Native American Indian Ghosts

Posted on February 9, 2008

I am writing this story on the behalf of an ex-co-worker of mine who I find to be very sane and credible.

I was working at a solar field located close to Barstow California, in the Mojave desert. One day at work we were talking about ghosts and creepy things like that. While we were talking about them my co-worker said yeah you guys probably won’t believe me but this place is haunted. I personally had no reason to doubt him. I’m one who thinks with an open mind and also had a previous ghostly experience.

He said that one day around 2 p.m. he was checking on an area making sure that things were working right, when all the sudden he heard what sounded like coyotes yelping and howling. He said he thought to himself that it was pretty odd to hear coyotes howling and yelping around 2 p.m. coyotes only yelp and howl at night and early in the morning. Now mind you the solar plant is located 20 miles in the middle of no where. The yelping stopped, five minutes later it started again.

He said he saw something out of the corner of his eye moving by the fence line, he turned his head to get a full view. He said there they were, six fully dressed for war mounted on horseback Indians. They had war paint and everything. He said they rode the fence line for a few seconds and he heard them yell war cry’s. They began to speed up in a charge like manner. He got scared and went to get in his truck. When he looked back they were gone.

He said another time they were washing mirrors in the summer late at night when he turned for some reason and saw a man in 1800′s clothes looking at him with respectful eyes, non-threatening. He looked away and the man was gone. A few nights later on mirror wash he was scrubbing mirrors and took a small break. During his break he saw a little girl in 1800′s clothes jumping around in a playful fashion and he could hear children laughing just as though they were playing and not wanting to hurt anyone.

He said that seeing ghosts was something he had experienced for much of his life. He told us that he got in touch with the company historian and what she told him explained everything he saw. She told him that back in the late 1800′s on that exact same land there was a small settlement.

Before I finish telling what she said, I had told him about the ancient rock art six miles north of the solar plant which was done by Native Americans, possibly Shoshone or southern Paiute. We both agreed that the whole area around there probably had some pretty strong activity.

Anyway the historian explained that one day the men left the settlement to go down to San Bernardino to buy some supplies. The trip probably would have taken possibly a full week depending on the ones traveling with wagons. While they were gone an Indian war party raided the settlement leaving almost everything destroyed and almost everyone, meaning the men that stayed there and some women and children.

He and I were working together one day a few months after he had told the story. He was standing on the bed of the truck working on the pipe and I was down on the ground waiting for him to get done so I could do my part. He stopped milling the pipe, looked behind himself and then looked down at me. I looked at him and asked what’s wrong? He asked, how did you get down there so fast? I said, laughingly, I’ve been standing here for five minutes waiting on you. As I said that I got the chills all the sudden.

I still didn’t know what he was getting at, and then he asked, you didn’t just get up here tap on my shoulder and jump down? No, I didn’t, why. He said someone just tapped on my shoulder. I looked at him, shook my head and said with humor it’s probably our settlers just saying hi Andy. He said I wish they would say hi to you and not me.

I laughed and said they did I get the chills right after I told you I’ve been here for five minutes, I asked how do you get the chills in the Mojave desert in March when it’s 75 degrees. We both laughed and that was the last I had experienced there, couple of weeks later I moved to Oklahoma. well that’s the story I hope you enjoyed it.

I forgot to mention other people who worked at the power block had experienced things at night knowing they were by alone. Slamming doors, coffee pots turned off, hardhats put on the floor, and papers on the floor or moved to other side of the desk.

Written by Douglas McKay Copyright 2008

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70 Responses to “Native American Indian Ghosts”
  1. jessica says:

    Good story.

  2. Jason says:

    Really great and those ghosts sound like they like attention and is very playful and respectful. Plz reply

  3. koosk says:

    there is more between heaven and earth
    annyway a good story

  4. Miranda says:

    nice story i like these ghost how calm and respectful they were pleazzz repl

  5. Kai says:

    Excellent stories. I enjoyed them, I do think that you’re speaking your mind and wasn’t making stuffs up.

