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ZOZO the Ouija Demon

Posted on March 24, 2009

My name is Darren and I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I am currently 40 years old, and have held a fascination with the occult since an early age. I have had many bizarre experiences with Ouija boards and I am writing this as a warning to people that bad things can happen because of these “portals.”

Parker brothers doesn’t care if a demon possesses you, or if you come under some type of attack from something you know nothing about. The majority of people from The United States holds a skeptical view regarding the scientific evidence of spirits or ghosts, and many people who believe in these things also believe that it is for this very reason that ghosts and poltergeists occur here and exist “under the radar” so to speak. These Ouija boards are manufactured under the precept that they are mere “toys.” Let me tell you first hand that THEY ARE NOT TOYS, and should be used with strict caution, and probably should not be messed with AT ALL. Other countries take a more open minded view of spirits, demons, and ghosts, and many many cultures have based entire religions from these beliefs.

During my experiences with Ouija boards one particular spirit always seemed compelled to make it’s presence known. It’s name is ZOZO. Today I refuse to even pronounce it’s name as I believe the mere pronunciation of it can cause it to manifest itself. Too many times to count, it has at first pretended to be a nice spirit, or pretend to be whomever I was trying to contact. But eventually it showed it’s true self, cussing me, threatening me and others present in the room. Once it actually cussed me using what looked like Latin or Hebrew, and using biblical terminology. I was genuinely fascinated and startled by how many times ZOZO showed up, even in many different states and many different Ouija boards. It always wound up being very nasty and commented freely about how it wanted to posses my girlfriends and take them to paradise. When asked where paradise was, it spelled H.E.L.L. One time after ZOZO was being extremely evil, I walked into my bathroom only to see my 1 year old daughter about to drown. Her mother had left her alone in the tub “just for a second” and somehow the water got turned on and was overflowing. Instinctively she had her face tilted up and was seconds from going under when I grabbed her from the water. The next day she was hospitalized for some weird internal infection and was put in isolation for 14 days straight as doctors tried to diagnose the illness. We almost lost her, and that was when I began to suspect demonic attack.

At this same time my girlfriend maintained a “trance like” state. Her personality changed from a very sweet person, to withdrawn, and uncaring. ZOZO said before this that it was going to possess her and eat her soul. I was recording music for a future rock project and I remember jokingly asking if it had an opinion on what I should name the band. It spelled IRON TONGUE, which at the time I thought was pretty cool, only later when my daughters tongue swelled up in the hospital to the point of asphyxiation I realized that this wasn’t cool AT ALL! Her tongue became rock hard, and distorted her face, swelling up to where it hung grotesquely from her mouth. We took turns bedside at the hospital for what seemed like forever before my daughter began to recover from this strange affliction.

When guests would spend the night in our house they would claim that they heard frightening voices coming from inside the walls. Objects would be thrown across the room, and spiders seem to come from nowhere. My girlfriends brother whom lived with us complained that he couldn’t sleep at night because the “conversations” were so loud that he simply could not rest. He believed in ghosts, and though he wasn’t afraid of them, he said that it definitely felt demonic. Lights would come off and on by themselves, doors would open and unlock themselves. One night in our bedroom a viscous laughter emanated from thin air, and to this day I cannot explain the terror in that laughter. One night I was awakened by what felt like hands on my throat choking me. I could not breathe, I could not scream. After about 30 seconds it released it’s grip and I gasped for air. The same thing happened to my girlfriend the next night. Another night me and her brother were standing just outside the back porch sliding glass door when we were talking about a supposed curse of their family. I abruptly exclaimed “I rebuke this curse in the name of Jesus Christ!” I no longer finished saying those exact words when a deafening sound and a vibration struck the entire house with such an alarming “boom” that the neighbors came over to ask if I had heard something strange. I knew it wasn’t our imaginations, I got out the ladder to see what had landed on top of the house only to find nothing. Things settled down after that, and to this day I believe that whatever made that noise also caused the disturbance to go away… For awhile.

My girlfriend broke up with me, and I met someone online in Michigan, where I moved up to be with her. She didn’t believe in spirits, and although I knew better, I decided to make her a believer as well. Living in a very small town in Marshall Michigan there were no stores that sold Ouija boards so I downloaded one from the internet. I printed it out, and to my horror ZOZO returned. It said it came from “cyberspace”…and when I asked it where it lived it spelled “SKULL NECKLACE”… We didn’t think much of this until I asked it again where it was, this time spelling “MIRROR.” The was only one mirror in the bedroom where we were crouched on the floor, and I heard a scream coming from her 7 year old niece who was watching us with another young friend. We looked up at the mirror and saw the skull necklace swaying back and forth with glowing eyes looking down at us!

My new girlfriends son had hung the necklace on one of the posts of the waterbed hours before I downloaded the paper board. We almost jumped out of our skin, and although 3 feet of fresh snow had fallen that night we all found ourselves in the front yard not knowing what to do, scared and frozen in terror. My girlfriend was so fascinated she drove 40 miles to purchase a new glow in the dark Ouija board much to my dismay.

The next night we had another session in the same room. ZOZO immediately came forth, and even without me being a participant. My girlfriends nieces were using the planchette and I would secretly write down a color onto a small piece of paper, then crumple it up where no one could see. I asked the young girls to ask the board if it knew which color I had written down, it quickly scooted to “YES!”…”BLUE!” I remember chills coursing up and down my spine as I threw the wadded up paper to my girlfriend. Her eyes widened as she read the written color BLUE! We then tried the same thing with shapes, and words and every time the board knew.

One night we asked the board if the spirit would show itself. It spelled YES and told me to turn out the lights and take a picture of the necklace above the board. I did just that and what turned out is eerie to say the least. On the upper left hand corner of the picture you can plainly see “winged” skeletons flying about, and they are of the exact same weird shape of this “skateboarders” skeleton necklace. Towards the middle you can make out hideous faces, I have seen at least 4 evil faces in this picture. I took this picture about 6 years ago, people have stolen it off of paranormal websites claiming they took it, when I know truthfully it was me. I have sent this picture to several “experts” and they have all said they cannot explain the images inside. As if all of this wasn’t strange enough now comes the REALLY scary part.

A few months ago I googled the word ZOZO. To my shock, many other people have also been contacted by a demon by the SAME NAME! I read about 20 similar stories and I am now convinced that this simply CANNOT be mere coincidence. Supposedly ZOZO is an ancient demon name which possibly stands for “The Destroyer.” Claims of demonic possession are associated with this ZOZO, and I feel it my duty to warn people to steer clear from this if it happens to present itself during a Ouija board session. I am currently researching this phenomena for a future book, and am in the initial stages of presenting my findings to a reputable demonologist who has been involved in hundreds of cases of paranormal activities across the world including “A Haunting in Connecticut.”

What is this ZOZO? Supposedly the 3 headed dog demon which guards the gates of hell has a tattoo on it’s forehead that spells ZOSO. Also, ZOZO is a term Aleister Crowley claimed meant “666.” Jimmy Page of the rock group Led Zeppelin also used ZOSO as a symbol on the Zeppelin 4 album. Could ZOZO and Zoso be connected somehow? How can so many different people from so many different parts of the world somehow lie about this ZOZO spirit? And if they aren’t lying, than how can you explain these visitations by this wicked entity? Is ZOZO the devil himself? Or a wayward demon who has the power to manifest itself wherever and whenever it is called?

Heed my warnings people, if you are playing around with a Ouija board, and you jokingly ask it if it has a name and it spells ZOZO. Close the session properly, cleanse the house, NEVER I repeat NEVER ask it again. And if you are brave enough to carry on conversations with this spirit do NOT antagonize it, or act on it’s directions. I know what I have seen, and I know other people have also come into contact with this spirit. It is dangerous beyond words. I realize not every session results in negativity, but when you play with this ZOZO you are playing with fire. Everything I have described here is true, and I am not exaggerating one bit. It may take me years, but I DO intend on writing a book about this, as I have many more stories that I do not have time to mention here. They all stem from true events that took place while talking to this ZOZO.

Folks I have been told by people wiser than myself that the spirit world is “MORE REAL” than this world of so called reality. Ouija boards can cause many bad things to happen in your life. I am including the Ouija Ghost picture within this submission. Maintain an open mind, and most of all BE CAREFUL!

Sent in by Darren Wayne, Copyright 2009


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440 Responses to “ZOZO the Ouija Demon”
  1. Layla says:

    I live in Pocola, south of Tulsa. I’ve never messed with one of those things because of my paranoia and I don’t plan on it. This hits me, because Tulsa isn’t so far away from me. I have several cousins, one who is going on a teen and I’ve warned her of what will happen should I catch her with one of these things and another who desperately wants me to ‘try it out’.

