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Powerful Ouija Board Unleashed Demons

Posted on October 12, 2008

I have never posted this happening, I call it a happening because calling it a story makes it sound false. I was involved in this because my best friend though he was strong enough to handle whatever the Ouija board would manifest. My friend, we will call him Joe, and his friend, we will call him David, had attained a Ouija board from a family member who said it had been in the family for a long time. Joe’s friend David was deeply into the Occult, Demonology, Satanism, etc. David convinced my friend Joe to use the Ouija board. They asked questions such as, “If there are any Demons out there, show yourself”.

David thought that her was powerful enough to confront Demons, because he had some encounters before. Nothing happened to them the first night they attempted communication, however the next night, I will always remember for the rest of my life. My friend Joe coming busting into my house. He looked as though he almost died, at first I chuckled and asked him if he had been messing around with that stupid board, (I was not really a believer in Ouija), that is when he told me what happened. David apparently was not happy with just the Ouija board, so David decided to also use an incantation that he had learned from a book of Black Arts. They together gathered, salt, candles, chalk, stones, and some other items I cannot remember.

Using the Ouija they prayed for communication and summoned a Demon.

“A small black hole began to appear on the floor, it grew in size to the width of a car. A foul smell of sulfur and screams of torment could be heard. The Demon rose out of this Black hole. It was huge as wide as a car, skin of greenish/black tone, muscular and did not have lips, but teeth on the outside. It asked who has summoned me.”&nbsp;<br />Joe and David blacked out, and woke up out side Joe’s house. Behind Joe’s house was a small creek with hills on both sides. Joe and David woke up there.

They were disoriented for days, and Joe was so scared that his personality changed for good. David tried repeatedly to destroy the board, but it would turn up near his house. I watched as the three of us burned the board, put the ashes in trash bags and threw the bags in the dump at the end of town, but 3 days later David would come knocking with the board in his hands, crying and asking me to help him. It has been 15 years and I have lost contact with Joe, but David did not make it. He commit suicide months after the incident.

I hope this lets people know how powerful, not the Ouija board, but the entities are, that you are dealing with. No one on earth is powerful enough to contend with these things, we are kept out of their plane for a reason. Do not try the Ouija, not even for FUN.

Sent in by Joseph, Copyright 2008 TrueGhostTales.com

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131 Responses to “Powerful Ouija Board Unleashed Demons”
  1. Violet says:

    I Violet
    have heard about ouija boards,personally i would never in the right of minds would try a ouija board.Although i love halloween and scary things that is to extreme and ridicoulas to try.Iagree that no one should ever try a ouija board. Who knows what you could unleash into our already unsafe world,things like blody mary,and the game where you summon a ghost, is unsafe as it is, ive never tried any of these things but i never will,with hope stay away from ouija boards.
    P.S good advice joseph.

  2. Kurt says:

    Sheesh, kids these days. Well, thats a warning for anyone wanting to try it out but I feel bad for what happened. If one of my friends brought over an ouija board I would grab it and break it, douse it with holy water and then burn the thing. These things are dangerous people since they open up doorways to hell. No matter what you get in contact with, your gonna get something you shouldn’t be talking to and that means trouble. Thats what God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for if you didn’t know.

    Also if anyone is in this position, my best advice is to get an exorcism in your house. Dump a bunch of holy water on the board while saying the saint micheal’s prayer and then break it in half. Burn it, then throw the ashes in the sea or bury it in a trash heap or somewhere where its not gonna find its way back so easily.

    Watch out for those old boards too, my Mom brought one home one day and then lights started flickering and the usual so my Dad destroyed the thing and threw it out. Was before I was born. It was an old board that my Mom’s friend wanted to get rid of.

  3. Dylan says:

    Spooked me and a creepy happening.This happening is GREAT.

  4. NWK says:

    The story is good. I would just like to ask straight forward once again. Whether the story or such stories are real?This would let me know something else. Kinldly tell me with justifications and help me in my quest.

  5. shaneka says:

    that is very freaky. I watch those kind of shows all the time but i no better than to mess with spirts like that…..i thought about it once but thought again…..well i wish every one a good life and i hope god is with you all

  6. Warrior Priestess says:

    Well Joseph, you Might be wrong about no one being strong enough to fight a demon, it really depends on the person fighting it and the demon aswell. Anyhow, i dont advise messing with a O-Board. EVER. Already learned my lesson LONG AGO. Also, the older an O-Board is, the more power and evil it has accumulated. And your should Never BREAK the Board, Nor should you burn it, just get rid of it and Nature will take its course, the best thing to do is to Get an expirienced Rabbi to take care of it.

  7. mark says:

    Mankinds weakness and arrogance sickens me. this is an exact example of arrogance and weakness. if i ever found out my child dabbled in the satanic arts or in wicca, theyre as good as dead to me.

    • Teresa says:

      As good as dead? Wow…. That’s a little harsh don’t you think? Jesus talks about never giving up on converting non-believers yet you would turn your back on your own child? I am sorry, but you must not be much of a father and I truly feel sorry for your children. Your job as a parent is to guide your children and when they come off that path, to guide them back to it. I will be praying for you that you find a better way to be towards your children.

    • jAyjAyz says:

      hmmmm thatz harsh mate if you are a parent or going to be a parent that shudnt be ur attitude matteey i feel sorry for ur children or future children coz a parent shud b there for there child no matter wat n if dat the case stare them in right direction godbless u hope u dont really mean that

  8. ghost_girl says:

    Who would WANT to summon a demon?

  9. BIANCA says:


  10. Dade says:

    I’m sorry but I’m quickly beginning to think most of the stories on this site are fake. They keep getting more and more outrageous as if trying to out do each other.

  11. Warrior Priestess says:

    Ghost_Girl, ive known a few people who would want to summon a demon. But those that succeed in doing so get exactly whats coming to them!
    Mark i agree with you on that, Wicca is just as bad as Witchcraft, yet those that practice it say that its a better alternative, yeah right, why are they trying to justify something thats just as bad, but is just a G-Rated version of Witchcraft.

  12. victoria says:

    i heard you never burn a o-board that makes it worse, i don’t know how you do but find out how before you do something else stupid.

  13. Durial666 says:

    This story seems a little farfetched don’t you think. Without solid evidence this story lacks the credability that ghost stories have.

  14. atomk says:

    In answer to NWK and Dade. I agree with both of you, there are many stories on this site that are obviously fake, and utterly ridiculous and it is hard to believe this type of thing takes place. Please allow me a moment to try and put into perspective why I posted this story. I am a 35 year old professional living in SoCal. I earned a degree in CO where this took place. I was 19 years old when this happened. I am not a religous fanatic, nor am I in a Cult. This happening is at real as is gets, no drugs, no alchohol, no abusive parents, or any other bullshit that skeptics like to use to calm the tides. I was only involved because my best friend was ignorant and followed his friend, who had an insane intrest in such things. I can tell you all this: I did see the fright in their eyes, I did see the change in their appearances and personalities, and I did attempt to physically destroy the board, which did come back every 2-3 days in some scary way. Its a very scary feeling, just talking about it. Im not looking for popularity, or to start my own blog, I simply would like to share a true happening to those who can relate, and to those who are about to relate.
    Take care.