  6. sam says:

    my name is sam raynor not douglas mckay i just use that name sometimes if you want me to reply to your comments please leave an email or some way for me to reply. I also wrote the little girl ghost that watched me if you’d like to read that.

  7. Becca says:

    Cool story. I too had a other wordly experience. I recounted this here a couple years back and it was all entirely true.

  8. pratima says:

    i think it’s interesting but imaginary!

  9. siegton says:

    good story make some more

  10. sam says:

    LOL i can’t just make these stories they have to happen………….

  11. CDL says:

    Wow good story I know indan spirits can be hastile. i’m just glad that they were nice and respectful!!

    good story!


  12. Warrior Priestess says:

    Well, ive never really expiriences Native American Ghosts, and i Am Native-American Heritage… Also, a few miles from where i live there is said to be an ancient stone chair made by Native-Americans centuries ago, its deep in the woods up on a Steep mountain, lots of people went in Search for it, but cant find it, and some get so exhausted from the hike that they give up looking for it once they get to the top and dont see it…. Youve really got to be determined to find something like that. I’d like to hunt for it, but i’d have to get started early in the mourning and walk the mountain at an angle to keep from getting exhausted too quickly. You should never walk up a hill straight-ways, you should walk up it sideways. (Hard to explain without showing you)
    I remember a lot of the scary-stories, and hunting-trip-horrors told to me by my Grandpap and his freind.

    • pattyroe says:

      I´d like to hear the scary stories told to you. Any chance you may post them here?

  13. Dezzee says:

    Very good story. i loved the part about the indians, nd how they looked like they were going to war! Very good.

  14. Nicole says:

    The story you told was very good. I love a good ghost story! I am part native american, I have been out by barstow and felt a strange feeling.

  15. JUNIOR GOUNDEN says:


  16. CG says:

    Dear Mr. McKay: I have been to Barstow before. And it can be kind of creepy out there in the desert. I live in Stockton,CA, which is very haunted. I grew up seeing, hearing, and feeling spirits. There have been many stories of Indian burial grounds here. A high school on Eight Mile Road is built on one, and so are a few other places. I have much respect for Native Americans, my ancestors are Choctaw.

    • Ka says:

      I’m curious if anyone would know what to do if you’re house is being haunted by native ghost. If so I would like to find out more information about it. My Sister in law bought house recently that is being haunted by native spirits. And recently it’s becoming very violent towards her family.

  17. douglas mckay says:

    CG this is doug mckay is your family history by any chance from oklahoma my ancestors on my mom’s side are chickasaw . you know, one thing i dont understand is what is the deal with everything being built on indian burial grounds? i guess people have to have the hell haunted out of them before they realize just where they built.

  18. douglas mckay says:

    PRATIMA I think your are one who is terrified of the unknown. i dont think people like to imagine the things that are told in these stories. people take a big chance at being ridiculed and look at to be crazy by telling these stories.

  19. Saj says:

    I live in Barstow, CA and was born here, I’m Native American (Cherokee, Blackfeet, and Apache). Yet sadly I know of only very few spots here where Native Americans were most active here (burial grounds, ritual areas, actual living sites, etc…). So if any of you can be of any help (honestly, and not just make up something, cause I WILL figure it out :-) then PLEASE email me in detail so that I can try visiting those areas for spiritual purposes. I probably will not check this site too often (already have too much to keep up with), so I’d prefer to be emailed please :-)


    Email: [email protected]

  20. Gwen says:

    I like your ghost stories iam in to ghost stories my self.

  21. SHARRON KELLEY says:


  22. Alica says:

    Cool story like i would not be able to do that i that if i ever saw any gost i would scram and run as fast as i can i think that people that can see them and sraced sumtime i woul d be too

  23. Ryan says:

    Good story, no doubt a number of these places are in remote undeneloped areas as well as industrial or otherwise utilized sites.

  24. Jesus Rosan Christ says:

    Don’t really know what to say,but yes by people saying its a good story they are not necessarily complimenting rather seems cynical because a story is always considered hypothetical.If at all its true then I would say it is a great narration of a peculiar activity.Anyway god bless u.