    Yeah, no.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok this is a very very true story. I was looking at Ouija Tales of people and then out of no where my mouse started to move and no one was here. It started to highlight words that is didn’t pay attention to what it said until the only thing i realized is that it highlighted ZOZO possess then up where u type the websites it said you can you make out what that says? Thats right ZOZO POSSESS YOU. Can anyone help me i’m very very scared now

      • hussain adulmagid says:

        dont be scaird, that just what he wants. he will take no action to somebody who hasnt made much contact with him either through ouija board, or a seonce. i have alot of experience with zozo. he will definetely leave u alone if u try not to talk to him too much. trust me, im haunted by zozo, and he cant hurt me because he saiys im too powerfull for him, because im supposed to be a “meduim”, and i kind of agree on that with him, cause some times ill see shadow like figures in certain areas, and sometimes it stays around for a few minutes, and other times it goes away in a few seconds… BUT, any ways, the point was, theres nothing to be afraid of…

        • Apostleled says:

          “he cant hurt me because he saiys im too powerfull for him,” I am afraid that without God you are nothing God is powerful not you and not me. If you think you are to powerful to be harmed by this demon he will harm you and the door through wich is pride. You must respect these demons they serve a purpose and they have been around alot longer than you and I. Do not let him decieve you into thinking it is you thats powerful that is were you will fall you must use Gods power not your own.Trust in God alone and humble yourself before him. Much love.

          • Anonymous says:

            Thts not true god is real but saying tht only god is powerful is a false statement we all have the ability to protect ourselves from any spirit…espescially demons….i always get mentally attacked by demons and spirits…all spirits feed on our energy thts y wen u feel randomly like lazy or tired like u shouldnt do anything active….or u randomly feel angry or sad about something u just dont kno ur getting phsycically attacked…this has everything to do with demons cuz the only reason for them to find u is to feed off of ur energy….usually the people who r channeling negative energy like wen they r angry and having a fight tht just opens them to be fed on…so hav fun wit this info cuz its true also if god werent real we could protect our selves just go on youtube and search phsycic sunshine rose cuz she has the best videos on teaching u how to protect urself from phsycic attacks…from any spirit…dosent matter if god is real or not anybody can protect rlthemselves

        • A.J Ryder says:


          Why on Heaven and earth would you believe anything a demon tells you? If this spirit is telling you you’re too powerful for it, then it is merely lulling you into a false sense of security.

      • Anonymous says:

        look this happened to me only i didnt kno what it was when i played. we got into a conversation because i thought he was good. he said he really liked me but didnt like tessa he even swore at her. then he asked me out and i said yes. then i heard satan had killed him and im freaking out to.

        • Caretaker says:

          He asked you out and you said yes? That is ridiculous if I do say so myself

        • Raven says:

          uhhhmmmm,…… Why would yu say yes to him ? That’s a bit weird. he’s a demon. he says he’s good when he is not. i’ve encountered him PLENTY of times. he said he’s gonna rape, possess, & kill me. & now all these weird things are happening in my house. lastnight is when i used my ouija board with my friend. i regret it. honestly.

          • Badass says:

            Look i have no idea about any of this stuff but its fascinating…. my whhole life i have never encountered a dam thing what so ever. I just heard about this Zozo or zoso which ever whatever… if he is so bad how are you guys still being able to talk right now? Im just saying i dont believe in this stuff i think peopl over react to things. I love reading about this stuff might not believe but very interested.

            • I love demons says:

              Well i have talked to him plenty of times and he always says he’s not going to hurt me. In fact i almost think of him as a friend. Its crazy but he always is so cool. Does this mean i am possesd

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi dear,
        I have recently started reading about paranormal activities so i dont have much idea about it but i personally think that just reading abt them is no harm. They need some mode to contact us like planchet or ouija board. Dont be scared …

      • rod johnson says:

        I read this and looked down at my shirt and realized im wearing the Led Zeppelin shirt with zoso on it…..

    • Jonathan Coonrod says:

      I have a demon…i contacted him with an Ouija board I made. It still huants me. At first it only tried to scare me by knocking things over. later it started hurting and grabbing me…it once posessed me and made me give it blood. it calls itself Za…it scratched my neck and left 2inch claw marks down my neck…it shakes the couch i sleep on…and still today…its gotten more powerful its started to do things in the day…i’m so scared and don’t know what to do…can anybody tell me something that i can do?!

      • Anonymous says:

        i am haunted by a demon or a ghost i messed with a ouija board made a ring of salt and lit white candles and things move in my house i hear voices calling my name and also i closed out the session properly

        • Anonymous says:

          Jesus Christ is lord and read new testament passage a day u be ok

          • Child of Artemis says:

            Darren, I have never used a Ouija board because I don’t permit usage anywhere near my presence, however, I am an Empath and have come across Zozo several times. He appeared in full form outside the doors in living room. I don’t even say his name because when I do, he manifests himself to the people I’m talking to. He is pure evil. I don’t even like spelling his name let alone saying it. I have seen his symbol in the Necronomicon. It’s a big circle or “O” with a big letter “Z” written inside and a smaller “z” and “o” on the sides of it. Do not write it out, bad things usually happen when you do. Also, from what I know of, his other name is Sir Topem Hat, (yes like the character in the children’s tv cartoon “Thomas and Friends.”) and looks the same way but is tall and skinny and still wears the black top hat and tuxedo.

          • rod johnson says:

            NO its the old testament

        • Caleb Dwyer says:

          I live in a house that is haunted but i dont have the heart to leave so whenever i feel terror rising up in me or the room begins to feel cold i begin to sing a bible song from my youth and the terror dies down, the cold goes away, and once i even heard screaming die away . . .

          • Toni says:

            yeah me and my friends might have let ZOZO out and he told me he loves me and wants to be with me im scared i can see him at night in my closet looking at me and by my bedroom door rocking back and forth looking at me he whispers in my ear at night telling me how my life will end and whats going to happen later in life this happens every night he fallows me around and every time we use the ouija board he tells me what i want to hear. . . . And do you know what it means when he none stops goes to all four corners every time we talk to him??? It worrys me. . . .

            • Casey McMurray says:

              These Ouiga boards and crazy stories are completely fake. “ZOZO” is not real, nor is any other demon in this “underworld”. The other player(s) push the board with their fingers. Everybody wants you to believe! I used to, but oh boy, my dad told me a lot of things that the internet wouldn’t.
              People tell you all this stuff to mess with your mind. It makes you hellusinate and exaggerate. But guess what? All a Ouiga board is is some cardboard with some English numbers, letters and a few phrases with a plastic piece. REALLY thats ALL it is! If you REALLY want to believe and scare your pants off, go right ahead. But all of you who are with me I’m saying it all. I mean, CMON! A board and some plastic can cause all these stories?!? It’s just not possible…

              • mr. a says:

                WELL- I admire your bravery- why dont you show us just how brave and stuff guy you are by ( go out and buy a board buy some black candles go to a secluded place were you will not be bothered ) and see for your self .

                make sure you have a video camera recording everything – to keep resonable information recorded .

                you want to see for your self and not take anybodies word for it – TAKE THE CHALLENG – ( LETS US KNOW HOW IT TURNS OUT )


                THE BEST OF LUCK.

                • Anonymous says:

                  I agree Mr. A that is so true they all say its fake but they have never tried it.
                  Also to everyone who has or is going to play the ouija board you are NOT contacting a spirit in the bible it clearly states there has only been two times a real spirit has come to earth so if your talking to a “spirit” it is’nt what you think it is its a demon or perhaps the devil himsels. It also states in the bible that many will diceive and say they are the light and holy. So every sance you perform you are talking to VERY powerful, malevolent demons all of which do have the power to posses, kill and ruin yohr life beyond what is imaginable!

                  • tiarnan says:

                    i have tried all this and nothing happened i am ten years old does that do anything

                • Anonymous says:

                  Mr. A i agree even though i have never used an ouija board . I am 18 years old and my 6 year old brothers Brian the Brain toy looks at me whenever i read these stories so i get creeped out.

              • Brian B says:

                Hey whoever said this stuff isnt true,
                I’m only 13 but i have had some experiences. One time when i was about 4 i was sleeping on the couch in my grandma’s house i seen someone in the kitchen hallway and was the palest thing i have ever seen. But a warm sensation came from it but i was still scared. So i walk into my grandmas room where my brother grandma and cousin was sleeping(I have no idea why to this day) and I lay down. It was right there. I think i might post an article on what has happened at my grandmas house.

              • Jessica Snethen says:

                I am 31 and am completely shocked that so many people are speaking about the same experiences my sister and I had when we were just 10-12 years old. How does this thing manifest in so many different places? I live in Topeka Kansas and am hearing about sightings, confrontations that take place in Ireland, Europe and many other places all over the World. NOT A COINCEDENCE

                • Jackalope says:

                  Obviously because it’s a very powerful demon. Though why anyone would play with a ouija board beats me.

              • ryan says:

                Well I done the ouija board buy myself wasn’t a believer didn’t know about no zozo zua mama none but they said they was there and sure enough I googled it and other ppl have storys how can u explain tht iv never had it move anything or open doors turn lights off but I do ask them to a lot and they always say yes but never do it :/ I’m not scared of them and still in 2 minds if its my subconscious mind but then I think how could my subconscious mind know about zozo b4 me its impossibleat first I did it with friends so thts why I wanted to do it by myself I’ll be completly convinced if I’m eva possesed or if anything moves without me touching it

              • Daniel says:

                if u believe in god good because ive seen a demon and i beleive in god and i said in the name of jesus chrish t i repel you and i heard a scream and i saw a demon with 3 heads fall into black hole and say i shouldve killed you.

