Childhood Memories Of A Previous Life?

Posted on January 22, 2009

I’m going to get right to the point of the first time something happened. Something most people wouldn’t think is so normal. Well I hope you are a little more opened minded then most.

When I was three (As I was told by my mother. I was a little young to remember at the time.) I talked about missing my aunt. Well, we had just moved. So my mom thought that I was talking about my aunt who we had just moved away from. She dialed her number so I could talk to her. I was very upset because I didn’t want to talk to that aunt. Instead I wanted to talk to my aunt who I lived with when my parents died. My mother was shocked by what I was saying.

Later my grandmother called to see how we liked our new house and everything. Well my mother was worried about me so she told my grandma. My grandmother believes in past lives and thought I was speaking about one and told my mom to get as much out of me about it as she could.

Over the next week my mother only got that my parents had died and I was sent to live with my aunt. I talked about living in the old west. That I rode a hoarse to school and that I had died at seventeen. I wouldn’t tell her anymore.

After all that happened everything was normal. Well up until the time I was eight, that’s when I saw the hand. It was the night before Easter, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (funny it’s true). I was bored out of my mind so I was cleaning my room. Usually I always just turn on the TV but I didn’t that night. I was taking dishes to the kitchen.

On my way back to my room I stopped to pet my cat. I was two feet away from my room when I saw a hand come out of the door and knock down a picture that was hanging next to my door. It was the palest hand I ever saw with long thin fingers. I went spinning down the stairs to my brother’s room (Which is now mine).

When we went back upstairs the picture was on the floor where the ghostly hand had left it. Again, everything was normal after that. Up to aabout year ago (I’m 13) when I saw different types of ghostly people but people were around me but said nothing. I even had a few weird dreams. It stopped for four mouths and is starting again now. Its always different. Like that school I heard my name being called and looked around but no one was looking for me. The halls are full of people but they never notice anything. It’s scary not knowing what’s next.

Sent in by Cece.

Note from the Caretaker:

It isn’t uncommon for very young children to talk about strange things like this. I recall my own borther telling us about things that he use to do when he was “big”. He was only 3 or 4 years old, but he would describe things he did and places he had went to when he was a grown up. At the time I never though that much about it and just more or less chalked it up to his imagination. But years later after hearing of other, similar cases I wished that I had paid more attention to what he was telling us and eve asked him some questions about it.

I honestly believe that many of us, if not all of us, have lived previous lives. I also believe that children come into this world sometimes with memories of their previous existence intact. As we grow and struggle to deal with the world around us the memories are pushed farther back into our minds until eventually they are all but forgotten.

What do you think?

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112 Responses to “Childhood Memories Of A Previous Life?”
  1. Warrior Priestess says:

    Caretaker, yes I agree wholeheartedly.
    Cece, I think that youre unintentionally regressing, the Dreams is a clue, While we’re asleep and dreaming we are tuned-in to the Spirit-Wolrd aswell as other realms. Many people receive vivid premonitions and Visions while asleep and dreaming. Have you ever considered being hypnotised or going to a Spiritualist? As for the Hand knocking the picture,was it Male or female in appearance? Who knows, perhaps your house is also haunted.

  2. Bug says:

    My mum was telling me about a year or two back, how when I was about 3 years of age, I would always say to her at random times…”Hey mommy, do you remember when you were the baby and I was the mommy?” I would always find this intresting because I love and beleive in past lives. Thank you for posting this artical. :D

    • The Caretaker says:

      I remember my little brother talking about the things he used to do and places he went when “I was a big person” he would also tell me and others things like “The next time you get little…..” Now I wish I had paid more attention to what he was saying. He was around 4 years old when he talked about this stuff!

    • Meda says:

      In reply to BUG…When my daughter was around 4 she used to say that to me all the time. It was always weird hearing her say that she was my mommy and I was her daughter…I actually do believe in past lives though.

  3. Honeychurch says:

    She says she’s thirteen. Going to a spiritualist or a hypnotist? That needs to be discussed with her parents first.

    Not that I do not believe you, CeCe- I do, and I truly believe these things are possible. I just want people to be a little cautious about advice they might give.

  4. Ryan says:

    I’m not sure that I beleave in past lives but as a child I had similar memories.

  5. Jenny says:

    Same thing happened with my bf’s little brother. When they moved to the U.S. from Mexico he was a toddler, and they would be riding in the car going somewhere and all of the sudden he’d be like, “I need to go back to Mexico to be with my wife and daughters.” This was a little 3 year-old talking. He also had an affinity for guns.

  6. Alpha says:

    Several theories have been proposed to disprove claims of past life existence. I personally believe that when we die we lose memories and emotional residue in the form of an alternate energy. This energy is constantly propagated throughout the globe and sometimes, newborns/younger children absorb this energy because their brain is still developing (and possibly because the energy is attracted to cellular development).
    Through this they are able to obtain energy/information of other people, whom lived before they lived and eventually this energy dissipates away. This is why younger people can seem to know a lot about other people.

    It is said upon death we lose 6 ounces, (whether this 6 ounces is the soul itself or a combination of the soul and other forms of energy is questionable)

    Take care Alpha

  7. emily says:

    Whoa Alpha, you are talking smarticle.I also heard about losing 6 ounces when we die, and i completely agree with you, Alpha.

  8. Ryan says:

    Alpha, I think that makes sence. Who knows being exposed to that type of energy while developing could very well sensitize a person ebabling them to be aware of other “events” later in life.
    Thanks, thats something I never considered.

  9. amber says:

    i believe in past lives but i dont understand how it works . if when you die your soul is reborn in another body what are ghosts?

