the time is right!!!!!!! trust me this is no joke it is all real and scary ive seen and been through stuff lik this this is the only thing that works.

  319. Anonymous says:

    Whatever, quit trying to play with the emotions of the feeble minded. You know, curses only work when you believe in them, and you shouldn’t have been messing around with anything you couldn’t control- if there was anything to “control” to begin with. You can make a Ouija board by carving letters on a table top and using an upside down glass for a pointer- you don’t have to buy a cardboard and plastic toy. This story and the belief in it is proof we need better education systems. Seriously, you want me to believe this? Even if what you’re saying were true, you cannot protect people from themselves.

  320. Samoan Bulldozer UMAGA R.I.P says:

    We Samoans Have a Special way of Goping head to head with DEMONS.We Attempt to Posses the Demon itself by playing around its mind or whatever it has.Weve always been Sucsessful and No DEMON has Authority over us because we also have GOD With Us Every Second of Our Lives

  321. lin says:

    wow my eyes were glued to that story til i was done . im sorry for your loss .

  322. band nerd says:

    im so sorry 4 wat happened to you i always wanted 2 get an ouija your story me think twice about it and im so sorry about wat hapened to your friends but im glad you are ok and may god bless you and your friends

  323. Ouiji Boards must Die says:

    Im srry to hear wat happened to ur friends. some kids on my bball team were playing with 1 nad one of the kids passed out for 2 mintues. No heart beat at all and woke up fine

  324. puppetmasterlady says:

    People just kill me with all this ouija board stuff. I mean, what do you expect to happen? Ouija boards are NOT TOYS!!! You dont PLAY with a ouija board. It is a tool of witches. Thats what ouija means. When you ‘play’ with a ouija board you are broadcasting to whatever dark forces may be interested, that you are a naive, ignorant person and making yourself look like easy pickins. Don’t think they wont bite…

    Also, to Anonymous… It does’nt matter if its a cardboard and plastic rig from toys r us or a picnic table and a shot glass. The will of the person is what makes it work. You dont have to beg evil to mess up your life, it waits for the slightest invitation…

  325. Lainey says:

    That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever read, my eyes were stuck to the screen untill the end, and I’m in school! This should be made into a movie, you described it with such detail. I’ll be forever aware and amazed by your story.
    God Bless

  326. AJ says:

    Shelly, I don’t think it’s truly over. The feelings of dread and how disturbed your felt with the Kabbalist should be a clue that the demon had a hand in it. God doesn’t give us the spirit of fear. Kabbalism is a form of mysticism/magic. (The Hexagram is NOT the Star of David!) Notice how the kabbalist wanted you to tell others about it too. Perhaps to lure others in the Kabbala as well. Demons are clever and work covertly. Remember how furious the demon would get when you tried to seek help from that minister. Demons fear Lord Jesus. And as an animal runs more furiously and acts more frantically when it is hunted, so to did the demon act when it knew the Lord was about to be brought in. You still need to break whatever bonds you had with this demon and the Kabbala. And you have to do it through Jesus Christ.

  327. leila says:

    hi shelly

    black shadows are demonds

    • gbr says:

      not true. i can be a reagular ghoust sometimes belive me i had a encounter with a demon once i was so scared. the moment it stop bruceing me i went to church with all my will. i got blessed and had the demon blessed away. it was so painful to even go near a church

  328. Lord Marvolo Black says:

    I have seen darkness and I know how it feels to be oppressed and nearly possesed by a demon. The best protection you can have is through the almighty Name and power of or Lord, savior and protector, Jesus Christ.
    The only purpose of the Dark Lord is to overthrow the living, spiritually, mentally, and phisically.
    After reading your story I have decided to ask the Most High to put a curse on all demons conjred by these so-called toys,ouja boards.
    May the Lord be with you, Shelly Mitchel.

  329. Nathan the Rookie Ghost Hunter says:

    Whoa, i am so sorry to hear that, i was planning to use an ouija board when i’m older but that story makes me think otherwise. Thanks for telling us this story, it was awesome, but sad, i am so sorry to hear your friend died. I never felt a ghost encounter experience and it makes me more curios to feel being encountered by ghosts but kinda scares me too. Thank you and I am so sorry for your loss. God Bless you Shelly Mitchell.

  330. jade says:

    hi im new to the website me and my friends are gonna used A ouija board tonight . any tips 4 me?

  331. trolldoll1681 says:

    Don’t go don’t join in tell them not to do it!

  332. Cheryl says:

    I’m a Christian and know they are real.ouija boards are very dangerous and nobody should be messing around with them.In the Bible God warns us not to dabble in any divination.When I was in 6th grade my frind asked me to play with it.I did’nt even know what one was so I did.Thank God nothing happened and we put it away after a few minutes.The Bible teaches us that our battle is’nt with flesh and blood,but with principalities and powers of the air.Years later I thought about it and repented.For those who don’t believe this is dangerous,why would you do something that might possibly harm or kill you.I’ve ?I had experiances with demons.I never saw one but have heard my name called during twilight sleep or just before awekening.I’ts not the people I know,but it sounds like them.At best it has happened less than 10 times in 30 yrs.OK-Now you know I’m 50yrs old.I rebuke them in Jesus name.I pray you never-ever play withone.

  333. Jeremy says:

    wow that is a really scary story i was looking up cryptids and somehow found this thank you very much for sharing i have no doubt that this must have been very hard to publish i have no way of knowing how terrible it was for you to go through your story has left me curious and very scared i can’t even go to the bathroom I am very sorry for your loss :( I hope that this is a lesson to all of you NEVER mess with something that has to do with being in contact with spirits EVEN if its a piece of cardboard… and again I am very sorry for your loss.

  334. Matthew says:

    for some reason im not convenced, maybe its i dont beleive in vampires, sounds alot like a twilight movie with more death

  335. Cheryl says:

    I forgot to say God Bless you and I’m so sorry for your loss.

  336. ilovejonasbrothers says:

    im sorry this happend to you. when you mentioned the blood sucking part it almost made me hurl. sorry, but i cant stand blood, even the thought, even the word.
    peace love JOnas

  337. Rev. Morgan says:

    I have been using Ouija boards for many years and have never ever had such an incident occur. Blaming someone’s death (however young or tragic) on a board game is just looking for just that…someone or rather something to blame it on….to help ease the grief….doesnt work…I do extend my deepest sympathies for your loss.

  338. Cheryl says:

    I’d like to tell stories about these things,but Ialso do not like opening doors .I can only say that if you’re doing these things-only bad things come in the end.
    .Please pray about it and warn others about Shelly and the others who thought it would be fun.I also had something happened to me while reading this story,so please turn to THE Lord rather than the occult.
    God Bless you all who have read this,and turn to God.Also pray for Shelly.

  339. grace says:

    Ive always wanted to experience the paranormal and i haven’t ever since Ive been talking about Ouija boards I always feel that someone is watching me but i have tried talking to my dad but yet again he thinks im crazy i swear im not

  340. Mister Kabal says:

    This is a borgia style attack. The borgias are possessed flesh eating canibles that leave thier bodies to astral travel to a victim, take possesion of them, walk the captured body under possesion into the deep woods and then feed on its flesh. Your demon my dear, is from the same familial lines except that it was feeding on itself from within you.

    The christians will have you believe that if you accept Jesus and rebuke him, you will be saved. This is foolish because Jesus has no power over this earth and you will only be ‘saved’ after your physical death, not from it (a common misnomer among hopefuls)

    There are means and ways for you trap the soul of this creature and imprison it. Read Franz Bardon’s “initiation into hermetics” as well as, “The practice of magical evocation”
    I have have been at this work a very, very long time, and I belive your story. It has many elements of subtle truth about it that could not be known by an uninitiated person. remember- Alister Crowley said (quite correctly) If you want to summon the devil, you only need to call upon it with your whole will. any normal person can do this, it is not difficult.

    Be very careful Shelly Mitchel, ignorance of what you do in this occult business will not save you.

  341. vera says:

    I read your story Im glad your doing better.I experinced the same thing i was 14 when i started im 33 now.It took control of me tell i was 24 Ive experinced horrible stuff nightmares bruises and I couldnt get near a church My cathloic priest came to bless my home I cursed him out n he left afraid.I tried to stop touching the game but it became an addiction.tell i finally got sick n paled .I would fight n my dreams o i would see things in bright day light .It at times tell this day i feel a cold over me and hear things.I even have problems sleeping.In many occasions I could of died but never happened.Im a mother of 6 kids now .My oldest kids friend try to play the board when i found out I told my son and their friends to keep away from that..Tell this day the board is outside my home .I can never get rid of it .For odd reasons it keeps comming back.where ever i move i end up seeing one after awhile.i left it outside in a box storage.I do belive your story because i myself experience it.I hope by reading this people would understand its not a game..

  342. jeff says:

    very interesting story,i dont read much and when i do i dont finish,this story i had to finish i didnt stop reading till it was over and threw all the coments,if this story is true completly true,then that is pure evidance of another exsistance a spirit life,im a firm beliver in spirits ghosts demonds and angles,great story and glad you are living a balanced life now,peace take care.

  343. Anonymous says:

    me and my friend wanted to make a ouija board today and use it, so i told her we were scared and we looked up some stories, this one freaked us out a bit..well…A LOT. i am only 12 at this point and its quite scary when ur alone in ur room wityh these stoires. i started to not believe this story…but then i looked at some of these commentys and the last part. i dont think we will be using a ouija board…we were going to use it in my basement… NOT ANYMORE! this may sound sad but we are going to use one at 6th grade camp…i like this one guy, hopefully he’ll confort me!!! just kidding. but the inmportance of loosing ur friend sounds terrable. when i noticed this happ3ened in washington…well i freaked out…we live in washington too! i am so afraid tht something will happen to me now…but with all our friends in 6th grade camp i think it might be something fun to freak out teacher out…he hyates us though. i am sorry abouyt your friends. loosing someone close to u is very hard, i no tht. i sure hope we dont have nightmares because we have to sleep in a cabin…OUTSIDE…no locks… i want to try a ouija board…but i am so afraid of this kind of stuff…im a very paranoid person. my friend on the other hand can be a baby like me too but she is all “macho” and says “im not scared!” hope she’s not lying. she says she done it before and i believe her, cause her cousin says….she was talking to her grandparents…. uggg creepy right? no offence or anything!

  344. collonnee says:

    tell you the truth, me too have bad experience of playing that.my advice is stay off with that stuff.its not a toy.

  345. Anonymous says:

    if true how’d you get rid of the demon? i believe in spirits, ghosts and demons but i don’t know if your 100% real it really does sound fake though sorry but it does. How do you remember every detail like seriously i think you guys were on shrooms or something.

    • vera says:

      honestly i dont know how to get rid of a demon .I cant say because im 33 and my life not what you wish to live.The only thing i can say its true.this is not a game.i remember because once you live it you cant forget .

  346. HOLY SOUL says:

    ok dear because i and jesus helped you get through all those hard times as your life has given you, SATAN was there but now you have a bright future you will have everything that you lost trrough evil i have the power to solve your future

    ILL TELL HOW YOUR FRIENDS DIED…. THEY WERE RIDING ALONG the road and this black uman thats not human nor ghost but satan himself ran over them from tree and they died

    THIS IS NOT A PRANK but holy spirit itself

  347. Neolithika says:

    Jzzz, I was going to buy one, but after reading this……no thanks. Thats a little to weird for my tastes. I’ll just stay curious. Shelly I hope you will be ok. I believe what you have written. Your tale has turned me off .

  348. Arriebelle Kinney says:

    i am so srry about your loss i will pray 4 you but iam happy that you asre okay just thank god that you are ok

  349. Anonymous says:

    Omg! I totally believe you! It was around 10:00pm and my friends and I weree having a sleep over. My friend told my other friends to come down to her basement and she brought something with her. It was a Ouija Board. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Ouija Board until the experience that I went through. I wont tell. All I will say is we got locked in my friends house and bad things happened….Bad things.

    I was like, Oh my gosh, This is a long story, I dont really wanna read it! But after I read the first three paragraphs I was like “Wow….I have to finish this!” It was a cool but scary story :0

    I’m sorry for the loss of your friends :( :( :( :(

  350. Lisa says:

    What a truly horrific tale! I do hope you are doing well now.

  351. Marcie says:

    i have the same experience… and i have this entity that has been following since i was born and i know why now… when i finished reading this story of yours, i asked my mother if she ever played with the Ouija board and she said that she had playing with it more than once when he was my age. i am 15 years old and will be 16 on St. Patrick’s Day of 2010. this creature is punishing me as i write this message… he despises my heart and my soul… he tells me at night before i go to sleep, ” I will have your soul by morning.” and i don’t hear anything from him all night… i just lay in bed hoping to not go sleep but i fall asleep in the dark. i am no longer strong as i used to be against these creatures. i used to be so strong in the Lord but i strayed away because of the events that has happened to me. i lost my best friend (i will not say her name) i have been raped more than 6 times by 6 different people. one of them is facing a jail sentence of 25 years. i can see this creature and he tells me everything that is going to happen to me, what he tells me aren’t good things… they are my deaths that i could die of that day. he tells me that i will die on my 16th birthday of a car crash and we’re going to so many places on my birthday… i have tried to pray for protection but he i can feel him gripping my hands as i’m trying to pray…. go figure he’s taking away my strenght from typing so fast….. i used to type 100 words a minute… now i can type 40… he’s taking it away…. i’m tired…. this is only some of my story….

    • vera says:

      im sorry marcie im going to admit even im scaried i try not to sleep at night but its true ive been raped 3 times but all my x partners where always trying to shoke me o beat me tell i cant respond i belive in god im alive but i even gone thrugh so much but i wake up daily at 3am with out a moment pass if i sleep longer i feel as someone jumps on me so i wake up.sorry.

  352. Anonymous says:

    this is really scary and cool. love it!

  353. no comment says:

    how is this true? ive never used a ouija board before, but now I see they sell them at toy stores appealing to little girls? what is going on? i suggest anyone experimenting with these boards go to church! hope you all realize what you are doing, and pray to God for his forgiveness.

  354. Anonymous says:

    All i can say is wow.. Me and my friend where talking about ghosts nd where wondering about stories.. This was the perfect story…A true story at tht. All i got to say is that was one hell of a nite. I could have not lived threw it. I am happy everything is going well and everything continues to do so.

  355. Ashlee says:

    Hmmm, I have tried the ouija board myself. Nothing has happend to me. All though I am almost certain it should happen to me as seeing there are spirits lurking in my home. But when I use the board nothing happends.

  356. sadaf says:

    sorry for all that happened. wat a loss!how did she pass away?

  357. Brian says:

    Wow.. Thankyou for posting i keep on thinking what will happen if
    i play with a oija board.. This is really scary.. I wouldnt want to try
    Messing with spirits… hey uhm how many days did you exactly
    suffer from the demons torment..? or vampire…? And one more..
    Can you please tell me the vampires name..???

  358. Myn says:

    Your story was really interesting….and scary. When I was a teenager i used to try and play ouija board. Alone. I tried it out of curiosity. At first I thought it was fun,but then i felt like there was someone with me. I felt really weird. Then i stopped playing it. But after that event,everytime I went to the room which i played ouija board I would feel dizzy and had a headache. Dont know why. So stupid at the time. Dont know the danger of playing it.

  359. gbr says:

    that was the best story i have read!!!! i love to read scary thing but this really scarded me
    he he

  360. Brainsnack says:

    Well, I have to admit that this was a great read. You have quite the imagination to think of such a story. To all the people that think it’s real, it’s not. It borrows elements from a variety of sources, but the best part is the copyright protection. Just in case someone comes along and is interested in using it for cinematic purposes.

    But kudos nonetheless!


