Facts & Myths About the Bermuda Triangle

Posted on July 23, 2008

The Bermuda triangle is region located in north-western Atlantic Ocean in which numerous aircraft and surface vessels have disappeared. Some people claim that these disappearances fall beyond the boundaries of acts of nature or even human error and instead attribute the disappearances to a variety of explanations including the paranormal, suspensions in the laws of physics, and even activities by extraterrestrial beings.

Numerous investigations by government agencies and the like have gone on record stating that the number of disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle is not all that different from the number of disappearances in any other proportionate area of any other ocean.

There has also been substantial documentation showing a number of incidents that have been either inaccurately reported, or embellished by authors. Despite this, believers in the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon still feel there are too many unanswered, and likely unexplainable answers for it all to be merely a coincidence.

Some of the more popular theories to explain the mysteries are the vast fields of methane hydrates in the area. These fields are capable of producing enough bubbles to shrink ships by lowering the waters density. Others claim that abnormal compass problems in the area cause navigators to lose sight of their route and destination and get lost. Some people also blame hurricanes in the area, the Gulf Stream, and freak waves. Still others link the mysteries to the lost continent of Atlantis, the Bimini Road, and even UFO’s.

Written by Mike Barton for True Ghost Tales, Copyright 2008

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What do you think about the Bermuda Triangle?

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144 Responses to “Facts & Myths About the Bermuda Triangle”
  1. desh says:

    I think its amazing !!!

  2. Peter says:

    since it has the exact smae amount of lost things in it than the rest of the world, we know 100% that the mysteries are fully based in the logical answers we know to happen… rogue waves because it is not that deep, Magnectic effects and weather conditions. not one single reason to think anything other and in fact the search for lost planes and ships will turn up all lost mysteries and end once and for all the lies and stories that simply are to spook people and sell books that should not be sold.

  3. v-nizz says:

    im very interested in all the stuff like that i would love to learn more…i think its cool

  4. lisa l sipes says:

    i think the bremuta tryangle is a portal to the underworld where the devel and deamons live stay away guys

  5. Dallas says:


    Wow, ive always thought this kinda stuff was amazing.
    But, my father, uncle, 3 of my best friends and I were talking about this not too long ago. And my friend had mentioned something about it that made sense, but there is no telling if it at all exists. But he had said he watch something that got him thinking. He told me that the show he was watching was telling about time warp things. And that maybe that is what the Bermuda Triangle is.
    At first we thought whatever. But then after a few minutes we thought about it.
    I mean, where are the people that disappeared? If they dont come back dead or alive…then what happened to them? And the planes, ships, boats, etc.?
    Maybe it could be. But who knows. I just thought i would mention that.

    Have a nice day. :)


    • Anonymous says:

      Well its been childhood hear say on my part gee never knew what real stories falls behind the mere facts of gravity motion…what ever it is and anything better left unsaid just leave it there…

    • Anonymous says:

      what was the show that was talking about the bermuda triangle and time warps??

      • Anonymous says:

        the discovery channel, ive been trying to link everything together. peoples told me to leave it alone but it just amazes me how its a mystery ive gathered a lot together in just a few days and i believe ive came up with rather a more significant answer

  6. John says:

    Well, my friend and I discussedsed this triangle a week ago and we came up with answer that makes the most sense:
    the triangle could be a gate to another dimension. I know it sounds crazy but keep reading. Everything has a positive value, like you and me, we are alive, thus we are positive. Recalling the cases that ships are found but all their crew went missing. The positive values might just had an encounter with their negative values. like +1 + (-1). the answer to that is 0. the crew disappeared because they met their negative values in Bermuda. and where are these negative values come from??? another dimension ( or world) perhaps? If they could come in, there must be a hole or something that allows them to, that is, Bermuda. Remember cases like a person went missing and reappeared years later with no memories in that time gap? I thought it could be some sort of “virus” that disrupted the laws of physics. Remember that your math teacher told you that a value in a square root cannot be negative? and your physics teacher reminded you that the top speed in the universe is 186 mps? well, there is a formula of calculating the relationship between speed and time, that as a object move faster and faster, the actual time gets slowed down. But once the object speed pass the speed of light, the answer becomes unknown, cannot be solved. so i thought time would acutally go back…
    well i dont wanna write anything anymore cuz im tired of typing..

