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Little Girl Lost (House Full Of Souls)

Well, first I would like to tell you all that for my entire life, I have always had some contact with supernatural phenomenon. However this incident that I am about to share was definitely, one of the strangest.

I was living in Louisville Kentucky about eight years ago, with my 3 children. We had just moved into a small house on Broadway, it was more like a duplex but the lower half where we lived was more like a single family home. I had just received some furniture from a discount furniture store, and everybody was tired from moving.

In the days that passed, however, none of us could shake the eerie feeling that seemed to creep over the house in the evenings. Then at night it was even worse. One night in particular I was sleeping on my sofa bed and I heard footsteps coming toward me. I dismissed it, though because I thought it may have been one of my children. Then I heard my oldest at the time scream, "Little Girl, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!"

I recall myself jumping out of the bed at top speed and running into her room, and almost ran her over because she was not in her room, at all, she was coming out of the kitchen! I asked Brandalynn what was wrong and she told me that there was a little girl who came into the house from the window, and went into the kitchen. When she told me this I knew she wasn't kidding.

After I got her calmed down I asked her to describe the girl to me. Brandy told me the girl was African American with blue ribbons in her hair and pony tails. But she said her eyes were strange looking.

Then the next morning my middle child, Amber, had an experience while getting ready for school. She was brushing her hair when she saw her lamp pick itself up and through itself across the room! All of us bolted out of that house at top speed! I was so afraid I could hardly breathe! Even though it was only 7 am in the morning, we went directly to my best friends house, Lisa, and told her what was going on. She came back to the house with me and said that she could feel a strange presence herself.

After we got my children ready for school we came back to my house and as we were pulling up to the house we saw a little girl peep from behind the side of the house! Everything in me screamed even though I couldn't open my mouth!

After this we had about a week of peaceful living until one afternoon, Lisa and I had just come back from having lunch, it was a Saturday, and as we were coming back into the house we saw a little girl run out! All of our children were upset saying that that little girl had been causing problems all day, playing tricks on them, and causing them to fight. At this point All I knew how to do was pray, so I did.

Now later that night, after everyone was in bed, I finally thought I would have a moment to try and process everything that was happening, and while in deep thought I drifted off to sleep. During this time something strange was taking place in the house. It seemed like the air was thick and I was having some kind of nightmare, when I woke myself up I heard what I thought was one of my girls coming into my room and when I looked up I just said, "Come on and get in the bed with me," because My girls always got in my bed at night.

Well, I guess I must have still been disoriented from the nightmare because I didn't even notice that this child I said to get in my bed had fluorescent white pupils. When this little girl laid down with me I tried to put my arm around her and suddenly it was like something catapulted me out of my body! (now I know that sounds weird, but it is true!). When I opened my eyes I was in the kitchen and I don't know how I got there! At this point I knew something had to be done.

My son Gabriel had starting telling me he was seeing a man who was red all over walking around the house and it seemed that my family was falling apart at the seams. So shortly after these last few sightings I sent my children to Lisa's house and I decided to have a conversation with the little girl and whatever other spirits were in my house.

I did some research on the house and found out that there was a woman who committed suicide that had once lived there. But there was never any mention of a little girl. It was at this time that my mind started to replay the nightmare I had on the night that I received the visit from the little girl. In this nightmare I was seeing a burning building and a hole in a wall where the flames were shooting out of. For some reason my minds eye kept drawing me into that room then I saw what I was looking for! I remembered there being a flowered couch much like the one I had gotten from the 2nd hand furniture store only a few weeks before!

I knew without knowing that the couch had some kind of connection to the little girl! I immediately took hold of that couch and pushed it out side to the back yard by the dumpster. and immediately the air seemed lighter. Now I only had to deal with the other more poltergeist like entity.

I began speaking calmly but loudly in my living room asking the spirit or spirits that remained to move on. I said to them that they were no longer living and needed to release the pain and anguish they were feeling so they could move on. I also asked that they not scare me or my children anymore because we meant them no harm and if they would only give a sign I would try to help them move on. After this things seemed to calm down considerably. That is, until we moved to another house!

As I stated in the beginning of my account, I have had supernatural circumstances happen to me all my life as well as I have a gift of vision and second sight. I will soon be writing a book to further detail my life and experiences and how everything ties together in this world we live in.

Contributed by Kandiss Wilder and Copyright © 2007 all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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