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Ouija Demon ILKERL

Posted on May 8, 2009

I am currently 19 years old. The following supernatural occurrences happened around two years ago. In this story, I will be referred to as Liam. I will not specify where the following events occurred, but I will say this; my nightmare demonic attack did occur in the USA. It all started when my friends and I were using a Ouija board; a nightmarish demonic portal that anybody should think more than twice about before using it. My four friends; whom I shall refer to as Chris, John, Jack and Paul, were equally horrified and emotionally traumatized as I was.

I shall begin at John’s apartment. It was around 22:30, when after much debate, we decided to hold a seance. After an equal amount of debate and discussion, we decided that since we were his guests, John was to be the medium. We had a Ouija board but no planchette. This matter was easily overcome, since John was able to provide us with a large whiskey glass. For added effect we turned off all the lights and lit some candles. To my surprise, we all got into it.

We started with John asking, “If there is any spirit or presence in this apartment, please move the glass.” Now you must remember that we didn’t expect this to work, so we were all pretty shocked by this. Because the glass did indeed move. We all gazed into one another’s eyes in complete awe and fright. We carried on. “Would you be able to spell your name for us, please?” asked John. The glass started to move.

C-E-R-T-A-I-N-L-Y, it had spelled.

“And what is your name?”


“Ilkerl?” I said. “Isn’t it obvious?”, said Paul, “It’s an anagram for killer.” We all passed a glance at each other in worry and disbelief. We couldn’t believe what was happening. “Should we carry on?” asked Jack. “Maybe…” Chris replied.

We all put the session on hold for a few minutes. We were quite puzzled on what to do. We all wanted to return to the séance but we felt worried about the consequences. Because of this, we all discussed with each other on what we knew about Ouija boards, séances and spiritual presences.

“Well, I did hear that if you hold a séance, you should start with an opening prayer for extra protection.” Jack said. I also added some vital information, “Apparently, if the presence starts to talk about a portal, then the session should be ended immediately. It said on this website that portals are how demons can enter our world. Also, to end the session we have to move the glass to the goodbye sign on the board. After that, for extra protection we should end with a prayer; most preferably the ‘Our Father’, the most powerful prayer.” I said. “And we should always end with ‘In Jesus name, Amen’” Chris had implied. Then Paul stated a very important truth, “Nobody is to challenge the presence. If somebody does, then all Hell could break loose – Literally.” After all of us had agreed on these terms, we restarted the session.

“If Ilkerl is still here could they please make a sign?” asked John. “Ow!” shouted Chris. “What is it?” We asked. Chris had told us that he felt as if he had been slapped around his right cheek. I felt a sudden tinge of fear for this unexpected surprise ‘attack’. We assumed that this was the sign, and therefore we carried on. “Why did you hit Chris?” asked John.

B-E-C-A-U-S-E  I  D-O-N-T  L-I-K-E  H-I-M

“Why don’t you like him?”

I  D-O  N-O-T  L-I-K-E  H-I-M  B-E-C-A-U-S-E  H-E  I-S  A  T-W-A-T

Chris merely laughed this off, assuming that this was a joke. But it was after this that things started to get intense. “Are you a ghost?” asked John.


“Then what are you?”

E-L  P-E-N-U-M-B-R-A

The room went freezing. We knew that by referring to itself as ‘El Penumbra’, it was telling us that this was no ordinary spirit, but a Demon.

“El Penumbra? A Demon! Ilkerl, are you a Demon?” John asked.

Y-E-S. N-O-W  D-I-E

After this, the room got even colder. “Oh my God.” said Paul. Then we all noticed that blood was trickling from John’s mouth. We had been filled with a new terror. We had been filled with a fear. A fear of death. We were so worried that we almost forgot that our arms were being moved around by the glass. To our horror we saw the dreaded word.

P-O-R-T-A-L  P-O-R-T-A-L  P-O-R-T-A-L  P-O-R-T-A-L  P-O-R-T-A-L  P-O-R-T-A-L  P-O-R-T-A-L

We all struggled to move the glass to the goodbye sign. After that, the glass was knocked onto the floor by an unseen force. Then, we all recited the ‘Our Father’ and finished with Chris’s suggestion, ‘In Jesus name, Amen’.

We hurried to the light switches, and flicked them on. Honestly, once those lights were turned on, I felt a million times better. John got us all a can of beer. Jokingly, he said, “None for you, Ilkerl!” We all laughed at this antic. None of us really wanted to leave John by his self, so we all stayed for the night. That was when we all had the dream.

A few hours later we all managed to drink ourselves to sleep. A nightmare came to haunt me. I woke up in a large, rectangular room. I had woken up in a circle of dim light. The rest of the room was shrouded in a black, smoke like mist. Suddenly, I heard many high pitched whispers. The whispers became voices and the voices became screams. The words never changed, those terrible words, “We’re going to get you…” Then hundreds of corpse like arms with taloned hands protruded the mist. I never saw who or what the arms belonged to, but I was guessing that this was Ilkerl. I could do nothing to escape this nightmare because I was paralyzed. The mist closed in on me and so did the arms. My throat was too dry for a scream; instead it let out an inaudible cough. Then the arms grabbed. It was only after this that I woke up.

Written by ElQueLlora, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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206 Responses to “Ouija Demon ILKERL”
  1. mina says:

    did not like the ending it leaves us hanging

    • coolbean says:

      yeah i really want to know more!!! it sounds really scary but exciting, please tell us more :D xx

  2. AJ says:

    If this is true- then you only communicated with what was already there (in the house)-or- had been brought in by one of you. The word El Penumbra, in most Biblical Data bases is as follows:
    (Hebrew “go’el”): The Hebrew name for the clansman, “next of kin,” upon whom devolved the duties: (1) of avenging, on the person of the murderer, the blood of a murdered kinsman—in this capacity the more specific term “go’el ha-dam” (blood-avenger) was generally used—and (2) of redeeming the property or the person of a relative that had fallen into debt.
    So, i would check with the guy that got slapped and find out about his past- you might just be shocked at what he tells you.

    • Anonymous says:

      so what was the past of Chris I’m pretty serious and curious about that it gets my attention I’m Evelyn from Philippines please to meet you i want to continue that story…tnx

    • evelyn_01 says:

      that story really woke my curiosity so what was happened after that i think you need a very huge knowledge of how to manage the ouija board and also a very strong faith communicating to evil spirit is not a joke or a play and dear god doesn’t like that,me as a christian i will pray for all of remember prayer can move mountains just have faith not to demons but to our dear father god and his begotten son…

  3. kelly nash says:

    omg thats so scary i mean i had an altercation, when i was sleeping & i wanted to get up but something was holding me down & i struggled to open my eyes & i felt like someone was holding me down & when i finally broke free it was silent & no one was there.

    • vic d says:

      Oh my gosh, that happened to a lot of people I know! all your descripstions fit theirs; being held down and unable to speak, and after a few moments, you get up and no one’s there..

      • Brianna says:

        I think thats called Sleep Paralysis, from what I’ve heard. It could be something demonic, but most scientists say that happens to many people and its just like your brain telling your muscles to lock while you’re dreaming.

  4. Al says:

    Kelly nash – I think you were having Old Hag syndrome.

  5. ElQueLlora says:

    Sorry about the ending, guys. However, I will keep you posted on other experiences that my friends and I had with ILKERL.

  6. esme says:

    “REALLY” I got scared when the demon said “yes now die” now I am to scared to take a shower! the END does leave us hanging OMG

  7. kimberly says:

    cool im not the only
    one thats afriad to take
    a shower know
    dont leave un hangin plz
    its an awesome story

  8. Arthur Borges says:

    Do not mess with Ouija boards, but mostly because participants to get manipulative as their neuroses kick into play over time.

  9. ElQueLlora says:

    Here is my next encounter

    PART 4
    I was relieved to know that I was not the only one awake. I did not want to be alone if the demon was still in the apartment. I told the others about the dream that I had. Everyone else had the same dream. How ironic; the nightmare really started when we woke up.
    Later on that night, I heard tapping and scratching noises in my apartment. Things got even worse when I heard a crashing sound in my kitchen. I rushed in to find 3 beer jugs in pieces. I was then knocked back by some unseen force (however, I assumed that it was Ilkerl). Later on that night, Ilkerl tortured me through my mind with various nightmares and hallucinations. One of the most terrifying hallucinations was when Ilkerl appeared in my house as a black, misty entity. I remember being hit and strangled by an unseen force (I assumed that this was Ilkerl).I also remember him appearing to me in a dream as a man with white pupils. I would break into a fearful sweat thinking about that man.
    A few days later, the hallucinations and nightmares stopped. Coincidentally, John called me when the hallucinations stopped. He asked me if I would like to go camping for one night on the next day in the remote woods near a cemetery. He also said that Chris, Paul and Jack would be going. I said that I would come,
    “Oh, and we’re bringing the Ouija board aswell.”
    Those words hit my head like a hammer. It was as if Ilkerl hadn’t stopped, he had only taken a break.


    PART 5
    The next evening, I met my friends at the local bar, and then we got into John’s car. Now these woods were pretty remote; it took us at least an hour to get to them. Once we got there, we all setup camp. The tent that we had was especially large; big enough for the five of us.
    “Think we’ll get any good vibes with the Ouija board?” Paul asked jokingly.
    “I hope not.” I answered with a sense of encouragement.
    After breaking out a few cans of Stella Artois, we got the Ouija board out. This time, Chris was the medium. We all put our hands on the glass, then Chris started,
    “If there is a spirit in these woods, please make your presence known by moving the glass.”
    A few minutes had passed with no movement of the glass, however, this was to be expected. Then, the glass moved to the yes symbol. Then something strange started happening. The glass moved back and forth from the yes sign at least fifteen times.
    “Maybe there’s more than of them.” Jack suggested.
    “Is there more than one spirit?” Chris asked.
    A P-A-R-T O-F M-Y L-E-G-I-O-N.
    “Who’s legion?”
    “Oh …” I muttered. I felt really scared. Then the glass started to move in a figure of eight around the board a few times. After that it spelt
    W-E A-R-E D-E-S-P-A-I-R, W-E A-R-E H-A-T-R-E-D, W-E A-R-E G-R-E-E-D, W-E A-R-E P-R-I-D-E, W-E A-R-E F-R-E-E, A-L-L H-A-I-L I-L-K-E-R-L, A-L-L H-A-I-L I-L-K-E-R-L, A-L-L H-A-I-L I-L-K-E-R-L, A-L-L H-A-I-L I-L-K-E-R-L.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just so you know it is not safe to mention god or jesus this will only madden the spirt ang never burn it bc if it screams you will die in 36 hours

      • Teresa says:

        There should be an age constraint as to who can use this site for posts just like yours. I mean really? Death in 36 hours if a ouija board screams? And why would you tell someone to not turn to God during a demonic attack? Bad, bad advice and a really immature thing to post. Good night.

        • Caretaker says:

          And how would you suggest that we verify the ages of people who send in stories or comment?

        • LillyBoo says:

          actually in some websites i have read that a ouija board will scream if burned i guess it means the demon will scream or idk but yea so who knows .. i mean if a ouija bored can move on its own and bring entities to our surroundings then it could b capable of letting out a scream …

  10. motomoto says:

    hmmmm…..don’t know what to say about this one…..most of the demon stories i’ve come across aren’t as methodical? they’re kind of messy. it ususally starts off with a friendly spirit through the ouji board then it seems as if something else comes through.

  11. ElQueLlora says:

    Thank you motomoto. That’s actually quite an interesting piece of information; information also backed up by some hardened evidence. Why was Ilkerl methodical? Why didn’t he decieve us? Perhaps he wanted to intimidate us? I need more answers.

  12. ShadowedJE says:

    I have never had a demon encounter that I have reconised, I am not stupid enough, I do not tease them by keeping on doing but they did not want. But apart from that, this is a really good true story, although, it did not scare me, why would you be scared of it if you are smart enough no to use ouija boards. Godbless you mate.