      • Jason Lee says:

        an exorcism is the only way to get rid of a demon or a ghost

      • 28Chris1983 says:

        It’s strange you mention an encounter with ZA cause everytime I have used a ouija board or when anyone would use the board in our house, we came in contact with AZAZ, it would move back and forth from A to Z over and over until we would speak again. The board was always most active with AZ. Not long after that I started having strange things happen in our house. I too would wake up with what appeared to be scratches from claw marks on me but they were under the skin. Maybe your ZA is the same as my AZAZ?

        • Sadeee123 says:

          ok so i have never had terrible ouija experiences but one time my friend and i also asked if anyone was there and it went “AZAZAZAZAZAZAZAZAZA…” we disregarded it and thought maybe it was having trouble communicating so we just stopped. now that im seeing a similar post im a bit creeped maybe it wasnt a malfunction maybe thats what it meant to say

      • anonymis says:

        Hey, ok first u gotta cleanse your house, pray, pray, pray, the Lord will help you and u have to be brave, no matter what! try to ignor it after you pray and NEVER, i say NEVER play with that board again! get rid of it as soon as possible!! burn it…

        • Sadeee123 says:

          No disrespect intended but no, never burn it. every person i know who has burned it has something following them for years that they cannot be rid of. Fire sets it free. Bury it to return it to gods earth

        • Lindy Wilson says:

          My Mom said u can’t burn it. I don’t remember if it said ZA or AZ, but it does seem familiar 2 me. I asked it when I would die & it went wide open off the board. My friend & I were terrified so my Granny put the thing on the porch till we could go 2 the dump the next day. I would have tried burning it except my Mom had said, I believe that her & her brothers couldn’t burn it.

    • Tony says:

      The Ouija board does not “attract” any entities that aren’t already in your space, it merely gives the spirit a voice.
      These spirits may already be affecting your life.

      • Garcia says:

        I believe a spirit has resided near me, either in my apartment or my girlfriend believes mit may be following her. We have not used an ouija board, however I will not allow one in my apartment. I sprinkled some holy water and recited my profession of faith. This seems to have just pissed off the spirit becuase it is acting more now.

        Now I just did this in my room, I’m not sure if I should have done this through out my apartment.

        What else should I do? Say the whole rosary? have a priest come into my home??

        Also my girl said she had visited a satanic church, I believe before we started dating, and that she had felt an evil-like presence follow her after.

    • Toni says:

      yeah me and my friends might have let ZOZO out and he told me he loves me and wants to be with me im scared i can see him at night in my closet looking at me and by my bedroom door rocking back and forth looking at me he whispers in my ear at night telling me how my life will end and whats going to happen later in life this happens every night he fallows me around and every time we use the ouija board he tells me what i want to hear. . . . And do you know what it means when he none stops goes to all four corners every time we talk to him??? It worrys me. . . . He is kinda cool i like him <3

    • donna burcher says:

      I don’t know much about zozo but i know hes real theyre vid on youtube of someone talking to him then getting possessed it creaped me out but i believe mostly because i have a small gift where i know that an entity is near or around and my friend that is a guide she even told me i was gifted and gifted with no fear against evil and i know when somethings near i believe this entity is true because ive had some contact with a demon or a few but one murdered someone infront of me that left me so unknowing of what happened for years till my friend told what happened

    • Anonymous says:

      Ouija board is a childs game…..much like Chutes and Ladder or CandyLand…nothing more. Although once when playing with mine by candlelight someone named BOZO came thru and told me to buy tickets to Ringling Bros Barnam and Bailey Circus……..

      • Caretaker says:

        Saying that the Ouija is the same as Chutes and Ladders is like saying a BB gun is the same as a 12 gauge shotgun.

        • rod johnson says:

          are you saying chutes and ladders can be as deadly as a shotgun?? my child plays it often and i want to make sure he is safe..

    • Mika says:

      Darren, I am afraid even though I have never heard of this ZOZO, I feel as if I know of it. HOWEVER, no one should take ZOZO lightly because when I read it’s name, I knew that if you make it mad, it may drag you straight to hell. I am very well pshychic and have even predicted a small part of my own future. BE CAREFUL, i’m afraid that if you publish a book about this, stupid teenagers will be the ones to pay. Teenagers are the ones who think that if they contact ZOZO, they’ll be considered “cool.”

      • Mika says:

        Ever since I played with a wiji board on the internet, something seems to be following me, at 2:21 something awoke me from my slumber, half asleep I yelled “Keep it down, i’m trying to sleep!!” It shuushed up and is watching silently.

      • Lindy Wilson says:

        It told me that I’d marry EEW. That is my husband’s initials. It told my Mom that she’d marry a man with strawberry blonde hair. That was the color of my father’s hair. The problem with the devil’s handiwork is that he takes a piece of truth & mixes it with lies to confuse and lead astray from the person’s blessings. I know I married right ’cause of Jesus’ still small voice, however, at times I did question myself since most ppl r against my marriage. My Mom is in her fourth marriage. My Dad was # 2.

  2. Alpha says:

    Interesting experience…
    Sounds like this ZoZo gave you quite a time…
    Are there any biblical allusions you are aware of concerning ZoZo?
    I’ve never encountered this entity (Thank god) and i don’t hope to. He seems like quite a powerful demon…but if you google ‘severe demon cases’ then you’ll find horrible, spine-tingling recounts of possessions and suicides, where the host underwent various abhorrent transitions in temperament.
    They were described as eating birds, roaring and even climbing walls!!!

    this isn’t to say this ZoZo is a formidable demon,,,,whilst reading this article he reminded of these accounts. Is ZoZo haunting you still by the way/

    anyway, nice story. (i agree wholeheartedly that Ouija boards are not toys even though they are marketed as such)

  3. Jackie says:

    Hi Darren,

    I nearly missed this story. Just about everything you say i can relate too, i only played with a ouija board once and something evil attached itself to me. Soon afterwards i was attacked by this and it tried to possess me. No word of exageration, i felt it enter my body, a prayer to God saved me from whatever else this demon had in mind for me. All this sounds so far fetched, but unless you go through it, you just cannot explain how absolutely dangerous these boards are. It’s as though demons sit and wait for people to play ouija boards and then they are easily unleashed into our world, by naive people unknowingly inviting them in.

    What you say about ouija boards is absolutely true and they need banning out of toy stores. In fact i have a pettition running at the moment on my website, which is aiming to ban ouija boards from being sold in toy stores.

    Anybody who reads this and is considering using a ouija board, think again, what i say is absolutely true, i swear this before God. I would not say that being a believer in God without it was the truth. Please be warned!

    • barb kingsbury says:

      i agree they are not to be taken lightly i have played when i was younger and nothing good came out of it ,,it is not a game!!! but the devil’s deed’s at hand!!

    • Raven says:

      I have not yet met zozo. I played with a ouija board before and I’m only 13. This is very scary! I know someone who has met zozo just today and zozo said he would kill my bestfriend! I’m scared for my bestfriend! She decided to burn her ouija board but that only let’s the spirits out! I told her it was a horrible choice and she needs to purify her house with dried sage. I am a fan of witchcraft and I know how to get rid of these evil demons. I only met one spirit and his name was Justin. Apparently he was a demon to and my other friend told me NOT to use my ouija board anymore even though it’s very interesting to learn about these demons. Zozo kept saying my friends older sister was hot held… What does that mean? Supposedly Justin was a demon too and I’m kinda freaked out. They say there good when there really bad. Never trust a spirit and never use one to those of you who want to try it! It’s scary and deadly!!!!

      • Steve says:

        I think you are confusing ZOZO with BOZO.
        Its just a silly board game……….nothing more.
        If you dont believe me…..use it totally blindfolded. The spirits can still spell. Then have someone nuetral watch what it spells….which will be gibberish….and prove my point.

        • Jordan says:

          that is where your wrong…me and my mother played it and i had my eyes shut and she was watching me…the board answered questions about her missing brother of 17 years that only she knew…these things are highly dangerous and addictive i wont say dont play one coz thats hypocritical….but be VERY careful and do your homework on them before trying to use them….take them seriously and always be precautious

    • Steve says:

      Just to have some fun…….we used an OUIJA planchette on a Chutes and Ladders board game and called up the spirit of Strawberry Shortcake!!! Soon however….she was replaced by the much more powerful and sinister spirit Howdy Doody complete with Buffalo Bob Smith!!!! “What time is it boys and girls”?

  4. Jen says:

    ok daren, u’re right the boards r very dangerous!

  5. darren says:

    It seems this spirit has left me alone for a few years. I havent been able to find much as far as ZOZO as a demon name is concerned. Seems to be associated with a name “Hester” and “Abaddon” which means “The Destroyer.” I have some experts researching the name as well. It’s far too coincedental that so many other people have had evil experiences with this ZOZO and none know each other. The odds of this happening are astronomical. Some people are already claiming it to be an elaborate hoax, but I know better. This is a very strange set of circumstances and I intend on attempting to contact these people for further research into what appears to be a real life demon stalking and attacking people.

