Talking to a Friend in Hell

Posted on August 6, 2009

This Ouija story was given to me by a friend of mine who did several sessions communicating with a friend of his who said he went to hell. This is his email to me, word for word in his own words…

I’ll tell you what he told me. His name is Drew and he was a gang member from my area that died and went to hell. He said that it is very dark and smoldering hot where he is. He told me that the Ouija board is an oracle designed to talk to the residents in hell and that some spirits may be good souls that were banished to hell for not believing in God, but most of the spirits are bad spirits faking it and trying to seem good. Since my uncle knew him, he was telling me about this on multiple occasions.

From what he has told me, there are 3 stages after death. There is heaven (Gods palace), limbo (our world – you are stuck here to haunt something till you move on), and hell (Satan’s palace). I don’t know, he said that it was too complicated to explain, but he is in hell and at the same time he is in the room with me. He said that he can be in 2 places at one time. He would warn us of demons that are coming through and said that the Ouija board is a portal to hell. They are still in hell, but half of them are in your home. That is how evil spirits are released through oracles.

He told me that hell is forever, and when he first went there he was in dark nothing with light shining on him. The light started closing and souls began to grab him and bite and suck his flesh. He screamed for mercy, but his actions were unforgivable. He said that when you go to hell, damned souls will grab you and drag you down while ripping you apart, but of course he paraphrased it. He said there is no getting out of hell. You’re trapped there for good, but he said the devil allows some demons to leave so that they can damn souls.

On several sessions, Drew said he had to go because his friends were calling him and he was drinking corona’s (a beer). I found that odd that you can drink current time beers in hell? He even talked to me while he was drunk on the board, and you could tell he was drunk because he couldn’t spell. He saved my uncle one time, because my uncle is a gang member too and he told him not to go outside on a certain day. My uncle didn’t believe him. My uncle sat on a plastic chair outside, then I said, “Drew, if you’re there give us a sign.” So he grabbed the chair and pulled it out from under my uncle. We went in scared, and later that day there was a drive by and my uncle’s house was shot up. He only lived because of Drew.

He said that they can read your mind, and they can either touch things or use their minds to move it. He said he can’t throw anything around unless we talk to him and give him energy to do so. Also, all of them can see into the future, but they are not allowed to say much in fear of the big man. He said that if he said anything about the future, the devil would do something. And when I would ask him what, he would just repeat SAVE ME, SAVE ME, SAVE ME, SATAN, SATAN, SATAN. He was very afraid.

He would warn us and would say go to church, Satan is coming, so we were scared and ended the session. He said that the more we talk to him the more power we give him. There was once a spirit who was pretending to be Drew, and Drew came back and he told me something that amazed me. We told him what happened and he said, and I quote, “hold on – ill be back ima go kick his ass.” He came back, and he said he whooped his ass. One time my dad was saying that stuff isn’t real, Drew is a nobody. Drew got mad and threw the board to the ground and said leave now, he said he was going to slit my fathers throat and kill him. I got on my knees and begged him to let my father be because he is ignorant. And he said RUN he is coming. We asked who was coming, and he said over and over again SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN. So we stopped and left the board out on the porch. He would predict who would die next from a shoot out and was always correct. He also said that he raped people in hell and he was also raped in hell by a mightier spirit. He said that higher level demons will rape people in hell.

During one session, he told us to change the channel to one where it had static. He said turn on music so you can see me dance. We did, and the static was jumping up and down to the music, and that blew my mind. He said that most of the time he gets drunk in hell, but he says most of his time in hell is being tortured by demons and Satan himself. He said he looked at his face, he’s looking in the face of Satan, and he told me that it is the most horrifying thing that you will ever see. He began to cry. A grown man who lived on the streets killing began to cry like a baby. Every time I ask him what does Satan look like, he starts repeating his name and says he is crying so it must be crazy scary. He also said that some people that you see on the streets are not really humans but are very powerful demons that are there to influence people to do bad things.

He did mention a demon’s name that he is afraid of as well. He told me not to say his name out loud, but it was cool to write it down. He said his name is “Zetoh,” and he is a pretty big baddy. He also said that Succubus demons that have sex with humans are real. He told me to stop talking to him and to trust in God because he said hell is a place, a dark place and it is fiery hot. It looks like a dark fiery earth. He joked and said that they weren’t kidding about the brimstones of fire and the lake of fire – its all true. He told me to follow God so I don’t ever have to see what he has seen. To answer your question on what hell is like, it looks like a battle zone on fire. He said it is worse than anyone can imagine, your brain can’t even comprehend how horrific it is.

Updated 09/20

My friend just did a few sessions a few weeks ago and has some new information to add. This is part 2 in his own words:

This is some new information from some new sessions done recently on the Ouija board. I recently talked to Drew on the board and he said that he was incorrect on one thing that he told me earlier. He said that only part of hell is covered with brimstone and fire. Other parts look just like a regular neighborhood but no sun or moon or stars in the sky. It is pitch black and the only light they have is the light given off from the fire. Drew said that he was thrown into a lake of fire before. He suffered for years, he didn’t tell me how many years he was in there for but he also said that time goes by faster in hell (that’s what he told me). Drew even warned me that it was Satan’s will for me to talk to him as it is an attempt to get me into hell. He said that ALL spirits on the Ouija board, NO EXCEPTIONS, are either from hell or limbo.

He said that spirits in heaven are not permitted to talk through the Ouija board. He also said that all spirits and everyone in hell, including him, are considered demons. Once you’re in hell, you are a demon. He said that not only can he be in 2 places at one time but he can also be in multiple places at one time as well, which sounds amazing.

I also learned that there is another realm and it is called purgatory by humans (note that I said humans). It is where the saved spirits by God are sent to be tortured for there sins but it is only temporary and everyone in purgatory goes to heaven. Purgatory is the realm where we are punished for the last bit of sins we have and made into perfect angels because to enter the holy kingdom one must be perfect. He said that it is true that they do have spiritual battles but he has only fought other demons though. He said that he gets into fights all the time in hell and likes it but he doesn’t like the torture.

And there is beer in hell because beer is an invention by the devil used to poison humans because we tend to be stupid when we are drunk and easy to manipulate (but wine is created by God and not to be overly consumed like beer). Drew also told me something two weeks ago when I last talked to him. He said ‘Dont- let-him-scare-u’ and then he stopped talking to me and I put the board away. Later that night as I went to sleep, I had a vivid dream where I was walking with my girlfriend and she told me to stop using the board to talk to Drew. I asked her, How do you know Drew? She then looked at me and her face turns pale white, veins started to become visible and the color in her eyes turned gray. She then screamed in a deep voice, something I didn’t understand (different language I guess), and pushed me. I then jumped out of bed in a cold sweat, almost in tears.

I think it might have been a demon or something but to this day I’m still afraid to go to sleep.

Written by Big Chief, Copyright 2009


Talking to a Friend in Hell part 2

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146 Responses to “Talking to a Friend in Hell”
  1. Pat says:

    WOW! We just finished a Bible Study on Angels and Demons and our pastor told us again and again that Ouija boards are portals and not toys and to stay away from them! I believe everything Drew has told you and am thankful that he saved your uncles life… please be VERY careful not to get into the ouija board too deeply….

    • Zena says:

      I totaly agree and belive you

    • Anonymous says:

      That was not drake u were communicating with,those were demons pretending to be him and because demons watch humans their whole lives, they can immitate people close to a t. Also I just wanted to let you know that limbo and purgatory do not exist; when people die their spirits do not walk the earth and their thoughts seice to exist. Also, tyour friend should leave the oija board alone because it is a spiritual portal for demons to communicate through

  2. K.C says:

    I LOVE this story.