    • Tuffy Magee says:

      Since know one really knows or can prove anything, it’s theory or speculation. I have been involved in metaphysics for all of my life and this is what I have learned. Upon death we go to the other side where we continue to learn. Some people reincarnate, some people remain on the other side. Time doesn’t matter on the other side, so many earth years can go past before someone reincarnates or they can reincarnate right away, it all depends. Ghosts are either Earth bound spirits, or residual spirits — that is, either souls that have not been able to cross (for a variety of reasons) and residual spirits are just kind of energetic imprints — not really the souls or spirit (that’s explained elsewhere on the site). Also, the Universe is multi dimentional and we are not capable of understanding how some of things are.

      • Lunaterra says:

        Hello Tuff Magee,
        I believe that ghosts are earth bound spirits, who for whatever reason can’t or won’t return to the light. Be it, the either have unfinished business with us here on earth, or the do not believe that the are worthy of returning to Heaven( because of strong religious beliefs) and therefor run from the “light” so to speak. These souls really do need to return to heaven, go into healing so that they can one day reincarnate and continue to repay their Karmic debt or improve themselves through “life lessons” so to speak. These poor souls just take longer to reincarnate because they are wandering around lost.

  10. JMM says:

    When I was a teenager I had dreams about a young girl who was murdered in the south. I frequently dreamed about the same girl in the same situation in places I’d never been to or even seen. Every time I had these dreams I would see and do everything as if I were that girl. Could this have to do with my last past life? This girl died a few years before I was born, maybe 3 or 4.

    • helphelphelp says:

      Eva since 4th grade (I’m now in 7th)I’ve had an abnormal obsession with the holocaust. It started when I was at a book store and I kept picking up the diary of anne frank, and when I told my mom that there was tons of the book, and that I couldn’t find another, then she pointed out that there was only one copy in the entire store. After I read it, I felt like I had read it already.and when I recently went to germany, I visited the holocaust memorial. While inside it, I started crying and my finger moived on its own and wrote, in perfect german; “my name is anne frank”. Now I’m doing a biography proj on her and it seems like everything in the books I already knew!! What’s going on?

      • shanta naik says:

        i do belive in past life.. & i do get many weird dreams.. There is a boy who comes in my dream & i dont even know who he is.. First he came in my dreams 9 years back & then in 2010! & he come once in 6-9 months with both good & bad dreams.. & it seems like i am related to him! Its like it has happene! My past.. Or is it my future? So confusing!

  11. Siren says:

    wow. i believe in past lives. so much. but how does one find out about their past lives? i’ve never had actualy had dreams about my past but i always have these extremely strong feelings toward things. i want to understand more about our past lives. could anyone help?

  12. Asian Rose!!! ^.^ says:

    I believe in Buddha, so that makes me believe in reincarnation, means when we passed away, we will come back as a different formed, but we cannot remember our past life. well, i wish I know more things about our past life, but yea. No one have an explanation for all this things, but according to my religion, yea, we’re reborn to something else. like, a rat, bird, any kinds of animals, but if u’re nice and stuff in this life u’ll be lucky, being reborn as a human, again. and i totally believe in God too.

  13. Nabila says:


  14. Alpha says:

    Does anyone have an explanation proposing past life existence. It doesn’t have to have authentic scientific basis (because the paranormal is regarded to be a division of psychology, however with the integration of quantum physics and more complicated science, i am steadfast in my beliefs that the mysteries of death and ghosts/alternate dimensions will be unlocked) but it should be plausible and not too far-fetched.

    I am still firm in my notion of past life existence, occurring consequently cause of emotional residue and memories of the deceased being absorbed by new-borns in the form of an alternate energy. This energy being propagated around the world upon the death of an individual.

    This is also why younger kids seem to know alot about those whom lived before them.

  15. Ryan says:

    I still don’t know if reincarnation is a reality but childern as a blank canvas absorbing information and energys there exposed to, thats something else I think in very likly and afterall isn’t that whats going on when we interact with spirits?.

    • Tuffy Magee says:

      I don’t believe children are blank canvas’. They come into this life with some previous knowledge. I have seen it in my own children. In my grandchildren. My own father was born in the poor south and was a musical genuis that started playing music at 2. Not just playin’ around, playing music. My daugher at 4 year old used to tell me things about a previous life. And my I year old grandson loves animals and KNOWS how to treat them… most little kids will pull, or be rough until they learn better — he never had to be taught. If you have children you will know while they are sponges, they are not blank canvases.

      • Caretaker says:

        You are right Tuffy! I dont think anyone who has really been close to babies and children would honestly think they are born a blank slate. Much of their personality and disposition is already in place and when you raise several you can really see the differences in them. Nope, not a blank slate :)

  16. Stayc L. says:

    I totally believe everythng being said in this story. CeCe, if i were you I would ask my mother some other things that you may have mentioned or check into your family history. Even though there is a good chance you may not find anything it is worth a shot. However, i wouldnt recomend being hypnotised or going to a Spiritualist it can sometimes be dangerous and doesent always work. so Please be careful in your decision.

  17. smitherz says:

    im thinking this little girl is more of a psychic than anything

  18. India says:

    That is weird Cece. What picture did the hand knock down? It could be trying to tell you something.

  19. Avir says:

    Not to many years ago had a similar occurence where i was re living sumone else’s life and no one seem’ed to belive me until i had another dream and in this dream i had a box that i burried but it didnt make sence at first but ironicly i new where the box was burried so due to the fact i was curious i went out to look for it and i did find the box the porp was it needed a key wich i have no idea where or how and id rather not break it open but if you wanna see pics i have plenty with a date on the back of 1972

  20. Cathy H says:

    I enjoyed and appreciate the story and comments. I believe CeCe and feel a past life memory was indeed experienced. And CeCe those dreams will help provide you answers.

    Let me tell you about a memory I had. Now you have to understand, I am a 48 year old woman but once was a 6 year old little girl. I was very sensative to the spirit world but did not yet realize what that was all about. I was a vey vivid dreamer, so much so that I could draw or paint differnt scenes.

