The True Story of the Excorcism Emily Rose

Posted on March 2, 2008

The number one box office hit in the USA in 2005 was The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Appealing to lovers of the paranormal, the movie portrayed a young girl possessed by demons and entailed her suffering and the many exorcism rites she’d endured to be freed.

The real Emily Rose, Anneliese Michel was a young, beautiful woman on her way to a career in elementary education. She was born on September 21, 1952, in a small village in Bavaria.

At the young age of 17, Anneliese’s life turned into a nightmare. She began having unusual Anneliese Michel the real Emily Roseseizures during the night, she’d described the symptoms as paralysis, a enormous weight on her chest, her body becoming rigid and she wouldn’t be able to speak.

Doctors at the Psychiatric Clinic in Wurzburg diagnosed Anneliese as suffering from Grand Mal epileptic seizures. After the occurrence of her third seizure, she spent close to a year in a psychiatric hospital in Mittleberg.

During her stay at the hospital, she started seeing demonic faces, especially during her daily prayers and voices telling her that she was damned.

Doctors there began to medicate her with some type of anticonvulsant. Anneliese’s frustrations grew when the medications didn’t provide any help, she continued to see the faces and became more depressed.

Read the Rest of the True Story of the Excorcism Emily Rose

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223 Responses to “The True Story of the Excorcism Emily Rose”
  1. Karen Houllion says:

    You see so much on TV about violence with a ghost or ghosts attacking you, then you will watch another document and they say they can’t attack you or hurt you? what I want to know is can they or can’t they hurt you, I mean (exp ) push you, throw something at you ?

    • Sujay Shankar says:

      Dear Karen,
      Hi, Its true that now a days we get to see a lot on tv. But believe me most of them are crap or they are extremely exaggerated. I firmly believe that there is something inside us which keeps us alive and it remains with us till a point of time. After that it is released from the body to merge with the eternity. But till the time it is with us it pushes us to breathe, to love, to care and to explore this beautiful and lovely world.
      So, respect this power inside you and worry for nothing else. This power will not let anyone or anything harm you. Enjoy life to the fullest.
      As far as pushing or throwing things are concerned I dont think any ghost will like to leave its peace and do these things with you. Dont pay attention to these stupid programs or documents.
      Please reply to me through this wonderful site.

      • Riena says:

        Dear Sujay, It is so comfortable to read your comment and how everyone wish world would be wonderful & beautiful to live in but that doesnt answer the question of what has really happened to Anneliese. It may happen again to someone and perhaps it could happen to your own siblings. At that time what would you do??? would you say the power from within will help the victim??? sciences can only cure temporarily thru medicines but ultimately if the victim suffers deep self esteem & very low will power and started doing incredible summersaults, how can medicines helps? and how the power from within could help?? thats when the victim needs spiritual help and guidance from another person who have the capabilities. We ourselves are the prove of something unimaginable are happening….and thats the work of god.

        • Sujay Shankar says:

          Dear Riena,
          Yes, if my child would have suffered like that, then I would have certainly be very desperate. But that is too hypothetical. I only want to convey that please dont stop living your life fearing an evil element. If there is bad then there is something very good to counter it. I am a Hindu and I firmly belive in my God. I know he is there looking at me, protecting and guiding me. So I will live my life to the fullest and make it fruitful.
          What happened to Anneliese was certainly very sad but I cannot hold on to that forever. I will move on.
          Anyway I would never wish whatever happened to Anneliese happens to your or my siblings. And I pray things like this never happen again.

      • cathlolic bishop says:

        ive only got 1 thing to say i read most of what you said and being catholic (recommendation) read the true story of the excorcism of emily rose and if you have then what happened to emily is happening to me demons and all if you haven’t read emilys story than read it and you’ll know what im talking about ,anyway god bless you and keep you safe and unpossessed by demons(unlike me) [< being disapointed]


  2. sonja says:

    thats so crazy what happened to her. I think God should have been there saving her but God sent her to heaven

  3. sonja says:

    i think its real

  4. TerraDawn Austin says:


  5. deepshika says:

    i think this is really scary and very interesting

  6. Carolann says:

    This is most probably a case of psychosomatic self-destruction. The mind is fearsome and in some cases, capable of great and terrible things.

  7. poulami says:

    omg how much pain she suffered…..the story is so scary..and really freaked me out

  8. miley says:

    this story is freakin awsome! its so sick and twiztid i love it

  9. Tonyell says:

    i think…no i know this stuff is REAl and it’s SCARES me to death to know stuff liike this can really happen but to overcome it all you have to do is have FAITH and BELIEVE IN GOD!!!1

    • Zoey says:

      Hi tonyell

      Yes you are absolutely right. We should put all our faith and trust in God because He knows whats best for the world. And sometimes, its sad like this story, but God knows whats best

  10. Britnie says:

    Dang..You never hear about the whole story. You only hear about all of these myths and diffrent stories. Kinda Creepy.

