An Imaginary Friend Can Be A Real Ghost

Posted on December 7, 2007

Recently we received another story that explores the subject of imaginary friends. Experts tell us that there is no reason to be concerned when our child “encounters” an imaginary friend. They say that it is harmless and can actually benefit the child by helping them to develop their imagination.

But what if your child’s relationship with an imaginary friend goes much further than simple imagination? Many different cases have been reported which indicate that there can often be a more macabre explanation of the child’s imaginary friend than just simply imagination.

What do you do if the imaginary friend disturbs or even harms your child? Is that even possible? Can an imaginary friend actually torment or frighten a child?

Read our newest imaginary friend story:

Robert Did It! – A Doll And An Evil Imaginary Friend

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87 Responses to “An Imaginary Friend Can Be A Real Ghost”
  1. Jessika says:

    I’ve heard of lot’s of stories that pepole talk to them selve’s and people say it’s ghost’s there talking to. Most are little kid’s with there imaginary friend. (ghost) And I believe it.

  2. Hello Jessika

    I am sure that a child’s imaginary friend is usually nothing more than their imagination. BUT, I have no doubt that some of those ‘imaginary’ friends are much more. It has often been said, and written, that children are more perceptive to ghosts than adults. How easy it would be for a ghost to make contact with a child?

    I also think that it is possible for an imaginary friend to be a demon in some cases. A demon is not the same thing as a ghost. Some ghosts, or spirits, are mailicious or ‘evil’, however all demons are so.

    You can learn more about demons here.

  3. Caitlin says:

    Oh my god that robert story was sooo scary whenever i heard a noise i would get so scared!!!

  4. Lanay says:

    My friend had an imaginary friend and when i spent the night over her house weird things was happening like doors opened by themselves, covers being pulled off, and people getting touched. she said it must be Ana, her imaginary friend. i told her that ana is a ghost or demon. dont ever talk to an imaginary friend because they are more than imaginary.

  5. audiemay and momo says:

    that robert story scared me we didnt even finish the 3 paragraph just seeing that pic was enough to turn back but im not afraid i have a ghost dog named shelbe in my house but its a nice ghost but it brings friends…sometimes very evil friends…well one day i was alone in my old room b4 i moved up to the 3 floor anyway i had closed my door and we had the heat on well i was watching tv and suddenly the doors opens so i call me dog and he was downstairs well wen he got up to my room he would not go inside my room so then i close my door again and i hear my name well im alone so randomly i start to cry i couldnt controll it either and the hairs on my arms stoood up and i got so scared it felt like something passed through me like it was a ghost its not a good spirit in that room now i only have to put up wit shelbe the dog but thats not bad shes a good ghost but i will not go in that room…
    by audiemay

    yea that story freaked us out i know ghosts ARE real but i never knew that they cud do that kind of stuff. i remember when i was a kid i had an imaginary friend and she had an imaginary horse. one day the “horse” brought home a friend “cat” the next day the cat was gone and the “horse had a big scratch mark on it. also i was sitting in my room wit ALL the lights off and there was a face in my mirror and it began talking to me calling my name. i looked around but NOTHING was there!!
    by momo

  6. girl says:

    oh my god!!! that robert story was really scary and so is the story on top of this comment!!!!you know i never had an imaginary friend…

  7. [y-her] says:

    Im not saying that i have one..
    But thats a little scary..

  8. delusion chic says:

    Yea,I had a imaginary friend and she seemed so really to me but once I turned 8 she went away and I never saw her again.

    • rubs says:

      I had an immaginary friend when i was around 5 or 6 i remember his name and what he looks like,i was an only child for a really long time and my parents where never around ,my friend was harmless, i would really like to know if am the only one that this has happened to.

      • Gabriela says:

        I had an imaginary friend also when I was about 4 or 5. I remember her name and her face. She was an adult, harmless and I would play and talk to her. My 2 big sisters would tease me but it was always a theory that she was a ghost since in the house we were living in at the moment, there were some creepy stuff happening, to my family, not to me! One day my parents asked me about her (I was like 6) and I said she moved to Who knows, but I will never forget her and will always wonder.

  9. Brandee Berthel says:

    wow… Imaginary friends. I have heard when people talk to themselves they usually have imaginary friends. I talk to my self all the time but I don’t think i am talking to anybody. I wish I could experiance and imaginary friend to alk to though.

  10. a girl says:

    i have never had a imaginary friend cause i always had my brother to talk to but i do belive in real ghost.