  361. savannah says:

    wow thats scary and im sorry me and my friends play all the time but nothing that crepy ever happened now idk if ill play again

  362. Ghosti says:

    I played 1 when I was in 7th grade…this just reminds me of all the things that happened 2 me & my friends. From having things thrown 2 the floor, having spit all over the walls, almost getting hit by a bus, having crows attack my friend, me passing out in church while holding fire, always noticing the shadows in my hallway, & how the mirrors fog up randomly, to getting random scratches all over my friend & my body, hearing random scratches & bangings on the wall or from a top or underneath me, & to not being able 2 control my body as in actions, randomly getting chills for no reason what so ever, & having voices tell me 2 do horrible things, always feeling watched when I’m alone or with 1-2 other friends that know about my or had exsperianced the same thing…& it’s horrible cuz this stuff still happens to me now & I’m in 9th almost 10th now…this has been going on for 3-4 years now…yeah…& it’s all because we played it & it threaten our lifes…it said “S-N-P-U-N-E-K-S” (Snap your necks) Then we asked who & it said “1-O-U” (1 Of you) we of course asked Which 1? It started to look like it was going 2 spell something, but it made a change & quickly went 2 goodbye….the next day we ripped, burned, salted, & buried it under a bridge 7 feet under, we salted it every 2 feet…& I’m the only 1 still having problems 2 this day…& I’ve always had a fear of my neck braking or getting snaped…so um, yeahh…

  363. Anonymous says:

    i had a demon in my house it choked my dad and it was just a black and dark empire it looked at me and when away and let my dad goo thats my story its real no lie i was scar

  364. chelsea says:

    I used to play with the Ouija board a couple of years ago. I only played it a couple of times. The first time we used it was in my house, we contacted a spirit and asked his/her name. The spirit only told us one letter, “H”, I think it was. We attempted to ask more of it but it refused to answer and we ended our session for the night. Once i mistakenly left the Ouija board by itself with the pointer on it. When I came back to get it I was surprised to see that it had moved from the middle of the board to the far right. I asked if anyone had touched it and nobody had even been near it. The second time we used it was in my friends house. We began the session and asked if there were any spirits in the house or with us right now and what was their name. We waited and soon the pointer began moving to the letter “H” once again. Me and my friend looked at each other wide eyed, terrified. We kept asking things about the spirit and in the middle of our session the phone rang in her room. It was a brand new phone by the way, i had gone with her to buy it. We ignored it and then a couple of minutes later we paused our session to return the call to whomever had called us. The phone in her room was brand new, I had gone with her to buy it and earlier that day was working completely fine but when we tried to redial, the phone didn’t work. We again got scared and ended that session.

    That may be something very little, but I knew something worse would happen if we kept having more sessions with that dreaded board so I finally stopped. (Sorry for the long comment :D )

  365. Elsie says:

    I am very sorry about your loss. However, I do hope you realize that all the deaths and troubles we’re you guys own fault. If you do not know how to control or know exactly what something is then you do not mess with it. The paranormal world should not be disturbed. We cannot see ghost for a reason. Only very stupid people “play” with the Ouija board. If you care about yourself you do not mess with things that are a possible threat to your life.

  366. mercedes says:

    thank you for telling your story a minuite before reading this i was thinking about getting a spirit to come in my home by using a oujie board or something beacause my life has been so well boring and i wanted a rush i guess you could say but after reading this story i kinda regret even thinking about it i guess i found this for a reason thank you again

  367. Bella says:

    wow! i cudnt stop reading, n i thought some of my paranormal experiances were bad but u blast em outta the water.
    I think its a great thing dat u r basically warning ppl about the dangers of ouija boards and 4 dat o applaud u
    bless it be, with love and light to all

  368. person says:

    Wow! That is quite an experience you have gone through. I have an interesting story also. Here is a summary. One night me and some friends were having a sleepover and decided to play the ouija board. This turned out to be a big regretful issue. We asked what their name was and it said Deborah. We stopped playing and went down the hallway and made a recording and asked if Deborah was there just then, a hat flew across the room and the piano fell over. We had also heard an angry voice in which i think it was trying to say “one will go”. We ran screaming from the top of our lungs. We later reviewed the recording and indeed heard the unexplained voice and from that day we have had dreadful events occur such as the death of one of our friends R.I.P. Emma. I hope this is something that will tell you that if you use an ouija board BE CAREFUL!!!! Also we found that Deborah is an angry demon that want revenge against her so called “killer”.

  369. zainab says:

    i’m sorry for your loss!!!!!!!!!!!
    people should take a lesson from your strong attitude!
    may god bless u!!!!!

  370. Micheal says:

    i feel sorry for your friends . and that is one of the freakiest ouija board expiriences i have ever read.

  371. Russell says:

    Wow that is a really powerful story…i hope you are doing well now and may the force be with you too…

  372. Anonymous says:

    that story was so scary , im so sorry that happened to you and your friends, i know now that i will never use a one of those things( i was planing to this week but i will never after i read this story)

  373. Anonymous says:

    ill make sure i never play one of those things and talk to stores about those things, they even sell them in walmart omg

  374. kitty says:

    oh im so sorry about your friends…. i’ll burn some incense for them along with my grandmother’s. i read this and i got so scared….. then my closet door opened and i screamed out loud. (it always does that. no ghosts. just loose screws that refuse to tighten)…… i thought the evil entity was there…… *shudders*

  375. Anonymous says:

    um i have 2 ouija boards. me and my friends dont realy use them abd the times we have used them nothing bad has happened. if i just have them, it’s ok, right? im careful with them and we barely use them. is it bad to have them? can a freaky demon randomly come out of it and try to kill me? if someone could anster me, that would be very appreciated. im happy that demon/parasite isn’t like stalking/useing your like energy anymore.

    • angela says:

      No a freaky demon cannot randomly pop out of the board and kill u.Dont worry about that ok lol.
      just dont play with it anymore because they are dangerous, you may invite something bad into your home. best wishes :)

  376. anonymous says:

    im sorry for all the crap that demon/parasite put you thru. i have 2 ouija boards, the first one i’ve had since i was a kid. is it bad for me to have them? my friends and i are careful and we use the new one only sometimes and nothing bad has happened. is it possible for some random demon to pop out of one of them and try to harm me or my friends? is it bad to just have them like just there on a shelf and not using it? if someone can respond, that would be appreciated :)

    • anna says:

      i think you should get ride of them both.you think its fine but there could be one demon coming and not leaving,and i wouldnt want you and your friends to get hurt or even something worse.ive never played with one but ive read alot on this site and its just bad news.i dont know what else to say.if you do deside to keep them both be careful.let me know what you deside.

      • anonymous says:

        thank you for replying :) i think im goona keep them. i basicly got the first 1 when i was a kid, and i thought it was the board you were talking to, not a spirit.i only used it years later because i learned a little more about them and i wanted to maybe talk to my grampa who had died. the olny bad things that have really happend is my uncle being a total ass, but he’s been like that my whole life evan before i got the board. once i was in another town with my friends and i had to go to my other friend’s house for something and i didn’t want to go alone because i don’t like being outside alone at night. we were talking to a spirit before and my friend said the spirit would watch me or something. so i went outside with the board (in case someone came, i could hit them with it) and as soona s i got on the ddtreet i had this really bad vibe and then i remembered last time i was there, my friend saw this really shady/sketchy car that folloed her and my other friends said there was a rapist there so i just ran back in and we all went to the other person’s house in the end. i might throw them away. a part of me wants to, but another wants me to keep them.

        • anna says:

          nobody can really tell you what to do its your own will and for me i would get ride of them but thats me so i just hope you do the right thing.thanks

  377. Anonymous says:

    hi SHELY im sorry for what happened that night i know you problably didnt know what would have happened but mistakes happen but good thing you fikesed what happened to you

  378. thraxbaby says:

    okay, I believe in ghosts and stuff, but are you sure it really happened? I mean, weed + alcohol = @_@ no offence, but this story was just a little hard to believe.

  379. darren says:

    Fake or not, this gets my vote as one of the coolest stories on this whole site.

  380. Arekkusu says:

    I’ve had to sit here for several minutes, gathering my thoughts before posting this. The reality of messing around with a ouija board and what can happen, hits very close to home. My mother used to be very big into witchcraft and I know that a lot of the things I experience today, are partly, if not fully because of what she used to do.

    I am very sorry to hear about what happened to your friends, and hope that they are resting in peace. But I’m glad that you are well, and have been able to share your stories with us all.

  381. anonymous1 says:

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    I think that Ouija boards are nothing to try. I had a bad experience with one when I was a young teenager. Long before the days of the Internet, there was no information about these Ouija boards as far as what people have experienced while using them.

    For a while in the late 80s/ early 90s, there was a spurt in popularity with these Ouija boards as being marketed as a harmless toy. TV comericals would promote these Ouija boards as being neat.

    I do think that getting a petition started to get those Ouija boards out of toy stores is a good idea, too.

    Sorry to read that you lost your friends because of your Ouija board experience and my condolences go out to you. I’m glad that you are getting better.

  382. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the story:) wish u the best luck in the future.

  383. coolbuddyrules says:

    I’ve tried ouija board once – just me and my friend.Nothing happened!
    But now, I realize how dangerous it is..Sorry for your loss
    Thank u for letting us know about this….

  384. myra_p says:

    i’ve had crazy experiences to and really crazy ones and i’m only 16. i get scared often when i’m by myself at home because i hear voices. once i’ve even heard someone screaming my name when no one was home. so ya i know how u feel about that becuase i’ve seen people myself.where i live in my room someone died and sometimes i think thats why i get scared or hear my name being screamed at me.

  385. Anonymous says:

    Always pray for protection from evil spirits before starting on the ouji board. My daughter, one of her friends and I used the ouji board one night for a long time , we didn’t ask for protection before hand. When I went home and went to bed I felt very strongly that someone was in my bedroom I couldn’t sleep for this bad feeling. Finally, I realized some spirit was there via the ouji board , I said aloud, ” I command you in the name of Jesus to go away and leave me alone.” Well thank God this worked , whatever it was went away . The next day my daughters friend phoned my daughter to relate a similiar experience he’d had during the night. Folks it’s real, beware. Brenda

  386. DiinaMcbride says:

    This is B.S
    u guys acctuly belive in this lieeee???
    u guyz mit notice that this has somethin 2 do wif the book/movie TWILGIHT
    jacob/vampire/warewarvols and the same city and twilght well nt the same buh it mentions seatlle in twlight…

    Shally u hve everyright to publish a story buh lieying that this is true is not good!!!
    u guys srsly need to get alife

    • angela says:

      I dont think i’d be taking advice from somebody who cant even write one paragraph without the worst spelling ive seen. And believing in spirit does not mean u dont have a life, u need to get some education and stop spouting rubbish.

      • Caretaker says:

        angela – Please dont put others down for their spelling. No offense intended but if you look back over your own comments you will see quite a few spelling errors that you have made. Does that mean no one should take advice from you? No it does not.

  387. trolldoll says:

    diina mcbride, i’m sorry you feel this way, but we all believe differently. also it would help your comments if you would take the time to spell out your words correctly.

  388. Anonymous says:

    I think using it and what not, was a lie. Cause if you thought it was B.S, it wouldn’t have workedd.

  389. Amelia says:

    With all the things that have happened, I don’t know what to believe. Shelly, I am sorry for your losses though. Anybody can come up with a great story. It doesn’t take much but a good imagination and some writing skills…

  390. brittany says:

    That was such an interesting story, I’m so glad you posted that! I’m sorry for what you went thorough but that story is unbelieveablely awesome!

  391. Shoanne says:

    wow, what an experience there! me and my friend tried the ouija board too but nothing happend. Only until yesterday, we started getting weird signs:S

  392. Stymie Mot Juste says:

    I think Shelly Mitchell is a fantastic fiction writer. I was enthralled all the way through the story. My hair stood on end, and chills ran through my body. Clearly she has more than a modicum of training in the english language and story telling. I would truly like to know her real name and not the pen-name she has offered here. I would like to read her other works.

    Not a true story, but an introduction to a new suspense/horror author.

    Anigrams of the Authors name:
    Mythic Hell Sell
    My Chillest Hell
    Scythe Hell Mill

  393. Nik says:

    God Bless You. For foolish people out there who have not experienced the Lord, I am so sorry for your loss, for your own sake, know Him. Shelly, I pray for you.

  394. Nik says:

    Sorry I wrote in all caps, anyway, Never Never Never say the demons name aloud its like inviting him into your life, opening a door, and you dont want to do that I dont care what you believe, just dont ever say the name out loud if you do figure one out…..

  395. Jessica says:

    this story totally got my attention
    i feel so sorry for you, and all of the things you went through all those years
    i was going to do it but anted to check out some stories first
    thanks for helping me make the right decision

  396. simmerdown- says:

    um. you said you did weed, did you ever think you were high the
    whole time, not that i don’t beleive you, i just prefer to be skeptic
    about things, even if you said youwere sober, are you sure?

  397. Chief Seattle says:

    Fun story but Pioneer Square is NOT “by the university District”. Fail.

  398. Kind Skeptic says:

    This story was indeed an exercise in creative writing. Kudos to the author and I mean this as a compliment. What I find interesting is that so many people have taken the story and “made it their own”. As I read through some of the responses herein, I get a very sad feeling that many of the responders are desperately lonely and this forum is a way for them to get attention and connect with other people somehow — even if it has to be about some fantastical tale. Some of the “me too” statements are clearly from adolescent participants who seem very enthralled about “ghosts, demons, vampires”…and anything that’s paranormal. It seems to be “very in” given all of the ghost and paranormal TV shows. There are indeed paranormal events — but come on — so many of these entries are just silly. Sorry — but I just can’t bite on this one.

  399. McLovin(: says:

    wow, im glad i read this.. i had just planned on going to a cemetary with some friends & getting out my ouija board & we were all going to “play” the board.. one part part of me is dying to play it, & the other part is telling me no..

  400. Matt says:

    Hey that was a well written fabricated story, I enjoyed it. I give you an A for creative writing. Keep em coming. I said it before and I’ll say it again ouija boards are nothing more than a novelty item/toy. As far as petitioning stores to stop selling them is a little absurd, but its a free country and everyone’s entitled to their opinions. Yes I’m sure Parker brothers, Toys R Us, Target etc… are all in league with satan by marketing these toys to open a gateway from hell to the prime material plane to unleash his minions to wreck death and destruction upon the world. Lol

  401. Anonymous says:

    Im only 15 and somtimes me and my friends do the ouija board, i havn’t experienced anything worrying so far however this story has really made me think twice about EVER doing it again. You hear that it is bad but never in such detail!!

  402. CHILD LIKE says:

    This question is for 15 yrs old who played with the board with friends:

    How often did you use the board? Did you make contact with a spirirt? Did it answere the questions correctly that only you and your friends would know the answere to?

    I am glad you and your friends did not have any bad experience while and after using the board. When I was 15 I used the board with friends. It did not move at all for us. Then the sedond time we tried it again but only friends played I was just in the room with them, the board asked for me to play but i refused and after that day my friends started to have wierd things happening to them. I thru the board away after six months after that.
    Eventually after we all went to church and talk to a priest he blessed us all with holly water and prayed on us and that was the end of that.

    I just was wondering if the board moved for you?

    thanks for sharing

  403. Anonymous says:

    did it occur to anybody that among many falicies in this story wolves do not live on any island in the puget sound. in fact there is only one small pack recently discovered in okanogan, on the other side of the cascades.

  404. WHATTHEHUH!? says:

    Wow, i just suddenly was interested in these Quija Boards because of last night. I am 15 and i was at a party last night. Our first encounter was with Troy. a 24 y.o who was stabbed by a lover back in 1775.. or atleast thats what he told us. Then when one of the speakers had to leave. Troy didnt like that and told him, by name, to die. That scared all of us (the nine that were there) The speaker quickly said goodbye and Troy said no. He got up and left.. and someone had to finish that job. It took 10 more minutes to get that entity away from us. Our next encouter was an 87 y.o named john from 1032. He had died of old age and was a clogger. he said he lived a happy life but wished he could of done it better. when we had asked him what he would of changed. he told us he didnt want to tell us. So my friends and i just guessed that he was a slave and said goodbye to john. Then final encounter we had was with a 18 y.o who died in 1999. His name was Hank. he was a real charmer. This may seem wierd but we almost flirted with him and we asked if he was cute and if he was nice. he would always come up with a charming answer like “well i would like to think so” and things. finding out that he was gay was a real shock to us. but it made since why he died at such a young age in the 1990s. Soon after we asked him if he was a girlfiend and he quickly said guyfriend. we asked him if he were gay and he said yes. but then he just stopped. and about two minutes later without answer respones. he said goodbye. He was our favorite. but yes. i was scared of troy. but when asking hank if he knew troy, he said he did. and when we asked him if they were friends. he said no. we asked why and he said troy was bad. and when we asked why again, he said he tried to kill the owner of the house’s daughter. This really frightened us. then we asked hank if he was good or bad. and he said good. being so scared by a glow in the dark “toy” bought from toys r us isnt a fun thing. they shouldnt sell them at a childrens store. but it was fun. and i hope that i can expiernce fun people like hank again. just a warning to all. if you meet a man named troy that was stabbed by a lover. watch out. thanks for reading my story [:

  405. 1txlady says:

    I am just incredulous yet I believe every word. My condolences for your harrowing experience and the loss of your friends. This should be required reading for every teen in the world. I do understand although my negative experience with it was not to the degree yours was, it was life altering enough for me.