  15. Wendyasmin says:

    I had a similar experience with the oija board…my mom got it for me for christmas one day…me and some friends were playing with it and summoned something. When we got off the bed we were playing on there was a hole that you could stand on that was hotter then anything i had ever felt. nothing came out of it but just pure heatness. We even felt it through our shoes.

  16. Stephanie says:

    Yeah, I don’t mess with Ouija boards anymore. It only took one bad experience for me to never want to be in the same room as one. I wasn’t even participating and I got attacked. These things are NOT games to be “played” with nor should they be taken lightly. FOR DADE: I DO BELIEVE!

  17. Liderien says:

    You never finished the story? You said that Joe came over asking you for help…what did you tell him and did he ever get rid of the board? Also for many of you out there that dont know how to exorcise demons, holy water has no power. The only thing that has power is the name of Jesus. Simply pray a prayer of faith by telling the demon to flee in the name of Jesus. However, there is a catch in the performance of exorcisisms and that is, you must be a believer and a follower of Christ. If you read the book of Acts in the Bible, especially chapter 19 (read from the beginning); it talks about the procedure of how to “cast out” demons and spirits.
    God forbids anyone to talk with “familiar spirits”.

  18. atomk says:

    In answer to Durial666, I agree. It is far fetched, and until you’ve experienced something similar yourself, it will stay that way for you. I recommend that you stay a skeptic, its safe.
    In answer to Liderien, I did state a conclusion, however I felt there was too much to fit in the story. We were unable to get rid of the board, and David passed away a few months after the incident. The report said suicide, and I believe his encounters were a big factor to that. My friend Joe, did come over a lot after the incident, but he was never the same. He would figid a lot, and mumble to himself, he told me he would have terrible nightmares and in and out of body experiences with visions of hell. There are many other experiences that Joe had, some of them equally as horrific. Anyone wishing to talk about this can state your email and I will email you, I have nothing to hide, and a lot to share.

  19. koen says:

    hi i’m koen
    i’m from holland that explains my name

    i have heard lots of stuff aboad those boards and it scared the shit out of me.
    i don’t even got the courage to even think aboat all that kind of things
    and i think that ghosts demons etc need to be left alone becouse they are trapped in this world and are most of the time full of hate becouse more than 9.10 of the ghosts will left the earht and have a better life (i don’t think that you can call it life). but the ghosts and demons on earth think that they are hated by god and are binded to this world. so they seek the light but they can find it. and that what they are so angry about.

    when someone use a Ouija Board or some spiritual thing to call spirits and demons. but when they do that they don’t think that the ghost or demon can get into their body (mostly when people use a ghost talker) and can replace their soul with his so they have a new body and the previous owner will chance into a ghost or demon.

    and thats the most dangerous thing about calling spirits,ghosts,demons and other things that are not from our world

    thats was the only thing i wanted to say

  20. Lee says:

    omg, you poor thing. I can’t beleave that. dont EVER mess around with the board!

  21. Celticlassie says:

    I believe your story .there is God and there is evil, and I know there are people out there that are interested in these things but unless your ready to face that evil .let it alone ….Celtic

  22. Jackie says:

    I don’t know how some people can say something is fake when they haven’t experienced anything themselves. I once, messed with the ouija and was attacked by something, but i couldn’t see it. It is hard to believe these stories, i know, but there ARE things out there that are beyond belief and those who choose to think that many people have nothing better to do than outdo each others stories have a BIG surprise coming to them one day – even the ones with degrees.

    If you still see Joe, he needs help and lots of prayers, it sounds like something has attached itself to him.

  23. TROLLDOLL1681 says:

    All I can say is dang! Please do not try to burn a board, at the very least try to bury it and place saints medal on the spot and have it blessed. Has anyone watched Most Haunted, they use a board all the time and do they ever have any negetive things happen to them when there not shooting the show? Get your friend some professional help soon. So sad about your other friend, but his will wasn’t strong enough to resist the demon. God BLESS YOU!

  24. lilred0005 says:

    Hi everyone! I would like more info on this story. If the op could email me or anyone with legit info on ouija boards. The reason I ask is I bought an antique board on ebay. I bought it cause I collect old games but lately I’ve been curious and been thinking of using it. I am NOT into the occult, wicca, or satanism, just curious to see if ghosts exist. I am terrified of demons although I don’t know if they even exist. Could the author of the story or anyone serious with a REAL experience email me at [email protected]. Thank you and great and terrifying story. Take care, lil red

  25. ligi says:

    wow so sad ,,,,, may god bless you

  26. Black*Beauty says:

    I believe in entities and spirits this was a good story. I’ve also had a few of my own experiences with a Quija board, there’s is nothing fake or funny about it!

  27. cassie says:

    This is one of the freakiest stories I’ve heard in my life! It’s sad about what happened to your friends.. I have a oujia board, but have not really used it. Nothing has happened yet… I kind of want something to happen b/c I’ve never had an encounter like that since… I was really young (not using the O board)

    I’d like to know what happened besides the demon popping out of the hole. I’m agnostic, but stories like these makes me believe in actual heaven and hell.

  28. Jen says:

    quiji boards (however you spell it) can be dangerous . my sister and some of her friends were goffing with one witch i think is how a ghost girl (cam) got here. she is harmless and we r friends but i won’t mess with one ir is funny but can have horiable effects

  29. Mary says:

    Where are the kids parents through all of this? Were they just not paying attention or were unaware of their occultic activity?

    It’s sounds far fetched to the non believer, but it is actually a very real very scary thing.

    Never even touch a Ouijia board!

  30. Kirstin. says:

    i used a board once,
    i bought it from a local mall.
    anyway, i bought it to connect with my friend nick that killed himself 2 years ago.
    anyway i got in contact with “nick”, but in the end i realized it wasn’t him.
    i’m a religious person and this scared hell right out of me.
    anyways it got so bad that i ended up giving it to my friend
    just so it would be away from me..

  31. Preacher says:

    I have read all of these comments about this story. Demons and spirits are very real. Black arts are very real. I personally have had encounters with unfamiliar spirits. When I was six years old in 1973; my family played with a ouqia board and also played a game called saience. We done this for about two years, one weekend my oldest sister had a sleep over with about fifteen girls. We played the saince game, we lit candles set in a circle everyone held hands. My dad laid in the middle of the circle and someone would give the birth date of the one in the middle of the floor and how they died. Then they would ask there spirit to come forth. We done this for about fourty five minutes and someone would always laugh or talk. Well finally everyone must have got serious. When we did it this time my dad began to float off of the floor about twelve inches. He said we could put him down but no one was touching him. He made us quit and said he would spank our bottoms if he ever heard of us playing these kinds of games ever again.
    After this weird things began to happen in our house. The closet doors began to open and shut for no reason and the books on the shelves began to come off the shelves. This went on for several months. My mom went into a fast and prayer and anointed the house and prayed to our father in heaven through his son jesus christ that the spirit would leave. After this we never experianced this kind of activity in our home again.
    You have to believe in jesus christ in faith believing to have power over these kinds of spirits.