  11. deepshika says:

    this is really cool and scary but i live in it all the time and i think the world should

  12. RaQuel says:

    I can Remember a time when my friend and I were babysiting and the child name was Johnathan. he always spoke n a very weird voice to himself. That night he told us his imaginary friend spoke to him. We did not believe him until he told the “friend” to open the did and never again did we baby sit for him..

  13. me !!! says:

    imaginary friends might be ghosts but i think they are more of a guardian angel. but babies have a 3rd eye they use it but they don’t know so this means they see the ghost and even might be able to talk to them(that’s why the usually stare at nothing they do not know he is a ghost they think he or she is a human)

    All of us has the 3rd eye but we don’t know how to use it or we aren’t prepeard for it…. now some people have more then others. People who see a ghost but don’t have a 3rd eye see them cos 1)they see them on camera any thing that takes a pic…..yes even a lame mobile like mine i caught orbs on my mobile. 2)the ghosts makes you see them not you make them appear like when you she shadows. Some times I see a shadow too my right and when i am playing my drum kit i sometimes i see a small girls haed with long black hair (I think this comes from an old building i don’t think she is from my house it has been built just for two years now and befor it was a farmers field it wasn’t abandod so as I was sayin I live in malta so it has a very cruel past and if you search for a place on the internet called bieb is-salvatur (it’s in maltese i don’t know the english word for it) so this first was a guard tower then it was an instute for children who were bad (some even died there) now it is abandond. so can some on help me????????? I don’t know if it’s a ghost my imaginary friend or just my imagination.

  14. ralph says:

    ok well i used to try to hve an imaginary friend when i was little lik wen i got in the car i would pretend to buckle someone in next to me then start answering questions that no one had asked but i think i knew what i was doing and was just pretending and besides the next day i would forget i had an imagianry friend and i wuld make up a new one….but now im 13 and i hve tlked to someone…not real i guess u culd say..u know those mechanical labelers..lik u type sumthin in and then u print it out..well i had gotten one about two years back and had lost it but randomley this year my friend and i found a label tht said hi, luv u…i didnt even know wer my labeler was so it kinda freaked me out..but then the next day i found it under my we wrote a few labels and left them out such as lik who are you and stuff and then we found two labels the next day one said charlie and another said ellen..ellen was a special name because just a few days b4 this my friends and i had decided to do a play and i was playing a girl named ellen and no one knew about it..then the labels stopped but one day i went on to my website and ther was a comment on ther that said something lik u better stop ellen just leave me alone just stop..i was freaked i hvnt had any other conversations recently but i do often here people run very loudly up and down my stairs and i hear doors opening and closing and recently my bedroom door will just randomly start creaking open slowly…my friends wer over the other day and tht happened..they got so freaked out wen i told them it happens alot now they bolted out of my was really funny the rest of the nite they wuldnt go upstairs alone but anyways is it possible to hve a conversation via labels w/ some supernatural force?????

    • Anonymous says:

      well ive spent like a half hour reading this stuff because im really ceiriouse about ghost well anyway every night when i go to bed i hear like to adaults fighting and i little girl screaming “daddy stop it ,please stop it”and the first time it happend i told my parents and they didnt believe me,so i never told them stuff like that agian and one night there was a loud really LOUD bang i got freaked out because it was really unecspected and the little girl started screaming i banged on the wall and the yelling and screaming stoped.

      p.s sorry about my spelling :)

  15. Mike F. says:

    Around the time I was 5 years old, I would see gruesome human figures standing outside windows of my house looking at me. Often times I would get a very thick, wrenching cold pit in my stomach when I could feel one was watching me, and stubborn as I was I would look up and see it. Sadly, because of how terrified I was at the time, I had repressed it all for years. And even when I remembered it again in my early teens I would forget it all again for a year or two, and it continued this way until I re-remembered it again this past winter.

    I’m 24 now, but looking out the window one night I got a very slight cold strange feeling as I peered through the window, and my memories all came rushing back. Due to the repressing of the memories, I can’t remember if the ‘demons’ were moving at all or speaking, or what my reaction was after seeing them, or even how many years this lasted. But I never told anyone until I first rememebred around 12 or 13 yrs old.

    I’m open to the possibility of it being a demon(s), but I’m also accepting of the possibility of it being purely imaginary, I just wish I knew for sure. I never had an imaginary friend to my recollection or my mother’s, and I’ve only had “normal” ghost interactions since then, nothing demonic, so I don’t know what to make of it. If they really were demons though, I do wonder if they remained outside if the house was previously blessed. Anyone have any ideas about if I saw real demons or not?