  11. tyra says:


  12. Amber says:

    Christ this was scary! the poor girl, I had no idea it was all real. How did she start speaking in a demonic voice and other languages during the exorcism?

    whoa I’m freaked out :S

  13. Louie says:

    hmm..they should call the prists because the many things, one is demons are hard to get of the person body, two prists know what t say, three it is impossble for normal person to do the thing, ect ect stuff that is impossble for normal person to get a demon out the person body.

    I remember I ment my frist ghost i was a kid about age 4-7 i really can’t remember what age i was, my sister was able see the ghost and we both got scared because the ghost that disapered from my parent and i gave away see ghost (pluse my sister) as i gone to christion the fear is over now i really happy for god took away but…i remember some one spoke to me at a dream it really hard for me remember but i did regret few things that happen to me but that i take who i’m am that who i’m am for that no one can take my will but only my will is my self

  14. Rosemary Campbell says:

    Possessions are real and I have written my Story on this site.
    I am possessed by four spirits

    This is all a true story and its not demons at all but the spirits of three of my Relatives and a man i knew before he died in l985.

    They have declared themselves satan’s followers and they have been sitting inside my body and are right there now, and they say they will not ever leave unless I can find a Priest to prove that he can actually force them from my body.

    As we know most people don’t believe in these things and since priests and Deliverance Ministers won’t believe the spirits who enter the humans body is really just the spirit of vengeful relatives or others who come back to torment us for what they consider deeds did to them when they walked the earth.

    In my case these spirits just want to be mean and say they are lab rats trying to see if a Priest or God Almigthy can force them from my body.

    Now the problem I am having is a Spirits who claims to be god has told them if they are inside my body when it dies they will be destroyed and now they are too terrified to leave my body and to cover up their fear and pretend to be brave the continue to attack me day and night.

    I feel if this could happen to me it could happen to almost anyone and I am telling my story hoping that someone will believe me and help me find a Preist to see if he can Exorcise them from my body.

    I have prayed to God and did the Holy Water thing but so far none of my Guides has been able to talk them out of my body and I have no idea what wille ventually happen to them but I can’t wait until I die to find out I need to try to find a way to force them from my body so I can live my life in peace.

    What makes this especially unbelievable is this man was a Psychaitrist when he walked the earth and he says he knows no one wille ver believe me because when people with this problem came to hsi office he never believed it.

    He is a very bitter man because he died in such a terrible way and was found laying on a jogging trail and he appears to blame anyone who is still alive here on Earth.

    Can you imagine having this happen to you and no one ever believes you it is one of the worst things that could happen to anyone and I am helpless and have no way to end it.

    I know few peole know t how to deal with this but I think everyone should know it can happen if a spirit wants to treat we humans this way

    • Samuel says:

      just keep on praying in faith and understanding. The LORD will have mercy

      • Linda says:

        Dear Samuel, I can not imagine what you go through each day . Do you have anyone to help you. Have family & friends pray with you, and may God be with you. I will say a prayer for you. GOD-BLESS…

    • mahmoud ahmed says:

      rosemary campbell i am a muslim living in egypt my name is mahmoud i beleive that islam is the correct and last religeon sent from god on ( mohamed ) his last prophet . your story affects me and i m sorry for you but let me tell u if you have tried everything without any tangible result or success to get rid of your ghosts you will lose nothing if u tried to ask god again not as a christian but as a muslim women because in this case you will be in the right path so that god can hear you and your invocations .

  15. Payton says:

    Heyy is this story true?? huh?
    well i know who is the 6 demons!! one is Lucifer!! Its Maybe scary for me i am only 12 years old i am turning 13 this year! if i were you i would just pray alot in the morning,daytime and the night plus:if i see the 6 demons i would just pray right away! so they will disapear right away !!! its maybe so trueeeeee!!! i use to hear ghosts around my house when my sister took a picture of me whilei was doing my homework me and my sister seen a ghost on the camera then we ran out !!oh yeah i heard you got prosessed! i got to go now!!

    • TaMmY says:

      Seriously learn how to spell…like you said, you’r 12 going on 13. And stop writing so many exclamation points! LEARN HOW TO WRITE!!!!

      • Caretaker says:

        TaMmY – That is really funny. You put someone else down for their spelling skills yet you have misspelled a word yourself!

        • anna says:

          ur right ppl have trouble spelling sometimes so no-one should judge.i know im not a good speller.we need someone like you toput ppl like her and anyone else in place.thanks

  16. Rui Da Maori says:

    this stuff happens everywhere i had a relative in new zealand who had a bad spirt or what ever it was possessed him. i mean he was doing stuff that freakd and scared sum of the hardest people i no so they saw sum spritual people 1 was a blind old man who told the family that he had sum bad demons (spirts) and there was actual 1 good spirt watching over this person the blind man told them what to do .one of the things the had to do was bless themselfs in the waikato river when they where in the water mi cousin said it was like the beach waves and stuff pounding them back

  17. pooja says:

    I think such things do happen. It’s true. I feel sorry for Ms Michel. The pain she beared for so many years is too much for a human being. May her soul rest in peace. And this things do not occur ever again to anyone in our world.

