How To Deal With A Demon

Posted on June 10, 2009

Have the house blessed by a priest and ask him to bless all the rooms in the house with holy water. This will, for the short term, solve your problems. However this spirit will come back in about couple of months after the blessing very pissed off. Don’t be surprised if paranormal activity increases during this period.

The next cause of action you must take is to ask the church for an exorcism to take place in your house forcing the spirit out of your home. In nearly all situations this method has been a great success. But to get the church to conduct this you will need proof of the spirit so get in touch with a group of paranormal investigators or a medium and get them to document what has been happening.

Finally, once the exorcism has been carried out you will be able to tell whether it has worked through the atmospheric changes in your property for example the feeling of being in a closed space when your not and the thickness of the air should all change. Remember to keep the items of the exorcism at the property afterwards so the evil spirit can not return.

These types of spirits draw energy through fear. The more fear you show the stronger it gets. Always remember to be strong and not give in. The presence is also likely to be using your own energy as a channel. Another tip would be to research this spirit and find out more about him.

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219 Responses to “How To Deal With A Demon”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    i hope i never have to deal with one!!

    • Tori says:

      I don’t belive this because if god himself won’t help an absued child then he won’t help you get rid of the supernatural, so i think that what you are saying is wrong you have to ty and calm spirets oor anything like that down then talk to it otherwise it’ll always be pissed off!!!!!!!!!

      • papi sal says:

        Check it out the information that this guy has given is actually true and it does work. Watch Supernatural!!!!!

      • jorge a. martinez says:

        I grew up around demons, they haunted my parents who were both shamans in the rio grande valley of Texas. I was the only one of my brothes and sisters who sensed them and felt their presence. It was a horrible way to grow up. I suffered in slience and may have continued to do so had it not been for a fortunate accident. I found a book called The Sorcerer’s Secrets, written by an unknown man who first wrote the book in Spanish, and one of his students translated it. I had to read it in Spanish which was a challenge all in itself. I was maybe twenty two years old before I learned enough to be able to reject their energy, and learn to hide my own.

        I can’t publish personal info so I won’t try to, but if its possible you should to to a new web site calle The Toltec Institute. You’ll find more than enough information on that web site, if you have the courage, dsicpline and determination to do so.

        You should first know that no everyone is able to defeat their demons. Some people never even try to reject their influcence, and some people just surrender to them, thinking that they’ll get some kind of reward. You should know that there is no way to confirm that whomever they say they are, is really who they are. Syliva Brown and other idiots suggest everyone should seek their spirit guide, which is another way of saying, ” aggee to be possessed, like she is. Syliva Brown is possessed, and anyone who agrees to allow an unknown entitiy to enter their body, and possess them is as well. She has submitted to what others call a complete possession.

        Anyone who knows about demons knows she’s only repeating what ever it tells her to say. I’m only one of hundreds of students who refer to this web site. don Jesus Ramierz has help thousands of lost, scared and lonely people

        good luck

        • angie says:

          everyone has thier areas of expertize- silvia is a knowledgable being,but like most people she gets lost sometimes. cut a little slack

        • Gonecrazy says:

          I agree with on the Sylvia Brown thing. I get bad vibes just listening to her and if you listen hard enough you can hear the difference in her voice. she channels spirits which I don’t agree with. I on the other talk to spirits telepathically , I have premonition and see things after it has happened, and I see ghosts. I also feel other peoples emotions. I know the lonely life you speak of. I have never fit in with others besides my family. My family has certain abilities as well. It’s genetic. We don’t qualify our selves as psychics or mediums. We say we are High Sensitives . I am the strongest in my family and the more I use my abilities the stronger I get. It is very annoying. And part of my family does not know about me and most of my friends don’t know about me. I stay secret because I nor my family want to be known about or used in any way. However I now have a friend that is a sensitive like me but he can draw spirits to him unknowing of what he has don’t and he has drawn a demon to him now we can’t get rid of it. Any advice? and I would like to drain him of all his sensitivity if possible.

          • Jorge A. Martinez says:

            Hey Gonecrazy,
            If you start engaging energies you don’t understand, and it’s clear that you don’t, you will go crazy. Most people who engage such energies either go nuts, end up on medications, or commit suicide. This is not a joking matter, and you’ve already crossed the line. I’d suggest you disconnect from your friend who you say attracts demons. These entities are attracted to energy, not just his, but everyone’s. They feed off energy, and need to do so in order to remain connected to this plain. What you are suggesting would require years to learn, courage, and something which may be tougher to find, “the discipline of detachment that would enable you to face it", without fear, judgment, or senses of self while you were experiencing the most fearful thing possible. This requires years of training, focus, grounding, and a teacher. It’s clear that you don’t have these concepts available to you at this point. This is not to say it can’t be done, but I’d suggest you are not ready to do it now. As far as your friend, I suspect that person has been connecting with these things for many years, and may already be under their influence. Nothing like this happens in a snap after one experience, it’s nothing like in the movies. Most people who are contacted by these entities feel special, or complimented, as if they have just gotten a new pet. Those people call these monsters “spirit guides", “spirit teachers", and “guides". The problem is, there is no way to validate and verify they are who they claim to be. Sylvia Browne is a perfect example. She gave her monster a female name in order to make it easier to sell to the ignorant public who trusts whatever Sylvia is saying. No one seems to be asking why someone with a guide would have made so many horrible life choices, especially in matters of the heart, self advancement, self enrichment, and greed. As far as your friend, no disrespect, but the truth is your friend is the pet, and they the masters, or at least they the predators, not the prey. You and your friend are the prey, and are being fed upon by these inorganic entities. And no, you can’t drain someone of their abilities, anymore than someone can drain you of yours, that’s why it takes discipline, focus, and years of training to remove our egos, self indulgences, and other weaknesses that make us human, ordinary, and easy prey. It would serve no purpose for you to continue to place yourself at risk. Your presence will not help your friend, and it may harm them, and you to do so. When two powerful individuals join energies without a clear purpose of creating a positive force, you leave yourself open to attracting all sorts of other curious entities that wander over this plain, searching for a spiritual meal. If what you say is true, then you’ve done so. Here’s the catch, one of you willingly accepted the connection. Now it won’t leave. Wanna know why? Because it doesn’t have to, and you’re making it too easy for it to stay. The only answer which may sound strange, especially if you have not studied don Jesus M. Ramirez’s book, “The Sorcerer’s Secrets", but you need to “shut yourself off and hide", until those entities stop sensing your life force and move on. They don’t like having to work for their meals, as there are so many willing victims out there. Shut yourself off, and say goodbye to your friend for some time. Learn to gather psychic energy by not indulging in your self importance. Giving yourself a title, is self importance, you’ll never gather enough energy to protect yourself, much less anyone else, if you continue to feed your ego, and indulge in your weaknesses that drain your spiritual force. I’m afraid you’ve gotten yourself into the role of “protector" when you should have stayed in a role of student. This is a perfect example of knowing just enough to get yourself into trouble, but not enough to get out of it. I’m so sorry, good luck, I’ll wonder what’s going on with you. Hope it improves, but it may take years. I would highly suggest reading don Jesus M. Ramirez’s book “The Sorcerer’s Secrets".
            Good Luck

            • Elise Renee Gingerich says:

              I think that my twin sister and I may have encountered a Demon or Demons demons or a demon while growing up Very Briefly! and then It just Went Away I Hope the heck It did! I think mine may have been a Bird Demon or whatever I think It could have been a bird demon and at first It scared me but then It just annoyed me and then as I said before It just supposedly Went Away! I hope the heck that It went away! but I guess I agree One should Never invite a supposed Evil Thing to Hook Onto Them! that’s just plain Creepy as Heck! yikes anyways try to stay Out of this recent Cold Snow! and Thank You elise renee gingerich Over and Out and Yes! the Lady on tv Is creepy as Heck! I agree with That completely! even though I don’t really watch Her on tv I think She Is a little Creepy! come to think of It now!