  16. Mike F. says:

    EDIT: Just adding some extra info here.—

    I’m trying to remember exactly how the demons looked, and I wanna say their skin was rough or bunched up and dirty with reddish brown perhaps. It’s hard to tell their height since I was so short at the time, plus, if this happened in the house I think it happened in, we may have been on the 2nd floor, so no ground outside of the window… It’s been 20 years since it happened though so my desciption could easily be off.

    I can’t recall if this only happened in one house or several places. I don’t yet know the preceived tendancies of demons either, if they prefer to haunt a location or a person or what. Unfortunately for my inner child , I thought what I was seeing was real as it was happening. So even if it wasn’t real, all the fear and terror was real. I hope I’m not messed up with personality flaws because of it! lol =P

  17. girl addicted to blink 182 says:

    wow.i used 2 have an imaginary friend wen i was about 5 yrs old.her name was rosie and she actually turned out to be a real ghost. wat i jus told u is real

  18. Ana says:

    wat robert story?

  19. Hammad says:

    The one with the E-mail address me!!!. I dont want to appear rude but imaginary friends are just Imaginary friends and by the way children only have two eyes (UNIVERSAL TRUTH!!!)

  20. SS says:

    My son had an imaginary friend from the time that he was about 2 until he was 4 or 5. It’s name was Bobby and he lived in his bed room. My son slept with my husband and I until his sister was born when he was 3 1/2, so his bedroom was used more as a playroom. He would always talk about Bobby and when he was in his room he would talk to him, and if he happened to do something that got him into trouble he would say, “Bobby told me to,” or “Bobby did it.” So I’m not sure that it was a ghost or just a little boys imagination. He is now 11 and really doesnt every speak of Bobby anymore, but he does remember him.

  21. jawisky says:

    well im here to tell u that imaginary or not my little girl does have a friend,named angela.angela has been with us since my daughter was 2,she is now 6,will be seven soon and angela is just a part of her as ever.
    it all started round 2003 when we moved to a new house,a country house built by the owners father or grandfater,not real first inpression of the house was not so great either.while looking around for the first times,we decided to see what was in the attic,opening the door to it was a danger in its self,the latter came rushing right at our heads lol i expected a bat,not some old 1920 built wood structure sliding down to behead me.never the less hanging right above the entrentance was some kind of plowing farm thing sharp and ready to fall at any minute.needless to say we closed it up and never opened it again.while living here we had more than a few stories we could tell.but the two that stand out the most are my daughters new friend and my son asking many times if we watch him at night while he sleeps.we never looked in on him more than once,but oftten he would say someone was standing at his door looking at him. i do know that something would pace the fireplace room and the hall but never into the rooms i saw him myself.after a few months we moved,however the friend that we brought with us from there is still here and talked about almost daily by my little girl.and things that she had done or had my daughter do or my daughters imagination has been very real.they have cut her hair daily at one point,locked a kitten in a freezer,thank god i found it, kitty ok.hide to the point where i called 911.locked me out of the house,and when i finnally got the door opened was already pointing to where angela was sitting in the hall laughing at me, she said.the most recent has been my daughter telling me about angelas family and that ghosts are real and they are everywhere,but at her nanas where nana and paw paw wont let them in,my parents have had there house blessed several real or imaginary ?

  22. Kurt says:

    hey, you have to be careful about these things. This story is completely true. There have been cases where children talk about imaginary friends and it turns out to be a demon trying to possess them! One case related to this topic was about a child who had an imaginary friend who made him do things he didn’t want to do like spit on a picture of Jesus.

  23. Daniel O. Santillan says:

    me to, my best friend had an imaginary friend named Nicole but I’m not beliving to any imaginary friends but this got to be real . everytime I go to their house,everyting is so weird.That time 8:30 im in her comfort room,while im urinating I was whisteling. And while Im whisteling someone is joining me to whistle I was very scared I fell Ican’t move,Ifell my heart is on my neck.

  24. Lori says:

    I believe that some imaginary friends are ghosts. My neice Symantha had something like that happen to her all though she is young and did not realize it. She still says that she was having a sleep over with her friend with the long brown hair. None of her friends fit that description. They talked most of the night and the bed made up for her younger brother Jett Had been slept in all though her brother had slept in his own room that night and was sound asleep when we went to check on them. So yes in my opinion imaginary friends can in fact be ghosts.