  18. Teresha B says:

    The entire time I watched the movie I tried to tell myself that it wasn’t real. Of course I knew that wasn’t the case, but convincing myself that it was made it easier to see the movie. While the movie was playing in the cinema, the ceiling fans kept going in a slow, circular fashion. This may not seem odd, but it did this for the WHOLE movie. It didn’t seem to be a low speed, but rather the speed you get when the fan is shutting off. You know right before it stops? Well it didn’t freak me out that much until I got home and my ceiling fan in my room was doing the exact same thing. But the fan wasnt even on! Ever since then I haven’t watched the movie. But I do thank god for Emily Rose because she made people finally see that God is real and we need to put him first. Thanks for listening….

    Teresha BEals

  19. Soph says:

    So she died?

  20. john says:

    what happen after her medication?

  21. Matthew says:

    I won’t believe about what happen in emily. I think it is only a nightmare. Every one should pray to our almighty God to ask Him a Guidance or a protection in our sleeping at night to take away a bad evil spirit.

  22. cristina says:

    I believe in what cant be seen strangely a kid my age doesnt believe in santa cluase but i believe in the paranormal world

  23. marina says:

    hi my name is marina
    iloved you movie it was good i wonder if you have a msn you i can add you for a firend ok bey

  24. Warrior Priestess says:

    The Real girl that was “possessed” says she Wanted to remain possessed? after all the torment she was going through? all because she says she saw the Virgin Mary Telling her to suffer? The God i know would not use others’ suffering to prove his existance, because thats not Love, thats Pain. God wants you to beleive in him out of Love, NOT Fear, or Pain. Only Demons say this: “FEAR ME…. PRAIZE ME!! BE AFRAID!! WORSHIP ME IN PAIN!!” Now tell me, does that sound like the words of a True Loving God?
    This Girl was devestated by something horrible, and it was NOT God, i sincerely doubt that it was the Devil. I’d say she perverted her own mind at First, and THEN WELCOMED the Demons. She was also starving herself, she had lack of sleep etc… In the old days, Sleep-Deprivation was a form of torture, it cause hilucinations and Absolute MADNESS. She was suffering from herself. Something MADE her snap, but what that was… I am uncertain. She may have become an insomniac, or suffered from a sleep disorder that just grew worse. The brain can only take so much strain before it puts out. And THEN they gave her all those Medications? And Back THEN, pills were different today and god only knows what type of side-effects they had on her, espeacially with everything else that was going on w/ her… Think about that.
    I dont beleive in possession, but under these circumstances, i doubt that Possession came first, i’d say that her Psychosis came first and it weakened her enough to invite demons. She probably brought them herself. Who knows, she might have became curious and started dabbling in Black-Arts and the Occult… Or another possibility is that her parents were behind it all….

    • gursimran says:

      hey ……i totally agree with you even i think god would never say anyone to suffer so that people believe in him…….but that was only in the movie not in real case of miss michel……and hear the tapes once before you conclude that it was her mental construct …….
      like i am not sayin that you are wrong its might be that you didnt knew the whole story…….you can hear the tapes at youtube……..

  25. me says:

    this is true … my auntie in laws old bos suffered the same or almost the same thing … only he experiences it by himself and only people close to him knows about it …. he says that at times when he goes to sleep, he would feel great pressure on him making him uncapable of breathing and suffocating.

  26. Sonia Purewal says:

    Personally i find this really upsseting she is a innocent beautiful girl who didnt do anything but be religious and this is what happened to her and the only word i got stuck in my hea is ‘why’ why did they do this to her?She never did nothing to her!!!

  27. Jackie says:

    Just looking at her picture makes me sad and i’m glad i saw this part of the site as i didn’t realise or remember in the film that the virgin Mary apparently told her to suffer. I think whatever was inside her or attacking her was pretending to be the virgin Mary – don’t believe for a second that Mary would tell her to suffer!!
    That was probably what caused her to die as she thought she must continue letting them hurt her and then all the prayers in the world couldn’t save her!! Now i think i understand, but there’s still Cortney’s tale called, offer of satan disguised. I hope that one has a happier outcome – please God!!

  28. lillya says:

    i know that demons sometimes posses people to kill or toutre them but some ghosts are trying to portect some people or the demon will gather all the ghosts in the house to make the demon stronger!