    • savannah says:

      where is the pic?

    • M.C. says:

      Yea i wasnt able to find anything on Zozo either because i wuz curious and looked it up on google and all it came up with wuz stuff about led zepplin and some weird thing about zozobra which i hav no idea wat that is hope it stops soon.

    • Dave Richardson says:

      This page has peeked my interest!!!
      Hey Darren maybe you can help me crack this code. I may have contacted Zozo, but not through an ouija board. When I was four I moved to Calgary Alberta, Canada with my family. We lived in a small duplex where it was just my parents me and my sister. We would go downstairs and play all the time, but one morning we found all our toys gathered around the table with this one huge creepy doll, (that we’d never seen before) sitting at the head of the table. It would open its eyes and look around. One day my sister told me out loud she thought it was haunted. When she said that it opened its eyes and looked at us. I grabbed the doll and took it outside by the garbage and left it there. The next morning the doll was back at the foot of the table with all the other toys gathered around it. We never went in the basement again.
      A couple weeks later, our neghbour on the other side of the duplex went mad and set his side on fire with his family still inside of it. We moved, (obviously) and three years later I found that doll in the new basement. I’m sure we left it behind but there it was. When I found it, I broke it, Bad move!
      In the kitchen, knives would throw them selves at me from out of the sink. Doors would open and slam. I’d see shapes of…I cant even really describe. demonic anyway. This continued for about nine years. Then when I was sixteen a massive black apparition pushed open my door at 3:15am floated up to me and spoke in a deep strange language I have never heard anything close to. When it finished it entered me through my eyes ears and mouth, I was in total paralysis and sank back into total darkness. With all my effort I sprang back forth, looked around and all was the same, and the time was still 3:15. Since then there has been an excorcism of my parents house to remove whatever it was, because it started to follow and haunt my siblings too. We didn’t speak of this till much later tho. Later in life I got Jimmy Page’s symbol tattooed on my arm on an impulse. No idea why. So many strange things have happened to me. Maybe you could try to explain

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, Darren uh could you inform me when you make the book i think it is horrible that it happened to you but i would like to read it. i have never encountered a ouija board but i cant help the feeling of using it any advice?
      hey this is one of his friends can u give more stories to us

    • Rafal says:

      Try looking up the name pazuzu , then youll find your answers

  6. Brackette says:

    the name reminds me of Pazuzu from the Exorcist.

    • Hahaha :D says:

      is Zozo Pazuzu? the first time i met him on Ouija, i asked what his name was and he said “CAPTAIN HOWDY” , the second time he said his name was Zozo, then the third time he said he was Pazuzu… When he said his name was Pazuzu i asked if i had met him before and he said “YES” i said who are you and he spelt out “C-A-P-T-A-I-N-H-O-W-D-Y-Z-O-Z-O”

      • Stay Away From Captain Howdy says:

        Captain Howdy is a child molester in a Twisted Sister song that gets lynched by an angry mob. It’s on the Stay Hungry album. Interesting.

        • Anonymous says:

          Captain Howdy is also mentioned in the movie The Exorcist when the girls mother asked who her “friend” was on the board

  7. tyra says:

    You’re right Ouija Boards are’nt anything to play around with.I’ve never tried one myself but i heard of horrible things happening when other people do…

  8. Alpha says:

    sorry for asking on a different story but are you a vampire?

  9. Shawn Mak says:

    ZOZO hah?Sounds interresting . could u write the points of details? I ever thought of keeping a god of death and name it ZOZO kind da of a coincidence don’t ya think Darren? Anyway cool story eve’nt if it’s true.

  10. Honeychurch says:

    I have a hard time with this, because after a child was horribly attacked and almost died, I cannot understand why anyone would invite it back. I hope this story is just a story, otherwise, I find this to be the height of irresponsibility. It’s one thing to put yourself in danger, but once you know the consequences, willingly taking that chance with your family again seems unbelievably foolish.

  11. darren says:

    After my daughter went through that ordeal I didn’t fool around with ouija boards again until I went to Michigan to live with a new girlfriend. Even then I didn’t want to, but she pestered me until I gave in. I had told her stories about things that I have seen, and well she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. She was an atheist, and simply didn’t believe in any Gods, Demons,or Spirits. She quickly changed her mind however when she seen how the board was able to tell her things about her family that even SHE did not know.

    She became extremely depressed and reclusive into our year long relationship. We parted our seperate ways and I came back to Oklahoma, where I have only dabbled once at a gravesite where my best friend of 20 years is buried. I have a fiance that forbids me to play with Ouija boards, and she has also seen firsthand paranormal activity in a house we lived in that we believe to be haunted that had nothing to do with Ouija boards. A psychic once told me that I had 3 spirits that followed me everywhere I go….1 guardian spirit which is good, and 2 bad spirits with 1 of those 2 being very destructive. Is this ZOZO? I have no clue.

    People call me a liar, and that my stories are simply fabrications but I have many witnesses that have seen amazing circumstances along with myself. I know that this ZOZO has come to me from many different boards, even homemade ones. I actually do not even need a Ouija board to communicate with spirits. A simple piece of paper will do. I believe you can talk to them in the same way you talk to anyone else. Ouija boards are indeed a tool that most people decide to use when speaking to these invisible souls. Some of my accounts are so far fetched that they border ridiculousness, and will not delve into now, as I will save them for my book project. But again these events really did happen to me, and others around me. I know they happened. I used to feel compelled to prove to other skeptic that this spirit world indeed exists, but that isn’t that important to me anymore. Gone are the days of having to scare the daylights out of myself and others just to show them that there is an unseen world. Now I just hope to keep any unclean entities away from me and my loved ones, and to warn people of the dangers involved.

    • ouija says:

      ok i play all the time DONT TELL ME not to mess with it i knoww i comunicate with my sisterr good times nothing bad ever happened I KNOW WHAT IM DOING btw great story darren hoping i dont contact zozo btw in case it happens wat it mean wen ouija says zazazazazazazazaza or azazazazazazazaz

  12. RedHed says:

    Great story , but I whole heartedly agree with HONEYCHURCH- you are a grown man in your 40′s , have numerous serious incidents with this “toy”, yet you keep “playing ” with it . When is enough going to be enough for you ? I think you have been very lucky and think you should get away from this nonsense while you can. You are pushing your luck.

  13. darren says:

    I encourage any disbelievers to go to online search engines and search for “ZOZO Spirit.” or “ZOZO Demon,” or ZOZO Ouija”…….you will immediately see links to tales from other people who describe this spirit,and the unnerving events of this unholy presence. One site actually combines several different stories into one thread where many readers have commented. This is undiputable fact, I do not know these people who claim to have had run-ins with ZOZO. I am not the first to realize that it is a very puzzling set of circumstances. It seems that this spirit has the ability to be in many different places,possibly even at the same time as I have had friends play with multiple boards in separate rooms, with this ZOZO spirit spelling intricate words at the very same time. When we would use candles, earth, wind,and fire present, even with open bibles on the board it would REALLY become powerful,even levitating when we would ask if it could. During some sessions someone would have to stand above the board with a notebook and paper as the center piece would be moving so fast that me and my x-wife would have no idea what it was spelling. The board would abbreviate longer words as if it were impatient, and alot of times it would answer questions even before we could ask them out loud, as if it could read our minds, or the minds of the spectators who might have been present. We have even done it blindfolded, and again the words come swiftly, and even in different languages if we requested it.

    Who is this ZOZO? I am seeking answers from paranormal experts around the world. Some of the references to ZOZO are in spanish,and I am interested if people from different cultures have also had similar experiences. There seems to be a West African VooDoo reference as well. This research is ongoing, and any help from readers would be appreciated.

    • Will says:

      I’m not sure that this is true but i was reading this article you wrote. I remember talking to my aunt a few years ago and she mentioned this guy she knew who used spells to summon demons. This man was a close friend to her. She said one day he was using an Ouija board for fun and he came across that same demon you came across. It really bothered him for awhile, I mean trying to kill him and/ or possibly his family if he had on The guy told her that zozo was a minion of satan. I forget what the mans name was I think his last name was Winters. I hope your doing all right now and that thing gets burnt in holy fire. I thought i should tell you that, hope it helped!

    • Anonymous says:

      From your accounts i would say you and your ex wife used the board so much it became an obsession and an addiction. this is not healthy and i wonder if you wanted to make contact so badly that you imagined this Zozo – see i said it and nothing happened to me. Maybe you feel better now because you leave it alone, keep it that way!

  14. Bracket says:


    I’m not saying i don’t believe you but your last post can be interpreted as you finding the name online and creating a story around it.

  15. darren says:

    I did google ZOZO, and like i said I am not the first person to notice that “term” associated with spirit communication. When I did learn that other people have had similar occurances I did re-submit some of my writings to various paranormal websites, that I admit to. I do not claim to know anymore about this ZOZO than any other person. I do however claim to have been followed by this spirit or entity since I was about 17 years old. I remember being struck by how similar the name is to the name of the 4th Led Zeppelin Album, and being interested in the term ZOSO. Jimmy Page who was famous for having an impressive collection of material pertaining to Aleister Crowley, used ZOSO as an astrological symbol for the album of the same name. Even now I wonder if ZOZO and ZOSO could somehow be related, but I tend to doubt it.

