The Mayan Apocalypse Doomsday Theory

Posted on October 14, 2010

I just wanted to comment on the Mayan Apocalypse Doomsday theory ( The End of the World and 2012 ) story that is posted on your site. I have enjoyed reading the stories.

I’ve always been intrigued with studying the Mayan calendar. My studies have brought me to learn that the Mayan myth never believed 2012 was the end of the world. It was NEVER deemed as a doomsday theory, that is ONLY what modern people today have warped it into. They were jealous, excited, and wished they could have experienced 2012, because it was a day of great spiritual awakening, people who survived the destruction leading up to that day, would get to witness the world renewed and great peace.

They believed we had been in cycles before. You’ll have to research the complex math. The fact of the Mayan myth, was that it was a theory of a new age. NOT the end of the world. There are several cultures to this day that still follow the Mayan calendar, and still believe in this same tradition and culture and folklore.

The Maya Calendar

The Maya Calendar

White Calf Buffalo Woman is a sacred spirit originating from Cree and Stoney native cultures.� There are a few other tribes in the area that may have adopted Cree customs, but it is originally the Cree way. When a white buffalo is spotted, it will bring the New Age. NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. It represents a time of great peace. A spiritual awakening. That is the REAL version of what native peoples believe to this day. We never believed in a doomsday or apocalypse. We do not fear the Mayan prophecy either, but we like to know for ourselves, that it is the days leading up to that day, we have to prepare for. Throughout destruction will come great peace, type of thing. The white buffalo, is Cree, as Cree stands for Buffalo Nation. I know this because my ancestry is Cree.

Every aboriginal tribe has their own view on this one theory. For example, where I live, it is the Coast Salish, K’omoks people. They believe when the white raven is spotted, the new age is coming. A few white ravens were spotted recently, up here on Vancouver island, Canada. They were gorgeous. The town was flocked with scientists and bird watchers.

There are probably other tribes that signify albino animals coming, means the new age, but I can’t claim to know why it’s so crazily entwined. Maybe because white is a pure color, I have no idea, but the weird thing is, these myths… were made in ancient days, and they are coming true now.

Anyway if you research the Mayan math and myth properly, you will come to see it was never an ending of the world theory. And its highly interesting, because it delves into their spirituality. For example, they believe the universe is part of the death realm. They think that when the winter solstice happens, it’s going to line up Pacal (sun god) with the Dark Road to Xibalyia (the milky way and galactic center) and that this in itself, is going to open up the death realm to earth and this is going to create a huge spiritual awakening that would be amazing to witness. This is why they calculated astronomy to lead up to that day. They think we are heading to either the 4th or 5th dimension (I can’t remember which).

However, modern astronomers and scientists have found proof that this day is going to send the world out of whack, but they are still vague. They say that the sun lining up dead centre with the galactic centre (what the Mayans have been tracking through precession for decades) is not a good thing, it will be a huge event, that will possibly create floods, and earth disasters. This is where the doomsday theory came from. But. Astronomers used the myth to find their logic. Why are they excluding it now? It never was the end of the world, and just because the charts say it will effect the balance, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

Sent in by S. D. Geiger, Copyright 2010

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26 Responses to “The Mayan Apocalypse Doomsday Theory”
  1. AnNa bites back says:

    no-one knows when the world is coming to an end.if there are people that say there are trying to scare others..i this is just me but the world is going to end when its ready not when people say.thats what happened when the milenniam came people said it was going to end but were still here.

    • Rob says:

      Anna.. ur rite. The bible says nobody nows the day, time, and hour. Only God.

      • AnNa bites back says:

        thank you.

        • jennieboo22886 says:

          i agree. also im not saying its a fact but i was told that Jesus is going to come back when no one expects it. although i know this Mayan prophecy is a complete different view on the ending of the world. although ive also heard that the end times of the bible revelations was not talking about our world being ended just changed.Not to mention revelations is hard to understand for me anyways.well to get to the point. i think if the world does just go all hay wire and is destroyed its going to happen when we all have our pants down so to speak. Also t seems like every few years somone is claiming the world is going to end. well im to tired to be scared. I just dont have it in me to go stocking up on food and supplies. Nor do i have the smarts to make a cool bomb shelter like in that movie “blast from the past” with Brandon fraischer (sp)If i only have two years left than i really rather not know and just live my life happily and not have to stress. But thanks to the movies and articles and all that when the year 20012 does hit i’m going to have to spend the whole year just waiting and waiting to see if anything is going to happen.YAY.(yes i know i just could of not read the articles or watched the movie but i just could not help myself!)