          • MARY says:

            Uhhhhh… no , sorry not a smart idea at all of draining someone, they are their own person and you would be impeding on their own personal choices and life. You can support and love them ,stand by them , lend them your love and loving protection. If your friend has attracted a diabolical then he needs HELP from someone fully prepared to do battle against the evil entity. Usually a small cleansing (not an exorcism but a clearing of his soul ) can be done by a local priest who must be made aware, and then prepare and believe it is a diabolic spirit . Once that is made clear to the priest or demonologist then they can try to free your friend.. As a sensitive from a long line as you say , try the white light approach. It is like wearing a coat against the evil and unclean spirits. A huge white light is imagined while in meditation state and enclosed around you completely. You ask this to be used as your protection no evil in . You go no where without checking that you are surrounded with that blessed light. It will protect you from the evil that comes so easily towards the light of a sensitive. Blessiings and light to you all !
            Greenmother aka Mary

          • MARY says:

            WHAT??? Sylvia should not contact spirits but you do this on a regular basis? We will never be able to help ppeople understand the other side and the gifts God has given to certain people by attacking each other. You speaking and being approached by the dead is exactly what Ms B rown does?? You have a sensitive friend who does not know he/she is?? Well I believe just my two cents that you clue them in so they can protect themselves. God does not make junk , if he gave you the gift to touch and see and feel those through the veil than that is your gift , you have and always HAVE HAD the choice thru Him to ignore it and tell the spirits you want nothing to do with them . You would not be the first sensitive to do this or the last. Let’s not dump on these gifts , they make us different and help others to understand better that there is MORE , this isn’t the only stop on the journey , not even close and The Big Guy gave you a wonderful gift but you must decide whether you want it or not. Taking your friends gift is wrong and possibly not a thing that can actually be done in any kind of permanent way ,unless again HE CHOOSES TO NOT work on his gift . Much Blessings you have a great choice to make and I’ll keep you in my prayers;.

        • Erik says:

          I’ve never heard this said about Sylvia Browne before, but I think I agree with you. I’ve always suspected something wasn’t quite right about her. Just like a demon does, she seems to mix in truth with exageration and lies. I’ve read a lot of her books so that’s how I know these things, but that was when I felt differently about her. People need to consider where self proclaimed mediums such as Sylvia Browne get thier power and information from, it certainly isn’t from the holy spirit!

        • michelle says:

          Hi.. jorge a. Martinez!!
          Well since u know a lot about this I was wondering if you can please help me with something… Ok so, everything began three weeks ago I was sleeping and I had this weird dream about me selling my soul to the devil..I felt good about it after waking up.but then I got scared nd didn’t know what to the next morning I started to think about it and thought it would be awsome to do that so I when on the internet and searched for rituals and all those things.. I got scared when I saw what I was doing so I stopped but the in the after I started calling the devil.. “LUCIFER ,LUCIFER ” I got goose bumps all over my body and I was in the internet again searching for things about him.and ever since that dream I keep having it over and over again.. what does this mean… Do u know???

      • Anonymous says:

        Talk to it really?? How can you say that really?? Please do some reading on demons then respond because if you really don’t know what you’re talking about then no need to comment

    • angie says:

      look in all honesty,if you people have a demon,find somebody who knows thier stuff. somebody spiritual. if you go in into demons in your house stupidly then your going to make them mad,very mad. personally for myself i have demons in my house and i guess im lucky because they cause me no problems,well for the most part anyway. sometimes they get bored and scare me,lol,well try to. i believe it is wrong to clasify ALL demons as the same. its like saying ALL humans are the same. if you dont understand what is in your home, you shouldnt try to exterminate. its like pest control…. dont go into a situation like this blindly,you WILL regret it. sometimes they try to tell us things and sometimes they try to take over our minds and……… well i hope i make my point. good luck to you if you have a pest control. ive done several cleansings and not one of them were the same. thank you for your time :)

      • MARY says:

        Hello Angie I could not agree more. We had a vile entity that caused death ( miscarriage) , and broken bones in an infant . I’m talking VILE but not a demon. Demons are HOT not cold when you go into a room that a demon has inhabited it is HOT , Stifling, heavy air , fear. Entily’s with tude are like an Ice cube was just dumped down your back and fear in the air and they are evil and menacing and can cause really bad things but they are not demons and the ritual of cleansing and blessing usually gets them gone for a bit or forever. The last one I did rid us of that Entity after alot of pain and unfortunately death in our family but it did not leave easily it put me in the hospital after the cleansing , I threw up for thirty hours and dehydrated so was taken to the ER but when I came home. WOW, it was so different. What was left behind well like you say be careful about running in and exterminating , we are living witha small girl who gravitates towards my son , so I take it she is pretty young and her father figure and a mother figure. Oddly enough our son is sensitive like myself and has told me about the parents going in the wall. They stay there , I believe they are from the land as this home was built for us so no one ever lived in this house before but the land is another story , a whole family heck many families kcould have taken up residence here from the 1700′s on or there about so we don’t know who they are but they are done trying to scare us . What really finally got rid of the VILE ONE was our involvement with a team a very GOOD TEAM who came to our house and actually caught on tape the father telling the daughter to stop pinching my daughter who was in the room with us because he says “they can hear us”, then a giggle (our lil girl) , she was having fun and my daughter felt like she was getting bitten by mosquitos and when we looked at the places she scratched you could clearly see the pinch marks. So we basically have a family co existing in our home , we want them to move on and continue to try as hanging out in a closet as opposed to going to the next level , sucks and I really feel for the girl so we will continue with the group to bless the home and move them on . A medium is not a person who is possessed as a matter of fact a medium would be the last person to be possessed WHY because they know what to do to keep themselves protected from that . A medium channels those who come to them to give help to those here who may miss the dead relative and are hurting . The TRUE medium will try to contact said relative and pass the messages on. That is not possession that is mediating . THEY ARE HERE WITH US . Maybe understanding insteading of fearing and running could help them go where they need to . BLESSINGS TO ALL MARY

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Sean, does it matter if we call kids- children OR even if we call a girl – lass OR for that matter a boy – lad OR refer to GOD as ALLAH. If we evoke the name of Jesus regardless if others refer too Him as Yeshua, the same person is being summoned, so I feel your argument is quite irrevelant.

      A friend & I were in a tricky situation involving a menacing noisy entity and when my friend commanded it in the name of Jesus Christ to ‘begone’, it stopped its behaviour instantly.

  2. Charlotte says:

    thanks, i have been looking all over for one of these stories. can u send 1 in about how u can tell if a ghost is in the same room as u plz? i no all the basics n stuff. thnx it wud b much appritiated (:

    • MARY says:

      Charlotte it really is not hard I am not entirely sure you are talking to me , but I will help if I can COLD REALLY COLD goosebumps , hair standing on end and a feeling of fear out of no real place also of being watched is commonly talked about and is how my daughter knows they are their . Fear is not always present only when the entity is trying to gain strength and make you fear to fight this just acknowledge that you know they are there and you are protected by God or your Higher Power and you feel they should move on. Not with anger just a matter of fact anger disgust fear this is eaten like ice cream by the entities . They could have been so sweet in life , but are scared now or confused so just speak and let them know they need to move on. HOT , OPPRESSIVE ,absolute fear , anger , stress, constant arguments this can also happen with a very VILE REGULAR ENTITY BUT demons usually bring this out. the difference is the heat . Entity ‘s are cold they may try to act like a demon but they are cold . Demons may try to act like a child or regular entity your buddy , something that needs help etc it ‘s a game to them. But remember they are HOT , oppressive , not cold , there is no cold when they are around it is just heavy air . Either way they are not pets so even if you have a very sweet yet ,VERY COLD LOL, lil girl spirit she still needs to go on to her next place , they have no business here. If it is not your grandmother etc then they are stuck or won’t go but , you can’t keep them alot of people feel they don’t cause harm so leave them alone but they have a better future waiting for them and they were us just a few short years ago . Would ‘nt you want someone to help you go to paradise as opposed to living in someone’s bathroom?? Just a thought . I hope this helps , it is just some of the things I’ve picked up in my studies of this over the last 8 years or so. Blessings and light to you and yours Mary

  3. alberg15 says:

    cool thanks good advice

  4. Bob says:

    I have an aunt she does not drink nor do drugs . shes around 40. Has 2 kids . one is 15 other is prolly 11 maybe. And she has been reporting a very strange haunting at her house. She said that she got up to go to the bathroom one night. And this tiny white thing came at her and she was chased into her bed room where she slammed the door. and locked it. I know this has to sounds very ridiculous . but thats what she said. She also said at night some thing keeps calling out to her oldest daughter. And grabs her oldest daughters leg in her sleep to wake her. Both children have reported seeing things in the house as well as the mother. She refuses to let anyone take pictures or try to help her. Shes afraid it will make the spirit mad.