    One night while sleeping, I woke up from a dream and was sad and a little chilly. I knew, even in my young mind, that this dream was different from the rest. The dream lasted only a moment but I felt I was the girl in my dream and I didn’t understand how that could be.

    In the dream, I was a girl of about the same age, height and color, as I was then. Her hair was long with golden ringlets and she was wearing a black bonnet and a black dress with a petticoat. I remember the shoes were black fabric/leather shaped like the mary jane shoes She was standing next to a lamp post and I remember the cobblestone and it was damp, like misting and it was dark. I heard the horse and carriages roll down the cobblestone street and couples were huddled under umbrellas and hurrying down the walk. I could smell the dampness in the air along with the smell of the horses. I knew she was in London.

    Then it was over. When I woke up I still had the smells of the damp air and the horses in my nose. The overwhelming feeling I received was that she was very sad and felt alone.

    To this day, the memory of that dream is just as vivid as it was that night. I believe it was a memory of a past life.

  21. Cece says:

    Hello it’s Cece (the person who wrote it). It has been for never since I have been on. I feel so bad about that. I never though anyone would read or care about any of this. But I was wrong and glade I was. Thanks for everyone who wrote a comment it means the world too me that you all care so much. I’ll be on more. I hope if I can.

  22. Demtia says:

    I find it fasenating that she truly experienced this and it sounds completely real.

  23. Sharon says:

    When my son was little he would call his sister by another name and we would correct him. He would look at us a say ” no that is not tiffany that is Dorsa” he was 2-3 when this happened. I have read this stories about past life and wonder know if in another life he had a sister named Dorsa

  24. King_Fluffs 1st lutenent auron squadron says:

    Nice i remember sometimes saying to an adult “I Wanna go home” or “have the pigs ran away agian” i dont know why it might be a past life or summit.

    Kind Regards King_Fluffs

  25. Margerate says:

    Oh my gosh, that;s creepy. Almost as creepy as what had happenned to me and why they put me in a syco hospital, because they didn’t believe me. i only wish it could of ended better for me because it seems no one else ended up getting stuck in a syco house.

  26. Cece says:

    Margerate what happen to you?

  27. sabrina says:

    My daughter is 8 and still misses a sister she had in a past life. I guess the sister died in a fire. When she was little she would cry for her.I felt so bad because I didn’t know what to do for her.

  28. Margerate says:

    i was about 8 when my grandpa died and i was in my room when i heard this scream. i went out to the kitchen to grab a knife just in case someone was in my house. it ended up someone was but they left before they got a chance to find me. i looked around and my whole family was dead. my grandma came over the next day and saw me on the floor crying with the knife next to me. she assumed the first thing. when she was going to the bathroom i saw all my dead family members. i told my grandma that i had seen mom and dad and big brother, but she thought i was insane. she got me into therapy and the therapist sent me to this hospital. i still see all of my dead family members and i try hard to help them pass over, but i just can’t help them and my grandma doesn’t even come to see me anymore. i’m thirtteen now and i got here when i was 8 and a half. i’m so sad all the time and everybody hates me, then i keep getting these calls from nobaody and theysay they’ll kill me.

  29. Patti says:

    I believe there is something to reincarnation, but I don’t think it’s other people’s lives we’re living. I’ve been in situations where it’s deja vu like crazy! I believe we live our lives over and over again, until we get it right. Who knows what the problem is, but until we make the right decisions we will be destined to repeat our mistakes. Hopefully some sort of memory of what came before will help us to not make that same mistake.

    • Allie says:

      This is an interesting concept I had not thought of – thanks for sharing!

      I only recently took interest in the paranormal & death due to an upsetting sleep paralysis experience with a white haired woman about 5 years ago. My sister had a vision of the same woman in the same spare bedroom, without sleep paralysis.

      Though new to this interest, I have a hard time believing that there is nothing after we pass. It’s a scary topic to me and reading comments such as yours help me feel better about it. Call me a big baby but I cannot imagine living without the wonderful people around me, nor leaving them.

      Question, is our consciousness any different from animals (pets) and bugs? Do they experience the same possible afterlife/re-birth I’ve been reading about? I understand our chemical/biological makeup is completely different; but living non-the-less. Any thoughts?

      Thanks again!

  30. Anonymous says:

    omg! that is exactally what happened to me!

  31. King_Fluffs 1st lutenent auron squadron says:

    Margerate im so sorry for whats happned to you.
    I hope someone out thier maneges to get you out and give you your life back

    Kind Regards

  32. Mikayla says:

    This happened to me once i remember drowning and i never did drown.i also remember the name Crystal clearly (hilarious huh? crystal clear?) i cant remember anything else though.

  33. APOORVA says:


  34. maddie says:

    That happened to me before. I kept talking about a girl named Shana. Turns out I used to be a firl named Shana Covin.

  35. phoebuzzer says:

    maybe this is where de ja vu comes from, i wonder what i was in a previous life

  36. donna says:

    all i know is in my past life i was a southern bell i am fasinated with the old south like in gone with the wind.the clothing the atmosphere i feel in my past life i came from the south.but it is odd my grandmother came from lebanon in 1910.and my grandfather was french so i can’t really make the connection.but that is what i feel so strongly.i also believe i was a young woman in the 1930s early fourtys.

  37. Katherine Knowles Best says:

    I think you all are insane! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! You all need to get a life.

    Get a boyfriend or girlfriend and take a break from the computer will you?


