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Clear Creek Horror - Ghosts In The Corn Paddock

I have been interested in the supernatural since I was a young boy and have tried to learn as much as possible, by doing this I have been to many haunts and witnessed a lot of supernatural happenings, and what I believe to be ghosts.

I have just got my booked published and am putting it up for sale on eBay starting from the 8th of march 2008. I have done this in an attempt to help people learn more about ghosts and prove their existence. In this book you learn how to locate a ghost and know how to hunt it and make some sort of communication if possible. The book is called "Become a ghostbuster, how to find a ghost, and bust it!". Here is a story from it I would like to share.

About three years ago me and my friend peter went out to my grandfather and grandmother's property called "clear creek" (clear creek is an extremely haunted place one of most the haunted places I have ever been to it has a lot of history and a lot of ghosts, be sure to look out for my book on eBay of it as well as my DVD's) we decided to do an investigation on one of the paddocks called the "corn paddock" this paddock has quite a gruesome history to it one hundred years ago when the black man was slave to the white man, the white men were raping the black women and beating up the black men, the end result was 200 black men, women and children were slaughtered and burnt in a stacked pile in the middle of the corn paddock. There had been many reports of seeing a tribe of black men and women dancing in the darkness under the full moon, as well as many reports of children's screams of fear in the darkness.

We decided it would be best to camp out, we set up our tents and equipment before night came, a few hors later we were sitting at the camp fire we had made talking about the reports that many people had seen and heard and what the connection the sightings had with each other it wasn't until then that I found out that peter didn't believe in the stories or for that matter the spirit world! So as far as I was concerned the investigation was over was there was nothing more to look forward to, within thirty minutes we heard a noise in the bushes behind us it sounded like someone was walking towards us and in the process was crushing twigs and leaves under there feet.

The moment that we stopped talking and turned around to see what it was the noise instantly came to a halt, within seconds the exact same sound came from the opposite direction, the question that came to my mind was that how could someone that was walking out in the middle of a paddock with leaves and twigs under there feet move so quietly to the opposite side without being heard. Now this sound had me quite scared, I finally built up the courage to ask, "Is there anybody there?" there came no answer, with that Peter decided to act like he was a tough guy and yell at the top of his voice "SPIRITS I MOCK THY!"

At that very moment the wind started to pick up, our tents fell over and started to blow away, the fire had gone out and was now nothing more than a dim glow in the darkness, all of a sudden we heard an ear piercing scream that echoed through out the paddock, it was so powerful that myself and peter had to cover our ears, I remember the words that peter said to me before we ran back to the house which was 2 km away was "Oh my god its actually real!!" we have since many times returned to the corn paddock I am very curious to find out what it was that was out there, and you do have to keep in mind that Clear creek is a good 35 km out of town and there's nothing out there but farm it is a very spooky place to be.

I am currently working on a DVD series of my investigations traveling the world, if you have something you would like investigated feel free to contact me at horder.luke @ yahoo.com.au or cwfwrestling89 @ yahoo.com.au I will try and answer as many of your questions as possible.

I hope that you enjoyed my true story of the supernatural and keep a look out on eBay from 8 of march 2008 for my book "become a ghostbuster,how to find a ghost,and bust it" feel free to contact me for an order or something you want investigated.

Until next time L.J.Tippet

Contributed by Luke Tippet and Copyright © 2008 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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