  406. Anonymous says:

    My condolences, though I don’t dapple like most people, I have grown up around seeing spirits and having dreams that come true. I personally am Wiccan, I am studying Shamanic Witchcraft, and one day I hope to ascend to High Priestess as I have more psychic energy than average and I am very determined to nurture my powers. Everyone has at least a small level of psychic abilities, why do you think you know when you’re being stared at or followed?And a OuijI Board is a tool, not a toy.

  407. Anonymous says:

    What ever happened to Jake?

  408. CHILD LIKE says:

    Yes, I also want to know what happen to Jake?

  409. the little strange one says:

    wow, that is realy shocking!
    a friend of me did it once too. she died last summer when she felt in to the pool in her backyard when she where alone for a week. me and and a aunt of her found her. she just drowned what was realy strange because she is a lifeguard at the beach. her parents think she fell asleep in the pool but I think that was not how it went. and when we found her her face was like she shocked of something and her hands where at her throat like some one was trying to kill her. for now, I just hope she found peace.

  410. kalli says:

    this story is very helpful and thanks for sharing your story with me and my friends. it was alot of reading but it was worth it. i know now not to ever to mess with ouija boards.i also know a friend who had a paranormal haunting but not from a ouija board from an older house but not quite as bad as yours. but i hope that never happens to you again beacuse if that was me i probably would have had a heart attack if a ouija told me i would die. you are a very brave person. thank you for this story and good luck leading the rest of your life.

  411. Anonymous says:

    Here’s Something To Listen To. Just Don’t Play With Those Ouji Boards. They Are Not A Toy And Not To Play With.They Are A Very Bad Thing To Fool Around With. So Don’t Fool Or Play With Them. It’s A Dark Dark Game And It Shouldn’t Be Touched. And You Won’t Have Bad Problems.

  412. miranda.. says:

    ..u kno how every1 says tht ouija boards are full of evil and darkness nd its very raer to sumon a good spirit coz it could be a bad one pretending n yeah so like y dont they make one thts ‘good’ like u kno tht only contacts good nice spirits tht u talk to instead of the ‘evil’ demon ones tht come out of an ouija board..
    but really i think tht the dead she be left alone… :/
    but ur story was good nd interesting yet creepy n scary (:

  413. joshii boii says:

    this was scary…… but not as scary as my run in with a ouija board . me and my brother were watching tv… and we decided to play with dads ouija board so we went to the attic and got it out.we started asking if there was a demon here an the glass moved to yes then we asked what its name was and its said its name was carmichal and then the the glass moved around and spelled out t-h-i-s-m-i-g-h-t-h-u-r-t-a-l-i-t-t-l-e the my brother started saying his arm was hurting then we went down stairs and there was a 5 pointed star with a 2 circles around it and it looked like it was burnt into his arm and his still got the scar and it looks really cool

  414. Andrew says:

    I dont know what i think about it all, You had me into the story and painted a good picture for a while until you said you started cutting yourself in bathroom……………come on…..really?

    Well it just seems a little far fetched. Who knows though.

    I mess with a board once and nothing happened AT ALL… I’m going to buy a older one because the one i used was a new modern one.


  415. Angie says:

    Wow, This was crazy…I always thought about using an Ouija, until i read this. I will never use one now! Thank you for writing your experience, so people like me who are curious about the board wont use it.

  416. Sarah says:

    WOW! That is creepy! I used to think Ouji Boards was really all fake. But I used one back when I was younger and really strange things happened that made me want to NEVER use one again, and I havnt. Its not a toy, or a game, it’s a Demonic Device to invite Demons into our world.

  417. Sammy1404 says:

    This is pathetic. You basically just stole 20 mins of my time Reading this crap. Well told story but so fake. Whoever believes in this is a fool and you are opening yourself up to torture. It’s mental not real. The more you believe in it the more likely you are going to tell your mind you are possesed. Great story but your little tale is too unreal for me and no one should believe it unless you are a fool

    • Kind Skeptic says:

      Sammy — while I agree that the story is obviously not true and commented so above, so many of the responders seem to want so badly that it be true that they are willing to enjoin themselves to this story via personal experiences, etc., I do think, however, that you’re a bit out of line to call them fools. Gullibility and naivete do not necessarily make one a fool. It simply plays a very strong part in one’s ability to believe anything that they find facinating or fits into their current beliefs. So let’s play nice, eh?

      • riceman1230 says:

        I don’t know if this particular story is real or not, but I know it could be. I’ve experienced too much in my life – first hand things; I’d be a fool NOT to believe.
        I heard a phrase once that said “The one with the experience is never subject to the one with the idea”. It’s not my job or even interest to convince you of anything but that there is someone much more powerful – the Lord Jesus Christ. Anyone who fears God needs fear nothing else. God bless you.

        • Kind Skeptic says:

          I must take exception w/ your statement about “fearing God”. I don’t know about your God, but mine is not based on fear or threats to manipulate me into being a good person. I don’t know why we have to attach human frailties to someone/thing that is supposed to be Deity. Deities are above these human feelings by the very nature of “being a Deity”. After all, a Deity that is all powerful, all loving, all knowing does not need to rely on fear and punishment to “keep his flock” , so to speak. But this is another discussion and I’m happy to defer to your belief system as your’s, and certainly respect it.

    • trolldoll says:

      sammy if you do not like or believe in what you read, then please don’t “you” waste “your” time on this site. caretaker is watching!!!!

  418. Gummi Ninja says:

    wow this is the most creepiest stories i have read so far… like at the begininq i was like this has to be fake…but then again who am i to say this…
    am into the supernatural/paranormal i havent had any experiences w it.. i am planninq to play with the ouija board nd well i have been doinq my research on it and even tho i know is dangerous and takinq a risk on and AM SO VERY SORRY FOR WHAT HAPPEN TO YOU ND YOUR FRIENDS!
    *** Did everyone died..the people that were there that night?

  419. Sammy1404 says:

    Please don’t say the lord Jesus Christ. Only god
    has any kind of power. Jesus was not his son a force like god is one and only and cannot reproduce. You can’t say gravity has a son called lord
    friction can you! It’s just stupid yes there was a Jesus and he did some cool stuff BECAUSE OF GOD jesus didn’t have powers. Islam is the way forward follow Islam
    and you won’t believe in this crap you believe in god and that he punishes those who let Satan take control of their minds. Nothing happened to this person or her friends she just wants attention and you are a moron if you believe it. Have a nice day :)

    • MARY says:

      Ummm OK Sammy thanks so very much for clearing this all up for us , we were really struggling with interesting and intelligent convo until you came along AND SET US STRAIGHT! THANKS SO MUCH. So , I’m not permitted to believe in Jesus as a part of the Trinity , God , Jesus, HOly Spirit. I’ll do it your way everyone is a moron also is that correct?? Good luck my friend with that wonderful open and empathetic attitude of yours , *I’m sure you will get um…….. far oh and EVERYONE IS A MORON BUT HAVE A NICE DAY , HAS SUCH A GREAT RING , ( dang why did I not think of that).

      My prayer is that JESUS enlightens you and opens the mind , Mary

  420. trolldoll says:

    sammy, i respect your right to your religion. please do not call others name for their beliefs!! if you read the rules you wil understand that name calling is against our beliefs here. i suggest you be more polite to others expressing their views which they have a right!! there are many who believe that jesus is the son of god and did have powers. shame on you!

  421. mysterios rights. says:

    hi…. uhh i’m propably just paranoid. but for the last week. i had images and night mares. and well weird noises which my family dosent even hear. and everytime i open a door i see a faded image of a monster. or somthing with a white sheet rapped around it’s eyes. attack me. i cant get a full detail. because its usally very fast. but i thought i was just a weirdo. but every time i just to you know seek help. i feel yelling in the back of mind telling me there was no need to seek help, because i was going to kill, or kill myself. and after i would just tell myself that i was just playing with my mind. and i’m kinda freaked and i dunno if i should just do nothing. or try to seek help. or mabye i’m just paranoid. so what do you guys think i should do? sorry if i’m just a wacko

    • AnNa says:

      you are not a freak or a wacko.if you see that try taking pics or video tape it.you dont have to take my advise because its never happened to me but you can always try.put crosses in your rooms and thats all i can think of.i want to know what happens.let me know.

    • helper says:

      Like AnNa said, you are not a wacko or anything crazy like that. You need to ignore those voices in the back of your head. It is YOUR MIND you have the control in the end. Go TO SOMEONE!!! Get help, and don’t give up keep searching until you find helps. Places crosses around the room, keep bibles around the house, use holy water and/or burnt sage to cleanse the home. Just keep us posted, and know you are not alone, even when you think all hope is lost.

    • MARY says:

      boy I have been gone for a long time eh?? hello all and bright blessings to you and yours, I truly hope this is not to late in coming and I truly HOPE you are telling the whole truth. Mysterios. You seem to have attracted an entity . It seems to feel more comfy with you than others in your home. Have you done any spiritual work in your home , Oija , seance, etc?? recently? How about are you having any renovations done on your home ? Has anyone NEW to the home just moved in I mean beside this Entity ? Could you answer these questions first for me if you can , maybe I can help ,our haunting began in the same way first my baby son then it came for me then my young daughter. So , I want to help really , these things happen we are not freaks how could so many damn people from so many different walks of life have the same things happen to them for centuries untold and others still feel they can call this IMAGINATION.. my child thrown down the steps was not imagination and NOT an accident. So please answer the questions and I”ll help all I can am working with a wonderful Paranormal group and we have alot of real tangable? evidence of our haunting . I will be telling my story soon. But would like to help you now. PEACE BRIGHT BLESSINGS TO YOU And yours do not fear it or it will get strong , tell it to piss off and go back from where it came and try not to FEAR TRY HARD. SINCERELY MARY

      • Sabina says:

        Hello Mary, the question of someone new moving into the house as a trigger for paranormal activity intrigues me. I have experienced the paranormal myself but for some years now it has been dormant. I started to experience it again after someone new moved in and I can’t help but think that he is the reason why I’ve been feeling spirits roaming about outside my window, waking up to shadow spiders or white mists or a disembodied person staring at me, or seeing shadows of animals on my wall. I would like more information please. I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

      • Sabina says:

        Also I wanted to add that I’ve been having major suicidal thoughts lately. Serious thoughts like planning and considering methods of suicide, and even narrowing it down to one. I wonder if seeing spirits/shadows recently is linked to this. Although when I do see things, I don’t feel threatened by them. So it makes me think that maybe my suicidal thoughts are independent of my recent experiences.

  422. Anonymous says:

    I feel so bad for you and your friends but why did you want to use a ouija board on a dark night in a big house in the middle of the woods because it states in the bible that spiritual sorcery is not good.

  423. ME says:

    I feel so bad for you and your pals but why do you think Amber brought the Ouija board cuz its kinda a wacko thing to do esspecialy on a stormy night in a big house in the middle of the woods

  424. Anonymous says:

    This story is very scary.
    Im sorry for your freinds..

    Well Shelly stay happy now.

  425. Anonynous1 says:

    hello I’m from Greece and this game was not allowed to came to my country because the church was not allowed .Anyway one day it came to Cyprus with other games (Monopoly,and others )and it was the onlyone and my dad buy it and he played one day with his teacher when hi was 18years old and i find it today in my basment.I think OUIJA board is true. IF YOU HAVE IT DONT PLAY IT PLEASE IS A VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE YOU WILL DIE IF YOU PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  426. blueperson says:

    wow my best friend had someting like this happen but he jumped out a window and his girlfriend was hit by a car the next day

  427. Geoff says:

    I’m sorry but any ghost story that begins with smoking weed and drinking alcohol isn’t too credible…

  428. Anonymous says:

    Me (Denise) & My 3 friends who is with me right now (Frankie,Irene & Jess)
    We hav tooken our time to read your story ! & We think it was really touching & Brave of you to go thru all of tht at such a young age …
    We are sooo sorry for the lost of your friend.
    We was speakin about Demon’s & Spiritual Findings & Was thinking of doing a Ouijia Board Now tht we hav read all of this, we are not going to try it ! As it can lead to death and a horrible life in the future ..
    Also we are very young. Dnt wanna spoil our lifes YET … ; ))

  429. Anonymous says:

    You ought to turn that story into a screenplay or an actual short story.A novel about where you were at in your life or something.

  430. CHILD LIKE says:

    I agree with destiny5059

    When the movie excercist just came out I was 15 yrs old. It was very scarey movie and it was based on a true story but it was on a boy. They started to sat that anyone who saw that movie will die after 5 yrs. So many people including myself who saw the movie and heard about the curse so call after I saw it, I was scared then. I am 43 yrs old now and I am still here.

    That is why I agree with destiny5056.


  431. Ghostencounter says:

    I have personally had some situations similar to this.I need soem questions answered so anybody please.Ok Well im a bookworm and i sit in my room alone and read usually.Well one night i was reading and out of the corner of my eye i saw a lil girl sittin in the corner curled with her legs up to her chest.I looked over and othing was there.Well i just kept reading and then i heard whispering in my ear i felt someone int he room but when i looked around no one was there.Again I just thought nothing of it and kept reading.Well i saw her again and this time she looked at me and reached out.I freaked out and ran out of my room.This was about 2 months ago.Well then a couple nights ago my god started howling,growling and barking and that same corner.Well they say that dogs can sense ghosts and she was going crazy at that corner.My mom had a miscarriage before me and im thinking that maybe tghe little girl is that baby my mom was supposed to have …..and maybe she is watching over me because i see her all the time and feel her.Someone help me out.

  432. CHILD LIKE says:


    Next time when you see her try to talk to her. Ask her what her name is and if she knows who you are and if she wants to talk to you. I think that is the first step after that when and if it happens let me know ok. I will be here for you if you need to talk ok.

    When I was in high school in the 80′s I would see a little boy dressed in a white outfit like in the 1800′s with a little hat. While I was putting on some make up thru the mirror in the bathroom and the door was open, no one was home but me getting ready to go to school in the morning and thru the mirror I saw him.

    First I pretened I did not see him. Then it would happen every morning so I asked him his name and what he wanted. He did not tell me what his name was but he said he was just courious of who I was and wanted to hang around me. He wanted to play.
    It freaked me out at first but It did not give me a scary feeling, more like a lonely and sad feeling. In the morning even if I did not see him I would talk to him while I got ready to go to school. It lasted about 3 yrs then I just did not feel his presence anymore. I would like to think he wasn’t lonely anymore or he just moved on to someone else more intresting.

    I know how you feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for sharing your experience.

    • ghosty says:

      did you really see a boy in your mirror? what made you think it was safe to talk to him and that it wasnt an evil spirit? and did he follow you around or talk to you in your room or other places besides the mirror?

  433. arachnid5 says:

    Uhhm It could have been a coincidence that Mike and the babe died that night.i mean, all the heavy rain n stuff .its possible to have hit into a fallen tree genuinly coz it was dark n stuff (personally i dont trust bikes).Its sad though. I dont know much about ghosts and demons though i find it rather interesting. if i had access to material that would increase my knowledge on the same i’d dedicate a bit o my life to exploring that world…..your experience was terrible am glad your are out of it now.

  434. Miranda says:

    I’m sorry that 3 of your friends died that must suck. I find this interesting. For some reason I am totally into this kinda stuff. I really want to use a Ouija board. But I am seriously scared now, and i’d have to do it myself. None of my friends would be up to it. Anyways I don’t have a Ouija board so I couldn’t try it. I still can’t believe you had to go through all that i’m so sorry. Good luck with everything! :) )

  435. CHILD LIKE says:

    to ghosty,

    It did not follow me around. I only would see him in the mornings while i would get ready to go to school.
    I trust my insticts that it told me he was not evil just a lost soul. If it was evil it would of hurt me some how and I never felt threaten by him. He never talked to me eventhough I always talked to him just has a curious look and sometimes a sad look in his eyes. I guess that is why I was not frieghten because it got to my heart. I did not want the child ghost to be sad and lonely. I talked to him as if he was a live boy.
    Around the house I thru the coner of my eyes I would only see shadows of a boy walking around going in the rooms even my parents and friends saw it but only in shadow. I don’t know why only thru a mirror I would see him…………….. I never thought of that until now that you brought it up. Intresting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for asking……..