  29. TiNaH says:



    HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Celia says:

    Hi!, I`m Celia and I`m 11.What a cruel story. I can`t believe Hitler possed her! I really feel bad. = (

  31. wayne mackril says:

    How much money did hollywood make out of this poor girls plight????the movie,although well made and rather scarey,does nothing to enlighten the viewing audience but rather leaves one with a sense of forboding and asks more questions than it answers…Historiclly,possesion was the answer for alot of behavior that today well all know can be attributed to mental health disorders.The film only touches briefly on the ‘fact’ that emily studied acient hebrew and other dialects not used today prior to her “possesion”Obvoiusly she convinced herself and then procceded to convince those around her{all highly religeous people themselves}A victim of her own ill mind and the fundamental belief system surrounding her,She stands before us all as a constant reminder that ignorance can be dangerous and that the christian fundimantalist belief system is basesd in fantasy and superstition,lets not forget how many women died at the hands of the “witchfinder general” Mathew hopkins!!!

  32. chloe says:

    Why dont you guys who own this sight have something about bloody mary stories, and Mary Worthington and dosen’t emily rose still haunt the earth?

  33. stephanie says:

    I am an English woman who came across this site whilst doing some research on pychiatric disorders, the content of this site has saddened me so much I must write something. I feel extremely shocked that there are people, in the world, young and old living with the fear, terror and ignorance of superstition and badly taught religion.

    If your religion makes you feel happy and safe, it is good but if it makes you believe that any human sickness is a sign of possession by the devil then you are trapped in fear within your own mind, nothing else.

    To the writer who feels she is possessed, please, please make an effort to speak to a medical doctor about your feelings, sometimes these feelings can be a part of growing up, other times they can be a sign that something chemical is going wrong within the body and mind.

    Please understand that I have worked for many years with those suffering from mental sorrow and distrress and the things you describe here are well known to me.

    The story of Emily Rose as you have seen it on film is not true to the facts of the case. The poor girl starved to death , the priests who said she was possessed said she must fast (this happened over 10 months) because fasting was part of their exorcism ritual. They performed exorcism so many times telling her she was unclean when she was just a poor,sick, frightened young girl. She died of malnutrition as anyone would.

    If anyone out there identifies with this poor girl you need all the human love and help that you can find. Please go and find it – but not in someone who wishes to control you with religious fear and self-hate.

  34. mariah whitted says:


  35. Minty says:

    Inside the Christian religion, my religion, beliefs differ. It seems quite a few people seem to look at Catholic beliefs as the whole of Christianity. The fact is that not all Christians believe the same as Catholics. Just to set that straight. ;)

    I do believe in demons and that they can possess people, but I also believe that if you have faith (believe) in God, have confessed your sins to Him and have accepted the free gift of salvation that the Holy Spirit comes into your heart, and also protects you from evil. Let me put it this way; if you have God in your life, your heart (if you are saved) then Satan can’t get to you, you can’t be possessed or the like. It’s not the rosary that does it, or Mary – the mother of Jesus (she was only human). It’s faith.

    However, what some people above, like Stephanie, said I also agree with. People can sometimes let their minds play tricks on them. People can become brainwashed, possibly even brainwash themselves.

    This is a horrific story, I hope the likes of it will never occur again.
    God bless you.

  36. GHOST ANGEL says:


  37. Rachel says:


  38. ashlen says:

    wow.i never knew the stuff.the movie was a little different then what the
    story said.

  39. Alex says:

    This story will change my life forever even though I am only 13 years of age this is very deep to me…….the fact that she suffered for other people to see that their are really demons and still her parents and the priest went to jail. I think that is crazy! I have now made up my mind about what what i want to be when I grow older. I would like to be an dealthy wordon. A dealthy wordon is someone who teaches people about spirits, and demons. Thanks to this story I have become very interested in the after life and demons.

  40. jhune-lee says:

    i thnk its true..its a warning that we should pray always to god..

  41. jhune-lee says:

    pray to god..its a reminder.always have faith..

  42. Celticlassie says:

    I believe with all my heart and soul that there is a God of goodness but I also believe in the devil and his evilness both dwell here .but I know God can over whem any evil here on this earth and he dose evil and the devil never can win over Jesus

  43. Anonymous says:

    i think wat happened to emily has been a messege to all that demons are there.and lord jesus is with us in every way.thats why when emily suffered he gave her a chance to choose good for herself but she chose the messege for all mankind .she was an angel and her spirit went to heaven .

  44. shanky acharjya says:

    Well I think the story real but not a ghostly one. There may be many other facts behind the problems. Demons are something else then that. nd the above mentioned exorcism is nowhere.

  45. Reid says:

    Whether you denie this story is true or not.. You can not denie the fact that this has happened many times in history.. If you read in the Bible Jesus performs exorcisms on many people and as a believer in Christ i understand. But for people who need visual evidence this is going to be as good as you can get.. This stuff happens and unless you have faith you will never be 100% protected. I do love how people try to throw medical reasons behind all this.. Well MAYBE she had learned seven different languages at her house by herself before she started speaking unknown languages.. MAYBE she started to train with the monks to activate both vocal cords.. MAYBE she was crazy…. OR maybe she had a demon? The truth is to all of you medical and scientific experts on the internet some things in life we can not understand and we will never understand.. Sometimes you just have to beleive that there is things out there you will never quite grasp and you just cant throw another excuse at it.

