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Are Witch Trials Still Happening?

Are women still being killed today over witchcraft as they were in the Salem Witch Trials? So to speak they still are, but they just try to cover it now unlike the Salem Witch Trials.

Here is a story of one case that happened near the capital Port Moresby. In 2005, at the end of October, four women were brutally beaten and tortured until they admitted that they had used sorcery that killed several prison guards in a fatal crash.

After these villagers had tied heir hands, blind folded and got them to admit it they murdered them by stabbing them to death with hot metal rods.

In the Salem Witch Trials they had three main ways of killing the accused women and those three ways were, hanging, drowning and crushing.

When they drowned them they would say that if the woman floated then she was a witch and they would kill her in a different way, but if she sank then she was innocent. So really it didn't matter if she sank or floated she was to face death.

Now with the four women that was killed they did in an exclusive way to where they thought that they would not get caught. The local police looked into this incident with the help of a tribal leader and found the decomposing bodies of three women on January 18 of 2006 The have never recovered the fourth body.

The police found these bodies in a pit that was used as toilet, they buried them they had placed a banana tree and sowed some fresh grass to keep anyone from finding them. Could these women have been innocent.

It is my belief that they were innocent and the women of the witch trials were wrongly accused as well. It has been proven that the women murdered in the Salem witch trials were single or they had of importance like land or a house or anything that someone else might want even if it took that certain person to get them committed of a crime that they was sure would get them killed

In Papua New Guinea it is still very common that women are still suspected of witchery and they are to be trialed and killed if found guilty which most of the time are just like in the Salem witch trials.

Contributed by Tasha Slone and Copyright © 2008 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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