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Are More People Seeing Ghosts?

I've always believed in ghosts. I don't know why, but even when I was really young I really loved stories of them and hearing anything to do with them. Over the last two years I've talked to a lot of friends and family about it, and it seems that a lot of people have seen ghosts or know someone who has. Are there more ghosts, or are we just believing more?

I always believed, as I said, but it wasn't until I found that my house was haunted that I knew how scary it can be. I have lived in my house for ten years now. About six years ago strange stuff started happening. At first I didn't believe it, thought it was in my head because I believed in ghosts and watched TV shows on it and all that. The first time it really hit me was when I was alone in my house. I was coming back from the toilet to my bed room when I heard a voice whisper right be side me. It called my name. I froze. I couldn't move and I thought I was going to faint or fall over at least. After a few seconds I managed to move and run to my bed room and slammed the door shut.

A few months later I was sitting in my bed room and I had a skeleton motion sensor that laughed if you walked pass it. It was up on my shelf with no-one in the house, but me. I was sitting on my bed watching TV and suddenly it just went off with no warning. I froze. then there was banging downstairs and that was too much. I jumped up and ran outside. I stood outside with my front door wide open for a while. I kind of felt stupid so I went back inside and went back into my room and started watching TV again. Just as I sat down the motion sensor went off again. I turned it off and got rid of it a few days later. I told my parents who said I was imagining it. I new I hadn't imagined it, too much had happened.

Little things kept happening, footsteps would be heard up stairs when no one was there. I'd often ask my mother about it who would insist I was imaging it. Until one day she finally told me about stuff she had tried to convinced me I had imagined. She said she had heard the walking up stairs and that her friend had been over before and told her that my wardrobe had been banging, also that my younger brother had heard someone breathing in his room. She told me that she was trying not to scare me and my brother. Stuff stopped for a little while and I thought maybe the spirit had left.

One night me and a friend were in my room when we heard the stereo down stairs come on, even though we were the only ones in the house. As soon as it came on we could hear footsteps coming up the stairs. I ran and slammed the bedroom door closed. We didn't leave the room until my mother came home. stuff hadn't stopped, it started all over again.

I was out side with another one of my friends when we heard shouting as if it was right next to us even though there was no one there. He ran to his car and left and I went back inside. That night I was in my room and the spirit called my name again. I was so scared that I just went to sleep with the light on.

When I was out one night three of my friends went back to my house before me. When I got there they seemed a little bit shaken up. They told me that all of them had seen a black figure outside my house, just standing there looking out at the street. when they got to my house it was gone. They all left and went home. I went inside and went to go tell my mother, as I did she asked me why we had been standing in front of the window even though none of us had.

I was out one night and came home and my mother called me into the kitchen. She asked me if I had written "F**k off" on the window. I told her no, of course. She said the strange thing was that she rubbed it with a cloth loads of times but it wouldn't come off. The next day I told my friend about it. He said try and rub it off. As soon as I touched it the writing came off. I was very shocked and just left the house for the day.

Another day I was out and one of my friends stayed in the house waiting for me and three others to get back. As we were walking up to the house he was standing out in the back garden. He looked really scared. I asked what was wrong, he told me that when he was in the house something had called his name. He wouldn't go back in the house on his own ever again.

I bought a Ouija board. I tried it with two friends, the Ouija board flew round not really making any sense. I thought I would be able to find out who was in my house but nothing came of it.

One of my mothers friends told me that she could feel that there was a spirit in my house. I told her everything that had happened, she told me that she knew how to cleanse a house. She did it and for the last three years my house has been quiet. The thing is now that its quiet I want to know more. I have started to look into ghosts a lot and reading books and looking on the internet. I have even been on ghost walks and done some ghost hunting with a few friends. Even though I was scared at the time I think it was because it was in my house. I'm going to keep ghost hunting and trying to prove to people who don't believe.

Contributed by and © Scott James. All rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without express permission from the copyright holder.

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