  3. D.R. says:

    Whoa. That is so scary. I have always believed in a higher power, but not necessarily the way the Bible describes. This makes me reconsider…

  4. Pat says:

    To be honest, I can’t really believe this. I was brought up Catholic, but hate religon as it is a money stealer. I don’t think that there is a hell, as humans have been in space, and theres nothing out there to do with this.

  5. Big Chief says:

    You can’t believe this. What does this story have to do with religion??? The theory of a “heaven/paradise” and “hell” has been written well before Christianity or any of the major religions today. “Hell” or “Heaven” is not religion based. The Egyptians, the ones who built the pyramids, wrote of a “hell” after death where a person’s heart was weighed on a scale upon death. If the heart was lighter than a feather the person would go to a good place, if the heart was heavier than a feather the person would be devoured to oblivion for eternity by a demon like creature. This was written well before Christianity!!!!

    I believe heaven, hell and other dimensions are real. I don’t believe the ouija board is a special tool cause I’ve seen people use homemade boards out of contruction paper and it still worked. I believe spirits are all around us and we just can’t hear them normally through their voice. The ouija I believe, acts as a communication device in which the spirit world can communicate with us through our energy/aura on the board.. I don’t believe they are allowed to interact with us (most of them) unless we talk to them thus giving them permission to do so. There is nothing special about the ouija board.

    What would you say if I told you that chairs and items were thrown around right before people’s eyes. Not just before 1 person but 4 or more persons.. How would you explain this??

    • Mikey D says:

      Um, Big Chief…Pat canbelieve and “not” believe in anything he wants. Not everyone believes everything they read…on the internet. This story is awesome, but I don’t necessarily believe it.

  6. lacey says:

    crazy wild story, scares me

  7. krissy says:

    ghost’s are real i saw one when i was 8 and now ive been seeing them ever sceance then so i gesse im paranormal

  8. RObert says:

    I do not like this story. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

    Hell can’t be real!! I sure hope not. If it is, we are all screwed.

  9. kassie says:

    I second robert. But at the same time..all we gotta do is believe and follow the Lord. This story is one of the more interesting ones thus far. Thanks for sharing… I feel bad for drew.. Yet I hope he didn’t do something so bad he deserved to go to Hell. Which brings me to the question… Who determines whether or not we go to Hell? Does God turn you away? Does Satan drag you away before ever meeting with God? I wouldn’t think God would want his children to suffer ever.

    • LilG says:

      God doesnt want his children to suffer, that is why he gives us the option to change our ways of living meanwhile we are here on earth !! we choose our final destination!!

      • Caretaker says:

        LilG – What about Lot?

        • Anonymous says:

          What do u mean? what about Lot?? did he suffer ?? God gave him a chance to change and leave Soddom but to never look back… which he did do.. however his wife chose to look back, which turned her into salt.

  10. jennieboo says:

    LOL! in regards to this story i just loved it. i loved the part about his friend drinking beer in hell. Beer is good though why would something good be in hell?

  11. Tonja Brown says:

    That was a demon talking to you, not any deceased friend .

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree 100%! This wasnt a deceased friend, it was a demon trying to decieve you. Could have been Satan himself.

  12. Trudy says:

    To be saved from hell you need to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. The reason your friend gets drunk in hell is because sin is still committed in hell. To get drunk is a sin. I find it interesting and scary that rape happens, but rape is a form of torture..

    • Layla says:

      Trudy your comment “To be saved from hell you need to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior” is wrongful assumption that everybody in this world is Christian. It would be better if everybody believes and accepts God. Jesus was a Prophet not the son of God and the Bible has many flaws due to corruption from pagans so i think if we all believe in GOD it would be better for humanity. the concept of christianity came about later through the very people who corrupted the word of God. (Paul and Constantine). Jesus was not born on December 25th his birthday was moved to coincide with a pagan holiday.

      Also, Jesus wasn’t christian he was a jewish who submitted to God which made him muslim because being Muslim means we have surrendered to God therefore if we believe in God we are all Muslims.

      • soraya says:

        assalaam layla i totally agree if only people could see the real truth about hell and the mere fact that they believe jesus is the son of god is whats gna get them to taste hell, for god says in the quran that he does not beget nor is begotten. meaning he wasnt born neither does he have kids. and also the quran clearly states that jesus was the son of mary and not the son of god. may u all be saved from the eternal damnation of the real hell. oh and by the i dont believe the ouija board storya, because hell is much worse than that…

        • Big Chief says:

          Hell is much worse?? How so, you went to hell and back?? Personal experience or from reading a book??? What’s your version?? Just curious…

          • jk says:

            Jesus is the only way friend. Ask your buddy about Jesus and see what he says. He will either never talk to you again because he is scared you might rebuke him in Jesus Name, the name above all names. Demons can work around the word name god sometimes thinking of it as generic. Ask your friend about Jehovah God, the God of Issac, Abraham, and Jacob. Anyone that says Jesus Christ was just a prophet is speaking demonicly. He is the the only way to God. There is only one Jehovah God and He is the Creator of all and not just the great being in the sky. He sent Jesus to die for us because there is no way that we can be good enough ourselves to get to Heaven.

  13. carla says:

    pat ,…I think you better start believing in the fact that there is a hell wether you like it or not,….I for one have had quite a few dream’s of hell somewhat,…have gotten an idea of it,….have seen discombobulated body’s walking around me have been in a cave and seen these naked bodie of about maybe 20 or even 7 at the most,..they would sit there and look at me worried because you know who was coming to get them,….they looked at me as if to say you are lucky you are not be taken by him,…but we are,..I looked out the cave and there were normal looking mountain’s to me and a lake as well,..or call ir a river actually,…but something about that river/lake told me that it was not just a river/lake that definetly he was coming for those soul’s instead and this place that these people were sitting on was like ………………just plain cement and that there was this 2 foot crack in the middle of these people where water was going through there as well…….these naked body’s were not very happy where they were going and I said to him,..noooo!!!!,….you are not taking me with these people,…I will not go with you no…..and my dream ended…..I a have been in the mountain’s and seen darnessand the heaven’s that are dark and my voice echoed in such a calm but echoing sound like I was talking in his voice and yet said very loudly to him….you are not going to take here,…………..I see and know what you are doing to me,…and my dream ended,….I also had a dream that I was in this nieghborhood and it was an unusual darkness of no life and no lite but there were these light’s on on most of these porches,…… you can tell that this situation with the porch light’s was not good at all,……there was one particular house that I had gone to and this house was conddeemed ,…..there was this old man that sat in this king’s chair like he ruled the world or just the nieghborhood and he was not good at all…..more nastier than you could even imagine!,…you coul tell that and even see that in him like to be sayen to you,..I have no mercy on you!, nor for you at all,…….then there were these two other demon’s that you could tell that you could tell they had no mercy for you either ,..the girl looked tall,….and nast stone cold no soul in her and stood by her father side liked she worship him with evrything like she could kill you without even thinking of it,…she had a brother that was just as cold and cruel just the way there father taught them to be,…but I don’t think that thi mean man and his kid’s even exist because the de— has no kid’s!,…I don’t really believe in that,…but I do believe is that he can have his follower’s follow him and believe in him young or old!,…..

    • Karma says:

      Your dreams are wicked I have had a few myself. But who is to say the big D does not have children? God has children we are his children so it’s very possible the devil has his own as well. I’m just saying!

  14. child like says:


  15. Sunnie says:

    Wow….Amazing story, I am blown away,I believe there is a heaven and a hell, I have seen the battle field your freind discribed to you in a dream, I was in the same field, I was crying with my hands held up to the sky,Jesus was there and He said to me I quote ” come with me and no harm will come to you I love you”. I went to church the next night for Weds night bible study and told my pastor of my dream and they prayed for me.I could feel something pulling from my body as they prayed and exsepted Jesus Christ as my personal savor. I beg you not to use that board again nothing good can come from it.