  13. ElQueLlora says:

    We even had an exorcist try to deal with Ilkerl. However, when he peformed the exorcism, we were met by frightening screams and wailing. Objects were smashed on the floor, and I was winded in the stomach by an unseen entity(presumably Ilkerl). The guy said that this was a very powerful demon; he also said that Ilkerl was beyond anything that he could do. I am now very worried. I don’t know what to do.

  14. AJ says:

    When the whiskey glass -or- planchette, moves in a figure eight – it is the eternal sign for “Infinity”- to be free from any limitations or boundaries. This sign is only used by Demons, it’s their “calling card”.

    • ivyrose says:

      the infinity symbol is not a demonic calling card.it is a religious symbol used in Paganism Christianity (particularly when talking about god going on forever and being that his love is unending) and many other religions and belief systems. obviously it meas to go on without end some cultures DO use it to symbolize freedom or acting without tether. it stands to reason that whatever they were dealing with was merely using the symbol as just that a symbol to show he was free of his bonds.however i do want to stress that e infinity symbol s not a calling card of any kind to many different people have used it for one reason or another for that to be true.

  15. AJ says:

    The only thing for you to do is to “Fasting”- If you truly want this demon gone- it will take prayers and “fasting” to do this. It is a well know fact- to rid oneself of evil, the person must give Penance, with prayers, in order to free Themselves. If not, it will stay and torture you, on the grounds of of pride and lack of Faith.
    Good Luck

  16. ElQueLlora says:

    “They’re off the bloody chain!” said Jack, “I never thought it would get like this.”
    The movements of the glass became more rigid and perhaps even violent. I got pretty scared. However, I did not ask my friends to end the session because I thought that this fear was manageable. How naive I was. End the session now, I should of asked them to end the session the moment we begun. But here’s the catch; I still didn’t ask for the session to be ended. Have you ever gotten that feeling when you consider asking someone for something, or asking someone a question? But you just shrug this feeling of because you think that the situation is manageable? That’s the feeling I had.
    Anyway, the glass started to move in a circle, then to one corner of the board, and then another, then another until it finally reached the fourth corner. At the same time as the glass reaching the fourth corner of the board, we all heard a blood curdling, wraith like scream. Now, we were all scared.
    “Let’s end the session.” said Chris.
    We then moved the glass over to the ‘Goodbye’ sign.


    PART 6
    Once we finished the session, we all swore we could hear footsteps and heavy panting circling us. John said it was probably just post-traumatic stress from the Ouija session. After that, we decided that enough was enough, so we all went to bed in our tent. It took me about ten minutes to doze off into a deep sleep. I woke up at around 2.25 am. For some reason, I felt this sudden urge to go outside. I crawled out of the tent, looked around to check my surroundings, and there it was.
    About fifteen metres away from me was a tall man. A man with white pupils. The fear that I felt, it pierced me like knife. He was staring right at me. I wanted to move; It’s not that I couldn’t move, it’s that terrifying fear that froze me in that spot. The man let out a banshee-like wail, and two monstrous, black, bat like wings folded out from his back. Then, with a rasping voice, it spoke,
    “Ego sum imperator everto diabolus”
    It sounded more like a multitude of voices. Each voice sounded as if it was speaking in a different emotion. Finally, I screamed.
    I woke up, in my sleeping bag and I was sweating with fear. John was also awake. I climbed out of my sleeping bag, then out of the tent, to greet him. I told him about the dream I had. He said that he had a similar dream. He told me that the creature that appeared to him was a man with no face. After Jack, Paul and Chris woke up, they explained that they too had similar dreams, and all of them were visited by a creature. Paul said that he was met by a monstrous, blood stained goat; Chris said that he was visited by a large horned devil (the clichéd image for demons nowadays); and Jack had encountered a wailing angel.

    There will be more soon

  17. ElQueLlora says:

    I remember us being so scared, that we thought that by burning the board, we could get rid of Ilkerl. However, once we set fire to the board, we all heard a high pitch screen. After that, we immediately put the fire out. The strange thing was that there was no damage done to the board whatsoever.

    • Anonymous being says:

      My comment has been deleted because of profanity. If I really wanted my comments to appear on this site I would notice that the rules say No Profanity

  18. Wilco says:

    An Ouija board rarely brings forth ‘good’ spirits, i hope this experience discourages people to use them. But besides that, don’t get in to the water if you can’t swim…

  19. Anonymous says:

    Wow this is very interesting. We always have to be very careful when dealing with the unknown. We seem to have a blind eye to the unknown basically because at the end of the day we don’t clearly understand it and we don’t have answers. It is our human nature to always understand something and have answer and we don’t we disreguard them. You defenitly have a strong demon in your hands. You and your friends have opened the door and you have to figuer out how to close it. Until you do it will continue to play of your fear until it breaks you. Pray try your best to not express or feel any fear. Always remember fear is what gives them more strength and power over you. I know it is easier said then done. Seek help if you don’t have the strength for challenge. I have a feeling it will be a long journey before things get back to normal good luck.

  20. carmen says:

    omg, you definitely have an evil entity on your hands. Seek religion, read the bible every night. You need to stop using the board. Its as if you cont. to challenge its powers or what its capable of doing. I have a feeling things will get worse if you cont. using the board. You are basically playing w/fire.

  21. maimai says:

    yes i agree with carmen..

  22. Mellisa says:

    don’t try to solve this problem by yourself. keep trying to find an expert to help you. do lots of research about how to deal with the o’board properly or to find someone who can really help you get out in this situation. trying to play with it again while go camping is kind of stupid. after all the nightmare why did you all try to use it again. unless you were trying to finish it by using it again, it’s careless of you for still having the guts to play with it. the o’board isnt for playing. you have to be an expert physics for using it or you will bring forth a demon or other dangerous spirit instead. -___-”
    so, how are you now? are you already free? i think you really haven’t finish the story properly. it still leave us hanging. ^^ please write more

  23. Mellisa says:

    it’s really bothered me after all. why did you go camp out and played to o’ board again?

  24. ElQueLlora says:

    We were trying to draw the demon away from our homes and into the woods. We were all pretty stupid to think that it would actually work.

  25. zoe says:

    You should never burn an ouija board because the spirits or demons particles will get in the air.

  26. k says:

    I truly have read this and read this and for some reason, I just don’t believe your story. Do not get me wrong, I’m 100% a believer in the paranormal. But I don’t know….

  27. Anonymous says:

    this probably the best thing i have ever read,it kinda does not sound real, but it is your experience not mine i can’t say, but whether they are real or not, you should write a book on this story. however if you are lying then you should write stories like this

  28. jin.29 says:

    the storie is good end i belive it becase i also had a scary experience whit the ouija board en alot of other whit the supernatural

  29. brandi says:

    you know it spelled :we are despair, we are hatred, we are greed ,we are pride ,we are free ,all hail ILKERL, all hail ILKERL ,all hail ILKERL you do know that it spelled that right

  30. lexi says:

    ur not alone* i’ve been having dreams like that ever since I acused the ghost in my house

  31. nina gonzalez says:


  32. jenny_jonas says:

    omj…dats a crazy story bt why wood u play it a second time

  33. whatever says:

    for one, i dont believe this story, and if it is true, which i doubt, you shouldnt play with things you dont understand! i dont think it will ever leave you alone.

  34. krosu says:

    the best thing u can do is … it may be expensive but it surely will get rid of your demon.
    buy a dog.

    it helped me atleast.

  35. chaparra says:

    wow i love it! its scary :] but coool! u should make more stories :] your a good story teller

  36. ElQueLlora says:

    Sorry I’m keeping you guys waiting. It’s just that I have been typing loads of my story in order to release into different segments. SEE YA SOON!

  37. CMF says:

    You are a good writer , but this story is not true.

  38. nicky says:

    who cares if da stories real or not i just wanna now what happened next!
    so hurry up and tell us already.

  39. Moralthea says:

    For one thing, you should never ever burn a ouija board. That is one of the major rules to it. You should always pray before using the board if you plan on using it by asking for protection for yourself and your friends. When I myself go ghost hunting with my friends, I always ask that the arch angels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael protect all four points of our car and our bodies, that God covers us in white light, and I say the Lord’s prayer as well. Sometimes, I even carry my rosary for extra protection if I feel that where we are going isn’t exactly going to be the best situation for ghost hunting.

    But getting back to your problem, what you have to do with the ouija board is get rid of it by giving it to another person who is willing to take it. I’ve also heard that you can bury the board with holy items such as a cross, holy water, or medallion in a cemetary to get rid of it. I would suggest reciting the Lord’s prayer, placing holy water on all the entryway’s in your home, reciting the rosary, and getting an exorcism. For something this strong, the most reasonable course of action, and the smartest would be for an exorcism. Hopefully too, you’re all baptised since that seems to be the first and most powerful way to keep a demon from posessing you or entering your life. From what I have researched and been told it is anyway. I really hope you can over come this and get even your family and friends to pray for you. Good luck and I’ll be praying for you as well.

  40. outcast410 says:

    I remember when I was about 11 me and some of my friends were at a sleepover or something kids used to do before partying lol. We brought out the Ouija board after the adults were asleep around 2:30 am 2 of the girls were asleep but about 5 of us were using the board. after asking about the spirits it answered its name was I-k-e-r-l-l. We kept repeating the question because we thought it was not working. At that time it was very cold in the room and the only 2 candles we had started flickering and just went out. Those candles being the only light in the room going out. This made those girls flip out me and the only other boy were trying to calm them down before they woke up the parents. Then the girls older sister came home and came in the room and saw the board out. She grabbed it and the piece of paper we were writing the letters on. She said that thing only brings demons and put it in her room. After putting on a movie we all were sitting in quiet when one of the girls asleep woke up and said “you really should have left Carl alone” none of us knew a Carl. We asked her and she said that Carl was the “dream killer” I read about this last night so I called the only girl I still talk to out of all them which is the one who’s sister had the board and whose house it was at. She went in the closet where they kept the games and old stuff from childhood years and gave me the name we had written down so I could add this story/comment. i can’t believe it was all still there about 12 years later. She remembers that night too. But the girl who had told us about “Carl” had died when she 16 from pnemonia. sorry I can’t spell. But I thought I should share that part with all of you. I’m new to the site but have already found a lot of my experiences being shared.

  41. Karen says:

    Did the demon follow you back to the U.K.?

  42. Charlotte says:

    U.K? Wtf ? Right its not that I DONT BELIVE YOU, its just ur bringing it on ur self really, tbh. i mean u ahve to agree with me on dat 1 ;)

  43. Karen M. says:

    Charlotte, the reason I’m asking this question is because he said that it happend in the U.S.A. and the way he is talking is not American, first he refered to himself as Liam, then he used the expression “bloody” then he said 2 years ago which would make him 17, and he was in a bar, drinking age in the U.S. is 21 and then he said metres not miles so I’m wondering if it followed him back to the U.K.?

  44. Karen M. says:

    sorry charlotte but U.K. is the abreviation for UNITED KINGDOM!

  45. Hannah says:

    You need to contact immediatly Lorain Warren and her husband. These two are demonologists and can help you out.

    Oh and never burn an object like that. You need to atleast get holy water, a sage, and a priest. Try putting holy water on the ouija board. This could rid the spirit or make him more mad. Before doing that, contact Lorain. I’m sorry I have no idea what her phone number is or how to contact her, sorry.

    Hope I helped. You could get holy inscence and burn it. Use the smoke to cover every crack and ninny of your guys’ houses. Burn a sage.

  46. Charlotte says:

    I Know that Karen? Seen As I Do Live In it? I Was Born In it? LMFAO I Was Saying wtf has the U.K Got to do with anything!!

  47. Hybrid says:

    how weird…I have always believed ouija boards were dangerous :/
    btw…where does the name originate from? ouija doesn’t seem english at all…and i say english cause here in europe we don’t use such things… >:/
    or at least here in czech we dont ^^
    and why would toy stores sell this crap?!
    I smell a conspiracy~ :D

  48. Karen M. says:

    Charlotte, because I was wondering if he was still in the U.S. of if any evil entity followed him home to the U.K. That’s all I wanted to know.

