Why I Do Not Believe the Nephilim Were Real

Posted on April 6, 2011

I�m quite knowledgeable, on the subject of Nephilim. But, I have some strong personal reasons for not believing in them. I�ll elaborate, so you understand.

Okay, first of, I started to believe in fairies. But, it wasn�t like, �oh, fairies are cool, I�m going to believe in them.� I was actually studying languages, at the time, and discovered that that word was in many different languages. It was unlike bigfoot, or say the Loch Ness monster, in that way. And I remembered, hearing of �sightings�. Then of course came the books and movies about fairies. And I fell in love with the idea, from the stories.

Now� I don�t know why this happened. Anyways, I knew this one thing, that was said to make a wish come true. I was looking up at the sky, and all around� everything seemed magical to me at that age� So, I said this little poem, and made a wish to meet one. About a week later, I had forgotten all about it, and I was walking up and down the yard, stretching my legs. When I got this eerie feeling like someone was watching me. I turned around, and there was this semi-transparent, gray person, standing in between two trees.



They were waving there arms at me. I was startled, I didn�t know who it was. When I began to stare, it disappeared. Now, I wasn�t thinking, �Cool! A fairy�. OMG!� I was more like, okay, lets get away from there. As a matter of fact, I went directly inside. I thought more on the lines of something evil. Then later, I was reading something J.R.R. Tolkien wrote. It was a poem, about fairies, dwelling in between the elms, and sometimes, a person with an open heart walking by might see them. Well, I didn�t know anything about trees, at that time, but I later found out, that those trees were elms. I had just watched the first Lord of the Rings movie, but hadn�t seen the others. I couldn�t wait, so I got the books. I read later in the books, after the incident, something about the elves turning gray.

�.So that�s what made me really believe in them, and start to study them and attract them. After this, I felt like *something*, an outside force was leading me to different facts about them. Like, quickly I studied Paracelsus, who had gnomes talking to him.

I also, really began to study how much Tolkien knew. But, then I began to read the Silmarillion. It stated that the elves, were the descendants of the gods. Well, even at that age, I knew the ten commandments. I thought Tolkien, maybe had some thing’s right, but was insane to worship those creatures.

So, I began to look elsewhere. I found ways to attract fairies. And, more and more things began to occur. But, then I discovered, that I was trying to attract spirits. I didn�t like that. I said, out loud to myself outside, where a lot of those things happened. �I�m pretty darn sure that God, doesn�t want me to talk to spirits!� I went to the Bible, and found this verse:

�There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, Or a charmer, or a cunsulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD�� (Deuteronomy 18: 10-12)

But, I said to myself, those people are crazy. The fairies can just turn invisible� But, that doesn�t explain how they could get into my car� or a lot of things. But, after I read that Scripture, those thing became malevolent. It took me a while to get rid of them to. Now, even before then, I�d had those dreams. But, they got much worse. The dreams became worse, and those things in them became more cruel, and would torture me. Sometimes, I would wake up to a flutter swish past my ear at night. Things would jump on me.

Once, a wind came up, and whispered into my ear at night, �It�s us.� Us, being� who I was talking to outside. Once when I went online for help, a fairy figurine just flew off my dresser and crashed to the floor. Actually, it was a plastic top to a perfume bottle, which was shaped like one. I had gotten rid of everything else, but I forgot about that. It broke, and I threw the top away. The trash was taken out even, but a little more than week later, I found the same broken top, inside my room, wedge inside something. Also,something from the woods, followed my Mom, home. She doesn�t really believe in anything either. The rest of my family started to hear, and see strange things.

Now, I got down on my knees after that. I think that�s when they stopped. I still had some bad dreams, now and then until now, but God took care of that as you see above.

Now, here is why I don�t believe in the Nephilim. It seems as though, I was led straight to it, after I discovered that what I was doing was wrong in God�s eyes. Fairies, are called �Earth Spirits�, and the seven sided star is their symbol. It stands for the Seven Stars. In the book of Enoch, Earth Spirits, were the children of the fallen angels, and God said, that since they were not born in Heaven, they wouldn�t be allowed to go there. They would be called Earth Spirits, because they were meant to stay on the earth. And, the Seven Stars in that book, seemed to be the prison of the original fallen angels, who mated with humans. It�s like fairies lead me to Nephilim.

Now, that I think of it, why would they call themselves the same thing as in that book? Secondly, after I discovered the above, I had this nightmare. It was a flashback� My parents left me one time when I was small� something terrible happened to me at that time, by the hands of a claimed follower of Christ. The nightmare caused me to remember it. I had blocked it from myself. I really believe that the person was a Christian too. It was like the thing that lead me to the fairies, was trying to get me to not trust God.

