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Always Something Lurking In My Haunted House

When I was born my parents and I moved to the house we are now living in. I started seeing things at a very young age, and it has been going on to this very day.

It all started when I was five, and was awakened in the middle of the night, being scared of the dark. I walked through the hall towards my parents room, and when entering I saw something. Floating over my sleeping folks there was a man in a yellow raincoat. He had long blond/yellowish hair coming out from under his sloping yellow hat. I screamed out in fear, waking my parents. Suddenly he wasn't there anymore. Things like this has been going on ever since.

At the age of eight, I had my next really striking encounter with something. I was sitting in the living room watching TV, and I noticed something in the corner of my eye. I turned my head and saw a robe-like thing move past the door to the next room. I followed it, curious about it, and saw it going into the great closet. Now there's no other exit out of there so it had to stay there I figured. But sure enough when I entered the room was empty.

Sure those things were creeping me out, but it was not until I got to move into one of the other smaller houses on our yard that the really scary stuff happened. My first night there I started hearing strange noises and creeks in the stairs. No worries, I thought. It's an old house, so creeks and sounds like these aren't strange, but then I heard a voice. Some kind of moaning. The chills started running through my body and I just froze there, listening. The noises stopped after a few minutes but were there almost every night that I spent alone in the house.

My grandmother has always been interested in these sort of thing and even made a living out of it during some time. When she was going to visit me in this house for the first time she stopped at the doorstep, and said: "I don't like this house, something is wrong."

Now I was beginning to get really worried! I knew these houses were very old, from somewhere near the end of the 17th century. I thought I had heard somewhere that the house my parents still lived in was haunted and one of the most visited houses in my country. It was on a list or something, so I checked it out. I found a book about it in the local library and there it was.

Apparently, This place used to be a residence for the local priest, with the church just a few hundred meters away. I was also told about a murder here. One of the priests had made one of his maids pregnant and did not want it to get out. The maid however could not wait to tell everyone that she was carrying the child of a priest (priests were held in very high standards in this part of the world in that time.). This, the priest could not accept, so he murdered her the same night in the kitchen and buried her body somewhere on the estate. She has not yet been found.

Anyway, a couple of months after I started hanging out in there, more things came into happening. The electricity shut off without warning and reason, I kept hearing the moans, and things fell to the ground for no reason. Then I started seeing things. It first occurred when I was doing my dishes and looking out the window. I thought saw something in the reflection. It was right behind me. At first I didn't see what It was, then it appeared more and more until I saw the shape of a woman watching me. I flung around and it disappeared into the next room. I didn't dare to follow it. I just sat down with my back against the wall listening to the moans. But they faded out rather quickly into silence.

This happened a few times. Her watching me do the dishes or cooking food. It creeps me out just as much now as it did then. These incidents have increased lately and it's worse.

A year or so ago I was sitting by my computer and heard something coming from the old antique radio I keep for its beauty. I thought "What the darn heck, that old thing actually WORKS?!". It was very low and I took it up and listened. I put my ear to the speakers and listened. It sounded like old radio news, but I'm not sure. It creeped me out so I turned it off. A couple of minutes later I heard it again! Now louder! I ripped out the cord and threw it to the ground. Now it started screaming and louder! I Screamed at it to STOP! and it did. It just stopped. Now I noticed tears running down my face. I stood in the middle of the room and asked what they wanted. I got no answer.

A couple of weeks went on without any happenings, and I thought of them finally (this after about three years living in this house) leaving me alone. Then one night I came in from having eaten dinner over at my parents house. I started walking up the stairs. By the way, my stair has a storage area underneath it and a couple of bars between it and the actual stair. So I started walking up, and I SWEAR TO GOD a pale hand came out from the bars grabbing my foot! I felt the chilling skin against my ankle and I just ripped away, running up the stairs, grabbing one of my replica Japanese katanas and throwing myself against the corner of the upstairs room (just one big room in the 2nd floor). I screamed at it to go away and leave me alone! I shouted it for about an hour. I couldn't stop.

After this I tried to calm down. I finally got up and walked towards the stairs and looked down, nothing. I looked around and found that it was empty. I slowly put down the blade and once again I asked them what they wanted. This time in a calm tone. And I got my answer. A noise started to build up in the corner. At first I thought it was the wind in the window, but it kept repeating the same noises. A kind of wind like whisper going up, then down, over and over. I walked over there. I found that the noise was not coming from the window. It came from the middle of the room in the airspace about three feet from the window.

In the middle of the air something was whispering. I felt extremely uncomfortable, and backed off. It got louder and louder. I started panicking and asking what it wanted. It only got louder and louder until I was screaming to over voice it! I have never been more scared in my entire life. I could not stay another second, listening to the loud scream like whispers. I ran down the stairs, leaping the last steps and flew out of the house.

It was clear now. It did not want me there. It took some time for me to go back inside, days actually, but when I finally did, I found the upstairs room cleaned and tidied. Cozy even! I decided not to be run off by these things and stayed. I am still living in this house, though not fearless. These things still happen and as I said I'm just as frightened now as I was back then. I just need to now why they are here!

Maybe I will update this story, maybe not. Only thing certain is that It has not stopped yet, and by the looks of it, it won't. I GUARANTEE AND SWEAR THAT ALL YOU HAVE READ IN THIS POST IS TRUE!

Contributed by Oliver and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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