  25. Miranda says:

    I had 2 imaginary friends, but they were just that, imaginary, so apparently not ALL imaginary friends are ghosts, but undoubtedly some of them are.

  26. Kalina Fowler says:

    I have an imaginary friend and I am 12 and a half yrs. old! Her name is Raelyn and she has an imaginary friend and her name is Ashland. And I see them both!!!! They are both good NOT bad. We ALL get along, but sometimes we fight. I thought that ghosts couldn’t touch anything or their hands or feet or wat ever would go through it, but they BOTH proved me wrong their when I met them. We call achother sisters! But the ONLY people that can see them is me and my 1 of my Aunt’s. I love BOTH of them to death!!!! They are the best Spirits or People or wat ever they are that I have ever hung out with. I have pics of them with me at “Wild Adventures”. They go where ever I go and I am perfectly FINE with that because they are the only spirits or people or what ever that are that I can go to when I need somebody, EXCEPT FOR MY MOMMA!! THEY ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR ME WHEN I NEED THEM!!

  27. simone says:

    ok. well…i hope nobody thinks im crazy buuut…when i was about 6-7 or so i was lying in my bed at night with the tv on and everyone was asleep. at the foot of my bed two completely pitch black hands came up and started put on a show with a red ball. i just lay there and stared. they kept coming other days but only when i was alone. when i would call my mom they would go down behind whateer they came up from. they just did magic tricks with red thinks like scarfs or balls. i was really scared of them. i am 14 nw and havent seen them since i was very little. i remembered them one day and got so creeped out i freezed up! lol noone believes or remembers it.

  28. Laura says:

    you guys… i have imaginary friends… and theyr’e NOT ghosts. they’re just for funn.

  29. Esther says:

    I have an Imanganary friend called rick he is also my guardian angel when i am upset he moves things in my room

  30. Anonymous says:

    imaginary friends are stupid!

  31. arielfroshizzle says:

    i find it freaky having an “imaginary friend” cause most little kids don’t lie well .. in my dad words ; so anywho ; my little cousin would talk to the little boy ; im not sure what is his name but if you look at the virgin mary under her is a little boy and my cousin from mexico would talk to him and well i believed it ! i was amazed when he said my grandfather was going to die and sure enough he did i was like whoa ! and he was like 3 or so ; so young and my grandparents wouldn’t like him saying that but he said that the little boy told him and etc . he also said about my cousin as well ; and my cousin past away like 3 days later or a week i dont remember in a car crash

  32. Lily says:


  33. SABA says:


  34. Kokoa says:

    I am thirteen years old and I still talk to spirits. At random points in time, I will feel/hear a loud buzzing in my head. I can’t get it to go away, and it sometimes sounds like people screaming words at me all at once…another time that I’ve experienced paranormal activity was when I was in this very room, (Where my computer is…I’m sitting in the spot that this happened.) and I was feeling a bit upset. Well I was thinking about running away, when suddenly a voice from over by my window simple stated the word: “Don’t.” I froze and looked around, but no-one was there. I’ve also had someone say “Maybe so.” right in my ear when I was laying down on a bed in my old home. My old touch-lamp, (the kind where when you touch the metal, it turns on) actually switched on while I was in the shower. No-one had gone into my room, and that never happened again. Another thing that’d happened was I was trying to sleep, and out in the hallway I heard the cabinets in the bathroom closing and opening, and heavy footsteps down the hallway. The noise didn’t stop until I ran downstairs calling out for my grandmother. (I was about eight.)

  35. rahaf says:

    i am very horrified to listen this story but i don,t really bealive these things (coz i am a muslim) this oly imagination of children but still i know who r these imaginary frnds they r the jins u can even call them ghosts which get inside the toys

  36. Mary says:

    Family story is that my grandfather was about 5 years old, living with his family on a farm in Pennsylvania. He would come down to breakfast and every morning the family would ask if he has seen his friend in the upstairs hallway. I don’t recall the name, we’ll say Mr. Smith. And my grandfather would tell about these little small talk conversations. The family would joke with my grandfather about his imaginary friend, and the child would become indignant and insist his friend was real. A couple of times Mr. Smith would give my grandfather messages for the family. Don’t wait until next week to harvest the apples, do it today. And to humor the little boy the family would oblige. A few days later there would be a hail storm that would have ruined the crop. Mr. Smith just sort of slowly made less frequent appearances as my grandfather grew up and focused on other things. When the family sold the farm, a title search was done, and a Mr. Smith turned up as one of the former owners of the property. Seems like if Mr. Smith was a ghost, he was a benevolent one. My mother was born in 1920, so I guess you can figure this all as having taken place around 1900. My grandfather died with my mother was 14, so the story came to me from his older sister, my great aunt. She insisted it was because my grandfather was the 7th son of a 7th son, born with a cawl. (Meaning his mother’s water didn’t break before the birth and he was born with a bit of the placental membrane over his face)