    May the hand of God touch you and grant you peace please go to your church and tell the preist or pastor your story and have them pray for you and if you have not exsepted Christ please do so before it is to late.

  16. CARLY says:


  17. child like says:



  18. Logan W. says:

    Wow….that’s an intense story….keep us informed about any updates. That’s just mind boggling

  19. Honeychurch says:

    So much of this doesn’t make any sense. He’s a gang member, so that makes his death fairly recent, but he’s been thrown into lakes of fire for years? Even if time works differently, it still doesn’t make any sense. Neither does the beer thing; he’s in spirit. Beer is corporeal.

    I have a hard time with a perfect God who would create imperfect people and then eternally punish them for those imperfections; especially those to whom he gave other difficulties and obstacles: poverty, social and mental dysfunctions, abusive homes… people who have imperfect understanding and sometimes not even the capacity to be rational or empathic commit crimes all the time. It’s a terrible situation, but sometimes the perpetrator is as much to be pitied as any victim.

    This is not to deny that there are people out there that are truly, consciously evil. I just don’t think it’s so black and white. If I believe in a benevolent God, and I do, and I wish to follow his example of how to treat people who trespass against me…this would not be it.

    So I’m not picking up what this dude is layin’ down, is what I’m saying. And if I’m wrong about that, I’d almost rather be. My God is a better person than this.

  20. meli§a says:

    oh my gosh – that was soooo scary, but very informative & makes you think twice!!! i believe almost this whole story. please do not communicate with that board ever again. that sucks about drew, but it’s simple.. if you’re the bad of bad, you know where you’re heading when you die whether you believe in it or not. i also agree, it’s never too late to turn your life around, though that is only up to you & your responsibilty.

  21. Tonja says:

    God has been around since “time” began. Angels were created by GOD.

    The “fallen” angels are now demons because while still angels, they rebelled against God, and for this were cast out of heaven.

    NO matter what religion, no matter what evil entities each religion or civilization has or had, these are the very same demons who were once angels.

    This battle in Heaven occurred before man was created by God.

    That being said, the Christian religion consists of the followers who believe that Jesus, the son of God, was born as a human being over 2000 years ago. But, Jesus DID exist with God in Heaven BEFORE he was ever born as a human.

    So while the religion of Christianity is only 2000 years old….. God/Jesus/Angels/Demons are much, much, much, much older than Mankind.

    So no matter what previous civilization in the past had experiences with demons, they were all created by God…at first as angels. Their own rebellion and “sin” against God is what made them demons.

  22. child like says:


    right on!

  23. Anonymous says:

    I Think Tonja Has A Great Point. I Beleive the same way. & Great story 2, it sure makes U Think!

  24. Butterfly says:

    Well this amazed me because i had an obsession with the ouija board i would see spirits in my rooms dark shadows of men and women entities they would try too make love too me very scary and the worst of worst i became crazy i became a rebel everything had too be crazy i had a wild life ever since i touched that board but i thank GOD that something beautiful happen in my life .. after all the messed …. too deep to explained it but let just say it seem as the spirits were in ,me… please be careful with the board if you dont have any experience with it dont touch it… there a purpose for that board and there no joking too it..

  25. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    let me tell you something my friend,,,, you are playing with fire!!!! and it sounds like you are living in hell….. have you ever heard of hell on earth???? i dont know if you are still around these people, if you are, please get away…..

    dont ever take the board lightly,, you have opened up something very negative.. you could be in great danger by the board and by your living conditions!!!!

    have you read any of the other post on the ,board???? you dont want to live a life of regret, now is the time to turn it all around… i know its exciting, but it wont be when you live it every day of your life!!!

    please read some of my posts!!!! i struggle on a daily basis, just to survive.. its not fun and games my friend, not at all…..

    i am sending you a blessing of safety,,, ktm

  26. carla says:

    tonja,…what the heck makes you believe that christ existed in heaven before on earth??….I have “never” “ever” heard of such a thing before to tell you…….I do believe that when we meet in heaven, that we will meet again on earth because it was ment to be of course!,….but as far as christ is concerned,…..I’m not against this at all,…but,….I don’t know about this one??……… I am beginning to think that I know god better then this kind of stuff,…but every time you think you know him or whatever and some other storie comes up about him that just turn’s you’re head and you’re thinking what???……… think you know him as well as you think you do,…but I guess unles you read the bible… don’t know god as well as you think you do,………’re obviously a bible/christian person to me!!……..

    • Liz says:

      Mormons believe that Jesus Christ (and everyone, for that matter, including Lucifer or “Satan”) existed in a pre-existence before coming to earth. There are also other religions out there who very much believe in that type of thing. I am not affiliated with any religion- just letting you know it is a very explicit belief in certain sects.

    • jk says:

      It is in the Bible, In the beginning was the Word (Jesus) and the Word was with God.

  27. Kuva says:

    I believe that you dont go to hell unless you’ve done really bad things. Sex hate murder torture drugs mean kinda stuff… Some of that stuff seemed wrong from my point of view, as a Mormon. But some of it made a lot of sense. No way hell is forever. I learned that ‘even hell will give up its souls at the resurrection’ So hey, be a good person and try to find God and treat people with love patience forgiveness and charity, and you’ll be alright. Take care dude! Kuva \|/

  28. LMC says:

    wow that scared me… I always known the board is bad… but to read this and have to find out spirits from heaven are not permitted to talk through the board now that shocked me I did not know that! is this real??? if it is wow good to know thanks for telling… if it is just a story wow fantastic!!!

    have a blessed life!

  29. TLB says:

    I know one thing, this story sure makes one think about grabbing a Bible and praying for mankind! There is something so disturbing about it that makes it seem so real. I used to use Ouija boards but something bad would happen every time so I got rid of them.
    God did create the Angels and some rebelled against him. My question is this: Could that rebellion happen again?
    I am disturbed by this tale and it has me thinking a lot harder about my own life. Thanks for posting it.

    I have read a story in a book by Brad Steiger about a Russian atheist whom had a NDE and was being taken by Angels, halfway up, demons started trying to pull him down to hell and he started praying to God for forgiveness and the demons had to leave him be. When he got to heaven it was not his time and he was sent back to earth.

    One thing is for certain, one does not want to play around with their immortal soul.

  30. TLB says:

    How could someone make this up?

  31. ivy janella (Philippines) says:

    i think sometimes the way you tell your story, your getting a little bit fascinated to drew.. aren’t you scared in hell?

  32. tom says:

    Wow…this is very sobering to me because I have throughout my life for any number of reasons (mostly due to resentments) done witchcraft, black magic, ouja and the whole nine yards and over the last year have been reading internet publications about spiritual
    Satanism from a lady named Maxine Dietrich, who describes every single kind of magic, meditation, demon summoning, and divination you can do! And I’m currently doing them! Do I just need to drop it all at once and go back to trying to believe in the Bible, which for some reason or other over the years in my life I’ve found impossible to do? It used to be so easy (but all the animals created in the world at one time all being located on an ark….? Come on…..that would be impossible) but I don’t know…maybe the Bible is true. But if Ms Dietrich is lying (and please look at her on the net to see what I’m talking about and I in NO WAY, SHAPE, FORM OR FASHION SUBSCRIBE TO ANTI-SEMITIC BELIEFS as shown in that site) then that means that she has ruined and damned the hundreds if not thousands of souls who are members of her covens, reading her magic formulas and practices, and who have dedicated their souls to Satan (who, Ms Dietrich says, is “not evil but simply one of the original gods of creation, like the demons, who have all been falsely MADE OUT TO BE evil.” Boy, she really pulled a number on a lot of people, didn’t she? What’s really scary is that runes (which I also have), ouija boards, and magic games and literature like this is just a credit card away at your average, everyday bookstore! And ouijas are sold at Toys R Us like just another toy. So what do I do now? Does God care or know about all of the agents of deception who steered me wrong? Was He at one point talking to to me to urge me to stop and did I just ignore His voice? Because to be honest I don’t think I’ve heard it recently. That kind of scares me.

