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My Ouija Board Experiences

This happened when I was ten or eleven years old. We had just gotten my new Ouija Board off of eBay, and me, my brother (who's three years younger then me) and my friend (who's two years younger then me) decided to use it. We went out back and began to doodle with it, joking around, et cetera. I very nearly slapped my brother on the back of the head when he joked around and moved the dial thingy on the board but... That's not the point.

We didn't say good-bye, and later, my friend left, and we put my Ouija board up. A few days later, things started to happen.

The only experiences I had with it (because at the time, there was six people in our household, me, my brothers, my mom and dad, and my grandma and grandpa, so I don't know if they had any experiences and did tell me or what). Anyway, I was in the bathroom drying my hands on the towel and the water faucet turned on by itself; I could have sworn I turned it off! I believe lights would go on, and there was one incident where me and my brother heard singing in the front room. Like, a sort of whistling singing from a woman. When we went to look, it stopped. No one else seemed to have heard it, so we went back to bed. The next day we got the Ouija Board out and said good-bye, and nothing else happened.

The next incident happened when I was twelve. Me and my mom got out that same Ouija Board and began to use it. My mom asked "Is anyone there?" It went to yes. We nearly squealed with excitement (because this was the first time it actually worked, and the first time we had ever used one THAT worked! Can you blame us?) Anyway, she tried again. "Are there any good spirits out there?" Slowly, very slowly, it went towards no.

Yes. Now we were freaked. So we began laughing nervously(almost hysterically) said our good-byes, and put it up.

I'm thirteen now, and I haven't used my Ouija Board since then. It's up in my closet as I type this, in a box.

This all really happened, and I've always been interesting in the paranormal and whatnot. Hehe, just thought I'd share this.

:] Anyway, later taters!

Contributed by K. and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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