    • Mezielowc says:

      Why Not Try Taking A Summarine Under Water..If What Dey Sey is Not True, Maybe it was Made So Scientist Make Up Reson For Der Wormwhole, Make Unbelieving Against The Truth, Off Creation..So Dey make Statement Through No Fact off Are Wormwhole, So Lie with No Real Proven off Whats Created, there Desire to Twisted The Reality Off Knowledge..All For Money, So they Gain Knowledge With Out Real Understand What alredi Exist, And Visible To the Naked Eyes..Speed Change Time Never Change But stay Constantly without Change or Whatso ever, Times dos not Controlss Speed, so Speed Got Nothing To Do With Slowing Time, Time Past But Speed Fast..

      • THINKPICKLE says:

        No negative things here, but, if you are going to make a scientific assumption for a legend for thousands of years, shouldn’t you spell right? I mean, i completely agree with your hypothesis, but some your grammar is incorrect.

    • princess says:

      write more! it was going quite interesting!

    • mohammad says:

      that is really one good impressive and convincing analysis although i didn’t understand a single word about phis. and math but just so you know you are so worth to be a scientist.

  7. horsedance says:

    Hey,jus wanna say that,as far back as I can remember I,ve always been into the paranormal and unexplained,ghosts.As for this bermuda triangle story,this has always facinated me.Yes I agree to.There is something really weird and suspenseful about this area.I too think there is some kind of portal of some kind there.U.F.O,s are involved too, u bet,at least to my opinon.I to look at the how ,why,where and when.Very good stuff horsedance

  8. Black*Beauty says:

    I think The Bermuda Triangle is the key to time travel. i think we’d solve many of the world’s mysteries with further research of The Bermuda Triangle. There are too many unsolved incidents for it to be from natural causes, we have alot to learn in this world.

  9. ian says:

    the first time I heard about this kind of thing…
    I just get interested to know more about bermuda triangle
    my Biology teacher told us that the triangle is a spot which has very hard pull of gravity… that’s why ships and aircrafts disappears in that spot… I don’t know what exactly what he calls that kind of pull but I think it’s gravity….

  10. Javier says:

    i herd that the triangle is home to a smooth black creture with no eyes that moves around all the time.

  11. joe says:

    this stuff is cool…………

  12. mystery! says:

    this bermuda triangle mystery is really cool
    but i stiill don’t nw wat story to believe!

  13. darin says:

    Hi people this darin it is intersting 2 know abt the tryangle but i think y do reseracher go ahead and find out wat is realy behind the tryangle n wat is dat makes everything vaniesh… and all the people above try 2 get more info & post them on ur coments… thank u

  14. !! says:

    i think that the bermuta triangle is real. why would people lia about that…well i guess they do have good reason to lie. but if we dont think its real why dont we just go test that. i meen you wont have a problem if you dont htink its real.

  15. Jackie says:

    I think that the Bermuda Triangle is just a strong magnetic force.
    Why I think this is because, what are ships and planes made of? Metal.
    What does a magnet attract? Metal. Ponder that idea for a minuite. It makes alot of sense. I believe the missing ships and planes are at the bottom of the ocean under the Triangle. Where the magnetic force is the strongest. That explains the compass and the dissapparences. Now for the time differences.
    With all the magnetic forces, it could stop a clock. And for the people who can’t remember anything, the magnetic force is so strong that it can play games with your mind. Basically what I’m trying to say is that, when you were in there, the gravity pulled on your brain so hard, it couldn’t work the right way. It was cutting off blood circulation and oxgen to the blood, and brain.