  46. Sarah says:

    Totally agree with Stephanie’s post, written in August.

    The likely facts are that Anneliese Michel had initially experienced sleep paralysis, which she interpreted as demonic visitation – understandable, given that sleep paralysis is terrifying, sufferers frequently hallucinate and feel as if they are being held down – and don’t forget the early hellfire and brimstone religious indoctrination Anneliese was subjected to whilst growing up.

    I see there are a lot of young people posting here; my daughter is 13, and asked me about demonic possession last night, having seen some of the Emily Rose film. I was happy to tell her the facts behind the case, and that there has never been any convincing evidence of demonic possession.

    I echo Stephanie’s advice – if anyone on here is experiencing thoughts, feelings or seeing things which disturb them, please talk this through with someone you can trust, as soon as possible – you don;t have to suffer.

  47. Claudia says:

    I don’t believe in ghosts or in exorcism, but the case of Emily Rose moved me very much. I think she was very sick with a disease maybe then was not known and so have had such conduct, but I think inesplicável but what I think inesplicavel is that it speak different languages and say that he was possessed and want to die.I do not know if this is true because as they say “tell a tale adds a point” so why is the case in question: Is there are spirits and exorcism ?
    Leave a vow of silence for the brave Emily Rose.
    Signed Semblano Claudia, 13 years old, Portugal

  48. emily says:

    i think its real i have seen two other people who were possed and its sad. i feel for her parents. Sorry God wasnt there to help her!

  49. emily says:

    i think its true well in fact i KNOW its true. i have seen two ither people in my life who were taken advantage of by “demons” and “satan” and it was scary then. ifeel soo bad for her parents and i am sorry that God wasnt there to help her get better

  50. GHost HAUNTer says:

    This is almost like many other cases and this is real

  51. tran ngo says:

    it’s so sad
    my sister didn’t want to see it but still, i saw the last pic and i’m not sure y did they punch her and y is her neck (or throat) so big?
    that is wat i want to know.
    i can ‘t belive that she is possested by those demons.
    this is real and almost like any other cases.

  52. dina says:

    a totally terrifuinghorrifing deathly scary unbelievable killing story that creeps me out each time i hear its’ name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Anonymous says:

    as a catholic myself i can not imagen how it would feel to ahve demons living inside me i saw the film but the true account is breath taking and mind blowing my heart goes out to her family. but more importently herself for copeing with something that one eles can see

  54. jhayrod says:

    we all have seen what happen to emily..

    we dont ever know what if one, it will happen to us…

    so please, always remember.

    dont loose your strong faith with God.

    believe with Him.

    thank you.

  55. angelblueeyes says:

    i absolutely hate this story, it has always taken a lot to scare the crap out of me, not one scary movie has even so much given me the chills, but i could NOT finish this movie when i watched it. Because this story is true, and all of the events in the movie is how it happened to this poor girl, i just cant bring myself to even THINK about it with almost peeing myself. People need to realize how true this story is, even if you are religious, it still happens, and its one of the scariest things i have ever heard of. ugh, now im all freaked out=(

  56. geri says:

    things happen in this world and some are very weird and you never will know if it can happen to you it’s a scary world , but some times these ghost can not be what you think they are they mite be people who can’t just go away they need to finish something they stated before they left our world.

  57. alisha saya says:

    this is one weird story and i belive it to that girl was sweet and would never hurt anyone i bet . im glad she past in a good way god in looking after her now she is in good hands

  58. Haylie Froelich says:

    thats sooooooo crazy and scary i also believe in that stuff and ive also been posessd before and whoever was in me made me cut my throat,cut myself, and almost made me STAB MYSELF

  59. Theresa Watson says:

    i should know she felt. i thought i was possessed too, plus my own grandma james is a witch and i was in the same house she did witch craft.

  60. iluvhorror says:

    i believe this even tho its scary but im not scared cauz i have god and everything good on my side

  61. iluvhorror says:

    and 4 all the ppl that said im srry god wasent there WELL HE WAS! hes always there he did thid for the good of us and he rewored her and shes resting now and thats all that matters

  62. iluvhorror says:

    o and some advise 4 every1 who is scared u dont need 2 b god is with u soooooo its ok and minty is sooooooooo rite its faith in The lord, god is will always b with u even if u did do something rong and he will aways love u and hes all watching over u

  63. alena says:

    My family have incoutered in some very super natural incidents. My little brother has been awaken by scares in the night..