    Their also is negative emotion in that family. divorce from her husband. and the loss of my grandpa which is my aunts father. Wonder if these 2 things could have somthun to do with the haunting ?

    Any information is appreciated .

    • ivah hooks says:

      i no wat ur goin’ thru…… as a wicken i have to say burn some sage in the home, clearly state that the entity is NOT welcome…..say ‘ this is my home, i do not fear you, you are not welcome here” ten times saying it stronger and louder everytime……. if you feel you or any human is not safe in the house get out ASAP and get a pro to do the job….

      sincerly ivah hooks


    • infante says:

      what is thier names of the family?

    • angie says:

      hey,bob-look im no expert,however in my experiance things are not always as they seem. there are a ton of cheezy parinormal movies out there and with all of them there is some trueth about it. all i know is there is something much bigger than any of us going on right now. if there is a metephisyical shop or ‘magick’ shop around there by you,then go and see if anyone there could help. im clectic in my believe. i have studied alot of things and the one thing that i have learned is dont let the spirit know what you are up to and herbs and oils for house cleansing. trust me when i say get help,either from a high priestess or some like that who knows what they are talking about. if your aunt was close enough for my husband and i to help i would. the main thing i have learned is to trust your gut and mine is telling me your aunt is right,ignorant but right. if you dont get the right kindof hepl then it will make it angry. i wish i could be positive but i im not sure. i feel as though your almost 16 cousin is going to be in alot of spiritual trouble and no there is no running from it. do not make contact with this beind just treat it as a threat and eliminate it. if it were a loved one it would leave no room for question. i have had demons around me all my life and i will tell you that they are tricky tricky-dont trust it,that would be bad. have you ever heard of seeding??? well 16 is a power age and all i can say is this is not to be taken lightly….good luck

  5. Passtime says:

    A demon cant harm you if you submit yourself to GOD the ONE and ONLY. A Demon will only harm you if you have forsaken GOD or strayed away from HIS path. If this ever happens you should REPENT and Turn away from the evil that invited itself into your life.
    GOD is forgiving and even a DEVIL can submit to GOD and be forgiven if GOD so wills. The sooner the better the more time you waste the more your soul will be darkend and you can become obscured from the LIGHT.


    • Anonymous says:

      i agree with you my mom always tells me the same thing.

    • jorge a. martinez says:

      I wish I could agree with you that God will save you. He won’t , God does not intervene
      on an earthly plain. As a matter of fact, he’s is the one that placed those demons on this plain and made us their prey. We are suppose to learn, amonge many other things how to fight, resist and defeat these demons on our own. You can pray all you want. You can attend church, drink holy water, bath in holy water all you want, if you don’t learn to develop a powerful spirit, via training, and discpline, it won’t amount to a hill of beans when it gets dark, and the demons come to dance on your head. Haven’t you ever wondered, why you no longer see miracles, but you continue to see nastyness and violence.

      As a child I grew up around my parents who were shamans in the Rio Grande Valley and practiced. Thousands of people would come to our home and pay to recieve blessings, guidance and healings. The problem is that demons were also attracted because of all the energy people brought with them.

      After my parents died, I was left alone with all their baggage and all their demons. I never had to learn how to protect myself from demons because of their engery. Their spiritual strength was so strong, negative entities never came around our home, but after they past, I was attacked by dozens of angry demons, and other shamans who practiced black magic. These greedy earth bound shamans made their living by casting evil spells, curses and love potions upon people. Anyone who grew up in the South Texas along the Rio Grande can validate this.

      My grandfather me took back to Mexico, and up in to the moutains. He dug a huge hole, and built a box of wood big enough for me to sleep in. He told me to remain there until the attacks ended. I was in that hole for over a month, alone, with only his teachings, and his voice to comfort me. I asked him about God, and why he was not protecting me. He only laughed and told me to stop expecting to be saved, and learn how to save myself. He told me that I, like everyone else is alone. We have only ourselves to depend on, no one else can save us, its up to us. This knowlege was so overwhelming I fell into a dark despair and almost surrendered to the dark forces who wanted to feed on my spiritual energy, or what others call ” life force “. My grandfather taught to silence my inner voice, how to quite my spirit and seek the silence. By learning to silence my inner voice, I was able to hide myself from the devils who hunted me. I stayed with him for over five years during which I learned about a man who I met only brieflly in San Jose Cal. A man called don Jesus Ramierz, who wrote a book for his children, and students. I was lucky enough to find the book after years of searching for it.

      That book gave me the final instruction on how to save myself. The book is called the Sorcerer’s Secrets, and I’ve only seen it on the Toltec Institute web site. I don’t even know if its still up, or if its been taken down. I know that I’ve read that book at least thrity times and I am constantly amazed at how powerful it’s lessons are. I also learned form watching other people who undertake the fight of defeating demons on their own. None, of them have won, and to the best of my knowledge, God is still not sending his angels, or useing his power to protect them. Most end up on medications, in instituions, or commit suicide.

      I still belive in God and I still enjoy going to chruch and listening to all those great stores, but I know that if I want to survive on this plain, I have to learn to use my spiritual energy, and power to defeat what ever attacks me here.

      I’ve asked dozens of clergymen and women, and as far as I’ve learned, none of them have come close to given me the direction, guiidance and comfort that one book gave me.

      Good Luck with that one., I urge you to stop waiting to be saved and learn how to save yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        As christians, God said in his word (Luke:10:19) He has given us power over the devil and he in no way would be able to harm us if you know who you are in Christ Jesus. God has given us power and authority over the devil. Authority is delegated power. When we use that authority against him he have to flee because he knows the greater one lives in us and works through us. Use your God given authority against the enemy and see a turn around in your homes and lives. All we have to do is use that name which has power the name of Jesus. Command the devil to leave your home in the name of Jesus with authority, yes you can command him and he cannot resist he has to obey your command as a child of God, because God is backing your word. We got our authority when Jesus ascended, He transfered His authority to the church which is his Body.

        • angie says:

          i agree with this to an extent. i only speak from experiance when i say……i did believe this with all i was,but it didnt always work. the house that i live in is not the best for this theory. before we moved in here the teenage kids that were here,well raised some sort of ‘devil’ in my shed-i have encountered many demons and such-they all are different but feed the same.

      • Kathleen says:

        Be careful what you read, this book might seem like it is helping you but these books are inviting spirits into your homes and life. The devil came to kill steal and destroy and he would use any means to destroy us. Do not play with the devil he will use you, then destroy you, the only thing he is afraid of is the name of Jesus this name has power, in this name demons are cast out, God has given us power and authority over the devil. We have to command the devil in the name of Jesus to leave our homes with authority, we should not fear the devil he is the one who should be scared of us because the greater one lives inside of us and is working through us to destroy all the works of the devil. If you are not a christian now is the time to give your life to God and He would give you all the authority and power you need to defeat the devil.