    Case Solved

    =) And by the way people I’m 15 and know this much information.

  16. keia kelly says:

    is the whole thing truth? i mean with the triangle, its scary how people can just dissapear. i heard that that UFOs have something to do with it, can u believe that. bye people who want to see or travel there are stupid and crazy.

  17. Anonymous says:

    i think that maybe we werent ment to know…..I think that we should just live the life we were given and not worry about stuf like this we were put here to have a fulfilling life not one full of fear and worry. Yea the bermuda triangle is scary and we should avoid it but i dont think people should waste their time on stuff like that

  18. angelblueeyes says:

    i have to agree with jackie, that makes more sense than any of the other crazy comments on here

  19. scientist dude says:

    i think, as i know much about parralel universes, and how its possible that someday we might have the ability to burn our way into them though for now the ability is beyond us. The newest theory of the universe is that it is a membrane consisting of milions of different universes constantly moving, expandnig etc. And during certain occurences the universes will connect, creating something of a wormhole to a whole new universe. It seems probable that this theory might provide a reasonable explanation for the disappearances in the bermuda triangle. After research by scientists, they found bubbles constantly rising under the water of the triangle. Could this mean something? they do believe these bubbles could cause ships to sink….but what of the planes? What if, during the storms of this area, a portal to a parralel universe is opening up? Or, perhaps the storm is the portal….we may never know, or for at least a long time

  20. scientist dude says:

    jackie has good reasoning, but they’ve checked the bottom of the bermuda triangle….all a bunch of rising bubbles and stuff….unless of course there was volcanic activity since the wrecks and covered up evidence which is quite probable….

  21. scientist dude says:

    john i must admit has excellent reason…sounds like hes done some personal research of his mind. According to the membrane theory, there are parralel universes, though it sounds corny. However the best theory was anti-matter in my opinion, the complete oposite of matter. If we touched the anti-matter of ourselves, we would be anhialated in an explosion equivalent to that of a nuclear explosion. I do believe, like jackie said, that there is a powerful magnetic force at work over or under the triangle. However ships have successfully gone through, and there is little current controversy or fear over the matter of the bermuda triangle. Yes, magnets can attract metal, and a magnet as big and strong as one the size of the bermuda triangle can cause inbalances between the magnetic force of gravity, causing something to happen, coming back to the theory of parralel universes. So basically both of you, jackie and john can easily be correct…both of you combined that is.

  22. scientist dude says:

    okay, one thing for sure is that the triangle is not a portal to the underworld, cuz the underworld is a dimension i believe we cannot reach. Nor do i think there are monsters in the triangle, no offense to anyone

    • Anonymous says:

      All the dissapperences are nataral people dont nessaserilly caused by mosters they dont exist so people get lost that is it

  23. Alpha says:

    Personally, I think there was a controlled formation of a wormhole in that region, conducted by intelligent extraterrestrials to enable easier access to earth.

    A wormhole is a hypothetical topological structure pertaining to space and time, with several theories suggesting the existence of wormholes. Since the science behind the formation of wormholes are indefinite (with theories being derived from particle physics, quantum theory, general relativity, etc) there are different models/types of wormholes.

    I’m not sure if this is an accepted model… but if there was a concentration of matter in that region, eventually undergoing gravitational pressure/condensation then a black hole would eventually form. If a singularity and event horizon, after the formation of the black hole, split into 2 in the rotating black hole then there is the possibility of a path forming between the split singularities This could essentially be a worm hole right?

    The remnants of concentrated matter may also be having an influence on the gravity and further more the time surrounding the area, resulting in fluctuations and other chaotic disarray. This notion could be related to some of the claims made by people in flight vessels, i.e. flight 19 who claimed to have been in a different time.

    This is just a theory…anyway i was wondering what you guys reckon about it?