    • The Caretaker says:

      Hello Katherine, why do you think that? I mean you took the time to read this and then you went on to post your comment about it so why not tell us why we are all insane? :)

  38. Amber says:

    i think i scared my mom badly when i was about six, because all i know is i went to see (whom i now recognize as) a mental therapist far away (who later became the therapist at my school…possibly to watch me? case study maybe?). when asked what year i was born i said “I was born in 1592.” when my mom corrected me and said “Don’t you mean 1988?” I said “Yeah, whatever” looking at her strangely. Stranger still, I’ve always had a fascination for late medieval-early victorian era clothing. I love the cotehardies they wore, the underkirtles, corsets, etc and even the button up shoes. I love horses and would love to have a carriage or wagon of some sort. I also am perfectly ok with cooking using my hands to mix things and using a fire oven and making my own clothing and whatnot. I also had a past life vision of being a young victorianesque lady being shoved out a window (or lured out…i had a vision of a suave, debonaire vampire-like figure saying he’ll catch me and then he simply didn’t)…

  39. iluvhorror says:

    WOW that is scary u may have a gift well thats wat i think. and my cousin said stuff like that like she wanted her mom but she died wen she was 14 and she said she misses her dog but that was wen she was about 3 or 4. and i believe in past lives 100% but i think most ppl dont remeber them but the strange thing is she said she knew how to swim and her mom knew she was talking about a past life

    i didnt listen 2 her very mush tho

  40. Aayusha says:

    Cece. Your ondition is much better thann mine. I remember that since I was 3 I started seeing strange things. Once in kindergarden I heard someone shouting my name quite clearly but when I looked around I found out no one really was. There were a lot of people around and still no one noticed. Everything beame normal after that. 2 years later on my 5th b’day when I was about to cut the cake I saw a strange woman standing beside me. I asked my mom who that women was but she said she could see noone. Then again everythig was normal until a year ago(I’m 12 right now). I don’t remember anything like that but my family and friends and everyone who was there with me at the time says that(I was having a dinner with my family and bff)I suddenly fel down from my chair, the pupils of my eyes dissappeared and only the whites were left. And I started saying”I won’t leav you people. How dare you lock me in my room. I know you wanted to kill me. I’ll kill you”. My parents had never locked me. Things aren’t normal since then. I stll keep having strange visions even now.

  41. Debbie says:

    When I was a little girl, I entered an old apartment building where relatives lived (in Louisville, Kentucky) and I remember all of the wallpaper looked familiar to me and I knew when I walked in the whole layout of this big place and what each room was going to look like before I entered the rooms and KNEW in my mind that I had been in this place before.

  42. MellL says:

    i am so fascinated by all of this. according to my mom, i was about 4 or 5 when i told her how badly my uncle was hurt, told them my uncle was stabbed, while they had it on the report that he drowned. my dad was a policeman at the time and wanted to spare my grandmother that. my confirmed the hole, made by a screw driver or something similar. i also had dreams about a place, close to a river, surrounded by trees, with a lot of shacks. they later started to think that it might’ve been where he was killed, as it was the last place they saw him alive. please note that i have never been there and was about 1 when my uncle died, but clearly identified him by his name and could show where he was on family pics.

    another incident happened with my daughter, when she was 2 months old. it was just the 2 of us at home, as her twin sister went with my sister to fetch my mom. i was in the kitchen, when i heard her laughing out loud (at 2 months!) i decided to record her from the front. she was looking to the side the whole time, then smiled, turn her head again. when i played back the recording, u could clearly see a shadow going pass behind her! luckily i didnt know another incident with my daughter, was when she was with my mom and pointed to my wardrobe, my mom didnt know what it was about, so she went there, on the other side, i had a picture of my dad, that i put there just after my dad died, which was 2 years before they were born. my family are all fascinated with it though, they believe my dad is watching over my girls

  43. TheLostGirl says:

    I felt so much emotions when I read this. It’s just like me, almost. I have had, what people like to call “visions” but in my dreams. And nightmares keeps repeating over and over again. It is always the same, and i see it from my own eyes. It always starts with me in the arms of a woman, who is singing a lullaby for me. Then i’m in a bathroom a few years older and brushing my teeth. Loud explosions are heard outside and i go to check it. Everywhere i look i only see fire blood and bodies. I run away from it. Up a hill, but it never seem to end. A man appears before me, and i have to stop to avoid running into him. He takes out a knife and walks towards me. In his eyes i see a dark room. In the room he stands with the knife behind a woman and a man (the same woman the held me and sang to me). He stabbed them and then went upstairs to children’s rooms. They were all asleep and stabbed to death. He tries to kill me but i run. And run into darkness. And then i wake up. I have had this nightmare since i was 4 or something and now i am 13! Is it from my past life or something? Is someone or something trying to tell me what happened to me?

  44. amanda says:

    I’ve had memories like these. xcept I still remember mine. When I was younger I didn’t to much speak my mind I didn;t speak my thoughts and I wouldn’t tawk to ne1 about nething personal. But now today, now that I do. I mention to mom offten and try to makes jokes about things that we did wen I was little and and tel her about things I did. and alot of the time she tells me that never happened. Now she starts looking at me strange exspecially now that I’ve told her about ‘THE MAN IN THE PICTURE’ but the memories like that i have of things are places were I’ve lived and. and I know that this sounds crazy but is it possible to be living two live at once, two different spirits? I wish I had an answer

  45. angel says:

    well i do believe , friend in school is smart and when we usually in social studies we talk about the civil war and he tell us so much he even says how he was when he was 18 at the war when he saw his best friend die he is just weird .. but now i get the reason

  46. james says:

    i remember at when i was 7 or 8 i said germany awakes out of the blue, in german and i dont know how to speak german.i got chills when i went to auswitz, and ‘zorn’ gives me the chills, i beleive i was a nazi in a pst life, and still say german words out of the blue.

  47. Alby says:

    Don’t believe in all these! Not yet happened in my life atleast,so no point in believing.