  32. jessi says:

    i had a horrible experience with a board myself. it is and always will provavly be the scariest thing i’ve ever experienced. i get laughed at a nd teased by friends about it now, but it’s because they weren’t there so they don’t know. told my roommate if she gets one i’m moving out. luckly, i think she’s secretly scared of it aswell. i don’t know what i think of “evil” but i definately believe in trouble making entities that can really do some horrible things. that’s for sure!

  33. twilight zone says:

    6 of us played with it once…well the ending it wasn’t good….

  34. atomk12 says:

    I would like to sincerely thank all of you for replying to this happening. It makes me feel a lot better knowing that there are people out there who have had similar experiences and can relate to the situation. In answer to the poster Mary, I would like to say that our parents were not involved for the simple fact that they did not believe, or they did not want to be involved. I can tell that you are most likely a watchful parent, and I am as well. As parents we do our best to make sure that our children have a fair approach to life, and stay out of some of the things that we mistakenly experienced, but this only goes so far. “Where were the parents” you ask, and I will answer. Gabriel’s parents were extreme bikers and were never really interested in what Gabriel was into, unless it was on the verge of killing him. My friend Joe’s parents were non existent, his father left him at a birth and his mother was a working single mother. As for myself my parents are not together, but are still living and fine. My parents are believers as well, but only so far, and in their lifestyle the Oujia was not popular. I think with each generation the experiences will only get stronger, because we are more curious and more willing to try new things.

  35. Chad says:

    those who play with fire.. will eventually end up getting burned.

  36. un-known says:

    OMG!!! I cannot belive that happened! D’ you know what happened to the Quie board?! And I feel sorry about your friend too. Keep telling those stories!

  37. karl says:

    never burn an ouija board

  38. Marcus says:

    I Played with a Ouija board once about 30 years ago and was real surprised with the results it gave and felt like it knew too much and never used again. But one has to wonder that if it is that easy to attract spirits to our plane than they must not be far from us, and maybe they can come through other ways that we don’t know about. how about tv’s or even the computers. just look at all the sick stuff on the internet (porn) and the like.

  39. Ashley says:

    Your story is very good, but sad. I am sorry about david. God bless you. I am here if you need to talk. I had a bad experience that I couldnt use one of those o-boards anymore. Just that one. It was creepy. Why cant you burn a board?

  40. Sons of Thunder says:

    And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you? And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded – Acts 19

  41. cortney lewis says:

    I believe you my friend played with a ouji bored when we were 12 and many things happend to her because of it.. and ive experinced many horrible demonic things.. i never played with a ouij boread though and never will. but you dont have to want them to come around for them to attack you.. since there everywhere they attack all of us everyday.. justn in diffrent ways.. i would like to hear more of your stories and i can share mine with you as well. we need to learn how the enemy works in order to fight it. but never summon it. [email protected] talk to you soon.

    take care and God bless you

  42. Tan says:

    This is a really scary story its great

  43. Bobby says:

    My story is a little more creepy and wierd.I’m 39 with my own family now but I grew tp with two older sisters who at different times held seances with friends and used the ouiji.They stopped a few yrs ago but I still experience the paranormal.For apx 35yrs I have heard my name called,no one around.walls would start breathing,moving like your chest when u breathe.washing/dryer turns off/on without reason,things would just dissappear,my entire family has heard their names called,all sorts of smells,shadows.my aunt was a practicing witch for apx 20 yrs.My uncle saw demons in their house .She had a toy horse on her bookshelf,my sister was dusting one day.She moved the horse and it had eyes in the back of its head!You see,we all knew my aunt was weird,but never let on that we”knew”.she is dead now.we piled her things up and burned all of it,including a ouiji .It all stopped.Believe me,demons are real.God bless, Bobby in Atlanta,Ga

  44. Opaque Life says:

    I read this out loud to my friend, and when I finished she said that her guardian demon was trying to tell her the name of the spirit in the post. So, she pulled out a pen and paper to do automatic writing, and she got the name, ‘Lackus.’ We were also told that the spirit wasn’t a true demon, but rather a spirit that enjoys causing fear.

    So, yeah.

  45. Jamie says:

    do NOT burn the board. depending on who made it,it can appear to have burned but it really hasn’t. the board is just a tool that it is bound to because it was summoned by the board. if the board is somehow destroyed and you didn’t get rid of it in the right way, it will be able to follow you and whoever helped summon it and cause so much damage to a whole new level.

    Do NOT burn the board.

    • Billy says:

      I agree with the post not to burn it, i havent played with one due to my belief that it binds evil to the board and if u do use it u bind the spirit to the board. when u burn it u allow the spirit free, and in doing so it will follow the summoner and bring the board back to them. My friend used one once and it didnt turn out so well, he burned it and it came back exactly 3 days later, he found it on the table when he came home. he then gave it away to another friend of his and it never came back…i believe he just passed the spirit on to someone else, which is just as bad … NEVER USE ONE and nothing bad will happen to u

  46. Liderien says:

    And what is the difference between a true demon and a “spirit that likes causing fear”?
    I find that statement to be rather odd.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I believe in ouijo board and idont think anyone can destroy this belief from me

  48. ParanormalCrazy says:

    Why can’t you burn the board I wonder?
    But, I really post to say a few things.

    I have long been interested in the paranormal, so when I heard of Bloody Mary I was intrigued. Some friends and I gathered in a bathroom and summoned her to no avail, no presecence, nothing. But I was hooked on the different tales of her summoning.and started looking for horror stories on the web. Then I heard of Ouija boards. I was even more intrigued with these, but on the web I have never found anyone recommending them. I have herd snippets of advice, so if you DO decide to test a Ouija board, (against the recommendations of thousands of people) try out some of these tips:

    NEVER get angry or rude. The spirits are generally VERY strong and probably dead or a demon. If they are dead, try to have some empathy as they are probably trapped in the spirit world, not physical any more.
    Some people believe that the spirit that has been summoned by you has to come and has no free will. Many debate over this, but remember, if thewy want to go, let them.
    A few sites have suggested asking the board thrice (three times) whether it is a good spirit, and that the spirit will tell the truth on the third attempt.
    If the spirit tells you it is not a good spirit on the third question, say goodbye as quickly as possible but STAY POLITE NO MATTER WHAT. People have gone mad after spirits have decided to hurt them.
    DO NOT ASK for physical evidence. I suppose it is like a vampire. They must be granted permission to enter a dwelling by the inhabitor so I suppose if it is the same with ghosts, then asking for evidence is an invitation. You would have onyl yourself to blame if you were haunted because you opened a portal for them to enter through.
    Use you common sense. If they say something you disagree with, if you MUST correct them, do not say anything invloving the word wrong, unless you are saying you made a mistake. Be careful not to patronise them though, as some will take this as an insult and seek to teach you a lesson. Anyway, to correct them, use something along the lines of “I must beg to differ. Meaning no offence, surely *insert POLITE phrase here*. I just wondered what your reasoning was.” If the spirit becomes angry, it is probably either very temperamental (and you should apologise immediatly and I cannot stress that enough) or a bad spirit, in which case you should have said goodbye at the start of your sessions.
    Lastly, taking rests between spirits is a good idea. Speaking to one spirit for ages is informative, but if the spirit is rude, your temper may have been sparked even just a little bit, and if you carry on, it will become very high by the end. Taking a cool drink is good, and going to the loo. Maybe have a piece of fruit as this will probably settle you. Turn on the lights, and make sure nobody feels any prescences. If they do, ask the spirit politely to leave. If the feeling does not lift, ask once more, perhaps explaining that they must go back. If they still refuse to leave, do nothing more paranormal unless it involves a proven method by professionals clearing the house. If you attempt to exorcise a ghost and fail, it will more than likely angter the spirit, so do not do it yourself unless vital.

    Just a few suggestions to make sure you wake up tomorrow safe and sound.

    P.S A note on dolls, as thye are so popular. From another few websites I have gathered that the more malevolent the appearance of a doll, th eless likely it will be possessed, unless purely to scare you. A malevolent appearing doll is an obvious warning sign (one of these websites suggests porcelain dolls are not common either as they shatter too easily) so normal barbies are far less prime suspects.

  49. Jackie says:

    To paranormal crazy,

    it’s great that you give these suggestions, but i have had experience of the ouija and if you are considering using it, just remember that whatever is behind this type of contact lies to you, more often than not.

    I asked for proof when i played the ouija only once. I asked if it could prove it was working to others who were watching, as i knew it was working by the way the glass we used was moving, it was more sort of gliding. We ended up not only getting proof there and then, but I also got proof with a physical attack sometime afterwards from something i couldn’t see. I just felt very sure that i had brought this about myself through messing around with the ouija.

    I wouldn’t go near a ouija board ever again. They are not games and no matter what sites you go on with all this exciting info, which is probably from people who haven’t got a clue what dangers this game can bring, it is only to try and convince yourself that it is OK to do, even though your instincts are telling you differently. Even people who claim it is safe if you do certain rituals or are polite, might have come off lightly during their experiences. I do NOT recommend O-boards to anyone.

  50. Stephy Death says:

    {Hey Jackie love, haven’t talked to you in forever. e-mail me [email protected]}
    Reason to not burn the board you ask?
    Well from my research, I have found that they are a portal for most evil spirits, and burning that portal will make it very very hard to get rid of it after.
    So you never burn a board. It shuts the spirits into pur world.
    But youshould be playing with those boards anyway.

  51. mattie says:

    i once played a ouija board and it said that i was goona die in a car accident i was so freaked out and it is real and it releses demonds i am so freaked out i hate it and you have to rip it up in exzactly 8 peices if you wanna get rid of it

  52. sarah says:

    thank you for informing us on your’happening’, i agree with you there are things in this world that we should not ever mess with, they are meant to be delt with by God, and if you try to contact them youll regret it. my father has told me stories of the ouija board, some that even happened to him, he always told me to stay away from ouija boards because of this, and im following his advice,know one knows how the ouija board works and i understand the temptation to try it, remember evil tempts you ,and trys to fool you. The pope is having to teach more priests how to perform exorcisms because more and more people are messing with this stuff. if your having trouble with demons or entites ask a church for help. may God be with you

  53. Charlotte says:

    When my parents went out one night and I was allowed a few friends over one brought an ouija board.

    My Gran is a Jehovah’s Witness. She had always told me to stay away from the board because it would always be a bad spirit that would try to trick you into believing it’s good. Despite this I was curious about it and decided I would let my friends play with it and that I would just watch. As first they messed around and nudged the pointer and laughed about it, then they got serious and decided to let it work on it’s own. We spoke with someone called ‘Oscar’ and he seemed nice at first. My friends began to get silly again and one asked “Who is the cleverest person here” the ouija answered “The person who isn’t playing” (that was me). The lights flickered violently and all our chairs were pulled from under us.

    For nearly three years after our house was never the same, it would get very cold and floorboards began to creak at night when we were all in bed, taps would drip water or turn on completely so someone would have to get up and switch it off. Halloween was always the most active night of the year.

    We moved house but not because of this and we found out that since we left activity increased and became scary. The house went up for sale three times in six months and now it stands empty because it’s remained unsold.

    Even though none of our experiences were as horrific as this, I believe I saved my family worse horrible torment by not participating. Even though this experiment was done in my home the effects for me were mild. My friends have never been at peace since and always feel as though someone is watching them.

    Do not mess with an Ouija board. My families experience was very mild compared to stories I’ve read.

  54. angel34 says:

    wow…fasinating.when i was younger my sisters used a o.b.she wanted to sell her sell her soul in order for my dad to win the lottery. In his case he never did. anyways they always played with it.I tryed it but never got far on it.there was to much goofing.I’m glad i did’nt go far.I’m always interested in reading this colume peace out

  55. Jackie says:

    That was the right thing to do – not participate.

    Your friends need to pray, the evil spirit (whatever you want to call it) will not go unless you do something about it…pray.

    Good luck, tell us how you go on.

  56. angel34 says:

    Sometimes I still feel something is wrong with my sister…I don’t know what she did with o.b…..She so wicked at times.Even with her kids…I would like to tell so much about it.anyways i’ll sign off here.peace out.