  436. Sebet says:

    First I would like to say that you have my sympathy for the ordeal you went through. I am glad that you were able to get away from the attachment. Next I would like to adress the Jesus and God thing. For all of you that wrote the comments about God and following the teachings of the Bible, that you are all a bunch of HYPOCRITES!! So if you are such good christians then what are you doing on this web site?? Why are you leaving comments on a story you should not even be reading? Shame on all of you!! I was a christian once until I grew a brain and common sense kicked in. Man created God in mans own image, and man Created Satan too. You can not have good with out evil, that is the law of nature and has been for all time. There is good and evil in the spirit world just as there is in the living world. Some spirits can lead you astray just like some people can lead you astray. You must protect your self from both at all times, but certenly not through the power of the Christian God. So if you are a christian and believe in the teachings of jesus and god and the bible then you need to stay out of the paranormal web sites and keep god in the churches where he belongs!

  437. scary says:

    it does not matter if you believe or if you don’t . I do believe in these sprits things because i have seen them with my own eyes . I never played with a ougie board but i certainly now not to that are stupid and immature . I don’t believe in ghost i do believe in GOD and i am a Christian . Reading this makes me feel sad that you went thought this it’s very scary . There is a fine line between being a live and dead .Certainly this games are unpleasant for teenagers to go thought this . Demon’s are one thing don’t play around with them .

  438. TessiePieScaryLie says:

    If three of your friends REALLY died,
    What where they’re last names?
    May I please see a Obituarary?

  439. tyra says:

    Isnt it a good chance you were high when you saw the demons in the basement? just saying….

  440. Anonymous says:

    i playe an ouija bored online i got about halfway thru got bored , nd went on facebook lol , but the day after i had a realy bad nightmare about a demon rippin my friends to peaces , of course it didnt happen in the nightmare , the demon said that i had to go with it , and it was going to rip us to little peices , then i woke up …. freaky :S

  441. Nick says:

    Flip that story was nuts man…
    so sorry to hear about your friends that passed and that your life was nearly nothing.
    what an adventure u went on its scary!
    your should make a movie / doco on this and really try and stop those Ouija boards from being sold

  442. Tonja says:

    Did you know that the movie “The Exorcist” is actually based on the exorcism of a 13-year-old boy, who is known as “Roland Doe?” He lived in the Washington D.C. area and this boy’s “Aunt Tillie” bought an Ouija Board-which they both used…. //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/the-exorcist-and-ouija-boards/

  443. Cheyenne Clark says:

    You know. I’m thinking, if pure evil like this exists; then so does pure good.

    For every demon, there is an Angel.

  444. AwesomePerson says:

    THis story is very convincing but i think it was all in your head. none of it was true sorry to tell you

  445. Boblad says:

    I’m just gonna be brutally honest..all this talk of demons and stuff is fake. If ya think about it it’s all a load of crap used to try and scare ppl!! And if ouija boards can be used to call demons well I’m Jesus Christ!! Ppl seriously grow up and get a life.

  446. Humpy Camel lol says:

    Wow. I just could not stop reading! It must have been a truly horrifying experience, but i’m glad you are well again!

  447. kelsey says:

    shelly, i am very sorry for what happened to youu, i bet it was a very scary experience. my friend has an Ouija app. on his iphone, and we were using it last night, and nothing scary really happened..but then i came inside and got on the internet and used one..it may noot be the same as a real one, but it is pretty scary, i asked it if anyone was with me and it said yes so i asked who it was and it said i am here, and i got really freaked ouut and got off, and i stayed up the rest of the night because it felt like someone was watching me.
    i’ve always wanted a Ouija board but now that i’ve read some of these stories.. i don’t want to come near one ever again..thank youu, shelly, for sharing your story with everyone and letting us know what can happen if youu use one.

  448. Conor says:

    I believe your story and all but I still want to try a Ouiji Board. I mean, yeah, there are stories out there saying all these things are happening but how will you know if you never try. If I use one, I will ask question that I don’t care to have answered. The future is frightening and I feel like something is watching me right now. Matter of fact I can see the angle of a mirror in my sisters room and something moved in it, but it was just my cat. I am happy to believe this but I don’t doubt that I will try a Ouiji Board someday. No matter how big of a mistake it may be. Thank you. :)

  449. A.K.H says:

    WOW!!!! Now that I belive is a true story….. When you felt a slap on the back, I thought about when I slept with my mum from a nightmare, I woke up to a slap on the back near about the rib cage…. :s

  450. Jake says:

    wow im so sorry to hear this and now im never gonna touch that board. before i read this i actually was curious enough to try it but thanks to this story im not. thank you shelly and im really sorry to hear that you had to go through that situation.

    but does anyone else think its weird that two candles went out and two people died?
    (no offense)

  451. Justin says:

    Usually not much will happen with a Ouija board because people don’t believe.Unfortunately,you had someone that dabbled in witchcraft who aided you in opening a door that you could not close.Demons are nothing to play around with.It’s also unfortunate that no one was there who had the knowledge to close that door.

  452. Anonymous says:

    just like everyone else i did not stop till the very end and im terribly sorry for your lose i have experienced paronormal things before and i began to think i was gonna die but everytime i told someone about this i would be affected… and when i read thos story to my brother so he went to his friends and played the game…. nothing bad happened but he says he does not believe in this crap but i believe in all of this…. im glad your ok now but stil very sad at the loss of your friends

  453. Anonymous says:

    Here’s why this story is complete B.S.: The author is 30 years old – this happened “nearly” 15 years ago when the author was 17 – um, hello everyone, the author apparently doesn’t know how old he/she is! The numbers don’t add up. That would make the author 32 AT LEAST when writing this, possibly older because he/she states nearly, so you have to assume older. Some people will believe anything. How sad!

    • Caretaker says:

      “Nearly” 15 years could be 14 years, 13 years…. It isnt an exact time period. And what if the author is/was only a month away from their 31st birthday? Why would you have to assume older because of the word ‘nearly’?

  454. Deb says:

    Shelley, I am surprised that you have not written a book/movie about this. You are a great writer. The story itself is extremely scary. And I am glad you are now leading a happy and normal life. I hope there are more stories to come from you although I hope they are not things that you have experienced but perhaps you have heard. I believe you have been put through enough. Thank you very much for the knowledge of the Ouija Board.

  455. Anonymous says:

    I couldent stop reading it was good i feel sorry for u

  456. Anonymous says:

    I really felt sorry for you & for your friends…. It was really a mind blowing experience…. Thank god you saved. Actually you are really brave….

  457. damon-salvatore says:

    this sounds like a background story in a horror film, but i’m not here to criticize, b’cus this might be a true story. but the kabbalah-guy talked about the vampire. does it mean that vampires exist? i’ve heard about demons but not vampires :S

  458. Britta says:

    That’s a pretty chilling story, but I’m pretty sure the pot played a part in the experience :/

  459. CHILD LIKE says:

    I just ordered a Pendulum Board. I already have the Pendulum.
    I wonder if the Pendulum Board is the same as Ouija Board.
    What do you think? I haven’t received it yet but when I do I am going to try it out and I will keep you posted if anything happens.

  460. Allison says:

    Well, i have yet to even LOOK at a ouija board and i would like to keep it that way… AND WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE BAND!!???!!!

  461. ladybug says:

    what a load of rubbish

  462. Anonymous says:

    I think the person she saw who got rid of the demon could have been satan. It’s an anagram of santa. When he said the contract is served and that the demon serves a purpose too. He also mentioned what she thought about him when the demon was in her head. I am not a particular believer in satan or god as I follow a pagan path now, but I was raised as a catholic and I believe that people can bring whatever they believe into their lives whatever path they follow.

    I’m not sure if this story is true or not, and if it is, I think an over-active imagination played a part. Young people can feed off each other’s imagination.

    Otherwise, good story.

  463. meghan. says:

    Hii, I’m 14 years old and just recently I have been fascinated with this whole ouija board thing. I’m unsure whether to believe in spirits, demons and anything to do with ouija boards. I have been researching and reading about stories that have happened, and I am curious and very keen to buy a ouija board and see what happens, is this recomended? My best friend is deeply against ouija boards and swears that it is not a good idea to “mess with the unkown” and knew someone that she believes has died from it. So, I would like to know what people’s perspective is on this, I’d really appreciate it!

  464. Ouija says:

    You were HIGH.
    That explains everything you saw.

  465. Stefani says:

    I’ve never used such board,but yea its kinda fun 2 see what happens.It gives some people that dark feeling of peace and that comfortable warm lonelyness feeling.It’s fun if you’re an emo who doesnt fear anything,but if u get scared easly better dont use boards.And I also don’t believe in god.It’s our own mind and we have to learn to control it.And yes,if you know better what happens you will be prepared so keep on makin your researches.I’m 15 and I had a paranormal experience so I believe in ghosts and demons.Whatever you do,don’t let it take over and it wont take over completely.If you’re wayyyy 2 bored better write a book,read one,start a computer game or learn 2 play some music instrumet.I’m emo so I like demonic stuff but id never really summon a demon or try some spell.So,better think well before you use it ;P

  466. CHILD LIKE says:

    I used a Ouija board this weekend with my Aunt. It was a waste of time.
    I asked if there is someone who wanted to communicate with me and it said -YES
    I asked if it was a spirit and it said _ YES
    I asked if it was a female it said – UNCERTANE
    I asked when was it born and it said – I DON’T KNOW
    I asked what year did it died and it said – UNKNOWN
    I asked where was it born and it said – CONFUSED
    I asked if it know something about me to tell me ( so I would know if it was true)
    and it said -YES
    and so I asked what is it and it said – I CAN’T TELL YOU


    Tell me do you really think I was communiating with a spirit? I don’t think so. It coudn’t even answere if it was female or male, or it’s name. I also asked for the name and it said – I DON’T KNOW.

    • AnNa bites back says:

      my point of view for someone thats nere played with one is i think it was messing around and see what you would do.please dont play again just incase something does happen..i dont want to see something happen.

    • cassandra says:

      are you referring to the real ouija board? or to a computer game called spirit of the glass where it only knows to answer like probably/not, definitely, unknown, i cant tell you…. etc…. lol..

  467. CHILD LIKE says:


    Eventhough I don’t believe in the Ouija Board, Witch Board or Talking Spirit Board, I won’t use it again. My Aunt took it. I don’t even have it in my home ok. Thanks for caring AnNa……………

    It’s good to hear from you again.

  468. CHILD LIKE says:

    We used the real Ouija Board between the answeres it gave me , it was goin in the form of 8 in the middle of the board real fast. We were scared and excited at the same time because we thought it was going to answere us but it just gave us stupid answeres so we quite. Thank God nothing has happen to me. I did it with my Aunt at her house. What do you think?

  469. AnNa bites back says:

    CHILDLIKE–i think maybe you are wasting your time.maybe nothing happened then what if you play again and something worse happens.was your aunt into playing the board?maybe the spirts could feel it.i dont know.

  470. CHILD LIKE says:

    Good Morning AnNa,

    I didn’t played it again just that once. My aunt using it for her sessions, people who wants to contact their love ones for closure. She says it never happen to her that way before. She thinks that who or what ever it was did not want to work because of me. It did not like me or because I have a strong mind and will that it can’t scare me what ever it would of said to me. That I questions everything and not a strong believer on the board or would of not believed what ever it would of told me. I don’t know why it did not work on me but when I was a teen and used it with my friends it happen the same way. but this time it said it did not want me to play, then when my friends kept playing with it , it did not want to answer them anymore questions until I played it but I refused to play with it and it stoped for my friends. At that time I felt hurt that it did not want me to play but when it asked me to play I had a good shoulder on my head to say no and did not get tempted to play with them. I did watch while they played and it did answer their questions but not all was true. I still remeber it was a boy named Tom who was killed but never wanted to talk about it. I was the one writing everything down. I did not believe it was a boy, I always felt as if it was something else wanted us to believe it was a boy.
    But I put the board aways and one of my friends stoled it. I never found out who it was but I did not care I was just glad it was out of my house.

  471. AnNa bites back says:

    wow.i cant believe it didnt work for you but for your friends.if i knew it would work for me i would use it just once to contact my uncle.he died over 20 years ago and i still miss him like crazy.i still cry somedays,but i know the borad would just cause trouble.maybe one day he will come to me,or he has no unfinished buiness with me.well thats good you dont have the board with you,just to be on the safe side.im glad nothing happened to you or any of your friends.

  472. CHILD LIKE says:

    Hi AnNa,

    I have a friend who gives classes of Wiccan, Pagan and Enlightment Spirituality and I called her about the Ouija Sesson with my aunt and she was upset.
    She explain to me the Ouija Board is used for communicating with bad spiritis and demons the witches uses for spells and promises something in return but you can not communicate with l love ones because once they cross over they can’t come back. They are in a better place. Frances said it did not wanted me to play because it knew i could not be manuplicated or feared them to possess me and because it knows I know what needs to be done if it does manufest in front of me. She also said she sees a shield that protects me of evil entities but does not know why. I also warns me not to try it again because I can be contacting a demond who likes challenges and would like to play with me in a bad way. I told her I wont and she also said my Aunt does not know what she is getting into and someday she will find out and not know what to do.

  473. AnNa bites back says:

    hi back

  474. AnNa bites back says:

    sorry about that.anyways for me thats good it wont work for you,its is really werid.i kind of figured i wouldnt be able to talk to my uncle.its sad though.as long as hes happy thats all i care.how do demons or spirts know if your stronger then they are before you play the board?why would anyone want to communicate with the bad spirts?

  475. CHILD LIKE says:


    A lot of people use the Ouija Board thinking they can talk to their dead love ones but what they don’t know the bad spirits or demons makes you believe it is them so you keep using the board more and more until they can possess you or menafest themselves thru out the board into our world. Demons have the knowledge of all of us, what we are most afraid of and our secrets, everything that is how it trick us.
    Thru out my life I have seen things and many experiences with the supernatural so it doesn’t really frighten me if I see a book thrown at me from the cross of the room with no one there. If you show fear they grow stronger and the stronger they get the more power it has until it has enough to menafest itself which is it’s goal.

    They are not stronger than us unless we show fear then it grows stronger than us.
    Fear to them is negative energy that helps them get stronger so when you are talking to them using the board it is not stronger until they say or do something that scares you and that when it get stronger.

    When my friends kept using it without me I know it told them what they wanted to hear. Questions like when am I going to get married, Who am i going to merry, how many kids am i going to have and I remember one of them asked when was she going to die and it said when and it was a few months. I can’t remember if it really happen it was one of my friend friends. I did not know her very well. But what is strange all of the ones who used the board moved far a way from the town we are from except for me. I am still here. Strange…… I haven’t heard from anyone since they moved. I wonder what happen to them.

  476. AnNa bites back says:

    CHILDLIKE-maybe something did happen not death im just saying they probably left because they got scared.i dont get scared,not even horror movies,my husband and i saw 2 shodows once i thought it was cool and we werent scared.luckly my son was young because he would of been scared to crap.the whole ouija board i will not play with it,not because of what i have read here but i have a 4 year old and if anything would happen to him it would be my fault and i dont want anything bad to happen to him.he is my world,my everything.i would do anything for him.he gets scared easily.have you thought of trying to find out where your friends are.maybe there on facebook,or something.what about your daughter is she still good and happy?

  477. ShadowSlayer says:

    My friends and I have used quija boards many times and I have spoken to others that have done the same….guess what happened????? Nothing!!!!! Not a thing……Were we lucky?? Or is this quija board stuff all B.S????
    I am leaning toward B.S……there is no evidence of any of this at all…..and I’m sure some will say there is but we have researched this and found nothing credible…..I do believe in ghosts/spirits….and have had experiences with them…But this quija board stuff…I just do not buy it.. If you have had an encounter while using one it was probably more the ritual of calling upon the spirits than the board it’s self..

  478. AnNa bites back says:

    do yoou think its just in peoples heads?or do they want to want to talk to the spirts?

  479. Anonymous says:

    I do believe this story. I think I had a evil spirit one night come but my husband who is a good christian notice and rebuked the evil spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. Things went back no normal. Those who dont believe should. I try and pray and when I feel angry or mad I begin to pray. I could not stop reading this story.

