The Old Man in The Garage

I live in Australia and I have a true ghost story to share.

I was about twelve years old at the time when I saw my first real ghost.

I used to go with my mum to my Grandma's house she lived about twenty minutes away. Sometimes we would go to and take my Grandma to see her other daughter that lived five minutes away. Well on this particular day we went it was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.

My Aunt asks me to go and check her chicken coop she has right up the back corner of the yard next to an old garage that had a big hole in the door. Anyway as I walked up to the coop I started to get this uneasy feeling. A feeling of being watched. I just ignored it thinking my Aunt or my mum was watching.

I reached the gate of the chicken coop and opened the gate and checked for eggs. There wasn't any so I went back to the gate and locked it. That's when I got that feeling back but this time it was as if someone was right near me.

I examined the yard and saw nothing. As I started to walk back to the house I had the sense that something was behind me in the old garage. Thinking it was an intruder I walked back to the door and looked in. I saw nothing at first then I saw a thin wisp of smoke at the back of the garage. As I kept looking I saw a figure of an old man standing there looking straight at me. The garage started filling with black smoke.

I turned and ran back to the house as fast as I could. I got back in the house shaking my mum, my Aunt, my grandma looking at me wondering what was going on. They asked me if I was allright but I was in too much of a daze to answer straight away.

My Aunt approached me and said your really white, what is wrong? When I finally could speak I poured out what I had just seen. This is where it gets really creepy. My Aunt looked at me then to my mum and Grandma and then said, "A man by the name of Paddy (an Irishman) used to live in that garage before the house was built a long time ago and he died in there from smoke inhalation".

Since that time the door has been replaced and I am very grateful for that because I don't really care to see that again, I've got the chills now. I have never gone back in that whole yard since then.(I'm now twenty four.)

I hope you like the story. I have a few more but there is not enough time to go over them, and I'm chilled enough. But I can say this My Aunt has had a lot of experience in the house herself. Thank you for reading.

Contributed by Adam Smith and Copyright © 2007 True Ghost Tales all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission.

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