    As for people who continue to post comments about me being foolish, inheritantly irresponsible, or just plain ignorant for continuing to mess with Ouija boards I will repeat I DO NOT ACTIVELY INVOLVE MYSELF WITH OUIJA BOARDS ANYMORE. The last time I did was at a grave-site, and it did not respond whatsoever. This was done on a piece of cardboard,and with a protective circle, and opening and closing rituals performed.

    I respect the opinions of everyone, and fully expect the skeptics to ridicule me and call me an idiot for telling my stories. But the facts are this, I have dealt with ZOZO for 20 years. Long before I googled the name, and discovered many others who have had similar experiences, I was being harassed by this presence. I consider myself to be a skeptic as well, and I believe alot of things are hoaxed. But I KNOW what I have gone through with this thing. I am no longer willing to put people in jeopardy because of my curiosity. I now am simply searching for answers, to try and understand what has happened to me,others, and what COULD happen to more people if they by chance come into contact with ZOZO.

    • Lindy Wilson says:

      Sorry 2 b so blunt, but the definition of insanity is 2 do the same thing, over & over again expecting different results. Plz pray 4 the drawing 2 b close 2 the devil 2 b gone b4 ur dead, man. Being curious & seeking info. on him is NOT GOOD. It is my strong opinion u need 2 b researching Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit & God Almighty. Do Bible studies, continually & ask Him 2 b freed from this bondage that ur n. It may very likely b a stronghold, 2. I don’t know, but ur n danger, still.

  16. Scott says:


    That is a really interesting story.

    I also wanted to know if you had an email address I can contact you at? Your story got my curious side going. Thanks.

    • samiya says:

      hey, my puppy Ruby died on february 25th(friday) and i want to use a ouija board to call me to me how do i do this??

      • Mary says:

        You can not contact your dog through a ouiji board. I know you miss your dog. She or he may come to you in a dream.
        Do NOT use a Ouji board, especially if you are sad, the demons will know you are sad and take advantage of you. So sorry about your dog…

  17. Honeychurch says:

    You don’t need to convince me that powerful things are possible with Ouija boards, and that spirits can can represent themselves to be anything they wish; I have experienced this first hand. I have also experienced spirits on the board affecting the physical world around me- moving things, causing people to behave in certain ways, etc. I, too, have had spirits show up on homemade boards, and have had the same nasty spirit crop up over and over and misrepresent themselves. That’s WHY I’m having trouble with your account of things; if the activity was as severe as you reported, and you were absolutely convinced that this ZOZO character was responsible for it, no incentive on earth should have been enough for you to tempt fate like that. Convincing your girlfriend there’s a demon stalking you seems like the very definition of a Pyrrhic victory- the cost is far greater than the triumph! What GOOD outcome could you possibly expect from that? Excuse me, sir, but it reminds me of a half dressed starlet heading down into the basement 15 minutes into a horror film.

    Also, on the ZOZO front, I’d like to point out that in the design of the board, Z and O are on the same plane- when the planchette sweeps across, as it does often when a spirit is indecisive or restless, it’s an easy letter configuration to hit. I’m not saying that it wasn’t an actual spirit present, just that all the ZOZO spirit stories are not necessarily the *same* spirit. If a spirit is there to mess with you, as you well know, they can make up random names and things, and it’s a convenient combination of letters to hit upon. Just something to consider.

    I err on the side of not feeding these negative entities with fascination, fear, or glee. If you feel powerful and important because you’re being targeted by an evil unseen? Check yourself. I’m not saying you are- at all. I’m just saying. I try to do a spiritual cost/benefit analysis- what is the benefit of pursuing it, and what is the potential cost?

  18. airin says:


    i’ve read your stories on another site i think, or one just like it! creeeepy!.. also i know a guy who went through some of the same things after using the board… i don’t think you made it up… and i think that things like this can have an affect of our minds, kind of like we can’t stop as we search for answers. i have lived through many hauntings and know frist hand how it can take over… but maybe stop now lol… i feel like you’ll be okay though…

  19. darren says:


    i agree with alot of your points. Regarding the relative placement of the letters Z and O, you aren’t the first person to point this out. I have also read accounts of spirits calling themselves ZAZA, with reports of a demonic possession of sorts. I rule out the ideomotor explanation as well because I have seen centerpieces move with just one person touching it. Also, for me there can be no mistake that it would spell it’s name VERY plainly. Zooming back and forth from Z to O over and over again with alarming speed and precision. I remember getting cramps in my shoulders from following the centerpieces, and was an avid weight lifter.

    I remember promising myself many times that I would NEVER mess with it again, only to find myself months later doing it again. Maybe I was in some way obsessed with the nervous excitement of being scared during the later years of these sessions. Even now I find myself drawn to finding an old board, and having a full blown session away from my home, but I know things could “follow” me back. So I am content to just continue to share my experiences and chat with people like you that have different perspectives on these strange matters.

    There very well may be a valid plausible, or workable explanation for the events described. But if you have witnessed unexplainable phenomena, you kind of know deep in your heart that it just can’t be explained.

    I have questioned my own sanity during some of my experiences that defy logic. But that would mean the other people that saw the same things would have to also be crazy. No drug use was ever involved. I know I opened a door for these spirit or spirits to come through, and I refuse to keep that door open. But in doing so I may have also opened a window that cannot be shut.

  20. darren says:

    Anyone who would like to email me for further correspondence may do so. My email address is [email protected]. Thanks for all your comments, I have enjoyed your replies.

    • /?????? says:

      hi darren i have read yoyr story on my dsi i belive you i mean how can all of that come from the top of your head

  21. Honeychurch says:

    You know, I think it’s because I’m NOT inherently a skeptic, and have had experiences of my own with the Ouija- posted to this website, even- that I have had such a strong reaction to this story. I’m not here to debunk anyone; but being a believer doesn’t make one credulous, either- or it shouldn’t.

  22. HOLY GHOST GIRL says:


  23. angel34 says:

    send me some more of what happened to you..im so interested…

  24. Jackie says:

    Darren, I believe you and others here are just concerned for you i think.

    I too search for answers all the time. My experience was real too and i hope you too can find the answers you are looking for!

  25. iluvhorror says:

    i believe u 100% 2 wow this is a great story and thx for the advise dont play with ouija boards they r not toys! things will get better just trust god and pray 2 him and he will help u thro this dont worry. but all the thing u have been through. take care god bless u and dont worry its going 2 get better

  26. darren says:

    One evening my x-wife and I decided to take an old board to a good friend of mine’s house. He lived close to downtown Tulsa,and he believed in spirits. He had seen some of our “sessions” and he even participated. His wife however did not believe, and so we thought we would show her a few things. Little did we know that before the evening was over my friend Mike and I would find ourselves inside a mental health ward.

    This particular night there was a crisp full moon, everyone was in a pleasant mood,and we brought candles, a box of soil, and poured purified water into a cool little chalice that my x-wife carried with her sometimes. We situated ourselves on the coffee table in the living room, dimmed the lights, and lit the candles.

    Almost immediately the centerpiece started moving in a wide circle alarmingly fast and with unusual intensity. Before we could ask a question the centerpiece moved to HELLO and slowly swooshed past. It was if the spirit was already there, and like it wanted to show us how powerful it was. I remember finding this unusual because usually we had to wait for 5 or 10 minutes for a spirit to start communicating. This time however it began to move the very instant we laid our fingers on the planchette.

    Mike’s wife was Patricia, a large unfriendly biker type chic who didn’t scare easily. This time we didn’t ask the spirits name, we usually assumed it was ZOZO, because that was usually the only name it would claim, even when we would ask to speak with more docile spirits. The board said it did not like Patricia, and began to call her names. Patricia kept giving us dirty looks and thought we were trying to piss her off, but we were just letting the board make it’s comments. The board said Patricia was cheating on Michael with an old x-boyfriend. Me and my x had no idea who this x was, and Michael abruptly told us to ask the board what her x-boyfriends name was. It spelled Matt, and Michael’s face turned red with jealousy. The board went on to say that she had sex with him ealier that day while Michael was at work. Michael asked in which room, and it said “His BED.” Michael walked in the room and looked around for a few minutes coming back with a mens watch he said didn’t belong to him. Patricia was obviously very uncomfortable with all of this, and denied the accusations now coming from Michael. The board said it was going to “SCARE” Patricia.

    Things calmed down after we took a break from the Ouija board, and Michael and myself enjoyed a few beers as the evening progressed. We were all sitting in the living room and it was about midnight or so when my wife and I got back on the board. The board began to cuss Patricia again,and we thought about going home as it was getting carried away with the insults. Suddenly all the board would spell was WINDOW. It spelled it over and over as if trying to tell us something. We all looked out the living room windows but saw nothing but darkness. Patricia asked us if we needed a beer and we said yes. The board spelling window, window faster and faster, when we heard a terrifying scream from the kitchen. Patricia was screaming ” Someone was looking in at me through the window!”