  49. Mike.D says:

    well if you guy’s care to read about one of my family storie’s then i’d be happy to tell it to you guy’s. you see i’m an native american who grew up with spirtual experiences so i’ve had a couple of weird thing’s happen around me, so if anyone care’s to listen just say the word.

  50. Karen M. says:

    ME! I love native american stories

  51. Mike.D says:

    would you care to listen? it happened to a member of my family my mother told it to me year’s ago.

  52. Karen M. says:

    sure i’d like to hear it

  53. Mike.D says:

    alright. well it happened in what i think was the late 70′s so if it’s not accurate i’m sorry. my mother said it happened to my great uncle’s marty and james, my little brother is named after james. my great grandmother bought a house in carnege oklahoma, and that’s when weird thing’s came about. first my uncle marty started to talk to a white owl, he would speak to it and it whould listen and reply with a yes or a no until my youngest uncle heard marty in his room and decided to see what he was doing. when he entered the room the owl flew away and marty was angriy with him for a while, well if you don’t know in native american culture a white owl is an omen of death. well a week later while my grandma and uncles where eating in the kitchen with the back door open to feel the breeze come through, a few minute’s later is when rock’s started to fly through the screen door, whats weird about it is that the rocks didn’t rip the screen on the door at all, and the rock’s where solid, so after a few rocks flew in my uncle james picked up a few of them and chucked them out the window, then the rock’s stopped, my uncle marty looked outside and walk around and saw nobody around which is really weird because they lived in the rural parts of carnege. a few day’s later my grandma went out grocerie shopping when a friend of her’s told her that her house was on fire, the fire department said that my uncle’s had a couple of comic book’s to close to an in door heater, which caused the fire , both my uncle’s are now buried in my family cemetary, but the weirdest thing about the storie is what my grandma discovered after she moved, she found out that every house that has ever been built on that same plot of land has caught fire and burned to the ground with at least 2 to 3 people in it. i hope you liked it, it was a long time ago so i might have forgotten some thing’s.

  54. Karen M. says:

    wow, that was interesting, that’s strang about those rocks flying in the window, I wonder what that was about! Who are some of the demons in Native American culture?

  55. mike.d says:

    i don’t really know too much about demon’s, except a few demon’s in other cultures. but i do know a few thing’s about creatures in my culture.

  56. Karen M. says:

    You said that you’re fro oklahoma, my mom has a friend from there who is a Lakota Indian.

  57. mike.d says:

    really, i’m a kiowa indian, hey i really enjoy talking to you , do you have a myspace? i’d like to add you as a friend. if you’d like to talk more.

  58. Karen M. says:

    mike.d, hi i really enjoy talking to you too but i don’t have myspace.

  59. mike.d says:

    well to bad,i really did enjoy you company, i can tell you are a kind intellectual, how old are you any way? i’m 18 as of now, sometime’s i wish i was older though cause the other people of my age are really dim witted, their ignorence is poisoning my mind.

  60. Karen M. says:

    No need to wish that your older, time goes by fast stay like you are, and just imagine how much more you’ll know in years from now . I’m a girl you can’t ask my age ha ha, I would get myspace but my page would come up in french ,but my comments would be in english (i don’t live in the U.S.) I”ll see what that myspace is about!

  61. mike.d says:

    sorry i still do wish i was older, everyone i talk to feel’s the same way i do about our age, plus we seem to be a target for athuority figure’s to pick , cause at the moment i’m in a learning facility, i’m learning how to be an electrician, so i’m guessing that you are european, right?interesting i told you about my culture now tell me about your culture.

  62. Karen M. says:

    mike.d, good for you, you’ll have a trade and be able to get a job. I can’t tell you anything about my culture that you don’t already know, I’m American, but I live in France. If you can find any more stories of indians i’d be interested thanks

  63. tianna says:

    i may be only 12 but this is freaking me out. THATS WHY I LOVE THIS WEBSITE

  64. mike.d says:

    well karen if you think you can i really would like to add you as a friend on my myspace, and i’ll ask my folk’s for more good storie’s, or i’ll ask my tribe for good storie’s, oh one more quistion, can i ask why your in france? i mean if your an american why would you be in france?

  65. Karen M. says:

    Hi Mike, I joined true ghost tales on myspace, The reason I’m in France is cause I own a restaurant here.

    if you add true ghost tales as one of your friends on myspace I’m there in the friends section.

  66. mike.d says:

    alright i’ll be sure to add it to my friend’s list, and that’s awesome, if i’m ever there i’ll be sure to visit.

  67. MiSs BONNiE says:

    Wow, interesting reading. I’ve had some experiences with the ouija board and I was very lucky not to encounter a demon. My most memorable encounter was with a spirit named “Rusty Riddle”..it was more somber than alarming. Rusty was an acquaintance of mine who had commited suicide in “G Hall” of my high school, needless to say, that is where our seance took place. He left behind so many friends and our goal was to get some answers to the questions we had. And we got them. My NUMBER ONE personal rule when it comes to the ouija board is NOT to use it in my home or in the home of any of my loved ones. You could put so many people at risk in doing so. And as it’s been said before with this as well as so many other dangerous acts, ALWAYz be prepared! If you get in over your head, contact someone who knows more about it than you do, don’t try to take matters into your own hands.

  68. Monique Byrd says:

    Hey, Mike.D I need to hear another story!! My firend Kathrine has Native American, and when I go to her grandma’s over the summer, she tells us alot of stories. btw ElQueLlora, I need to tell you that I too have contacted your demon aswell. My brother Kain has had these dreams. He’s only 12 and he and his friends once took it and toyed around with it when they were staying at my house. Mike, you’re only eighteen! Don’t wish you’re older, because years from now, you’ll look back and wish that such youth was swept away and how life changed so drastically! Please promise me Mike that you’ll live life to it’s fullest and enjoy your young age as it is ;) I need to hear your story, because the place where your grandma lived, my aunt and her two kids lived. It was rather tragic, because my two cousins (Jaunita and Alvaro) at the age of 13 and 18 were killed in a bad fire started by two vanilla scented candels I gave Jaunita for her thirteenth birthday. I am telling you Mike that you should wish to stay young, because Alavaro who was your age died wishing that he could support my aunt after his father Ignacio was killed in a car accident. I will share some of my abuela Iyana’s stories. ;) please respond~ I would enjoy the company.

  69. nightwalker21492 says:

    You should post more. My friend said that he talked to something called ILKERL last night.

  70. Jen says:

    yikes, i’ve had scarry experinces, but not like this one

  71. (non)believer says:

    1. i do not believe this story, no offense
    why would you have to keep writing the story in different comments? if it were true, you would just have to put the story all in your first comment.
    2. i think you are a REALLY good writer, even though i dont believe this story in particular
    3. if you did make this up, you should really think about writing more ghost stories because i think they would interest a lot of people
    :) keep up the good writing!

  72. duddledeedo says:

    Ouija, for the person who asked, is the association of the french and german “yes” : Oui-ja.
    I’m envious, i’d like to be able to write sth like this coz i’m an aspiring writer, and what’s more, i’d love to one day write a screenplay. Awesome story

  73. Robert says:

    The story is ok, it seems questionable due to someone obviously knowing that Ilkerl is killer. But that is not a demonic name. Also if I’m not mistaken you mention Legion which *IS* a demonic name if you’re a christian (Legion is another name for Satan).

    But the validity of the story is irrelevent, it would be intereting to read more abou it.

    Finally burning the oujia (please people spell it right) board is not going to release a demon into our world, never has and never will. The board ISNT the conduit from their world into ours, we are that conduit. The board only gives us a focal point to direct our desires. The board itself does nothing, has no power, is not a portal to hell. People give it temporary power when they use it.

    Is using the board bad?? If you’re stupid enough to call something you cannot handle then yes, but it’s no more dangerous than using a gun. A gun is safe in the hands of someone who knows how it works, but is deadly if you give it to a 6yr old (not to mention stupid).

    Prayers, exorcisms, etc etc etc DO NOT WORK 100% of the time. Demons are NOT bound by christian law anymore then we are. Demons have their own faith (some believe in god, others don’t). The only constant thing that does work 100% of the time (if done properly) is YOUR WILL!!!! You called it to you, you allowed it to enter, only YOU can drive it back. While you may say “Well I don’t want it here but it wont leave…..”, wanting or desiring something is not will. The will I’m referring to is the knowledge that you have the power over anything invading your life and you direct that power into a single thought of getting it out. That is your will.

    Ghosts, demons, etc etc can touch you because you allow them to have that power. I’ve delt with numerous spirits, demons, etc and have never had one follow me home, or bother me beyond our encounter. Yet I’m not a christian, nor do I pray to that god.

  74. vanessa87 says:

    i dont mean to put a damper on anyones belief of this story.but i didnt believe it..the ending made it seem unreal..i find that when some peoples story ends kind of like this one its bc it was simply made up.it just left us hanging..the ending was not of something that actually took place..i cant explain it..just my opinion..

  75. vanessa87 says:

    iwould also like to add ..there is a incredible ouija board story on here..Inviting The Demon – A Ouija Board Story..it was posted june 22nd ..it actually scared me..and was told and written with such precise..so check it out if you havent read it..pace urself cause it is a pretty long story

  76. tham says:

    like the guy said the board isnt the conduit we are. I tried meditation and All I got out of it was a broken TV and popped ear drums. Heres my true story.

    I was reading this site about harnesting psy which is supposed to be the physikic energy, because I recently decided to become more “spiritually aligned”.

    Anyway a form of absorbing psy was to meditate. To meditate you have to consintrate on one thing only for a set amount of time. I focused on having my spirit let free like a dumby. My meditation was broken by high-pitched scream comming from all directions, and it was way more then one person screaming. I decided to confront whatever was screaming not being the type to pee my pants when something unordinary happens. I said “who are you?” it replied “this” I asked what “this” was and it said “everything” being confused and extremely scared I said “who are you!!!!!” It replied extremely quietly “I am lust, hate, and fear It self”. I started praying in my attempt to drive this demon away. It yelled “I AM RIMMON” Rimmon then threw my 125 pound weight bar I left stacked for my next usage at a lightning sped right at my TV leaving it trashed along with half of my dry wall. I ripped the silver cross that hung from my neck off and held it out at Rimmon and started screaming “our father”. Rimmon got angrier and threatend to kill all that I loved. I resitited the prayer even louder now. Then all of a sudden silence. To this very day I still get the ocansional visit from Rimmon. Can anyone tell me what it means when the demons talk quietly?

  77. Daniela says:

    Ay Dios Mio!!!! That’s really scary my family is from Mexico and I am froman long line of decendents of the Mayan indians, and there are a few stories i have of paranormal experiences and i might later on post them and also, from old time i guess you could rituals of the Mayans there are different things you could burn that would help you, for example if you burn white sage(or any type of sage but that’s what i prefer) it keeps away evil or harmful spirits and there are different things you can burn you should look it up especially for cherokee indians one of my friends is one and they have different things that they use for these type of things, looking it up would be agreat help =D

  78. Greg says:

    So what Fictional book did you Copy and Paste this from?

  79. tham says:

    Uhh.. I didn’t It actually happend

  80. Anonymous says:

    seems a little to far fetched to be believed but,that could just be rationalization on my part.

  81. jacob says:

    ElQueLlora, next time you use a ouija board you and who ever else is with you should pray this prayer its the hedge of protection prayer or better yet

    Hedge of Protection

    Father, in the name of Jesus, we lift up (your name) to You and pray a hedge of protection around him/her. We thank You, Father, that You are a wall of fire round about (your name) and that you set Your angels round about him/her.

    We thank You, Father, that (your name) dwells in the secret place of the Most High and abides under hte shadow of the Almighty. We say of You, Lord, You are his/her refuge and fortress, in You will he/she trust. You cover (your name) with Your feathers, and under Your wings shall he/she trust. (Your name) shall not be afraid of the terror by night or the arrow that flies by day. Only with his/her eyes will (your name) behold and see the reward of the wicked.

