Haunted House In Alberta

My brothers fiance was driving around with me last night when she told me a story that happened a few years back. This didn't happen to me, but I thought it was seriously worth sharing. I'll write it as if she was telling you the story.

I was living with my boyfriend in Lethbridge, Alberta, and one of his friends had asked us, "Do you wanna see a real haunted house? No one has lived there for about two years now, and everyone who had lived there previously before this last couple, got scared into leaving. The last couple that was there is still trying to sell the house, but moved and left me the keys. Do you wanna go?"

I said ok, and I was a little bit skeptical about going, even though I'm not really one to believe in that type of thing. Of course we ended up going at night, which made everything all the more creepy. A few of us went, and we started off in the garage of the house. We sat and talked for a few minutes, and nothing weird happened.

After all that in the garage, we started to walk inside. I noticed that on all the cabinet handles and on the door handles, were white strings. It's apparently supposed to lock in spirits, and when you remove them it unlocks them. So my friend, being a loser decided to remove strings like nothing. He just kept pulling them off and laughing, thinking nothing would happen.

Our friend with the keys took us to the basement to start off the tour. Weird thing was, none of the lights would turn on down there, but upstairs they worked. For some reason the light switches were turned on on the breaker, but they weren't turning on at all.

So as we went down stairs, the walls were made out of cement, one of the walls and been smashed and it lead to an old dusty room. Seemed no one knew about it because it was cemented in. The hole in the wall was really small so you had to really squeeze yourself in. When we got inside we noticed that the floor was oddly soft, but at the same time felt kinda hard. When one of my friends knelt down to try and figure out why it felt that way, he counted up nine layers of carpet, and it still kept going. Its not like they were even stapled down or anything. It looked like someone just laid them there and left them.

Jake, one of my friends, had pointed out this box thing in the corner that was covered by a blanket. It actually looked like a casket, and no one was willing to go look at what it was. It still bothers me because I really wanted to know what it was. But we left that room and looked around the rest of the basement.

The rest of the basement looked really weird like someone had made it into a crematorium or something, nothing special but it felt really weird being down there. So we all went to go check out the rest of the house.

Everything above the basement was really gorgeous. The house was really nice which is what made it even worse. When we went upstairs, everything looked like a normal house did. The only thing that was different was the bathroom. It looked very ancient and it felt as if someone was watching you the whole time. I got really bad feelings and I could smell burning for a long period of time.

We continued to walk around the house and we entered a room and heard a lot of creaking and what sounded like foot steps. At that point in time everyone had said we had to go. That was enough to put up with, I had already been freaked out at the basement issue, and the burning smell. So we all left and sat outside of the house in the car talking about everything that happened.

For a good 5 minutes we sat and talked about how everyone had gotten really nervous in the house, when my friend Jake looked up at the house. Everyone was curious at why he looked up, which made everyone else in the car look up at the house, and in the hall way where we were standing before, the lights turned on. I started freaking out, making sure everyone was in the car, and when we realized everyone was there, people started screaming and we took off.

As the car drove away, me and my friend looked back to that hall way, where we both saw a black figure watching us drive away. Not only were we all scared about what had just happened, we found out shortly after, that the house had been built on a burial ground.

I might have left out some details and incidents that had happened. Like I said, it didn't happen to me, I just tried to remember the jist of it.

Contributed by Keeley and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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