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The True Story of the Excorcism Emily Rose

Posted on March 2, 2008

The number one box office hit in the USA in 2005 was The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Appealing to lovers of the paranormal, the movie portrayed a young girl possessed by demons and entailed her suffering and the many exorcism rites she’d endured to be freed.

The real Emily Rose, Anneliese Michel was a young, beautiful woman on her way to a career in elementary education. She was born on September 21, 1952, in a small village in Bavaria.

At the young age of 17, Anneliese’s life turned into a nightmare. She began having unusual Anneliese Michel the real Emily Roseseizures during the night, she’d described the symptoms as paralysis, a enormous weight on her chest, her body becoming rigid and she wouldn’t be able to speak.

Doctors at the Psychiatric Clinic in Wurzburg diagnosed Anneliese as suffering from Grand Mal epileptic seizures. After the occurrence of her third seizure, she spent close to a year in a psychiatric hospital in Mittleberg.   

During her stay at the hospital, she started seeing demonic faces, especially during her daily prayers and voices telling her that she was damned.

Doctors there began to medicate her with some type of anticonvulsant. Anneliese’s frustrations grew when the medications didn’t provide any help, she continued to see the faces and became more depressed.

Read the Rest of the True Story of the Excorcism Emily Rose

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223 Responses to “The True Story of the Excorcism Emily Rose”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had sleep paralysis happen to me twice and didn’t know what it was until a couple days ago. It happened to me about 18 years ago. Mine we’re so real. I really thought the Devil came to me while i was asleep. It was so terrifying to me. Sorry i don’t know what to do to prevent it from happening……just remember it’s all in your mind and not real…

  2. phil says:

    i’ve had experience on sleep paralysis and to this day i still have the a lamplight on in my bedroom when i go to bed at night….which i never did before….

  3. Ama says:

    Hello Laura,

    Did you ever get to the see the lady again? One explanation might be that she died that night, as did the baby .. and ‘Carlos’ either killed her (being the black mass) or she wanted him told that it had happened. She might have come to you because you had helped her during the day, and she remembered that. I hope, if it happened, that she passed easily into heaven.

    Sleep paralysis usually only lasts about 30 seconds – do you want to tell me what was actually happening to you, and how long it lasted?

    Love & Peace
    Victorian Paranormal Connection (under Friends on the right)

    • nikkimoe says:

      I have had strange things happen to me my whole life, but now in this new house…. ok i have all the same things happening to me as the others do except im not paralyzed… i can move and everything… but as soon as i turn off my light and lay down thats when he starts walking on my bed he starts at the bottom and creeps up to my face and as of recently it is tugging at my blanket… it sits on me i believe bc i wake up all soar every day…. its seem as if i sleep at my house i do not dream, but at someone else house i dream vividly, im also a lucid dreamer and have been able to control my dreams for years…but im not having any any more…..theres other things but this is the most menacing…. help?

      • Ama says:

        Hi Nikkimoe,

        Simple solution. Up on the right here, just over ‘newest answers’ is a link to the Michael Invocation. You can use that to clear energy, and the energy of your home, and that should settle down whatever is bothering you and get life back to ‘normal’ (always loved that word, have no idea what it means LOL). The instructions are on the page. If you have questions or problems there’s an email link to me on the page, or you can ask them here.

        Love & Peace
        Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

  4. voodoo chile says:

    I had it once but I did not see anything. It felt like something was holding me down and I tried to scream but nothing came out. It was so real. My mother said it was the hag riding me. This also happened to some friends of mine but they said they saw an alien.
    I think different people see different things.

  5. Alex says:

    I’m 38 . The first time I experienced sleep paralysis was at 5. I was also afraid, but I learned to control it simply by ignoring it. Sometimes it does not work, but it will be less frequent.

  6. shannon says:

    My husband and I bought a house last year– andi have experieced sleep paralysis 2x’s here…and never had befor. I will tell you that we have been experiencing so many things in this house that we had a paranormal team come out, and we had audio evidence of 3 different entities speaking–soo.. one evening I thought i heard my oldest son get out of bed–a thud with several footsteps.. I was laying at the op end of the bed so I had more room (two little ones had com in in the nite) I waited and did not see him (his room was right across the hall) then I called his nme ad nothing..so I decided to roll over ad try to sleep….a few minutes later I experienced the heaviest feeling pushing downon my head and upper body–I rememer tring to sit p but could not–could not open y eyes or call out either–and it seemed as though thee was a muffled conversation going o above me…
    What was that? was a spirit trying to attach itself to me or get into my body???