    Because (your name) has made You, Lord, his/her refuge and fortress, no evil shall befall him/her – no accident will overtake him/her – neither shall any plague or calamity come near him/her. For you give Your angels charge over (your name), to keep him/her in all Your ways.

    Father, because You have set Your love upon (your name), therefore will You deliver him/her. (Your name) shall call upon You, and You will answer him/her. You will be with him/her in trouble and will satisfy (your name) with a long life and show him/her Your salvation. Not a hair of his/her head shall perish. Amen

  82. CMF says:

    Hey just a thought, but ummm, why should God help out people who are playing with demons?
    Just wondering but,to me , thats like attending a satanic ritual and then praying to Jesus to not let any bad people be there.

  83. John says:

    This story is NOT true. This is clearly someone’s imagination at work as each episode becomes more and more fantastic and scary. It IS true though, that messing with ouija boards is highly dangerous. Any kids reading this and thinking it could be cool to give ouija boards a try, DON’T. They will badly mess with your head. There ARE demons and they ARE evil. This is fact and a made up story like this one doesn’t make them any more or less real . They just are. There are no good spirits to be contacted, just demons that sometimes pretend to be, so they can suck you in.

  84. NIGHT CAT says:


  85. BillyMalice says:

    this story is true, when it comes to demons anything, ANYTHING is possible. its putting doubt in your minds, and allowing u to shrug this story off as simply fiction, and a plea for help, just a cheap trick to make a silly tale a little scarier. this is a powerful demon, and those of u that do not believe are tools. and obviously do not know the most obvious things about demons or spirts. ElQueLlora, i am an experienced demon hunter, and i know how to deal with your “buddy”.

  86. NIGHT CAT says:

    Just so you know BillyMalice, no one is putting doubts in my mind. I KNOW that demos are real, but I suggest you read the story more carefully. Everytime ElQueLlora was told that the story was awsome, he kept making it even better. I’m not saying demons are not real. All I’m saying is that THIS story IS WAY TO FANTASTIC.

  87. Anonymous says:

    well this culd be true! sure it does have moments wear we have doubt but who nos:) i hope this taught people to not take o.boards lightly X)

  88. Blanca says:

    Yep,yep playing with the board is extremely dangerous and if u burned it also..

  89. John says:

    I”ve just read one of the replies on here and I’m smiling. There are NO experienced Demon Hunters. Demons cannot be hunted or exterminated. They were created immortal and live in a realm we cannot influence. Only God can do that. Demons CAN be summoned though and the ouija board is a main tool to do this. Tinkering with the supernatural is more than dangerous, whether it is ouija boards, seances or the stupid celebration of Halloween. American kids seem to be especially fascinated by the occult and the most influenced by it . You have only got to look at how many kids in the USA have gone on shooting sprees and the like, far more than in any other nation. Open yourself up to evil and you WILL get a result but it won’t be a good one. This story is not true, it is too contrived, however, like I said Demons are real and they are evil.

    • Robert says:


      No one here claimed to be a demon hunter (at least not that I’ve read), the only one close to it would have been my comment, but I wasn’t referring to myself as a hunter of any kind. I said “dealt” as in “spoken to”, “saw”, “heard”, “had experience with”…..etc.

      Halloween supernatural??? LOL!!! It’s far too commercialized now to have any resemblance of what it started out as, even then it had no supernatural tone to it at all. But anyway…..

      I do agree about young peoples fascination with occult things, not just American, all over the world. TV Shows, movies, etc etc all make it look like fun things to play with.

      Do I feel the occult or supernatural things in life should be avoided? When you’re ready then no, have at it, but until then learn, read, understand.

      Too many people have such a narrowminded view of everything that it just feeds the fog surrounding the truth.

      1) Not all demons/angels are good or evil (much like humans they choose their path).

      2) Spirits/ghosts/demons/angel/etc etc cannot always be forced to leave a place through the christian concept of god (doesn’t work that way).

      In any event people will believe what they are most comfortable in believing.

      • Sabina says:

        Robert, the concept that not all demons/angels are evil/good is interesting. My theory is that just as it is with us humans, there is a wide spectrum of qualities that can be attributed to demons and angels and that branding them into two unique categories of good and evil is over simplistic.

  90. Robert says:

    John -

    Just saw the post you were referring to. Apparently that poster has watched Supernatural one too many times on television (though I think its a great show, provided you remember it’s all fiction).

  91. chelsea says:

    anyway i toatlly beleive his story.my grama was babbysitting one night with her freind emily.they were about 14 years old at the time.both the kids were asleep(that they were watching) and it was 11:36pm.the parents hadn’t come home yet.emily had her dad buy her an ouiji bored that morning just for the hell of it.emily puled it out of her backpack that she had brought alnog for the night.she set it on the table and both girls had turned the lights out.they lit a few candles.emily asked ‘if there are any spiirits in this house please give a sighn.’seconds later the planchette had moved to yes.this time my grandma had asked the question ‘can u tell us your name?’ D-E-F-E-N-A-N-T-L-Y the planchette had spelled.it had spelled I-A-M-A-L-I-N-K-E-R.the bored started to rise,and shake vilontley.it had glowed a tint of yelloish green.my gramna heard blood curdling screams from what it seemed was people in her ears,it didnt stop,and she screamed and she ran out of the house.she was kneeling on the ground with her hands over her ears and her whole body shaking like mad.emily came out a few secounds latter teriffyed,screaming at the top of her lungs.once they got ahold of themselves and the screaming had stopped,they both decided to burn the board once they had came home.the parents of the kids had come home and once the board was out away,they droped em off at my gramna s house.they burned the bored in a trash can.but my grandma had said they forgot to move the planchette to the ‘goodbye’square.and emily had sworn that a week later the spirit had come to burn down her familys house with all of them in it.the house had burned to the ground and there was nothing left.everyone had escaped.my grandma had recited the lords prayer,and prayed every night from then on.she doesnt keep in touch with emily anymore.for all she knows,alinker had killed her when she was 18.

  92. Kathleen says:

    I Have Tried the ouija board during my sophmore year of highschool, Luckily i didn’t come across any of the demons or bad spirits talked about in the comments above.
    It was during a school trip, me and my friends came across a small ouija board that was hooked to a key chain, that one was too small to use of course so we made our own. Now we all knew what could happen because we all grew up being told that ouijas could open bad doorways and they were not to be toyed with, So before we tried anything i prayed silently that nothing would follow me home and if that something did that it would only trouble me and not any of my family. When we started nothing eventful really happened just a few question being answered at times, so since nothing was happening we decided to quit so i went back to my hotel room and watched TV for awhile and during that time i feel asleep and had a very strange dream ( can’t recall much of it now ) then i was pulled off the bed and landed on the floor, i automatically thought it was one of my friends being funny but when i looked around nobody was in the room with me. That scared me a bit so i went back to my friends room to later find out that the same thing happened to one of my friend as well, so we thought maybe now we’ll get more answers so started with the ouija bored again and during that time our guy friend who was asleep in the room sat up out of bed and began screaming… then laid back down and was sleeping again as if nothing even happened… So then thats when we realized that we should quit while before anything serious happens. As soon as i arrived back home i smuged myself with sage and prayed once again that nothing followed me and Nothing did.

    I have never tired a ouija since….

  93. qheenak ! says:

    i wana try a ouija board ?
    sounds cool , but it daunt ?

  94. Some person (: says:

    If this story really is real ( I can’t approve or disprove that) and this demon really is following you, all you need is God. Trust me on this. You go onto any satanist site eg. Joy Of Satan, and even the satanists themselves will tell you that there are indeed legions of demons, some being higher than others and that Satan regards with hatred, people who have fear. Again, this story may be real, it may not be, but there is always a common thing in these stories and thats that the demons want you dead. Or at least, mentally scarred by the looks of things. They all swear, and they are all extremely perverted. You give them one chance to enter you (most easily through a Ouija board as this is a practical party invitation to them) and they will torment you. Yes, it’s case of being very strong willed but remember, they cower at the mere name of Jesus Christ.

    Keep him close to you, and nothing will try and enter.

  95. jericho says:

    i find it funny how all oujia board stories have the people stupidly bringing the ghost onto them selves and either antagonise it or use the board a second or even a third time

  96. chelsea says:

    ya you r rite jericho.but still it duz happen.trust me been there done that.

  97. TIghost says:

    “Ego sum imperator everto diabolus”???

    what the…latin is a bit of bud?

  98. Robert says:


    If you use an online translator for that line you get the following;

    I to be commander in chief to destroy devil

    How accurate that is I don’t know, I love latin but can’t speak a lick of it.

  99. Katy J says:

    I’m NOT saying that this didn’t happen, but it sounds remarkably familiar to another ouija story on here already that was posted way earlier. I’m not discounting this, but as a English Lit major who has critiqued a lot of works and spent a lot of time researching style and grammer preferance, this appears very much to be a poor copy of that other story. There just seems to be an attempt to use this other story (inviting the demon) as a template for them writing this one.

    Its not outright plagerism though, at least the writer had enough sense to change the events. no one can prove or disprove this story in full, but it does appear to be a truncated copied version of an original that was well written.

    • ElQueLlora says:

      I think the only reason you’ll find this to be a ‘poor copy’ is because it is not a copy…oh and for a major in english lit, you’re spelling isn’t exactly great; you do know it’s ‘grammar’ and not ‘grammer’ right?

  100. Robertt says:

    I don’t get a truthy-vibe from this story haha

    Anyways, El Penumbra, right? Is there a good reason why you haven’t looked that up yet? More specifically, why haven’t you mentioned its meaning?

    Any astronomy buffs know that the “Penumbra” is the area in between light and shadow. For example, during a solar eclipse, the moon’s penumbra is the shadow’s line.. the borderline…between the light and dark.
    Has nothing to do with Hebrew anything. It’s a Latin word, I believe.

    The anagram thing is believable – I myself happen to think that way.. I see a word, especially if it’s nonsensical, and I mentally rearrange it instantly, without really thinking
    about it.. A-P-A-R-T-O-F-M-Y-L-E-G-I-O-N… Legion was indeed was an epithet of Satan, but it is well known in the area of demons that they can literally be organized into legions; vast groups of them, like armies.

    I don’t know. And you being ElQueLLora, He Who Cries… Why cry?

  101. Skiggles says:

    Your story is very interesting. I personally have never had that kind of experience with a Ouija board. I have studied this field, though. El Penumbra, I have learned, is referring to a “black plague”. When A P-A-R-T O-F M-Y L-E-G-I-O-N and W-E A-R-E D-E-S-P-A-I-R, W-E A-R-E H-A-T-R-E-D, W-E A-R-E G-R-E-E-D, W-E A-R-E P-R-I-D-E, W-E A-R-E F-R-E-E, A-L-L H-A-I-L I-L-K-E-R-L, A-L-L H-A-I-L I-L-K-E-R-L, A-L-L H-A-I-L I-L-K-E-R-L, A-L-L H-A-I-L I-L-K-E-R-L explains why you all seen different spirits. The legend simply states that Legion was a man who was possessed by many demonic spirits. When Jesus asked his name, he said “My name is Legion, for we are many.” So that would explain why you all seen different spirits. Keep us posted though; I love reading about your encounters!

  102. Dave says:

    I’m sorry but I dont believe your story, sure I believe in the paranormal but your story makes way too much sense and how did you know word for what that demon said to you (“ego….diabolus”), do you speak Latin? Don’t get me wrong it’s a great story I just question it’s validity, it could be true but I doubt it.

    Dont believe everything you read people

  103. NimNod the She Goat.... says:


    Everytime I say I dont believe something on here I get yelled at!!!
    You gonna get yeeeeeeeeelled aaaaaaaaat!