I couldn�t believe that it happened. But, I knew that that person wasn�t following God�s commandment. And I knew that the devil would do that. But I know God is the one, who stops it.

The Seven stars in that book was evil but in the Bible:

Amos 5:8 says, �Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: the LORD is his name:�

And Job 9:9 says, �Which maketh, Arcturus, Orion, and the Pleiades�� the Pleiades are the Seven Stars.

They seem like a good thing.

But, in that book the angels taught us secret knowledge that we weren�t supposed to have. That we weren�t ready to have. Now, one must understand the God of the Bible doesn�t keep knowledge, He reveals it. However, one does not teach a 3 year old to light a gas stove with matches. However, you can possibly teach a 10 year old. I wonder however, if this isn’t a �Yea, hath God said?� Moment. With the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

If you still don�t understand that, then you don�t know what the knowledge of evil is. I�ll point it out to you. On 9/11 many United States citizens were murdered. In some places 1 in every 10 children, is a victim of sexual abuse. We know what it is like to lose someone, or to have wronged us. We know what evil is, or have the knowledge of evil.

Now, I have some of their �secret knowledge�, and it is� fecal matter. I�ll explain that too. But, off topic, supposedly the fallen angels also taught us to read, which is bad. So should I throw away my Bible?

Back on topic: One of the things that those familiar spirits showed us, is the working with magic symbols. I just want to tell you, that all power comes from God. Sure, the�Devil has power, but God gave it to him. Now, magic, as I have experienced it, doesn’t work unless the person actually knows that they are doing it. (which leads me to believe that it doesn’t work but occurrences happen from an outside influence) Like take the most infamous symbol, the hexagram. It looks the same as the star of David, except that it has a circle around it.

The circle part, means �remove�. Take the symbol of peace. It is the symbol of conflict, with a circle around it. Thus it means �remove conflict�. So, the hexagram, means to remove the star of David. Let me ask you this� how many times do we have to draw it to remove God? Is there some power greater that God, or outside that can effect Him? What if every human, and fallen angel spent all day and night drawing that in the dirt, how long before it would start to effect God? That alone proves that God isn�t hiding some secret power that we can�t have. It also proves that the angels haven�t shared any secret knowledge of power with us, that we weren�t supposed to have. The Bible says, that witchcraft is as the sin of rebellion. That is what it is rebellion, just going against God. It�s just a another illusion to get us to disobey and question Him, like in the garden of Eden.

Take �no smoking� signs�

God spoke the world into place. He created man and the angels. I said to God one day, because everyone told me that witchcraft wasn�t sin it was a tool, �I said, how is it different than science, if it works? It seems just like a different means to an end. Why is it wrong to like say, �ooga booga� and run around a tree backwards three times, and turn into a frog?� You know what He said to me?

�Try it.�

It�s the idea of trying to get around God.

But that�s why I don�t believe in the Nephilim� because it seems like they want me to, not God.

I mean, that I believe that it is the idea of trying to get around God, that is wrong. I�m sorry about the post, I had word wrap on. Also, I must not say anything of myself, because there is a curse if one adds to God�s Word. I just want to be clear, that it is I that say it. Sorry, for the long windedness also, but I have a long history.

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13 Responses to “Why I Do Not Believe the Nephilim Were Real”
  1. jk says:

    I tried to follow your line of thinking here and I will say that I do understand what you are saying even though you left out some important facts that need to be filled in, or maybe you did it purposefully. I can tell you one fact and that is the Nephilim have absolutely no baring on your eternal salvation which is a loving gift from God bought with the precious blood of Christ. If you believe that this gift is real and you accept it and you say that you accept it and you believe what Christ did on the cross was for you, then you have conquered all evil through Christ Jesus.

    Now, I am very sorry that this so called Christian did things that make God angry and His righteous wrath is reserved for people like that and we know how presious children are to Him. What I discern from your story is that as an inquisitive and spiritually gifted youngster you did call out to other other spiritual entities other than God. Knowing or not knowing is irrelevant when it comes to evil. If you call out into the air and are not specifically calling out to God in the name of Jesus, something else is going to answer you and that something else is evil.

    These were not elves or fairies or goblins, they were demonic manifestations appearing in a way that made them less threatening to you and yes they will do anything to come between you and God. See the spiritual warfare that we hear mentioned quite often is not a war at all. When Christ died on the cross the devil was defeated because Christ precious and once and for all sacrifice for our shortcomings defeated the devil and won the war for eternity. But there is still a battle that rages constantly. You might ask then, if the devil is defeated why is there still a battle going on? That battle is for every living soul that has not been committed to Jesus. The devil knows that he is defeated but he wants to carry every soul that he can to hell with him because he knows how much that hurts God.