  57. miranda says:

    you cant get rid of a ouija board..ill pray for yall you need jesus

  58. angel34 says:

    Up to date on that o.b…I don’t like saying the whole name..creepy…this last holloween, me and my friend checked it out.At first we were goofing. We kept getting interupted…Then we asked if anyone was there and it said YES.Then we were interupted again.Which was good.I had the creepiest feeling..I scared myself…So we never bothered it again.We used it for our scipt for our haunted holloween house later that night(was a fortune teller).So next day was clean up day.It was stored in one of the offices.It still there..Don’t want to touch it…wondering if it can have effect in the building where I work??? Also some people say this place is haunted. Might I add this building is 30-40 years old.Creepy eh..well peace out till later

  59. Tai says:

    Yep sounds believable – We had a family friend that use to bring her kids to our house to baby sit when she went to work. I was talking with the youngest child one day just watching TV. The conversation got strange when she kept looking at the front door. I asked her what she was looking at and she responded “there’s that man again”. I turned to see and to my surprise there was no one there. I got up and went to the door and saw there was no one there. I asked her what man and she said that it was a man that came to their house last night. I asked her what his name was and she didn’t know. Later that afternoon when her mother came to pick her up I asked her mother about the man. The mother had no idea what she was talking about, so I put it down to imagination. A week later I recieved a phone call from the girls mother asking what she had to eat that day. I told the mother she ate the usual and nothing out of the ordinary. She was upset so I said I would go around and see what I could do. I turned up and knocked on the door. The mother answered the door. As soon as the door open I could smell a rotting sensation, I didn’t want to be rude and say anything and then entered. I turned to her mother and asked if they had been burning rubbish and she said no. I then asked the mother where the child was. When I started to make my way to the back of the house the smell intensified. I asked the mother if she could smell it and to my surprise she said no. As I walked into the childs room the room became darker, at first I thought the curtains were drawn but they weren’t. I approached the child and I noticed she was steering at the wardrobe. I lean’t down and she appeared to have been in a sort of trance. I knew straight away that something was wrong. I pick her up and took out of the house. Her mother began to panic and starting asking what was I doing with her. I said to her to get in the car and I will explain. We took the child back to my house and lay her down. I suggested to her mother that everyone come and stay the night. She refused the offer and demanded an answer. I then said to her that there was something in her house and it wasn’t safe there. She became more agitated. Later that night the rest of the family turned up. I had invited the local pastor (priest) to come over too. I asked the family if anything strange had happened in the past week and they said no. I asked if they had brought anything into the house that didn’t belong there. They said no. As I was about to ask the next question the child spoke in a soft voice “I wan to play the game” I asked her what game she was talking about. She didn’t answer. I asked the orlder sister if she knew what she was talking about and she was reluctant to amswer. I asked again and she looked at her fater and said “iI got a board from my friend”. When asked to describe the board it turned out to be a “O” board. The daughter went on to say that her friend had come to visit and they began to play with the board. The younger sister tried many times to find out what they were doing but was told it was a game board for 2.
    The pastor was asked to bless the family and then their house. Shortly after the child recovered and the family moved out of their home. I have noticed over the pas 2 years while driving past their house that it always seems to be for sale. I have seen 4 families come and go from the property and on some nights I swear I can see a man standing at the window from the corner of my eye.

  60. Danny says:

    There are too many reported cases of paranormal activity as a whole for it to be fake. Skeptics don’t believe because a) they’re too scared to acknowledge it; or b) they’re just plain ignorant. It’s the latter that is the problem with ouija boards, ignorant people playing with something they don’t understand. I have never used one nor will I ever use one. I have never had a paranormal experience but I believe in it and so I will never antagonise or provoke any spirits or demons or anything of the sort. There IS evil in the world which needs to be counteracted with faith in God and belief in the power of good.

  61. sxygstgrl14 says:

    who in their right mind would mess with the OUIJA board!?!?!? who would SUMMON a demon?!??!

  62. Jackie says:

    angel 34,

    yes, the o-board does have an effect on a building, why don’t you just get rid of it?

    what sxygstgrl and Danny says is right and you shouldn’t mess with it anymore, you are seriously pushing your luck!

  63. Lily says:


  64. angel34 says:

    Yes….I guess I am one of the lucky ones….never try that again. although I really enjoy reading on stories like the paranormal. Real or not..

  65. BARBARA says:

    i am so tempted to use the old board I grabbed from my mother in laws home after she passed away because no one else wanted it,. I have explored so many haunted places for fun just to experience something paranormal because I never have. There is no pointer with it, is there a substitute that can be used for a pointer? And I will be careful and take all precautions. God Bless.

  66. angel34 says:

    If you had read all the comments on this page……real or not….do not mess with a o.b ….your messing with something that aint from this world……It takes souls that are easily influenced……I believe if you believe in the power jesus….these things in the outer world cant get to you….because if you pray in his jesus name..you can rebuke him….but you have to faith and believe.

  67. BARBARA says:

    Thanks, Angel, for your concern. First and foremost I believe in God. I do not believe a piece of cardboard can manifest anything other than wild imagination and curiosity. Tonight I pulled out the board and set it out on the game table in the family room just for fun. I don’t have the pointer. My 14 year old son said it was “stupid”. My family is bored with my ghostly excursions as they never produced and proof. I often joke that my goal in life is to experience something paranornal before I die. You better BELIEVE I am coming back to haunt them when I diel

  68. angel34 says:

    Thats funny barbera…because I also feel the same way…..but dont you find it scary…what if you did have the pointer…..what if after you use it…then you just opened the doors to the other side…thats what I call it. For me I call it another demention….I’ll tell you an experience I had with myself….I was partying the night before it happened…mind you the place we were at was haunted..so they said…anyways this place is huge…three flights with an attic…anyways I wanted to pass out..cuz I had way too much and had enuf…I was laying there and suddenly I opened my eyes and saw hellish red eyes starring right at me..i froze…then I felt this force lift me up from the bed.. I swear, it lifted me three feet from the bed…shook my body like a rag doll…I started screaming loudly…suddenly it dropped me.. I got up shakingly ran to the living room where my friends were…they asked me what happened..cuz they heard me screaming…told them what happened…man I couldnt sleep at all for a long time after that..I was told about alot of experiences from the family…about there experiences in that house…creepy…I never slept or walked into that house again..I can tell you more experiences if you still want to chat..do you have any experiences to chat with me about…Im interested….

  69. BARBARA says:

    No, Im not scared, Angel. Because I have never had any experiences. And believe me, I want t o. I have spoke to many people, rationale people and have been told their haunting stories. As fascinating as they are, until I have an undeniable experience of my own, I just take it as a possibility. Even with a very open mind, I think people are quick to call things paranormal when more often than not there are sound explanations. I dont mean to sound like a skeptic, because I do think spirits are real in some ways. The reason I read these blogs is because I am fascinated by the whole idea. I have visited known haunted places begging for contact to no avail. Ghosthunters and Paranormal state are my favorite shows. Even though I think there is too much editing and enhancement involved. But I would love to hear your stories.

  70. King_Fluffs 1st lutenent auron squadron says:

    yo its your man king fluffs. I Have had past experience with the bords and have come to one conclusion.My house very old and haunted,the day i used a oujia bord id never seen the ghosts agian.But i agree dont play with them as studys prove they can be mental torture.