  480. CHILD LIKE says:


    Latest, I was chaning in my room and my daughter walks in. She was shocked when she looked at my back. She said I have three bruises and a like a cat scratch . She wanted to know who did it, as if it was a person. I did not feel any pain at all so I did not know I had it on my back.
    Another thing, everything was great with her happy, smiling and then one of my Aunt came over because she asked me for money to send to her daughter in prison and no one, I repeat no one in our family likes her because she is very insultive to others and it happen my mother was home when my aunt came over. My aunt was complaining on my daughters dog a chicuaga being inside the house and if she was me, she would of kicked out the dog outside and ect. She was not being nice at all like always, well as we have always just let her talk and usually talk behind her back all of us. Not my daughter she told her first of all it is not your house and second I dont care what you say to me, you are nothing to me, you don;’t even exist and my aunt started to cry and stormed out the door of course my mom will ber on her sister side and my dad was there also and he did not say anything only that my aunt asked for it and it was about time someone will stand up to her. She likes to hurt other people but plays the victim and when someone stands up to her.
    I had a talk with my daughter to control her anger even if my aunt was wrong just ignore her like we all do and walk away because your anger is going to get you into trouble and the next time she causes trouble I will take you out of school to place you in a correctional school in a week tops. She said she understood. I am no emotional stressed hearing my my aunt how she was no mistreated which I really don’t care, she is not a nice person and my mother how I am not a good mother and it is my fault my dauther is the way she is.

  481. AnNa bites back says:

    childlike-i want to be happy that your daughter said that,but you do have a point.my aunt is like that,shes a witch.she has 15 kids and she speaks her mind.there a place for that but if there are people around why would you want to make a jerk out of yourself.if i could i would tell my aunt were to go and how to get there but i bit my toung.dont ever let anyone tell you your doing a bad job or you dont know what your doing in raising you child.it sounds like to me your doing the best you can.just keep doing what your doing.

  482. AnNa bites back says:

    childlike-that is weird about you marks on your back.so you have know idea how you got that?

  483. CHILD LIKE says:

    Thanks AnNa,

    I never had any one tell me it is not my fault. It sure feels good to hear it from you. Thank you. You always know what to say…lol

    • AnNa bites back says:

      childlike-im not saying what you want to hear im saying it from my heart,it soundslike your doing the best and thats better then nothing.so all i say is keep doing what your doing.

  484. CHILD LIKE says:


    I have no idea what happen to my back. I don’t even feel pain or discomfort. I do remember before I got married many many years ago when I would dream that i fell and cut my arm or leg and when I woke up i really will wake up with the cut like in my dreams. I was told I was astra traveling out of my body and if i get hurt during that time it really happens to me but I have a hard time believing that because if I leave my body how would the blood in my veins pump into my heart to keep me alive? I just think it is wierd!!!!!

    • AnNa bites back says:

      that is weird about your back.i have never heard of that before.how often do you get scartches?

  485. paul henchoz says:

    my aunty and uncle got attacked by demons in peru on their honeymoon the demon was their dad

    • AnNa bites back says:

      why would the dad be the demon?did he have a grudge on them for what they did or what?how do they know it was the dad?

      • trolldoll says:

        i agree with anna, besides, i really don’t think a human can turn into a demon. is there dad alive or dead? i’m not saying he can’t have evil intentions, because i’ve known alot of evil geniuses in my time!

  486. jAY says:

    Stories like this one open ur mind to the possibilities of the things that are out there i’ve had similar situations and one of these situations still huant me today and im 24 and its been haunting me since i was 8.. its scary sometimes cause i cant sleep many nights and its hard to say that its like im afraid of the dark but its not that. almost everytime im in a darkend place i feel it watchin me waiting for the day it gets its chance.. im glad ur doing well but for others out there take these as lessons cause u might over do ur experiment….

  487. Calee says:

    Sorry about what happened that story is very,very scary
    R.I.P chrissy :)

  488. brandi pham says:

    first of all iam a dude, and i strongly suggest nobody ever go back and watch paranormal activity it has made me paranoid of every sound in my house even before i watched it i felt something wuz wrong, all this stuff about demons has made me paranoid about normal things. i have begun thinking about a few times i have experinced this paranormal stuff before without knowing it. i wake up at 4:00 i\am i sit there and watch tv the kitchen is right next to the livin room so i can see the light comning from the room. i sit there and then i hear a *crash* and iam too afraid to investigate i ignore it until the sun comes up then i look and all the dishes and stuff that was drying on the dish rack thing had fallen on the ground as if someone had thrown them nuthing wuz broken thank go or my parents wouldnt believe me as to there being a ghost in the house or soemthing so just put everything back up and left for school, from that day on i have nvr gone anywhere by myself, i blame it on the movie and paranoia but idk anyways just wanted to share lolz might of not been anything at all and srry bout ur loss mrs. Mitchell, R.I.P CRISSY.

    • AnNa bites back says:

      that movie paranormal activity sucked.i hated it.i LOVE horror movies and that did not do anything for me.im glad i did not by the movie and im glad i did not go to the theater for it.i would of wasted the money.they have a part to coming to theaters and i can forsure say i will not watch it,and if i am stupid enough its only because i saw the first one.im sorry yourgoing through that.maybe it has nothing to do with the movie.has it happened before or after you watched the movie?

  489. AnNa bites back says:

    CHILDLIKE-its only been a week since i last talked to you,im just wondering how things are with you?i hope good.

  490. CHILD LIKE says:

    Hi AnNa Bites back,

    I have been having real bad headaches and I can’t seem to eat. I have no taste no matter what I eat . I gone to the doctor and he doesn’t find anything wrong with my tests.
    I keep waking up at 3 am or at 5 am no reason at all. I am hearing in my bedroom like a bird slapping it’s wings and I called my dad, mom even my daughter and they all heard it. We just can’t find it nor see it. I haven’t gotten any more bruises or scratches.
    My daughters dog won’t leave me alone, followes me every where in the house. He sleeps with my daughter but as soon as she opens the door he runs to my room and jumps on the bed with me. He wont leave my side. He is acting very strange. I feel as if he knows something and won’t leave me to take care of me.
    This weekend I am going to church and talk to father Roy and get some Holly Water.
    I think it is time to cleans my house before October. What di you think is happening?
    Maybe its beacuse I am not getting enough sleep. I also lost 10 pounds in two weeks and I don;t even know how.

  491. CHILD LIKE says:

    I went with my daughter to see that movie and when it was finished my daughter said what that is it. We have seen and been thru much worse things then that maybe we sould make a movie on it mom and I just laughed becaue it was what I was thinking. Waste of money, did nothing for me. My friends can tell you scary stuff they seen and heard in my house then that movie. It was scarey enough they did not come back.

  492. Anonymous says:

    i read this and is completely kept me off playing. and you’re writing is superb! u should really think about sending this to a movie director or something. im sure theyll really be interested.

  493. AnNa bites back says:

    CHILD LIKE–i think the dog is watching over you,he knows your o.k. at night so he leaves you alone,and as soon as day comes he’s there by your side.almost like a gardian angel.thats good you dont have those scratches and the headaches i know how that feels,i wouldnt put that on my worst enemy.when people have that bad of headaches you cant eat,so maybe thats why you lost that weight.well i hope you feel better.what movie did you see again?hows your daughter doing?sounds like shes good.

  494. Anonymous says:

    This seems a bit detailed for happening 15 years ago. You know how your mind changes events over time? Can you SERIOUSLY remember that Mike was lighting a cigarette while a demon was stuck in your mind…

  495. macntosh says:

    This was the most interesting and suspensful story I have read in a long time! I counldn’t stop reading it. I love searching for ghosts and spirits. Ther are extremely cool, but i would NEVER want to interact with this demon!!!!

  496. Anonymous says:

    i loved your story so great and sad at the same time….
    i think i have this girl from the victorian times following me around shes the same age as me (13) i talked to her on the ouija board she just feels lonely but after i talked to her she felt better ..am glad that she wasnt scared or lonly after that am not sure she follows me now…..an her name was maria she was very pretty indeed C: i liked her company… an this IS the best story i’ve heard :O

  497. Zalyna says:

    I have to say I believe you, only what you went through is worse than what I almost went through. Just like anyone else, we think the Ouija Board is just a game, but it really isn’t. It’s a dangerous game, especially if you’re ‘open’ to the spiritual plane, to those that don’t believe or is protected, won’t have any problem.

    But I wish there was a warning label for anyone who considers buying the ouija board. I played around with it when I was I suppose 16 years old…..now I’m 30. I’m still struggling to this day only I’ve gotten stronger through the words of God, through Jesus Christ. It may be hard to believe for some people who think it is all bullshit. I’m not religious but spiritual and I’ve seen many things that I cannot explain. But when you talked about your experience of playing the ouija board…I’m reading this at 3am and it’s scaring me because it brings back certain memories….

    I was a stupid teenager looking for trouble and thought nothing of it til I started having the dreams….I would often get bruises like finger mark bruises all over my body, my bed would shake, I would often see shapes, smell of sulfur, sounds, laughter, voices…male. Sounded like animals….resembles hyenas. Whatever…all I can say that there are DEMONS out there…entities, evil spirits….whatever it is they all go together. If there are demons, then there is also good. God is there, and people rather believe in the bad things than the good things.

    I like you went to many people, doctors who diagnosed me as mental illness when I was clearly not ill but scared for my soul, I went to nuns, priests who prayed for me and it did not help, I went to psychics like you said, they’ll take your money and give you bullshit fortunes, some wouldn’t take me some said i had a dark force around me. Only the ones I have are not vampire like but more like incubus-monsters….I was close to thinking there was no hope when I tried everything but there was one thing I haven’t thought of trying…….

    One night I had this dream….it wasn’t like a normal dream but more like I was trapped in between planes of the physical and spirit world…I don’t know how to describe it but I was fighting a very strong entity. I was alone and terrified. Screaming for help as these things were pressing me against my bed, crushing me, trying to force my legs open as I fought with all my might, I knew I was failing when I screamed for God’s help and nothing…..then I tried something else, I screamed for Jesus’s name and something like bright light was breaking through the darkness and threw them off of me. I finally could sit up and I woke up suddenly in cold sweat, shaking because it felt so real and I realize that when I opened the bible there was a section in there where Jesus have forced demons out of people that they were possessing. All I can say was after all the years of looking for help and finding no hope…it was there all along…Jesus Christ is the answer. Only he is strong enough to beat these fucking demons out.

    Now I’m not trying to sound like those religious people holier than thou crap…I’m telling you that it works and I never believed it before. Now even though they are out of me, they still come back. Demons are out there, all kinds, vampirish, werewolfish, monsters,etc. will try to stray you from the good and bring you close to the darkness to them in hope of destroying you,etc. They are not to be messed with and if they are there, no one else can help you except Jesus Christ. When in the dark, call His name and he will come to you and he really does.

    In other words…yes…ouija board, witch board,etc are not to be messed with, they are not a game and is very dangerous. I did research on it and found out that whoever invented the ouija board..those brothers were actually involved with the occult and came up with the game. Oui means yes as Ja also means yes ‘yesyes’ it is a way of opening a portal to the spirit world, such as demons or other things to enter YOU and you end up in trouble.

    So yeah I believe you and thought I share my thoughts with you. I won’t listen to anyone else if they say it is not true or if it is bullshit. Only ignorant people will say that, no offense to them. But it is a real nightmare when you come across them….it is no joke.

  498. melinda says:

    I just remember the twilight movie about vampire and warewolf. i’m sorry about your friend which has been sacrificed to get know about the future itself. so i know that life is so pure that no demon’s work that is pleasing in the presence of god.

  499. Tonja Brown says:

    When it comes to Ouija Boards and desiring to use them…

    “Be afraid, be very afraid.”

  500. Emo says:

    I actually think so too=P I have been poking around the web for some time this week, and its kinda hard to find anything good to read on blogs:P Maybe its because there are too many of those around =) But your site actually keeps catching my attention=P Great posts, and kawai design ^__^. Ill be sure to give it more time from now on =P

  501. Anonymous says:

    I am so glad u r all gd now, gd luk with future life

  502. mariella says:

    you know that most(ALL) of my family tried the ouija or wigi bored!!!! im the only one left….

  503. Euronymous999 says:

    i think a lot of the stories and conversations held in the comments held by those like AnNa and CHILD LIKE etc. are just as interesting as the story of Shelly themselves. its very nice to see such genuine people connect even though conflicting opinions. anyways thank you all for supporting me with background knowledge of these demons, ouija boards etc. LIVE WELL, Euro

  504. Khadija says:

    Wow ultra scary story, I will never play with an Ouija board!
    But it was a really tense story i couldn’t tear my eyes away!
    Any way glad you made it out alive.x :p

  505. Anonymous says:

    me & my friend are going to play with a ouija board tonight.

  506. catlincat says:

    u should never play with a ouija boardit could bring anything too haunt you

  507. Angyll says:

    Im sorry for your loss, but honestly hon, wat a stupid thing to do. U never ever ‘play’ with Ouija boards unless you know what u r doing. -sigh- hopefully, people will read ur story and reconsider playing with them. They are dangerous and unpridictable.

  508. Amadea Dyrhsen says:

    I’m using this for the school newspaper!!

  509. Anonymous says:

    has anybody gotten a ghost named Abigail or Tom Klan ? well here is the story abigaile was tom klans wife … well we found out that Tom abused her and killled her in a lake but know one knew. she lived in terre haut indinana and she was my mothers kindergarndern teacher and told us the future about thinhs warnings sighns lots of things we didnt know but then we got tom and he loved us and he wanted to have an a affaire with us. but we emedetly got off. bad thingss hapened to her. we also got people that werent even dead yet…. has that happened to any one else?
    we googled Abigaile Klan and there was NO records of her , NOTHING ! any info ?

  510. Anonymous says:

    Everything i read eventually leads me to kabbala. This article has convinced me to study it.

  511. Pathogen says:

    I am a Demonolator. That means i worship and respect the demonic divine intelligences in our world. I read your story, and i cannot help but to feel amused rather than sympathetic. I feel what has happened was for a reason and a lesson at that. Those who dabble in the occult will undoubtedly be “shown up” for lack of a better word. Do not dabble in something you know little to nothing of. I have done countless amounts of ouija board sessions/seances and have had nothing but good experiences from them. It is how you present yourself and maturity level on how serious you take it.
    If any one needs help on knowledge or information on how to deal with certain entities, i may be of help. Instead of consulting a priest, or anyone, consult me because i feel i may be the answer you’re looking for. I can only offer my best advice in hopes that you will take it to heart, and results to become fruition.

    I know it is against the rule to do so, but i will do it anyways and i undertake any responsibility given by doing so. I feel it is needed so that i may help. You may contact me at one of my emails at

    EDITED – Yes it is against the rules and if you do it again your comment will be deleted. I really dont have time to edit comments from people who disregard the rules. I should have just deleted this one! You say you know its against the rules but you do it anyway – very rude!

    • Frank says:

      I’m assuming that you are a Demonolator and worship demonic spirits for the pursuit of power and/or information…? But is it really worth it?

      I’m not sure what you believe about God, but as a Christian, I must ask how can you choose to worship the dark spirits, when God has power over them? Not only that, but He is the Creator of all. Even after He died for us, and defeated sin and death, you still choose to worship not Him, but His enemies. I believe that whatever power or information you are receiving from them will turn against you in the end.

      I am not necessarily tiring to change you, but I am certainly interested in hearing more about your position on this.

      • Sabina says:

        Hello Frank, am I in inviting evil by corresponding with people on this site who claim they are associated with the devil/demon? I am curious and something is driving me to get answers from these people. Is it wise? It scares me and yet I do it, but then again I am curious and I want answers.

        • Frank says:

          Hello Frank, am I in inviting evil by corresponding with people on this site who claim they are associated with the devil/demon? I am curious and something is driving me to get answers from these people. Is it wise? It scares me and yet I do it, but then again I am curious and I want answers.

          Hey, Sabina. I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this, I just haven’t checked back until recently.

          I can understand the curiosity and desire for answers. But there are some things that God chooses to leave a mystery to us. Whatever the specific reason for Him to do this is, we can have faith that it is because He loves us, and desires only good for us.

          Please understand that a relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way to true peace and satisfaction. If you choose to try to answer your questions about evil by learning from evil sources, you will never truly be satisfied. And yes, it is unwise to seek anything from these spirits.

          But back to the point I was making, It is in Jesus that you will find rest from your curiosity with evil, and find a life that is pleasing to God. And He will protect you from the evil spirits in the world. I would encourage you to talk with a local Christian pastor concerning all of this, as well as read the Bible, and pray to God for the understanding He wants you to receive.