  7. Ama says:

    Hi Shannon,

    Since it doesn’t seem to have happened again, I doubt it was an entity trying to attach itself to you in any form. It might just have sat on the end of the bed where your head was?

    Have you had your house blessed? I would arrange that with a local minister. Nothing like a good dose of energy to clear unwanted entities from the building. If that isn’t what you want, asking a medium to come in and talk to the ghosts and send them into healing works well too. There is also smudging with white sage, or I use lavendar incense when I don’t just use energy to clear the space.

    Then you won’t have to worry about unwanted visitors .. unless your house is like some around here, that are constantly haunted (Melbourne australia and various other places around the world).

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (see me under Victorian Paranormal Connection under Friends on the right side of the page)

  8. shannon says:


    Thanks– I do believ more is going on in my home– I always used to joke to my husband thast I was channeling Julia Childs since we moved in because my cooking has become outstanding since we moved in–and usually I spend hours preping and have taken great joy in it. I had an overwhelming urge to plan a huge garden.. etc. Later When i was researching my home–it led me to the son of a couple that lived here for 30 years– he died in the car on his way home from a restaurant– his wife couldnt get him out of the car–so his son was called– she died 8 mos later. I later learned the couple had collected over 4000 cookbooks, and the man loved to cook–even spent time as chef at a local restaurant…..and their garden was in the exact same place as i put mine. SoI believe there may be some sort of attachment going on here….I do have another paranormalteam comming out in July– the first team said that they were shocked by what they found and I think the next team is going to do more work and try to pinpoit exactly what is going on and we are going to see if they can confirm if the spirits are the couple i feel it may be. We also have a child in the house– on the audio you can her a few faint screams and a child saying sorry… we feel this just may be an imprint rather than intelligent, however my husband did see a full bodied apparition of a boy sittin at our forml dinning table when he got up in the middle of the nite… Im trying to reserch more to see where he could possibly originate from. My husband is quite the skeptic–rather was a sceptic and for hi to admit he saw that is huge…… I alo do have a blessing in the works… there are so many things happening here it is too much to write about– I havent even touched on my middle son and his experiences–

  9. Ama says:

    Hi Shannon,

    Attachment to the house, perhaps? An attachment is a truly negative energy form, not someone who encourages you to cook – more an entity that drains all your energy from you, and twists your thinking into depression or worse, and suggests you pick up the knife and turn your husband into dinner. Luckily they don’t happen all that often.

    Houses get haunted by people who are afraid to let go and go to Heaven. The blessing will definitely help them.

    What was the first paranormal team shocked by?

    Love & Peace

  10. shannon says:

    Well..the last two months I have been extremely tired, depressed, my husband and I are fighting with such intense rage–he looked at me and said “who the heck are we?” I dont work (well I stay at home with my 3 boys) have my dream house…and i feel soooo empty. I usually have all kinds of projects– I mean I have been up in the ceilings putting insulation in–painting rooms, building closets– all big projects…but have had no energy to do anything… Ive started taking naps which I NEVER did–my three year old gets mad when I say we need to lay down….
    The team was just shocked to find as much activity that they did–I think they werent planning on finding much– there are 3 seperate entities– full sentenced intelligent evp’s—- “something” moved the camera that was set up in my boys room…it started ever so slowly to pan the room…and then flung quite quickly around.
    I know how I feel and that Im not myself….. but I have researched attachments and the spirit/entity does get the host to do things they used to in life— such as drugs..so IDK… I just know the team had some high eMF readings– so I cant explain the intense increase in cooking and the fact that I planted my garden in the exact same spot on the property that this man did….out of all the places on this property—its in the same exact place……

  11. Ama says:

    Hi Shannon,

    Sometimes the right house brings out our nesting instincts, and we change. That can be good. Sometimes a ghost may have an influence over our behaviour, if we let them, so the cooking and the gardening, both very positive activities .. were something you could already do, and perhaps it brought out that ‘best’ in you. This is not the activities of an attaching spirit – they feed off your negativity, not your happiness.