    One morning at 1:21 i found him crying and screaming. When i picked him up he was yelling at the window. i looked and found that there was nothing in the window. But he saw something and was crying and yelling at the window. i was freaking out but that was not the beginnning of the morning scares. the next night he was screaming but what was unormal was that it was at 1:21 AGAIN. oUR HOUSE WA new and wasnt haunted but the land is. My mother told me that before our home was built it was a store. i am scared of waht might come next but i am very nervouse of what will happen tonight at 1:21 .

  64. Kelly says:

    I think that it is amazing what a normal teenage girl went through. She was very brave and very strong about what happened. I think its the most amaing story I’ve ever red or heard of.

  65. Jen says:

    um ok iluvhorror it was scarry. i bet u’ve never even SEEN something like that i and a lot of other people have. u don’t need 2 say that. i’ve seen WAY more thing then u could have ever seen and i’m still a teenager! so take it easy with ” i wouldn’t be scared” crap cause u would!

    goos story

  66. Mikayla says:

    God WAS there for her!! He was there the WHOLE time!!! Want to know why, because he sent her to heaven. He wasn’t going to put up with all that demon stuff!

    If you believe in the lord, you’ll know your always protected, even when it seems your not.

    Thank-you, MNM

  67. stephanie says:

    ii really believe daat diss storyy iss reall……….itt shows whatt really happenedd……
    ii thinkk daat 90% of diss moviee wass BULL……all yuu peoplee havee twew remeberr iss daat ITTS HOLLYWOOD!! MOST OF ITT IS FAKE OR MADE UPP! speakingg off moviess yuu all havee twew watch A HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT!

  68. theresa says:

    some people dont believe in paranormal things but they dont know what there talking
    about til you have been with somebody who was or is posessed, or til they are! and
    4 the people that do believe youprobly know what im talking about. but 4 the people the that think that god (no affence) is will protect if you do something bad,your crazy. he will protect you but if you something bad he will punish you. well, i should know because iv done a lot of things.

  69. presley L. says:

    the story sounds like somthing ive heard before but it was about a lil girl who got possed by demonds and bit all of her family members ate 11 cats and dogs and she was only five

  70. tyra says:

    Why are people up there saying the Virgin Mary was saying for her to suffer?You guys obviously reading correctly because it said that she gave Anneliese a CHOICE: to go to heaven right there or to go back and give the message.She was an angel who wanted to let the world know what things are out there and that God is real.The story really is very sad and i wish that no one ever goes through what she went through, but it keeps happening.Every thing evil is because we have sinned… not because God makes it so.Think about it, would there be killers or crack addicts if we were all still living in the garden of eden and Adam and Eve hadn’t sinned?

  71. Rebecca says:

    Hi. Whats wrong with her high school photo? Her neck looks thick. Was the devil in her when they did the photo? Poor girl.

  72. Total Case of Neglet says:

    Why are both of Annaliese eyes bruised? no one can punch their own eyes like that, and why is their a man’s hand choking her? This is obviously a poor neive young woman who grew up with sacre religous weirdo parents like in the movie “Carrie”. With genetics and probably some form of abuse growing up added to her skitsophrenia. I can’t believe that the guilty had such a loose punishment. I heard the audio and have seen the before and after pics and I have a physic intution, and I feel that this girl was abused. and was mentally ill.

  73. Emily says:

    This story is so sad. The child should have lived. She should not have died in the dawn of life. The demonic forces took over her for reasons unknown. The question is: Why did it have to be her? I have done research on many hauntings and demonic possesions. This story by far had to be the most sad of them all. From the pictures, Annaliese was put through the ultamite torture. She was barley recognizable. Even though everyone knew that it was their same child, she was tortured and pssesed by tortured spirits. This story full told could bring tears to peoples eyes. She looked brutally murdered yet she had it in her to keep going. I would like to someday visit her grave. I also am going to continue with reasearch.

  74. Emily says:

    The most sad part is that she was only given two choices. Death or to keep going through this torture. She chose to stop the exorsisms and die. Annaliese predicted the day she would pass and it happened. She rested peacefully and is in a better place now. She was changed from a beautiful young girl do a possesed girl who looked battered and starved. Though the people were convicted of neglect, she was the one who ate no food when it was provided and Annaliese could not be there for them to testify that she did not want to eat. She passed and all her hell and her parents hell ended. The family should have been sad yet happy to know that Annaliese’s torture and the pain that was inflicted upon her has passed and now she is save and warm and she knows that she was loved and still is.

  75. iluvhorror says:

    Emily that was very sweet, touching and caring

  76. Mary Lara Shane Gaspar says:

    In mostly times people believe that ghost or demons and anything paranormal is just fictional.But I know that they are truly real. This story is a proof that it is true. No one will write this or tell the story of Anneliese’s life if it is not true. by now people should believe this. and i know that this story will come down until the near future.

