Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences Part III

Here is page three in our collection of short stories and experiences that have been submitted by our readers.

The Ghost in My House

The night it happened I was lying in bed oblivious to what was going on in my house. As the night fell it got creepier by the moment. Dishes were falling to the ground, whispers in my ear, footsteps in the hall. And the water in my bathroom sink was running all at once. I decided to get up, face my fears and see what was happening in my very own house.

I walked gently and slowly down the stairs, waited by the wall and poked my head out to see. When I did this, there in front of my face I saw a woman with long black hair and jagged old clothes doing the same thing on the other side of the wall.

I screamed and ran for the door, pulling and tugging at the door, but nothing happened. It was like someone or something was holding it closed.

I ran to the basement to get some sort of weapon but there I heard more, louder, whispers. Banging on the closed door was something I fear to tell. I was running to the door of the basement but, it was locked. I was stranded in my own basement with fear and discomfort. Again I saw the woman standing in front of me, staring and coming toward me. I went black.

In the morning I woke up in my bed with 3 scratches down my palm to wrist. Blood stains were all over my bed and clothes. I still to this day don't know what happened to me that night. I've wanted to leave for thirteen years now but, its like the spirits are eating at my soul and leaving me with nothing but fear and doubt of life.

I've decided now to live among them and let them take control of me. I have no strength to fight. I have no control of myself. I couldn't leave if I tried. I'm trapped.


The Stranger

I was spending the night at Katie's house. We were watching E! True Hollywood Story when out of the blue, the phone rang. I answered the phone but all I heard was a crackle on the other end. We didn't pay much attention to it until we got another phone call about 30 minutes later at midnight. Katie answered and all she heard was a loud breathing sound. We knew that it wasn't are friends pranking us because both of us felt like we were being watched.

Then we heard a knock on Katie's bedroom door. We both figured that it was her grandparents coming to tell us to go to sleep. We didn't answer the door because we were staying up later than we were supposed to so we turned off the TV and pretended we were asleep.

Just as we crawled under the covers, the door opened but it wasn't her grandparents. As we both peeked over the covers to see who it was the door slammed shut.

As we went back under the covers a chill went down our spines, it felt cooler in the room. And suddenly the windows and the door started repeatedly opening and closeting. And then we both decided to sleep in the living room but it followed us.

We were starting to get scared so we went to wake some of the other girls up, but none of them were there. So cautiously, we looked around the house for them, but all we found was fresh blood on the kitchen counter.

There was a terrible stench in the air. It smelled like rotting meat. what was bad about it all was that no one was there but us. so we will never know if it was a real event or a illusion.

Claudia and Katie

It's With Me Presently

I have a poltergeist "staying" at my house for about 3 months now. Several times daily I hear (as well as my guests) very loud "knocking" sounds coming from an area about 3 feet away from us. How loud? Very loud and disturbing and scary to all there. It comes at all hours of the day and evening with no warning.

Just 3 or 4 loud raps are heard. This is scary, very scary indeed. Oh yes, I also hear whispering and chanting late at night in the house and just several weeks ago a rock was hurled at me from out of no where Literally.

What's going on here? By the way, I am not a child. I am 61 years old, an American living in Asia for the past 15 years.

John W Durkin, Makati City, Philippines

Kingdom Lane

Me and my friend Saskia were walking my dogs, then we thought we saw fire, we quickly took the dogs back and tried to look for the fire again. There was no trace of any fire. We went right down, and turned down Kingdom Lane. We had walked halfway up when we saw what looked like a tall, long black ghostly figure, we both turned round screaming our heads off.

When we both dared to turn round, we went all the way up and saw nothing ever again. When we ran back another way, we looked in this old deserted house, in the window was a skull.

We have seen nothing since. Its not much, but its true.


Was It The Grim Reaper?

I had just come home from shopping with my friend, my mammy and my daddy. I was having a sleepover and I bought lots and lots of sweets and stuff like that. My daddy said since you are going up stairs you can take the bathroom stuff up too (toilet paper etc.). Fine, I replied, so I took them up and my friend came up too. She said while I am going to the toilet I will bring in the toilet stuff. So she took them and I started to put out the sweets and drinks.

There is a haunted bedroom in my house so I always keep it locked and hide the key. So I heard a lock clicking and a door opening. I thought it was my friend so I shouted, flush the toilet. She screamed back I am still in the toilet. Strange, I thought, so I went back to my business.

I then heard footsteps heading towards my room. I got scared so I didn't turn around. The more I ignored them the louder they got so I built up my courage and turned around to find the haunted room wide open and a thing wearing a black hood. I couldn't see its face, I couldn't scream or breath or even move.

It just stood their looking and pointing at me. Then he turned around and walked into the wall into next doors house then the haunted room door slammed shut.

The next day my neighbors grandmother died I don't know what I seen that day but was it the grim reaper? I swear that story was true!

Hayley McMahon

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Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences

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