    • commentators says:

      there is black hole in the space that have very strong gravity to suck things surrounding, so, there might be similar hole in the Bermuda. You may find information about the black hole in the Holy Quran. Another possible theory is a very strong and wide magnet area underground. for example, if you are driving a car in Medina City, SA, where there is a magnetic power in that certain area, so your car will stop running, while you are actually driving. Sorry for my bad English writting.

  24. jennifer hallo says:

    i think this is quite cool and ill like to learn more about the bermuda triangle

  25. ill love to learn more abot this issue it is very interestiing and it is alot of history to learn

  26. sciencedude says:

    well the wormhole theory submitted by alpha is i would say quite believeable. there are such things as white holes, which is where spare matter is spewed out of what came into a black hole. it sounds stupid but its true. however, a black hole from concentrated matter is a little farfetched, though if somehow there was a concentration of both matter and anti-matter, (anti-matter is the complete opposite of matter. when matter meets its anti-matter opposite, they destroy themselves in an explosion which could easily have happened in the past, creating a wormhole or black-hole). Like i said above, it might be possible to burn a hole in the universe to create access to a parralel universe in the form of a wormhole or black hole. I dont necessarily think a black hole could provide access to another universe, because black holes take in everything, including light, so if you were to fall into one, just saying, you would be stretched apart, and burnt up by the light the black hole has taken in. Wormholes however are a different story. no one is sure how they are triggered but they are meant to be traveled through

  27. sciencedude says:

    in response to the anonymous person saying we werent meant to know…i think the reason we SHOULD strive to learn more about the bermuda triangle because humans are curious. WIthout curiosity…saying if we kept to ourselves and our own lives there would be no democracy, we would have never been on the moon, and generally we wouldnt know anything about space, the ocean or ourselves. I know you mean by keeping to ourselves and not scaring ourselves, but without fear there is no conquering of this fear, also meaning there would be no joy. If we knew nothing of the world around us, there would be no answers to the billions of questions in our heads. However i see your reasoning by saying this. Our lives are meant to be lived to the fullest. Life is like a test. But curiosity is an important part of our lives

  28. scientist dude says:

    okay, i know a lot about the bermuda triangle from research…lots of it, and if anyone wants to ask any questions to me, ill do my best to answer. I have plenty of my own theories as well.
    Okay, so i talked about parralel universes up above, and yes it is all true. the membrane theory is the latest theory of the universe…and if you dont know what a membrane is..well basically its simply a constantly moving wall…a wall containing an endless universe in this case. The membranes are constantly moving and expanding, and collide to create wormholes. Somehow i think the bermuda triangle is related to some kind of wormhole. there are bubbles constantly rising from the ocean floor beneath the bermuda triangle….which means either it could be boiling down there. I said before it could be possible to burn our way into another parralel universe. I think it could be possible there was once volcanic activity in this area, something similar to this at least.

  29. Heather says:

    i think its a black hole because if it wernt then how would it be that planes and ships go missing and no one can find them this is my theary but there are many others but many of then dont make and sence

  30. lauren says:

    Hmm, My famly and I thinkt he bermuda triangle has to do with aliens. I dont know much about the triangle but it seems cool, but also dangerous and scary!
    (\ /)
    (. . )
    *UU <Cute bunny!

  31. Harold says:

    Has anyone heard of the theory that the Earth actually has polar shifts? I believe the magnetic forces are the culprit and caused by the fact the area was once either the north or south pole (which would also explain the dragons triangle on the opposite end of the Earth).

  32. Mary Lara Shane Gaspar says:

    I think that this fact is true about the BERMUDA TRIANGLE because many facts in this story is in the great book of knowledge made by my best friend’s grandfather who recently died last year November1,2008, 12:00 in the recordings of the hospital. So whoever beleives about this story please continue to believe it.

  33. Mihika Mohta says:


  34. Mallika says:

    I do not know much about the BERMUDA TRIANGLE but as the others have said and there REALLY is a PARALLEL UNIVERERSE I would surely like to go there.

