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True Ghost Story From Nebraska

When I was little I lived in a small town called Papillion Nebraska just south of Omaha. It was a nice little town, the kind of place that nothing bad ever happens in and that everyone knows each other (well, it used to be that way).

The house I lived in was a nice three story house with a basement and an attic we never went into because we were afraid we would fall though the floor if we did. We once went up to check it out but never actually stepped onto the attic floor. We saw old hay bails sitting up there, as well as a series of small rooms. In the basement we have a family TV room, the laundry room, a guest room, and a play room for me, my three brothers and my older sister.

The house was placed, oddly enough, close to an old grave yard and an elementary school. I remember that me and my friends used to sneak over my fence and play football in an old lot right next to the graves. Ahh, good times, good times.

Although I loved this house to death and have very fond memories of it, it did have a history of sorts. No one in my family knows about anything that happened in this house before we moved in, but every once in a while something very scary would happen, esp. in the basement and bedrooms.

The first thing to happen in this house was when my aunt came to visit from New York. My aunt is a very sweet lady and we put her up in the guest room, but while there she swore that she never felt right in that basement alone at night. Something was there with her; she could never put it more clearly than that. My sister tried to move her bedroom from upstairs to the guest room once so she could have more privacy, but only slept one night down there. She said it was just too creepy to sleep down there. I always thought she was just afraid of being alone, after all everyone slept on the top floor, so she was alone down there.

But then, when I was very young, me and my sister both saw what you may call a ghost, I'm not sure what to call it, that looked exactly the same. My sister saw it, or I should say them, first, and her experience was by far the scariest. She had a troubled childhood, and suffered from hallucinations and sometimes even heard voices in her head. Once night, while everyone was asleep, she said she saw an old man and an old woman pulling a small wagon with a small boy in it behind them. They were white, like a cloud, and floated in the air towards her. They made their way though her room right up next to her bed and reached out to grab her. She screamed and the white figures went away. My parents came in a moment later and she calmed down, but that wasn't the last time someone would see that wagon in that house; the next time it would be me.

I think I was six years old when I saw them, the little boy in the wagon pulled this time by another small figure that looked like it may have been its brother. I shared a room with two of my younger brothers at that time, I slept on the top of a bunk bed and was sitting up late one night, trying my best to fall asleep, when from out of the left wall of my bedroom I saw a small cloudy white figure, no older than me I thought, pulling a small wagon with a little boy sitting in it, waving his hands like a baby would when he wants to go faster. I sat there, transfixed, not believing my eyes, too scared to speak and too fascinated to look away. They walked into the center of the room, floating though the air as if there was an invisible floor beneath them, stopped, looked at me for a moment, then turned their heads away, and walked straight through the wall. I never saw them again.

My younger brother claims also to have seen a white figure standing in the closet of the room we shared. He never gave any details about what he saw, so I'm not sure if I believe him or not, but of my sisters and my aunts accounts I have no doubt they were telling the truth. My aunt is the kind of person who never lies, and my sister, although she did lie a lot back then, really changed after this event. She started reading the Bible and accepted God into her heart and since then she has never heard voices in her head again and was never visited by those ghostly figures. Her explanation for what she saw was that the devil was trying to conquer her, to take advantage of her weak faith and drive her away from God, which of course had the opposite effect. As for my account, well, you can choose to disbelieve me if you want, but I know what I saw.

Contributed by Nathan J. Porrata and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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