        • Jorge A. Martinez says:


          I’m sorry to disappoint you. I would love to be able to say you’re right, but you’re not. God, the power of the Universe, or whatever name you choose to use, gave us managing evil as part of the challenge of being human and living in physical bodies on this plain. My experience is that God, and his angels usually don’t interfere with what goes on. We are suppose to develop our spiritual lives, in order to combat these creatures while we are here, sadly, because of untruthful ancestors, and poor historical records, we lost the idea that we can actually learn how to do so. Reading a book about the devil is as harmful as reading about sex before marriage, it doesn’t get your pregnant or make you evil. Your innocence is endearing but foolish. The best defense against life-sucking inorganic beings is knowledge, not hope based on a pollyanna mindset that says we’ll be ok, because that’s the way it’s suppose to be. The universe gives us the intelligence to know right from wrong, but we have to generate the discipline, focus, and steadfastness to take the high road, even though no one is watching, and if no one will ever know, because the universe always seeks a balance. Attending church is like touching home base while playing baseball, but in life you don’t get points, or win the game just by doing so. You have to do the real hard work every day, all day, all the time. Our human weaknesses don’t come at us in clear right or wrong fashion, sometimes knowing what to do is tough, even on a good day. Your suggestion of staying ignorant is both foolish and reckless. In your case, evil will come to you disguised as an Angel, speaking in a beautiful voice, and quoting scripture. Suggesting that you only agree with part of what someone is saying, without knowledge of it is a perfect example of refusing to set your ego aside in order to consider someone else’s position. This is vanity, and that is evil’s quickest way into the human heart. I’d suggest more humility, less arrogance, less relying on what someone else said, and more reliance on your own discipline. If God, as you say, gave mankind dominion over the devil, then please answer, why hasn’t man taken charge, and driven him out of his heart after all these years? Perhaps because, the bible, left out the part where man needs to gain dominion over himself first. Something you may wish to consider. Wanting to believe that good always wins is as foolish as believing you’re never gonna die, because you don’t want to think about it. I wish you luck and hope you’ll set aside your narrow minded views. Start with learning about the Seven Deadly sins, and read about the devil for yourself. Running from what you fear is the fastest way to attract it. Knowledge of what you fear works as a shield from it.
          Good Luck

          • Erik says:

            I’ve invoked the archangels to fight demons many times and it has always worked so I wholeheartedly disagree with your perspective.

    • Anonymous says:

      may i know who is this?how true is thing that u say.i think ur a muslim.would like to discuss more about it.i am a muslim.

    • angie says:

      the part where even lucifer can repent and be forgiven ,well i agree with that….the rest however,its crap. im sorry that you believe that way. you are going to be in a world of hurt if you go on believing like that. you should educate yourself in every way possible. a very wise “demon” taught me to know thy enemies well,you can take something from EVERY religion and use it to protect yourself. just remember the great creator created all of this big puzzle…. maybe you shouldnt be putting it together…

  6. Allyson. says:

    Thank’s for telling:)

  7. Tharaka says:

    Rep.Bob :

    You’ll first have to find an open spot inside the house.

    Then everyone (tenants and others) make a circle (be seated comfortably) and first think of the spirit who haunts for about some time.
    Do not ! feel afraid or angrry towards it but think about it as if it was one of your closest.

    Then think of the good deeds that you have done, may be even saving an ant from drowning. Think that the soul is infront of you and think in empathy : May the soul be healed by the good deeds that I’ve done and have a better rebirth.

    As you’ve mentioned before , this is the Father of your aunt. No offence but the soul didn’t hurt anyone but tried to make contact. Also the daughters must be his most loved grandchildren.

    Things like this happen due to weak death (CVD etc.) or accidential deaths. So now the soul is at a state of transition to absorb positive energy for it’s rebirth. That’s why you have to memorize your good-deeds to heal the lost.

    Hope this helps :)

    • jorge a. martinez says:

      Anyone who tells you that a spirit is harmless, is speaking from a point of ignorance, or just talking. There is no contract between living spirits and dead ones to help each other. As a matter of fact the only known truth is that dead spirits need to feed off the energy of live ones. A perfect example is Silyan Brown who claims to have a spirit guide who tells her how to live her life. Her blindess is not only sad, it also serves as an example of why you can not trust any inorganic being to be honest with you. Ask yourself, if you were hungry,homeless, and someone offered you a meal, wouldn’t most people say anything they thought would get them a meal. Slyvia Brown has surrendered her soul as food to her so called spirit guide to feed upon. She is possessed and can not be trusted. There is no way to tell if is her talking, or her spirit guide putting words into her head. In exchange for bringing her other people to feed upon, her spirit guide gives information, which she uses to get rich. Some might consider this a fair trade, or in unversial terms, energy for energy, the only real currancy in the universe.

      Ask yourself this question. Why would someone who has had a spirit guide all her life, and believes it guides her, helps her make decisions, gives her information and tells her stuff which she writes endless books about make so many mistakes?. Why would this well guided person have had five marriages, dozens of affairs,, failed buiness ventures and still seek to grown richer. Wouldn’t a person who is connected to a timeless, ageless being have peace and be happy?

      Does Slyvia Brown look happy to you? if so, why does she continue to chase the dollar?

      I was blown off my feet, and yet I always suspected there was something not right about Sylvia Brown. Any amout of research would uncover some very troubling details about her career. She has used her ability to grow fat, rich and is urging others to also seek to become possessed, Why? simple, because her guide wants to feed on other people’s life force. In order to accomplish this on a grand scale, she even started a church. Where hundreds of helpless, and very foolish people go to have their energy drained, and have inorganic beings attach themselves to them forever, that is, until they die.

      I suggest anyone who is approached by an inorganic being and asked to be used as its home, should reject it with all their spiritual strength. Why???, because you can not trust an inorganic being would be honest. There are no laws of fair or unfair in the universe. The universe only recognizes energy. Right and wrong are subjecive and have to do with perspectives. Why would an inorganic being have use of a huaman being? Research will confirm, it needs to feed of your life force.

      I suggest you tell what ever spirit approaches you to go find someone else to use as it’s feeding bowl. Because that’s all it wants. It wants to use you to feed upon, and once its done with you,it will leap onto your children, wife, husband, or any other living person who surrounds you. Reall possessons don’thave people throwing up green pea soup, or sticking crosses into their pirvates. That’s hollywood, not real life. Possessons are real and more common that most people can imagine.

      Beware, and be afraid, or better still stop waiting to be saved and learn how to save yourself. Above all anyone who talks about their spirit guide is actually describing the demon that possess them. Stay away from them, they could be setting you up as its next meal.

      Good luck

  8. CMF says:

    Uhhh I dont know if Tharkas advice would work or not, but if it’s negative then they need to move, or remove whatever object there is attracting such spirits.
    Getting the house blessed prolly wouldnt hurt but if it were me and these things were happening with greater and greater frequnecy then I would want some investigators in there.

  9. Tharaka says:

    Yeah , Yeah ;

    But Bob’s aunt need things to keep privacy. Blessing with holy water is good allright but this doesn’t to seem a situation for exorcism. So it’s not a spirit with anger but one in sorrow. It just want be free.

    Try doing an experiment, when you feel it’s prescence :

    – Keep two objects as indicators upon a smooth surface where
    any wind or other factor can’t interfere the balance if kept
    eg : a red pin and a blue pin
    – Ask it to move the red pin if it wants revenge or else the blue
    pin if it needs freedom
    – If nothing happens check in the morning
    – If the response is negative you know what to do else if the
    response is positive if you think it’s right try my advice or call

    May the problem be settled ! :)

  10. chelsea says:

    I’ve read evrything you’ve all written and I’m ammused. I like what you’ve put. Yes god is like our savior//shield, once we think of him and his pureness, its like all else that is evil , is shattered away. But if ever a bad spirit was to come, you’d have to think why it came to you? And how its bad..if its bad as in , crashes items, loud door opening and slamming. Then you’re in need of exorcism otherwise a lost soul, meerly touches u for help or as a way of mourn for u. :/ I’ve experienced ghosts but not evil ones thank god..only foot steps. And walls being tapped or hit lightly and I was only a little girl. I heard breathing , and I saw this thing that was blue and clear but u cudnt see anything but slightly the face and clothes, otherwise it dissapeared..its been a gift to our family as indian hispanics with a side from new mexico. I find how others have the same experiences intriguing and I hope nobody ever encounters a horrible evil soul.

  11. Lilith says:

    For Bob…

    Do you think you’re aunt would try consulting a medium? Like, no one to investigate or take pictures or anything, but to just come in the house and say what they feel? I mean, I know this probably sounds a little…whatever, but I’m a medium, and reading some of the comments that have been posted…

    The thing with Tharaka’s theory is, you assume that its a spirit who’s harmless and merely trapped in between realms. If that were the case, all you would have to do is leave it be and a) hope it crosses on its own or b) try crossing it yourself. And when CMF says that if its a bad spirit you need to remove the objects that are attracting it…I don’t agree with that either.