  35. tyra says:

    I would love to go to the bermuda triangle and research on my own…the world is too smart for me…im not gonna keep up!>-<

  36. voodoochile says:

    I heard, I don’t know if it’s true but the Bermuda Triangle was the area where thousands of slaves drowned and their spirits take only the living things. I know there have been stories where they find the ships with not a human person on board. Has anybody else heard this?

  37. Gourav says:

    Hey Friends, I Think Bermunda Triangle have a powerfull Magnetic force. If any wady want to know about the bermunda plz go for a website not by Ship or plane.
    If someone really intreasted about by which they attract that.
    so i give some idea by which, If can posible any one make a boat and this boad made by bambo and water profe camera attached by that and this boat attached to some mechanism by which they go to the bermunda triange…

  38. Gourav says:

    i am engineer but at that time i dont have a money to research the bermuda triangle.
    But I have many idea by which everyone know the fact of that type of dangerous and scary places.

  39. amw says:

    i think that it is real but something about it makes it not. Where would all of those missing things go. maybe it is just a real big myth…

  40. shane says:

    i think you all are idiots if you think its the key to another demension or world or you meet your negatives. it is just a case of not getting a radio call on a storm going through the area. or the current of the area that will force your boat to go more north-east then east if thats the direction you are traveling. so please take some time to research the information then go post up your opinions on an internet site. or you can go try it for yourself go travel through the bermuda triangle and see what happens. ( i have gone through the bermuda triangle on a cruise ship to bermuda and im still here….

  41. yvette says:

    i think that the bermuda is real and scary

  42. Anonymous says:

    i think there is a space hole in bermuda…………for people who dont know a space hole is a passage or door or a hole in d plances of space, time and light. It can take u through time as well as galaxies miles apart within seconds….

  43. I LOVE U says:


    • Anonymous says:

      i saw a website that it is area 51 and they do not want people to know that it is real

  44. ashley says:

    im going to bermuda pretty soon for my graduation so stop scaring me. with these myths

  45. fareed says:

    Ashley U r the lucky one
    u will find everything about this when u get there
    cool huh!!!!!!!!!!
    tell us about it


  46. fareed says:

    FOR MR.Anonymous,
    There is no such thing like a space hole
    OK that’s in cartoons maybe movies
    there is no logic to the ‘space holes’ thingy
    Do u think all the people who have got lost have gone through time or galaxies in ‘seconds’

    I don’t think so
    for crying out loud

  47. zainab says:

    Just like Fareed,
    Ashley, enjoy your trip to Bermuda!

  48. mike.d says:

    this is for fareed, look bro just cuz thing’s seem impossible doen’t mean that it’s not possible, look before all the technology that we have avalible today was invented, critics and skeptic’s said that it was all impossible but now we have cell phone’s that have iternet capabiltiy’s, hell the cell phone alone was a big brake through, and the phone also was a big triumph in technology before we had these we would send message’s with carrier pigeons. so bro a word of advice, keep your mind open, and be ready for anything to come along, cuz when it does it just might blow your perspective on life.

  49. horsedance says:

    Hey,just wanna say that this bermuda triangle mystery sure is a mystery too say the least.I have pretty much read about all there is about this strange place were man and machine disappear.Far out stuff.The one story I find hard to believe but actually happened and witnessed by these guys on boats.Not sure if these boaters were fisherman or what.Their long rope was stickin into a greenish fog that was around them.Anyways the story goes that the anchor or rope was hooked up to something in this greenish fog.Eventually this fog disappears and the rope just drops like it was disconnected from inside this greenish fog.There are also stories about U.F.O,s in and out of around the bermuda triangle.Time warps maybe.Anyways some good stuff here about the unexplained……….