  37. shahla says:

    i realy think imagination is cool and for that to happen somthing has to go wrong

  38. shahlaa says:

    althoug i am a muslim i believe that anything can happen

  39. weeamerican girl says:

    i didnt really care much for imaginary friends…i only made them because all the other kids had them and i would forget about them after like ……five minutes

    • The Caretaker says:

      Yes, in most cases an imaginary friend is just that, but if you do some research and read the experiences and stories of others it becomes clear that they are sometimes more than just imagination

  40. gabby says:

    I have an imaginary friend…nd this isnt a joke i swear. Its name is Kitzu. It wouldnt tell me its real name so i call it kitzu. It looks like a fox or a wolf or something like that i am not sure. It came up to me about a week ago in the park and when i tried talking to it, someone came up to me and asked me who i was talking to. It follows me everyhere and at first i was scared and cried a litlle bit. But she is ok company. She never hurt me…but she is starting to follow me to school and i dont want her to hurt my friends…I hope kitzu behaves like I know she can.

  41. gabby says:

    By the way, Kitzu is a girl. I call her an “It” sometimes but i think that is upsetting her. She had blue eyes so she looks girly…kind of i am not sure….

  42. outcast410 says:

    In response to simone’s comment. I also have seen the magic black hands. I was young so I don’t really remember. They did the magic tricks with a red ball only. That was not mine. Shortly after that in the same night I saw my mothers nail polish floating through the apartment. It was a big apartment basically my mothers room on the second floor and mine on the first. I have never had imaginary friends. As far as the voices go. I have heard them and still do sometimes. But I will NEVER forget those pitch black hands that night!!

  43. ghost girl says:

    I was haunted by my unborn twin brother for 10 years untill I found out he was my unborn twin brother.I thought he was just my friend,



  45. rita says:

    my little girl is three years old, she usually plays in her room by her self even though she has a liitle sister that is one, but i think that, probably they dont play with each other because of the ae diffrence that is why my three year old daughter play by her self. one day my daughter came runing to me and said that that somebody had scared her. really i didnt think it was something for me to worry about because she was by her self. then a few days later i found her locked in her rooms closet, it was really weird because she would never do that, then out of the no where she started telling me that she wanted to go play at her room because her friend was waiting for her to play, she told me that he comes in through the window and they start playing then that he constantly hits her in the hand that is why im concern about my daughter having a imaginary friend…. please help i dont know what to do….

    • Dakota says:

      listen, I don’t know much about the world… I am only 13.. But your daughter has a special gift, for she is a crystal child… If you read more about it you will be able to help her in the future.. But for now, you should bless the house, and try to get rid of that spirit…. sometimes they go away on its own.. I used to have an imaginary friend who turned out to be a little girl who was drowned in a lake…. I know that your little girl will do great things for this world.. I just know.. Make sure you keep her on the right path though…

  46. idah says:

    THIS STORY THAT I WILL TELL IS THE SOLEM TRUTH AS GOD KNOWS IT ! One hot summer night me and my special uncle were sitting reading a story , me to him because he was slow. The night was hot and the surrounding farms lights were all turned off, Then out of nowhere a MARCHING BAND started to play ! we could both hear the trumpets , drums bang , the marchers marching feet stump . We could hear it from far away . coming up our hillside farmhouse . I said to my uncle HUSH….HUSH…NO DOGS WERE BARKING , NO LIGHTS WERE TURNED ON FROM THE FARM HOUSES . NOTHING ~ NO ONE HEARD A THING….NOTHING . THE BAND KEPT COMING UP THE MOUNTAIN YET WE COULD NOT SEE THE MARCHING BAND !! IT CAME CLOSER AND CLOSER TILL IT CAME INSIDE OUR LIVINGROOM THRU OUR BIG WINDOW. AND WE STAYED HOLDING HANDS IN AMAZEMENT . THE INVISIBLE BAND MARCHED OUT THE KITCHEN . AND OUR PARENTS DIDNT WAKE UP TO NOTHING . AS OF THIS DAY I STILL REMEMBER >>>>> THE MARCHING BAND ,<<<<< this was in the late 60's