    I think, in your case, (and I’m no expert, so…yeah) you should just wait it out and see if anything bad happens. If the only thing that continues are the disturbances you’ve mentioned, I think what you’re most likely dealing with is either a spirit who wants to be acknowledged or a spirit who’s just passing through and wants to mess with you. If that’s the case, pull out and rosary and command the spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ, to leave. Works everytime.

  12. dfghrfuy says:

    very interesting and very true

  13. asimon says:

    in 19999 i stayed for one year alone in empty house consists of ten empty floors ,for two months i became to believe that i am not alone, and there somthing else live with me, till one night ,while i was sitting at the end of the hall , i heard some one open the door of my bathroom and waking away to another room, i thought i imagine things, after one hour i heard some one screaming in the same bathroom, and the voice of some one running behind another, when i went to the bathroom i found nothing, but i heard somone waking coming to the bathroom, at this moment i lost my mind , i closed the bathroom door with no light and i said for seven times slow but with clear voice a small peotry an old one it prevent spirits and demons to entre or to stay for ever , then i returned to the hall as nothing ever happened till now

  14. kenny says:

    how would someone know if he or she is Possesse by something

    • Kathleen says:

      When someone is demon possessed they see demons, they hear voices, have supernatural powers and speak in other languages when the demons are manifested. There are many ways people get demon posses. Reading the wrong books, game boards, evil people doing the work of satan can put them on you, and many other ways, If you do not understand something leave it alone. Give your life to God and stay in the safety of his covering and protection, In the name of Jesus demons will have to flee because there is power in that name, that name has power to heal and to deliver and also to set the captive free.Jesus said I come that you may have life and have it more abundantly, now is the time to give your life to him and He would teach you all things that you need to know about the devil and show you how to use the power and authority He would give unto you to defeat him.

    • angie says:

      honestly-the person themself doesnt lways know if they are alone inside themselves or if the have what i like to call ‘an inside body visitor’. you dont always see or hear or have supernatural powers. the people around you will notice a change in you. sometimes you may feel ‘not right’ in your head. there are so many people who walk this earth never knowing they are possed. if in doubt find some one who knows thier stuff about the spiritual things,a proffesional. giving yourself to God isnt a bad idea but it isnt a fix. if you have read other things i have spoken on you will see that i preach there are things going on that people cant understand. if you dont understand the spiritual side and want to explore,be wise!!

  15. looking for a good ghost story says:

    It sounds like you know alot about demonds and stuff I hope I never have to deal with them

  16. Pinky says:

    .,_tnx 4 d’advice.,

  17. Dennisoc says:

    Sorry to ruin a fearfest. My wife is medium. She talks to dead people and guides everyday. There is no devil. There are no demons. There is no hell. The other side is about love. Religion, culture and hollywood perpetuate and thrive on fear. They make good stories.
    wage peace

  18. Freaked out ;l says:

    Okay..So..I think I have this sort of thing going on in my house now..And…I started talking to people about what I see/hear..I once saw a teenage boy in the living room…And if you take pictures you can sometimes see shadows or orb looking things that weren’t there.. This boy…I’d never seen him before..And I only saw him once..Just as a type of glance…I sometimes head like as if someones opening a cabinet or leaning against the wall[our walls are panel so it makes that creeky sound when you push against it] Or,When the ac/fans are off and theres no windows open theres a slight breeze on the curtains.. My friend said she hears the same type of things..And has for sometimes..She suggested to hang a few chimes around.. And try to ignore it.. Questionable..She also said to put sissors open at an ‘x’ angle under your pillow when you sleep..That was a bit questionable.. And she said that spirits could kind of come through dogs… She was kinda freaking me out :| I try not to be too scared of it..But…I am… I can’t really help it.. Well… Eh.. What should I do? :|

  19. Debbie says:

    Ok….I have to post here because there is so much BAD and wrong advice! First & foremost, there is one GOD in Heaven, His Son Jesus Christ, and the HOLY SPIRIT. On the dark side is HELL and it’s king, SATAN. Yes there is a HELL,,,do not believe the poster who said his wife was a medium! She may be a medium but the “GUIDES” that are contacting her are DEMONS from HELL! GOD says in His Word: He will not allow people to come back from the dead to communicate to anyone! God tells us NOT to consult Mediums, Psychics, Witches, Fortune Tellers, etc. because He knows they are in contact with evil spirits and some are even possessed by demons themselves! GET THIS STRAIGHT PLEASE! I’m trying to help misguided people here!

    Now if you see or get a message from a ghost, spirit, and any related type of activity, it is NOT your dead friend, relative, or dead person. IT IS A SPIRIT from HELL, who disguises themselves as humans. Same goes for “aliens”! This is not my opinion, this is in the Bible!

    I know because I have studied this for years. Please examine what you’re doing in your life to draw these evil entities to you; it could be anything from the music you listen to, books you have, things you do or have (such as taking drugs/drinking, tarot cards, Wicca, astrology, ouija board, horror movies, PORN, occult symbols or objects in your home…..anything OCCULT). You must STOP these things if you want to be free of demons. Look CLOSELY at your life and see where you are inviting them to be in your space, and then stop doing it, or if it is objects, throw them away and ask God to forgive you, even if you did it unknowingly. There is an example of this in the Bible where they gathered all of their books and objects and burned them because they could bring evil into their lives and God views these things and practices as sin. You may think it is harmless, but God sees things different than we do.

    IF you are not a CHRISTIAN, which means a Believer & Follower of Jesus Christ, then you are a Pagan….which means against God, even if you feel neutral about it, God says “Whoever is not for Me is against Me”. This leaves the door open to demonic visitation.

    ASK JESUS into your heart and believe in Him. Only then will you be able to rid your home of demons. If they are strong demons you may have to get a Pastor or Minister in to rebuke the spirit(s). Forget about getting a Priest, the Catholic religion practices pagan rituals that are not biblical (again not my opinion, this is a fact based on the Holy Bible)

    Please take this post seriously and to heart! God bless you and I hope you heed this advice, which will work.

    P.S. If you’re unfamiliar with what objects God views as occult, please search a subject called “spiritual housecleaning” and you will find examples. You might be amazed at some of the things that can attract evil spirits. A good website to read for info:

    I’m not affiliated with any website; it just has great information about what attract demons

    • linda says:

      Hi Debbie I cant agree with you more …. Please , you said you studied this for yrs.I need your advice .If you are willing, please reply to this post and we can go from there. Thankyou, Linda

      • Debbie says:

        I received your messsage Linda……how may I help you? Please write it here as I will not publish my email on forums….I did that before trying to help people and got spammed to death. It’s a shame that bad people do this when people like me are just reaching out to deliver true information amidst the deception, lies and bad advice.

        I would love to help you so please give me a clear and precise description of what you need to know.

        God bless,

    • Anonymous says:

      ok im slow to reading everything-so here is my oober late comment on this…debbie,you must be young,because of the information you put on here. i would really like to say that yes there is one true god,he had two sons,and one did die for our sins. what a great man jesus was,and what o a great SPIRIT,he is. technicly there is god,jesus,and the holy spirit isnt what the third…i would tell you,but i believe you have much to learn. i have educated myself and believe me,christians are very confussed when it comes to lucifer and satan. lucifer,is gods other son,he was to be what jesus is to all of us.however,god thought it would be ok to give his prized son abilities that would send him to hell. now,satan,isa completly different angel entirely. they are not the same being. you must educate yourself. if maybe perhaps you would go to a priest or someone whos religion is much older than christianity,you could learn alot of true information. im not harping on,you just need to educate yourself before coming on to sites like these and preaching. there is so much you dont understand. since your a christian you must know about paridse,right…well since that was the place for the dead to wait for judgement day,then you know that paridise doesnt exist for them right now,right.
      just because there is a negative entitly,doesnt make them a demon. there is so much of this spiritual world that is not known. i do understand that it feels wrong,because as humans..seeing is believing…. so let me tell you a quick story. there was a friend of someone i know and thier husband had passed-the wife saw her husband everyday out the kitchen sink window,he would walk from where she said it looked from the back door to a certain spot in the yard,turn look at her and disappear…she went to her parishiner and he told her to follow him and dig where he disapeared. now,i have to say that your probly getting upset,but just know the lady after paying for all the funeral cost and all the debt,never worked a day in her life is a little not all together from all the stress and the fact she is broke…..well she did what he said,and she found severald jars of money that he had burried for them for retirment-were talking 10s of thousands of dollars… by your believe system he wasnt her husband,and he was some ‘demon’ out to get her…what about jesus???????

