Haunting in Oak Park and a Haunting Revisit to West Sac

Today is Thursday, September 6, 2007 and I am cruising down Franklin Blvd in my Ghost Tracker vehicle to pick up Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe. We are both going to rendezvous with Tim Hawkins, Lead Investigator, Lou Paman (Paranormal Investigator in Training) and Dee Pizarro (Paranormal Investigator in Training) at a home in Oak Park. We knew we had the right house, because we saw Tim's vehicle known as The Blue Orb.

Shannon and I, were met with warm greetings from Martin Purtill and Dawn Parmeter who reside in this home, that was possibly built in the 1930s. Dawn with her bright smile brought out cut-up watermelon, Chai tea, cherry tomatoes and home made chocolate chip cookies for the investigators. Martin and Dawn explained to us there has been a lot of activity in this home. Most of the activity happens in the storage house out back. There is some activity in the barn, that is also located out back. Martin lead the investigators into the backyard area and I went partially into the storage house. The atmosphere inside this storage house is weird, that is the only way I can explain it. I felt a tingling sensation on my arms. I decided to go ahead and start taking some digital photos. The very first photo, I obtain some orb activity in the photo. The 2nd and 3rd photos, there is no orb activity. Then if I were given a stack of bibles, I will swear that with my peripheral vision, I saw a darting shadow move across the lawn. Okay, there is something going on at this house!

The occupants have told me that they have witnessed moving shadows and feeling weird energy in the storage house. Dawn stated that at times she feels she is being watched from the window of the barn. Dawn and Martin have felt constant cold spots in different areas of their home and in the backyard. Dawn once felt a presence walk up behind her, which gave her cold chills throughout her body. She describes how the storage house always seems damp, dark and muggy. She explains to me that at one time she was shocked to see the fan start moving and go into full speed and it was unplugged! Martin has seen their cats Jasper and Booger start hissing at empty space, there was nothing to be hissing about, but yet there they were hissing at something that Dawn and Martin could not see! Martin can't explain it, but he felt the presence of what he believed was a male spirit. One day, Martin dug up a chimney in the backyard and now he wonders if there was another house in this location. Martin tells me that his parents once owned this house and the activity has been going on from day one. Legend has it that the man that built this house, built it for his wife and that his wife died in this house. Of course, theory is that the wife and husband are the spirits that reside in this home. Martin relates to me, that one of the strangest incidents is when a small TV in the backroom, that was unplugged came on and there was the distinctive 'white noise'. They heard people talking through the TV set. The people were carrying on a conversation and at times it was inaudible. It almost sounded like a radio signal of some sort, because the word 'emergency' was heard.

Shannon and I, couldn't stay for the full investigation, because we both had to get up early for work the next day. When I got home from this investigation at Oak Park, I discovered that when I took a picture in the kitchen area, I got a strong white line or streak on the left hand side of the photo, the 2nd photo was a normal photo. Could this have been a vortex of some kind? Then an outdoor shot I took, there is what appears to be a fast moving bright orb, I call it the 'lightning orb'. There is some strange activity at the Oak Park home.

Before we go onto the West Sac haunting, I must tell you some exciting news of upcoming events by H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) of Northern California!

On September 19, 2007 - many HPI members will be headed over to Sierra 2 Center, Room 11 and we have a special guest. His name is Dave Greenwood, a certified hypnotherapist and he is going to do a hypnosis session on HPI! Somehow, Jennifer Baca, paranormal investigator got this session set up for us! Thanks Jennifer! This should be fun, I always wanted to bark like a dog and jump around the desk chairs like an orangutan without any repuccusions over it!

Be on the lookout for a future article I will be writing on our September 22, 2007, Tommy Netzband Haunted Haight Walking Tour of San Francisco! Tommy Netzband is the Founder and President of the San Francisco Ghost Society. Yep, the HPI team, a whole army of us equipped with digital audio recorders, video cameras, dowsing rods, temperature gauges will be heading up to San Francisco for a full blown investigation of such things as The Lady of Stow Lake. Tommy will show us all of the haunted areas of San Francisco! We are going to all meetup at the San Francisco Public Library. Then some of us will attend the workshop classes. The classes are: Ghost Photography by Sharon Leong; Releasing Spirit Energies from Homes by Leon LeGant; Understanding Dowsing Rods by Ann Leong and Investigating Ghost Towns of Northern California by no other than Ms. Macabre aka Shannon McCabe! Afterwards, the exciting part is actually going on a tour with Tommy Netzband and getting a feel of the paranormal that resides throughout San Francisco. Tommy is going to show us not only haunted areas of San Francisco, but also some of the places infamous cult leaders resided at. This is something I am familiar with, because I once had an article published in the Sacramento Bee about my investigations into cults, such as the Hare Krishna, The Peoples' Temple, The Church of Satan and The Church of Scientology. When I investigated these cults, most of the investigations took place right in San Francisco! The workshops and tour are sponsored by SFGS (San Francisco Ghost Society). Let me tell you, I am looking forward to the Tommy Netzband Haunted Haight Walking Tour! This is something you don't want to miss out on!