  104. DarStarr says:

    Me too!!!! LOL

  105. guest says:

    okay, i did a little research on the name Ilkerl, and i found a ton of stories on the same thing. First off why in the world where you playing with an ouija board after this happened? That is NOT safe! My friend had this happen to her once, and it was NOT good! Legion means many things or person or w/e. But really stop messing with this thing, this is not safe at all. You are playing with fire. That is not a good thing, stop messing with ILKERL and this Legion thing, because by doing so it will only get worse.

  106. Dave says:

    Well let those foolish people yell at me, I’ll chew the ignorance right out of them! Come get it! How dare they yell at you for not believing the same thing as them, we are all entitled to our own interpretaion of the stories presented, that’s what makes us unique!

    • Caretaker says:

      Disagreeing or not believing is fine. It is only when people mix insults with their disbelief that it becomes a problem. You have not done that so no problem. Speak your mind and express your own viewpoints. If anyone “yells” at you simply for not believing then they are in the wrong.

  107. Lydia says:

    Is your story finished or do you have more to tell. I am quite curious.


  108. kaitlin says:

    this story has captured me,
    im only 15 and i did the bored last night and i talked to my aunty
    so i dont belive bad is there all the time but you have to be very carfull with how you feel and your energy and if your scared
    but can you please keep going with the story.

  109. Dave says:

    To Kaitlin,

    Please stop using the board, that was not your aunt you were talking to, it was a demon. These demons are highly intelligent beings and know about everybody, even there deepest secrets or things “only they would know”. They tricked you into thinking you were talking to your aunt, they will try to lure you in, THEY ARE ALL 100% EVIL, do not trust anything they say.

    Besides, the bible says that the dead do not contact the living, to prove this is not your aunt, if your foolish enough to use the board again, tell your “aunt” to admit that Jesus Christ came to Earth in the flesh, your “aunt” will morph into something not so pretty. Oh my people if you only knew what danger your in by using these boards!!!! Please for your own sake never use that damned board again, please don’t!

  110. Allihyperkid says:

    I find these stories very interesting.
    The way this one is written, it’s hard to believe, but I don’t think someone would make it up. Evenso, Ouiga boards scare the living daylights out of me..
    It does sound ‘fun’ to some people, but they should know what they’re doing…
    No one should ever use them, demons are too powerful for us, and for the stupid people out there, they are only letting these demons have more and more power.

  111. Megan says:

    I just really wish you guys wou,d stop writing its name down, you shouldn’t do that.

  112. destiny says:

    it is really not wise to play with ouija broads im 14 yes and whatever your thinking that im to young to know these things but i am. for you own sake don’t tamper with the broads demons love to find there opening in these they come and won’t leave there are aruas around each and every broad. my friends want to play with one and i disapprove of it but i will be there in this procees so if anything goes wrong i will be there to hopefully stop it cause i know the counsices well enough. but the broad has caused me to see thing that i did’nt ask for or want.

  113. Madeleine says:

    I used Ouija boards growing up as did my mom and her mom. I think if they are used properly then they are nothing to fear. I never had contact with a demon or evil entity. It was used strickly as a fortune telling device and never used to contact the dead or demons. As with everything they have to be used responsibly.

  114. allan says:

    maybe its like santa lol in elf. his sledge wont fly if you dnt believe.meaning the more people that believe in it the more it can manifest.

  115. Dave says:

    I also don’t believe in the whole “holy water” scheme, no where is that found in the bible; and if its not of the bible, it is of men, who in turn are influenced by Satan. After all, Satan is the prince of the powers of the air. There’s no telling how many religious traditions trace back to the devil. Stay true through the Word of God, His love NEVER fails.

    “Why run around sprinkling holy water? There’s an ocean inside of you, and when you’re ready you’ll drink.” – Kabir

  116. SmexiiSteve says:

    Dave: How come demons like know everything about us? do they go into our minds or just observe for years? and how come the dead don’t contact the living? and i want an answer that doesn’t say, “because it’s in the bible” because, for me, it doesn’t explain much of anything for the reason and makes me want to use the board even more.

  117. Dave says:

    Steve: First off, please do not even CONSIDER using that death trap, the ouija board. People using these boards are like a moth to the flame, they see the desirous facade of using the board but do not realize that it leads to death, I’m talking spiritual death, which is infinetly worse than any physical death. My brother you must be wise about these things, you must recognize these dangers, don’t get caught up with people who try to persuade you to use it. They are foolish and are indeed the moths who are headed into the fire, they are the mice that are drawn to the cheese that lies on the trap, they lack wisdom.

    I’ll try my best to answer your questions but please know that our knowledge is limited because we are physical beings who are dealing with the spiritual realm. I do not know all things about them, some things are not meant for human beings to know.

    Demons know about us because they have existed even before Earth was created (the serpent or the devil was already in the garden of Eden where the first human beings (Adam and Eve) were.), they study us all individually and try to find ways to enter our lives (through sin, iniquities, negative emotion, USE OF OUIJA BOARDS, tarot cards, sorecery, attempting to contact the dead, etc.) Their ultimate goal is to steal, kill and destroy and they must observe us all in order to find a way to do so.

    As seen in the bible, these demons can enter our minds but only if we allow them to do so by USING OUIJA BOARDS, black magic, etc., etc.

    The dead don’t contact the living because not only is it mentioned in the bible, but why would God allow the dead that are in Heaven to put living people in grave danger by having them talk to the living through Ouija boards? Think about it. Demons and evil entities lurk on the Ouija board waiting to devour anyone who is foolish enough to use it, God is loving and would not let those in Heaven to put the living in such great danger. So just know that all people who claimed to have talked with those in Heaven through Ouija boards are equally deceived. Those who died and went to hell are subject to the devil and are bound to hell, there’s no way the devil would allow those in hell to talk to the living and convince them to not cone to hell and to not use the Ouija board, once again the devil Is very powerful and intelligent. These are the reasons why the dead DO NOT contact the living.

    I hope I was able to answer your questions, this is only a small taste of the spirial realm and so if you have anymore questions feel free to ask, but please stay wise in all that you do, don’t fall for the desires of evil, don’t be the moth to the flame. God bless.

  118. Brooke says:

    are you ok I think it would be best if you make sure you
    never have with the ouija board im not sayin u should
    tell us wat happened after but just to make sure watch
    the exorcism of emily rose and watch the part where the
    priest asks the girl what is ur name and then bless ur
    house and seriously start going to church cos their might be something
    that is still in your house i dont want to reveal my real name
    take good care this message isnt a joke
    how did it feel with wat u experianced that must have been

  119. Kuva says:

    But you didnt finnish off with what you all said and did after you woke up!? The ending seemed cut short! Wow tho, what a terrible experience! Good thing u guys r still alive and, hopefully, unbothered by the demon now. Take care!

  120. jake says:

    can someone please tell me where it says in the bible that the dead do not contact the living??? i’m not saying i don’t believe its true, cause who am i to question those who know more about this stuff than i do? lol. i would just like to see it for myself is all. so if someone can please tell me i would greatly appreciate it. thanks much.

    • Caretaker says:

      jake – The Bible does not in fact say that. There are many references in the Bible that warn against communicating with the dead. If it were not possible why would there be warnings against it? Below is a quote from the Bible on the subject:

      “When Saul saw the army of the Philistines, he was afraid, and his heart trembled greatly. And when Saul inquired of the LORD, the LORD did not answer him, either by dreams or by Urim or by the prophets. Then Saul said to his servants, “Find me a woman who is a medium, that I may go to her and inquire of her.” . . . So Saul disguised himself and put on other clothes, and he went, and two men with him; and they came to the woman by night. And he said, “Please conduct a séance for me . . .”

      “Then the woman said, “Whom shall I bring up for you?” And he said, “Bring up Samuel for me.” When the woman saw Samuel, she cried out with a loud voice. . . . And the woman said to Saul, “I saw a spirit ascending out of the earth.” So he said to her, “What is his form?” And she said, “An old man is coming up, and he is covered with a mantle.” And Saul perceived that it was Samuel, and he stooped with his face to the ground and bowed down. Now Samuel said to Saul, “Why have you disturbed me by bringing me up?”

      “And Saul answered, ‘I am deeply distressed; for the Philistines make war against me . . . ‘ Then Samuel said: “So why do you ask me, seeing the LORD has departed from you and has become your enemy? And the LORD has done for Himself as He spoke by me. For the LORD has torn the kingdom out of your hand and given it to your neighbor, David. Because you did not obey the voice of the LORD nor execute His fierce wrath upon Amalek, therefore the LORD has done this thing to you this day. Moreover the LORD will also deliver Israel with you into the hand of the Philistines. And tomorrow you and your sons will be with me. . . .” ” (1Samuel 28:5-9, 11-19, NKJV)

  121. jake says:

    well from what i’ve heard and from what dave has posted previously, god does not allow the dead to communicate with the living so not to put the living in danger of contacting a demon. but since some people do not know this they try anyway and some end up contacting someone whom they think is family or friend. but really it is only a demon lying to you. attempting to gain access into your life.

  122. Ahmed says:


    Agree with Jake.

    I would like to say first of all that I am muslim. I respect all the comments made here and agree with the Caretaker about demons etc.

    Islam teaches me that, yes there are beings which are different to humans. These are called Djinns. They can manifest in any appearance they desire. They even sometimes imitate the dead. Seeking refuge in God does help repel them. Regardless of what religion / belief you follow, seeking refuge in a spiritual being does help.

  123. matty says:

    instead of calling it a spirit board they should call it the devils persanol gateway to hatees

  124. Robert says:

    Wow! I was really hoping people were starting to open their eyes and think for themselves,but alas that isn’t happening.

    First off to correct a misconception here from Dave, NO ONE (not even your great grandmother whom loved everyone) is in heaven. According to the bible only when God completes armageddon will he even glance at the Book of Life to (at this point the next line depends on your faith, I’ll list the 2 main beliefs), call the souls of those listed in the book that have died calling them to heaven in service of the almighty. he will summon the 144,000 souls to heaven to rule at his side, the rest who have their name in the book of life will either still be alive or brought back to live their eternal life on earth for 1000yrs, at which time he will release Satan for x amount of years at the end of that era he will destroy satan for good.

    So that means our loved ones are in fact still here on earth, does that mean we can contact them? That depends on your belief, some believe yes their soul is alive, others believe when you die your soul dies with you and only God can bring that soul back.

    Second misconception by Dave, the idea that Satan wants you to be in hell, luckily there is no eternal damnation of a fire and brimestone world anywhere, hell does exist yes, but hell is simply you no longer exist (i.e. DEAD), meaning when you die and you are no longer in existence that is hell (everyone goes to hell, those in the book of life are brought back).

    Third misconception by Dave, the devil did NOT in fact already exist in the garden of eden, Adam & Eve lived for many years prior to satan questioning God’s laws. Only when he disobeyed God and was banished from Heaven did he become the devil. Yet demons as stated in the bible (Dave’s source) are fallen angels, angels DID NOT fall before satan did, so how can Dave say demons existed PRIOR to the garden of eden??

    ** Though I do believe demons existed prior to us, as did angels….both predate God & Satan **

    Now for Jake: The Ouija board is no more dangerous than a loaded gun. Meaning that if you KNOW how to use it, KNOW how to be safe & KNOW to respect it, then knock yourself out using it. Many many many people claim it’s evil, it does this, it does that…….but there is NO evidence other than word of mouth (usually in the form of “my friends friend/cousin/sister/mother/grandparent/etc used it and it did to them and they died/are in a coma/whatever it may be) that the board DOES ANYTHING remotely evil. Can you contact something nasty? Yep you sure can, is it something you should do? Probably not (would you give your loaded gun to the guy robbing you?? Sure you can but not a smart thing to do).

    Next misconception: How to get rid of the board…..simple (requires 3 maybe 4 steps), Step 1: Put the board and supplies back in its box. Step 2: Walk to your outside trash cans. Step 3: Open lid to trash can (if not already open). Step 4: Place box in trash. Step 5: Close lid.

