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The Case of Demonic Exorcism: The Laim Thatmews Story

Not too many things scare me and that is why I am in the ghosthunting business. There is only one thing that really scares me. It's called the human monster. I recently watched a movie, that is based on a true story, it's called Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door. Fangoria Magazine and Rue Morgue gave this movie rave reviews. The human monster is a woman. When she takes in 2 of her orphaned nieces, she and her 4 sons torture these two young girls in the basement of their home. The torture is hard to watch and I found myself closing my eyes at certain parts. I usually don't do this in horror films, but knowing that this story is based on a true story, made my skin crawl. I could only wonder if a human monster like this can be possessed by a demon? Can someone actually be this evil?

Tonight, I was headed for Border's Books to talk with Tashawna Sumner, Manager of ATHOME PRODUCTIONS www.myspace.com/colorsofthought and her musician boyfriend Anthony Savedra about a future Nevada City scouting mission in which they will be the guides. Her boyfriend Anthony, a singer and songwriter was belting out some incredible songs, that had the whole place at Borders placed into an ambiance of fulfilling harmony with lyrics and tunes that warm the soul. Both Tashawna and Anthony are interested in the paranormal and they will have fantastic sights to show the paranormal investigators-in-training.

After, I finished talking with Tashawna and Anthony, I pondered on what could have created human monsters such as the one depicted in The Girl Next Door.

Maybe we should go back to the time of Enlil and Enki, the sons of Anu - Supreme Commander of the Anunnaki, from the planet Nibiru. Perhaps I can find my answer there. Enlil planned to exterminate the human race with a flood, while his half-brother Enki helped a few good people by having them build an ark to survive the flood. Sounds like the story of Noah huh? Believe it or not, this is a story that is not only related in the Bible, but it's related in the Babylon tablets, in which it is called the Gilgamesh Epic.

The story of the flood also has similar stories with the American Indian, Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians and of course the Summerians. Enki was a humanist and creative scientist, while his half-brother was a politician and had a strong passion for control. Enki manipulated the DNA of primates to create mankind. The purpose of creating mankind was to use man as a slave to mine gold from this Earth for their dying planet.

In a story that parallels the Garden of Eden in the Summerian text, Enki was represented as a snake. In our Bible, the snake in the Garden of Eden is Satan. The stories are so similar you would think that Enlil vs. Enki is the story of God vs. Satan. Except in the Summerian tablets, Enki defies his half-brother to save his creation. His creation is mankind. Enki wanted mankind to have knowledge of the universe. Enlil tried to suppress this from mankind and banished Enki out of this 'Garden of Eden'.

Did you ever wonder why ancient man in all civilizations are obsessed with gold? There are so many shiny stones in the world, why weren't we obsessed with quartz? If you look at gold in the 21st century, it's a practical metal, that can be used in many different ways, it is now used in computers and telecommunication devices. Perhaps that is why the Ark of the Covenant was mostly made of gold, it was a communication device to God. But, what could God be communicating to man through this device? Why have so many people died in the name of God? If we have the DNA of God, what makes some of us monsters? Could it be that Enlil, who considered himself a God amongst the Summerians and all of mankind and thought nothing in regard to exterminating us from this planet, put the monster DNA in each of us?

If Enlil represents darkness, while his half-brother Enki represents light, then perhaps this is what makes us the type of people we are. People who have the DNA of God, made from his image. An image that consists of a dark soul and a soul of light. When the dark soul dominates the persona of a person, this brings out the human monster that we become familiar with, people with names like the Son of Sam, Jack the Ripper, John Wayne Gacy aka The Killer Clown and many others. We are compelled into voyeurism to watch the exposure of the darkside in others, because we all suppress a dark soul and we are fascinated with this darkness as it reveals itself in others. If we do not have souls that harbor a darkside and a side of light, then could it be that evil comes upon us through demonic possession?

Enter Laim Thatmews. The date is January 5, 2008, Saturday. Laim, a Filipino woman that has flowing jet black hair that reaches her waist joins me for a latte at Borders. I have Laim tell me her story of demonic possession. Laim tells me that when she was 15 years old, she had a very strange paranormal experience.

She would attend a local church that was being held inside a home's garage. The congregation brought in a strange lady into their religious circle. Laim a sensitive, felt negative energy from this lady.