  47. Jacob says:

    I had an imaginary friend. He was very nice and sweet..he looked like a doll that my sister had, and was a little bit shorter than me. With very pretty blue eyes, bald and wearing a baby blue outfit. I would have my mom make room for him at the table and I would constantly see him…i lived in the roof, even though we did not have an attic; he just…lived in the roof.
    I dont think him and I went least I dont remember him ever leaving the house, I could be wrong, but I dont remember it, as i am 23 now.
    Everything was good between him and I, but when I turned 5 yrs old, for some reason he turned evil. He wanted to kill me and I remember running away from him. His eyes changed color and his hair grew, it was brown.

    I was terrified of him at the end…I still remember him.

  48. Dakota says:

    I used to have an imaginary friend named Sally. I first became “friends” with Sally whe I was about four years old. Our family was camping, and we were by the lake. I saw a little girl and brought her back with us. I would always talk to her, and my parents thought it was strange that I was talking to an “imaginary friend.” My father asked me where I first saw Sally. I told him everything. Then he asked, “where’s Sally’s parents?” And I answered, “They left her when she drowned.” How did I know that? I have no clue. I don’t remember ever telling them any of that. I don’t even remember knowing that. My father told me all of this about two weeks ago. I think that I am sent to see exactly what happend to Sally. If anything happend at all!! But I do very well think that Sally was Indeed a ghost.

    • alayna says:

      Wow i also had an imaginary friend sally.i used to get random images in mmy head of her
      i still remember one
      she was blonde, about 12? 13? she had a pony tail and she was running outside somewhere, it was blury…

      one time i packed random clothes and my mom was like where are you going? and i was like, sleeping over at sallys.

    • Traci says:

      I also had an imaginary friend named Sally when I was between 3 and 5 years old (I’m 30 now). She was blonde and looked a bit like Lucile Ball. She wore her hair in a beehive hairstyle and would play hide and go seek with me. Even my mom remembers this. I also remember the day she left. It was shortly after my sister was born. I was five at the time. I was taking a bath, and my mom went to drain the tub. I liked to stay in the tub until all the water was gone. I remember sally going down the drain with the last of the water. That was the last time I saw her.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I am 13 years old, and I go to my mom’s house every so often. I really hat going there, because I can see a man. their house must have been farm land, because he is dressed in farmers clothes. Overalls, straw hat, and barefoot. But the thing that I noticed most about him, was his eyes.. The pupils were normal. Black. Blue eyes. But instead of having whites of his eyes like normal people, the rest was just blue all the way.. They were almost glowing. He stares at me. When I’m watching T.V, when I’m in tthe kitchen, and especially when I sleep! He normally stays on the stairs. But sometimes he comes into my room and stands over my bed while I sleep. I can see him in the kitchen sometimes. But like I said, he normally stays on the stairs. I have to sleep with my mom all the time now because I’m afraid. But that even doesn’t help, because he comes into there too. I’m stuck. I can’t go on with this much longer, because I am now too afraid to sleep without almost every light on. It is very hard to have this “thing” watching me whenever I am over there. I shake constantly when he is there. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  50. Anonymous says:

    try and ignore it , it will go away eventually

  51. JOELL says:

    my daughter has a friend only at her nanas house…it got her in trouble today by dumping fish food all over the floor chairs….
    my daughter was crying because she didnt do this as she says he did it….what can i do…this he person is only at her nanas house????

    • Dakota says:

      First you have to figure out if it’s a spirit, or a demon. And you have to be prepared for the results. Because if it’s a demon, you have to carefully bless the house. If you don’t do it right, it will get mad and possibly harm you, nana, or your daughter. Then you bless the house. Have a priest come in, and bless it. put holy water above all the doors, windows and every entrance to any room and her house. Tell it to go away. Use god’s name. Say ” In god’s name, I command you to go away. leave my daughter alone and leave forever. I command you in god’s name to leave.” Right now you are at battle. And for your daughters sake, and her nana’s, you have to win.