  77. carri says:

    I really do believe in this stuff. I feel sorry for Annaliese’s. I pray that god helped her. My mother had some mental problems and as a child I went to state mental institutions to visit her. It was really sad. I saw pure evil at some of these places. There were crazy people, child molesters, rapists, people possessed with demonic spirits. I believe that Annaliese was possessed but she also was mentally ill. The evil methods that the state institutions did to people in the 1970s like electric shock treatment is an injustice to humanity. I am forever affected by witnessing the state mental institutions as a child with my brother and sister. The barbaric methods that the mental institutions used in the 1960s and 1970s probably encouraged the evil atmosphere of these institutions.
    I am sure Annaliese had visited a state mental ward.

  78. hannah says:

    Yes they can hurt/posses/mess with you.
    Poltergiests , well I’m sure you know what those are.
    Demons will posess you.
    & Ghosts well their just ghosts?

  79. savannah says:

    i had an aunt who was possed my demons she said they touched her they talked to her they told her come with us and we will protect you we would hear her in her sleep screaming no no no than one day we walked in the hospital room dhe was sitting in a chair all silent mumbleling something then she screamed grabbed my dads shoulder saying theyer coming. after that we left the next day we got a call that she shre hung herself

  80. savannah says:

    this is like many the other cases but this is real

  81. Felicity says:

    i didn’t know all of this excorcism were true.. what we should do about them

  82. manoj says:

    It may be true

  83. Joseph Santoro says:

    This is an amazing story one of strength and devotion!!! She should be made a saint for suffering for her faith like that its like she was a martyr

  84. beckyblues says:

    I think what happened to her was unnessasary. Even though myself believe in God. If she was my daughter i would of got her into the hospital with restaints and get her nurse back to health and try the exorcisum another day to build her health up again. then sent a pentacostal preacher in there.make sure she recieved Jesus christ in heart. another words recieving the holy spirit in her life sence God is holy wont allow in thing evil in you he would be kicken those demons out on there ear, thats the differance between the catholic religion and the protestants. the catholics believe its the good deeds that get you into heaven not the spirit God

  85. human says:

    is this really true?well if it is that is so sad i cried also i reaal dont think the mother father or the priest should of got charged

  86. rebecca says:

    beckyblues- dont you think doing good deeds is the spirit of God? Jmo

  87. kristal22 says:

    WOW…..I don’t know what to say ……creeps me out but if you trust in god then you will be good but “make sure you trust in god day and night where ever you are” :]

  88. Drea says:

    When I first saw the Exorcism of Emily Rose, as a lapsed Catholic, I was skeptical but curious. It drove me to go out and buy a book about Anneliese Michael, so that I could separate the facts from the fiction in the movie. The true story pained me more than the movie. What Ms. Michael suffered was touching and horrendous for certain; but I still wasn’t convinced, yet. I went on to do some rather extensive research on demonic possession and paid particular interest to what Catholic exorcists had to say on the topic… In the end, I came to the conclusion that demonic possession is quite real. Though rare, it can and does happen…and the victims often suffer needlessly because no one wants to believe they are possessed, the Catholic Church is very reluctant to provide exorcisms today (lest they be called “superstitious” and “archaic”). I think this is a horrible mistake, as Jesus clearly exorcised demons in the bible. Can we pick…should we chose which miracles of Jesus we believe in? Did He not tell His apostle’s to cast out demons in his name? The Church should be ashamed…

    In addition, nothing can happen that God does not allow — but we should not assume he allows suffering without reason. We just may not understand His plan. St. Theresa, Padre Pio, John of the Cross…were all subjected to demonic attacks. Perhaps God allows this test to strengthen faith? Most do not die from possession… though Padre Pio prayed for death, so that he could join his Savior. Maybe God allowed Anneliese the greatest of all gifts, because her faith proved so strong — eternal life in His presence.

    After many faithless years, years spent angry with God for my own personal reasons, one girl’s story wound up changing my life. My faith has been renewed…I feel a peace I haven’t in years…and it all began with Anneliese Micheal’s story. I feel I personally owe her a great debt.

  89. Jen says:

    Leaving this with my last comment…..Its sweet that she chose to take her own life to protect other spirits

  90. Uriah says:

    This is CRAZY.. Crazy crazy crazy!!!
    But i do believe it…

  91. Uriah says:

    She was so beautiful… how could something like this happen to her… poor poor girl…

  92. Janelie says:

    Such a tragic story

  93. brooke says:

    i have seen the movie but i never new it was real.
    i belive in the supernatural all that UFO stuff monsters and everything else.
    that poor poor girl. i feel sorry 4 her parents.

    • The Caretaker says:

      The movie wasn’t real, they changed the story so much when they did the movie that it was very different from what actually happened. Funny, “they” do that a lot. They say a movie is based upon true facts but in most cases it is very loosely based and has been changed A LOT just to make the movie more interesting or whatever.

  94. viper says:

    thats crazy!! i never thoght there was really a girl who went through that…scary. but intresing. so many people believe that ghosts and other demonic creatures such as vampires and such are unreal unless seen with thier own eyes….but theyre wrong they exist…they survive around you…you just never know where they are.who they are. and if they right beside you………………watching.