  48. iluvhorror says:

    even though wen ur kathlic or christian u learn that wen u die u go 2 heaven for being a kind person or to hell for having a mean and evil soul. but i do believe in god 100% and angels and everything like that. but i also believe in past lifes, u may thnk im going past my religion but no. i believe god promises us eteral life and e lets us choose wen we die if we want 2 live longer or if we have something speial bout us or if we want 2 rest peacefully with him (him i mean god)

  49. seer says:

    i am the writer of murder in my mind. i have had a past life, i dont remember what year though. i died in war protecting my comrades. i was only 13 years old but i clearly remember my death. I was killed by a dagger being thrust through my neck. i don’t care if you don’t believe me. if i made up ghost stories and told lies of having a past life, then i guess i’d be a low life loser with no life. this is my last year of living. i’d guess about 1500 years ago i died at age thirteen. i am twelve years old and in july i’ll be 13. i guess i’ll have to tell people of my lives in another 1500 years. I am going to die in 3 months and i’m not even scared. Creepy, huh?

  50. weeamerican girl says:

    i think it is stupid to beleive in past lives or reincarnation.i beleive when you die you go to heaven(if you are achristian)or you go to hell…little kids say stuff like that because they have big immaginations…its sorta like imaginary friends you can only see them if they are yours..and only little kids have them!!i beleive in god!!and i know 100% that he is real and if you don’t repent you WILL go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. weeamerican girl says:

    plus if we all have “past lives” how does the earth population get bigger??gee maybe it is because it is all in your heads

  52. rebecca says:

    weeamerican girl

    how does past lives have anything to do with the population? Obviously the population is due to procreating..u know people having sex and having children..past lives are on a spiritual level. i dont think seer is saying he’s 1500 y/o in physical form. and being a christian dosent mean u are going to go to dosent matter what religion u choose to practice it has no relevance in the spiritual world in my opinion. I think kids do actually see things or experience more paranormal than adults because they are innocent and have no bias towards minded. my thoughts anyway..have a good day everyone!

  53. Carley says:

    I think i had many different lifes. I can dance perfectly and having been teached how to but i was told i was a dancer in my past life.

  54. stephanie says:

    ya i beleve i see things but no one beleves me im tiered of them not beleveing me cause im my house i see a little girl and a little boy cant descride thm that much but o well i hope someone beleves he here…i feel alone and i think previous life can happen i beleve very much…lol

  55. Cece says:

    Here u dont have 2 feel alone because we all believe u

  56. rebecca says:

    i believe you too stephanie. i think some people are in denial..why would they be on this site? whocares if they don’t have to justify yourself to anyone!

  57. Shelby says:

    when my brother was younger, he used to talk about people that would come in our house and take stuff. then he started talking about things that didn’t exist. by the time he was five, he told me that he was linked to some imaginary friend and insisted it was real. i did reasearch on the name he gave me and it turned out to be my mother’s dead great-grndmother. wierd-huh?

  58. Rainbow Kid says:

    Yeah, i get what the first one means.

    When my mum was pregnant with me she went to see a medium about her dead grandfather (and yes my mum and dad are married). Well, the medium said that one of my ancestors would visit me at the age of 4. And then you probably know what comes next…

    When i was 4 i ran into my mum and reported there was an old man in my bedroom who claimed his name was jack.

    Mum was expecting it to be her grandad who saw me, not at all expecting it would be my dads… =)

  59. Kirsty LR says:

    well my grandfather told me when i was about 3 almost 4 i was staying at his house inthe summer when my mum and dad went on holiday . he said that i kept saying i used to live here when i was big and that the garden had a big swing i played on with my brother ( i do not have a brother) Later my grandad believed me and he started the past of that house , and the picture showed there was a big swing.
    i believe in your story its all true!!!!!

  60. Chucki says:

    oh this is scary!;
    i was in my bedroom about 3 months back, and i was sleepin. I got woke up by a screamin noise. It sounded lyke sum1 was bein murdered.I was so scared but i plucked up the courage to go downstairs and see what it was.When i got to the kitchen, the tv was on but there was no1 down there. The fridge was open, and my dog was lying dead on the floor. Blood pouring out his nose and ears. There was no1 else downstairs, i dint even hear my mum upstairs. I ran upstaiirs and saw my mother half asleep, but in her left hand was a butchers knife covered in blood. My dad was nowhere to be seen. But on the bed where my dad slept, there was a trail of blood leadin to the on suite bathroom. I went into the bathroom (on suite) and i saw on the mirror its ure turn!.. and my face went :O.. i heard footsteps behind me, i turned around and no1 was there, so i turned back round. i looked back again.. and there she was, standing there with a knife ready to attack !…..

  61. ashuran says:

    Hi Cece, after reading your story i’m obligated to give you some of my knowledge. To being with i’m a hindu which means “reincarnation” is a part of life’s cycle. Hindu’s believe if you “left” your previous life without completing the cycle then it would be carried over to the current incarnation. For certain people, they would bigger responsibilities in this world and hence the memory is used as an guidance to complete your task in this life. However, there’s also another situation in which if you’ve sinned and yet to atoned for it. Therefore, you need to atone for it in this life and my advice is figure out which is which in your case. Analyse your memories but take caution as the older memories can get you mixed up and confused.

  62. ghost says:

    I know what u mean me and my friend are going through the same things as u did but there in school and out we decided to talk to them and he responded by as throwing ice at are faces so i really try to not think about it but it just dosent seem to workwe sented the the room with locition wich was probubly a bad choice so now their in our room

  63. Julianne says:

    I’m christian, and I’m not sure if I belive in reincarnation or not. The concept of having a former life, dying, and being born into a human body again is a very fascinating subject. In my opinion, having dreams about a former life can indeed be important and symbolize reincarnation.

    Whenever I feel deja-vu, especially if I am 100% sure I have never been there before, I wonder if I had been there in a past life. Reincarnation may be against my religion, but it sure interests me enough to think more about it.

    Anybody who blindly says that reincarnation is against thier religion, not true, and will not listen to the reasoning of it because of thier religion shouldn’t bother giving thier opinion. All other religions have just as much proof as yours, so keep your blindfolded opinions to yourself.