On one night at this church, the lady came in and started playing music with Latin lyrics. The lyrics of the songs that Laim could not understand, sounded evil. People in the garage started chanting and praying. Laim all of a sudden felt a tingling sensation from her feet to her legs. The tingling sensation continued to her neck. The lady started approaching Laim. Laim did not want to be near her. The lady placed her hand on Laim's forehead and Laim went berserk. She was told in her berserk stage, that she was ready to hit people, to assault them in any means possible. She eventually passed out.

When she awakened the whole garage was in a shambles, there were chairs turned over and items that broke as they hit the ground. She was told by members of the congregation that before she passed out, her eyes were glazed over and she spoke in a foreign tongue. The members of the congregation said she was demon possessed and she was exorcised one more time, to assure that the demon was out of her body.

During the second exorcism the members of the congregation physically held her down and threw holy water on her. Laim said that the holy water burned her skin. When she awoke from the second possession, she was able to see spirits around the garage moving, walking and even dancing about. She tells me that as a sensitive, she always felt like she was being watched or followed by unseen forces.

I could only wonder after my interview with Laim, if she was truly possessed or did the darkside of her persona come into focus before the whole congregation? Was the mysterious lady truly evil or did the darkness in Laim's soul project an evil from a lady that may actually harbor benevolent energy? There are so many unanswered questions in the world of demonology and all I am trying to do, is make sense of it all. It was hard to imagine that Laim went through all of this, because her personality radiates with sweetness and kindness. This is now something that she has buried in her past and revealed this story for the first time tonight.

I enjoy interviewing people that have had paranormal experiences and Laim's story has never been told. To place her story into words that anyone can read, it allows us to analyze her experiences and come to our own conclusion to her story. Just recently, I received an email from HPI paranormal investigator-in-training Sparky Parker. Sparky read about my Pollock Pines investigation and she had her own paranormal experience in Pollock Pines, she says:

"I was thinking recently about a quiet afternoon a couple of years ago when I was showing a cabin to a client in the Pollock Pines area. We were standing in the kitchen and I was looking toward the living room and the picture window reflecting the beauty beyond. Next thing I new, I saw a man come from the hall, walk into the living room and he kept going and disappeared through the window. I have grown to believe and feel that when some homes or cabins are empty for a while they seem to find themselves having uninvited and un-approved tenants! Some can feel the differences between vacant (with no paranormal activity) and vacant (with paranormal activity). One could say that well, maybe they were there prior to the dwelling becoming vacant. You decide! Have a wonderful New Year Paul! Sparky Parker."

I will never forget my investigation at Pollock Pines with Gold Rush Ghosts. From the adventure of riding in Gold Rush Ghost's lead investigator's (Robert Reppert) truck called the 'Hearse', because this truck is so big, you can lay a few bodies in the back easily. The road to Pollock Pines can be treacherous and it was an adventure to go to places unknown to investigate the paranormal. Robert Reppert, Nancy Bradley's husband is one of the top ghosthunters in California and he is married to a psychic icon known to the world as Nancy Bradley - Small Medium at Large. Nancy is one of the only two recognized psychics in the State of California and 14 proven in the US. Nancy has impressed so many people with her gift, Shannon McCabe's (President of HPI) Bruce calls Nancy....Nostranancy. For more information about Nancy Bradley go to: www.nancybradley.org For more information on Gold Rush Ghosts go to: www.goldrushghosts.com.

For people reading my article, I will be appearing on Sacramento Access TV, on a local show called UFO Connections, produced by Ron Williams. It will be on the air on February 6, 2008 at 9:30pm on Channel 17. You will be able to find the show at this URL location www.video.google.com, just look for UFO Connections. Catherine Noble was the hostess who interviewed me. I recently had a long telephone conversation with Travis Walton, famous UFO abductee victim. I am trying to work out arrangements with Travis to do a full-blown UFO investigation in either Mount Shasta or Sedonia, Arizona. Fire in the Sky is a movie based on the abduction of Travis Walton. See Travis Walton's website at http://www.travis-walton.com/ Tomorrow, I will be meeting up with Nancy Bradley, Robert Reppert, Catherine Noble, Ron Williams, Ronnie Roberts, Chris Grissom, Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe for a photo shoot at Nancy Bradley's home. This will be for the upcoming DVD Ghost Girls. The website can be found here http://ghostgirls.net/ghostgirlscast.html.

Happy New Year paranormal aficionados! 2008 is going to rock!
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter, Ghosthunter
Email: [email protected]
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this story).
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI
Copyright 2007 Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter Copyright 2007 all rights reserved.

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