    Now about the nephilim, yes it is interesting and if you read Enoch and some of the non-cannical books you see some pretty interesting stuff-but nothing that you need in order to know Jesus and live a Christ like life. Most of the researchers in end time studies are firmly convinced that the spirits of the nephilim, which were half angel/half human were an abomination to God and because they were part spiritual being and eternal God sentenced them to roam the earth as evil spirits until the Judgement, their angel fathers were confined to hell and other hell like places until the judgement. It is believed now that what we call demons are actually the nephilim spirits and the 1/3 of the angels that fell with satan are in charge of them. It is also very well known these days that the aliens that are being seen all over the world and abducting people and who will probably officially show up on earth soon, are none other than the fallen angels.

    Google fallen angels and aliens and you will be astonished at the connection and how much spritual and historical sense it makes that they are one in the same. If you encounter an allien, shadow person, dwarf, elf, giant, fairy, werewolf just simply say “Christ rebuke you” and you will see how fast they disappear, they will not even hear the “rebuke you” part they will disappear so fast. If you remember none of this remember one thing, Jesus is the name above all names and upon His return every knee in Heaven, on earth and below the earth will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

    • stan says:

      And all God’s people said: Amen!

    • Diana says:

      I admire your spiritual conviction, and your deep faith. I just wanted to tell you that. I know that at times, some of us are a bit short with you but, deep down, I do find it very admirable.

      Love and Light,

      • jk says:

        Just another voice crying in the wilderness. I do have a strong faith but the stuff that I am seeing now is just falling into place like a jigsaw puzzle. It is no longer the unknown that scares me it is the known. I appreciate what you said nd God Belss, JK

    • Brando says:

      But I get confused with this, how do you know god isn’t a demonic manifestation himself trying to trick all of us? Ah well, since I already can guess what people might say, I don’t know why I bothered to ask. But more on topic. Perhaps what most people see as evil, do not fully understand it themselves, or something other than the understanding is warping views to make things seem evil that are not, through fear, and punishment of having an open mind? I wish you the best friend!

      • lily says:

        I agree with u Brando. We honestly don’t know if God could be just a made up thing, just as many believe that Greek and Roman gods weren’t real. I do believe there is a higher being but I don’t know what it,or, they are. I like to keep an open mind. I’m not saying anything in a bias point of view. I was born and raised Catholic and I’m a genuinely good person but I’ve educated myself to try to keep an open mind.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello jk,
      We meet again on this forum. If one is to take literally what the historical christian bible says, then we are talking about the ‘sons of the gods’ who came from wherever (space or another world) and who were ‘physical’ beings. They came to this planet Earth and reading in between the lines, they had previous knowledge of this planet (I suspect they were part and parcel of the creation of Adam & Eve in biblical terms). In other words, they knew our forefathers had their genes tampered with and manipulated eons before and when they dropped in to view their progress, they found their female creations were attractive and very appealing and why not, their creations were carrying their creators genes hence the attraction and compatibility and eventual cohabiting and bearing of children with the Earthlings.

      jk, it’s like the European explorers venturing into Africa 100′s of years ago, being men, some of them would have had carnal knowledge of the indigenous African women and remained in Africa for many years hence producing mixed race children who clearly had the white man’s genes judging from their appearance, except we are talking about an Earthly localized scenario rather than a inter-planatory or inter-galactic story like the biblical one which labels the offspring between the purist ‘sons of the gods’ and the Earth women as the nephallim. Obviously they ‘the sons of the gods’ had been told by their leader who dropped them off, to monitor the progress of the earthlings but not to have carnal knowledge or produce children with the women. But being semi-mortal men, they also had desires befitting and gave in to carnal temptation and that’s why their leader was furious when he returned and found he had been disobeyed.

      We now know this Universe is dotted with numerous galaxies and planets, some of which can sustain life like ours, why wouldn’t those inhabitants from those worlds and who are more advanced that ourselves not explore other planetory and galactic worlds like we did in the early days of earthly explorations, where we found other lands containing other peoples? That’s what I believe happened in the Genesis historical stories in the Christian bible.

  2. W.S says:


    it is so very nice to know that there are people like you out there, preaching for God and in the name Of Christ the Lord.. i have had experiences many experiences with demonic entities. and my faith in christ became so strong when i turned my life over to him. it is such a wonderful thing living with the Lord at your side everyday.
    thank you for that comment, it was so nice to read. you seem to know alot about this type of thing and it is great.

    Amen! to what you said… More people need you!