  50. Anonymous says:

    This may be a fact that the gravity in this region is about 12.5 meter per second and due to this reason only the flight gets sink . This is because the flight engine is designed in such a way that it goes up by out coming the gravity of 9.8 meter per
    This may be a fact that taking place there……. ..:

  51. reema says:

    wel i had listened much about burmuda triangle. i had examined alot and i had listened a story that a huge ship was back from burmuda triangle. that ship vanished about 15 years ago and came back. there were no people in it but other conditions of the ship shows that it was a new. as it was in very good condition. another thing that i heard is that one person has visited bermuda and come out of it alive.that person lived in Iran.now he is not alive and his family told this after his death. now plz if any one know the facts about this plz post your comments because i can’t find .

  52. Nellagirl9 says:

    I personally think that the theory of an incredibly strong magnetic force is a likely one, but it doesn’t explain how hundreds of ships and planes pass over the Triangle area everyday. It’s not like every plane and ship that goes into that area vanishes. There have only been a couple of cases where these disappearances have happened. So if it was a strong magnetic force, then wouldn’t all metal objects that come within a certain distance of the triangle disappear? It’s for this reason that I think there has to be an alternative explanation for the mysterious cases. I wont go as far to say that it involves the supernatural…but I guess you never know.

  53. Dawn says:

    Hey yall. A lot of good theroies here. Magnetic field makes sense, as well as volcanic activity. With all the technology today, why is it that radar, and satalites can’t seem to find, or pin point the last known position? Also, is the weather shown to kinda trace the triangle? From what others have theorized in black holes, if they consume everything, wouldn’t there be a huge whorlpool of the ocean? Drawing everything in to it?

  54. k.vivek siddarth says:

    this may be due to the reason that the gravitational force in that area is more than the other areas in the earth surface.. that is in other areas than that of bermuda triangle gravitational force is 9.8metre/second. but due to some reasons the gravity in that area is about 12.5meter /second.. due to this high gravitational force the thi9bgs get dissapeared.. the engines of the flights that we are using for transprotation can resist only this 9.8m/s gravity so while flying over this region since it cant overcome this gravity it gets easily trapped………………..

    this is according to the “MORDEN PHYSICS”

  55. L Lawliet says:

    i think its an entrance to an unknown world and the UFO’s can fly there with no problem because they are made to go over different planets or galaxies that they are specially made to do them
    example a ship is made to travel water so it can travel to bodies of water and not on land

  56. Envy says:

    Well…..I think that people make too much of it.Ofcourse there might be different life forms out there,or maybe iven humans,but i don’t think this has anything to do with alien’s or UFO’s.I think it has to do more with gravity.But there isn’t a way to prove anything right now.Or maybe its something else,beyond all of our theories.Right now we can only stick to our ideas.

  57. sciencedude says:

    to all those that say the bermuda triangle is “some kind of fake” because planes and ship cross over it everyday….

    first of all, if the bermuda triangle is the result of a magnetic force, well obviously the magnetic force would have by now weakened to the point of dormentism. However, like the Earth goes through phases, as this happens, these magnetic forces may go through them as well. For example. If you have a magnet toy or a magnet that attaches to your refriderator, after..say, 5 years that magnet would have at least slightly worn down. If small magnets wear down until they are hardly magnets, so would the magnetic forces on the Earth, especially heavily magnetized portions of the Earth. Though some of you may say “why don’t we all float away,” or “how come the Earth’s magnetic pull hasn’t worn down to the point the Moon will fall out of orbit?” Well in fact the moon is, very slowly, (AND THIS IS PROVEN), making its way away from Earth, though of course we shouldn’t have to worry about that for the next million years or so. That is of course, if the magnetic force theory of the bermuda triangle is correct…

  58. brittney says:

    science dude you make alot of sense so i am with you on this one.

  59. sammy says:

    i love reading about the bermuda . It is weird to think about what realy hapend to all the people that disaperied there.I have a report on it.

  60. SAM 5 says:

    All my friends say that the bremuda is just a scame from the goverment for money. What do you think?

  61. Pinky says:

    .,_i want to learn more about this mystery.,

  62. Pinky says:

    .,_caretaker what do you think about the lost of those people in Bermuda triangle? Are they still alive? What happened to them? Is there any communication to those people? Is there any comments of church about this mystery?