  25. MARIE says:

    My cousin came to me and asked me if I would go to her house and spend the week-
    end with her & the family, she also asked me to smudge & pray for her and her son,
    since they hadn’t had any good sleep for about a week, nightmares every night. She
    was pretty worn out since she also had to work during the day, my nephew, grabbed
    all his toys in the living room and was trying to make a barricade towards the hallway
    and I was watching him, he looked at me and said “GEE GEE, BACK THERE”, he was
    four years old. I remembered why she brought me there, so I proceded to pray and
    smudge from one end to the other, talking to someone or something, that it wasn’t
    good for them to be there, you’re causing disruption in lives that are living, and you
    are not, go to the light, if not, then leave this place, it is not for you. Leave these people
    alone, and in peace. When I was done, my nephew, was peeking down the hallway,
    then to all the other rooms, he came back, running, Auntie, GEE GEE, ALL GONE!
    I don’t know if I should of said what I said, but it stopped the nightmares and fear, so
    I pray I did right for them. This is not the first experience I’ve had with other spirits or
    beings that made their self known to me, I always give thanks for the guardians
    around us and my spirituality, that has proved to be strong in a time when it was
    needed. Some spirits are lost, others angry, sad, and waiting for something, we’ll
    never really know, May the Great Spirit Bless You and Yours, every day & night.

  26. lynn g says:

    Very interesting experience. Yes I imagine there are a lot of Indians who were buried here and there. Some where they were killed and others in burial mounds. I grew up in a house in La. in one of the oldest cities and the neighborhood was called Inian Hills. I lived on Natchez Blvd. When I was 17 things started happening around the house. There were 9 kids, my mom and dad They all had exp. except for 2 sisters and a brother who married and moved out. Things always happened. Strange noises, my name being called out and things lost then showing up in front of us. Many things. After 3 years of this we moved. Well He decided to come with us. After I married it always seem to be wherever I went. The reason I say HE is because after moving to another house and having 2 boys, they started hearing and seeing things too. They said they would see a shadow of a man in a cowboy hat. Which makes sense cause he could have been killed by Indians and burried on that spot. Well my mom named him Leroy so if we’d get scared we could just ask Leroy to leave us alone. He has never done any harm, just messes with us. He is still messing with us to this day. I wish I knew for sure who it really is. Since in this house I sometimes believe Leroy isn’t the only one. For some reason we have bad vibes in this house and we seem to fight a lot and that’s just not us. Anybody have any suggestions< I’d like to hear them. Lynn G

  27. MARIE says:

    TO: LYNN G:
    please don’t encourage it or act like it’s just some one who’s there to watch over you
    it seems, you or whoever are encouraging it. Don’t do that , pray for yourselves and
    this spirit that he or she will go where their supposed to be, not here, in our world,
    Smudge and keep the sage, cedar, sweetgrass, in your house, never think that this
    thing, person, whatever, is there to help you because it’s not, he or she is lost and
    needs help to move on.

    They, he or she, it will feed off your feelings, don’t let this happen, like it’s not nothing,
    I’ll pray for you and your family, have strength, and perservere that good always over
    comes evil. May Tunksila Bless You and Your Family.

  28. emily says:

    I am native American and us natives always have ghost bothering us it bc we are more spirtual than other races but i believe that the ghost wanted to let the man know something or maybe even warn him of something but at least they were nice about it! :-P

  29. Sharad says:

    It was very nice story,well done!

  30. Liz says:

    Very interesting stories. I too have seen heard and spoken to our spirit friends. i have learned that there are good ones and naughty ones. I have helped people who have been haunted and had bad experiences especially with haunted houses. I always tell people to treat a ghost with respect and ask them nicely to leave just as you would an unwanted guest. We all have a guardian angel or spirit guide and if you feel frightened or threatened for any reason, just ask for their protection. I always mentally picture myself with a pure white light around me. I do the same thing when I leave my house which I did some years ago. I had been away for the weekend only to find on my return that my front door was open! Fortunately, nothing was missing and all was normal. I like to think that visualising a protective bubble around the house really worked for me.