    Kind Regards

  71. Chaddwick says:

    ….I don’t beleive his happening…not for one moment. its rediculous. I do understand the moral of the story but….i mean that was rediculous. I studied the occult as a satanist and a demonologist for a decade before i converted to Christianity. I learned alot and saw some pretty spooky / amazing things. . . but what the kids in that story supposedly did – open up a visible door to Hell and physically see a demon…..would take so much energy – so much knowledge – so much practice.
    I tried to summon demons for years and never ever got results like that – nor would i have expected to. You want the opinion of someone who used a ouija day by day? are they safe? i would say…..mostly yes. in my experience a ouija board can not harness a powerful demon. Like trying to park a car in a dixie cup. The demons i have spoken too could not influence our world by any stronger means they words through the ouija.
    That being said – here is a word of wisdom from me to you. He who studies evil…is studied By evil. It can make you feel as if there is a shadow over your life. when i was a satanist the demons blessed me. but when i converted….and ever since….there has been a dark cloud in my life. Its just not worth it. I risked so much for so many years – all that i learned and saw left me the need to sleep with a light on.

  72. darren says:

    I too have had amazing experiences and saw things that I would never believe if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. I read a story on a different site that describes a “reptoid” which sounds eerily similar. But stories of this intensity are very few. I have been successful in summoning entities but they have never appeared to me in physical form. I have seen levitation’s, heard loud noises, moans, whispers, seen objects fly across rooms, but NEVER anything like this. Maybe the black art invocations opened a portal? I believe this is possible, but highly unlikely without the extreme summoning of a very powerful coven or highly trained sorcerer. I any case an alarming story to say the least.

  73. chaddwick says:

    Yes – thank you Darren. Glad to have another opinion based on experience and not urban legend. . . can you tell us more about a Reptoid? I know i said i converted to Christianity…and I did….but it was curiosity that led me to demonology and i am still curious.

  74. Alexandria says:

    Hello out there the first time i got on a ouija was at the age of 4 my sister brought it out and befor i put my hands on it it flew into the wall next to the bathroom and in the dark was 2 man standing with a long face and black eyes

  75. Alexandria says:

    It opened a door in my life i started to see thing that would scare the crap out of me ghost demons and thing out of the normal eyes and will never stop i can here them and feel there pain i would tell people about there loved ones ever sense that day it’s like i’m a ouija for people that don’t want to get on a boarde

  76. chaddwick says:

    I am with you Darren.
    Could you elaborate on what a ‘reptiod’ is? This isnt the first time i have asked so i assume the moderator is censoring my inquiry.

  77. shruti says:

    hey guys i dont knw if this is real or fake but i would surely like learn more abt this .

  78. darren says:

    Reptoids are beings that have reptilian characteristics, and are considered aliens possibly from another reality that have the ability to disguise themselves. Some believe they have infiltrated humankind and hold key positions in ultra top secret societies such as The Illuminati, and Skull and Cross Bones Society. Some are rumored to live in underground caverns, while others are thought to travel telepathically or by means advanced spaceships. There are reports that Reptoids can mate with Greys, which can lead to terrible mutant apparitions. They read minds, use psycho-kinetic powers, and have abilities of prophesy, and can manipulate the future.

    Not your average duck.

  79. mark c says:

    we had a o board in are house back in seventy something any way my sister was brought out the house,by a family member they took her strait to the hospital she had lost her mind and still this very day is crazy this what i tell you is true, strange things were going on in that house on normal in chicago i seen a demond and the eyes were blood red i;ll never forget it as long as i live. p.s TO whom it may concern don;t play with the occult.

  80. Mellisa says:

    Poor david. but ithink he shouldnt commit suicide. it never help at all. instead it can make the situation worse for him even though he’s already dead. who knows what’ll happen to his should afterward.

    you need to help your friend joe. he’s alone and scared. please help him as much as you could & don’t let him give up. but be careful to watch yourself as well. it might be the work of demon too if you sometime started not to think much about him and doesn’t have the will to really help him. demon can affect & persuade you in strange way.

  81. Mellisa says:

    Opaque Life
    i found it scary. guradian demon?? are u sure ur friend has one? not guardian spirit??? why she has one??

    Demon is a real demon, devil or satan.
    sprits are not always demons. there are some spirits that are born as spirits, but not demon. they can be evil and can be kind too. some spirits are dead human soul that wander around on earth.
    well, i’m not sure though, but anyway spirits and demon are different entity.

  82. Chelsea says:

    Wow!That story was really scary.I just think that some people can actually take the story seriously.Really sad that David did that.I would never play with an o-board anyway

  83. STEPHANIE says:

    i beleive that spirits ,demons ,etc. are very powerful and can scare people into suicide
    like my cousin , he comitted suicide after speaking to an old relative (which came for me 2 days after my cousin ,but i know how to speak the right words to paranormal beings ) my poorly treated grandmother .she was a servant in the new world and got killed for punishment of being claimed a ‘WHITCH’ and my cousin (dillon) used a ouija bourd to find out if we really have magic in the family (we all have a super natural power ,me … i can move stuff with my mind ..sometimes ,only when im really mad ,and my cousin can see the future in dreams ) and dillon commited suicide at age 13 (im 13 too ) but rosanda (my grandmother ) couldnt get me that easily i sill cant destroy the ouija board i locked it in the attic dillons house (in case aunt marie needs memorys ) oh,and this all happendAPRIL 14 2009 not that long ago right !!!!

    thanks for listening to my HAPPENING
    P.S. this REALLY did happen

  84. paiige...(awesome person) says:

    sure sure stephani..and the proper wordfor movin things with ur mind is telekinisis..

    and ur not matilda..hehe

    lol i can see future in my dreams..

  85. chris says:

    i think psychic powers are inherited i am the chris from the comment on ufos and i can c the past and i get weird feelings when big things are about to happen and in the great words of jason this sounds like a camp fire story

  86. Niki says:

    That is so weird. Things like that are real and they will get you. The best way to get rid of demons is to pray cause the name of Jesus Christ scares demons, It says it in the bible.

  87. jasmine says:

    it was at my house we thought the ouiji would not work .AND we meet this deamen MANDY she said that life wounld come to a end. She put the tv on frizzy and blew a picture down. WE COULD NOTSLEEP 4 A WEEK IF YOU PLAY WITH THE OUJIJ IS DANGEROUS.

  88. Lexi says:

    If you insist on playing with a ouija board go ahead. But whatever you do, do NOT I repeat do NOT burn it. It is one of the worst thing’s you could do.