    • commentators says:

      i think they are still alive in another world and will show up in the hereafter with all human beings.

  63. tinkerbella. says:

    I guess its always gonna be one of those unexplainable/unsolved mysteries.

  64. forthemore says:

    I think, that if thorough investigations would be conducted related to this kind of mystery, we would soon find out. As for me, I’m a hell lot more interested in this topic than you guys. its strange that maybe, there is really another dimension and that this triangle is the boundary of this world, to that world. And, of course i wouldn’t say that I’m taking out the possibility of Physics and advanced Science, but do u think the Earth can have 2 gravitational pulls when in fact, 9.8m/s2 is the constant? If so, then why aren’t the remains of those planes and ships found? We can’t say sharks ate them all, or they are buried directly beneath the ground.

    Why don’t we go there ourselves? Then investigate. Then, before we die, we should prove to the world the truth about the triangle . Then, we can die there. :) ) Haha peace out.

    This is all i can say. Thanks for reading anyway. :) ) :D

  65. Amani Haman says:

    For sure,
    Though some people think this is a hoax, I thind i’ll be the scientist to prove that it is a fact and no longer a phenomenon or theory. I also think the movie i watched, The Triangle has some truth behind. I love that it should always be there as another World Wonder.

  66. jose rodriguez says:

    If there was a way to create life on this planet then there’s a way for life to be on other planets aswell

  67. Samantha says:

    I think that it can be real.. I watch a series tonight about it. Its called Destination Truth. It was creepy.. But just cause it dont happen to every single plane or aircraft doesnt mean it isnt true!!! Just like parnormal activity it dont happen to everyone.. Like if a group of ppl went to one place not everyone will expercince the same activity some will all experince it… Its like some ppl can feel and see things and some cant… My theroy of it all is never under estimate the impossible…. I would love to see it but its to risky for me…

  68. Samantha says:

    Also I live in TN. so my time is 10:28pm on the 14th of october… so that comment was made bout five mins ago

  69. Manik says:

    i had always been fascinated about UFO’S AND USO. and this story adds fuels to my FASCINATION NICE ONE!!!

  70. hithin says:

    wellllllllllllllll i think its all about magnetism and nothing abt ghosts or other spiritual activities……………….but rmbr onethng ghosts do occur…………..i experienced lot of it from my village……………………………..

  71. sam rose says:

    thanks about this information
    and i dont think its gost
    mybe its the magnitic force

  72. RACHEL says:


  73. Bob says:

    whats the gravitational force though?

  74. daniel says:

    I don’t beleive in that

  75. WOOLLYBEAR65 says:

    I’m going to tell you something that was told to me by someone that was there and expercinsed it, My Cousin was on a CoastGuard Cutter and the triangle was there area
    he said that one evening he came up on deck from the engin room for a smoke and he and 2 or 3other seaman was looking out over the waters when out of nowhere came this really bright light comming up from the bottom of the sea right beside them about 10 yards away he told me this thing had lights all around it and it was at least 3 times the size of the cutter long and just as wide. he said it kept up with them for about a 1/2 hr and then moved off about 10 yards broke water hovered therefor about a minuit and then shot stright up with out even makeing a sound, he looked at the ouhter guys standing there and they looked at him and one said “did we see what we just seen? they all went to the bridge to report it to the Capt but he was all ready aware of it, as the men on the bridge was also watching it, a report was made but he said he will never forget it as longas he lived, sadily enough my cousin passed a few years ago but when ever we got together he would talk about it, I guess that was a site to see. May he Rest in Peace.

