The Little Man

This story actually happened to me sister and her son, but I was around at the time and knew about it when it happened.

One night she woke up and was paralyzed, held down with a force to the bed. The only thing she could move were her eyes. She looked around the dark room and saw a small figure on the shelf in the closet. She described it to me as being about 3 feet tall and wearing something similar to what you see a typical monk wearing. She could not see an actual face but said she could feel it looking at her.

She tried to call out to her husband then she tried to yell. No sound came out and soon she felt like she was screaming. The suddenly the little man was gone and she was released from her paralysis.

She woke her husband and told him about what had happened. He tried to comfort her and told her that it was just a bad dream. She wanted to believe him but her feelings had been too strong.

I talked with my sister and brother in law the next day and they told me about what had happened. I suppose it is weird when something like this happens. We couldn't figure out an explanation and who knows, we thought, maybe she was just having a bad dream after all.

A few days later my she was working in the kitchen while her son was playing in the bath tub, he was about 5 years old. At some point she noticed that he was really talking a lot. It was as though he were talking with someone. He would say a few things and at times he would say things that seemed to be replies to questions.

She walked over to the bathroom door to get closer and listened. Now it was obvious, she was sure that he was talking with someone. Then for a moment she got scared because she knew that no one else could have gotten in there. When she walked in there her son was, alone, sitting in the bath tub.

"Who were you talking to?" she asked him.

He pointed toward the foot of the tub and said, "That little man." The he looked really puzzled and said, "He's gone!"

She then asked him to describe what the little man had looked like. He described him in his own childish way but his description definitely matched what she had seen. It had not been her imagination or simply a dream!

I can also tell you that while they lived in that house there were a lot of very strange things that happened. I don't know how to explain this story but I can tell you that there was something in that house!

Written by David Slone with thanks to my sister Connie for this story. Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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