I See Dead People: The Renee Christine Martine Story

Renee Martine - I see dead people

Renee with her daunting black hair and doe like brown eyes, was ready to relate her story to me. Her story was absolutely fascinating. It falls into the 'I See Dead People' category, because Renee is a sensitive. I believe she is a magnet to the spiritual realm. She is a lighthouse beacon that summons the departed to her physical being. She recalls that everything started happening at the age of 15. She would hear people walking around in her parent's home and when she looked, there was no one there. She remembers hearing full conversations, but couldn't make out what the words were. She had blankets pulled off of her. The house that she lived in is no longer there. The house address was 320 Bell Avenue in Sacramento. Her parents were faithful Jehovah's Witnesses and even if they witnessed any ghostly activity, they were not going to talk about it. Renee has a strange family history, besides the fact that her parents were Jehovah's Witnesses, her great grandmother was a black witch and dabbled in black magic. She was well known through the Wiccan community.

Another witch came into Renee's life. When she was dating a band member of some popular local band, the band member's ex-girlfriend was a witch. This witch placed a curse on Renee and before she knew it, one night she was attacked by ghostly white hands that went around her throat to choke her. When she confronted her band member friend, they started talking about his former witch girlfriend and the car automatically broke down. She knew it was time to keep her distance from her band member friend and the paranormal activity subsided.

As her life become somewhat normal again, she learned that her childhood friend was a sensitive and before she knew it, she was able to telepathically communicate with her friend Audra. Audra passed away four years ago, and still communicates with Renee through her dreams.

In 1998, her life was ready to take a turn towards the unknown again. In the first home she lived in on her own with her former husband and two daughters, she started seeing shadow people at the end of the hallway of her new home. Her brother-in-law Jason's ashes were kept in a churn at their new home. One of her daughters claimed to have reoccurring dreams of a man that was trying to save her when bad things would happen. She described this man to Renee. Renee was shocked, because the man she was describing was her brother-in-law Jason. While living in this first home, her family would hear rustling of paper from the KFC bucket in the next room and there was no one there. The refrigerator would open by itself. There would be impressions on the bed, like if someone was sitting on the bed. Footsteps were heard near the foot of the bed, while Renee was trying to sleep. While living in this home, she had an out-of-body experience. She floated to the ceiling and could see herself on the bed sleeping with a shiny gold band that surrounded her sleeping body. When the astral projection ended, she felt like her spiritual self was shoved back into her body. She felt vibrations, everything went black and she felt like she was in a huge vibrating bell. She had the Berkeley Psychic Institute investigate her home. This Institute immediately recognized Renee as a sensitive. The teacher of this Institute placed his hands upon her and immediately felt she needed to be 'grounded'. Then a psychic for this institute felt that Jason (her brother-in-law) was in the house and that when he came to the house, he opened up a portal bringing along other ghostly entities. The psychic was able to tell Renee that Jason was upset with his brother (her husband) about a bike. Renee confirmed that this story is true. Then what really surprised Renee is that the psychic was also able to give her the name of Jason's friend's name. She struggled with the name, as it sounded something like; a door? The name of Jason's friend was Adore. Adore was no longer with the living, because he committed suicide. The psychic said that Adore hangs out with Jason and that Adore is mischievous and likes to peek at her. When Renee invited another group of healers to come and cleanse her home, she noticed that the guests pulled up in front of her house, but after fifteen minutes of knocking and ringing the door bell . No one in the house could hear the knocking. It was like the entities of the house, didn't want any more people in the house and silenced the knocking deliberately. When Renee finally peeked out of the window to see why they hadn't come up tp the door yet, she found these two ladies waiting to come in, as they were told by this entity to go away! The two ladies conducted a smudging of her home and burned sage throughout the house to cleanse it. Renee was told to put Jason's ashes outside and to later scatter the ashes. Renee did this and Jason no longer came around to visit her. While Renee was experiencing all of these activities, her former husband was seeing shadow people in the house.

The second house Renee moved into, things started happening.. The candle came off the wall and flew across the room. The sewing machine would turn on by itself. She saw the full body apparition of a little girl twice. The ghostly girl actually looked like her daughter. The girl was seen wearing a long white t-shirt. She remembers once, when there was a crack in the closet door, the opening became bigger and she could see the little girl looking through the opening at her. At times Renee's cell phone would ring and it showed the call originated from her home. There was one problem. There was no one at her home. As Renee listened to the call, there would only be static. She learned that the little girl that was haunting her home, was haunting the home next door too, and had died at Arcade Creek. This little girl became known as 'The Lost Girl of Arcade Creek'. Now in her present day home in Rocklin, she has a male entity haunting her home. This entity is somewhat pesky. He will place his fingers between her toes while she is sleeping. The entity will tug on her clothes. He will whisper inaudible words into her ear. She brought in another psychic into her life to help guide the occupying entities to their destinations. The male entity flat out refused to leave and ran from the psychic. The psychic told Renee that this male entity is attached to her and her two daughters. Another interesting factoid of this case, is that her home is situated on American Indian land, but Renee is unsure if this is what is causing the haunting.

Renee tells a consistent story and I couldn't find any contradictions to her story. She kept me intrigued and I want to learn more. I am not a sensitive and do not pick up on the other worldly realm like she does, but perhaps if I shadow her movements she will open a gateway to the unknown for me. I can only see, or hope to see.

After I got home, Renee sent me an email. She forgot one part of her story. This is what she relates in her own words:

"I also wanted to share one other thing that was pretty significant in my life. About a year after I moved into the house near Arcade Creek, and during my divorce this happened one night. I was dreaming that while sleeping in my bed my phone rang. When I woke up to answer it, I looked at the clock, wondering what time it was. The clock read 2am. On the phone was an police officer with a very heavy Irish accent. He proceeded to tell me that Lance (former husband) was in some trouble and was in jail. I asked the officer if I could talk with him, but the officer said, "No, I am not at liberty to say". Weird? So, I asked, "well what kind of trouble is Lance in"? The officer replied, "I'm sorry, I am not at liberty to say". I replied with, if I can't speak with him, then why did you call? The officer said, you can speak with him, but make it brief. Lance got on the phone and said "Hey I'm in trouble, can you come and bail me out"?? At that point, my phone rang again, only this time, I wasn't dreaming it rang, it was really ringing. Again, I looked at the clock to see what time it was, and the clock read; 1:59am, and on the other end was Lance. I asked him why he was calling so late, and he replied, "I'm at the club with my friend Sean, but he left with some girl. I lost my wallet, and don't have money for a cab, could you come and bail me out"?

Now, I'm not sure why there was an officer with such a heavy Irish accent calling me at 2am, but I know I will never forget that inccident."

This article was edited by HPI paranormal-investigator-in-training Lisa Holt.

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