    The depression, and the anger, are a worry. Have you been checked out by your doctor? I always suggest the logical solutions first, before looking for metaphysical ones. If you have done so, then I suggest you use this Invocation to clear your energy, and ask your husband to do the same. You don’t have to believe in Jesus Christ, just in case you wonder .. it works just fine with athiests as well.

    In the name of Jesus Christ,
    Archangel Michael,
    Remove all attachments from me,
    All negative energy forms,
    All negative thought forms,
    All heavy energy forms.
    All intruders and mischief makers,
    All astral forces and dominants,
    All small demons and large demons,
    including succubus and incubus.
    All living humans who try to steal my energy,
    Or do me any other harm,
    And all humans in Spirit
    and take them Home.
    All threads and bindings
    All cords and ties
    All chains and devices of any kind
    All curses and hexes on any level
    All karmic patterns which are self-defeating
    Return me to my perfect energy now please
    Thank you.

    Read it through a couple of times to get an understanding of what is being requested, then say it out loud, and really mean it. Also, check out my webpages

    http://www.victorianparanormalconnection.com.au/SpiritsGate.html for both personal energy shields, and house shields.

    How soon before your house is blessed?

    Love & peace

    • Anonymous says:

      Just an update: after a year of my son being scared to death…being touched..whispered too among countless other things…we had our house blessed and cleansed….hardly anything happens around here anymore. …he is back to sleeping in his room all night!!!!

      • Ama says:

        Hi Shannon,

        That’s so good to hear. Thank you for telling us. I love successful outcomes. :-)

        Love & Peace

  12. Anonymous says:

    Shannon, please dont let anyone put things into your head. I also suffer from sleep paralysis on a regular basis, you are in between sleep and dream and a chemical in your brain is paralysing your muscles to keep you from moving. Try not to go to sleep on your back. Explore other posibilities to understand what is happening to you and visit your GP and if necessary a counsellor to discuss other stresses and issues you may have in your life. Try not to focus on the explanation you have chosen and remove yourself from it. We are boilogically very advanced and the answer is not always outside our own mind. Depression only exists if you allow it to. Dont feed it with this type of explanation. Get help from somewhere else.

    • shannon says:

      Well…. I totally believe in the PARANORMAL explanations.. things got so so bad..things were poking my middle son in his sleep
      …waking him..whispering to him.. I finally had the house blessed /cleansed and my son who is 6 finally sleeps all note in his own bed!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ama, I never saw the lady again. I know it sounds farfetched but its true.that was one or my more lighthearted experiences. Truely I’ve been able to see,hear,feel all paranormal sorts of things since I was very young. Ii believe I was being hounded so badly those yrs because I hadlearneed to block out most of my childhood memories until then when they came back and it took awhile to block them again. I still have my ability I block it mostly because I found more mal than good but I still like to go to the forest and let my walls down and feel the nature. I wish I Could learn more about my potential but letting it all in has shown to hurt my health .

  14. Ama says:

    Hi Anon .. I think you are Shannon.

    Yes, all that negativity can be very bad for your health, so you are smart in not letting it through. I’m glad you haven’t seen the lady again, but I still suggest you use the Invocation to clear your energy. It’s a light shakeup in comparison to some other things I know.

    Childhood memories .. I blocked them too, until my learning reached a point where I could understand what was happening .. and then they came free. It helped me to better understand who I am today.

    Love & Peace

  15. Laura G says:

    I have always had feelings, and sometimes I see things , mostly when I am close to sleeping.Or in dreams i am shown things that i have never seen before , people,places. Its like dejavu kind of but more intense, i will see a person and place ive never seen in my life and then be walking and see the person from my dream staring at me in the place ive never been .My dreams have prevented dangerous encounters and helped me find things ive lost. I know this sounds crazy, and im a christian so i have tried to supress my “feelings” because when i let my guard down it feels like only bad things come .I used to like to go places with strong feelings to try and clarify my feelings, but it seems most places with strong feelings are bad. Maybe Bad is just stronger . I dont know but It makes me feel like my gift isnt really a gift.

    • Ama says:

      Hi Laura,

      On this site we have 2 questions about lucid dreaming (very vivid and ‘aware’ dreams).


      //www.trueghosttales.com/questionsandanswers/how-do-you-achieve-a-lucid-dream/ Siddle is the man to talk to about this. You might consider writing to him on one of those two sites.