  3. junyto says:

    I dont know nor anyone if the nephelim were real or not.yes the belief is that they are what we call demons today,and are not the fallen angels.it is also belief that this are the spirits of the dead that manifest to the living.God instructed israel to never seek advise or contact with the dead,however later in the new testament Jesus gives a picture of life after death in the lazarus sermon.therefor if the dead could not return to the earth then why did god prohibited to try to contact them.I belief the answer is the spirits of the nephelim are the dead God was talking about.

    in the book of enoch he says they killed each other in war,so thier physical bodies died,leaving them as evil spirits who once had a body and lived on earth.this is why they seek to posses the living so much,they desire to feel alive again.they desire to eat and drink,dance,have sex,simply do the things the living do.coming from a family tradition of santeria,palo mayombe,spiritualism,and voudou.althouth i never became a priest i witness first hand how in the bembes(parties to the spirits)the spirits arrived one by one and started to posess the living,or that was the belief anyways.they fell to the floor and when they got up they were under total spirit control.they spoke in different languages,they danced,ate,drank lots of liquor,smoked lots of cigars,maded jokes told people that they were misteries and that they come to help.they prophesied and iniciated new comers into the religion.

    however there was a difference when the spirits of the dead arrived and when the gods arrived.spirits of the dead were indians, congos, madamas, guedes, gypsies, pirates, frenchmen, spaniards, slaves, mulatos and all kinds. they revealed they had been dead for 200,500,650 years or more,they recounted stories about their past lives.the gods however claimed they had never been dead and they always behaved in a more polite manor than the dead did.they were also more powerful and some of the dead spirits called on them also for assistance.this spirits were known as orichas,nkisis,lwas,santos and each one of the participants wanted to talk to them and ask for help.

    it is my belief that this higher ranking spirits are the fallen angels,while those that claim to be dead are the sons and daugthers of the watchers or gregory.

  4. MyName says:

    “jk says:
    April 6, 2011 at 10:08 pm

    I tried to follow your line of thinking here and I will say that I do understand what you are saying even though you left out some important facts that need to be filled in, or maybe you did it purposefully.”
    I don’t know what you mean. What facts did I leave out? If I left anything out, I certainly didn’t do it on purpose.

    If you mean that they didn’t leave right away… well there was a Scripture where the disciples came to Jesus and asked Him why they couldn’t cast out a devil. And Jesus said, this kind only comes out by prayer and fasting. Well, that’s what I had to do. It didn’t want to listen to me, so I prayed to God to get rid of it.

    But that may not be it at all. Because, when I was monkeying with them… I began to hear a tapping noise. It would be on rocks and trees, near the edge of the woods. I began to talk to it. I devised a code. Two taps for yes, and one for no. Once, I asked if there was more than one fairy present… and it said yes. I tried to ask how many there were, going from 1 up. I got into the teens before I gave up. One day… I took a walk down my road, and wispered next to the edge of the woods, “Hello, fairies… I believe in you!” I then told them about my garden, and invited them to it. The tapping noise followed me down the road, back to my house…

    I often wondered if it wasn’t the same one… but new ones would come back to my house. Besides, the voice that wispered into my ear when I was lying in bed said,
    “It’s us.”

    Anyways I prayed to God about that so that all would stop.

  5. jeffb1 says:

    Wow! I used to frequently visit this site. I recognized some Christian spiritual influence. Now I’m seeing so much more. I’ll add one of my favorite Christian stories. Moses and the Exodus of the Hebrew children from Egypt, including an account of the spies sent into the promised land. I beilieve all but two of the spies returned saying there were giants in the land, and that they were like grasshoppers compared to the giants that lived there.

    The other two spies didn’t give much thought to the giants. Instead, they were nearly overwhelmed by the sight of such a fertile and prosperus land. I recall that the older generation did not have the faith or courage to take the promised land. God wondered the desert day and night along with all of them that wondered around the desert for forty years…, until they all died, leaving their children to cross the river and take what God had promised them. They had to have the faith, courage, and resolve to finally enter into God’s will, and manifest God’s glory in His own children.

    Were there really giants? Consider this…, we all know about David and Goliath. I think Goliath was a young man, standing about 8 feet or so tall. Goliath had already mocked God repeatedly, making himself and all the other people beside him contemptable in God’s sight.

    Incidentally, at the dawn of man’s civilization,God had instructed Adam and Eve to procreate, and subdue the land/the world and everything in it. This sort of makes us responsible for taking care of the Earth…, this in itself is a mountain of responsibility. Who or what ever may have been there before Adam didn’t matter. I guess they were not responsible or obedient. God made Man to occupy the world. This is a very old story. I’m only guessing, but it could happen again…, it has a way of repeating itself.


  6. seriously! says:

    Wow… seriously?

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