  52. chas says:

    my mother sed ive never had an imaginary friend. but lately iv been using the ouija board,and come to find out. i did have one. his name was seth. he told me he left because he didnt like seeing me in pain of my parents fighting. but the bad thing wuz,iz that i thought the bad dreams i was having,was just normal. but come to find out,he was causing them. beacause he brought in another demon named CAT. and cat gave me dreamz about cats eating all my family and friendz. even my gf i had no idea about til now. its been a week since i found out. and i think seth is following me around. i feel touching,grabbing,curesing. itz not an uncomfortable feeling,more jus creeped out cuz everytime i look diwn,theres a hand print on my leg. CREEPY. on the other hand. ive also been talking to a demon named peter. he seemz nice, hes actully been pprotecting me from his uncle,steve. who wants to kill me. [no idea.] well,peter is steves nephew. and he loves me. soo steve wants him back. but he loves me to mych to leave. ughh. i dunno wut to doo anymore. im pretty much terrified cat will come back. and peter will leave. because i havent seen him in a whike. any advice.? or sympathy.?

    • anna says:

      thats if peter is a demon but hes nice to you.thats trouble.just be careful.demons no matter how nice they may seem they arent.and i dont know whay steve wants to kill you.have you asked steve that.i wouldnt trust anyone of them.before you do anything that they will not like you talk to them and ask why they are with you.try and get them to go on the other side.the story is kind of offence.if nothin talk to a priest,get the house cleans.let us know what happens.

      • leeanne says:

        that sounds scary ive never seen a ghost before my dads ant saved my dad from death my moms seen her grandfather i must be next aaaaaaaah lately in our housse my moms downstairs i seee her door slam and wiggle a little idk if its da wind plz help im 10 and scared!!!!1

    • leeanne says:

      me again one more thing if hes a demon DONT TRUST HIM i no ive never seen one but i no so before they die they r mean and can probly kill so thats y god make them demons so he probly cant killl u he dont have the streangth but he may be acting nice so ull think he nice and fall for him but he will try to hurt or scare u one day probly

  53. Lisa says:

    I believe in paranormal stuff like that it’s really spooky and scary

  54. fizzy girl says:

    wow…………………..!!! this literally scary .makes my hairs stand by is it real?! i was really got back of the story

  55. Bananas says:

    I think its cool i once had a imaging friend and his name was bob. it look like bob marley at frist but i think it was then i couldn’t tell because i was small then.

  56. ChokkLIIttsZz says:

    these stories are scary!!

    i also got scared with the robert story as well, i have a scary story to tell but it may also be sad.
    but there was a friend of mine who had a younger sister that commited suicide because her boyfriend of three years was possesed with an evil spirit. and the spirit controlled his every move, he tried to kill his girlfriend more than once, but each time he failed, the spirit grew angrier. my friend then wanted his little sister to break up with her boyfriend.

    she said that he could change, and that she loved him too much to end the relationship. eventually the spirit that had been possesing my friends little sisters boyfriend, left him. the boyfriend got really suicidal and depressed, and he, also commited suicide.

    the story ihave just told is 100% true…. if you have a bad feeling about your younger siblings boyfriend, or girlfriend keep a good eye on them, for theirs and your own sake.

  57. tessa says:

    If you want to know about the imaginary friends and if they become real..ok then let me start out by saying kids make up this imaginary friends cuz they dont get enough attention or they want someone to always be there and play all the time.parents get worried alot bout their kids cause sometimes the kids do something and blame it on there imaginary friend well maybe there lieing and maybe there imagination is very highly running all the time making up stuff that they truely believe in. wat im tryiny to say is kids can see spirits now it doesnt mean they made it it means you moved in somewhere that has a past of death which in this case kids make the person who died there along time ago the friend.some of the friends (spirits) can be evil in which may do stuff to get the kids in trouble by breakin stuff and doing something there no supposed to be doing.if it is a demon then i would suggest gettin a churchmen that can say wats in the bible to make in go away.not sayin that all imaginary friends are spirits or demons im just sayin watch out for ur child if they do have an imaginary friend sometimes its not imaginary.

  58. jessica bonnie says:

    ok well thats creppy and that robert story is freaky!