  89. Suzee Q says:

    I love all the paranormal stuff, but when it comes to an Oboard that is something I don’t mess with! I have done alot of research on the Oboard and you are NOT to play with it by urself, also it IS very dangerous! Hasn’t anyone seen the Exorcist? It does make me wonder why people want to dabble in that subject. Suzee Q

  90. SassySouljah (for Jesus Christ) says:

    To Chaddwick:

    Chaddwick, out of all of your experience in demonology and Satanism, have you not considered that maybe demons never came after you because you were already on their side? The boys in the story (David and Joe) were seekers and curious as to what may be on the other side. The devil, demons, and other evil creepies are after those who are weak in their mind and also, after those who don’t have their mind made up. In other words, these evil entities are after those who are lukewarm, a term that is in the Bible, as in God will spit those who are lukewarm out of his mouth! With all the practicing you did as a Satanist (not trying to offend you, just trying to make a point) to “make contact” with a demon, the demons probably never made any contact back with you because they knew you were already on their side and even more so, if you are already in trust of something, why would you need it proven? (This point goes for Christians as well) I praise the Lord to see that you have converted! But I agree with everyone else: PLEASE DO NOT USE O. BOARDS! You may not know it or admit it, but when you are in a state of curiosity, you are also in a state of confusion. You may be going through something (depression, addiction, etc.) and need some confirmation that everything is going to be okay in your future. Please don’t play with your life by allowing this game to be the soother of your troubles. Pray and be specific in your praying so that God can show you how powerful he can be in your life if you let him in. And then, don’t forget to LIVE! In the meantime, while you are waiting for the answer to your prayer, for you change to come, live life: Look for brand new opportunities to flex your skills in something you love or create a haven of peace until God gives you a sign (not a O. Board). I assure you, God, The Lord Jesus Christ, is on a much higher spiritual plane (more so than anything coming off of that board) and he has much more insight into your life. Seek him for everything. I only know all of this because I have been through depression and I have been made curious as to what is the future for my life. I can honestly tell you that only the answers that the Lord provides are the ones you really want. What HE says about your life is all that counts. God be with all of you, SassySouljah

  91. chris says:


  92. ROBERT says:


  93. Shae says:

    Now, that is downright crazy. But as a christian, this stuff is real. I can’t believe a hole to hell opened up and came on in. They invited a demon. Someone should have took them to church and got him prayer. But this is serous. When you mess with satan, he is going to come and not in a good way either. Witchcraft is serious guys. Nothing to play with. Only the word of God and the blood of Jesus is going to work, and you have to be saved also. Don’t mess with this stuff. Witchcraft is real!!!

  94. Brook says:

    i totoay agree with robert! ive had many experiences myself!

  95. Lexi says:

    God, Jesus, Church? Oh please. Correct witchcraft is real it is the old religion after all here long before christianity. And of course it is not to play with it is a religion not a toy.

  96. Ashley says:

    Who in there right mind would want to summon a demon thats just stupid..

  97. Bombard102 says:

    Will you’s all give it over, boreds dont work, ghosts dont exsist, its all in your head, “joe and david woke up out back all confused”?? how’d she know? what happin to her? haha, just another BS story ya tell your kids haha, ghosts, vampires, god, santa clause, satan, deamons, angels, UFO’s, aliens, easter bunny DONT EXSIST hahaha

  98. jenny_jonas says:

    Bomboard102- nt to b rude bt if u dnt believe why come on this site

  99. CuteVirgo says:

    Bomboard1020 believes because yeah, why is he/she on this site…just trying to get a rise I reckon. On a different note, there are some shocking spellers leaving replies!

  100. loves a good scare says:

    i have played wit one berfore and expiernced wat powers it has. trust me this is one thing u dont want to mest wit. but with all the crazys in the world this will probly happen agian. dont say the person didnt warn u. its fun to mess wit at first but than after a while strange things start to happen. its just like playing the game light as a feather and swift as a bored. both fun at first but once play there is no turning back. its amzing wat things these games we play will somon.

  101. lana lane says:

    so a few days ago i played the bored and i asked if she was in heaven and she said yes but not for long… then i asked her a few days later if she was in heaven and she said no.. so i researched it and i found out that they are demons and they get thrown out of heaven… this is a scary game my advise is to stop playing

  102. johnny says:

    wow… that is terrible. god bless you and your friends that were affected

  103. Gregory Brown says:


    I’m sorry about David taking his own life, I can not imagine your grief.

    Your other friend needs a mega-dose of LIFE! When Satan tempted Christ (in the desert) telling him he could turn stones into bread to satisfy his hunger, Jesus replied by saying that man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. Need some real strength? Try getting some of God’s word into your heart and mind. That might be hard if you are constantly plugged into an IPod, personal computer, internet, etc. etc. You get the idea?

    If you take time to prepare a meal, then sit down and eat, and converse with each other, try applying a little of these simple steps to get some of God’s word into your heart and mind.

    Still want to flirt with unfamiliar spirits? Play with fire and get burned.
    It is a matter of choice…, always has been.

  104. Behold says:

    Gregory Brown is on the right track. IMHO, those people that had bad experiences with using it mostly because they didn’t have a full respect toward the unseen beings. I bet these people were either making stupid jokes, poking each other, giggling or laughing…especially the teenagers; piss me off just to think about their unsupervised behaviors. Teenagers shouldn’t be using it or even go near it. To everyone else, it is ALL ABOUT RESPECT, PEOPLE!!! If you wish to communicate with the other side, you would need to have full respect and entrusting your thoughts before doing so. However, respect but without fears. In the back of your mind, fear no one but only GOD. Always remember that as long as you have a full commitment of yourself to GOD, nothing can harm you providing you don’t provoke any wrong doing. Nevertheless, you need to have respect and entrusting thoughts during your communication with the other side. Ask yourself these questions, would you most likely to help someone if that person came to you with respect? With their respect, would you want to do any harm to that person? And think of all the powers these unseen beings possess, they can break a living human being like breaking a piece cracker.

    I only used ouija board once in my life time and that was 14 years ago. I had a positive outcome from it and I cherish it. I chose not to discuss about it. It was a very emotional experience and I will never forget it. I will not use it again because I learned that the bible told us so. My advice to everyone is abstain themself from using it. Be wise and be afraid of what may happen to you if you chose to use it.

    Hope that helps. Peace out.

  105. Mike says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t comprehend how many people believe this. I’m sorry for your friend, but to think he saw a demon? I’ve used an ouija board in the middle of a cemetary, calling on the nastiest things, and am just fine. All this to prove to my friends there’s no such thing. Can’t let your head play tricks on you.

  106. Tnelson says:

    Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! :)

  107. Matt says:

    To Mike:

    Demons do exist. I say this coming from a history of Devil and demon worship where I had regular contact with these entities. You may not have seen anything because you did not want to see them. You went into it with a state of mind that they just didn’t exist. Also, it takes a lot of mental preparation and exercise to come to a point that you will see demons, if that is your intention. They are not typically going to manifest just because you ask them to, without all the correct elements in place.

    • Big Chief says:

      So how did the demons/devil look and what did they say to you?? Did they show their faces to you??

  108. MATTIAS says:

    I was at a house party, one I use to live at a couple years ago and we were given a ouija board from a friend. So at this party, my friend took the board out of the closet after it not being touch for close to a year now and he threw the entire thing in the washing machine then dryer along with a backpack, fire alarm, plastic cleaning bottle and beer cans. So any of you ouija board fanatics out there, whats the worst that could happen? But I will admit, I had one of the worst work days the day after the party so I’m sure the thing still taunts me. When this board was being used, it was abused for the most part, people that play it not taking it seriously like a little kid would. But I have to admit, when I have played on that board there had been unbelievable things that happened. Anyway ha, wash a ouija board in a washing machine can’t be good. Any comments on this will be appreciated.

