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This section of True Ghost Tales represents our ghost story archive. Most were published before we created our paranormal blog to present our reader submitted ghost stories to our readers. Stories will no longer be added to this section on a daily basis. However, we add new ghost stories and ghostly stuff to the blog every day. Browse the long list of stories here or visit the Paranormal Blog

Coffee Shop Ghost ~ Added 01/11/2008
Here are just a few of the creepy things that happened to me at that coffee shop. My co-workers have also had other paranormal experiences in this haunted coffee shop.

Are Witch Trials Still Happening? ~ Added 01/06/2008
This writer looks at the persecution and murder of some women who were accused of practicing witchcraft.

A Case of Demonic Exorcism ~ Added 01/06/2008
A true story of demonic possesion and the excorcism performed to cast it out.

My Best Friend's Ghost Came Back To Let Me Know She Is OK ~ Added 12/30/2007
Heather tells a heart wrenching true story about how her friends were killed in an accident and how one of them came back to her as a ghost to let her know that everything was OK.

Ghost Is A Weaker Word - Haunting, Witchcraft, or Black Magic ~ Added 12/29/2007
What would you do if your family fell victim to evil? Here is the story of a family with just that problem. Is it a haunting, or some type of black magic? Other family members also heard and witnessed the strange ghostly figure, but they all saw the results of it as it drove the mother insane

My Mom Kept Her Promise ~ Added 12/26/2007
I have always been superstitious about Indian ghosts. Curious about the Covelo Shadow This centers around happenings related to my mother and father, who both have died within the last year. My mother promised to come back to see me, and she did.

The Covelo Shadow People Michele Stump's Story ~ Added 12/21/2007
I have always been superstitious about Indian ghosts. Curious about the Covelo Shadow People I set out on what would be my first glimpse into a supernatural world. I saw a small shadow running very fast in the meadow beside us. Then both of us turned to each other at the same time and said, “Did you see that?" We saw a larger shadow just ten feet from the car.

Strange Paranormal Activity In Old Condemned School ~ Added 12/18/2007
A police officer tells us about the strange paranormal activity that ocurred in a condemned school building. Many other officers also witnessed and experienced the supernatural events here. Read a story written by one of the most credible witnesses you can find.

Sparkle Friends - Imaginary Friends As A Small Child ~ Added 12/18/2007
When Brandi was a child she met some imaginary friends. The strange thing was that her imaginary friends were only in one specific room of her grandparent's house where she stayed from time to time. "They did not speak to me aloud, but I heard them in my head and would answer them aloud."

Demon Take Over ~ Added 12/13/2007
In the back roads of Hollywood SC Charleston their lives a great evil. I never really believed in demons and supernatural things until I saw it. Some of you people may think it is a lie, but no, I tell you the truth.

Paranormal Experiences - Ghosts and Spirits ~ Added 12/12/2007
Kris has had many different encounters with the paranormal. Read this interesting story to learn more about the ghosts and spirits who have haunted his life.

Lost Spirits Looking For Life ~ Added 12/12/2007
Sometimes spirits, or ghosts, can become lost. These kinds of lost spirits are attracted to the living and desire to be a part of life. Kelly tells us about her own encounters with this kind of ghost.

Ghost Picture From Raynham, Ma. The Full Story ~ Added 12/10/2007
You have probably seen this famous ghost picture, but have you ever read the full story behind it? Here is the official story written by the man who experienced this haunting.

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