Talking to a Friend in Hell

Posted on August 6, 2009

This Ouija story was given to me by a friend of mine who did several sessions communicating with a friend of his who said he went to hell. This is his email to me, word for word in his own words…

I’ll tell you what he told me. His name is Drew and he was a gang member from my area that died and went to hell. He said that it is very dark and smoldering hot where he is. He told me that the Ouija board is an oracle designed to talk to the residents in hell and that some spirits may be good souls that were banished to hell for not believing in God, but most of the spirits are bad spirits faking it and trying to seem good. Since my uncle knew him, he was telling me about this on multiple occasions.

From what he has told me, there are 3 stages after death. There is heaven (Gods palace), limbo (our world – you are stuck here to haunt something till you move on), and hell (Satan’s palace). I don’t know, he said that it was too complicated to explain, but he is in hell and at the same time he is in the room with me. He said that he can be in 2 places at one time. He would warn us of demons that are coming through and said that the Ouija board is a portal to hell. They are still in hell, but half of them are in your home. That is how evil spirits are released through oracles.

He told me that hell is forever, and when he first went there he was in dark nothing with light shining on him. The light started closing and souls began to grab him and bite and suck his flesh. He screamed for mercy, but his actions were unforgivable. He said that when you go to hell, damned souls will grab you and drag you down while ripping you apart, but of course he paraphrased it. He said there is no getting out of hell. You’re trapped there for good, but he said the devil allows some demons to leave so that they can damn souls.

On several sessions, Drew said he had to go because his friends were calling him and he was drinking corona’s (a beer). I found that odd that you can drink current time beers in hell? He even talked to me while he was drunk on the board, and you could tell he was drunk because he couldn’t spell. He saved my uncle one time, because my uncle is a gang member too and he told him not to go outside on a certain day. My uncle didn’t believe him. My uncle sat on a plastic chair outside, then I said, “Drew, if you’re there give us a sign.” So he grabbed the chair and pulled it out from under my uncle. We went in scared, and later that day there was a drive by and my uncle’s house was shot up. He only lived because of Drew.

He said that they can read your mind, and they can either touch things or use their minds to move it. He said he can’t throw anything around unless we talk to him and give him energy to do so. Also, all of them can see into the future, but they are not allowed to say much in fear of the big man. He said that if he said anything about the future, the devil would do something. And when I would ask him what, he would just repeat SAVE ME, SAVE ME, SAVE ME, SATAN, SATAN, SATAN. He was very afraid.

He would warn us and would say go to church, Satan is coming, so we were scared and ended the session. He said that the more we talk to him the more power we give him. There was once a spirit who was pretending to be Drew, and Drew came back and he told me something that amazed me. We told him what happened and he said, and I quote, “hold on – ill be back ima go kick his ass.” He came back, and he said he whooped his ass. One time my dad was saying that stuff isn’t real, Drew is a nobody. Drew got mad and threw the board to the ground and said leave now, he said he was going to slit my fathers throat and kill him. I got on my knees and begged him to let my father be because he is ignorant. And he said RUN he is coming. We asked who was coming, and he said over and over again SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN. So we stopped and left the board out on the porch. He would predict who would die next from a shoot out and was always correct. He also said that he raped people in hell and he was also raped in hell by a mightier spirit. He said that higher level demons will rape people in hell.

During one session, he told us to change the channel to one where it had static. He said turn on music so you can see me dance. We did, and the static was jumping up and down to the music, and that blew my mind. He said that most of the time he gets drunk in hell, but he says most of his time in hell is being tortured by demons and Satan himself. He said he looked at his face, he’s looking in the face of Satan, and he told me that it is the most horrifying thing that you will ever see. He began to cry. A grown man who lived on the streets killing began to cry like a baby. Every time I ask him what does Satan look like, he starts repeating his name and says he is crying so it must be crazy scary. He also said that some people that you see on the streets are not really humans but are very powerful demons that are there to influence people to do bad things.

He did mention a demon’s name that he is afraid of as well. He told me not to say his name out loud, but it was cool to write it down. He said his name is “Zetoh,” and he is a pretty big baddy. He also said that Succubus demons that have sex with humans are real. He told me to stop talking to him and to trust in God because he said hell is a place, a dark place and it is fiery hot. It looks like a dark fiery earth. He joked and said that they weren’t kidding about the brimstones of fire and the lake of fire – its all true. He told me to follow God so I don’t ever have to see what he has seen. To answer your question on what hell is like, it looks like a battle zone on fire. He said it is worse than anyone can imagine, your brain can’t even comprehend how horrific it is.

Updated 09/20

My friend just did a few sessions a few weeks ago and has some new information to add. This is part 2 in his own words:

This is some new information from some new sessions done recently on the Ouija board. I recently talked to Drew on the board and he said that he was incorrect on one thing that he told me earlier. He said that only part of hell is covered with brimstone and fire. Other parts look just like a regular neighborhood but no sun or moon or stars in the sky. It is pitch black and the only light they have is the light given off from the fire. Drew said that he was thrown into a lake of fire before. He suffered for years, he didn’t tell me how many years he was in there for but he also said that time goes by faster in hell (that’s what he told me). Drew even warned me that it was Satan’s will for me to talk to him as it is an attempt to get me into hell. He said that ALL spirits on the Ouija board, NO EXCEPTIONS, are either from hell or limbo.

He said that spirits in heaven are not permitted to talk through the Ouija board. He also said that all spirits and everyone in hell, including him, are considered demons. Once you’re in hell, you are a demon. He said that not only can he be in 2 places at one time but he can also be in multiple places at one time as well, which sounds amazing.

I also learned that there is another realm and it is called purgatory by humans (note that I said humans). It is where the saved spirits by God are sent to be tortured for there sins but it is only temporary and everyone in purgatory goes to heaven. Purgatory is the realm where we are punished for the last bit of sins we have and made into perfect angels because to enter the holy kingdom one must be perfect. He said that it is true that they do have spiritual battles but he has only fought other demons though. He said that he gets into fights all the time in hell and likes it but he doesn’t like the torture.

And there is beer in hell because beer is an invention by the devil used to poison humans because we tend to be stupid when we are drunk and easy to manipulate (but wine is created by God and not to be overly consumed like beer). Drew also told me something two weeks ago when I last talked to him. He said ‘Dont- let-him-scare-u’ and then he stopped talking to me and I put the board away. Later that night as I went to sleep, I had a vivid dream where I was walking with my girlfriend and she told me to stop using the board to talk to Drew. I asked her, How do you know Drew? She then looked at me and her face turns pale white, veins started to become visible and the color in her eyes turned gray. She then screamed in a deep voice, something I didn’t understand (different language I guess), and pushed me. I then jumped out of bed in a cold sweat, almost in tears.

I think it might have been a demon or something but to this day I’m still afraid to go to sleep.

Written by Big Chief, Copyright 2009


Talking to a Friend in Hell part 2

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