  31. Indian girl says:

    yes im an Native American and i think that it’s a really good story but i think that i’ts pretty AWESOME…………

    • Elise Gingerich says:

      I’m White. Dumb And White. Or White And Dumb. And I Don’t Really Understand Indian Americans, I Really Just Do Not Understand Indian Americans, Then Again, I Really Don’t Understand Others Either, Probably Because I’m A Bit Too Stuck On My Anxious Concerns? I’m Often Times, Way Too Stuck On My Own Anxious Concers, And I Don’t Really Bother, To Understand Others Around Me. No Wonder Why My Health Is A Little Bad! Is That Why My Health Is A Little Bad? maybe if i quit snarling and barking or barking and snarling, (i’m feeling a bit defensive lately is all) like an angry demon, (i probably do sound like some angry demon!) then my health might actually get better! you think my health would get better then? ps: great story!

  32. Chief says:

    Pretty good story. I live here in Oklahoma and I am a full blood Choctaw with alot of
    stories from my Grandpa, dad and my family has had a few experiences. Man, I tell
    you that there are alot of scary stories of the old burial grounds, Indian homes, churches
    yes, I said churches.

    • pattyroe says:

      Chief, could you tell us these scary stories here? I´d love to read them since I too am native indian, Shawnee, taken from my family and not reunited. Even though I´m not of your tribe, it helps to know what other natives have experienced or heard about. There are alot of people just like me and it might help them as well. Thanks.

  33. Jacob says:

    Nice story, i have had ghost experiences at my aunts old house, oh yeah, i am cherokee and sioux indian…i knew that guy who had died in her house his name was runaway beaver (yes it is runaway beaver) now he had shot himself playing russian roulete my cousin george was there, and you might ask how he shot himself,he was extremely drunk pretty dumb huh? thats why you shouldnt drink

  34. ghost says:

    marie why did you critizise lynn for?

  35. ghost says:

    whenever i scence a ghost i feel all dizzy and ever scence i’ve been coming to this websit i’ve gotten more and more aware of the ghosts cause when i read these stories i feel as if the ghosts in the stories are right next to me when i read them but when i’m reading about demonds i feel thier anger aginst the writer and not me. plus the scary thing is that people that can see ghosts ect. say that they see me with an army of demonds but the weird thing is i’m not scared at all.

    P.S. if you act scared around them they’ll stay longe to scare you

  36. Iggy otto says:

    I once lived with indian ghosts

    • pattyroe says:

      Iggy, could you tell us what happened to you with these ghosts? I think it would be really interesting to read about what happened to you. Thanks

  37. Joey Lobo says:

    I worked in San Jose, CA years ago (1980s) and they were building their trolley system. they wanted to take the parking lot of an old cannery next to the sounthern Pacific tracks and turn it into a trolley station for the new line. This is near the big IBM building in south San Jose. An old Mexican janitor at the cannery said, “Do NOT build anything there on that parking lot- do not even disturb the ground there, I’m warning you!” but the officials thought- He’s just a spupid old Mexican- what does he know? we are smart college-educated engineers. so they started to build the trolley station. As soon as they cleared the asphalt away they knew thewy were in trouble. they found arrowheads and shell necklaces, and tule baskets. The Contractor was supposed to halt construction but he didn’t. then everything started to break down and go wrong. finally they did stop construction there. It was an Ohlone burial ground and the old janitor knew exactly what he was talking about. Maybe some otheres know even more details about this than I do. I do remember that the tribe finally agreed to rebury the entire remains to another location. The newspaper interviewed the janitor and he said,”I told them not to build there but they wouldn’t listen to me!”