    • LilG says:

      here is a good verse: For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the LORD, he hath also rejected thee from being king.
      Now Tom, how is it impossible for you to think that thousand of animals can fit in an ark?? the same way, he made this world that us humans are destroying….. He does talk to you, God is always by your side…. its you who doesnt want to listen to what he tells you, its you, not him.
      ohhh and i read about that Maxine Dietrich…. u can totally see she is crazy, a Satanis, and def going to hell (and apparently is dragging thousands with her) if she doesnt change her way of living!!

      • Caretaker says:

        LilG – I am curious; do you believe that there were such animals as humpback whales, sharks, jelly fish and the like on the ark. Also if pairs (or 7s) of every animal were aboard the ark it would be billions of animals, not just thousands.

        I do believe that there were a great many “global” floods which happened around the world. There are too many legends and myths from different cultures that describe the “whole world” being flooded and “everything” being killed except for a selected few. If God truly is a just god then wouldnt he have allowed others from different parts of the world the chance to be saved?

        • LilG says:

          ..God said, to take every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth .. whales, jellyfish do not creep on earth.. about the 7s he said … of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female: and of beasts that are not clean by two, the male and his female….. God is a just God, its not that he didnt allow other people from being saved….however, no living person at that time, other that Noah and his family were Godly men. The same he gives us the opportunity for us to be saved and raptured, when the end of earth comes.However as the same as in Noahs times…. theres still people that say nuuuu its a lie, that isnt going to happen…. The bible is incorrect about that, and I can go on and on. God is a very just man…. thats why he gives us opportunities to change and be forgiven for all we do !!

    • Big Chief says:

      I meant to comment on this a long time ago but kept forgetting to do so. I did venture over to the joyofs. site for a while and did sign up with one of their groups on yahoo. They know alot about ouija sessions and the occult, that I gave them. I saw that most of Ms. Dietrich’s followers including herself are ex-Catholics. That’s what I see with alot of Satanist. Most of them are ex-Catholics, even the ones who reply here that can’t “buy” this story. Alot of them seemed to turn to the devil out of resentment like you. All I can tell you is wherever your faith lies, that’s who you’ll be with when you pass away.

      If you believe that “Satan” and his demons are pretty then you will see how pretty they are once you leave this world. One thing that struck me as funny though was a thread I was reading on one of her yahoo group sites. Someone created a thread asking others what do they think hell looks like and what will happen to them once they die. Many of the responding Satanist said that they do believe that when they die they will be going to hell but hell for them is on another planet somewhere in the cosmo’s. They believe through Ms. Dietrich’s vision of hell that “Satans Palace” is beautiful and it has an amphitheater there. She saw people smoking in a room in hell and “Satan” re-incarnates people in hell back to earth so that they can move up and become Gods.

      Damn, that’s a good sales pitch if you ask me but I wouldn’t trust that woman with my worst enemies soul. It seems that most are Satanist purely out of resentment from their early childhood Christian/Catholic upbringing. When her and her followers get to hell I believe they will be in for a very rude awakening. Do whatever you feel is right, I guess.

      • GirlRacer says:

        Yeah. I too have read the works of Maxine ‘maxi’ Dietrich.

        This woman promotes Nazism, which the majority of Satanists do not agree with. She is a theistic satanist, therefore actually worshipping Satan as a deity, as THE deity. Reverse christianity if you will.

        However, LaVey (church of satan founder) denounced and had never acknowledged the existence of Satan, the deity. LaVey satanists are -how can i say this- athiestic Satanists, who follow the rules of man, and believe man rules his own destiny. LaVey interpreted in his way what he found in many many writings about God and Satan the grey areas if you like. LaVey believed humankind should think for itself. Satanism is more commonpractice than we allow ourselves to know. Even the most devout christian at one time or another thinks for themselves. We are human.

        I do not like to judge any people’s belief. Maxi Dietrich is not to be trusted, she’s an extremist. A nazi supporter who needs to be locked away to rant to herself.

        I know a LaVey satanist that denounces theistic satanism as devil worshipping. Thats his opinion.

        One more thing. In predictive text, Maxi translates to Nazi.

        I follow no religion, though I do now feel God in my heart. Thats between him and I.

        • Caretaker says:

          Yes, “Satanists” say they do not believe in Satan – but I have a difficult time understanding why anyone would call themselves by a name that they do not believe in. It just doesn’t seem logical.

          • GirlRacer says:

            Exactly, CT. Well pointed out. I’ve often said to my friend who’s a LaVey Satanist ‘Why not call yourself a LaVey humanist, and why did he founder and call his ‘sect’ The Church of Satan, as the very name is contradictory to the very beliefs you say you hold. Why not call it something like ‘House of Humanism.’

            He replied ‘as people recognise Satan who doesn’t exist as the last great humanist. Call it a mascot if you will…’


            And yes, Big Chief, I agree. The ‘woman’ is clearly delusional, and very ill.

        • Big Chief says:

          The thing I don’t understand is how can you believe in the devil, his demons and even angels but don’t believe in the existence of God. How is that possible? Ms. Dietrich told her followers one time that those people that claim that demons attack them from ouija board use are lying and its really angels pretending to be demons. That woman’s brain is warped.. Their also these wiccans who have a site and countless videos on youtube about their ouija board use. They’re some good videos. You should check them out. Basically, one of them went into ouija use as a wiccan amateur to ouija boards. She was trying to contact her God and Goddesses, Isis, Thor and what have not. Those supposed “Gods” were choking her at night, tormenting her, making her feel depressed and so forth.

          Those “Gods” reason for doing this was to as they say “prepare her” and test her. After later ouija use, the “Gods” actually revealed who they were and she was in total shock. Those “Gods” told her that they were actually “demons” and she went on to later get possessed by one of them. She believes in demons, one of her friends said that she went to the demon dimension and talked to “Satan” but none of them believe that there is a God. I don’t know how you can believe in one and not the other. You should check their video series out:

  33. Love says:


    God does care, and knows what you are doing, but he has given you free will to listen to your resentments and anger and play with stuff you know full well is not good for you (all the Devil’s playthings) , or turn towards God and his Love, beauty and happiness.

    It seems that the name and power of Jesus Christ seems to be very powerful over these spirits — again and again I read in these stories how people use that name to repel the demons and get their lives back under control.

    I have even talked to people who contacted demons by black magic and were so negatively affected by it that they turned Christian and were able to repel the demons.

    Of course God wants you to stop and was talking to you, but it’s up to you to listen, and he’s not going to force you to listen or believe or anything. If you stay away too long you will lose the ability to hear him — evil affects you — just like too much anger or drugs affects the ability to think and reason effectively and be calm, sober, and happy. The evil will affect your ability to be calm, peaceful, happy, and to hear the voice of God urging you to return to lovely and beautiful ways of being.

    So the way to return to God is to be still and pray — the Bible says “be still and know that I am God” – you may not be able to feel it at first, because it is very subtle, but the more you pray and think lovely and beautiful thoughts, you can feel the quiet stirrings of a very beautiful divine force inside you. Evil is rash and bold and hard to ignore, like a slap in the face, but you have to be quiet and peaceful to appreciate the good and to see it. However the more you focus on it the more beautiful and powerful it gets, like the deep power of a beautiful day to make everyone happy. So let go of the lies and pray deeply to the divine love that created you to return to a beautiful state of being, and to be able to do good to yourself and to others — if you regularly and deeply pray like this, beautiful things will open inside you.

    It’s up to you to make the choice, but it is there, and I can guarantee you that God and his angels are waiting to enter into your life, but you have to ask them to, and keep watering that invitation with faith and love so that it grows into a beautiful garden of smiles and radiance.

