Why Did I Have This Nightmare?

I had this dream in the morning. I had gotten up because there was a paper route to work on and then I fell asleep and I had a horrible dream. I dreamed that my husband was dead. It was creepy.

I was dreaming of a lady in my church who had been recently widowed of about one month and I had missed the funeral in real life, but I dreamed I was in a funeral home and I saw the lady there and I saw her husband laid out beautifully and she left the casket behind the curtains and she was crying and I was there.

Suddenly the lady and I heard low talking and it was the man who died talking in his casket and the hymn "Revive us Again" was playing in the parlor and we turned around to see and suddenly it was my husband in the casket, but then it was not a casket, but a gigantic white stew pot and my husband was laid out bare naked with a ring of vegetable all around him and he woke up and he just began talking about his broccoli for some reason.

I woke up suddenly and my husband was not home from his paper route yet and I went out to find him. It was freaky to find myself home alone in the silence. I cannot even try to imagine what factors in my real life would lead me to have dream of this nature.

Things as far I know are going quite fine for a change. There doesn't seem to be anything that I can relate this thinking to to. If there is message, I am curious of its nature.

I have had a previous marriage and my husband is deceased ten years this year because of a suicide and ten years ago I was told that my husband was just barely alive when the paramedics cut his body down and heroics could have been performed, but it was decided it would better to let him pass away at the scene.

I was not present. I was told that if they had worked on him he would have been an absolute burden for me at the age I was then of 19, to bear. People felt that his injuries would have left him as a "vegetable". But that was ten years ago and I have moved on and re-married and things are fine right now and so it seems out of the ordinary to dream of my now-husband reviving from the dead in a pot of vegetables.

Even this as a theory cannot explain a dream like this because I don't continually think of the incident. I used to, but I have family and church and I have had counseling to talk about stress, but it still doesn't make sense to me to have this nightmare.

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