    Last misconception: Matty..(revision of statement: devils personal gateway to Hades) ….biblically speaking satan is not in hell, he is here on earth where he fell to. Bible also states Satan has dominion of this system (this world), so that again means he is here on earth. If you take the time to look around and see the world around you, it is obvious that he is here in our world influencing on a daily basis. So that would in turn mean his demons are also here in our world. So using a ouija board is not something that he would need to “contact you”.

    Now for Ahmed: I am actually shocked with myself, I do agree with your last statement 100%:
    “Seeking refuge in God does help repel them. Regardless of what religion / belief you follow, seeking refuge in a spiritual being does help.” It’s refreshing to see some here that are able to think for themselves and sort out the lies from the truth.

  125. Ahmed says:

    Dear Robert,

    many thanks for your comments, much appreciated. If you permit I will tell you what my belief (Islam) says about beings other than Humans.

    God has also created Djinns, Angels and maybe other beings which we do not know about. Djinns are beings made of smokeless fire and cannot always be seen by humans, they can be either good or bad. The bad Djinns are known to help Satan, the good do all they can to protect Humans.

    The bad Djinns can take the form of anything they wish (with God’s permission). It is also to test our faith and resolve. Many stories I have heard in the Eastern part of the world (Pakistan, India and Arab region) regarding ghosts etc. Wise people say it is the work of Djinns, unwise believe in superstition. These Djinns I believe are going about in the images of ghosts of relatives etc. After all when people die, they never can be contacted again, nor can they contact us. It is the bad Djinns who commit these atrocities with Ouija boards, Mediums, etc.

    The call to prayer in Islam (called Azaan) has always worked in repelling all evil and misfortunes.

    I say to all people keep faith, regardless of what you believe and always remember that God created Satan etc, so seeking refuge in God will always help. After all God can destroy these evil beings.

    Many thanks for reading my comment. I look forward to any replies.

  126. Dave says:

    Robert: You must read the Word of God carefully. Your “misconception theories” about me are indeed incorrect.

    First off, Luke 23:43 says “I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise”, this is when Jesus is speaking to the criminal upon their crucifixion. Being in paradise does not mean being amongst the Earth, are loved ones are not on Earth but in paradise as JESUS says. No matter what your belief, the dead do not contact the living. The dead cannot contact the living, nor do they know what the living are doing. They are dead. Their thoughts have perished (Psalm 146:4). The dead do not contact the living for the umpteenth time!

    Your theory on Hell is absolutely incorrect in that the devil’s job is to “steal, kill and destroy” (St. John 10:10), what better place to destroy a spirit than in Hell; Hell is described as: “A place of suffering, affliction and retribution” (2 Thessalonians 1:5-8) and “Weeping and gnashing of teeth” Matthew 13:42,50; 25:30). Hell is a real place!!! Its no imaginary place where you do not exist, you will be tortured as the Word says, you must read!

    Contrary to what you said, how can you say that Lucifer did not become Satan before the Garden of Eden was created, there is no scriptural evidence to support your claim! Angels were created before humans and thus this transition could have very well happened long before Adam and Eve. In Job 38:7 the Lord told Job at the creation of the world “the morning stars (angels) sang together, and all the angels shouted for joy”. This means that demons could very well have existed before Adam and Eve were created! I’m not saying that I’m 100% correct on this but there is certainly no scripture that rules out this possibility. With this being said, how did you come up with these “misconceptions”? Are they your own fallible beliefs or that of the infallible Word of God?

    “The Ouija board is no more dangerous than a loaded gun. Meaning that if you KNOW how to use it, KNOW how to be safe & KNOW to respect it, then knock yourself out using it.” !!!! How can you say this as a believer of God’s Word (which you appear to be)? You must read Galatians 5:10-20 and Revelations 21:8, these acts of witchcraft are forbidden! As a believer you must be the light of the World (Matthew 5:14) and not promote this wicked behavior, Jesus didn’t say “Well its okay to do witchcraft if ye know what ye are doing”! No, there are no exceptions, witchcraft is forbidden for all through God’s command.

    Furthermore, we should not always think for ourselves as you claim, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and LEAN NOT UNTO THINE OWN UNDERSTANDING” (Proverbs 3:5), we must think according to God’s Word, for the ways of men are myopic and unintelligent. You too must sort out the lies from the truth, I’m not saying that I’m perfect either though. For it is a life long journey to do so.

  127. Robert says:


    Tell me how paradise is translated into heaven?? Plus I clearly stated that I gave TWO beliefs on what happens after death, not just one. Besides what gives you the impression that Jesus was speaking literally that he would go to as you say heaven right after death? He did not state WHEN he would be in “paradise” just that he WOULD be. So if I said “I’ll be in San Antonio with my family” does that mean right away, or just at some point in the future?

    John 10:10 says :” The thief does not come unless it is to steal and slay and destroy. I have come that they might have life and might have it in abundance” – How does that translate into hell???

    2 Thessalonians 1: 5 – 8: “This is a proof of the righteous judgement of God, leading to your being counted worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you are indeed suffering. This takes into account that it is righteous on God’s part to repay tribulation to those who make tibulations for you, but to you who suffer tribulation, relief along with us at the revelation of the Lord Jesus from heaven with his powerful angels in a flaming fire, as he brings vengence upon those who do not know God and those who do not obey the good news about our Lord Jesus.” – Again no mention of any hell

    I’ll leave your quote for Matt. 13: 42 & 50 it’s accurate enough for my point. If you read prior to that verse (verse 40 & 41), it is referencing them being destroyed as you would destroy weeds. A direct quote would be this: (verse 40: Therefore just as the weeds are collected and burned with fire so it will be in the conclusion of the system of things).

    Matthew 25:30: “And throw the good-for-nothing slave out into the darkness outside. There is where his weeping and the gnashing of his teeth will be.” – Funny I see no mention of hell here either.

    I never stated I was or was not a believer of anything, I stated my view of the board, does that mean I promote it’s use? Not really I find it a waste of $20 and time but I’m not paranoid of it, which in turns gives it much more power than it truly has.

    Now as for thinking for ourselves, I never said we shouldn’t rely on our god (whoever it may be), I said we need to seek the truth for ourselves and not be led blindly. I seek truth in all faith, but I also believe in God. Sadly the bible is a poor source for knowing God’s word, but when you can sift out the lies from the facts things become a lot clearer.

  128. jake says:

    i’m not gonna try and argue anything on heaven and hell here cause i was just recently saved and i’m fairly new with it all. but i do agree with robert on the bible. we have to sift out fact from the lies. the bible was written by man. and if we can exaggerate now then they could exaggerate then too.

  129. Arilyn says:

    That was a freaky story. Something like that happened to my friend, but he wasn’t a demon and he didn’t slap her.

  130. Nina says:

    Okay, so I read your story. A while back, my friend and I were playing with Ouija Board. We ALSO got the same ILKERL thing. Nothing of this sort happened to us. I’ve played with the Ouija Board most of my life, and NOTHING has EVER happened to me.

    Your story may be true to an extent, I’m also 100% positive ILKERL is NOT an anagram for a killer, it is in fact, gibberish letters.

  131. Redcat113 says:


    This is my 1st time wrighting a response so please bear with me. I really just wanted to start a conversation on the devil and wanted to see what people think. You see I have 2 different views on the devil…

    1. People tend to forget that Lucifer was once and angel of god who fell from heaven for not obeying Gods word…
    Is this fair that he was banished from heaven, and so can u blame him for wanting to do the total opposite of God himself?

    2. He really is pure evil and has evil trying to plunge itself on the earth?

    How come most stories I read about ghosts and supernatural are about bad spirits and evil entities. Only a very small number of references to angles and heaven are spoken about.
    Could this be because the evil stories are more entertaining or because they are all made up or because angles do not like to show themselves…..

    Any thoughts would be much appriciated. Also I hope that I have not offended anyone in anything that I have said as this is NOT my intension…

  132. KAila says:

    all i have to say is never laugh at the oujia board…. and start believing…. i did this once and it was not pretty!…. somethings its a joke and somethings things can really happen… NEVER MAKE FUN A DEMON OR SPIRIT!!!

  133. NimNod ...The She Goat. says:

    Redcat, the evil ones are more entertaining I think , thats why people discuss them more.

    It’s fair that Lucifer was banished from heaven for thinking he was BETTER than God.

    Evil is on earth, its all around, its inside everyone, not hard to find.

    Believe me you havent offended anyone …yet..

    Now bow to the She Goat!

  134. Redcat113 says:

    Thank you for yor response NimNod.

    Its always goog to hear other peoples reactions and thoughts to such matters. I do find it a very difficult subject tho as people feel very strongly about these topics…

    I also want to know what people think about demonic possession. After watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose it did make me think that possession could in fact be the mind not working in the (as we say) “NORMAL’ manner… I do beleive in possession but I think it is a VERY rare occurence and only happens to 1 in a billion over many years…

    Any thoughts would be much appriciated.

  135. NimNod ...The She Goat. says:

    I submit to you that how many mental health cases are in fact actually possession?
    Having worked in that feild it begins to make you wonder why 90% or better of commited patients have a reaction to the Bible either good or very negative.

  136. Anonymous says:

    While I’m not sure this is true,, I’m sure it was a good read! if it IS true, let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.

  137. Anonymous says:

    I have seen thouse type of hands coming from the spirit world. they were red hands coming from the spirit world it was trying to drag me to hell. so be carefull my friend. this is dangerous stuff. This stuff is real beware. pray my friend pray.

  138. LuiJess says:

    Hi there.
    This story is cool but i’m not sure whether I beleive it or not. But I don’t care cause it’s a great story. Just wondering if any of you could answer me this, what exactly are demons. I know their evil and stuff but are they people that have died,are they just evil or what.
    I find ouija boards and ghosts and all that stuff really interesting and would like to know more.

  139. Big Chief says:

    Hmm, good story. I remember reading it a while back but never really writing a reply. Contrary to what most people say, I believe that the majority of ouija board contact is contact to human spirits. Alot of people say it is demon contact or contact to a Djinn but I beg to differ. Not every human spirit goes to paradise or heaven. Some go to hell and others are stuck here in limbo. If they say that you can not contact the dead because the dead are in heaven then what about the dead that are stuck on earth or in hell. Can you not contact them too?? The Bible you have today is not the whole 100% complete Bible. It is only like 1/2 of the whole Bible. There are still many missing or omitted portions of the Bible…
    Many magicians, sorcerers, shamans, mediums, etc.. back in the day wrote of contact with dead human spirits. They also wrote of contact with demons or pagan Gods. I believe you can contact both but it depends on the person doing the contact. It seems that people who use ouija boards long enough do eventually contact non-human demons but those contacts are far and in between.. Most people in my opinion contact human spirits which are very easily contacted through ouija boards. The ouija board is nothing anyway. The power is not in the board, the power is in you.. Your intent to contact something is the power… I believe there are human demons and non-human demons. I’ve seen several instances of contacts on the ouija calling themselves demons only to find out that they were humans who lived on earth. For some reason, I believe that they’re told that they are demons once they land where they’re at after death.

  140. VictoriousThruChrist says:

    The dead do not communicate with the living, demons have been around even before humans and they are highly crafty and intelligent beings, they know people better than people know themselves. For this reason they can imitate human spirits and know things only “such and such” would know. Do not be fooled into thinking that they are human spirits, we do not linger on Earth when we die or become reincarnated, that’s just another one of Satan’s lies to deceive mankind.

    Demons often disguise as human spirits so that the unknowing person will be fooled into believing that it’s their dearly departed “Aunt Sally”. Think about what your doing: You’ll be intruiged that your talking to your dead aunt, you’ll continue to use it by asking “her” how’s heaven blah blah blah, the more you use it the more attracted you become. Before you know it you have opened spiritual doors for demons to flood your life and make it utterly impossible to live peacefully, for you will be tormented! Not only that but you are upseting God and so if you do not repent you will end up where those demons are, in hell!!! Not limbo , Hell!!! Do you not see the trickery of the devil? You must be wise about these situations, we are dealing with a highly intelligent adversary, if your not prepared by the Word of God you will be devoured!

