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Ghost Picture Slideshow

Ghost Picture Slideshow

People have been finding strange things in their pictures ever since photography has been in use. Most often the photographer claims not to have noticed anything at the time the picture was shot. Only after the film was developed and printed did they notice the bizarre shapes, faces and figures that sometimes appear. Digital cameras make a lot of things quicker and easier, but when a certain image comes under scrutiny there is no negative to compare.

This video is a slideshow of some of the most well known ghost and paranormal pictures.

Do you believe that ghosts are real and if so can they actually appear in a photograph? True Ghost Tales doesn't attest to the authenticity of any of the photos shown in this video. They are presented here for your entertainment and wonder. Perhaps some of them are actually genuine images of something supernatural - You decide.

By the way, we do have a collection of ghost pictures elsewhere on the site. These pictures were selected because we thought they might just be real.

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