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The Ghost In The Lake House

While growing up, my best friend lived seven houses up from me on the lake. Once we were all grown and had our own families, we kind of went our separate ways. I was married, had a little girl that was two years old and was pregnant with my little boy. My friends parents had moved out of state and wanted to rent their house. I saw this to be a great opportunity to move closer to my mom, who still lived seven houses away.

We moved in. Everything was fine with the house, I was never scared to be there alone. My husband worked nights and it never bothered me to be home. We lived there for about 7 months without any weird stuff happening. One day I got a letter in the mail, it was from my friends mom, now our landlord, her name was Sherry. She was letting me know she had been diagnosed with cancer and she wasn't doing well. Three weeks later she suddenly died. Now the story begins.

I had just had my son, I was still a bit uncomfortable wearing tighter clothes and was trying to decide what to wear to Sherry's funeral. I was in the bathroom getting ready to leave and all of the sudden, felt as if someone was standing right beside me. So much so that I was afraid if I looked in the mirror, I would see her standing beside me. I was so scared and I knew it was Sherry, I just had a feeling deep inside me it was her. I went to her funeral and kept thinking she is not here in this church, she is at my house, once her home.

When I got home that evening the weird stuff started happening. She would uncover my feet when I was in bed, she did that a lot. I would be laying there trying to go to sleep and feel the covers come off of my feet.

You know the orbs you hear about? One night my husband was home, he had the night off from work and we had gone to bed. We were laying there, still awake, and big, bright red and blue balls of light were bouncing furiously around the room. It was so bad, we thought a police car was outside of our window, but then realized that was a crazy thought because we had our bedroom windows blacked out so my husband could sleep during the day. It was the strangest and most unexplainable thing I had ever witnessed.

We would ask her to leave us alone on a daily basis. It was something every day. You could hear her walking around, the floors would squeak throughout the house as she moved around. I was constantly terrified.

After probably six months of this happening, I was in the kitchen one night preparing supper. I had set a fork down on the counter top and turned to wash my hands in the kitchen sink. When I turned I saw the fork spin around on the counter. I dried my hands and went downstairs to the den and cried. I was so tired of weird stuff happening that I just couldn't handle it anymore.

I went down and was telling my husband about the fork. He calmed me down and I knew I needed to go back up there to the kitchen to finish cooking. As I was walking up the stairs, I was looking ahead into the kitchen, the fork slid off of the counter top and landed in the floor 4 feet away from where it started! I was completely freaked out. I immediately started packing our stuff and left 2 days later. I will never go back to that house again.

After I had moved out, I tried to tell my friend, Sherry's son, what I had experienced in the lake house. Of course he got mad at me as if I was lying. I knew it would be a weird thing for him to hear about, but I felt compelled to tell him. Soon after we moved out, Sherry's youngest daughter moved into the house. I still wonder to this day, if she has experienced anything like we did in that house.

Contributed by Brandy and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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