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This section of True Ghost Tales represents our ghost story archive. Most were published before we created our paranormal blog to present our reader submitted ghost stories to our readers. Stories will no longer be added to this section on a daily basis. However, we add new ghost stories and ghostly stuff to the blog every day. Browse the long list of stories here or visit the Paranormal Blog

Granny's Back - A Story of my Granny's Ghost
Read this story about a girl who's dead grandmother haunted her dreams as well as her waking life. Years later her father also died and he too haunted the old house along with his mother.

Nice Old People Who Have Been Dead For 30 Years
Read what happened when a weary traveler stopped by an old house looking for a phone on a dark and stormy night. The old couple in the house treat him very well and with kindness. But the next day he finds that the house is abandoned and the couple are long dead.

Weird Sighting at the Morris Arboretum
This is probably one of the weirdest and scariest experiences I ever had in my life. My brother looked back and said 'Oh my God, what is that?' He would later describe it as 'Someone wearing a large coat hanging from the tree.'

The Haunted Old Plantation House
Dad woke up to see a little boy standing at the foot of the bed. He thought it was my little brother, so he followed him up the stairs to get him back to bed, but the little boy disappeared into the wall. This is only one of the scary ghost experiences our family had in the haunted house.

The Haunted Neighborhood
Family stories of my grandparents haunted dream house. According to the stories, the house was haunted by a faceless woman in white and a man in a black suit wearing a top hat.

Haunting in Oak Park and a Haunting Revisit to West Sac
A home in Oak Park was investigated by the Haunted and Paranormal Investigations of Northern California. Here are the results of their ghost investigation.

My Daughter's Imaginary Friend Was an Evil Ghost
It's common for a child to have an imaginary friend. Here is one woman's story about her child's imaginary friend that was actually a ghost. She researched the history of her haunted home and proved that ghosts are real.       Author's Comments on her Daughter's Imaginary Friend

Young Boy's Ghost in the Dark
The apparition stood at the side of the bed and stared at us. He was young and wore a baseball cap. It was the scariest night of my life and it was the night I started to believe in ghosts.

The Little Man
What happens when you see something but then you convince yourself it wasnt real BUT then your child sees it and tells you about it?

A Haunted House Story
I always felt as though someone was around me, and would see shadows and hear noises constantly. Just to put the final horror story finish to it, the day we were leaving, a neighbor told us that a previous occupant had hung herself in the stairwell

Ghost in The Funeral Home
What happens when your car breaks down in the middle of the night and the only phone is at a Funeral Home? Read this true ghostly experience as told by one of the people who were there.

Ghosts at my Grandparents House
I would like to share some true ghost stories with you. While I was at my grandparents house I experienced some very strange things. I believe their house is haunted.

True Ghost Stories In My House
Hi, I'm Megan and I'm gonna tell you about 3 ghost stories that have happened to me. I've always believed in ghosts because my dad does and he's been on Most Haunted.

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