  109. john hurcul says:

    yes i have had encounter tho it wasnt as bad is this i still summond a demon his name is zaza or zozo but its some stuff you dont wanna mess with, he isnt a powerfull demon i have fought him and i have one but before i could beat him he was realy annoying acualy but yea dont mess with them demons if you play the board RESPECT IT…… and im sorry about your friend:\

  110. Anonymous says:

    i personally say if you need to summon a spirit have the board blessed and it must be wooden it cannot be plastic

  111. Apocalypse says:

    i made my own Ouija 2day….i can´t wait to confront some entity! but only tomorrow…..i spent a lot of energy to create masterpiece :)

  112. Amber says:

    Its all about the energy vibes you have during your divination….Honestly you dont need a board to summon evil demons.as a mattter of fact there is no such thing as demons there are only high vibrational beings or low vibrational beings…everyone keep this in mind what you run from you run too ..fear attracts things for you to fear peace and love attract peacefull and loving entities..so what im saying is your fear is manifesting things to scare you. if you are afraid DO NOT PLAY. love and light to you all

  113. deedee(: says:

    I Just made a ouija board wish me luck (;

    • Jessie B. says:

      Are you serious? Did you not read this story or the comments? I made a ouija board once, Let me tell you, they are far more powerful than the ones you buy in a store. There is no such thing as a good experience with an O-board. I can’t believe you. Honestly? I have personally seen some crazy stuff with the one I made. You may be a thrill seeker, but this is no way to get them. People can get possessed, have their homes inhabited by strange phenomena, or even die. This is serious business and I feel bad for you that you don’t value your soul and physical or mental well-being enough to know that this isn’t a game.You don’t play with an ouija board at a sleepover, this is YOUR LIFE we are talking about!!! If you want to know more about ouija boards I am more than happy to share my full experiences with you via email. THIS GOES FOR ANYONE ELSE WHO IS INTERESTED TOO!!!

      Note from admin – please read the rules – posting your email and asking others to contact you is not allowed.

      • noob says:

        ok so i read the story..nuber one dont tap into that energy number two i just made one and is debating on playing and number 3…..PRAY BEFORE YOU PLAY

  114. Betty says:

    Don’t burn the board…it’s made of particle board which contain toxic fumes. Burning just makes it worse.

    And,does anyone know why things go badly with the board. You don’t hear stories like this with other divination tools. Or, at least I haven’t.

    And, yes, I had a bad board experience.

    Currently you can purchase a Ouija board at any Toys R Us store…in the girls section. It’s all pink. Pink board, pink planchette. Thanks Parker Brothers!

  115. korax says:

    the thing with the hole in the ground sounds like a scene from Tanacious D – the pick of destiny!

  116. blondie says:

    Yes, I agree that the ouija board is not a toy. It was made many years ago for the intention of being a toy.
    In the 60′s, my mother loss her mother. She was distraught over it, since she would talk to her everyday on the phone. After her death, she started to dabble with the ouija board. It was in winter, and my mother had lived in a big house and half of it had been a tavern and danceroom. The tavern was no longer being used. The front door was boarded up with 2×6 boards. The archway which adjoined the tavern to the living quarters was also boarded up by plywood and 2×6 boards.
    My mother repeatedly asked the ouija board if my grandmother was present to let us know or give us a sign. After, 45 minutes. It happened! the nails came flying out of the boards, the plywood came flying down in the archway between the tavern and the house. Then the front door of the tavern door flew open with nails and boards flying in the air. Everyone ran in all directions in fear. Needless to say, my mother burnt the ouija board. No one in the family will ever own another.

  117. Iceywolf says:

    Wow now i’m kinda scared….i wanted to try one of the boreds but i was laways scared to find out if it did work and if i would get killed by it 0-0 (now i feel like crying becuase i’m scared)

  118. manss says:

    Its not need to Quija board . if someone wish really see demons should go alone to the cemetery at nightfall Sit in a tomb and wait. After a while he see some sign of them and gradually see some shadows and transparent spirits that are moving toward left and right . He feels they surrounded him and also touches their negative energies. He doesn’t hear any voice but only sees their shadows and movements around. Some of that demons are narrow and tall , some robust and shaggy some with wrinkly face and whit – disheveled hair and he also sees a black tiger ( some of dangerous demons are so). Suddenly he remembers where he has been sat so notice to that tomb. He Feels a thing is vibrating inside the grave and will to exit so he sense the tombstone is quaking and also a bony hand is trying to remove the tombstone ( of course these fictions about grave are only brainchild and aren’t true) the fear of demons is being caused to other fear of deaths and ghosts therefore whole cemetery turned into horror. Some are objectivities and some imaginaries.
    After these events I don’t think he insist to stay there so certainly he will quickly rise up and escape. But can he exits from cemetery safety ? Whether demons let him go out or no? what do you think about ? will they extricate their delicious victim ?

  119. jacibo says:

    i’m so sorry about what happened to your mate david and ouji boareds are really very bad they give me the creeps and i worry about my younger brothers when they get to close to them

  120. Anonymous says:

    I burned one yesterday and nothing had happened. The ouija board is made By parkers bros, I mean come on might as well say monopoly can communicate with spirits maybe you can have a fun game with them. But I’m going ghost hunting sometime this week so I’ll see what happens. But maybe some of the old old ones might work but it’s hard to believe this story I’m just saying.

  121. Brian says:

    Don’t screw with the occult and it won’t screw with you. I’m a Christian, and all this goes against my system of beliefs. However, I’ve come to discover that black magic,demons, ghosts, and I’ve come to learn the chilling fact that this is all very real and must be avoided. This stuff is more spooky than a Vincent Price horror flick. Do not dabble with this. Cling to our Lord and Savior Jesus, and He will protect you from the hidden evils that plague this world and beyond.

    • Betty says:

      Most non Christians wouldn’t know to stay away. Even Christians don’t know to stay away especially when the board is marketed as a game. There is currently an all pink board being sold at Toys R Us.

  122. Carri says:

    Joesph. I played with the board at 8. My best friend Tammy Chapman was there she was 9. we say the board spell out names so fast. we could not understand reading that fast. but a few weeks later Tammy was raped by some boys. I was put in a foster home for about 2 years so I never messed with it again. But say Jesus deliver me or Jesus protect me.
    Are you ok now? just wondering can you post to let us know?

  123. Matt M. says:

    I can say, having been a Theistic Satanist, and having practiced black magick in the past, demons do not summon this way. Noone can just lay down stones, light candles, say an incantation, and summon a demon. Even if a demon were summoned, it would not come through a portal in the floor. It takes up to years of meditation and energy manipulation practices to be able to see a demonic entity at will, and then they aren’t going to look as described. I am not proud of the fact, but I have had my experience with demonic entities, summonings, communication, etc. This story is bogus.

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