  38. Joey Lobo says:

    Does anyone know any details about the cliff on highway 152/ Pacheco Pass, CA which is known as “Lover’s Leap”?? My Dad used to always comment when we drove by there when I was a kid. “That’s where the two lovers lept to their death because their two tribes would not allow them to be married” i know there are similar stories in other locations, but I always wanted to believe this one was true. It is a beautiful place, but still kind of creepy and sad.
    Another Native American ghost story my Dad used to always tell us was about “Nitchigome” the man-eating tree. I know it sounds funny now in the daytime to say it, but let me tell you, at night, around a campfire, with big dark trees all around you, you better believe we believed that Nitchigome was right out there!!! He could move and only grabbed children who did not respect their parents. He could suck you right out of a sleeping bag my Dad said, and you would never be seen again. His branches would move along and get hold of anyone he wanted in the middle of the night. Any of you ever told this one when you were little?

  39. tina says:

    that was very interesting stories. i loved reading it thanks for sharing it

  40. Julie Sands says:

    Joey Lobo … I heard the EXACT same story about Lover’s Leap from my Dad when I used to travel to my grandmothers house ion Dos Palos. I always wondered if it were true…I just passed by it yesterday on the way home from SoCal and thought I would go online and see if I could find more info…so far, nothing. If you hear anything please post it…I have told the story to my kids as well.

  41. jeff says:

    I am Italian,German,French-Canadian,Sioux and Puwatan Indian.I live in Stockton,Ca.I used to live by Eight Mile Rd. too.I used to walk a lot I always noticed street lights go out once I would pass.I seen a shadow on a garage when no cars were passing.It was human form and stretched across the whole garage.Numerous car accidents happened there while attending high school there 15 years ago.I just had a family member pass from an car accident that happened a month ago instantly on a near by street.

    • pattyroe says:

      There´s a farm in southern Ohio where accidents and flat tires happen all the time without explanation. It´s always the same spot too. You´d have to google it to find it.

  42. CG says:

    I apologize to Mr. Mckay. I haven’t been on the site since last Sep. Hopefully he will check this site again. The family on my mom’s side (Native American) does happen to be from Oklahoma. But I don’t know which part. And the deal with the Native American burial grounds seems to be that they are very sacred (alot of prayer and other things went on at these burial grounds). I have much respect. To all those out there, no offense, I have accepted JESUS and since childhood, I have seen, felt, and heard spirits. Many people want to think these things don’t exist for whatever reason, thats fine, but don’t critize others who say they have had experiences until you have had your own. I have always heard that everyone has these senses (six senses) but some choose to not to use them.

  43. denise says:

    I’m native american and i see dead people and it scares me i need to learn about this to get rid of my fears .I know i shouldn’t fear them,but i don’t understand so i do.Can anyone tell me what is going on.One friend said I’m a see’r.I don’t know?I also feel that something is crossing my back yard like a gateway also theirs some kind of water under my house and that is why i see them so much.It use to only be people i know,now it’s diffrent.PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND.thank-you

  44. nancy says:

    I live in the Mojave Desert, not too far from Barstow.
    A couple of years ago we had some very bad wind storms and a small toronado. I lost my car port and half of my roof on my Mobile Home.
    Right after that I started having misty images appear in my bedroom at night. My friend saw them after they formed into enities. One time it was three women and another time a woman and child. He said that they didn’t look Indian, but women from the 1800′s. They appeared almost every night, right after the lights were turned off.
    Since then I have looked up the history of the Antelope Valley [Mojave Desert] and there was some Indian tribes in the area in the 1800′s . Also wagon trains and stage coaches use to travel across this Desert.
    I don’t know if the winds disturbed some old burial site, or what. I don’t know why they came here, but it frightened me at first. I ask them to move on and they did I think, because I haven’t seen them for a long time. I still hear knocking noises at night, but haven’t seen the misty images for a long time.
    I never saw them materialize into figures like my friend did, but he said that they had long hair and flowing gowns and it looked like they didn’t have any feet. They just kind of floated.
    I also have Indian blood. [Osage] but only a quarter. My grandmother was half and she was very physic. My Father enherited that gift from her. I think I also have that gift, but I try to avoid it, because of some bad things happened in my life after I got those feelings.
    I believe in spirits and since I have seen them, I am really a believer.