    On the subject of reincarnation: Little kids who describe places (accurately) that they have never even heard before, and say they have been there, might in fact be teeling the truth. In fact, when I was younger, I made up a place called Ontario, Canada. I told my mom about the place, which had a big lake/river, and she said that there was in fact a place called Ontario, in canada.

    I had never before heard of the place, so how could I place these facts?

    If anyone else has any opinions about reincarnation, can you answer these questions in your own opinions:

    What do you think about people’s ‘other life’ memories fading as they age? Do little kids still have a bit of ‘leftovers’ from the past life, and work them off with new memories as they get older?

    What do you think about people’s souls in animals? Or do you belive that people go from a human body to another human body?

  64. cOOl says:

    These stuff are cool to talk about. I beleive in them too =D

  65. Tommymom says:

    When my son was young, maybe 3, he had an imaginary friend named Jenny. He would play with her all the time. He said when he wasn’t playing with her she lived with God. We asked why she lived with God and he said because she had died in a fire. We are not a church going family, so the fact he would say that was just odd. She played with him for many months.

    One week he kept talking about how it was going to be Jenny’s birthday soon, soon it was going to be Jenny’s birthday. Then the news came from Tommy that tomorrow was Jenny’s birthday and we should have a party she was excited, maybe should be get a cake. We bought a little cake for his imaginary friend and then waited for Jenny to come. She never visited my son that day or ever again.

    He cried, he was devastated she didn’t come to the party. Because we thought she was imaginary we tried to convince him that she was there and we should have the cake anyway and that only made him cry more because she wasn’t imaginary she was real.

    I never thought of this until now, maybe she meant that tomorrow was her birth day for a new life and that is why she never returned.

    He used to play dress up with her all the time, he was dress up as her and then she would dress up as him. He would also pretend to be Jenny and say that Tommy wasn’t here, he was at camp pretending to be Jenny. We thought that was disturbing. There were many things about this imaginary friend we thought were disturbing, didn’t seem to be make believe the other kids were playing. But then one day it all just stopped.

  66. doimeieistai says:

    Nothing I do seems to work! I went to see a medium but she said she couldn’t even find a spirit in me! (really weird)
    I am 13 now and she asked me what my name was. I answered Oliver Barlow. My name is Callum Thorpe.

    I had a dream once that I was stanbing in a circular open topped room at night when I was 12. I was holding a sword and wearing a green leather suit that had no sleeves. The walls were covered in ivy and there was a tunnel going into a street with a cobbled floor. In the dream, I was walking along the street when a man jumped out of the shadows at me with a large knife.

    I have been having these dreams a lot lately and every time the sword is closer to stabbing the man.

    One night I woke up with a leaf of ivy on my back. It was wet and cold like it had been outside. At night.

  67. Ceejay says:

    I’ve never seen a ghost or experienced (I think?) something reaching to me from the past, but I would like answers, pls or your theories. Maybe it’s just nothing, but I’m curious. When I was little it seemed for a while everytime before I went to sleep I felt as if a knife was cutting me.. I’d squeeze my eyes shut and wait for the pain to pass, then I’d drift off to sleep. It doesn’t happen to me anymore, but i’m still extremely curious.

    And not to long ago, I remember my dad going off to the store while I stayed at home with my mom and my little brothers. Well, while I was walking to my mom’s room I’d seen a shadow of someone standing behind the glass of my backyard. There was curtain in front of the glass, I just stopped and stared. I thought it was my dad trying to scare me.. he does things like that. I looked behind be and there was no one standing there. The figure was a man. Tall, bald. He just stood there stairing, moving maybe his hand or to shift to another foot. I could’ve swore it was my dad. I ran to my mom’s room to go get her and when we got there he was gone. I still wonder what that was.. Shadow Person maybe? Or was it just a man who hopped over my gate into our backyard, but if so why would he just stand there staring at me?

  68. sanjukta misra says:

    totally scary . i was scared when i read this . GOOD JOB!

  69. tiffany boyle says:

    i am only twelve but i would say your write i believe that there is a befor and after life i think it is awsome

  70. judy says:

    I do happen to believe in reincarnation. I have had re-occurring dreams since I was a child. I firmly believe I was a male, english male, very rich, and I treated people very badly ( which I believe was because I was rich). I think I lived in the 16th or 17th century as I had a horse drawn carriage. I know exactly what I looked like, and I still dream of my huge house I lived in. I know every room and I know where to find what I am looking for in my house. It’s so strange too because when I dream of my house it’s as though I still need to refinish painting it….I know it sounds absolutely weird, but there are two rooms that I need to repaint as I never liked the colors in it. I also know when I am dreaming about this previous life, I feel so ashamed of the way I used to treat people, especially women and I in my daily life always try to make amends for this by being really nice to people. I believe I need to make up for my previous bad behavior. In addition, I have awoken a few times, very angry because I don’t know where all my money went, and I feel as though I had plenty of it and it’s gone. I know it sounds weird, but I have had these dreams and deja vu since I was about 3 years old. When I dream of my old house ( or what I figure to be my old house), it’s like I am finally home and I even know where my secret rooms are. I don’t know how I died though…probably my rude behavior to someone.

