Their Ghosts Follow Me Everywhere

When I was 9 years old, my biological mother passed away. The same year after my 10th birthday, my father died also. My grandmother and I had the house to ourselves after my grandpa died; all alone in a 2000 square foot house. At first, I slept in my room (where my father had taken his last breath) at the back of the house and my grandmother slept in the front of the house in her room.

When my father was alive, he would chain smoke cigarettes. He was in a lot of pain and said it kept his mind off things. Because of the pain also, he would drag his feet on the carpet and it made a distinct shuffling sound.

When daddy passed away, I would smell cigarette smoke when all the lights were off for bedtime. My grandma didn't smoke, and I certainly didn't; but I kept it to myself, I didn't want to upset my grandmother.

A few weeks after the funeral for my dad, I was still smelling cigarettes every night. My grandmother and I were sitting outside and talking when she mentioned it. I told her that I, too, smelled the smoke and we both agreed that it was my father. That night, I heard his shuffly footsteps come to my bedroom door. The shuffle stopped for about five minutes, and resumed again going away from my door. The next day I asked my grandma if she heard what I did. Her eyes got like saucers, and again we both agreed that it was my dad.

Just a note, since I was about 9 or 10, I was terrified to take a shower when the house was empty; I always felt as if there was someone watching me (all the time, even out of the shower) and would see red eyes out of the side of my vision occasionally.

When I turned 18, something really weird started happening. When I was in the shower, and ONLY then, I would close my eyes to wash my face or hair, or what have you, and see a little old lady holding her face and crying, she would look out at the shower curtain (from inside the shower) and weep harder and harder; all the while I would feel like there was someone really in the shower with me.

Finally, I had to ask my grandmother if she knew anything about it. Of course she didn't. Then I had the itch to call my aunt (mom's side) and ask her. She told me that I needed to get to New Jersey (where she lived) as soon as possible. Well, I was in Florida, I thought she was nuts. She was almost in tears about something she couldn't tell me on the phone. So I drove 19 hours with a friend to find out what it was.

When I arrived, my aunt was, of course, ecstatic to see me. She fed us and we caught up. I asked her the inevitable question of why I had to drive almost 20 hours to have a measly question answered. She gave my cousin a sinister look and asked her to take me to her house (where we were staying). My cousin took me in her car while her husband drove my car with my friend. My cousin asked the oddest question "Do you know how your mom died?"; "Well of course I do! She died of pneumonia," I said.

My cousin then drew a very deep breath and let it out slowly. "Your mom hung herself in the shower, I'm so sorry we didn't tell you earlier, but we didn't think you needed to know yet." I asked my cousin the next day, after I had calmed down from the news, what my nanna (mom's mom) looked like. When she described a small, elderly woman with thin hair and huge glasses, I realized that is who I saw in the shower! Heeny, (my cousin), about ran off the road when I said that and she got so excited. She told me that I should definitely look out for such things when I get into my mid to late 20's. I wonder what she meant by that.

To this day, I still feel eyes on me especially in my room and always in the shower. I've since gotten used to it, knowing that these are my parents, it is a loving presence, although, still weird!

This is true and weird stuff happens all the time.

Contributed by Staci and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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