  95. tiffiny samuals says:

    so crazy i didn’t know it was true i’m frighted:(

  96. jin.29 says:

    i realy believe in demonic posesion but i can,t imagine what you can do to lose your soul.

  97. Amanda - 15 says:

    omg. its like Arthur millers crucible. like mass hysteria. omg scary or what man. interesting though.

  98. Holly says:

    It is true, I lived in a haunted house for a long time, and when I told my mother about the ghosts I had seen and heard, she told me I was just dreaming it all up. When I tried to tell other people about it, they told my parents I was “hearing voices” and needed medication!! I took prozac for a year, and turned into a complete zombie. Finally at age 15, I left home, and 20 yrs later I still see and hear what others can’t. I know I’m not crazy, I used to think it was a curse, but its more of a blessing to be able to know that there is life after death, and that they still need living beings to take them to the afterlife. Or at least know their story if they don’t want to leave!

    • The Caretaker says:

      Hello Holly – May I invite you to join our paranormal forum to discuss these things? We have lots of great people.

    • Riena says:

      Hi Holly, I believed u when u said uve heard voices. Here d tips 2 avoid disturbance :1. sprinkles some salts at every corner of ur room or house. 2: wash ur feet & hands b4 entering house,3. do NOT let any foods lay around, 4. bend down with face down while standing..let the blood flows into the brain, 5. while having periods, take care not to go out at night too often & dispose the pad hygenically, 6. try to get a water called ‘ZAM ZAM’ from nearby Arabic Shop. I could go on & on but the best is to take the is not a Holy fact it is the purest form of water in the can cure your mind & soul…thats juz helping…plz help yourself….this is an alternative cure which works wonder…i gained nothing from this tips but I am a very sincere person…juz wanting to help…tc.

      • Riena says:

        Dear Holly, forgot to mention..’ZAM ZAM’ water can only be purchased in Makkah, Arab Saudi during pilgramage seasons that is at the end of the year. So you can try looking for Muslim’s friends & request a little becoz all muslim’s family keep this water safe in their houses for emergency purposes (sickness, death, disturbance of any kind) & they can only keep few small bottles…the most magnificient of all liquid that never running short till now. Put aside about religion or whatever, the most importance is to get cured ! And short brief abt this whole mess problem : Devil dont show themselves. They are running flow in our blood and as when we are in our most fragile state, they will attack us (in the brain). As for Genies, they are a filthy creatures (includes the elves – invisible creatures) created by Mighty God even before Human being created…they are able to show themselves in many forms as they wish. They loves to play around with humans. teases us…some even can hurt us. Take care.

  99. Kiwiboy2671 says:

    this is so very sad what happen to miss Michel as i read how much she suffered an the pain i felt in my heart just from reading the story from this site. I am a firm beleaver in ghost sprites good an evil i have always been interested in the unkown but now i have a family of my own i dear not go to far cause when you push to far something mite push back and alot of the time its not you that gets it but someone close to you. my heart goes out to ya miss Michel and all that was involved i hope you have found peace.

  100. LeeBee says:

    After watching this movie in the Cinema a friend of mine almost immedietely suffered from anepileptic seizure right there in the mall,I’ll never forget it,luckily a lady who helped got a spoon and prevented her from swallowing her tongue and for that I was very thankful,after the incedent my friend was back to normal had no memory what so ever of what happened to her and could only emphasise on how the movie had impacted her,now how ironic is that??

  101. fool seven says:

    How can one believe in GOD when so much evil show face more then GOD does, how could this happen to this child? GOD is supposed to take care of children from spritual evil cause there are a lot of humans who don’t care for their kids, our children are a great gift from GOD, WHY would he allow such evil to act this child?

  102. Believer says:

    The fact that evil is out there. Anything is possible. We must try to keep God in our
    lives as much as possible. When I was a child I had several experiences’ that made me
    a believer to this day. I also believe that good will overcome the bad somehow in some
    way. We have to keep an open mind about these things and not allow evil to run our lives. The one thing I have learned is to be positive and to think positive in everything I do. And thank God for the gifts we recieve.

  103. Bilal says:

    I saw many comments on this (intresting/amazing/ or freak me out) kind of story.i just get pity on her.may God rest her in peace.and about the demons offcoure they exist.if some of u people dont believe it then just go one round for pakistan and also ksa(makkah).

  104. Karen M. says:

    Bilal, what is a ksa(makkah) is that like the sufi’s in turkey who preform exocisims?

  105. Mahogany says:

    That stuff scared the livin mess out of me i didnt know all of that ive jus watch the movie now im scared to go to bed at 3am but the story was still sad at the same time.

  106. 9En1 says:

    Read this story in class as part of a project. We all belived it and showed us the powers that are beyond our control!