  45. nancy says:

    Correction: I’m only one eighth Osage Indian. My Father was a fourth!

  46. Shirley says:

    On the way home from an Arizona vacation 2 yrs ago we had a strange experience on 1-40 going west. We had just passed Barstow and was headed Tehachapi- it is a long stretch of open road with open range. When all of a sudden we heard a very loud banging on the hood of our car. We drove a little bit farther and heard it again. My husband and I stopped the car to check it out. But there was nothing and no dents on the car.. I looked behind us and there was a pick up with a couple of guys parked along the road too looking around their truck… It must of happened to them too…

    I want to go back and check it out AGAIN!!

  47. David Allee says:

    To Joey Lobo and Julie Sands —
    The legend of “lovers leap” in the Pacheco Pass is detailed in my novel, ” Wind In The Pass: The True Story Behind The Haunting Of The Pacheco Pass “. It is available on Let me know what you think of it….


  48. AMYM says:

    I am a Native American Indian (Ojibway and Cherokee) and I have seen ghosts. They aren’t neccisarily Native American, but they look pretty modern. I saw a man standing behind me, a man in a black hoodie standing over my baby’s crib even though she wasn’t in there, and when I was little, I was at my friends house and she has a secret room in her closet. We moved a few chairs into it and we were sitting inside it when I learned the dark history of the house. The old owners where obsessed with death, and the entrace to the room had the words “Worship Zone” written in pencil over it. Her sisters, her, and I where playing games when we saw a dark shadow materialize. It disapeared, but I made a promise to whatever it was that I wouldnt realese what I experienced to the world. But, now I’ve broken a promise to possibly a demon. I have a long record of what happened written down. The entity touched me and my friends repeatedly, and we got lots of chills. But, that was a while ago. Reply please

    • pattyroe says:

      I too had an experience with a hooded figure who was tall. The energy was male and the shape of it looked rather male as well. I suppose the name Shadow Figure could be applied to it. I´d been praying about my medical situation of having a perforated stomach ulcer at the same time my gall bladder had to come out. If they took out my gall bladder the meds to heal it would cause the hole in my stomach to get alot bigger thus killing me. So, I was sitting telling God that it was in His hands as to whatever would finally happen to me. If He wanted me to stay He´d have to make a way for this to happen. If I was to die it was in His hands as well. I relaxed on my bed and lay my Bible down on my legs. Suddenly I became very aware that there was the energy of another person in my bedroom. I could faintly hear it moving at the foot of my bed so I opened my eyes quickly to see what this might be. That´s when I saw this shadow man that was very tall. In my mind he asked, “If you could be healed would you accept it?“ Well, I said, “Who wouldn´t??“ Then thinking I should´ve answered the question I said, “Yes!! Of course!!“ before the offer could be taken back. I watched as the figure bent down and touched my feet but I could only feel the energy of a person not the actual touch of something physical. Warmth began to flood up from my feet until it reached the top of my head. I was instantly feeling energised like I´d not felt before. I jumped up and began jumping all over the house laughing with joy that overflowed from me. My condition couldn´t have healed in one month between scans of my stomach and the scope they did on me. The first showed that my stomach looked like the reverse image of the moon with all the scars from ulcers since I was thirteen yrs. old. The scope showed what looked like an adult size of a brand new baby´s stomach. My stomach should not have looked so good for an adult. The doctors looking at this, four of them, asked me what I´d done to cause this. I asked if I could have done anything to cause this to happen. They said no I couldn´t have so I said it had to be a miracle because I´d prayed to be healed.

  49. Amber says:

    It was a great story but long.So i got a qustion did it scare u.Did u ever go back because to tell ya the truth i wouldent have.

  50. patty says:

    Another Native Indian Ghost Experience:

    Note from Admin – This comment has been published at //

  51. Jarica says:

    cool are you related to natives

    • Patty says:

      Yes, I´m Shawnee by blood but was taken from my indian family to be raised as if I were white.