  141. NimNod... the She Goat.... says:

    Before we jump on the christian guy /gal here for being a hippocritte by even coming around paranormal sites lets actually get some truth out of the statement because there is alot of truth in that statement..

    #1 we KNOW that if you go fooling around with these boards it seems that for those that get truly drawn in it seems %100 of the time they are winding up with Demonic or at least really bad spirits around.

    #2 we all KNOW not to fool with these boards because of that result alone!

    #3 so now that that is all out of the way , why are you parusing these sinful paranormal sites? Also I am curious where the Bible states emphatically that you DONT wander the earth. I would also like to see the hell part in the Bible because as its been explained to me , is that it was a jewish burial ground that wasnt too pleasent that got that name and concept started.

    Not saying I dont believe , I just think lake of fire and hell may be 2 diff concepts.

  142. Big Chief says:

    Mrs, VictoriousThruChrist and others, show me your proof that we can not talk to dead human beings. Where is your proof? I need to see this. When there are haunted houses people claim to see spirits of people in those haunted houses. When the history of the house is researched, 9 times out of 10 the house contained human spirits that previously lived in the house. Now, they are in limbo and still stuck in the same house that they lived and died in. They are human spirits. Many people in the house claim to visually see them from time to time. If we can see human spirits in haunted houses can we not communicate with those same spirits in the house through ouija boards and other oracles.

    Do demons-non humans- take the place of those human spirits in the house once the ouija board is used??? Not all human spirits go to heaven, some do linger around and stay in houses where they lived and died. That is a fact. Ask many people who have lived and researched haunted houses and haunted places. They will tell you that the human spirits that once lived there still lingers in those haunted places. That’s proof right there that some human spirits still do linger on earth.. Not every human spirit is in heaven.. Remember that. Some do linger on earth and stay in limbo and others do go to a bad place. I want you to come back with your evidence stating that we cannot talk to deceased human beings and they are not on earth. Show me your proof. I believe what you are saying is same regurgitated myth that’s been spread around for years.

  143. VictoriousThruChrist says:

    NimNod… the She Goat….:

    First off: “Before we jump on the christian guy /gal here for being a hippocritte” What exactly is a HIPPOCRITTE? I’ve heard of a HYPOCRITE but not what you just said. If you are referring to me as a HYPOCRITE, you are wholeheartedly incorrect. For I have seen first hand the destruction that demons can cause in one’s life. I go on these websites in order to fortify my knowledge on this topic and to warn people of the dangers of practicing withcraft. I’am to be my brother’s keeper, and so I will try my best to lead people away from ouija boards, and other forms of witchcraft.

    Secondly: You question my sources and so I will share with you how I arrived at my previously mentioned conclusions using the infallible Word of God. Hebrews 9:27 says “Man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment.”, no where is there said “man is to die once, and wander the Earth forever or be reincarnated”. That is what happens to a person’s soul-spirit after death—judgment. The result of this judgment is paradise (and eventually heaven) for the believer (2 Corinthians 5:6-8; Philippians 1:23) and hell for the unbeliever (Matthew 25:46; Luke 16:22-24). There is no in-between. There is no possibility of remaining on earth in spirit form as a “ghost.” If there are such things as ghosts, according to the Bible, they absolutely cannot be the disembodied spirits of deceased human beings.

    The closest biblical example of a “haunting” is found in Mark 5:1-20. A legion of demons possessed a man and used the man to haunt a graveyard. There were no ghosts involved. It was a case of a normal person being controlled by demons to terrorize the people of that area. Demons only seek to “kill, steal, and destroy” (John 10:10). They will do anything within their power to deceive people, to lead people away from God. This is very likely the explanation of “ghostly” activity today. Whether it is called a ghost, a ghoul, or a poltergeist, if there is genuine evil spiritual activity occurring, it is the work of demons.

    What the Bible says about Hell: The punishment of the wicked dead in hell is described throughout Scripture as “eternal fire” (Matthew 25:41), “unquenchable fire” (Matthew 3:12), “shame and everlasting contempt” (Daniel 12:2), a place where “the fire is not quenched” (Mark 9:44-49), a place of “torment” and “fire” (Luke 16:23-24), “everlasting destruction” (2 Thessalonians 1:9), a place where “the smoke of torment rises forever and ever” (Revelation 14:10-11), and a “lake of burning sulfur” where the wicked are “tormented day and night forever and ever” (Revelation 20:10).

    Revelation 20:14 “And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. 15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.” Hell islike a holding place for the unrighteous until after the Great White Throne Judgment (please research it), once that occurs, all that is in hell will be emptied into the lake of fire where they will cease to exist for eternity.

    Please feel free to ask more questions, I ‘am here to help. If you disagree with any of the above feel free to make your concerns known.

  144. NimNod... the She Goat.... says:

    FIRST OFF: Thank you for the spell check HYPOCRITE.

    Also thank you for the biblical quotes.
    Doesnt actually SAY “Hell” in there anywhere though does it?… I’ll wait…. go ahead….
    Go back and check………(plays Jeopardy theme)….

    As I said it DOES in fact say everything you mention there, dont disagree with you on any of that at all . BUT the Bible doesnt actually say HELL. It is a concept created by people.
    It also a concept that stretches across many religions.

    But anyway , your not the only one here who has seen some wierd unexplainable stuff which you can label demonic if you want so thats why we congregate here, other people are not so quick to believe until they have actually see.

    I noticed too when you quote “Hebrews 9:27 says “Man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment.”, no where is there said “man is to die once, and wander the Earth forever or be reincarnated”. ”
    …….neither does it say that he WONT wander the earth UNTIL he is judged.
    If there is a DAY of judgment then does apply to the same time/space constraints that the rest of physics adheres to? Or is there a never ending day of judgment going on in a seperate dimension until time catches up with it?
    ……. My thing is, I have seen alot of people like yourself come on these forums and tell everybody how they are going to hell for even being here , which is just a terrible approach if your on a recruitment drive.. It just is. You have people here who are being haunted by SOMETHING that religion nor science can really explain satisfactorily , in fact LOTS of people DO try and run to the church as a first line of defense, and more often than not, since tithes dont seem to pay for dealing with the supernatural , they get left out in the cold..
    Now I find that to be terrible. When you have PSYCHICS (which you and I will prolly agree on the potential demonicness of those) coming to a house to clean it because a preacher wont, and the psychics or employing Gods name to rid locations of demons and spirits and yet preachers and preists cant find it in themselves to do so , I think there is a problem with general church policies now adays in regards to these types of events.

    So , besides the HOLY GHOST , being reffered to (and it being said that way I would think that there must be other ghosts besides the holy one or it would have said the ONLY GHOST ) there may in fact be another ref in the Bible to ghosts, I was in church recently and I could have sworn they mentioned someones ghost in a biblical tale, however you might be right, I will have to research it and post back here.

    HOWEVER VTC , I gotta say THIS is only one thread here, you need to go loose your mind over in the LeVay Satanism thread, THAT is where all your people that are your sworn advesaries are at.. Not me, I just cant spell.

    Like I said I get tired of Bible thumping people feeling as though they have to save everyone by forcing people to think and see as they do or THEY condemn others to hell.
    Even your minister or whoever has their own slant on how they preach on a Sunday.

  145. VictoriousThruChrist says:

    Nimnod She Goat:

    “Doesnt actually SAY “Hell” in there anywhere though does it?” Quite wrong you are: 2 Peter 2:4-5, Luke 12:5, Mark 9:47, Matthew 23:33, etc. All of which mention “Hell” contrary to what you believe is/is not in the Bible. I strongly recommend that you read the Bible, many of the concerns you have are obviously covered in it, such as this one about Hell.

    “other people are not so quick to believe until they have actually see.” It’s interesting that you should mention that, this is what separates me from an unbeliever. This is why there are so many unbelievers in the world, they need to physically see things in order to believe, no one would believe in God had we believed only by sight. The just shall live by faith alone, not by sight, glory to God. The sad part is that the Gentiles will only believe in God once they see Him, by then it will be too late. Unbelievers will never understand the concept of faith and its power, they falsely believe that we follow something that isn’t even there. Faith is why someone like you (no offense) would never understand the things that I say from the Word of God, my intentions to lead people to God will ultimately fail if people have not faith in what God says.

    This is the last time that I’ll mention this, I’am repeating myself over and over by saying that “ghosts” do not exist. My beliefs are founded upon the Word of God which says that spirits do not linger once they die (with exceptions of the Holy Ghost. I do not know upon what your beliefs are founded, perhaps skepticism, and if you choose to believe that spirits of humans linger once they die then believe in that, we all have free will and freedom to choose. I just think that the idea of hauntings are founded upon man’s beliefs but men are fallible as compared to our perfect God, I’d rather rely on God Almighty than the ways of man, I don’t know about you. The facts are there, you have to decide what to believe in, I cannot and absolutely refuse to force you to believe in God’s Word as opposed to man’s word.

    “Like I said I get tired of Bible thumping people feeling as though they have to save everyone by forcing people to think and see as they do or THEY condemn others to hell.
    Even your minister or whoever has their own slant on how they preach on a Sunday.”

    How am I forcing anyone to do anything? I’m just presenting the facts as told by God, why would I force anyone to believe in something? That is incredibly selfish and ungodly and is a false presumption about me. People who say “your all going to hell” are not of God and I would never do such a thing as to condemn someone to Hell, I never said a word about people going to hell if they do this or do that, I only reiterate what God’s Word says, these are not my rules! They are God’s! To believe that people are going to hell just for being on a forum is just plain foolishness.

    Once again, I’am not “forcing” ANYONE as you mentioned, to believe in ANYTHING, I’m simply presenting what the Bible says, you have to choose to believe it for that’s not up to me or anyone else; this is why God gave us free will. As the saying goes: “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”, God can lead you to the truth but only you must accept it, nothing is literally forced down your throat.
    If you choose not to believe me then so be it, I will not continue to debate this topic with you, I have already presented you with endless scripture that denies “ghosts” as we know. If you have any other questions I will present you with God’s thoughts on it but you must decide what to believe. The choice is always yours…

    P.S. Contrary to your false presumption of me, my church does not honor the Sabbath on Sunday as you claimed, but rather on Friday sundown until Saturday sundown. Before you presume, make sure you have your facts straight with me. God bless

    • Caretaker says:

      What about the Witch of Endoor who contacted the spirits of the dead in the Old Testament story? The disciples actually thought that Jesus was a ghost/spirit when he first appeared to them after the crucifixion – so they DID at least believe in ghosts. And Jesus did not rebuke them for mentioning a ghost he just told them that a ghost did not have flesh and blood

    • Robert says:

      I know this is a very very old topic but I’ve been busy doing other things. And had nothing to comment on until this.

      VTC: I’ll give you the credit that the verses you gave do indeed mention hell, but give me verses where GOD mentions hell. Peter, Luke, Mark & Matthew are horrible references to use simply because those are the gospels of Jesus’ disciples. None of that came from God, those books are just a type of journal to give us the story of what took place during Jesus’ travels.

      Now you may come back with a typical response “God influenced their writing”, and I’m not going to argue it with you, but the fact is even with THAT influence those writers were free to write whatever they felt like writing (free will). Next the bible was written in Aramaic, so you are putting a lot of faith in the people who translated the scriptures to do so correctly and not “change” things to make more sense.

      Give me chapters and direct quotes from the OLD testament (not the NEW) that mention hell directly.

      • Nim Nod.... The She Goat.. says:

        They were still building Hell in the Old Testiment… They hadnt even gotten the Ninth Layer opened up yet….. Sheesh , hell wasnt built in a millenia you know..

        • Robert says:

          You’re kidding right?? Show me anywhere in the old testament that even talks about this or hell for that matter.