    Me and Michael bolted out the front door and we saw a tall man running down the street. We chased him for a few blocks,down an alley way and into a building. Police officers were at this building with cruisers pulled up to the front of this MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY! A faculty lady asked us what the hell was going on,and we told her about the peeping tom. She informed us that this person had simply vanished off the property an hour earlier,and got the poilice involved in searching for the disturbed individual. I told the officers that this person was staring into a window on the side of the house and one officer went thru an “employees only” door to ask the guy some questions. Me and Michael were catching our breaths outside and after about ten minutes the officers came outside laughing amongst themselves. I asked the burly officer what happened and I will NEVER forget what he said.

    The officer told me the guy was obviously disturbed,and said he wouldn’t answer any of his questions however he told the faculty member that he had told her “The devil told me I would find him there!” A rush of chills flowed up and down my spine as I looked at Michael with jaw dropped and we stood there in disbelief. The officer also commented that no charges could be filed as this man was legally insane,and living at this home for the mentally challenged. We walked back home and told the girls what we had found out. Patricia had threw the Ouija board out the front door, and told me that I wasn’t welcome there anymore. She was trembling and my x-wife was scared as well. Me and Michael decided to burn the board.

    Michael got an old gas can from the shed, and poured gasoline over the board,and tossed the gas can about 15 feet across the yard. As we watched, he threw a match down and an amazing thing happened. A tall flash of flame ignited, but instead of burning the board, a trail of fire flashed across the yard all the way to the can of gasoline where it exploded in a huge fireball. Michael recieved second and third degree burns on his face and hands and we called an ambulance because was screaming and was almost blinded by the gasoline. Again the poilce showed up as the Ambulance took Michael and Patricia to the hospital. I remember picking up the Ouija board and noticing a blackened frame of burnt grass surrounding the board but incredibly the Ouija board was unharmed. I threw the board in the trash on the side of the house.

    The next day I got a call from Patricia who proceeded to cuss me out. She asked me “How could I do such a thing?” She then accused me of placing the Ouija board in the kitchen where the peeping tom was. I told her that I threw the board in the trash outside, but she didnt believe me. Michael spent the night in the hospital, and had to go to intensive outpatient treatment for the burns he had recieved.

    I remained friends with Michael and about a year after that night he toldme that Patricia admitted to cheating on him. The watch he had found had belonged to her x, and they had sex earlier that day just as the board claimed.

    Thanks for reading, this story is true and I will never forget that night for the rest of my life.

  27. Jackie says:

    I’ve just read that on my own in my computer room and it has freaked me out!!

  28. Kathy says:

    Hi Darren! Interesting story! I guess ZOZO is some sort of gaurdian demon who prevents people from using the Ouija boards ‘just for fun’ or for whatever.

  29. Jennifer says:


    i don’t want to write a lot about this. The board is REAL. Every time I got on it or even touched someone who was playing it….it was go real fast ZN…..ZN. We challenged it one nite in college and the fire alarms went off all night. It was a new system and they has to UNWIRE it…and it still went off.
    I do not like talking about it much but it is great to see that other people have experienced it too. I also have weird things happen to me even though that was years ago…something has attacked me in my sleep and flees in the name of Jesus. i don’t do that anymore but i think it has attached to me. I do love God and Jesus..but this evil is still haunting me from 20 years ago.

  30. Cole says:

    I believe you, and I want to buy your book when it comes out…I’ve never played it, and don’t intend to. I have been researching this for years, and one day I took a break to go outside. My dad manages apartments, and this guy who maintances them was out there. I was telling my mom what I’d found, and read, and noticed he was staring at me, listening intently. So, I asked if he’d ever played one. He said no. His ex-wife used to play it alone, by herself. And later claimed to see and hear things. He said that she was admitted into a mental hospital, and they later divorced. I didn’t have to ask him if he believed in one because he told me he would never dwell into anything like that. God Bless You…I suggest you ask Him to walk with you always. I hope your book does well, too. I’m sure it will.

  31. Unknown Stranger says:

    Wow dude. I remember my mom had one to. Her and her friend were having alot of problems. like haveing nightmares that felt so real to them and seeing faces they never seen before. I guess it was out of being stupid but me and some of my friends tried it out when i was 13. Man did I ever wish I didn’t do that. I forgot wat happened really. But whatever it was. It was strong enough to have a brick thrown to my head and leave me in a coma 4 a few years

  32. Jay says:

    I want to use the oujia board but I don’t want ZOZO… I just want to be able to believe in spirits… I hear stories but I’m the type who needs to SEE IT to BELIEVE IT… I just want to be able to talk to a spirit but not a bad one…

    • Donovan says:

      LMFAO ya you can use one you will only get a good spirit that has nothing better to do than say see buddy we exist! I promise so cmon do it how else will you ever know the truth lol

  33. ShainaB says:

    I too have had experiences with Zozo, but I am just now finding out that others have come in contact with the same “spirit” through the quija board. My experiences were all about 5 years ago and I now refuse to touch a quija board. I would always play with my grandmother and husband on my grandmother’s board. The board would only work if I was touching it with them, never without me. Everytime I touched the board zozo would come through..just like Darren’s story nice at first, perhaps a little mischievious..then “zozo started telling me specific things like…”I was with you in your red truck when you went to Ashley’s house” and so on and so forth, saying that Zozo was following me and always with me. This was all about 5 years ago and had left my mind until I got a call from my husband at work today saying that he had talked to a coworker about quija boards and that he had shared my zozo story with his coworker. His coworker told him that he had heard of a demon named zozo and to do his research. So that’s what I’m doing now and came across this page…does anyone know where I can find some good information? Other than personal stories??

  34. pegussis says:

    Darren, I don’t care if your stories seem far fetched. I know what you are talking about and have stopped using boards. I’m even afraid of automatic writing. When I was about 13, my foster sister and I were both believers. For my science fair project, I decided to do a presentation on the paranormal. I got a nice piece of wood from my foster fathers wood shop and made my own board. I wish that someone had warned me about a previous foster childs experiences in this house. I may not have used the board.

    One night, a Friday, my foster sister and I pulled out the board. Using a drop of blood from each of us on the back, supposedly so that we could control it, we lit candles and turned out the lights. Sitting across from one another, we placed our finger tips on the home made planchette. It started moving immediatly. Faster around, with more force than our trembling fingers could have managed. We began asking questions, “is there someone here?” “yes” came the response. “What is your name?” “ZOZO” “When did you die” “I will never die” This scared the crap out of me.

    We asked a few more questions, girly things about getting married and having kids, which it didn’t seem to want to answer. We were bored or scared more likely and got stupid. Asking it to prove its presence, we heard knocking coming from a room that was used for storage. We put the board away. I didn’t use it anymore, but weird things continued to happen. I put the board on the stairs, wanting to take it out to be burned the next day. It was on my bed the next morning. I am a light sleeper. No one could have gotten into my room with out my knowing. The thermostat in my room would move itself. Hangers in my closet began to swing on their own. My light would turn itself on and off. My radio would turn stations. I began having nightmares and being pinched in the night hard enough to leave bruises.

    I felt fear whenever I would look into a mirror, because I could see a black shadow behind me. I became more withdrawn and afraid. My foster sister and I began sharing a room. We began sharing dreams, sometimes vivid and full of blood. One night, I saw a huge floating head out the screen door above a field. I was constantly terrified. My foster parents became overwhelmed and had me placed elsewhere. After leaving, I felt much better. Later I found out that not long before my placement with them, my foster parents had a young man in there care. He also “played” with a board and started having strange things happen. His took on a more violent action.

    He was attacked, with scratches and bruises on his body. He tried to burn his board to no avail. He threw it away and it would appear on his bed the next day. Finally, he through it into the river and it was gone, but the experiences dragged on. He was placed into a mental health facility. I am a believer. I have children of my own now, with an 8 year old daughter who is starting to show interest in the occult. I have warned her to NEVER use one of these. EVER. TO this day, I haven’t told anyone the full extent of what I experienced there, nor what I have experienced since, but once this catches hold of you, it doesn’t just go away. It just waits for an opportunity to find you again. I believe you!!

  35. anonymous says:

    I was very frightened on reading this, and I would like to ask some questions regarding my safety. I am pretty sure that no spirit or demon can contact me or possess me without the use of an Ouija board, but could anyone tell me if my guess is correct? Thank you to whoever does. And by the way, Darren, this was very interesting and I sure won’t have an Ouija board near me if i can help it. Thanks for the warning.

    • Anonymous says:

      not true, demons can get at you whether you use a ouja (pronounced wee-jah for those of you who dont know how to say oujia properly).

      I dont want to sound mean but i am perturbed by the misude of the ouji board.

      i know more about demons than i would like to admit due to my religious preferences. there is usually no harm unless they ae provoked. they demand respect and if you dabble with them with disrespect or disbeleif then the results tend to be disastrous. you let something out, then you should have been smart enough to deal with it on your own.