  34. Suzie says:

    there is hell and there is heaven.
    god does not send you to hell if you are a bad person, he sends you if you do not believe in him, or choose to not believe, or if you believe but do not ask for his forgiveness and for him to come into your heart. God loves everyone. he even loved satan, satan was once an angel but tried to be the best and got too pridedful and proud and tried being better than god so God gave him an option and he sent satan to his own place, which is where we will go if we choose to not believe in god. which is a veryy scary place. i can not wait to get to heaven and see family members that have passed. i am a christain and i do believe in God. Ouija boards are very serious and are all real. i once made one with my friend out of paper, and we had candles and one light on, we werent even ready for it we all three just sat around and one was texting the other was talking to me and i randomly jokingly said “spirits are you with us” then seconds later we got call from a RESTICTED number and we picked up not thinking(thinking it was just a prank caller) we answered and in a very deep scratchy voice that almost sounded like barking screamed and said “WHO IS THIS!!” before we even said hello, we all three looked at eachother scared out of our mind, blew the candles out ripped the board and we all three jumped into our friends bed cuddled up and scared. but what really threw us off is when we got the call it said restricted in all caps. instead of just a capital R…. it was actually just last weekend, and (were in 8th grade)and we havent got a chance to get rid of it yet,, but we plan to burn it next weekend. so if you are not a believer talk to god ask for forgiveness of your sins ask for him to come into your life, and maybe you can try going to church on sundays.

  35. Dani says:

    drew sounds like a good spirit to me, but sumtyms. u dnt kno if theyre lyin or nott.but he iis helpinn yuh.maybe he can get anoda chance. can he?wat gang he in?

  36. Shirley King says:

    The part where you say “He also said that some people that you see on the streets are not really humans but are very powerful demons that are there to influence people to do bad things.” I can tell you this much I know that is TRUE for a fact. How? Been seeing them around everywhere more than us normal humans all my life, something that’s been passed down to family members for ages.
    However don’t be to sure this is a “friend” evil will take the form of just about anybody. They love to play games and play tricks.

  37. ilovejonasbrothers says:

    this story scared me out of my mind!!!!!!!!!!! it makes you want to pray to God and not stop. im so scared…….

  38. bhl1313 says:

    This was a scary story – and I don’t doubt that some of it is true. However, I really wish everyone would stop posting comments about how they ‘dream of hell’ and they ‘have seen ghosts all their lives’…..if everyone had these dreams/experiences…none of us would be going to hell – we would all be perfect because of fear that we would be tortured like “Drew” in the story.

  39. AZTLAN says:

    One of the best stories online I have ever read… It has what many others don’t… DETAILS !

  40. Anonymous says:

    Your story brought up many interesting points, and I think everyone is focusing on the wrong ones. For instance, all spirits who use the board are either from hell or purgatory. I mean, I totally agree! The evil spirits from hell are the most common in these stories, but I also believe that the stories about “good” spirits may be referring to those from purgatory, who are not necessarily evil. Also, the fact that beer is an invention by demons. I don’t believe Drew was very accurate with that, based on the fact that beer is full of nutritional value (REALLY, it is!) IF you use it in moderation, the same with red wine, however, BOTH have the possibility of making you intoxicated if you drink too much. I believe that yes most stories of drinking in the Bible are wine, but that is because they did not know how to make barley hops or brew beer yet, but it is insanely easy to make wine. I’m not sure if I find this story quite believable, either that or “Drew” talked a lot of crap because I mean seriously, spirits even bother to rape other spirits? There are some other points I’d make if I wasn’t kind of buzzed from my Corona. LOL yes, I am drinking a Corona while I read this story.

  41. Anna says:

    I have had experience of the paranormal and have seen demons with my own eyes. From what I can gather they inhabit the world around us, but are mostly invisible to us, and do interact with us all the time to varying degrees.

    So when you have perhaps uncontrollable anger, great anxiety, addictions to drink, drugs, food etc, this can be put down to the work of his infernal lowness aka Satan.

    But, as my priest told me there are angels and a guardian angel attached to each and every person, and they with the Holy Spirit protect people by and large from the forces of evil.

    When you sin, ie profrane thoughts, swear, steal, lie and go against many of God’s commandments, which let’s face it an awful lot of people do these days, then the good angels start to leave, and the bad angels ie demons start to take over.

    By doing occultic things such as messing about with tarot cards, horoscopes, oujia boards etc you open up yourself to demons more strongly.

    You’re kind of dialling their direct line as it were. Not a good idea!

    If you are being bothered by demons you need to stop all sinful activity as best you can and get rid of all occultic stuff in your house.

    They can be got rid off by persistent prayer, fasting, incense, holy water, house blessings can get rid of them. Sometimes it’s easy, other times not. Also negative people and hateful people around you also can affect you and bring up demons against you, believe it or not. Cut out the hateful people from your life to where possible.

    But hell, as someone rightly said, is another dimension, and so is heaven. God interacts with us and sees us always. Hell is I suppose when he turns his back on you and leaves you to the blackness and darkness of Satan’s realm.

    There is every reason to be afraid, because as good as God is, he can also be vengeful, angry and unforgiving. Get on the right path and stay there. Nothing is ever forgotten and not all things are always forgiven!

    • Lisa says:

      So, then an abusive husband might cause his wife to be “picked on” by demons? (As if him picking on her isn’t bad enough!) I have been wondering about that………….

  42. kuponut11 says:

    I read these stories as i am fascinated, albeit terrified of the paranormal.
    However the description of the “afterlife” sounds a little far-fetched, especially the part where beer is an evil invention and wine is gods. They’re both alcohol, and will both make you do stupid things, if anything, wine has a higher alcohol content than beer.
    I try my best to respect others beliefs, especially in the religion; i agree that the idea of the afterlife (heaven and hell) is not just a christian based ideal.
    However, religious or not, whether born now or 400 years ago, they’re all still human, and all think similarly no matter where in the world they are born (as proved, egyptians believed in the afterlife and so on) My point of this statement is, the idea of Heaven-Hell is a tale told by man, as a means for people to be good in their life and avoid damanation.
    You even stated so yourself that Heaven-Hell is not completely rooted from christianity, but from morals from all cultures. You have just debuked your story by giving a completely biased view of Heaven-Hell with a heavy reference to the bible and christianity.

    Whether the story you have posted above is based on complete facts, i will never know. What i do know is, Ouiji Boards shouldn’t be messed with, and that i can’t help but be more than a little skeptical with this story.

    • Big Chief says:

      Haha, I debunked my own story by giving a bias view of heaven and hell. How did I do that? My friend gave me the info, I posted it just like he gave it to me. He is no religious man. What do you want me to do, give a Buddhist view of heaven and hell? What is the correct view of heaven and hell?? You tell me. If man made up something, does that automatically make it false? If man made up that there was life after death, does that make life after death false?? It does say that there is life after death in the Bible and the Bible is written by man as you say. Now, it is known today that there is life after death. Did man not tell the truth in his written Bible??

      Since when was man not qualified enough to tell the truth?? Who told you that man made up heaven and hell to scare people? Where did you get this information from? Could man not have communicated with spirits and got that information from them? Egyptians, Chinese, etc..have all played the ouija type board in their days and communicated with spirits. Native American shamans also talked to spirits. Many of them got their knowledge of the world and how things run through spirit communication. Is that information false if the person happens to write that information down in a book? It could be false as well as truthful. You personally haven’t experimented with squat so you have no idea of what is fact from what is fiction. Come again..

      • kuponut11 says:

        ” You personally haven’t experimented with squat so you have no idea of what is fact from what is fiction. Come again..” – So what, you’re saying because i have not yet died and “experienced” the afterlife that my argument holds no water? buddy, unless you died and personally experienced this than you’re in the same boat as me. Of course i have personally experienced some sort of paranormal activity and have accepeted the fact that some things cannot be explained.