  71. sal_fallujah says:

    i don’t believe in past lives..but i do believe in spirits…i am a muslim…and in my religion they are mentioned in quran…but they have an other world…it’s really complicated but some times a weird fusion happens and the two meet…here is what happened with my brother mohammed one day:
    he went up the stairs to my sisters’ room…he knocked at the door and my big sis replied (just a minute)…he didn’t wait he went back down and saw my big sis in an other room…
    later he found out that the room upstairs was empty all the time…

    and alote of other weird things happened in my town.and the sorounding towns.

    hope every body have a nice day…

  72. Wommy:) says:

    I believe in ghost very much… when i was younger, i saw plenty of weird things… i lived in lead-deadwood south Dakota from when i was in 2nd grade until i was in 5th… i had this best friend named Brittany, she lived in a very big and old house (she still lives there, and I’m 17 now) her houses was the third house to have electricity in deadwood and one of the first to have indoor plumbing… her house in about 3 or 4 blocks from the Adams family house, it’s a museum it’s pretty B.A…
    Anyways I used to stay at britts house almost every night, nothing strange ever happened until I saw my first ghost after that every time I went there I saw something else….. it all started when me and Britt were trying to spy on her older brother, so we made cup phones (you know with 2 cups and a string lol :) ) so I went in the bathroom to hide, and she went by his bedroom door, I sat in the bathtub and shut the shower curtain, I was just sitting there then I looked up and saw the whitest hand ever opening the shower curtains, I was so freaked out I just threw my cup and ran so fast and all the way to Britt… then after that I think it was a few days later I was sitting in Britt’s older brothers room his name is Joe, and in his closet he has a window that leads into the hallway, and from his closet you can see the bathroom door, well I was sitting in his closet looking out the window, and I noticed the bathroom light was on, then it turned off by itself, and i figured maybe someone was in there, so I waited, but nobody came out, I saw it turn back on, then I was kind of getting freaked out, and it turned back off, so i finally told Joe and he sat there and watched it with me, so we sent Britt in there to see who was there, and nobody was in there…. that is only the beginning of it all….so in the hallway between the bathroom door and Britt’s lil sister’s room which was right next to Joe’s room…there was this closet, it has these 2 huge opening doors, and I don’t know why but the closet has like 5 different locks on it. Well Joe and I were walking past the closet and it was opened, while we were walking by it felt like someone walked by and shoved us both in the closet, then the doors slammed shut and all 5 of the locks locked up right away… I was freaking out, and started screaming…. Britt came running and tried getting us out but she was too short to reach the locks, so she had to go get a chair in order to get us out… but that’s not even the scariest one to me…. one day I was at Britt’s house, we were all playing and her mom came and told Joe Britt, and they’re lil sis to do their chores, so while they were doing them I decided to sit in their lil sisters room and wait for them, I remember they just got this cute lil kitten (now I freaking hate cats I don’t know why) but anyways I was sitting on the sisters bed with the kitten, and from where I was sitting you could see the railing for the stairs, if you go to the railing it’s just a drop off where the stairs are, so I was sitting on the bed and I looked up and saw this man just floating behind the railing, I just saw his chest and up, he was COMPLETELY WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he was just freaking floating there, I WAS SOOO SACRED I JUST THREW THE CAT AND RAN, I ran all the way down the stairs I remember I ran into Britt’s lil sister, I was shaking I was so scared… that’s not even all my stories I have but I’m done for now, ask if you wanna hear more….. ?

  73. Wommy:) says:

    seer??? what’s going on why do you say that… it makes me sad :(

  74. squaw says:

    I have two daughters.Both at on time when they were little ,one is 16now, and the other one is 5.The 16 year old one she was about 3or4 at the time we had walked to the edge of the lake,and she stopped and said to me that she had drowend there,and she had a diferant mommy.Also my 5 year old has said to me that she has died.That her faimly was shot to death.That realy scared me that i didnt ask her anything else.

  75. ............ says:

    When I was younger I used to say that my mom wasn’t my real mom, and that my real mom was mean and I was took away from her. I always told that to people until finally I just stopped. I don’t even remember saying it.

  76. ghost girl says:

    my brother when he was younger he used to say when he was older he put out a fire my mom ,dad, and i think he was paton but get this when we were in paris i found a photo in black and white that looked just like him the boy was in a soldier outfit creepy

  77. Michelle says:

    I’m,12 years old. It very strange tu have de ja vus. The strangest thing is that its always only one. Of my family members I hate having de ja vus its scary I don’t think anybody in my family. Have De ja vus

  78. Michelle says:

    I have a lot of weird dreams but the dreams only happen at my aunt ‘s house when I sleep there sometimes I waKe up in the middle of the night crying cuz it always about my family. I don’t tell anyone cuz I lik keeping screts turn my self. Don’t know waz up

  79. Yan says:

    Im 16 years old and since I was about 12 years old or 11 I can’t remember too much I’ve been having dreams that always come true. Its happened probably over 500 times. I have dreams that come true at least every week. It will be about anything like what im going to see the next day or what im going to see someone wearing or who im going to see. It used to scare me but now it just fascinates me. I wonder why this happens to me. My dreams warn me about stuff and im very thankful for my dreams. =] Can anyone tell me why I may be having these dreams? Thanx- Yana

    • ghost girl says:

      maybe your concuis is like really happy and wants to repay you or something

    • The X GIRL says:

      I’m not sure but I think you have a gift, and that is a good thing you should be happy about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    • morgan (: says:

      yana i am 15 and i have also had dreams like that , i just think that people get these dreams to tell u somthing like when my grandpa died i have never met him but ive had alot of dreams about him and my dad when they were younger , and i see him every other year

  80. Cece says:

    Yan you must just have some psychic mind thing. Nothing to worry about!!! I wouldnt think about to much.

  81. thraxbaby says:

    My cousin, Robert used to talk about stuff like that. He used to say he was a Native American and that he lived by a river. The certain river he talked about was actually in Apple Valley, CA, hours and miles away from where he lived. Plus, he’s never been there before.

  82. Anonymous says:

    This is weird. But I do have weire dreams too. Sometimes in my dream I am falling and I wake up and I really felt that I fell. It’s weird. I dunno if it’s nomal. And when I was inhighschool I was dreaming that in my dream I was crying and I woke up I was like really crying with tears. I just went to the bathroom and really I was like hella crying.