  20. NimNod The She Goat. says:

    I was waiting for someone to say the above.

    Like all over this site.

  21. DarStarr says:

    I don’t even know how to respond to that. I believe in God with ALL my heart, yet am not a Christian, I am Catholic, so because I am not “Christian” that means I am against God? Pul-leeeeeeze!
    I believe Jesus Christ and God are there if you believe in them! NO MATTER what faith you are AS LONG as you HAVE Faith. And that is ALL I have to say on the subject.

  22. NimNod The She Goat. says:

    thats why my denomination is “Earth”

    • Caretaker says:

      Hey there NimNod (baaaa baaaa baaaaa) I agree with you.

      While I believe in God but I am very much opposed to denominations and ‘organized’ religion in general.

  23. DarStarr says:

    I am with you and NimNod. I was born and raised Catholic, but I believe that you can worship God in any way you choose. That God just wants our love and faith! It just makes me angry when people say “if you are not my religion you are not with God” ect.!
    ooooo, that burns me. God loves EVERYONE!

  24. NimNod The She Goat. says:

    Christians fighting Christians over HoW BEST to follow Jesus is exactly what the devil wants.

    • Caretaker says:

      I feel very confident that if there is a God (and I believe there is) who looks down upon us that God would not care about what we called ourselves or what sort of sign we had up on a building or where our name might be written down in a membership book. What would be seen would be our heart, our intentions, and our deeds. (From what I have heard many churches do not put so much importance on deeds (or works) but I believe they are VERY important. This is what we say and do and this is a major influence on what some call “karma” or “reap what you sow”. ) anyway, I digress…

  25. DarStarr says:

    How VERY well put!

  26. Debbie says:

    Dear people, nowhere in my post is suggesting joining Denominations, churches, etc. I said A FOLLOWER & BELIEVER OF JESUS CHRIST.

    I notice every post states “I believe” this and that. Well so did EVE in the Garden, she “believed” the Devil was right and God was wrong. Look where that got her and us–a world full of sin and corruption–and DEMONS–which is the topic here.

    My post stated what GOD BELIEVES is right, not what WE believe to be right. There is a huge difference and that is why humans have problems obeying the Word of the LORD.

    If you don’t know the truth about who God and Jesus is, how are you going to rid yourself of demons? It will be impossible! This was the reason of my post because of all the new age information here.

    Dear Catholic friends, I’m not suggesting you do not love Jesus or believe in the Trinity. I never said that. I said that your dogma is not biblical. There is absolutely nothing in the original bible books about praying to saints, confessing to priests, using rosaries…I could go on and on. These are MAN MADE traditions; and Jesus warned the Jews of his time, the Pharasees, about these practices( that they did that were similar). Jesus ABHORRED this and called them out many times about it! What Catholics are taught to do falls into the same category. Perhaps you were raised this way as most Catholics are a Catholic not by choice but family tradition. If you TRULY love Jesus then look into the matter of your religion/denomination and God will direct your heart to the truth. SEEK and Ye shall find. There are NO denominations in Heaven–remember that! Just people who truly loved and OBEYED the word of the one true God and His Son Jesus!

    If my post struck a nerve with you, then perhaps God is nudging you toward the truth.
    I only wish the best for anyone reading this; You see it says in the Bibke you cannot partake of the cup of the Lord and of devils……meaning: You can’t have it both ways!

    God bless everybody :o )

  27. Diana says:

    This is wrong. You get a pastor and get some oil not holy water and you blessed the oil and put it everywhere in your home. I know because of my daughter. You do not get a exorcism that is why they come back because your not doing it right. Sorry but what your saying is not right. The pastor prayed over my baby and did not have any fear when she was fighting back and he said in the name of Jesus get out put the oil over her and him and more pastors came to her and was praying…….. and it worked thank God. And we been fine ever since. But this stuff is real and it can happen to any one. Why it happen to us I do not know. But I do know it open our eyes. I did not need Jason or Freddie I lived my own horror film with my own daughter. I could not hit her or anything I had to fight to get her back. This is no game and I seen with my eyes that there is a Devil ,God and Jesus and I seen that Evil does not win =)

  28. jonathan yeong says:


    • Erik says:

      Holy water, combined with prayer, will help weaken the demon’s stronghold on the person or in the residence. And a Priest can be very effective because he know what he’s doing and puts very strong faith into his commands. And yes, it is through Jesus Christ’s name that the demon is actually cast out.

  29. Debbie says:

    EXACTLY right Jonathan & Diana! What I was saying all along and was ridiculed on this forum for it. Not just anyone can cast out demons…..there is an example in the bible where some people tried and were attacked by the demons–their clothes were even torn off! Why did it not work even though they were using the name of Jesus? Because they were NOT saved Holy Spirit filled believers of Jesus Christ!

    Get a pastor washed in the blood of Jesus who is strong in the Lord. Forget the rituals of Catholics–those are man made traditions and will not work!

    IF it did work, then why did the original post say ” this spirit will come back in about couple of months after the blessing very pissed off”. HEL….LO!!!! If the demons were removed by the precious blood and most holy name of Jesus being used by a HOLY SPIRIT FILLED BELIEVER they would not return! So please everyone– stop listening to all the bad and sometimes evil advice! If you have a real problem with demons, get a NON-Catholic Holy Spirit filled PASTOR to deal with and remove it! Only a Holy Spirit filled believer can have power in the name of Jesus to do this!

    • Anonymous says:

      so if you clean your house,it will stay clean?? come on,really??? what preacherin his right mind would honestly believe this??? i believe jesus is the way,there is only one true God…but seriously????all your holy rollers are the same…not all of this is ‘evil’or ‘bad’ advice. its not very nice to bunch everyone together,but why would any of us expect any different from a ‘christian’. look the house i live in was killing my mom,and for years she has been trying to get me to move out of this house-she has had it exercised a couple of times,but it wasnt until after she moved out with her christian believe that i could do something about it. every 3 months i have to do a house cleansing and trust me that it is very extensive. the last thing this town needs is for me to move out and let some ignorant person in here to let this out and run around. nothing in life is full prove especially when it comes to the spirit world. you being christian should understand about hard work and how one wrong decission will alter your faith,yadda yadda ya….stop hurting these people by just getting on here and trying to convert them,and dont tell them that a preacher will actually take you serious about something like this……it really isnt helping anybody.

      • Debbie says:

        You can ridicule me all you want with all your individual put-downs on my posts scattered throughout this website, but from your own words posted here, you’ve admitted that nothing your Mother has done–nor anything you’re doing every 3 months–(exorcisms and house cleansing) is getting rid of the hauntings or whatever is going on in your house.

        I’m trying to help people with this horrible, serious problem. These spirits are real and dangerous. I don’t know what type of “cleansing” you’re doing, but obviously it is the wrong way—or else you would not have a problem with demons any more, would you?

        So when is that light bulb going to go off over your head and see that you’re attacking me for posting the only remedy that will actually remove these entities? I have never said to join a religion– I said you have to do it the way Jesus did because He has authority over demons. Just anybody using His name is going to be able to remove them… (and I posted the example of this from the bible as proof for those that need proof). If you think posting the truth is hurting people, you need a reality check.

        It sounds crazy to our ideas of logic, but sometimes demons can get attached to an object. This is why in the bible God had people remove and burn certain objects and books from their homes that could draw demons. Perhaps this is your problem. I don’t know what is exactly going on at your house, you would have to post the activity here so I could try to help figure out the reasons this is happening. It could be as simple as an object, but perhaps not. I have no clues to go on. Regardless, I do hope you make the right choices to get rid of these demons once and for all. If you need any help, let me know. I may be able to advise.