        Whether your friend actually had contact with spirits that have passed; sure – perhaps i can accept that he did, that sort of thing is open to interpretation, i’m not denying the fact that maybe he did have some strange encounter, it’s not something i can prove did or didn’t happen.

        “You tell me. If man made up something, does that automatically make it false? ” – No, it does not automatically make it false, but that also means that it dosn’t automatically make it true either
        “Now, it is known today that there is life after death” – By who? your friend who had contact with a spirit ? If life after death was such a well known fact, and was plausible from all angles, then there wouldn’t be skeptics in life. Skeptics are skeptical for a reason and refuse to believe unless there is factual evidence with no holes that are only backed up by word of man (which is not always the most reliable).

        “Since when was man not qualified enough to tell the truth?? Who told you that man made up heaven and hell to scare people? Where did you get this information from?” – This is not any information fed to me, this is my own personal belief. I personally am not a religious person, and in ‘MY’ opinion, religion is used as crutch for people who are lost in life and can only pull through if they believed that someone out there believes in them and will help them pull through when times are tough, that if they suffered here on Earth and abstain from bad, they will be rewarded, a safety net. But thats just my logic, say what you want, i was brought up in a Christian house, but i still have my opinions; I’m agnostic, i’ve come too accept both sides, both the skeptic and the things that cannot be explained.

        As for your comments regarding too the bible, buddy; the bible has been mistranslated and re-written over and over again, eg. Revelations – many Christians (and yes i do say christians) refuse too believe that Jesus would tell his diciples about that if they didn’t follow him they would be thrown in the lake of fire for judgement, those chapters were written by man. Which is why many Christians do in fact love God and all that, but do not follow the bible.

        All i am stating is that, i have no CLUE if the story you wrote above is in anyway truthful, i’m just stating the logics as i see it. There is no way to derive evidence from any of this, and thus i find this particular story of yours a little hard to believe. Whether it’s true or not, good for you.

  43. Big Chief says:

    To Kopunut1,

    When I say you have no experience in squat I am talking about ouija board, seances, occultic stuff and the likes. I am not talking about personal death and the afterlife. I have not died yet so how would I expect you to have personal experience in death and the afterlife when I haven’t myself.. Seances, talking to spirits, summoning demons, witchcraft, etc.. have all been done by humans in every civilization for 1000′s of years even before Christianity. People have written about these experiences and the afterlife from their dealings in the occult. If someone writes down their experience with these things that does not make it false because it was written by “man”. It does not make it truthfull either. The way you check to see if something is false is either to experiment with it yourself or research it for yourself.

    To come in here with no personal experience on the subject (ouija, seance, occult, etc..) and say you can’t buy a story because of your personal beliefs (gut feeling) is disingenuous. You have no personal experience on the subject matter so you really can’t discern fact from fiction.. Gut feelings and personal beliefs without research wouldn’t cut it. The Bible has been mistranslated and re-written many times. Does that make the whole book false. Shouldn’t you research it for yourself and find out what’s fact or fiction instead of throwing the whole book to the side.

    Like I said already, many civilizations/peoples have communicated with spirits and found life after death or the spirit world to be true. They have experimented and came up with this conclusion. You have experimented with nada and came up with your personal beliefs based on what?? Man re-writes and mistranslates a book so man can’t be trusted and man lies. Man can also tell the truth and write facts based on experimented research..

    • kuponut11 says:

      I’m not saying i can’t by the story solely on a “gut” feeling, but because from reading other stories and other peoples accounts, there are certain inconsistencies and facts that i personally find ridiculous.
      There are things that we don’t know, but the truth can somtimes be blurred together with lies, so please i apologise if i choose to pick the ones that could be real and the ones that i find hard to believe.
      You say that i have no personal experience with the occult and since i shouldn’t i should just keep my opinions to myself? well dude, have you even touched a ouija board ?
      The story you wrote above isn’t even a personal experience of your own, but something your friend told you about, and in fact, via email.
      I personally have tried using the ouija board once when i was probably in the 4th grade at school, just with paper and a coin. It felt good to do it, exciting, but afterwards i couldn’t shake off this really intense creepy feeling. That night i could not fall asleep, i kept shivering suddenly even though i live in one of the most hottest countries in the world, i met with my friends and they had the same experience. And of course i have a love of tarot cards.
      So yes i have had experience with the occult and i told you already that i believe in the paranormal and the occult (if i didn’t believe in any of these stories at all, than why would i be wasting my time with something that won’t benefit me?)
      You told me once that the idea of Heaven and Hell was something created long before Christianity, and existed in all ancient civilisations. And you know what ? perhaps you’re right, there are countless stories here with peoples experience, so perhaps this “reward and punishment” we get after we die is real, i wouldn’t know.
      However, even you admit that it’s not just Christianities ideal, but the story your friend recounted sole reference is too the heaven and hell in the bible (aside from the beer), if ancient civilisations thought of the afterlife before Christianity was founded, why is the afterlife your friend recounted just about the christians version of hell?
      The ancient egyptians believed in afterlife, but there was no hell, if their heart was heavier than the feather of truth, their soul would be devoured, if not, they move onto heaven or wherever. Hindu’s believe in reincarnation. In Norse mythlogy, there was Valhalla, for the warrior souls, the normal afterlife (for those souls who didn’t excel in anything but can meet with their passed loved ones) and then theres Tartarus, for the evil souls of rape and such, and i hardly believe the chinese civilisation believed in a lake of fire. So yes, i have done my research, and all these civilisations have its similarities and differences, but your friends recount has heavy christianity influences(like putting the lake of fire label), what makes it any better than any others?
      I don’t except you to be able to answer these questions, and i’m not asking you to recount in a different perspective, but its for these reasons, and thes reasons alone, that i find it hard to believe.
      Besides, this isn’t even your own personal experience with the occult, so why do you insist on labelling me as “wrong”?

      • Big Chief says:

        Actually your wrong on a few things. In the Bible, it states that souls are taken away until judgment day and nobody can talk to spirits once they past over. They are only talking to falling angels-demons. The story here is about contact with a dead human spirit not a fallen angel-demon. Supposedly you can’t talk to dead human spirits as per say the Bible so this story would be totally false if we went by the Bible. Also, the Bible also states that no soul lingers on earth after death, it is only demons or fallen angels that are here. The story talks about “limbo” which is a stage of living on earth after death. In the Bible, there is no such thing as limbo or spirits lingering on earth. This part of the story would also make it false if we were to go by the Bible. The Bible talks about heaven and hell and no in-between place. This story talks about heaven, hell, limbo, purgatory. Not all Christians believe in purgatory. Its mostly Catholics, Islam and some older beliefs too..

        Can you not fathom that maybe some parts of the Bible may be correct and some parts incorrect. Can you not fathom that some cultures beliefs (Buddhism, islam, etc..) may be correct about life after death and some parts may be incorrect. The Bible is not just Christian beliefs. Its also some parts Jewish beliefs, Egyptian stories, and other stories of other cultures in the middle East. Some correct some incorrect. If we were to judge this story strictly by the Bible then it would be a false story off hand since it talks about communication with a dead human spirit. The Bible states that talking with dead human spirits is not possible.

        • Caretaker says:

          Good stuff Big Chief – I always enjoy your posts!

        • kuponut11 says:

          What precisely is the point of this argument? We have both been wrong on a few accounts, even when we both presented our information, research and experiences. It seems to me we are just going around in circles.
          I’m man enough to admit that some things i have said probably we’rnt as accurate, and i still believe a few things your friend witnessed may not be accurate, and even so, i still don’t believe this story. Just accept it dude.
          I’m not an idiot, and neither are you, we can both think for ourselves and choose to believe what we want; i’m not trying to coerce you to view things from my perspective, but i do wonder why you are so dead-set to prove me wrong when this is not your personal experience, perhaps i could i have accepted things more if it seemed a little more reliable. Unforturnately that’s not the case, so lets just leave it at that, shall we?