          • AnNa bites back says:

            i know some day the world will come to and end but you know what i dont what to know because i will to be waiting and i dont want that.i already get nervous for no reason and i dont want to with this.i agree when the day comes when i die i dont want to know either.thanks for commenting me.

  2. Suzi says:

    Well the Mayans are weird I mean they disappeared out of no were they just…… you know……it was more like POOF and they are gone without a trace it is just weird……and mysterious but some other civilzations were like that too and its like they all POOFED away.

    • Jessica says:

      The Mayans did not dissappear. As matter of fact there are still plenty of them living Central America it is just over time their beliefs change because they became christians.

      • Caretaker says:

        Jessica is right, they didnt disappear at all they just abandoned some of the cities which are now ruins

  3. Dylan says:

    Is the evolution of the world related to the Annunaki and Planet X( Planet Nibiru) in any way?

    • DearTUffy says:

      Have you read all of the 12th Planet Series?

      • Caretaker says:

        Do you mean Zecharia Sitchin’s books? If so then yes I have read some of them. Fascinating stuff!

      • Dylan says:

        Nope, I just recently read about the Annunaki on this website and it sort of said that a planet called Nibiru will crash onto earth? And I thought there were only 9 planets in our solar system? Correct me if I am wrong and explain why :)

        • Charles F says:

          Getting your scientific information from a corporate brainwash media outlet like Discovery channel is risky. It’s like getting news from CNN or Fox. You’re not getting the real story and many of the theories and reports are pure nonsense. The fact is that there is a nice amount of evidence to suggest that there is a lost planet on an eliptical orbit in our solar system than there is to suggest that there isn’t. Just remember for example Discovery championed the bogus and laughably non-factual environmental claims of Al Gore. Discovery channel is like scientific McDonalds, tastes good, looks good but it’s not good. Dig deeper.

  4. June-Kisha Cocker says:

    Have you heard of the theory that when we are awake-it is only a dream-world but when we dream (in sleep) THAT is the REAL WORLD-can someone explain this theory?

    • sharayah says:

      lol and you believe that :o i hope not cause that would mean you believe in a lot of bullcrap. oh yeah NO BODY KNOWS when the world is coming to an end,and you will find that out the hard way when God comes back. it may not be in our life time but it will happen. 2012 things are going to start getting worst, but it’s not the end.

  5. momule62 says:

    do you believe that angels and other heavenly creatures may come from another dimension? another planet earth like this one but different., thats why when we see the alien craft they seem to appear and disapear quickly.

  6. Roger Phiiliph Perez says:

    I am really affraid when the calendar ends, every end of the year because think that the end of the calendar means the end of the world, every 31 of December at 23:59:59. At this moment as I know nothing happened but, what if happened and nobody advised me about that? mmm, will ask to the neighbors if I am alive or not.

  7. Roger Phiiliph Perez says:

    But probably that mayan calendar had an inscription that said something as “continues in the next stone”

  8. Priss says:

    yes! 2012 is not the end of the world. according to Hinduism and according to the text written in the holy book of Geeta, there is one more incarnation still left to be taken by Lord Vishnu – the creator. he will take birth on earth and will destroy all the evil forces and save the mankind from the verge of becoming extinct. good will be replaced. hence there is no such hurry for doomsday. millions of years are still left for the world to end.

  9. Belle says:

    If you really want to say the world is going to end, based souly upon the mayan calander thing, 1.), The End date which is set forth at December 21st 21012 , is the end of their calander such in a way that our end is December 31st every 12 months. Does the world end every twelve months ? No.
    Secondly, 2), The Mayan Calander was said to be off by 50-150 years.

  10. asianGold says:

    as far as the connection with the color white and albino’s, research into how Yakub (jacob of the bible) grafted those people through cross breeding in the earliest civilization..

  11. marlene says:

    I have always been told the world ends when one dies.

  12. Isabella says:

    I believe that only God knows when, where and how the world will end or change in a big way. No one can predict the time and date and year, it is only up to God when he wants that change to be brought upon us and that day he will send down all his angels to us and the true and the false will be exposed.

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