        • Debbie says:

          I’m sorry–I made a typo in me response above. What I meant to say was”Just anybody using His name is NOT going to be able to remove them… (and I posted the example of this from the bible as proof for those that need proof).” I left out the word “not”.

          In others words, the name Jesus Christ is all-powerful but you have to use it in believing faith, especially when trying to remove evil spirits. This is why some people attempt to remove demons and are unsuccessful because they have no faith in His name and who He is. Those that need proof of this statement, look up bible verse ACTS 19: 13-17. You can look up bible verses online without owning a bible.

          In these verses it gives an example of men that tried to remove demons using the name of Jesus, but were instead attacked by the demons, which not only wounded them, but tore off all their clothes. This happened because the men trying to exorcise the demons did not believe in Jesus Himself, they were just speaking His name. The demons told them they did not recognize them as having authority because of this….and the demons overtook and seriously harmed the men.

          In conclusion just using the name of Jesus alone is not enough to get rid of demons. Someone with true faith must do it, and I would think it would be important for the person with the problem to put their faith in Jesus as well. Then the demons, being under the authority of Jesus Christ, have no choice but to leave.

        • Anonymous says:

          check it out deb,there are ‘demons’ and things that are just plain evil. let me tell you that the things thast were hurting my mother are evil-not ‘demons’. my demons and i live in peaceful harmony. there are always things trying to get in that is why i cleanse my house every 3 months. the evil that was torminting my mother is only still here because of a portale that some one had opened and let this thing through-no i cannot get rid of it,the priest and preacher couldnt get rid of it,but i did was keep it from leaving the shed. it is trapped in there. now let me also say that my mother is a God fearing woman and lives by the word of ‘the book’-i believe in the Lord,and in Jesus Christ and nothing we were doing worked. my mother to this day understands that there is evil here and that i have kept it from moving about. now,if you can come here and get rid of it once and for all without getting possesed,then by all means,come on over….until then,let the lightbulb over your head go off and get a clue. im not attacking you,im simply saying once again-there is somuch more to this and death,and somewhere inbetween that you obviously do not know about. i suppose that it may work for you,or have you ever had to deal with something like this at all….at any rate,true believers of sprituality,do understand that it is no where black or white,there are many shades. God have mercy on you if you should ever experiance the things that dwell around here.

  30. Terran Rex says:

    I hate demons. Seeing us, complicated believers, fighting each other over who is right most about how to kick them foul entities on their a*s, they must be laughing very haaaaaaaaappily. Baaaaa… baaaaaaa….. eh, would you all please realize that those dark forces are now flying over us all on the sky like flies… waiting for the right time to strike THROUGH human ego and pride? The same ego and pride which held responsible for many bloody wars in the name of religions. Peace in Christ, ALL Christians! And Peace in The Source, everyone!

  31. Debbie says:

    For the last time, I’m NOTpushing religion here. Just TRUTH about how to get rid of demons. Why on earth is that so hard to understand for people like you Terran Rex? Is it not a coincidence that your post is exactly like “Nimnod the She Goat”? (which those that know any bible will recognize the connection to the evil Nimrod who built the Tower of Babel that God cursed!). “Goats” are also referred to by Jesus himself as the people who reject Christ and His Word and are cast away at the final Judgement of Christ. Why would you pick such a name unless you have a goat mentality (that is to reject the truth fo Christ?)
    Indeed….baaa baaa to you….while you mislead needy people on this forum to believe lies because of your shouts of “religiosity”.

    Jesus did not teach religion–that is what the Pharasee’s did. Nor am I teaching religion here! JESUS TAUGHT THE TRUTH of who He was and how we can be redeemed through HIm. Knowing THIS and the WORD of God has nothing to do with ego, pride or religion!

    SO basically, you’re saying you know more than JESUS, Terran Rex, on how to get rid of demons. Wow talk about ego and pride–you’re full of both to take this stand! Please see how your comments put you in this position. My agenda here is to help those in need of the truth and facts on the topic. I’m suspicious about your agenda Nimrod…uh…I mean Terran the Goat.

  32. Terran Rex says:

    I think you simply misunderstood my point of view, dear Sister. Well, I know you were not pushing religion. I just know, because I am not that kind of person either. Bad people recognize bad people, am I right?

    It was just a friendly reminder for everyone, including for myself (!), that prolonged hotheaded discussions are always full of expectation to win over other people’s point of view. And I am full of it. No more, please :)

    My enemies are those demons, Debbie, not you. I live in a country where chronic suspicion and even hatred (in some cases) among believers have been causing tragedies, even bloody unpublicized civil wars. Many thousands died. So, should I see the same seeds here?

    Cheers, Terran the Goat… :D

  33. Terran Rex says:

    Oh, by the way, in case you ask about the relevance between those stupid wars in my country and demons, and thus its significance to the discussion… well, demons INCITE and finally CONSUME anger, hatred, fear, and other negative energies released by other creatures. And Jesus being here automatically stops this consuming by demons, with the Divine Peace he is sharing with all people no matter what. Aha! Now we know another reason why demons hate Jesus. He starves them to death. *giggle

    And please do not ask me how far I know Jesus… I am in touch with Him (and the Father and the Mother) very personally in the rolling of good and bad times. PIC!

  34. Debbie says:

    Again I am amazed trying to calmly point out truth to help people is viewed as:

    – “Prolonged hotheaded arguements”

    – “Pushing Religion & denominations”

    Diana and Jonathan said the exact same thing as I did, yet I’m singled out a s a bad guy.. The mentality here reeks of new age and occult beliefs which for sure will not do a thing to eliminate demons, no, in fact that will keep them around.. If I would have said, “To get rid of demons, pour salt around your room, light candles and chant for 10 minutes to the goddess of the earth” it would have been received with joy! You people don’t want to know the truth that I was trying to relate in my posts.

    So be it–I am done trying to help closed minded people. Oh and j.c., I say this in kindness, you do not know the true God of the bible and your rant about only 1 law is gibberish of your own making. God has more laws than “do not covet”. Haven’t you heard of the 10 (not 1) Commandments? And the one Jesus added, which is to “love one another as you love yourself.” But Christians live by Grace which is a gift from God not something earned lest a man could boast about it (read the bible this is in there).

    I was trying to do that here…..showing compassion to try to help those who have demons in their lives. Hopefully there will be some of you out there who can read past all the B.S. posts here and believe the right thing to do. Good luck to you who have the discernment to do so.

  35. shae says:

    that was good advise very long though

  36. Debbie says:

    j.c. please, keep your opinions to yourself as these are not helping. There’s nothing in your posts that lines up with the Word of God except that Satan is the father of lies. Everything else you’ve added about being “slaves” “quoting scripture” “killing children” “one law only” “man’s dominion”, etc. adds nothing to THIS TOPIC and is misinformation. I don’t know if you cooked all this up on your own, or heard it from a bad preacher or book, but regardless it is WRONG on so many levels.

    Amyone who reads this post from me, never forget–You were BOUGHT WITH A PRICE, Jesus Christ took a horrific beating and then He WILLINGLY gave up His Life by being painfully crucified for humanity–all those people then and in the future that would believe on HIm. The suffering He endured was unimaginable–just so we could become sons and daughters of the living God again, as was intended before Adam & Eve sinned. I don’t care what you hear about free will, etc….the fact remains we are not our own but belong to Jesus/God when we accept His death and resurrection. This has nothing to do with “free will” and “dominion” and other misguided and misunderstood theology you have brought up here j.c.

    Another dangerous concept “j.c.” talked about is saying people who quote scripture are “slaves” and have no opinions. While Satan does know scripture, the difference is, he twists it to confuse people just like you. j.c.. When Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness, Jesus USED SCRIPTURE to get rid of Satan! Was Jesus a slave j.c.? Of course not! Jesus is God in the flesh and He is head of His believers!