      The things you see just before sleeping are known as hynogogic images. Many people do this, and they are not unnatural.

      The dreams you have that you experience later are clairvoyant dreams.

      I am Christian too, and part of the Christian teachings is that anything unusual/psychic is generally a gift of the devil, which is not true. In certain churches being able to glimpse the future, to ‘know’ things about people, is also known as the gift of prophecy .. but it depends on what group of Christians you subscribe to. Your fear of the unusual might well draw negative entities to you, they do exist, but they are usually lost souls who crave your attention, and your energy. You are not less of one of God’s Children for having this gift, but like any gift from God it is a two edged sword.

      I suggest your research hypnogogic images on the internet, there’s a lot of good information there. And ask Siddle about the dreaming. When you read his answers on the sites I’ve given you, you will realise he knows a lot about the subject.

      Love & Peace
      Ama Nazra (listed here under Friends)

  16. Laura G says:

    Thank you I will defininately look that up, it makes alot of sense out of this! I have always had vivid dreams , and i can always remeber them, so maybe that has something to do with it. i will research it ! Im also pregnant right now if that has anything to do with why i am seeing hynogogic images. I believe if i could harness or understand what makes me have these dreams of what is coming i could use it to help people. its hard to explain the way it happens, I am just afriad of seeming.. not credible. I believe honesty is most important with anything, and i just want to say that because i dont understand why this happens either, if what happens is coinsidence or not. as for my predictions heres two examples of how it varies. I have had this happen to me since i was very young.I have always had lots of mm mind control. when i was young i lost my favorite necklace, i was very young maybe 12 and at school when i lost it, i had all my friends searching for it and i prayed and prayed i would find it. Then that night i had a dream where i could see my necklace very close up , not broad enough to pin point its location. It was partially buried in sand,being completely covered up by wind blowing sand over it. It was in a shadowy place with light peeking through these wooden slats also. well the next day as i was playing under our wooden fort and just as i saw the last night there was my necklace and just as i found it sand was covering it completely ! it was the exact moment of my dream! but that was a more obvious experience. Another time when i was in high school i was walking throught the surgery wings at the hospital with my father and i saw a surgeon washing his hands thoroughly before surgery. Nothing about him was memorable at the time i just barely glanced at him. Well that night i had a sleep paralysis dream. I felt paralysed and the same surgeon was standing in my room behinnd a table and he felt to me very worried and anxious. It was like he felt helpless like he didnt want a part or his responsability . He never spoke i just felt it and saw it on his demeanor. Other than me seeing him and not a shadow it was typical sleep paralysis. I have seen ghosts before, no doubt, not shadows , real as you and me ghosts that disappear, but not super often, and mostly strong feelings. I think as much as the next person would being in ghostly places at the right moment, but when i had sleep paralysis it was every night and not typical of sleep paralysis. Maybe me having vivid dreams has something to do with it

    • Ama says:

      Hi Laura,

      When we are pregnant our body chemistry is completely out of whack, and yes, some people do dream far more vividly, and see things they don’t usually see, when they aren’t struggling to make enough energy for ‘two’.

      I remember when I first started to ‘come out’ as a psychic. The hardest people to get to just let me myself was my own family. Even as a child I was not allowed, ever, to talk about anything unusual I had seen or done or heard .. I was told I would be locked in a mental hospital. Lovely way to raise a sensitive child. Just say I never raised my kids that way, even though I had to fight my mother to allow my daughter to grow into her beautiful and usual self. I can laugh about it now, but it instilled in me a great desire to be … whatever normal was? In the end I decided that I am normal, and other people are working towards it. LOL To be credible, I would spend time researching everything I can do, understanding every experience, testing every thought and feeling, until I wrapped myself in knots, and limited myself into a lump of uncertainty.. Hmm, :-) given the amount of talking I now do on paranormal subjects, and the help I get to give people around the world, I am amazed it took me so long to stop being frightened OF myself. Thats’ what it was .. fear of myself, of what I might become, if I ever stopped judging myself more harshly than anyone else around me.

      It took a few kicks in the butt from my friends, guides and angels, to make me change from a person who didn’t want to be judged, to someone who, for the most part, no longer cares if people doubt what I say. There’s been too much proof of the good the guides and I do now for me to do anything but mildly doubt myself as I work on a problem that is not a ‘quick fix’. And that doubt is what keeps my ego in check, though some people will scoff at that comment. LOL And I am blessed with great teachers .. the kind most people don’t see, but they are always with us .. our angels.