        • LilG says:

          Hi BIG CHIEF, its true what you comment — The Bible states that talking with dead human spirits is not possible. —- but the bible does say that demons exist….. the Ouija board is not a Godly thing… it is of the devil…. if you play with it, you are definitely tempting the devil and he will send his demons after you…… the devil is a ver decietful person, very tricky and will do ANYTHING to make you believe that he is helping you (meanwhile he drags you into his hands) … people just dont understand how tricky the devil is!! He can make everything look beutiful and helpful in this case (that the “demon” helps yall) …. and before you know it its too late !!

  44. child like says:

    To Big Chief,

    My husband killed himself 4 years ago. Where do you think his soul is? I am very interested in your opinion. I heard from other he is in hell, and a psychic told me he is in limbo and following his son because our son was 6 months old when he killed himself and he always wanted a son after 2 girls we had a son.

    The reason I ask is because sometimes I smell cigarette smoke in my house and Tim was a chain smoker and also my dog always barks at the hallway and know one is there.
    This does not happen everyday just every week. Is it all in my mind? What do you think?

    • LilG says:

      Almost everyone would agree that life is the most precious gift that human beings have been given. Just the chance to be alive on this earth and play a part in the grand scheme of God’s eternal plan is a privilege indeed.
      … .. NOW … my answer to your question si this:
      Some people believe that all who commit suicide go immediately to Hell. However, the Bible never says if this is the case. The Bible is silent on this issue. God probably did not address it in black in white for a good reason. If we knew that we would still go to Heaven if we killed ourselves, there would probably be a lot more suicides taking place than there already are. However, if we knew that all who killed themselves were automatically banished to Hell, no matter what their situation, it may be too much for the grief-stricken family and friends to bear. Murder and suicide are not unpardonable sins. The only unforgivable sins are rejecting Christ (Mark 16:16) and blaspheming the Holy Spirit.
      now as for what I believe if he had the chance to accept Jesus as the Lord and Saviour he could go to heaven, if he committed suicide, which is murder to himself and didnt ask for forgiveness, he died in his sin and well def see hell. in Hell ….. there is no love, mercy or forgiveness. so WATCH OUT !!

  45. Big Chief says:

    To Childlike:

    Personally, I don’t know where his soul is but from what I learned not all people that commit suicide go to hell. Some do go to limbo. I know this person that did a session and said he talked to his father that committed suicide. His father did tell him that he was facing the same problems/struggles that he faced when he was alive. I don’t know how that is possible but I also heard that people can created their own hell when they die. Don’t know too much about that though. There’s a man on youtube who has been doing ouija sessions for like over 20 years. He frequently talks to someone who has committed suicide and that person is said to be in limbo.

    If you smell smoke in the house maybe it could be him or residual smoke. I couldn’t personally tell you for sure. Maybe you should try a board and see but that may be dangerous.. Good day…

    To Koponut,

    I was at some of the sessions too and I did ask about religion but I didn’t put any of those answers from that session here because I didn’t want to turn the story into a big religious fiasco. Plus the contact didn’t know too much about religion anyways..

  46. kuponut11 says:

    To big chief -

    Hmm i see, still i would tell you’re friend not to use the Ouija board, that thing gives me the creeps .. :/

  47. dale says:

    that is scary to learn much more about hell read 23 minutes in hell

  48. Tai says:

    Hi Guys,

    I think “Hell” is what the word say’s “Hell” – To me it seems that when you go to hell you are in limbo and waiting for judgement but in the mean time to have to relive all your anguishes from former lives until you get that chance to cross over.

    To Child Like – You husband is still with you and the lingering smoke scent is his way of communicating with you to say that he is still arround. My father died a few years ago and he was a heavy smoker and at times I would smell his scent in the house. It use to freak the living daylights out of my wife but when I explained things to her she learnt to live with it.

    To be honest I not sure whether there is a Hell or heaven but rest assure there are spirits or demons what ever yiou want to call them walking amongst us.

    Take care and good luck.


  49. anonymous says:

    o.o I DONT WANNA GO TO HELL!!!!!!! if i have 2 ouija boards, am i going to hell? we dont do anything bad with the one we use. we are careful. am i going to hell because i use them??? :(

  50. papi sal says:

    My sister and me talk through the Ouija board and she tells me similar things I believe she wasn’t dammed to hell because we arranged something with the pope in Rome and he told us that no way could Jenny be going to hell because he believed she was a type of God or Angel she wouldn’t talk just at night when she was playing a home made Ouija board and she would listen to the sound on T.V when it makes some sort of screech, now that she is dead I talk to her and she says shes eating fruit, and I asked where she was and she said with my family and she said “lol” (laughing out loud) with god, and her brothers and sisters I believed her but then came to be that Ouija board was made to open portals and I asked her how she was taking through the Ouija board and she replied that only things she once lived around or touched when she was a human are the things she can interact with I asked her questions ONLY me and her knew and this wasn’t in my mind so that anyone could read my thoughts it was somewhere in my heart & BACK of my mind hidden, she answered correctly and ever since me and her talk when I hear laughter. Before she was never happy she wouldn’t smile in ALL of her 14 years of age and now she puts “lol” and I feel a type of relief that I know she’s in a better place.

    • Big Chief says:

      Interesting. Yes, I do believe that you can contact relatives or people who you’ve been around on the ouija board. That’s how my friend got in contact with “Drew” and “Drew” usually through on ouija sessions when other gang members of the same gang are around. Where did your sister say she was heaven, limbo/earth? Did she say that “God” allowed her to talk to you?? Your sister told you similar things. What similar things did your sister tell you?

  51. papi sal says:

    Well recently I talked to her and she said her spirit was resting from the abuse of her sins and that her soul is in heaven but she said she likes the freedom of being any where she wants to be and that is what she misses most of “limbo”. The similar thing’s I was referring to was about “Hell” because she mentioned, that if you talk to some one “DOWN THERE” your most likely to be cursed and to be haunted by spirits that want your soul , she says that God is in NO contact or interaction with Lucifer because he can’t hurt his son, she also said that God only moves us into the right path of our lives he doesn’t help you but he makes sure you have options.

    • Big Chief says:

      So let me get this right. Your sister committed suicide, died and went to limbo. Now she’s moved on to heaven and talks to you through the ouija board. You actually believe that she is in heaven. What did she tell you about heaven? Did God allow her to talk to you from heaven??

  52. Evangelia says:

    My friends
    Spirit battles happen all the time.
    You can’t imagine the power of faith and pray!
    Pray so this battle – circle will be won by spirit


  53. papi sal says:

    Well if you put it that way it sounds pathetic. I don’t think my sister committed suicide because she made her own Ouija board & maybe that had something to do with her death. Although she says everyone stay’s in Limbo because they are waiting for either forgiveness or because they are deciding ,or can’t let go of the world. She says anyone after death is able to do anything that communicates to “LIFE”. She doesn’t answer my questions about heaven but the ones she did sounded like it was a Garden a Dinning room & Castle (Kingdom).

    • Big Chief says:

      No disrespect but it sounds kind of weird to me. Your sister used to play the ouija board when she was alive and was frequently talking to spirits. The spirits and the board may have had something to do with her death. She died and went to limbo then moved on to heaven and now talks to you through the ouija board. Hmm, Strange.. I used to always hear people talk about they’re talking to their relatives in heaven from the ouija board but I never really believed them. I asked my friend about it and his contact on the board “Drew” first said that it was only hell that your contacting through the board and the ones that say that they are in heaven are lying. Later on, “Drew” said that you may can contact some parts of “limbo” but your mostly contacting people from hell who are faking like they’re good. He said no one in heaven is contacting you.