  83. elizabeth says:

    I used to think I was crazy or I was the only one who had experienced something weird like this. My mom had mentioned something to me that I found very strange she said when I was about 3 or 4 I started to tell her about my former life. She said I told her about my husband who was a cop, my 3 children, telling her where I had lived , where I went to school, talking about the poodle skirts I had worn, and how i had died in a car crash. It gave me the creeps when she told me this when i was a teenager while she had to explain what a poodle skirt was to me. One thing she regretted was not getting more information out of me and not having a tape recorder handy.

  84. Tuffy Magee says:

    Sorry it is not 6 ounces. Six ounces is almost a cup (8 oz). It has never been thought to be six ounces… it was thought to be 21 grams which is about 3/4 of an ounce. This was reached by a questional experiment done by a doctor MacDougal back in the early 1900s. It’s never been able to be duplicated, and it was faulty. It’s an urban legend propagated by a guy who did bad science.
    I believe many things, I am in my late 50s, so I am no kid and I have been on a spiritual journey since I was old enough to reac. We want these things we learn to be as much truth as possible…urban legends and made up stories does not help with believeablity. Don’t believe everything you hear and don’t start sending it around the internet where tales become fact overnight

  85. Anonymous says:

    I believe that what you are saying is true. When I was around five or six I would say stories aswell of when I was “big”. One time I was mentioning it to my cousin who was 5 years older than me and he called me dumb and made me stop telling my story. However, I still remember exactly what I would say. I would always get mad at my mom for not letting me go to the store alone. I would also mention that not so long ago when I was older, she would give me money and let me go with my older sister to the store alone. Truth is I was around five or six at that time, and I don’t have any older siblings. Also I had this meant images of me and my so called sister with my mother, the problem is that I am unable to see the faces but I can see that we were wearing clothes like from the 70′s. I never put much attention to this occurences until now that I’ve read your story and I’ve recalled once again what I used to say.

  86. Moya says:

    You know what. I have this memory of my self as when I was a child. But it is not a memory of this life, i think it is about another life. Right now I am 33 and I grew up with all my sibling and parents, But in this memory , I live in a very old house. a house that has no utilities , like the way we live now, anyways in this memory, i am rich. i feel like i am, Some one walks with me all the time and takes me to a room up stairs and my room has a balcony and the furniture is from the 1800′s maybe older. i dont know where this came from but i always wonder…

  87. Meagan says:

    I have had the things that you are talking about with school also , i can sense the presents of ghosts & can see & hear them . I told one of my friends one time , ( i am also 13 ) & they think im crazy , so i dont tell them anymore . that’s why i like to come read other peoples stories & compare them to mine ,

  88. morgan (: says:

    i dont know how to start somthing like this soo sorry if i start it wrong or somthing like that, when i was a little girl around 2 or 3 i seen my first spirt , i was sitting in my room waiting for my dad to read me a bed time story when i looked up and seen this younge man (i think he looked around 34) but anyways , he told me that he loved me and my dad … well the following year my mom and i were in a car crash , the whole back end of the car was in the back seat were i was siting my aunt told me that when she came to get me befor i left the car scene i looked up at the sky and said i love you to papa (my papa died when my dad was 4 so i never got to meet him) then a year later i seen him agin he was telling me how i look so much like his duaghter (my aunt) and that he will come visit me agin when my 13 birthday comes , when i tured 13 i saw him but i didnt hear anything he said … now that im 15 i have seen him ounce he was on the stairs looking at me and i heard him say that when my dad gets old he will come visit but , he doesnt know when and all of a sudden the lights whent out and i havent seen him sence , i think hes trying to tell me somthing about my faimlys passed but i cant hear him that well unless i see him in my dreams , i just want to see him one more time

  89. Shivani says:

    Maybe it’s just that you were young you really didn’t really know what you were talking about and since then everything you heard was a hallucination.

  90. Trinity says:

    Once, my mom told me that she had heard me talking in my sleep. But I didn’t sound like myself. I had a thick accent and I was speaking a different language. I don’t know any other languages except English and a little bit of Latin

  91. Chelsi-anna says:

    Its the devil giving you those ideas. he remembers everything. Hes smart like that and knows how to fool the world like that. God said there are no past lives or contact with the dead ether.

  92. Ceara says:

    I have had little to no experience with past lives, although I believe in it whole-heartedly. (I honestly do not mean to begin a ‘what if’ situation, just stating my thoughts on the matter.) If I did, I would most likely say I was a prostitute or an actress. I know it’s not the first choice for someone to think of prostitution as a past life, but I believe that opposite to helphelphelp’s argument, if you indeed have part of another soul with you then perhaps that part of your soul will push to change something about you or about their life.
    Back to the prostitution. I wouldn’t consider myself ‘boy crazy’ as some put it, but it fits my personality. Liking almost every boy I meet, at least a little. I’m not picky (Think prostitutes), but also the part that repels against that portion of a past life puts me under a difficult fate or predicament. You can choose your word for it. I seem to always fall in love with a boy who will only ever consider me a friend, and I will love him for many years before I give up and move on. I do not want to share my age, but I will say that I am too young to have gone through that four times.
    As the actress portion, when I was young (think 2 to 3) I could easily memorize lines from my favorite books and movies, and then dress up in costume and perform them with my baby brother. Apparently, I wasn’t half bad. Growing up, I can’t deny that I don’t have that secret dream of being a famous actor, but it seemed stronger in me then in my peers. I could always perform for a camera or a few close friends, but when it came to a crowd… Let’s just say I freeze up and look like an idiot. However, I can speak to an audience or play an instrument on stage perfectly; it’s just acting and singing in which I freeze up on.
    Does anyone understand what I’m getting at? Please reply… Don’t be afraid to push that button.

  93. greenraider33 says:

    In old customs of us Indians there is a belief that,we often feel that we have been somewhere(or rather believe),but actually we haven’t…….not in this life.There was a girl who was believed to have left her parents to go back to earlier life parents because they were old and helpless.anyway awesome story.Its good to share feelings once in a whileXD…………………….

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