          • NimNod.... The She Goat... says:

            Well see thats what Im saying , they wouldnt have started advertising yet , what with the 9th layer incomplete.. I mean what’s Hell without the Ninth Layer ? Know what I mean?

            Soon after the birth of the Messiah , the whole project had fallen into place and then the marketing dept got off the ground, they soul storage areas were online and it all came together , THUS , it could finally be mentioned…

  146. NimNod... the She Goat.... says:

    okay… The She Goat finds that you pass muster and you are real with yours, congrads…

    You may now pass to the next level.

  147. TheDiscernerOfSpirits says:

    Good topic Caretaker. Let me tell you as I see it: The Spirit that the “WITCH” (Notice that it is a witch, witches deal with familiar spirits and demons, they practically rely on these beings to make a living) conjured is no where indicated that it was the “actual” spirit of Samuel, it was more like a description the way I see it.

    In verse seven of the 28th chapter of first Samuel, notice how Saul says “Seek me a woman that hath a familiar spirit”, “familiar spirit” is the key in this passage, this indicates that the woman is demon possessed with familiar spirits; familiar spirits are the demons that are “familiar” with virtually any human being and specialize in imitating spirits of the dead. So I denote this so called “ghost of Samuel” to be no more than a familiar spirit posing as Samuel.

    God warns us against contacting mediums, and He does so for a reason, it’s because when mediums are contacted, they conjure demons, or familiar spirits (which are not of God). God is clearly against such possessed people (including all of those whom you see on the television proclaiming to be mediums):

    “‘Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.’” (Leviticus 19:31, NIV)

    “‘I will set my face against the person who turns to mediums and spiritists to prostitute himself by following them, and I will cut him off from his people.’” (Leviticus 20:6, NIV)

    “‘A man or woman who is a medium or spiritist among you must be put to death. You are to stone them; their blood will be on their own heads.’ ” (Leviticus 20:27, NIV)

    We also know that this familiar spirit is not Samuel by Ecclesiastes 9:5, for Samuel was DEAD (1Samuel 28:3). We know that the dead “know nothing” and have no part “in any thing under the sun”, so how could Samuel have known that “the LORD has torn the kingdom out of your hand and given it to your neighbor, David. Because you did not obey the voice of the LORD nor execute His fierce wrath upon Amalek, therefore the LORD has done this thing to you this day. Moreover the LORD will also deliver Israel with you into the hand of the Philistines. And tomorrow you and your sons will be with me. . . .”.?
    This clearly shows that this could not have been Samuel.

    “For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward, and even the memory of them is forgotten. Their love, their hate and their jealousy have long since vanished; never again will they have a part in anything that happens under the sun. ” (Ecclesiastes 9:5-6, NIV)

    So this is my interpretation on the subject, let me know what you think. I wish you the best in your discernment of this.

  148. Nim Nod.... The She Goat... says:

    Who would have thought this thread would have gotten so good.. lol

    Question to you Discerner.. You say:
    or familiar spirits (which are not of God).

    If God created EVERYTHING in the entire universe how can anything be NOT of God as Gos is everything as I understand it..

    Dont get me wrong I agree with you in everything you said Im curious as to what you think..

  149. Ashley Brooke says:

    Dear ElQueLlora,
    Are you ever going to post another one of your stories ?
    I would really like to hear more, or should I say, We would ALL like to hear more.
    Seems like you left us . We want to hear more !

  150. jade says:

    i am only 12 and that story is scary

  151. Ryan says:

    Really I think the story is fake, all it sounded to me was that it came from a top ten scariest stories type book, and on the subject that Ouija boards only attract demons from hell, I would have to say it doesn’t, mainly because I dont believe in God or Satan, and have a whole different way on how I believe demons are created, but oiuja can attract good spirits but rarely is the case. and also on the people that recite the bible, not to be mean or anything but the bible is not proof of anything, all the bible is, is a guideline at best if anything.

  152. Lotus S. Dust says:

    i just got done reading this story this boy posted & then a number of the “comments” & i ask all of you to just look………. right now, look…………… the enemy has got what he wants through all of these “comments” & so on, God bless all of you & i just pray for the Holy Spirit to protect us all against the enemy, by the Blood of Christ, in Jesus name AMEN > means “so be it” right? ;)
    now imunna go read summore! lol!

  153. Ryan says:

    Replying to LuiJess comment:

    A demon is an evil entity set on destroying or making humans miserable, on where they come from, some people say they are fallen angels that followed lucifer to hell, I of course would have to disagree. On how I think demons are created is that when a HUMAN that was so terrible so evil that his spirit turned into something evil itself when the human dies, thus becoming a demon.

  154. Anonymous says:

    Just wanted to tell you some information. The hands you saw are demonic hands. my daughter can see the other side. she said she saw those hands, herself when she was being tormented by demons and she could see where the hands came from. they were trying to pull her into hell. we had a residential haunting.
    Carri Williams

  155. Brrrrrandi says:

    wow…this sounds interesting…has anything else happened to you guys sense then?

  156. ghostlover says:

    I have used a ouiija board and it got everything right… how will I know if the spirit stayed in my house?

  157. ghostlover says:

    And why is my room always colder than everywhere else? I never understood that and I was at a friends house and the pic on my phone had a mist beside me… I dont understand please help.

  158. Fani says:

    Never try burning a ouija board.It will just come back to you.I tried burning my friend Laura’s ouija board and she said she found it in her closet when she was getting ready for school.My friends John,Sam,Gabby,and Nicki tried selling it on the internet but nobody bought it.My friends Lilliana and John and Lilliana’s older brother tried burning it.The next day my friend Laura says she found it in one of her cabnits.Im not sure what she did with it cuz last time i ever talked to her was 3 years ago cuz we dont talk to each other anymore.I never got to use her ouija board though.She just told me to get rid of it.None of my friends in this story talk to Laura anymore too so none of us actually know what she did with it.The after she found it in her cabnit she didnt come to my middle school any more wich is weird.And she’s in the 10th grade classes instead of 9 wich freaks me out.

  159. eliza says:

    Wow. That’s an interesting story.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  160. izzy says:

    do you feel scared by these ghosts? if u r a ghostlover and dont just take great intrest in them but also have had at least 2 encounters and still felt… not comfortable but not scared out of your life then you could be a medium! ghosts tend to contact mediums because they are sensitive to ghosts but also kinda comfortable.
    hope that helps : )

  161. izzy says:

    oh yeah i forgot to say-
    im a bit late but i dont think that elquehora is gonna tell us what happened next- unless he’s dead. or maybe he felt put down by negative comments. but (this might sound hypocritical) this story became a bit TOO tall to be real. but still, good story : )
    yeah so i dont think that elquehora will finish his story. and his last comment before this was that he was typing it up sp he can release it in pieces. if he is, why is he taking ages! people out there are/ were waiting, and some still are! in fact, people are so bored of waiting people are sharing and discussing their own ghost, demon etc. stories!
    so, basically, elquehora, please just tell people that your NOT gonna finish, for those who cant see that you’ve left them hanging deliberately!

  162. Smiley says:

    wowww me reading this I wanted to cry this is so scary I don’t Noe y u even bother playin with it but that was u so anyways good luck don’t touch it again take my advice I will pray for u

  163. Angela says:

    ouija board are playable online now just thought i worn everyone
    although i don’t knew if an online ouija board is dangerous as a real ouija board?
    do any of you think an online ouija board is as bad as a real ouija board? that’s a
    good question is it not?

  164. BLAH BLAH says:

    This guy has not replyd in sometime? Is he dead?

  165. Katelyn says:

    He just so might be dead since this was a really serious incounter and i am no expert but i have had some incounters. it was horrifing but nothing really happened and i am so glad that some people are smart enough not to used one of thoes boards although we use to have one in our house but it wasnt ours we moved there and it was already there but that is probably the reason of my encounters am i right!!!!!

  166. Dylan says:

    um ElQueLlora are you there, you havent said anything since june 1st 2009 and now im afraid ur dead.

  167. Knocturne says:

    Waiting for an update to this tale!

  168. babyxbat says:

    Reading all your replies have irritated me greatly -.-

    1) I believe the ORIGINAL story. whether you people do or not. good for you. after that, I think it was to please others. I’ve had my own personal expierences with the board that has been total and absolute bs, at least when i used it with one girl.

    2) The board is FINE and DANGEROUS. Saying the st. michael’s prayer before and after using it is meant to stop any demons. and not EVERY encounter is a demon. This I know because my grandmother has been researching and using the board for YEARS with no demonic attack. asking a question only you and that specific spirit will know is the best way to tell.

    3) don’t yell at me for my comment. I’m stating how I feel. And what I know. I’ve read up on ouija boards so many times, I remember majority of it like I know my own life story. Also my personal experiences helps with my knowledge.

    k thanks bye.

  169. OuijiMaster says:

    This is an excellent work of fiction. I have tried one of these boards before and have investigated paranormal experiences. I personally have not found any evidence to aquatically say that things like this can happen. Everyone is afraid of stories like these but the fact is that spirits do not kill people, people kill people. All the evil in the world is caused by humans. There are good humans and bad humans. The bad ones cause chaos and the good ones spread cheer and help catch the bad humans. Ouija boards are no more dangerous than a plank of wood which is all they are. But if a bad human had that same plank of wood they could try and kill you with it. Thats what I see everyday. I have had experiences but there is just no evidence that they are anything but what is in my own mind and fears. Put off your fears and live life. Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die.

  170. Anonymous says:

    this makes me want to play it now..

  171. Anon says:

    Has there been any update to this???

  172. Anoynmous says:

    Wow….what i cant understand is why…..why oh why should i care?

  173. Tasneem Basardien says:

    ill tell you this much,from personal experience,more than once,no matter what you do…dont just ignore the spirit and try to move on…that could be fatal!you have opened this can of worms,now deal with it!!!just try to appease the spirit and be friendly…oh dear..what have you done?

  174. Dawn says:

    what happened i thought he was planning on posting the rest of the story? it’s been two years

  175. Isabel says:

    That was very scary mostly when blood was coming out of Jake’s mouth. it did happen right.

  176. taesha says:

    the story was going good, but why did you stop it in the middle of nowhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  177. confounded says:

    Maybe he is dead?
    The story is not true…………..

  178. christian says:

    look lima im not trying to be a smart alec but you should burn the board get a cross and wear it get his apartment blessed and never ever go near one AGAIN they a re a portal to hell.ANd if its name is killer you should be cautios about the dreaded board…

  179. ElQueLlora says:

    Hey guys, sorry I haven’t commented in a while…just to confirm, I’m NOT dead : ) I haven’t been able to comment for a while because of work and stuff but I’ll try and update you guys as soon as I can…the entity hasn’t contacted any of us for a while now (we think it may be gone alltogether now).
    Moreover, we have all moved on from these experiences and are just glad that it has not happened again in some time. In fact, none of us have gone near a ouija board or any kind of related paranormal object since a few years ago; this is probably why the entity has stopped contacting us.

  180. ElQueLlora says:

    Hey guys,

    I just want to say how SORRY I am for not following up my accounts for a while now, but I was pretty busy with work and some other stuff.

    However, this was not my main reason for not following up in a while. At one point the incidents with the entity starting getting really bad and It seemed that the more me and the guys prayed to God and tried to exorcise the entity, the worse things got.

    To be completely honest, we never really believed in that religious kinda stuff and the only reason we were doing it was because it was the only thing we could all think of. This is not to say I don’t believe in a God, I’m pretty much an agnostic.

    Anyway, the more we used these religious methods to drive the damn thing away, the more it seemed to come after us. I dunno if this makes any sense, but I think it new we weren’t really religious and it was somehow angered by that fact. Almost like delivering empty threats if you know what I mean.

    Anyways, when the attacks did start getting really bad I became depressed and turned to drink, drugs and doing nothing to make it all go away.

    After my long and hard battle with alcohol we managed to make the thing go away but I was just too afraid to write about it again. I feared that it would come back to haunt us again; it’s only recently that I’ve felt comfortable writing about it again.

    I’ll keep you guys posted soon :)

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