      I know good and bad could contact you through ouija board but I figured that most of the good were in limbo and few maybe in hell. I never knew you could contact to heaven to. When you talk to your sister does she say that she is in “heaven” while talking to you or does she say that she is in “limbo” while talking to you.. Have you ever asked your sister to put you in contact with another relatives or relatives in heaven so that you would know for sure that she is really in heaven.

      • Kind Skeptic says:

        This one is tough tale to embrace. In the first part of the story, Drew says he can fortell the future but is not allowed to reveal it because he will be punished (Satan), but in the second part of the story, your friend claims that he fortold numerous murders. So this isn’t tracking. (Maybe I misunderstood). Frankly, while I believe there is a higher power, all of this Limbo and Purgatory stuff is straight out of the Catholic teachings I received in private schools which I attended until my University days. (BTW — supposedly you can also be “prayed” out of Purgatory through indulgences [kind of like a bank of points] which are gained from those who are still alive who pray “certain prayers” on you behalf.) I think all of these teachings had their place for specific times in our history, i.e. Caretaker’s question about Lot and his family (wife specifically). The lesson learned there [in my opinion] is that there are consequences for every action you choose so be sure to choose the best one, i.e. Lot’s wife didn’t listen to the instructions. Is this real? Is there really a “pillar of salt” that is Lot’s wife, I don’t believe there is. But I do believe that parables and gospels were more about teaching and less about fact. Now back to Drew, your friend’s story seems a bit contrived and enlaced with biblical references, salted with a bit of Catholicism. I have read many of your entries Big Chief, and found them to normally be well thought out. This story is too “bible beating” for me to bite. But, this is my opinion only, and it’s worth is about as much as the time it took me to write it! ;-)

        • Big Chief says:

          Ok, Kind Skeptic. What is the “tale” supposed to sound like in your opinion. Limbo, purgatory, heaven, hell was not created by the Catholic church. You can say that it was expanded upon or continued by the Catholic Church but it was definitley not created by the Catholic Church. Modern religions today originated from old religions/teachings from previous civilizations. If you look at some bible stories they coincide with other stories from previous civilizations and beliefs. They are not original stories or beliefs of Christians or Catholics. And if it written in the Bible what makes it false?? Because man wrote it does that make it an obvious tale? Some stories and people in the bible have been traced back to previous beliefs/civilizations that have been proven to exist and to be true.

          I don’t believe in everything that is written in the Bible but I do believe that some of it is true. How can someone write a big book like that, that’s based on 100% lies. Someone would have to have a great imagination to write a big book of lies and have half of society believing in those lies. You know people back in the Bible days used to “talk to spirits/demons” too and were better at it than people today. They experienced possessions, paranormal activities etc.. and wrote about it as well. If there are good and evil spirits where do you think they reside. If there are angels and demons where do you think they reside. Angels and demons are not something that was created by the Bible and Catholic church. Those things existed before organized religions and were just continued or expounding upon by the Catholic church.

          You have a man on youtube who has been ouijaing for over 25 years and has several ouija videos on youtube. He says he doesn’t believe in religion and believes that religion was created by man to control people. In several of his sessions his “spirit/ouija contact” told him about “demons” that were watching his session. His “spirit contacts” even told him that people who reside in the lower astral planes (hell) are people who don’t believe that there is a God. He said this and wrote this on one of his ouija sessions on youtube. A man who doesn’t beleive in organized religion was told during his ouija sessions that people who don’t believe that there is a God resides in the lower astral plane. People will say that this created by the Catholic church or Bible Thumpers to scare people into believing in religion but this was told to this man during his ouija session. This was not created by any Catholic Church or Bible Thumpers but existed before organized religions and was a continuted teaching by the Catholic Church.. No time right now…To be continued….

          • Kind Skeptic says:

            I was saying the “tale” doesn’t jive. Pls review the first sentence. I also find it a bit of a reach to read that someone in Hell is drinking beer. This sounds just a little too silly to me.

            I do not dispute your religious beliefs and certainly have no intention to defend mine as this is not a forum for this type of discussion. I simply commented that while I’ve found your posts in the past to have bee quite rational and intuitive, this one doesn’t not fall into this category — in my opinon. If you and the anyone else wants to buy into it — great — no problem. This is your perogative. I’m excercising mine not to do so.

            • Big Chief says:

              Hmm, I was just asking you “What does the tale supposed to sound like”. Since it doesn’t “jive” with you what do you expect it to sound like. Does it supposed to be logical and scientific. Does the spirit world abide by the same logic and laws as the physical world? How can you use the physical world to judge what happens in the spiritual world? Are the 2 the same?? When people talk about hearing “ghost” walk down the stairs how can that be explained logically when ghost don’t have physical feet??

              • Kind Skeptic says:

                I again repeat….in one section Drew cannot give ‘future info”, in another he is fortelling murders. I also struggle w/ drinking beer in Hell….this is a detail that is just a bit “out there for me” and a little silly.

                there is no need to feel defensive about your posting. I simply remarked that I don’t buy into your friends story as completely factual. You certainly can, but I don’t. There is nothing wrong w/ logic — afterall, the ability to use ones intellect is an exceptinal gift from the Great Power. As for ghosts walking down stairs, there is such a thing as residual energy, etc. I am not questioning the spirit world and really don’t know how you arrived at this statement. I simply don’t buy into your friends account. ’nuff said.

                • Big Chief says:

                  Hmm, I’m not getting defensive. I like a good debate/challenge. I’ve seen you go around on numerous stories on this site telling people how their stories are untrue and obviously fabricated so I’d like to know your experience on the subject (ouija board/sceance/paranormal activities). Where do you get you info from to call peoples stories fabrications. Do you have your own personal experience with ouija’s. Residual energy. I don’t really buy residual energy personal. I believe that a spirit is actually present and residual energy has nothing to do with it. What about people who experience being chocked by an invisible physical hand at night or being touched at night. Does the residual energy take on the shape of a hand and choke people at night or touch people when they’re sleeping. Does the residual energy turn into a pair of physical feet and walk down the stairs???

                  Do you believe that spirits can eat or drink? If not, where do you get this info from? Just plain logic?? Also, how is foretelling murders of gang members who are most likely to die of murder anything suprising. If I predict that a group of crack heads are going to die in a year of crack overdose is that really predicting the future. Predicting that gang members who live by the gun are going to die by the gun is not really much of predicting the future. It is pretty evident whether he predicted it or not that they were going to die. It was more based on predicting future events not the death of gang members who are most likely to die by the gun anyway. Furthermore, they can say some or little of the future but not much. Spirits or demons have been known to predict people death.

                  Also, if predicting of the future is to get one punished then what is to really stop them from predicting the future. Will punishment definitely stop them. If you were to tell your child that you would punish them for going out late to a friends party will your telling them of their punishment actually stop them from sneaking out to a friends party?? What are you getting at? Does punishment really stop people from committing acts? Are prison cells empty??

                  What are your experiences on the subject? Have any ouija stories you would like to share? What is your example of a “true tale”. Give me a brief description??

                  • kuponut11 says:

                    I kind of agree with Kind Sceptic, as i’ve already discussed with you before. I think residual energy is actually a pretty logical explaination. The larger the impact the being had whilst alive, the larger amount of residual energy, the larger amount of stress/emotional duress the being can feed off on live humans, the better chance it can “manifest” even slightly, like those feet at the stairs thing. If you have emotional ties with the being or if you’re overwhelmed with a certain emotion, perhaps the being of the residual energy can feed off that, that’s why when people are in haunted houses, they’re under so much anxieted, they begin to think they hear and see things.
                    I don’t know, that’s just a theory of mine that i’ve contemplated, agree and disagree as you please.
                    As for the peoplle being “choked” in their sleep and feeling as if a demon is sitting on their chest suffocating them, there’s actually a pyschological attack called “sleep paralysis”
                    More than likely, that is what they’re experiencing.