    The key here is you have to actually know true scripture for it to have power….or to know if it has been changed! (such as Satan does to deceive people). How can anyone know unless they actually read it? So, j.c., you better put away your dictionary you are raving about and get out a King James Bible. And yes, I WILL QUOTE scriptures–as we are told to do–Here are 2 scriptures that proves my point:

    2Pet.1:21 (King James Version)
    “No prophecy ever came by human will, but men and women moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God”

    2 Timothy 3:16 (King James Version)
    16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

    Not one word of the Holy Scriptures ever came from human initiative; when people spoke for God it was the Holy Spirit that moved them. Your dictionary will not save you from Hell or demons. God’s Word and the atoning blood of Jesus has POWER. God’s Holy Spirit did not write your dictionary and it is foolish to want to try to compare words in a written by man dictionary to God’s Holy word!

    Unless you know AND believe the Word of God (which IS the scriptures in the Bible you hate to hear quoted), you cannot rid yourself or anyone of demons= THE TOPIC.

    Your posts are a proven case of the Blind leading the Blind. Both will eventually fall into a ditch. Please stop misleading people !!

    • Anonymous says:

      ok,seriously…when you start out your arguement with ‘j.c.’ i cant help but think that you are one of those freaky christians who are like’do as i say,not as i do’. just because its ‘only’ jesus,doesnt mean you have the right to use his name like that. let me ask you what ‘true’ scripture is…is it the words at the vatican that we can not read,or is it the words that king james in order to ‘control’ the people had re-written??? seriously,words of knowledge should be spoken here..not sermons. like i have said before,i am clectic,i was raised southern baptist,my grandfather was a methodist preacher and i have seen too many things in my life to be so narrow minded. i realize that the movie about emily rose is just a movie,however the story is true-so,in your thoughts and opinions,how do you explain that. im not bashing on you,well like your not trying to ‘convert’anyone on here. im simply saying that if your going to preach a sermon,do it in your church,or get all your facts straight and dont speak of jesus as your bf…….

      • Anonymous says:

        To Anonymous—I beg your pardon, but you are mistaken. The “j.c.” was a person that had posted several off-topic and odd posts here on this forum and that is who my comment(s) was directed to. The owner of this website must have removed their (j.c.’s) comments. You totally misunderstood my whole post. I would never refer to Jesus Christ as j.c., or my “boyfriend”, my homeboy, or any other way that is disrespectful to His sovereignty and holyness. I agree with you there are some people, even those that call themselves Christians that do this, and it is wrong.

  37. freya2123 says:

    stumbled along this forum earlier, and felt the need to share my opinion. I don’t usually carry on religious debates with people for the same reason as above. I am still trying to find my way, because I see flaws to every side. We are all just speculating what or who is out there. And I don’t believe in trying to force people to believe what I do. What if i’m wrong? I don’t follow my life completely based on a bible because it was written and re-written by men… who may or may not have been inspired by God. There have been many wars in the so-called name of religion. Yet the bible says ” thou shall not kill”. These wars were for greed and power. I do believe in good and evil, I have seen both. I just try to be the best person I can be and not harm others and I think if more people worried about that instead of whose right and whose wrong the world would be a better place.

    • Anonymous says:

      it is so nice to read this……..thank you for sharing. the actual subject is how to get rid of a demon. that is what actually got me interested in this sight,but like with everything throughout time it is a debate on religion..unfortunatly,it has been hard to bite my tongue. i hope that you can learn valuble information.

  38. Dennisoc says:

    well…ya plant crazy…ya harvest crazy.

    Debbie and j.c. deserve each other. “My God can beat up your God and you’ll be sorry”

    Wage Peace

    • Debbie says:

      You say your wife is a “medium” and “guides” spirits all day, right?!
      Now THAT’S “plantin’ and harvestin’ crazy” (a reference you made to me). Just who, may I ask, made those spirits your wife communicates to? Did they “make themselves” or “evolve” from omebas? LOL! Next time think things through before you make a judgement call on somebody. Just because you don’t believe there is a God, hell or demons does not mean they don’t exist. They do exist whether or not you choose to believe it. How do I know for sure? Because the words of God and Jesus warned us about them. They also warned us not to make contact with them. What your wife is doing is evil in God’s eyes and very dangerous. You should stop this for the sake of your family.

      • Anonymous says:

        this really does muse me debbie…..i thought you were christian,and here you are being well,i guess that it does just prove your christian..never mind.

  39. Anonymous says:

    ive heard from somewhere if u say in the name of jesus christ go away ,i dont know if it works?

    • Anonymous says:

      i have always said ‘in the name of Jesus,satan get behing thee…then one day, i said that and something laughed at me. trust me,i do believe in Jesus and God,and for who they are as well….so,no,no it doesnt always work..sorry :(

  40. NimNod the She Goat.... says:

    The old testament is full of wars and murders that would appear to have been God’s intent and direction.

  41. lightningmouse says:

    Visualize a golden octahedron around the spirit/area to be purified. The spirit can be drawn out the top of the octahedron and sent back to its home. These spirits need to be guided, not forced.

  42. debbie says:

    Yes, be kind and gentle to the demons from Hell……oh and don’t forget to give them a lollipop for being good when sending them back home…….lol

    Wake up people and believe the truth. Stop believing in New Age deception and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who is the only way to Heaven and the only way to get rid of demons.

    • Anonymous says:

      after reading so much of what you write on here…im really feeling like your the demon. i mean really they try to befriend you,get you to believe them,and then whammy…theres the the mocking of God and christianity….its not nice to try and trick all us stupid lost non believers……just saying

  43. selam says:

    recive jesus as personal seviour that is the only soution and jesus will make u above devil or evil sprit

  44. Satansgirl66 says:

    Demons are slandered pagan gods. People go spouting off about Demons being evil when most don’t even know what Demons are. Demon comes from the Greek word “daemon" which means spirit and has no negative connotations. When christianity took over they had to force people away from their pagan faiths by force. They bribed, blackmailed, and killed in order to force “God" on everyone.

    Every “good" faith needs a foe right? So the church took traits from many popular gods and called the resulting figure, “the devil". The devil is no more than a tool used to scare people into church pews and make fun of Pagan Gods. Satan has been worshiped in every Pagan culture under a different name:

    The great Pagan Gods became Demons and the church was free to say whatever they wanted to about them. That is wrong. Ipos is a Demonic name right?, Ipos is the name of The God of mummifacation whose Greek name is rendered Anubis.

    In saying that Demons are evil, you are saying that every Pagan faith that ever was(and still is) are woshiping monsters. What is to stop any evil spirit from going for shock factor and saying “yeah I’m a demon"?

  45. NimNod ...The She Goat. says:

    With that name people arent gonna come around to your way of thinking too quick.

  46. Mary says:

    @ Satansgirl66: Isn’t that a little too black/white? I mean, you don’t necessarily have to conclude that just because something’s not Christian it’s automatically good?

    But, it would be interesting to know: Would you categorically deny that any religious ritual might be termed evil? Is anything as good as anything else? For instance the aztecs ripping out the heart of living people; or the vikings hanging young men in trees for yearly sacrifices in the temple of Uppsala, or gang raping slave girls as part of their burial rituals for the chief? (This last ritual is described by a muslim visitor eyewitnessing it, so it doesn’t go in the Christian slander category. By the way, I don’t think the narrator’s shocked by it, thinks it’s a little exotic, that’s all… After the rape, they bury the girl with the dead chief.)
    Then there’s the hindu rituals involving castration of boys to make them into hijras in service of one of the goddesses.

    I think it’s safer to conclude that there’s just a lot of cruelty going around among humans, regardless of religion.

    Of course, you may deny that we should judge anything as evil at all. But I’m not sure whether that’s your point or whether you just wish to rehabilitate Satan as a fundamentally harmless goatish fertility god?

    Some faiths, Pagan or others, do seem to me to be worshipping monsters. The ram-headed Molok deity for instance, demanding child sacrifice, seems to deserve the term. To murder children – there’s hardly a more monstrous deed in my eyes.

    Other so-called Pagan deities are gentler and wish only for flowers from their devotees.

    But they’re vastly different among themselves.