    • guadalupe says:

      Jessica you don’t have to be scared of a story freaky they tell you is not that scary only if its true

  59. jack says:

    having an imaginary friend is nothing to be a shamed of i have many sometime just playing wit them just might…turn them evil but this sound dumb but has any body ever trained something that not real any story on dat

  60. Shannen says:

    The Robert story really scared me. Also back to having Imaginary friends. My two cousins use to both have the same imaginary friend. I remember my Gran telling me about her hearing my two cousins laughing at like 2 in the morning and my Aunt went up to check on them.when she went up the there 1 of my cousins was on her bed laughing. and the other was on her chair staring at the floor laughing as well. When my aunt asked what was going on. They said that their friend ‘John’ had told them a funny joke. A couple of days later my cousins started to play really old fashioned games. and when my Aunt asked where they learned them they answered ‘John’. Eventually they didn’t bring up John anymore. They were about 7,8 at the time. A year ago or maybe quite a few months ago i asked the eldest one about this and she said that John was really nice and loved to tell her Jokes. I also asked her. What did he look like? She described him in a black cap and scruffy clothes. She also said that her house use to be Johns and he talked to much and he spoke with a weird accent… I also asked. Where’d he go. She replied he just Vanished.Well i dont know if this was my two cousins imagination or whether they were joking or not but i guess if their not then really i do believe Imaginary friends are real. Thanks for your time.

    • guadalupe says:

      Shannen they say that if somebody talk to them they will appear if you do not believe on your cousin they will appear so you better do ok

  61. Stephanie says:

    When i was little i had an imaginary friend named Adiola and one day my grandma asked me what she said to her and my voice changed like i was possesed.

    • guadalupe says:

      Hey stephanie when I was little I used to play with a real troll that I love one day I got some thing in the frigde and give to the sons of the troll so if you want to hear more just reply me back ok

  62. guadalupe says:

    Why do imaginary firends are bad in fluence

  63. Anonymous says:

    I hate ghost but when i was 5 i was at my dads house and me and him went to bed and he locked the bedroom door but i heard noises and i woke up my dad was asleep so i went back to sleep but an hour later i heard noises again and woke up the door was unlocked and open i woke my dad up he said to go back to sleep and to close the door so i did wat he said after that i went back to sleep that morning i woke up the door was open but every body was asleep i told my sister wen she got back from her moms house she said lets go ask our neighbors about our house we did and they said that a man died there after that we got really scared and it turns out that he was haunting our house

  64. Joa says:

    When I was little my imaginary friend was a pig. Was it just my imagination ?
    To me it was very real. It stayed under the deck and when I came outside it came out too. It followed me everywhere I went outside. But never followed me inside.
    When I talked to the pig it would grunt. My mother would ask me who I was talking too.
    I’d say I’m talking to pig. I had never seen a pig or heard the word pig.
    So how did I know it was a pig ?

  65. honey says:

    my one brother `s friend was dead by an acident then he started feeling that his friend is alive and calling him to come with him but after a leap he stopped feeling it.

  66. christine says:

    When I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend, which we believe was a ghost, it was a little girl, I was terrified of her, I would scream in my bedroom when she would apparently come around, my things would move in the bedroom, often my mom would come to check on me in the middle of the night, and my dolls would have been moved into the doorway causing her to trip. My mom started getting really scared and made me sleep with her for a long time. I was always crying, and terrified to go anywhere alone, My family had to put on acts saying they were banishing her on plenty occasions, just so that I could sleep. but it didn’t stop until I got a little older. it’s a fact to me that imaginary friends can be ghosts, and not just good ones. I was always telling my mom that she was going to kill me, and we had to move. I hope my child never goes through this. I don’t remember it, I just remember always being afraid. well that’s my story. hope it gave some extra insight.

  67. Lyssie31 says:

    Ok so i totally believe in this because when i was really little we lived in this house it was an old house. I had an imaginary friend named chicky and we would play and talk to eachother in the mirror well it stopped eventualy probably when i was about 4 and my little sister nevaeh (was 3 at the time) was talking to chicky to and she said he is a boy and looks like his face is melty and its at the same exact house i grew up in. That was 4 years ago now my step sister 2 is yelling out o there u r chicky and my dads really freaked out so am i and its the same hiouse so wat i think is that theres someone stuck in that house its very creapy at night because u hear footsteps on our hardwood floor my uncle says its the floor popping from people wqlking on it all day but i think its more ALOT of scary stuff goes on in that house its probably like 150 years old. My little sister nevaeh said she sees people swinging from their neck in the closet and she told me not to tell anyone. Witch is really creapy because everyone feels like someone is in the closet with u when u walk in and its extremely cold in there o and another thing we live about a block away from pioneer cemetary in san bernardino and my little sister says she sees cowboys sitting on our porch :0

  68. shanta says:

    wow. The stories above are cool and scary… I wish i had an imaginary friend too!

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