Another cool thing HPI is doing is a video documentary called 'Ghost Girls' featuring Shannon McCabe and psychic Nancy Bradley! This is a documentary that you should have on your paranormal reference shelves! More to come on this project!

Now let's take a drive across town and head over to one of the most haunted houses in the Sacramento County area. A house in an undisclosed location. A location in West Sacramento, the date is September 7, 2007, Friday. Below is an email from one of the occupants, this is what she says in the email: "By the way, Margaret (one of the spirits of the home-Paul) finally spoke in one of the recordings! She gives us her nickname, "Genaphue". I am soooo stoked. I also got the Native American. He says "Pokai!" which is actually a word from a Maori myth. Look it up on the Internet. So maybe he's not a Native American, but an Islander?

I'll play all the EVPs for you guys this Friday if you want. (Occupant does her own internal investigations and provides HPI with the information she discovers-Paul). You won't believe what happened last Friday!

The kitchen light went out when we (she is referring to HPI investigators who were there for a pre-investigation-Paul) were all standing in there! And no one was next to the light switch. It was not a power outage because none of the other lights or electrical appliances were affected, none of the clocks started blinking, answering machine did not go off, etc. Plus a pair of footprints appeared in a puddle of urine after everyone left, my dogs have not pee'd in the house in a long, long time and it was odd for them to urinated in the house like that. I asked all of the investigators to do a foot print test to ensure that the prints were not from any of their shoes, and it did not match ANY of them, the prints were nearly 12 inches long! They looked like they were from cowboy boots. Of course, it didn't match my shoes or my partner's shoes either.

We also got at least 7 EVPs, I haven't gone through all my digital recordings, so there may be more. Some of the EVPs are very clear. Then early Monday morning my partner and I awoke to the sound of something heavy moving across the floor, it sounded like a piece of furniture dragging on the floor. We could not figure out what it was. So it looks like things are definitely picking up during the renovation."

Before I arrive this Friday night, I must tell you, I have been here before. This home has a vortex in which entities seem to come in and out. Could a vortex be some kind of interdimensional hyperspace in which time and space doesn't exist? Perhaps events happen synchronistically (at the same time) and it's a level higher than an astral plane. Just my thoughts on the matter. Who knows.

Since there is so much activity at this West Sac home. HPI had an investigation on August 31st, in which paranormal investigators Michel Paykel, Chris Grissom, Shannon McCabe, Mary Casiano, John Wachter aka Vlawde and Alicia Perry did the first initial investigation. Shannon witnessed a magnetized plastic 'Y' on the dish washer slide down on its own.

Chris Grissom picks up an EVP that says 'hamster'. The EVP was said in an English accent, by a woman that the occupants call Annabelle. At one point of time, John pointed at his toe, because it ached and the entity said 'it's hurt.' Shannon was working on a laptop and mentioned something about Yahoo and the EVP said "Look at Yahoo, big sucking Yahoo!". The voice sounded mean spirited. Then the next EVP sounded like either Darth Vader or some demon from hell, it actually growled and then said "just move the light!"

After this initial investigation, we had a pre-investigation in which Shannon, Alicia, Mary and I went into the home. We tested a few things out during the day and recorded one EVP, in which I asked the entity..."do you love me?" I was just joking around and the entity (a female's voice) said "enough!".

This Friday night, the paranormal investigators were: Alicia Perry - Lead Investigator/Tech Expert, Jennifer Baca - Scout, Kristen Shelly - Researcher, Holly DeLaughter - Investigator in Training, Mary Casiano - Tech Expert, Paul Dale Roberts - Ghost Writer, Chris Grissom- Investigator , Brian Colbert - Photography Expert, Cherie Vincent - Scout.

While we were at the home, Mary feels a tapping on her shoulder. Cherie Vincent felt something tugging at her hair. I asked the entity to make a noise and I get a crumpling sound next to my right ear. We took digital photos throughout the house and in the backyard. We got a lot of orb shots. One orb that Cherie took, seem to have a face inside the orb itself. The face looked like an old man. One digital photo I took, was a large red orb. Kristen Shelly took some unusual large orb pictures. One orb seemed to be attaching itself to Chris Grissom's face. Kristen took a picture of what appeared to be a pink orb. Cherie took a picture of an orb hovering over the house. Holly DeLaughter, a sensitive feels a male presence and she thinks he is saying that his name is either Jeb or Jed. He seems to favor tools. I asked Holly how she became a sensitive and she was involved in a head on car accident at the age of 4 and her awareness of the paranormal began. She thinks the accident may have been the cause or that it runs in the family. She told me that 4 generations of women in her family have been sensitives. A few times we asked the entity or entities to make their presence known and there seemed to be knockings on the walls. We set up the TV monitor and saw a dazzling array of orbs flying here and there, zipping past investigator's faces and at times seemed like the orbs were sitting on some of the investigator's laps.