  52. Nancy says:

    I haven’t been here for awhile, but I wanted to add some information about the Barstow,Ca. haunting.
    In our local paper, “The Antelope Valley Press” they have a daily History section. The local Indian tribes here were called Piaute. They were taken and put on a reservation called, Ft. Tejon. They were abandoned and left to starve when the soldiers left the Fort to join go fight in the Civil war. A lot of the Piaute Indians starved to death and some formed renegade parties and other moved into the Antelope valley.
    The [ghost] renegade party that your friend spoke of, could have robbed and killed the white settlers in Barstow, because ofrevenge for the treatment their people got from the white soldiers.
    I also think their spirits roam the Desert floor looking for their families and kin.


    • Nancy says:

      P.S. The Indian tribe that roamed the Mojave Desert was called Piute, Not piaute.
      I have heard also that they have found several ancient burial sites in the Mojave Desert, which they think are Indian. A lot of them have been disturbed by developers years past, but now they are protected.

      • Caretaker says:

        “Paiute (sometimes written Piute) refers to three closely related groups of Native Americans — the Northern Paiute of California, Idaho, Nevada and Oregon; the Owens Valley Paiute of California and Nevada; and the Southern Paiute of Arizona, southeastern California and Nevada, and Utah.” from

        Of course these people never called themselves by that name

        “The origin of the word Paiute is unclear. Some anthropologists have interpreted it as “Water Ute” or “True Ute.” The Northern Paiute call themselves Numa (sometimes written Numu) ; the Southern Paiute call themselves Nuwuvi. Both terms mean “the people.” The Northern Paiute are sometimes referred to as Paviotso. Early Spanish explorers called the Southern Paiute “Payuchi” (they did not make contact with the Northern Paiute)……”

  53. Rubin says:

    ppl need to stop building on indian burial grounds have some respect for us we love our ancestors n hate to see whn our ancesters of any tribe come back to try n bring peace but ppl like realators come n break the peace it rele hurts…..pls have respect if u are one of those ppl tht dont care bout others pls see tht we all have gone through things in our life to make us the way we are today we have so much respect for our ancestors we love thm very much n it rele hurts whn pp disrespect us like tht i mean come on dont we all bleed red.

    • Caretaker says:

      Rubin – I agree with you BUT please notice that the rules say “No Profanity”. You speak of disrespect, please do not disrespect this site and the simple rules.

  54. Celt says:

    I came across this article as i passed through barstow this week to get gas. I left terrified with the strange presence there and have been looking at stuff regarding barstow ever since i came back today. It feels like an x-files or mothman town. So creepy, i couldnt wait to get out of there. I thought it might have something to do with UFO testing activity there or something.

  55. prettysoulpeace says:

    WOW,,I read that your story..Whoa..Did finish saw real ghost indian person and how u communation..Did u feel touch that ghost indian??? Did u feel fear or not fear..Just u like want be know why do ghost indian come stop see u??Just i asking u wonder..Yes my favor love about indian people very beaustiful and also indian are very power spirit secert…I know long old year ago about 1700..Many indian people are killed from war..Still around ghost in usa..I do believe it..I don;t know why do still ghost around in world..Very really intereting…Yes i love enjoy read your story big WOW..Might that ghost man indian very handsome? Ha..Thank your sharing story tell us

  56. Anonymous says:

    Poltergiest or Tricksters: I have read stories about Mischevious spirits that like to do tricks and scare people. I’m not sure if anyone has experienced any of these. They claim that they are located where there is a lot of quartz rock in the area. We have a lot of it and a lot of sage in our area .I have had such enity in my home for a long time. It loves to make noise, especially late at night. Somenights it wakes me up and keeps me awake all night. The static electricity in the room is terrible. I read that it isn’t good to annoy them, because they can get worse, so i try to ignor it. I have also seen things in my room that look like small animals or toys. Should I be concerned?
    Once in awhile I burn sage in the room, but I don’t know the true ritual of burning sage, but I think it helps for awhile.


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