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This section of True Ghost Tales represents our ghost story archive. Most were published before we created our paranormal blog to present our reader submitted ghost stories to our readers. Stories will no longer be added to this section on a daily basis. However, we add new ghost stories and ghostly stuff to the blog every day. Browse the long list of stories here or visit the Paranormal Blog

I've Seen Many Things ~ Ghosts & Paranormal Experiences ~ Added 03/27/2008
When I was young my grandparents lived in a very old apartment house. My grandmother was full blooded Cherokee and believed very much in ghosts. Granny always told my mom that the house was haunted, but mom never believed them.

Many Demon Experiences | A True Story ~ Added 03/20/2008
Demonic attacks broke my family apart. I didn't want to go anywhere because I would feel the demons who were attached to other people jump on me sometimes and I would have to fight them off, sounds crazy but it is true.

A Raging Spirit - A True Story Of Spiritual Warfare ~ Added 03/17/2008
Here is a true story about a ghostly spirit that was very mean. "We saw things fly off shelves. I watched a Bible thrown from behind Kayla." This entity.

Demon Possession ~ A Candid Conversation ~ Added 03/13/2008
Rosemary and Tim discuss Rosemary's story about demonic possession.

My Experiences With Demons ~ A True Story of Possession ~ Added 03/12/2008
Most people seem to think Demons are completely different from the ordinary Spirits of the dead but I believe Demons are simply the spirits of the dead who choose to come back to Earth and seek vengeance against their enemies whom they knew before they died.

Reincarnation | A Metaphysical Journey ~ Added 03/09/2008
One of the first books she read was the 'Reincarnation of Bridie Murphy'. At this young age, she didn't have an inkling on what reincarnation was, but this book intrigued her and she found herself taking a journey into the portal of the unknown.

Grandpa Sinkes' Ghost In The Basement ~ Added 03/08/2008
I'm looking for help. I've been researching for a paranormal expert or someone I can talk to who believes. I think Grandpa Sinkes ghost has came to haunt me at my house finally. I don't know what I did to him or why he likes to scare me, but it's getting tiring.

Ghost Playing My Piano ~ Added 03/08/2008
When I saw the ghost, I stood there mouth gaping open in shock as chills covered my body. Her fingers told me to come to her as she sat on the left side of the bench just waiting for me to sit down. I screamed at the top of my lungs as I ran up the staircase straight into my parent's room.

Clear Creek Horror - Ghosts In The Corn Paddock ~ Added 03/07/2008
I have been interested in the supernatural since I was a young boy and have tried to learn as much as possible, by doing this I have been to many haunts and witnessed a lot of supernatural happenings, and what I believe to be ghosts.

Spooky Activities of the Delta King of Sacramento ~ Added 03/04/2008
The Delta King of Sacramento is a fabulous river boat. Patrons have seen a ghost going down the hallway, or heard her singing...'ring around the roseys'. There are stories of many entities that hang out on this river boat. Here is the story of the paranormal investigation of he Delta King of Sacramento

Case of the Lady in Mourning, The Horned Creature, Faces in the Mirrors, Shadow People, The Ghostly Priest and a UFO ~ Added 03/04/2008
This was a strange paranormal investigation. Is there some kind of portal bringing in possible aliens, shadow people, ghosts and everything else that goes bump in the night that equals to the Skinwalker Ranch that is located near or around this home.

Man With The Blurred Face ~ Ghost Or Nightmare? ~ Added 03/02/2008
Ten years ago Amy was terrified by an entity with a burred face. She saw the blurred man in her nightmares and when she was awake. Eventually a priest was brought in by her parents. Now Amy shares her eerie and thought provoking story with us.

Haunted Recreation Centre in Canada ~ Added 03/02/2008
I approached the lady at the desk to say goodnight and surprised myself by asking "So how are the spirits in here?" and to my surprise she answered, "Oh, there are lots of them, but they're OK. They only usually come out at night towards closing." She then went on to tell me that the big mirrors in the weight room usually had a child's finger prints every morning, even if they are thoroughly washed the night before.

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