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This section of True Ghost Tales represents our ghost story archive. Most were published before we created our paranormal blog to present our reader submitted ghost stories to our readers. Stories will no longer be added to this section on a daily basis. However, we add new ghost stories and ghostly stuff to the blog every day. Browse the long list of stories here or visit the Paranormal Blog

The Ghost In The Lake House ~ Added 12/07/2007
Brandy had never seen a ghost or noticed anything paranormal in her house until the day she was preparing for the funeral of a friend. From then on, weird things continued to happen. Eventually she moved out and the friend's daughter moved in. Now we can only wonder if the new resident encounters her mother's ghost.

My Grandfather's Very Robust Ghost ~ Added 12/07/2007
Kelly shares her amazing story about her grandfather's ghost. This ghost is described as carrying out it's activities without seeming to notice the "living" inhabitant. When Kelly shows the man who saw the ghost a picture of her grandfather he said, "That's him!"

A Doll And An Evil Imaginary Friend ~ Added 12/05/2007
It isn't unusual for a child to have an imaginary friend. There are many who would even say that it is good for the imagination, but what do you do when an imaginary friend turns out to be evil and it torments, disturbs and frightens the child?

Ghostly Patients Of The Old Psychiatric Ward ~ Added 12/03/2007
Therese worked in a hospital that was nearly 200 years old. She met up with a ghost in one particular ward of the hospital which was usually locked off. It was only used when the hospital was running out of rooms. When she learned that others had also encountered the ghosts she realized it was not her imagination.

Haunted Boarding House ~ Added 12/03/2007
Annie had some very strange econcounters with a ghostly presence at a boarding school. She saw the ghost of a young Indian girl and had several terrifying experiences while she was at the school.

Ghosts And The Haunted House A True Story ~ Added 12/02/2007
Savannah tells us about a real haunted house. An aunt and her family lived an old house that turned out to be have ghosts. The entire family witnessed and encountered ghosts and strange events. Read Savannah's true story to find out what happened.

Haunting Investigation of the Iceland Ice Arena ~ Added 12/01/2007
I am ready to tell you about the residential haunting investigation that took place on November 29, 2007. One of the great things about the Internet, we can immortalize all of our investigations right in cyberspace, I can share my investigations with you, the paranormal aficionado almost in real time.

The Chopping Knife And The Ghost Girl ~ Added 12/01/2007
Elizabeth and her family moved into an old house that had been unoccupied for 85 years. Little did they know the house was haunted. The ghosts in the house seemed to be re-playing a horrible murder in which a young girl was killed. Here is Elizabeth's personal story about her ghostly experiences.

My Life In A Haunted House ~ Added 11/30/2007
Deborah tells us about her haunted house. I heard footsteps coming up our basement steps. I locked myself in the bathroom and sat quietly listening. I heard the footsteps again coming up the stairs. I got inside the closet, but could still hear something out in the hall. I was so terrified that I fainted.

The Bathroom Spook ~ Added 11/30/2007
I saw something black walk past me and disappear into our the wall perpendicular to the bathroom. I was really freaked out. I suddenly forgot about entering the bathroom. The figure was really black and it only took a few seconds before it disappeared. I was wondering until now if that figure is "Death."

My First Supernatural Experience ~ Added 11/25/2007
Ze tells us about how he first became interested in the supernatural when he was a young boy. Since that time he has read and researched about the spirit world and has had five different paranormal encounters. Ze offers advice to anyone else who is interested in the paranormal and spirit world.

The Toolman Ghost In Our Haunted House ~ Added 11/22/2007
When Mark was a young boy he and his sister had some strange experiences with a ghostly presence in their home. It wasn't until both of them had grown up that their parents admitted to knowing that their house was haunted. Naturally, their parents did not want their children to be afraid.

Smoke and Roses ~ Added 11/21/2007
Hauntings are often associated with smells such as tobacco, flowers, or perfume that were familiar to the deceased when they were alive. In this story Isabella tells us about not only the smells both her and her grandmother have noticed, but other ghostly experiences she ahs had.

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