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This section of True Ghost Tales represents our ghost story archive. Most were published before we created our paranormal blog to present our reader submitted ghost stories to our readers. Stories will no longer be added to this section on a daily basis. However, we add new ghost stories and ghostly stuff to the blog every day. Browse the long list of stories here or visit the Paranormal Blog

The Dining Specters of Fulton's Underground Restaurant and the Hess House
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations of Northern California and Haunted America Tours takes a look at two famous haunted locations.

The Ghost Guest In Our Home
One night I came home to find my son and a group of boys, sitting around a Ouija board with candles burning all over the house. I scolded them only for burning candles in the house while they were home alone and did not concern myself with the fact that they were trying to contact the dead. In hindsight, the candles should have been the least of my worries.

The Ghost In My Dreams Is Real
Many strange things have happened, my cousin, with his "imaginary" friend Johnny who has red eyes, and seems to have come from a spot in the woods where an old and forgotten graveyard is located. Johnny was always trying to find his mother whom he said he lost.

Evil Laughing Ghost
I'll never forget the first time I really felt fear. The type of fear where you literally get goosebumps and just want to run away but can't from being too frightened. Since that night we have been encountering all sorts of stuff. From both of us having the same nightmares to times where when were together and something bad happened to us. Many strange things have happened to us and it's weird because it only happens when are together.

Ghosts In My Brother's House
I've never was a believer in the supernatural until I had my own experience and even now its hard for me to accept what really happened. My brother and his family moved into a house that turned out to be haunted. Many weird things happened there. My nephew told us that something comes to his bedside and stares at him. Everyone could smell pipe tobacco smoke, but no one smoked in the house at all.

Haunted Mobile Home Park
I live in a creepy mobile home community that used to be a cemetery ages ago. My friends have seen paranormal activities, but I had my own. I saw a shadow in the shape of a little girl. I got closer to her and saw her face. I noticed she didn't have any legs and there was nothing in her eye sockets.

The Little Girl Ghost That Watched Me
My girlfriend said she saw the ghost of what looked like a ten year old girl. Every time she saw the ghost it was staring at me. I don't know why the ghost was so interested in me. Perhaps she was depressed and was looking for someone who could help her. I tried to let the ghost know that I knew she was there and I wanted to help her if I could.

Eighteenth Century Ghost Lady
I was used to seeing ghosts, as I have had many ghostly encounters throughout my life. When I was a child, ghosts would frighten me, but as I grew up and through the years, I got used to them being around. Here is my story about the ghost in our house located deep in the woods, in the state of Ohio.

The Nanny Ghost
One afternoon, as I was going in to check on my daughter, I stopped at the foot of the stairs and was drawn to look up. As I did, I saw the silhouette of a woman standing at the top of the stairs, in front of the window.

My Haunted Home
I live very near to an old Indian burial mound. Ever since I can remember I've been afraid of this house. Once, from the corner of my eye I saw a boy staring at me. I watched out the corner of my eye, until I was absolutely sure he was there and jolted up, only to see nothing at all. It scared me, but I thought I had imagined it, and laid back down. That's when things got weird for me.

Ghost Are Real - We're Never Alone
As a little girl, I'd always been plagued by the feeling of not being along and always being watched. It really wasn't until I graduated from High School and moved away that I began to hear and see things that most people wouldn't believe.

Summer Vacation Ghost Encounter
We thought she had died in a fire, but she said that her grandson had been the one who was killed. A fire had started and she got out, thinking he had too, but when she looked up, she could see him in the window, crying. That's when he died.

Mount Shasta UFO - Bigfoot - Lemurian - Ghosts Pre-Investigation
A long history of mythology surrounds Mount Shasta, including legends of Lemurians, Atlanteans, Secret Commonwealth citizens, dwarfs, fairies, Bigfoot, and space beings who materialize at will. The Indians believed Mt. Shasta was a portal to other dimensions.

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