  36. darren says:

    I suspect that more people than I anticipated have had run-ins with this Zozo. I am going to go ahead and estimate that hundreds maybe thousands of people have experienced this evil spirit. And yes, at first it does act less than evil, but always shows it’s true colors in the long run. They do not want to help you, they want to DESTROY you. Now I have had some positive experiences, but the negative events FAR outweigh the good. After researching more into this phenomena, I am convinced this spirit may have an origin in Voodoo. Check out my latest short story, Unlocking the secrets of Zozo. Much more to come, but I’m saving the REALLY scary stuff for the project. Thanks for all the comments, spread the word about this spirit, it is PURE evil.

  37. Anonymous says:

    my cousen and me contacted that dude and wall he listened to here couse she said she sold her soul and we could small hospital to weard things happened to us all and no matter what we tryed it toke ages for him to away he says he is like the devils son

  38. nikita says:

    my cousen and i and my sisters conatced that dude my cousen said she could control him but he went wild one time and go out there where strange things and we couls smell of hospital stuff zoz or zulu or somthng arother said he was the devils son and it was so hard to get him out even after the cleansing and gettig rid of the glass

  39. Qwerty says:

    Woah, creepy. So, what do you think would happen if you told him you liked him, or loved him or something? I do not plan on actually trying though, I would most likely be too weak to stop anything, but… still, wondering, ya know?

  40. KAE says:


    you really got me curious. My aunt uses these kind of things and I stay away from them. Honestly I am waaaaay to scared to use them. Now i have a reason to be scared of them. Maybe i have that “sixth sense” about them? Anyways i’m doing research about it now too (I’m scared to even say or type the name) If i find anything out i will email you. I believe you, i believe in ghosts and the unseen world. I hope everything turns out ok for you and your loved ones. No one deserves what you’ve been through.

  41. Amber says:

    I’ve had some experiences with ouija boards, and mirror-scrying too. I’ve seen the devil’s face, when me and Anna (my best friend) were messing around. but for some reason i think an angel posessed me and is still here and that’s why demons avoid me. her dog (who had brown eyes) growled at her (abnormal, because she’s the friendliest dog in the world) and had glowing BLUE eyes. but the moment i told it to go away and leave that dog alone, Missy was back to her normal self. she got sick and died relatively shortly after that (a year later out of the blue)…after i moved to college. as far as i know, anna doesn’t use a ouija board any more.

  42. Cedar says:

    Stay away from them guys. You DO NOT mess with ouija boards they sound satanic and can cause possession by spirits, physical and spiritual harm. Please stay away from them. but if you ever end up over your head pray to god for help. God is more powerful than a demon.

  43. Jacob says:

    my brother told me to read this because hes been kinda researching about the Ouja board since he and him friend got one he told me he was at his friends house when he was talking to a kid named Ethan who died in a car crash in 1977 and he was miss spelling things like his name when they asked him questions but they asked why couldnt he tell them the person whos fault it was that they dieds name he spelled out something close to the demon you talked about i dont wanna spell it he said he would be angry or something so my brother and his friend assumed it was the demon and they did the clearing of the house thing… oh yeah when i was reading the part about hearing strange voices right then i heard a faint childs cry omg it was freaky….

  44. darren says:

    Read the latest on Zozo on my new blog:


    A psychic makes comments and finds new faces in the zozo ghost pic taken in 2001! New research,new findings!

  45. Zack says:

    Hey, Darren, I’m Zack. My younger brother posted above as Jacob. Two of my friends and I were using the board in one of the two’s basement as my girlfriend looked on. We talked to a boy named Ethan who died in a car crash in 1977 when he was 15, like Jacob said. He said that his father was driving and that he died, too, but the other driver, who was at fault, survived and is still living today. We asked him for the name and he simply said, “RY.” We then requested that he spell out the name and he said, “Yorgz.” We then asked if he would spell out the first name and he said no. When we asked why, he said, “I would have zozo.” My friend Will and I knew what that meant, as we had read up on Ouija stories and information before ever using it for the first time and we closed the session immediately. The boy who’s house we were at came out to Will’s car and we told him what we knew about Zozo.

    Charles (the boy) claimed before we used the board that his house was haunted and now he says things have gotten worse. He hears footsteps in his living room and then checks, and nobody is there. He said that the past two nights something has yelled, “HEY” in an angry voice at him while he was laying in bed watching television. Then, when he was texting me last night he said, and I know this sounds ridiculous and stupid, that he smelled a toaster strudel. He went to the kitchen and found a toaster strudel cooking in his toaster. Once it popped out he threw it away and went to bed, terrified. We plan on going to his house this Saturday to try and communicate with the spirit that is in his house to ask it to leave.

  46. darren says:

    It would be wise to read up on cleansing rituals before confronting any activity. Get yourself some sea salt and sprinkle it around windows and doors. Sometimes it can be very difficult to dismiss these spirits. Using a Ouija Board isn’t recommended. I know natural curiosity can lead to using them, but remember what killed the cat! You can use holy water if you believe in religious provocation, but if you are indeed dealing with Zozo you may have to bring in reinforcements such as a priest, or a ghost buster type. Voices are his calling card, so is objects moving, losing something and then it reappears in wide open. I warn people that when playing with Ouija Boards, if is spells Zozo in any capacity leave it alone! I am hearing more and more stories about it,and none are positive. You can read more about my research on my blog “ZoZo the Ouija Spirit.” here:


    Let us know what happens, remember when you use Ouija Boards you stand the chance of bringing in spirits from the lower astral planes. Your faith should always stand strong. Do not antagonize them, and do not ask questions regarding future events. expect them to lie and manipulate, and misspelling of words is very common, and a sign you are dealing with a real spirit, not a subconscious energy. Also, Zozo will talk to you without asking any questions, you will KNOW when he comes, and I must strongly advise you not to mess with it. It is dangerous, and believe me…..I have seen things that you wouldnt believe. Please be careful, and protect your family always.


  47. jin.29 says:

    the juija board hum. i remember the first time i playde it end i don,t want to play it again people think that is only a game but what they don,t know is that when you play the board you open portals you can,t close.

  48. Black GezuZ says:

    Ive read alot of stories about (zozo) after a frind of mine turned me on to the thing called (zozo) and after reading them I had a odd and unsettling thing happen to me it could have been just my mind playing tricks on me but here is what happened.
    After getting home from school I sat around messing with games like always when I heard some creeking from my bedroom door at first I figured that my mother had went out side and the door was moving from the air pressure movement through the house but no one had open any doors down stairs, and i have had a spirt in the house before they aren’t bad but annoying but after visiting the grave yard on our land i found that a tombstone was set up the wrong way so i fixed it and the door slamming was at a still.
    But im straying off subject back to (zozo).
    That night I went to bed around 11 or 12ish can’t remember but 10 min. after i went to bed i felt a hand running through my hair which stopped as soon as i scratched my head. Then 5 mins. later I wake up to a sharp pain in my neck like someone just shoved a needle in the back of my neck that didn’t last to long a couple mins. later i awoke again because i felt as if someone was standing over me but no one was i turned on the light and found no one after finily getting back to sleep there were nomore bumps in the night (so to say).

    The spirt or Deman (zozo) is quit the scare and a hazerd from what ive read the people he has hurt shouldn’t fear but try and understand it people fear the unknown but if you know what and understand it you can over come it the most powerful weapons against anything is the mind sorting out the problem and finding a way to solve it. The power between to force can have a ever lasting effect on your life and the lives of others. Even tho I write about over coming the things you fear it doesn’t mean they will go away.

  49. Angie says:

    Darren, I have also made the mistake of taking a Ouija board too lightly. The house I grew up in was haunted to begin with, but when my sister and I got one of those Parker Brothers Ouija boards one Christmas, it really woke things up.
    I haven’t finished reading all of your posts, but I had to go ahead and leave my comment. The people that have criticized you for not letting this go are speaking from their own fears. You obviously feel drawn to find some kind of answer to all of this,and I wish you the best.

  50. Letigre Haywood age 15 says:

    What should I do if I have a Ouija Board in my house that hasn’t been played with since my mom was around my age and we wan’t to throw it away, and we haven’t? And what should I do if I keep having the urge to play it?

  51. unknown says:

    do u have anymore stories? i would like to hear more……… im interested in what else zozo has done and possibly any other spirit that you’ve encountered. i would like to know more about the ouija board……..

  52. CrimsonSky says:

    Hi Darren, your story is very interesting and i cannot wait for your book (which I hope all goes well btw). I too have made the mistake of ‘playing’ with a Oija board as an experiment to determine if there were, in fact, spirits. I’ve had a wide variety of names/initials, but I, thankfully, have never met ZOZO and I hope I never do. And I hope that you never feel the desire to use a board again, or if you do, that you have the courage to deny your impulse. I was wondering if maybe you had anymore stories about ZOZO besides the one on blogspot?

  53. CrimsonSky says:


  54. Sekko DaVinci says:

    SCARY..!!! thank you for sharing your experience with us, now I know I should never play with that thing, not even in halloween parties or in pijama parties with my friends.. I have a friend who has a Parker Brothers Ouija Board, but he insist that it only a FAKE Ouija, but now that I read your story, I will pass it on with my friend and I hope they stop playing with that CRAPP….

  55. Mike says:

    Hey uhm darren tat picture that you are talking about can you give me link?