          “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” -Philipians 4:7

    • Sabina says:

      Hello Pathogen,

      Out of curiosity, I have some questions for you. I always thought that if there was an overwhelming concensus about anything, then must imost likely be true. How do you explain the consensus that demons are bad/evil – a common perception of people who have experienced them firsthand? How do you invite a demon/devil into your life? Is it as simple as summoning it in your mind? I ask because there was a low point in my life where I wanted to die and I was so angry and unhappy enough to call the devil to take me. Thinking about it in retrospect, how scary and crazy that I actually had the audacity to do that. Not long after, I had a negative paranormal experience, though not a bad and a short-lived one and it makes me wonder if summoning the devil had something to do with it. Also do thoughts of committing suicide invite spirits/demons? Or is it the reverse, is it the demon/spirit that is the cause for the desire to take one’s life? I look forward to your response, thanks.

  512. doesnt say says:

    I have to say i wanted to try to use a Ouija board before i read this because i am very interested in paranormal activity but now i don’t think i will ever be using one of these boards, most stories i read seem to have horrible and “evil” outcomes …

  513. not so scared person says:

    Demons druids angels and gods do exist in this world but you just need to know how to find them just be careful because when you do find them one of two things will happen it will be evil and you will get hurt or it will be good and this has many possible out comes…

  514. CHILD LIKE says:

    I agree with you Frank,

    Demons can not be trusted that is what they are demons. It gives you what you want and tell you what you want to hear until it gets tired of you and its time to collect , it is not like the devil who makes contracts and deals as you should now this. The demons just take because they hate humans and their goal is to seperate us from the light of God and to destroy us, and have fun doing it. What is the price you are going to pay for what it is giving you? IS IT WORTH IT!

    It even acts like if it’s your bestfriend the only one you can trust.
    Becareful even the wise one can be fooled.

  515. darren says:

    “There are demons allright, they exist in our minds.” – Carl Jung “(he demons of The Goetia exist in our minds.”- Aleister Crowley………The Gnostics wrote that Jesus said “That which is inside you must be released, for if what remains inside is not released, that what remains will destroy you.

    The demons indeed serve their purpose, but humans must face the truth behind the mask.

  516. Pathogen says:

    I must say that it is a personal indevour of mine as a Demonolator to do what i do. I made a challenge for myself, a spiritual one if you will, to see for myself the truth behind demonic entities and see why people fear them so much. It turns out, Demons are no different that people it seems. You will have your ‘good’ spirits, then you have your sinister ones. However, i feel those demons who are more sinister to people are teaching them a lesson because of the persons lack of knowledge before dabbling into something they have no information about. It all comes down to respect. If you come to the gods in respect, then they will return the favor. However, if you dabble, or take it as a joke, or come to be hostile, then best believe that they will return the same and mirror your image back at you.
    - My journey as a Demonolator has been very satisfying. I have had nothing but great things become me, and not one ill thing has befallen me. If we are part of the divine flame, then we with no doubt poses the same like spiritual power within our self to be unlocked. Therefore, the same goes with the demonic entities. We are all one in creation and form. I view them with respect, and they in return view me the same. I recently only had a few cents and no gas money. I prayed to Abaddon to see through that this works out. I ended up coming home with nearly a full tank and enough smokes to tide me over until i get paid. I felt very blessed when they aid me, and i feel no darkness in my life like so many people claim. The demonic are seriously not as bad as people will have you believe. This is my testimony.

  517. Pathogen says:

    And to add one more thing, if the Christian god does so in fact exist, then as a creation of his design, he will step in out of love for his child, that the truth be revealed. But, after a few years of pure greatness in my life, i see no point in changing any point of view of myself. Yes the demonic are far more powerful than us for they are rulers of the sky, they need us almost as much as we need them. So, it’s mutual respect. I help them, in return they help me. I am also contemplating on helping those who are inflicted with a form of haunting or possession, because i deeply feel my method of releasing the spirit would be far more potent than any bible verse, or holy water is concerned. For my method relies on respect and knowledge to see light of any given situation.

  518. Dan Armstrong says:

    Shelly, am sorry for your expearience, am glad your life is back on track and wish you all the best for your future.

    Im an athiest, i’ve always believed that God is a man made concept in order to make us feel like we have a purpose, or that we are important, and to give us hope for life after death as some seem to not be able to handle the image of ‘nothing’, (that is my belief, and that said i also repect others beliefs about God and such). This then means i dont believe Satan, Hell and Demons exist either, but out of curiosity i always thought of trying a Ouija board because if something did happen it’d be ‘really cool’. Now, im not too sure to say the least.
    I love the concept of Demons and ghosts as they can scare me (i love being scared), but i still dont believe they exist even after this gripping story, maybe a Ouija board unlocks shared ideas in the human subconcious and affects brain function. Wether it does this or Demons do exist, Ouija boards are obviously not a good thing to use. (i have heard of people contacting their guardian demon before though. food for thought)

  519. CHILD LIKE says:


    Ok this is the thing,
    I am asking for your help.
    I wake up with bruises on my back, I have no recollection of them nor any pain. I wake up at 1 am, 3 am, 5 am. for no reason at all.
    My daugheters DOG always day or night barks at the hallway ready to attack but no one is there. There are days I smell smoke like cigarret smoke but no one in the house smokes and sometimes i smell roses. My aunt is a medium and she wont come to my house anymore. She says it’s hiding it’s identy from me. She does not know if it is a demon or a spirit. My great grandmother was a shaman healer who could see the past, present and future and can see and talk to spirits.
    I talked to a priest and father roy told me not to talk to it or acknowledge it because it gives it power and can harm my family. I have a teenage daughter and my autism son age 6.. My aunt tells me try to communicate with it and find found what it is and what it wants. I don’t know what to do. I do not feel like if I am in danger or if it is evil.
    I do want to know what it is.
    The last time I tried to communicate with my great grandmother, I felt a sensation starting low and getting stronger in the middle of my forehead, it got to be so stronge I had to stop. I don’t know why I felt that way but my aunt tells me I was dailing the phone and it was ringing. Her way of saying things.
    What can you tell me. I am intrested in your opion. Waiting to hear from you soon I hope.

    • Pathogen says:

      @ Childlike, there may be many factors that can play it. One being you are naturally drawn by spirits due to your family having ties with the spirits. However, the sensation you recieved by contacting your grandmother may have been due to the fact that the energy invoked may be very strong at times, which is a good indicator for spirits present. But the problem is also that some people cannot handle certain energies and can be effected by them in some way or another; but not all the time is it a negative feeling. Many times when i invoke spirits, it is a calm feeling, the room can become very cold, sometimes i feel very light headed as well. Other people have reported like symptoms or more severe based upon the spirits and the person’s comfort zone.
      -However, you’re problem may be a bit sinister. Many factors are involved that i cannot say fully the reasons behind the issue at hand. But i can say that if you wake up with bruises on your back, and an odd smell with the dog barking into empty space, then there is something more to it.
      Maybe it is trying to get your attention, maybe your child has drawn it’s attention or possibly discord or events in your life as well can draw them towards you. Demonic entities never appear to someone if they’re bored and have nothing better to do. They are very wise and yet very powerful, so it is detramental how you deal with this matter. My advice is since it is basically letting you know of its presence, then do not provoke it(anger it). Do not cast anything biblical upon it lest you seek just how powerful it can be.
      -What i advise you to do is the following: In a darkened room with candles lit, or dark altogether, i want you to meditate on that situation. Have your eyes relaxed and closed. Think of nothing but of that situation that has influenced your life. Notice any smells, thoughts, images, never ignore any detail-even the temperature of the room or sudden movements you notice. Meditation is what brings us closer to the spirit realm and a higher consciousness. Now, think of contacting that very spirit. Think of its very presence because you want to contact that spirit and confront its behavior. When you feel it near you, or when you feel it’s there based on your internal feeling, then say to it “I respect your divine creation, i do not wish anything bad of you, and i expect the same in return. If you want something of me, then politely reveal it to me, but if there is no point of your presence here, then i ask you with respect to depart from this place and leave my home in peace. If you do not leave, then as i respect you, then you need to respect me and no problems will arise”. Be stern with confidence, but also have respect. If you come to the spirit in fear, he will give you something to fear. If you come in arrogance, he will strike you down, if you come with respect, then expect the same in return. Notice any difference after you tell the spirit that, and take notes if you wish. If the spirit reveals to you in some way it’s purpose for entering your life, then write it down and think about your plan of action. If nothing comes to you as time passes and things are still rough, then there is an alternative.

  520. Pathogen says:

    @Childlike, If i may add one more thing, i beleive one part of the reason for the interferiance in your life is because of you coming to this very site. Not to scare you off or anything, but stories about demonic entities can give you self-reflection on what you percieve to be demonic and your attitude towards who and what their behavior are like. Notice, you said previously
    “The demons just take because they hate humans and their goal is to seperate us from the light of God and to destroy us, and have fun doing it…” This may be a lesson of some sort or a message directly to you since you have been attacked or visited rather. Your negative perception of the demonic may lead to trouble. Hence why i said in my earlier post, people who have been attacked is most likely due to the fact that they know very little and yet they make full accusations based on how little they know. Afterall, how is one to be knowledgeable and make a wise inference, if one has not been a subject to it first?

  521. Anonymous says:

    That ws pretty legit

  522. Noha says:

    I think that is probably a bit imaginative. How could this really happen?? God put limits to our seeing, so that we cannot see demons, vampires, and those creatures.
    The ouija board really exist but can it see the future?? can it for once mistaken?? I think this is really unbelievable. If those creatures really exist we will all DIE, and I will not be capable of submitting this comment. anyway, i realy believe you cuz such things can really happen. Magic really exist but can a person have it?? please answer those questions i’ve got to know what’s happening.

  523. Jessica says:

    I actually grabbed my brothers rosary in the middle. I am not sure why but I actually felt scaried but i kept reading it.

  524. CHILD LIKE says:

    Thank you so much your advice. I will try it. I also want to mention
    3 mediums have told me that my son is have human and half angle which it is against god’s will. I know it sounds silly but that is what they have told me. And he can see spirits and other beings. As a child I myself I would see beings as angles and such now my son has the same abilty. Thru out my life I have experience many plesant paranormal incidents only one bad one when I was a teenager but overcame it.
    Everyone tells me demons are bad and so forth you know the story but when they tell me I have a demon in my home or around me I don’t feel in danger or scared at all. I reply like a matter of fact owe I know like no big deal. Demons do not scare me.
    I also wanted to mention that sometimes when I talk out loud to spirits who might be in my home or demons my body and my daughters gets hot, sweaty and red for about 30 minutes then it goes away. I had never gotten bad foul smells. I do live next to a cementary but it feel peaceful and beautiful with lots of trees and green grass and flowers. It looks more like a park then a cementary. I also want to mention my husband killed himself 5 years ago and he was a chain smoker. I band him from my home and my son. I don’t know why he did it only that he was being investigated and told me I was lucky to be alive. So I imagine the worst…………….. I will try to communicate with my great grandmother a little at a time. I am not use to opening the door to the other side and I know I need to ready my body as well to recieve the energy from her. I will take your advice and try it out. Even though I have bruises on my bad I don’t think it is malice. Sometimes I dream I am doing something and fall and when when I wake up I have the same cut I did from my dream so I can be from a dream. It just doesn’t feel like someone or something hurt me. My home and myself are always calm and peaceful when I try to talke to them. Sorry and excuse my spelling. Thank you so much for your advice. Two days ago before I go to sleep I always say out loud to where ever wants to contact me to tell me in my dream. I dream of the late pope II and two nun’s but I can’t remember what she was telling me. Wierd!!!! Thank you again for responding.

  525. CHILD LIKE says:


    I just want to say that you are right. I said that about demons beacuse of what I have read from this sight. But personal experience I had only one when I was a teanager but most of my paranormal experience where pleasant ones thru out my life.
    I am greatful for that. I should have not made that comment of demons if I do not really have experience them before sorry about that. I guess I just wanted to be a mama, and try to stop you from getting harm and again I really don’t know about demons only what other have said about them and from tjhe bible. I only have a sense of them not being all evil. But what do I know. Thank you again.

  526. Frank says:

    @Childlike. I know you did not ask for my opinion, advice, or help with your situation, but I would be remiss not to share my conviction with you. Again, I am coming from a Biblically -based, Christian worldview.

    First of all, there is no distinction between a “ghost/human spirit” and a demon, other than that a demon may be trying to appear as a human spirit. Whatever spirit is causing this issue, it is not of God. If it were, it certainly would not be hurting you, and it would have a clear and distinct purpose and/or message. Therefore, must conclude that it is a demon.

    I cannot say for sure why this demon is oppressing you and your house, but I would assume that it has to do with your family’s history of communication with these spirits.

    You must understand that you, on your own, are absolutely powerless in spiritual warfare. You have no authority over any spirit, and it is not only useless, but likely a bad idea to try to reason, argue, or negotiate with them. Attempting to do this will tell it that you are open to communication with it, which will open further the door to demonic oppression. On your own, the best course of action would be to ignore them as much as possible, which, obviously doesn’t solve any problems.

    Fortunately, Jesus Christ, the only way to salvation, is willing to lend His power in spiritual warfare. What you must do, if you haven’t already, is Get right with God. Admit to Him that you are a sinner, believe in His word, and commit the rest of your life as a servant to God and His Kingdom. In this way, you will form a relationship with Jesus, who will grant you the power to cast out demons in His name.

    Once this is done, pray for wisdom and spiritual empowerment. Check your house for any impure objects, such as occult practice items, that may be used, or may have been used in demonic activities. If any such items are found, get rid of them. It is best to break and/or burn these. After this, cleanse your house by praying in Jesus’ name for whatever evil presence was there to leave. If possible, do not attempt to speak to or communicate with the evil entity. However, if you see it, or obvious signs of its nearness or presence, simply tell it, in the name of Jesus, to leave you. Do this respectfully and faithfully. If you must speak to a demon in this manner, never under any circumstances should you disrespect, taunt, or challenge it. Spirits tend to respond to challenges, and that is not the example that Jesus set in His deliverance ministries.

    Again, the key here is the relationship with Jesus. If you merely use Jesus’ name as a spiritual weapon, you aren’t winning any points with God, and the evil may or may not depart. Matthew 7:21-23 (http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew%207:21-23&version=NIV) Acts 19: 13-16 (http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Acts%2019:%2013-16&version=NIV)

    I’ll be praying for you.

  527. Pathogen says:

    @Childlike, no problem. The kid is not an angel, but in the literal sense, he or she is pure at heart; Which can cause for an opening ofpositive and negative tests to see what the child can be like in the future, determin qualities etc.

    @Noha, magic esentially does exist. You’re projecting your will through energy at a focal point and directing it based upon intent. This can be positive or negative, as well as magic involving the entities as well.
    -The ouija board is just a board and nothing else. However, the truth is revealed through the medium which is yourself. You are using the board as a focal point at which to contact an entity. Through this board and you, this is how contact is made. The messages are recieved from the spirits manipulating the board in some form or way, or you based upon certain circumstances such as channeling or different types of Ouija board setups.

    -Glad i could help. If anything else arises, let me know.

  528. Anonymous says:

    I hear you. I know the whole thing. The surprising answers from the board, the reading of eachother’s minds, the gray demon, the depresssion afterwords, the hollow almost scary feeling when running to the church for help, the nightmares, the threatening manifestations when trying to get rid of the board. The whole bit. It took me at least ten years to get over that night and have it explained to me. They are “thought echos”. Using the board (or whatever) we open ourselves up to the deep recesses of our unconscious minds to find out how miscontent our “id” (or cerebellum) really is with us. The gray demon is our brain, at least the part of it we are constantly surpressing. So in the end the experience is positive as it eventually opens up communication between your conscious and unconscious minds. I hope this helps. As for the unbelievers, I hope they continue being so because I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone.

  529. rev and mj says:

    i am jordon i am 13 years old my best friend iz morgan and she iz 12 yrs old we are girls and weve read this story an after it which is now we have tha feeling were are 2 being followed n after we read about u cutting yourself it made me feel ill like it did morgan we r scared now coz it is halloween night n were meant to b goin owt so were brickin it . i felt week n ever paragraph of the story a got weeker n weeker each 1 i to have had a expireance with the oiji board which i truely regret so wish me n morgan luck for 2nit x

  530. Pathogen says:

    Anonymous, i believe the subconsiousness does play a role, however i doubt it’s the main cause.