  76. scott russell says:

    that is a really interesting story WOOLYBEAR65!!My opinion is that it is ufo’s or some kind of gravity force.By the way i love bermuda triangle stories etc.Did anyone hear about the ufo over russia in december 2009?

    oh yeah!! i am from the isle of man in the

  77. Anonymous says:

    I think the Bermuda Triangle truely do leads to a peralle unniverse like what john sa-d sounds believeable like think about it. How could all those ships and planes jjust go gone. And like all those people go gone too. The could of been in a pealle world or something. Elieve me guys it could be true.
    Hope some figure it all out but I’m doing my research so if. I get anything I will telll you guy see ya.

  78. John_Silva says:

    i thnk that the bermuda triangle is a gateway to another dimension/world…
    and maybe it can make u travel thru time,…

    well i got a question for everyone…

    is the bermuda triangle a triangle???

    how did they know that its a triangle??

    maybe its a square??? O_o

    or a random shaped place on the map…

    thnx for reading anywayz…. xD

  79. puppetmasterlady says:

    Black hole in the ocean

  80. SupriseSuprise says:

    I believe that the causes are unexplainable and possibly supernatural. People who just explain things away with “logical” answers are those who have rejected the notion of the paranormal

  81. mike says:

    i didnt read all of these but the ones i did you just sound like ignorant people

    1. the whole magnet and boats/planes being made out of metal is a load of crap..COMMON SENSE tells you it has to be a FREAKING HUGE amount of magnetic pull..we’re talking about uncontrollable science fiction magnetic pull here…and after you actually know some physics, you learn about the magnetic force and you learn that it’d have to be an enormous quantity of force…sure the compasses go out of wack..this is not a result of a force that big..

    2. the whole “gravity being different here than everywhere else in the world” blabber is also crap. after you take your introductory class of physics you learn (if you havent already) that gravity is (according to Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation) dependent on the mass of the two objects interacting and the distance between each ((Force = Gravitational Constant [ignore this, its just a number] * mass of one object * mass of other object)/distance between the objects^2)…this is regardless to shape or size of the objects..this seems silly and stupid to state but i must do so, since the earth is the same mass no matter where you are on the planet and since ANY object is the same mass no matter where you are (remember for those who dont like science, mass is a raw measurement of how ‘heavy’ and object is, regardless of gravity..many people confuse mass and weight as one..wikipedia it if you dont understand :D ), and since the center of the earth is pretty much the same distance to the center of the object, no matter where you are (yes theres a difference if you go up to mt everest but it doesnt really affect the numbers too big), then we can safely assume that the gravitational force is the same regardless of position of the earth..(btw, if you’re wondering how does force convert to acceleration, Force = mass * acceleration..so you can actually say Acceleration = Constant * mass of earth/distance between object and earth^2….also note the constant has units and makes the problem work out)

  82. Anonymous says:

    Well theories are exactally that… Theories… This subject is just like all the other subjects on this website, you cant prove or disprove anything without solid evidence. I have also seen documentaries on this particular subject, and Im not 100% convinced by any of it. Especially where the government is concerned. When have they ever been 100% truthful about anything? So when I see definate proof that what I believe isnt true than my mind will be changed, but until then I will keep believing that there is some unknown force at work.

    • mike - SeeseMichaelJ says:

      and what is this theory?

      • Anonymous says:

        Read the article, it talks about one popular theory being Methane bubbles, which I have seen programs on, and which could still be a force at work there, but it cant be the sole explanation. Like I said definate proof of anything is better and more convincing than theories.

  83. Anonymous says:

    According to me, there may be the presence very high magnetic fields,so aircrafts attracts towards Devil’s triangle

  84. blue shirt 123 says:

    idkk but this seems so intresting . im intrested in things like this like the bermuda triangle nd ufos nd mysteries and myths of the world . i wonder how i could get to the bermuda triangle .i would take the risk !

  85. Anonymous says:

    wow this is scary but awesome this is some cool stories i luv gettin scared ):)

  86. hihn says:

    this stuf is interesting all i can say is am on the indian ocean

  87. bermygurl says:

    im in luv wit this subject i was born and raised in the island of bermuda so i do believe in this but i think this puzzle will eventually unravel itslef to whomeva it chooses.