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Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences Part II

Here is a collection of short stories and experiences that have been submitted by our readers.

The Grim Reaper?

When I was only 8 years old a strange ghost changed my life. Seeing as how I'm typing this in the house I saw it in brings chills down my spine.

It was a normal day. I went to school, came home, ate dinner, watched T.V. then went to bed. I shared a bedroom with my parents and my sister because I lived at my grandmas house. I laid down to go to bed and just couldn't get to sleep. The wind started blowing ferociously. I looked out the window and saw something that I would never forget, a black robed figure wearing a black hood. I could hardly see his face but within the cloak was a strange eerie glow and he seemed to be holding a long object in his hand that looked as if it were a walking stick.

Oh, don't believe me do you? Me and my family seem to have many paranormal encounters, and I'm not the only one in my family who has seen this figure.

My grandma was driving home from work one night. It was raining and it was pitch black out as she describes it, and just like my story the wind picked up until it seemed to rattle the truck and she saw Him, no, It on the side of the road. It seemed to be watching her. When she got home she was given the dreadful news that her uncle had died.

This is TRUE and though I may have been young I KNOW for sure that what I saw was the grim reaper. Whether why he showed himself to me was bad or not I still remain unsure today.

Myles Howard

Strange Voice Recording

ok, last night me and my friends were throwing a surprise party for my friend, at around 11:00 my Christine and Marie went to bed so me, Aubrey, Brooke, Jessica and Brittany were popping helium balloons and inhaling them and recording our selves on a cell phone. When we played it back at a certain part every time we heard a dark raspy voice say "I am Lord I am" and we all freaked out, and so we played it quite a few times every time giving us shivers.

Then Jessica and Aubrey said that they hear "one more" and think that it was me leaning over to Jessica and that's why it was deeper than my voice but when we tried to record me talking on my stomach it did not sound at all like it. Then after a couple more play backs we heard "one more" in the same voice. This time all of us did and then it said "I am Lord I am" and then we played it back again we didn't hear the "One More" at all.

What makes this even stranger was that when we would hear the voice you could not hear anything else nothing at all it was clear as day. Then the next day when we left and came home we played it for my aunt and she heard "I am Lord I am" as well and when we played it the second time we all heard "one more" and then "I am Lord I am" and we flipped out again and then when we played it the 3rd time we couldn't hear it and I don't know what to think, I am a Christian and I do believe and the house we were staying at we were in the basement and it was dug into the ground like in a hill and we still have the recording it is on Jessica's cell phone, I still don't know what to think about this, my friends Brooke and Brittany were so scared they were crying.


The Disappearing Guy

I was stationed in Hamburg Germany from 79-82. While there I'd pull CQ runner for $25 a night, a way to make extra money, CQ runner is charge of quarters runner. The next day you have it off to recoup.

One night while pulling CQ runner, the Sgt (CQ), was asleep, everyone had pretty much come in from downtown and I was on watch. I was reading a book in the early hours of the morning when a guy came in - short red hair, light short sleeved shirt, jeans, a white guy with freckles. He passed by me, went upstairs and came back by on his way out about 5 minutes later.

It took me a bit to realize something, I didn't hear the front door open or shut. The front door was a heavy metal door which had been welded and no matter what we did it made a squeaking sound. Well, I hadn't heard it, so I went and checked. I opened it and I heard the squeaking sound, so I know the guy didn't go through this door.

On our basement floor we had the NBC room, arms room, etc and we kept it chained up for safety reasons. It was still locked and I know the guy didn't go back by me, so where did he go, plus when taking the stairs to the upper floors of the barracks, despite tennis shoes or boots you make a sound on the steps. I realized later he didn't, my hearing was, and still is, quite acute, and my attention to detail is good too. I'm an artist and the small details count. I don't know who he was, never seen him since, and I know for sure he never left our barracks by the front or basement doors, so where did he go?, I was wide awake and alert at the time, and the crazy thing is he looked as human as you or I, flesh tones and all.

Michael G. Kershner

Green Mist Girl

My daughter always used to sleep walk at my other house in Brownsville Indiana. She told me that when she slept walk at the end of my stairs stood a 5-6 year old girl. She had hair that ended a little bit above the armpits and her body was surrounded by green mist.

The little girl told my daughter to jump of the top of the stairs. The ghost told my 6-7 daughter that she would float and fly. Luckly my daughter didn't listen to the ghost and walked down. But my daughter said that the ghost was mad at her.

Some days the ghost would demenstrate and when the ghost jumped she flew. Some days she could feel herself floughting in thin air. From this day on my daughter can still remember.

Christine Russell

The Scary Zombie

This story is absolutely true. One night I was driving home from my girlfriend's house about one in the morning. Going through a dark part of town with no street lights, I saw a shadow figure lurching into the road about two hundred yards ahead.

I immediately slowed down, thinking the person might be drunk. As I approached closer the person stopped directly in the middle of the road. I slowed down further, going no faster than 5 mph, because I didn't want to hit the person who was swaying visibly.

As I drove past I looked at the person and all of my hair immediately stood on end. Although he appeared to have the features of a black man including an afro hair style and large lips, he was as white as a sheet of paper. Also, all of his clothes looked as if they had been completely bleached white. Worst of all, his face was all screwed up sideways and his jaw hung open a good six inches, much more than humanly possible.

My immediate reaction was, "This person is dead." I drove off visibly shaken, and when I got about fifty yards past I looked back at him in my rear view mirror. He slowly turned around to face my car, and when he was directly in line with me, two piercing, laser-like beams of pure white light burst forth from his eyes, and shot into my car. There were no streetlights in that area and no oncoming cars.

Kurt Rightmyer

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Short Ghost Stories and Weird Experiences

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