  531. Anonymous says:

    omg yeahh it’s really addicting. it’s fun when your board and you wanna ask it questions. but this one night my friends and my sister and i played it one time (it was like a few months ago) we had a candle next to it and we asked it a question “if anyones here make a noise or do something” and so the candle peice randomly broke and the peice flew at us. and then my friend fell over and smacked her head off the dresser and she got possessed. she threatened to killl me and was saying the scariest shit ever it was insane and she wasn’t even talking in her voice. it was like a deep dark scary voice. she snapped out of it like a 20 or 30 mins later.

    now a few nights ago i was on the phone with my bf and this white bag randomly fell by it’s self and this thing on the door knob randomly fell by it’self. then 2 nights ago i seen a red orb near the closet and this white thing walked passed it and i jumped up and cried and i texted my friend and she looked it up and she said it said demons usually live around closets? that scared the shit outta me! and my sister and i heard knocking on the dresser and someone like randomly punched the cereal box and i heard a growling noise near the closet. and then it was probably like last week i was sleeping and i heard a girl scream and shitt. like i can’t even sleep at night anymore. i haven’t been sleeping i haven’t been getting any sleep lately because of this. idk what to do. :( every single one of us wants to burn the ouija board. so i think that’s what we are gonna have to do. :\ it’s very scary.

  532. Pathogen says:

    Burning the Ouija board wont do crap, i don’t see why people think it’s the ultimate solution. You’re scared, so they are going to take advantage of it. If you respect them and not fear them, you have nothing to worry about.

  533. Aaliyah Corea says:

    Now I feel like never buying that Ouija thing. I really believe in this story and I had to read it all because I got so interested! I hope everyone reads this story so they would all stop buying that ‘toy’.

  534. SurvivorofLife says:

    Ballsack, I’m not sure you’re qualified to distinguish authentic accounts from fabrications. In your attempts to sound erudite you leave a questionable impression, using “big” words inappropriately and unnecessarily.

    As for the story, perhaps parts of are made up for the sake of imparting a lesson. It could be that this tale is inspired by true events. The part of the story that makes me doubt its veracity is the author quoting herself as saying that “Amber is not well, she needs a hospital or something. Mike, you could take her on your bike.”
    The alleged accident that results in Mike and Amber’s deaths seems equally implausible. That part should probably have been omitted.

    Using a Ouija board doesn’t always produce immediate consequences; sometimes the negative repercussions take a lifetime to thoroughly play out before ultimately possessing the victim. For the evil spirits that use Ouija boards as their killing fields time is of no importance; they have all the time in the world.

    At the age of 12, I used a Ouija board with my sisters. The thing identified itself as “Victor.” At the time I did not derive any significance from the name, “Victor.” I do now.
    It used disgusting profanities — we were young kids going to a Catholic school and were not exposed to this type of language — and it lied. Ouija boards notoriously lie. Lies and evil are synonymous. Eventually it began threatening us and manifesting itself by making objects in our house move. We were sufficiently freaked and discarded the “Toy.”

    A lifetime of depresson, addiction and bad luck followed me as well as one of my two sisters. Or maybe it wasn’t simply “bad luck.”

    Stay away from Ouija boards.

  535. liz delong says:

    i am a sophomore in high school and i have to do a paper over someing that has intrest to us and i thought of ouija boards and my friend said maybe we should get one and i thought about it and after reading this i am never going to play with one.

  536. trolldoll says:

    demons? why is it, my whole entire life and those whom i’ve known their entire lives, have had no such thing as demons even enter there minds!!! give me a break! i suppose all you think that demons are responsible for everything wrong in this world. i’ll give you all a clue. man is evil!

    • Pathogen says:

      You wouldn’t understand unless you have been in their shoes. However mankind can be evil, but does not mean they are responsible for everything negative happening. You shouldn’t shed negative light about what you lack in understanding thereof.

  537. Anonymous says:

    When I was 12 years old, I began using the Ouija board out of fun and curiosity with my cousin who at the time was 13, even though I had been warned and taught against it by my Mother. We made our own boards with paper and a plastic can lid for the eye. Terrible things occured in the house that we did this in and they only happened to us. I do not feel the need to go into full detail about what actually happened but, I will tell you that I am 24 years old now and have since then had some horrific experiences in my life that I know for a fact were caused by demons. If you do not know what you are doing, don’t do it. If you are not able to close the door they may never leave. When I grew into my twenties I also learned that some of the women in my family including myself were born with a “gift” and are what could be called “psychics”. My power of knowledge of certain things in this world has only come with age and I am still learning. One thing I have learned is how to repell demonic forces from my life to a point because people like me have a tendency to attract such things more so than others. Just as Miss Shelly stated in the story above, I have nothing to gain by lying about the things that I have mentioned. So, as a warning, please do not “play” with things that you do not know about and please advise your children to do the same. A moment of fun is not worth your life.

    -Miss B

  538. Anonymous says:

    This just seems like a bad high experience if you ask me. Anyone else notice that they were smoking pot and drinking one before all this stuff started going down? I’m not completely dismissing it, but it doesn’t seem like it’s necessarily real to me.

  539. makayla says:

    i belive in ghost cause my house is haunted but idk wether by good or bad spirits it all happen after i watched the exorcist

  540. Anonymous says:

    I was “all in” until you said that the entity told you that Barak Obama was going to be president. What was the point of that? It made me laugh, but otherwise, I think that what you experienced is true and thank you for sharing your story.

  541. Anonymous says:

    Well, while I do believe that a Ouija board is not something want to meddle with, I think that this tale is a bit exaggerated to be more scary. It is probably true, but I feel like the author added some small, made-up stuff to make it sound more impressive.

  542. Bella says:

    I’m very sorry that you lost youre friends, but I’m happy that you have a good happy life now.

  543. anonymous says:

    alright in my opinion i believe this is fake. i mean it sounds corny, it so happens that the friends were in the basement of house that is in the middle of the woods where other houses are many miles away. your mind is a powerful thing and can make you believe things that are no real. people seriously try to be realistic.

  544. matthew bray says:

    the part where you were in the bathroom, that happens to me all the time. i never really thought it was anything until now. now that i have read this story i feel like everything that ive been feeling isnt normal. but idk how to get rid of the feeling.

  545. Riece says:

    Does anybody honestly believe this? First, it is obviously a narrative. She would not remember so many lines of dialog and so many interactions in such crystal clear quality, especially after fifteen years. She also claimed to be high at the time.

    Secondly, even if they did use a board, remember that she was high with street marijuana that very easily could be laced with a hallucinogen. Everything she claims here, like the voices, the demon she sees, and the little things dancing in the corner of her eyes can be attributed to either the drugs, simple tricks of the mind, and it is very possible she has schizophrenia that manifested itself when under extreme fear. We already know that she was diagnosed with mental illnesses later in life.

    Yeah, it’s a scary story. But that’s all it is. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, and view everything with a critical mind.

    • Ray says:

      Your two issues with the story (1) It is fictitious since she remembers too many details for something that happened 15 years ago, and (2) It is not fictitious but she was high on mind altering drugs, can’t both be true at the same time.

      Furthermore, if she had made it up she would have left out the bit about drugs, assuming she wants people to believe her, since that is clearly going to cast doubt over her story. The drugs bit is a bit weakness in her story yet she left it in.

  546. Riece says:

    Also, it gets ridiculous at a certain point. Barack Obama? Really? Why wouldn’t it say anything about George Bush. You know, the guy who was the next president after Clinton when this was supposed to take place? It’s an obvious ploy to lend an air of credibility.

    • Sharayah says:

      Are you for real obama becoming president was of more importance then bush he is the first black president of USA so that is a real big deal for many. And to foretell.

  547. clusivebolt says:

    Thanks for sharing your experienced. I do believe in consequence of playing Ouija board. I will never play this Ouija board. I think it will turn your life miserable living in fear and full of bad lucks. To Ms. Shelly I am happy that you overcome it ^^, Always pray to God and for sure he will protect you.

  548. redsin145 says:

    I wonder why? Ouija Board is available in TOYS R US weird….. They shouldn’t sell this dangerous toy.

    • lol :) says:

      lol i really do agree with you bec if a parent buys it for thier child and they dont know what it is, that could really hurt a child or family memebers. and if that toy does harm that child then the parents will sue toys r us sux for them!!! :) lol

  549. Anonymous says:

    woo i’ve always heard tht ouija boards could really do this but i never heard a story about it like this. my mom always worned me away from them because as a child she saw entities in her house but they were both both good and bad ones. I truely believe this story.

  550. Anonymous says:

    Oh my god if you read this you would know its fake if they didn’t go out much why would they be in a stupid coffee shop

    • Caretaker says:

      How rude? You can tell a story is fake because someone went to a coffee shop? If someone doesnt go out very much why would that mean they wouldnt go to a coffee shop? Also how can a coffee shop be stupid?

      We have a lot of really interesting comments but I am really tired of the ones like this which seem to be no more than a put down than anything else. If you dont believe a story that is cool, no one is going to believe (nor should they) everything but to judge a story fake because someone went to a ‘stupid’ coffee shop? Are you 12?

    • lol :) says:

      when people say they dont go out much that doesnt mean htay stay inside like a vampire. when thay say they dont go out much then that means that they go out sometimes just not all the time like you and me lol :) does that help???

  551. Kayla.Marie.Hamel says:

    omg that story had me on edge as i sat in my bedroom in the dark lol. wow thats very scry and ive learned that immmm neverrr touching a quija board. ever. i loved the story thank u for posting ittt. :)

  552. Kara says:

    I was going to try the board but all of a sudden I have had a change of mind because of this story.Im very sorry for your lost and I won’t to thank you for posting this and from saving me from trouble.

  553. Anonymous says:

    well iit was pretty inresting
    i played a ouiji board that i made and this little girl said she fears me
    idk what i did o.o

  554. anonamous says:

    youve got it wrong all of you.demons dont feed of peaple they posess. if the peron they
    posess dies before the demon leaves, the demon becomes a whisper. demons do not
    physsically attack they emotionally attack and the demons do not go for the bad they go for the good to prove that even the best may fall.they go for man because man is the
    cruelest species. how do i know this.because i am posessed what am i saying i am not posessed i have signed a contract with the devil.i have fallen. dont feel bad has given me all the power i need and i feel great.

    Note from admin – NO PROFANITY permitted in comments

    • Sabina says:


      How do you know for sure that you are possessed by a demon? What kind of contract did you sign with him and why did you do it? Does he possess people who have never killed, raped, or stole but who don’t care anymore?

      also, if the person possessed by a demon dies before the demon leaves, where does that person go after life? Heaven or hell or both? If the person was a good person, I am sure there are good spirits and God protecting him/her.

  555. CHILD LIKE says:


    Question if you don’t mind.
    How do you know if you are possesed by a demon and not a spirit?
    Have you seen what your demon looks like?
    What kind of powers are you talking about?
    What is your dept with the devil when you die?
    Does the demon control you and does it make you do something that you do not want to do but youi do it anyway?

  556. Sabina says:

    Please help me. I’m moral, compassionate and kind – never killed, raped, stolen from anyone in my life. But at the same time I’m scared to death of the thought of being possessed by the demon, because I feel that deep down I am asking for it. My anger and rage have no boundaries and always bottled up inside. This dichotomy within me scares me because I want only the Good. Is this normal? Why am I thinking these thoughts? Am I vulnerable to the devil?

    • Fluffy says:


      My take is this: Don’t be afraid of dark or angry feelings and thoughts. We all have them and those who say they don’t or that we shouldn’t are liars or sadly mistaken. Seeing and accepting the anger in ourselves doesn’t mean we have to celebrate it or act on it. Pushing it down, however, and wishing it weren’t there can only make us increasingly anxious over time. That sort of anxiety can spiral and ruin all the good times with thoughts that you don’t deserve a good life because secretly you’re bad, and so on.

      Well the secrets out. Sometimes you’re bad or angry or vindictive or guilty or whatever…JUST LIKE THE REST OF US!

      Your life is a puzzle for you to solve, as is mine to me. Keep going! You don’t need anyone’s permission to have a happy life. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to push you off track to make their own failures seem less bitter.

      Let those people go, let your memories of them fade and accept yourself right now, exactly as you are.

      This is an on-going process for all of us. Don’t worry too much if you find now and then that you’re in the thick of it all over again.


      : )

      (brief aside and off-topic)

      Is there a prettier or more delightful name in the entire world than ‘Sabina’?

      I don’t think so.

      Walk tall and look alive, kid!

  557. CHILD LIKE says:


    Dont’ worry you are not in any kind of danger. Let me start from the beginning.

    When I was a child around 5-8 years old I had an experience with the paranormal, which gave me her jewerly. I showed my mother but since I could not prove where it came from she thought I had stole it and gave me the beating of my life which was the cause I suppressed my paranormal experiences. I also told her I can see angels and hear them talk. She told me not to tell no one because if I do they will take me away from here and from her. I didn’t tell her anything anymore after that. I just kept it to myself and told myself it was not real. My mother took me to the doctor to have me check for tumors in my brain and other test which came out I was ok.

    Now I am in my teen years, I had a bad paranormal experience but I survied it. My friends heard and seen things in my houase which I am still living in. I did not tell my other this time. But weeks at a time I would cry and did not know why. Again she took me to a physicartic and she said I had alot of paranormal activity going on thru my life but I did not accept it as for what it was because I was suppressing it.

    The doctor had a talk to my mother in private. The doctor told me my mother needed to talk to my about my family.
    I asked m ymother and that when she told me we had witch blood in our veins and that was it she did not want to talk about it because she was not proud of it. I had to reasearch it and I found her. It was my great grandmother in my mothers side of the family. And just recently I was told by a medium that I have more than just one witch in my ancestors.
    Now I am 44 yrs old and in my room you can see books of paranormal activity, ghost, spririt encounters, the other world books starting from when I was a teenager. Now I just added pagan, wiccan books and angels communication, meditation and the spiritual world. I had always been drawn to the paranormal world. Now that I have my own teenager daughter having experiences I talk to her about our blood lline and what to expect to happen. She is like my mother trying to suppress it thinking it will stop but it doesn’t. I just believe if you are drawn to it , it’s because there is a reason. You just need to research your reason. Now I am in the process of buying paranormal equipment to do my own investigation in my own home. Now I want proof and when I do get it I will show it to my mother not for her sake but for mine ( a stone to unturn).

    I hope this helps and if you need to talk or have a question I am here for you. I been there and done that. lol

    • Sabina says:

      thanks, CHILD LIKE, that’s somewhat comforting. everyone seems to classify everthing between good and evil. I think there is a spectrum and that ghosts/spirits/entitities and other unworldly creatures unbeknownst to us could fall anywhere within this spectrum. I guess just as it is with us humans, we can not be classified into just 2 labels, that’s ridiculous. there is a spectrum and within that spectrum, it’s true, some of us might fall on each polarized extreme, as believe that devils/demons fall on the evil end of the spectrum. also we always seem to label unworldly beings as either a positive spirit/angel or negative entity. I think there is a spectrun of other creatures we have no knowledge about. And just because they have red eyes it doesn’t mean they’re evil. Take the mothman for example. It had glowing red eyes, but pupose was not possess or hurt others. it’s main role was to warn people of a tragic event. your thoughts?

  558. CHILD LIKE says:


    I agree with you. There is Good, Evil, and the shad of grey, what is inbetween.
    There other beings out there that we are not even aware of.

  559. kris says:

    i have only had one thing happen to me with the board….. and it was not fun at all….. i do not know if this story is true, and i do not like to talk about what happend to me….. i did note that alot of people on here are saying that it can not be true because of all the little details…… i do not know who out there has ever had a life changing experience, but i have…… it happend 12 years ago, and i can still remember every little detail down to the type of shoes that the person with me wore…… becuase of what happend to me i will not even say the first name of the board, however i can understand how someone can remember everthing like that 17 years later…… i remember mine after 12. i know that my spelling is not the best, and that you may think me uneducated because i did not break down every little detail of her story, but honestly i think that the only truly uneducated people are the people that say they know for certan that something can or can not happen……. that is a black and white outlook on life, and does not leave any room for grey. and the one thing i have learned in the 32 years i have been alive is that there is a whole lot of grey out there……. no one and nothing fits in a box that one person creates, and you can not force it……. if we have the power of free will who is to say that there are not other things out there that can do the same? i will tell you this……. 12 years later after my time with the board, and i am still on medication to help me deal with the hell i went through……. i still have nightmares, day terrors, and can hardly funtion….. so yes i believe her story, i have reason to…….

  560. Neko says:

    How many stories like this must be told before people learn NOT TO MESS WITH THINGS YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND. It’s a simple rule of thumb, and anyway, knowing what demons are, why would you want to summon one?