The occupants of this residence knew we had a long night ahead and had chips and salsa, angel food cake, sodas waiting for us. We did a lot of EVP work at this 3rd investigation of this home and I am waiting on Alicia's results. During the investigation, I learned that Holly is a hynotherapist and works part time for psychic Sylvia Browne. Holly did a scouting mission on the USS Hornet and took some very unusual photos and received a lot of EVPs during this scouting mission.

Jennifer Baca was very excited, she is doing a 'lone wolf' scouting mission to Alcatraz Island at night! It was Jen's birthday and I got her a ceramic fairy and Cherie gave her a ceramic gargoyle to remind her of the investigation she did at the Martinez House. Happy Birthday to Jennifer and also learned it will soon be Holly's birthday, so happy birthday Holly too! All in all this was a fun investigation.

Now I feel like rambling off on some other subjects. Investigations into the paranormal has been going on for a long time. A very long time. Let's take a step back into time. Majic 12 (government sponsored) was investigating UFOs. The Nazis were investigating UFOs and were involved in The Bell Project. Let's not forget the Philadelphia Experiment in which the government actually made a US destroyer escort ship, the USS Eldridge disappear for a brief amount of time. It supposingly teleported during the time it was rendered invisible to another location miles away. When the green fog engulfed the ship rendering it invisible, some of the crew men were fused into the ships walls. So, it appears our own government has been involved with the paranormal. I won't even discuss 'remote viewing', which is a very recent government sponsored project. But, like I said before, paranormal investigating has been done for a long time. The Philadelphia Experiment occurred on October 28, 1943. Perhaps we have always been fascinated by the paranormal, because the paranormal has been part of mankind since the dawning of man. The African Dogons who never were influenced by other cultures claimed that they were visited by extraterrestials from Sirius. Egyptians and Summerians believed they were also visited by beings from Sirius and had no contact with the African Dogons. Then there is the story that the beings of Sirius may have interacted with humans and created ancient high tech civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria and of course the Continent of Mu (Motherhood of Man).

That is why HPI doesn't turn a blind eye on any type of paranormal investigation. We seek knowledge, this is why we are doing the Mt. Shasta Bigfoot/UFO/Lemurian Pre-Investigation on October 13, 2007, in which I will be the lead investigator for this project. We are ready to investigate anything and everything paranormal. If you wanted us to investigate the Orang-bati (batlike predatory cryptic from Indonesia) or the Agratbat Mahlat (demon known as the Angel of Prostitutes) or the Ferla Mohr (20 foot gray furred gorilla of the Scottish Highlands) or the Emela-ntouka (killer of elephants) and the Ahool (bat creature of Java).....let's just say...'we're there!'

That wraps this article up.....well, there is one more thing. Psss...come over here, let me tell you what I did on Saturday night, September 8, 2007. I get a call from a Wiccan named Donna Reynolds and she tells me that the Sacred Fire Circle is camping out by Negro Bar and that I am invited over for dinner and watch some of their rituals. Why not? It's Saturday night, I have no investigations going on and witches are part of the paranormal. Off I went to Negro Bar, they were singing chants around a bonfire. Belisama Fire is the Lady of the Circle and she tells me I must attend one of their festivals, to get a feel of the Wiccan culture. Just think, when I was driving up here, I was remembering the movie 'The Wicker Man' with Nicolas Cage. One of the witches was teasing me and said.."yes, you have to go to the festival, you'll make a great sacrifice!" Donna was telling me that earlier they went on an herb walk through the woods and collected a variety of herbs. Last night, the witches of this coven jumped on tables, because a rattlesnake violated their campsite. Donna chased the rattlesnake away. At the campsite, I met a green parrot, that is a mascot for the Sacred Fire Circle. The parrot was quite the character. When they sing Bardic songs, it helps to build up positive energy. One of the songs was 'We All Come From the Goddess'. Later on this evening, they would meditate, to release negative energy and it's suppose to have a healing effect for your mental and physical health. Now, I am done! I will write more about the Sacred Fire Circle, when I climb the wooden wicker man at one of their festivals...well, maybe I am being too over dramatic. But, there will be more to come!

For more on H.P.I. Haunted and Paranormal Investigations of Northern California, go to their website at: www.HPIparanormal.net

By Paul Dale (The Earl of HPI) Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter
Edited by Shannon (The Empress of HPI) McCabe aka Ms. Macabre
Email: JazmaPika@ cs.com
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this story).
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

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