      The necklace doesn’t surprise me. You were intensely ‘searching’ for it, and would have connected to the vibration of ‘yourself’ upon the item, and dreamed it, or your guides reminded you of where it was. I lost one third of my wedding rings, via said daughter who took them outside to show her friends when she was about three. I always knew we would find it, but it was cutting it very close, when the kids and I were about to move from the mining town in the dessert of Australia. The two of them went outside to dig in the dirt while I was packing, a few days before we left, and 12 inches down in the bottom of the hole they had dug .. was the ring .. missing for over 2 years. LOL I never had a vision of its location, in all that orange sand, but I ‘knew’ I would get it back .. and had stopped worrying about it.

      Sleep paralysis happens when our minds wake up before our bodies do. When we are asleep our spirit goes out of our body and back Home, for lessons, to meet our soul family, or simply to astral travel to interesting places. Sometimes, when slipping back into our bodies, the connection is not perfect (mind/body/spirit) yet and our mind wakes up suddenly without the body connection. Our senses seem heightened, because as spirit beings they are that way, in comparison to our physical awareness, and we can ‘see’ all sorts of things. What was happening at the time of the hospital .. you might have been ‘visiting’ (astral travelling) there when you saw the doctor again, and became aware of his emotions and his feelings. Was someone important to you in the hospital then? That would certainly draw you in. You don’t have to answer that, its just to make you think about it.

      While we dream our brains release chemicals that stop our bodies acting out our dreams, or they are supposed to. LOL I’m told I ride a bicycle a lot? That might also increase the sleep paralysis you experience, or even cause it. It’s not a topic I’ve done an scientific research on, though there are some interesting webpages about it that are not hard to find. The vivid dreams might be lucid dreaming .. and Siddle is definitely the man to talk to about that. I stand in awe of his adventures. LOL

      Have I covered everything?

      Love & Peace

  17. Laura G says:

    Yes , i think its just hard for me to put a handle on what I am able to feel and see,because i always thought if you had a gift like this you would be one of those people who just “see dead people”, kind of cliche. I just think its strange that i see living people come to me with there problems via dreaming,or paralysis . Thats what I feel . although i havent had more than a couple sleep paralysis nights in years. its mostly awake or dreaming. Sometimes when im right in front of the person. i will want to talk to them aout the real reason there angry or upset but i know they havent told me yet. Sometimes i can just touch someone like on there shirt or shaking hands and tell what they are feeling or what kind of person they are. Ever sincei was young i could point out a bad person lol, my mom used to have an uncanny ability of inviting bad company and i ws always telling her who was bad, stopped a guy from ..bad intentions in our house once, turned out he had a gun and we all knew he was drunk. I geuss its got its perks!i diagnose alot of it to intuition

    • Ama says:

      Hi Laura,

      No, mediumship is just one aspect of the gift, though I notice it is more prevalent these days, or seems so. And some people who think they are talking to ‘dead people’ are actually talking to angels .. or visa versa. They don’t seem to be taught discernment, which is a real worry to me, and one of the reasons why I walked away from spiritualist churches. A ghost generally does not know the future, but will invent anything as long as the person keeps talking to them (and giving them their living energy). A spirit is usually a family member who will pass on a clear message before moving on again.

      The gift of empathy will allow you to ‘feel’ what others are feeling, but it won’t always tell you the motives. I never assume I know a hidden meaning to people’s feelings, instead I will ask them about what I am sensing, quietly and kindly, but only if I feel they want to talk to someone. I never invade a person’s privacy, even if I do ‘know too much’.

      Shaking hands is a custom that has gone out of practise, which is not good. What happens when we touch palm-to-palm, which is a proper handshake, is that my palm chakra touches the other person’s and we can ‘read’ each other .. who we really are and a whole lot more information about each other. Turning away from metaphysics meant that most people didn’t learn why we did this .. but its a form of protection, and an energy exchange .. much like ‘breaking bread’ or ‘sharing salt and water’.

      Yes, what we have are gifts, some based in intuition, a lot are a survival mechanism that we needed when we were all more primitive beings .. now .. they should be used for the good of everyone.

      Love & Peace

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