  561. maria says:

    I have a board but nothing other then stuff disappearring every now and again but that was happening before the board. Sorry i suck at spelling. But after reading this story i wont touch mine again….But i dont think the thing that follows me will ever stop. I used to go to church and it was there to. I just choose to ignore it.

  562. CHILD LIKE says:


    I know what you mean. I bought a lot of x-mass presents and put them in a box. When it was time to wrap them some of them was not there. I never found them. It happens to me all the time. Keys, things I buy from store’s still in the bag just disappears.
    The thing that is following you around, have you see what it looks like before? Do you think it’s a spirit maybe someone you knew? Or do you feel it is trying to harm you?

    • maria says:

      No I dont think it will harm me. I have seen it a few times like a quick shadow and every time i do i feel real cold. But my son used to see it when he was smaller and talk to it when he was little. As soon as i came in the room where my son was he would stop and look at me but at tha time I wouldnt see it. I just would have a creepy feeling. Im not joking come around me and you will see. My friends always say they saw something in every home that I’ve lved in and they always get a creepy feeling.

  563. Anonymous says:

    so sooooo sorry for you many losses

  564. Anonymous says:

    ones I was asked to hold a Ouija board. a friend of mine had it placed in his trunk & dint like the point of driving it around everywhere he went. I took the board and placed it under my bed were no one including my family would see it. Few day later I remember I had it and also remembered how cool it look, cause it was a glow in the dark Ouija board plus cause it was the first time I’ve ever seen a Ouija board. I inspected the game n found out how it was played then placed it back were I had it. after reading about it the I began to show of with the kids on my block. Sum thought I was brave as sum thought I was dumb, but in the end I never really cared what anyone say or things about my personal life so I went on with my day. Later that night I over heard my dad talking to his wife. about a small situation he had gone by similar to what had happened to that girl in the paranormal activities the movie, were she got dragged. It grabbed my attention so I paused what I was doing and walk to my dad to be nosey. he said, “he’s been having a feeling that demon’s have been following him for years now, but dint seem to know what to do about it. what I learned of this was that demon’s do exists cause I know for a fact my father wouldn’t make such a thing up specially cause I know he hasn’t had the best past. After I had already told two of my best friends to come over and play that same night. I walked a 20 minute distance to drop off the board before my buddy’s came. We ended up not playing and just got online and talked to girls on myspace till we couldn’t stay awake anymore.

    I really admire you r story and am sorry for your lost. thanks for sharing you story with the world, cause it can come in handy.

    It dumb how people can think demon’s know the difference between movies or radios. They can be blind and still feel your fear, not cool cause other people can fear doing such things like watching scary movies or ect…

  565. Anonymous says:

    i was thinking to use it but this story change it thanks shelly!and sorry for your friends..

  566. tata says:

    wat happend to jacob.?

  567. Anonymous says:

    i loved the story. dont know if its true…but the coments were more entertaing xDD l0lz

  568. Anonymous says:

    I want to believe in you story but it’s just a little bit too much but I totally believe in the ouija board I remember my mom told me that she used it when she was little and she asked who am I going to marry and it wrote out “ren” my dads nick name is ren and there was was someother stuff too like words like utopia but neither of her friends knew that word so it had to have been a spirit an I believe my mom she’s told me this numerous times andits always the se story so I know it’s true and I’ve never used the ouija board and never will plus now your story just convines me more not to use that darn board I hope your are well and and stay well and hopefully Jake is still Alive and well

  569. Fluffy says:

    My current take is this: These ‘spirits’, for lack of a more accurate and appropriate term, are all around us all the time. Some people are sensitive to them in varying degrees and some are not. Most people who are sensitive to them, however, are not aware that they are sensitive.

    Then along come the Ouija board. There is nothing ‘spiritual’ about it, but by its nature it lends itself very well as a vehicle for spirits to make themselves heard by influencing the movements of your body at a time when you are relaxed, perhaps a bit scared and open to influence.

    Some of them happen to be bullies, and don’t want you nosing around their turf and all that rot. Others are playful or bored and will pretend to be someone interesting to you and so on. The ones that tell you to let this crap go and leave well enough alone are giving you sage advice, as none of them are going to tell you anything of any worth, and the one’s that say they will are stringing you along for their own amusement.

    Afterwards you may feel ‘possessed’, but it’s really just a heightened awareness of things you’ve been aware of all along but didn’t know it, and they knew you didn’t know it so they left you alone. Once they know you’re onto them, the bullies will harrass you and try to scare you anytime you get close to their wave length.

    They can’t hurt you, but can inspire you to hurt yourself. Treat them as you would anyone else who tries to give you stupid advice or sell you snake oil. Just shake your head and say, “Sorry. I’m not buying.”

    The man you met in the cafe probably had the means and ability to simply tell the spirit (once again, for lack of a better word) to buzz off and leave you alone. His cryptic explanation was good showmanship!

    The world is more strange and wonderful than we know. Keep your ears and heart open and who knows what may come along. There is a lot of good out there along with the bad.

    Number one thing: Trust yourself and maintain a sense of humor ALWAYS!

  570. Bestium says:

    Don’t huff and smoke grass – and no demon approaches you. this is just the play of mind poisoned with drugs, man.

  571. Maisy says:

    Okay… Reading this story, I will admit, frightened me a little.
    I am a firm believer in the spiritual world, the paranormal, basically everything
    that mankind is afraid to accept as fact.
    Demons, and ghosts, and spiritual beings are a terrifying thing to me.
    I am quite weak-willed and I frighten easy. I’m constantly aware of things
    around me.
    When I was young, my aunty (who is a lot like me and believes in these things
    too) told me that if I am ever followed or being bothered
    by a demon, I am to ask it if it is a ‘good’ spirit, or if it is a ‘bad’ one. If I have an
    overwhelming sensation of dark energy, I am to simply tell it to ‘go away’ and
    leave me alone.
    But she told me, and I believe this firmly, that not all spirits are evil. Some are
    simply there to watch over you, they may have known you in their late life
    and wish to take care of you, or they may just sense something about you
    that they know is pure and good.
    Knowing this relieves me completely.

  572. Nikki says:

    If all this is true…
    You realize ‘Santa’ is most likely code for SATAN. ‘The man’ (Satan) was obviously trying to fool you.
    Satan knows about the events that night, him having caused the incidents and the images you saw; the ‘vampire’. He was using that as a way to your trust, saying it was the evil ‘Vampire’ who had the weird feeling about him and not your gut feeling.
    –that is what I understood from the story you were telling, it may have been wrong to leave your trust with this person, if he was ‘good’ like he said, he would have been able to rid you of the Demon-Vampire. God (Creator, higher power…whatever suits your liking) and his angels have a higher power over the Devil which is how I knew this person was definitely not one of God. (No I am not a religious person, AT ALL, though I believe there is a higher power or creator.)

    *I recently got rid of my Tarot cards, (I became obsessed with it, hateful towards my family and had a lack of empathy.). I’d related Ouija Boards to Tarot Cards. They hold a greater power then we can understand. The unknown should not be tampered with.

  573. Denny says:

    We have the power to cast out demons in Jesus’ name!

  574. Himani says:

    Wow! this story is realy interesting!

  575. Curious1 says:

    I’m curious to know what contract was formed during your session and which one of you made it.
    The man you met in the coffee shop stated that this thing was hanging around longer than the contact was made for, it sounds like to me a contract was formed by someone in your group.
    I also would like to hear an update on your friend Jacob did he or your other friend
    ( my condolences) experience any thing like what you did maybe not as extreme. Thanks for sharing your story.

  576. emochick102896 says:

    This was a very interesting story. and it would scare me probabaly just the same amount it did to shelley and her “possi” is what i call it. But i’m very into the paranormal/ spiritual world. I would like to thank shelleyf or posting this because i feel i have the right to know what could happen if i made the stupid decision to play with a ouija board.

  577. Anonymous says:

    It seems that the only survivers from that September night that is still alive are you and Jake?? Since Mike and Amber died in a bike accident and Crissy died of stroke so does that mean you and Jake might be next??

    • Teri says:

      A bit of an uncalled for comment don’t you think? Shelly, please don’t pay attention to comments like the one this guy made. It’s upsetting.

      • Anonymous says:

        Teri it was really funny story don’t you think? Ouija Board is a great toy to play.I played it like everyday nothing happens.But really i laughed really hard of this story. :D DD

        • Teri says:

          Yeah, it’ll be hilarious when something goes wrong. But good luck to you & your “playing” of the board :)

  578. Anonymous says:

    first there was 5 of you. then after amber got sick becuase some reason ( maybe because of the demon) mike took amber to the hospital on his bike and the got killed.( did the demon kill them??) so crissy died of stroke 5 years ago and now since there is 2 of you left and the demon is still on the killing spree (maybe because it might of caused the crash and the stroke) you or jake might be next so good luck

  579. Casillas#1 says:

    Really hilarious story mate.You typed it all? Then well done.Teri you know that ghosts and demons aren’t real? Ouija Board is so boring toy. Only thing you scare is your own imagination! Cool story anyway:D

    • Teri says:

      And you have proof that the spirit world doesn’t exist? I don’t have have proof that it does or doesn’t but I believe there’s something out there.

      • Casillas#1 says:

        Paranormal doesn’t exist. I understand when you believe that stuff in age of 5-10. :D

        • charles walker says:

          Paranormal DOES exist otherwise how do we explain all the strange things that happan (ghostly images and things that go bump in the night) that do not have a ‘normal’ explanation – they are paranormal.

        • Mike says:

          I remember when I was a child riding in the car with my grandmother. She got pulled over for a traffic violation. She asked what she was pulled over for and the officer told her. She then stated that she had never heard that law. The officer calmly replied,” ignorance of the law is no exception”.
          So just because you don’t believe or haven’t seen it, means absolutely nothing. Not many people like to walk around with the blind fold on, unless you are say, age 5 – 10, then I guess what you don’t know, truly won’t hurt you.

  580. Jade says:

    I played the Ouija board and randomly got scratches across my face when the entity “Jack” got angry with us because my grandmother didnt beleive and was making fun of it. The next morning i woke up i had fresh scratches on my back,face,stomach, and some other places. My friends nose was bleeding and she had a black eye. We saw a figure at the door bekoning us. We were stupid kids and I was dumb enough to follow it. Thats all I remember but my friend said I was acting weird and tried to attack her! I don’t remember it but the fear in her eyes meant she was truthfull. She said the figure dragged me down the stairs and i was screaming. The next day we played the Ouija board AGAIN (stupid right?) and asked if the figure last night was Jack he said yes. We found out it possesed me and was trying to show me its grave. He is 17 and died of lukemia. He said I had the life he wanted and if I stopped seeing him from the Ouija board and in person he would come and take me again but not let me return. It was a scary experiance and I still talk to him on the Ouija board with the fear of him taking me. That is my story (COMPLETELY TRUE!) and I hope you understand.. i have many other scary experiances and if you want to hear them tell me..

  581. Anonymous says:

    Yes I want to know all of your ouija board experiences
    How old were you when you started to use the ouija board
    what was the first experience when you used the ouija board
    what have changed in your life and yourself since you used the ouija board
    Is it the same group of friends using the ouija board and or do you yourself
    use the ouija board alone
    Do you use it day or night
    Do you hear voices when you use the ouija board?
    Do you have nightmares?
    How old are you now.

    • charles walker says:


      I started to use the ouija board occasionally from the age of 10 – 11

      Initially just got odd messages nothing much happened and most messages meant nothing to me.

      Neither me or anything in my life has changed as such since using the board.

      I use the board with a variety of people not really any regular people and not alone.

      I use it both by day and by night – depends what I want and where I am as I use it during my ghost hunts and paranormal inverstigations.

      I have never heard voices and dont have nightmares.

      I am 58 and still alive and kicking and perfectly sane, although some may dispute that.


  582. CHILD LIKE says:

    Hi Charles,

    Good to hear you are fine.
    I am starting to use a pendulum board and ouija board for my project I am working on.
    I use it alone and at night. If I use it during the day it does not work.
    Idon’t have nightmares but I am starting to here a voice.
    For example: my arlarm did not work that morning and I hear a loud womans voice
    calling my name and it was loud because my parents in the next room heard her.
    It’s not a bad feeling I get but I feel she is not the only one here.
    One day I woke up with bruises on my back then later scratches on my arms.
    My daugther started waking up with bruises and scratches and now so is my mom.
    I called a medium I know and she tells me it’s a bad spirit who scratches only females.
    But she said it does not come from the ouija board but I had picked it up from someone in my work. Strange ……. What do you think.
    I really want your opion on this.
    Thanks for listening lol

  583. charles walker says:

    An interesting case for sure. Now without any information relating to those you work with it would be difficult for me to comment on that possibility. Despite what is said and all the panic created it is very very rare for the ouija board to be the cause of such phenomena. Having said that it is not totally impossible but conditions have to be right for that to happen. For example you have to be ‘open’ to such things. You have to be prepared to accept that so called ‘evil’ entities actually exist.

    If you feel even slightly uneasy or scared you are opening yourself to, shall we say,negative forces. Now with the physical evidence you have it is obvious that you have stirred something up, I am assuming there is no connection with work as I have no information on that matter.

    If it were me that this happened to I would make a serious effort to ‘communicate’ with this entity, it could not make things worse, with a view to firmly telling it (or them) to leave me and my family alone. My mind would be set on a positive feeling and show that I am not scared or worried but in control. I DECIDE who stays and goes.

    The alternative of course is to ask a psychic to help you out and remove the entity/entities for you. I have had to do this for others in the past.

    I should say that it is VERY RARE for there to be any physical injury as a result of using the ouija board.

    Hope you get it sorted soon
    Take care

  584. Shiva says:

    I’m sorry for Shelly’s loss and her experiance with an evil entity.

    But I must say, if that man she saw found it fit enough to take the vampire from her, he must’ve been at least some good. And it’s not fair that just because he didn’t say what he was doesn’t make him evil, or Satan. Especially if he only wanted balance restored. It must have been such an honor to meet him.
    I really am interested in the physic vampire’s name!!

    Thanks so much for sharing your story!

  585. CHILD LIKE says:

    Hi Charley,

    Thanks for responding to me.
    I agree with you, I don’t believe it comes from my boards at all. I do believe evil exist though and I do feel uneasy at times but I am not scared and ready for a fight if it comes to that.
    I was surprise when the Medium told me it launch to me from work. So you can understand I will start from the beging which is the best way to start anyway.
    In the office at my work is my boss, myself and jorge which was the right hand man for my boss. My boss found out he was stealing from him and instead of firing him he send him to work outside at the shop with the rest of shop employee’s.
    He blames me (thinking I was the one who told him to investigate him) and hates my boss.
    After a few months of jorge working outside he would come to the office but, he would not step inside the building only open the door and yelled it in. I told him to come inside and he would refuse to. So another month went by sending work thru the door.
    One day my boss was in my office having a meeting Jorge opens the front door and as he open the door all the doors from the building open at the same time with full force and my boss and I just looked at each other in confusion. Instantly we felt uneasy with the building but we didn’t think much of it.
    Later my boss told me that he knew jorge did voodoo( i don’t think I spelled it right),
    So when my medium told me it launched to me from work that came to my mind,
    it was something jorge was carring and launched to me.
    I did a cleansing in my house and I don’t feel it’s there anymore. I am having strange dreams like if I am at another time and place I never been there before.
    I wish I already have my evp that I order to see if I would record any voices. The voice that I did hear was a sweet female voice . I feel comportable with that.
    My boss and I hear movement in the office that use to be jorge and we go see and nothing but very loud noise if something big fell off. I told my boss I would cleans the building but he refused. I can’t help feeling that he is hiding something from me. Like if he knows something else but doesn’t want for me to know.
    Thanks Charles for listening and giving me your advise. I really appriciated it.

  586. Anonymous says:

    this story sounds seriously hectic, i could not stop reading it wen i started……………may the loving grace of the almighty god and his sonJesus be with you.

  587. Anonymous says:

    like OMG me and my friend were playing with one and when me and some friends were playing we had a othere friend that was takin notes we had been talking to a girl that toold us that a doctor would take the most sick people and take them to some fort some kind of of place and that he would shot them and domp there bodys in a lake that was there and when she was about to grabed a othere peice of paper her arm start going craziey and she had draw a fort the place and two people one was holding a gun and the othere person geting shot and when we said goodbye i had got on my computer and found out that there was a doctor in the old day (really dont remember when and the persons name) but it was a man and he was sick like mental sick

  588. MrsSadstory says:

    But he same thing happen