  56. Anonymous says:

    I have a feeling that ZoZo is alester crowley and alester crowley possessed jimmy page

    • DrowCrazy says:

      My story or experience was a ZAZA and a LALA. ZAZA= mom, LALA= dead daughter that was murdered by mom.
      ZAZA bad and I equate her as being in actuality ZOZO bc it makes sense from what I could learn.

      ZAZA claims to have murdered her children for satan and I think that it is all just a big game as far as their story line, like good cop bad cop if you will. Lala is calm, cool, and collect, but then ZAZA comes on and its death threats and the likes.

      I havent played with a board in a while. I thought I was pregnant the last time I played and I kept hearing voices telling me not to play and the board grew fire hot as I held it in my lap during in transport to my home. That night I actually put the board in the back seat behind the driver and the driver felt like someone had kicked her seat so I moved it to the trunk through the car bc I was far too scared to get out on a lonely dark country road and do it. After that we had gone maybe a mile and the driver yells ‘ow’ I proceed to question her on this seemingly random out burst and she tells me her back is burning. So at the next big light we pull over and she raises her shirt and shows me her back. She has three scratch marks running down her back and they are fresh. So we try to focus on something else and finally we make it to the road right before our road home and my hip starts hurting. I think to myself its probably just the exercise I got earlier that day. The closer we get to the house the more it burns, so when we pull in the fron yard I get out and go over to the driver and pull my pants down and ask her to tell me what she sees.
      Her reply scratch marks, upon later inspection they were just like hers.

      This isn’t even the biggest or worst experience that I have had first hand with “bad spirits” as for ZAZA and LALA they follow a friend of mine- the drivers husband irionically enough. When he first experienced her afterwards he woke up in the middle of the night unable to breath. He went to the hospital and they had no explanation for why he was seemingly choking to death. He had an episode where he blacked out and when he came to he had his wife pinned down and was threatening her to death with a hammer. She has to tell that story because he didnt even know what he did and he doesnt like to tell that story because he kept her pinned down all night and wouldnt let her leave and it got violent.

      I have been able to see spirits since not long after I began studying witchcraft in 2000. Actuqally Halloween of 2000 was a scary night for me because a woman was following me around she was outside but she would go to every room that I went to. Just bc I knoww someone will ask. I was 15 at the time and had never been drunk or did drugs. That lady freaked me out so bad because she was the first I saw that clearly and she was scary looking like she had a hard long life. I actually ended up in a corner rocking back and forth with my head tucked in my shirt so I couldn’t see her anymore.

      Since then it is rare that I see a spirit as clear as she and usually they have to be strong for me to see them, but I always feel them and it is easy to tell when there are bad ones in the room or nearby. I see the dark shadow people alot. They are not good and I dont really believe they are people at all but they are scary.

      I have so many stories I can tell but I will end this for the moment.

  57. wolfy says:

    has anyone ever tryed to befriend zozo?

  58. idell says:

    I haven’t used the ouija board in about 8 months, I used to do it all the time. I stopped because I was sick of getting Zozo, I got him every single time. I live in New York and I’m close friends with someone who lives in New Mexico, and we would get off the phone and do the ouija board at the same time. She used to get Zozo all the time too, and stopped around the same time I did. And since then she’s been hearing and seeing things constantly, and she’s NOT schizophrenic. I think that has something to do with Zozo, maybe but I’m not sure. Actually I remember one night after using the ouija board, I was going to sleep and i heard something on the floor. It sounded like someone was crawling, but quickly, around the bed. I didn’t have my cats in the room, and it wasn’t a rat or mouse because we didn’t have those in our house. I have quite a few experiences regarding Zozo, really.

  59. idell says:

    I found in yahoo answers someone saying, ‘The name is actually Bahzozo and its an ancient malicious spirit from the day of the babylonian empire, the people use to scarifice their new born children to it and to another named molech…. they are VERY malicious and wicked.’ and their source was from the bible and history of babylon.

  60. ashley says:

    Great story.Im only fourteen years old, but I have played the Quija bored many times. Its nothing but evil. I won’t ever play it again. It swears, and it follows you around. Its not safe, I couldn’t close the portal. I felt it always around me, it was the worst feeling ever. After time passed, things felt calmer. If you thing this is just a “game”, its not. Its serious business.

  61. andrea says:

    You are another wise person who messed with fire learned its meaning and now you are carrying its moral and even though i might be young (no really im younger than 14) and trust me if u think ITS JUST A BOARD GAME and ITS ALL FAKE well guess what it’s not you only contact bad things…I can tell you some thing’s when you get the board its comes with a spirit usually demond’s it’s not soo easy getting rid of it usually comes back to your possession either in a closet,Outs side your door or on your bed. And also once you are friends with Zozo thats how he tricks you i never played the game but i study about it and paranormal i once almost play it if u want to keep away bad spirits were a cross of god (i mean that in a VERY GOOD way) because he is the only one who can get rid of evil.

  62. vicky says:

    If this is going to help, Darren, I was intrigued by your story, so I googled the name ZOZO and something interesting appeared (though no directly connected to demons). ZOZO is a vulgar word for penis in Creoly language from Haiti. If this is going to give any directions to your search, that’s good. Take care!

  63. Booski says:

    OMG i always wanted to try a ouiji board but always been scared to so never did and plus if i was to try one i would want a real board but there like 100 dollars each so y spend money pretty much killing yourself or being haunted the rest of ur life

  64. Unknown says:

    Wow, just wow. Being a Christian, I believe in demons, spirits, possesion, and stuff like that. I’m never going to use a ouija board as i do believe it is a direct line to speaking with demons. just remember, God is always there to protect you. Use his name to cast out evil, like say “In the name of our Father Jesus Christ I command you to leave!”

  65. Darren says:

    Wow, so many comments, I appreciate all the responses. Currently I am investigating a case where a lady died mysteriously after contacting ZoZo. There are incredible eyewitnesses that describe the events leading up to her death. Her son claims she became obsessed with ZoZo, and died shortly thereafter. Did ZoZo claim another victim? Folks I am getting emails from all over the world about this spirit. I am no expert, just someone who has had many run-ins with this evil spirit. I managed to drive it away, but it comes back if i am not real careful. ZoZo feeds off of fear, so getting scared is the worst thing you can do. If you come across ZoZo, be confident, and tell him to go away. Good luck, and thanks again for the responss.

    • Caitlynn says:

      Does ZOZO pretend to tell you someone has been murdered and raped and wants you to find the body? I did an Ouija board today and no matter how many times i did it and no matter how many boards i tried..ZOZO kept popping up. It spelt out my names several times and my friend’s. It told me and my friends where the dead body was and where she had been murdered. Me and my friends don’t know what to do. ZOZO threated to kill us if we found the dead body and told someone. He also told us that he “liked” us. After messing around with him for about four hours..we desided to stop after we got to the house she was kept at. The girl that was murdered IS real and DID die on October 31, 2010. I don’t know whether to not listen to him or if he’s telling the truth. And if i continue to do Ouija boards,will i keep getting him? And what should i do with the Ouija board? Oh yes..and i alsp got TWO of the most famous demons today..Nero and Jutis or something like that. If anyone knows ANYTHING AT ALL that will help me..PLEASE REPLY.

    • jacibo says:

      i have had run ins with zozo and have had some very scary things happen to me after contacting him i have been on a website all to do with zozo and there is a super freaky film were a bird just dissapears mid flight!:-(

  66. johnnymapalo says:

    Hmm, you should ask someone in the Middle East about this. They know alot about demons and such.. They’re very old civilization so they would know more about this than someone in America. Anyways, I got this off of one of their site. Hope it will help:

    1. Jinn (a demon is a type of Jinn) have been given power to change their form and appear in front of human beings in various forms; such as an animal, a reptile, or even a human being.

    2. Human beings are superior to Jinns. The Jinns can never harm human beings if tackled in the right manner. When a jinn starts to like someone he follows him or her around. If he does something extraordinary and that person gets frightened, the Jinn will tease him more but if he reacts in a brave manner, the Jinn will disappear

    A short story:

    Once in the city of Kufa, in Iraq, a merchant arrived and was searching for a rented accommodation. All the properties were full and someone directed him to a house which was empty and believed to be haunted. He was so tired that he did not care and decided to rent the property. When he was retiring to bed a huge black jinn came in front of him. He immediately started to recite the Ayatul Kursi/Muslim prayer. The jinn also followed his recitation and when he read the words, Wala yauduhu hifzuhuma/Muslim prayer (And their ( the sky and the earth) safeguarding does not burden him) the Jinn could not follow and stopped. The person understood the consequences of the words and recited the same words again and again until the jinn faded away. The merchant went to sleep and in the morning when he got up he saw the burnt ashes in the place where the jinn appeared. He was burnt by the power of God.


    Those demons play off of your fear. The more you fear them and the more you talk to them the more powerfull they get. If you stand your ground to them they will dissappear…

  67. Christoffer says:

    Darren, you mentioned that the name Zozo had some sort of connection to the name Hester and Abbadon. I earlier read, that one who had contacted Zozo also was contacted by this “Hest”. I have had many thoughts about the spiritual side having some connection to many strange incidents in the world. Not that i would ever have courage to use an Ouija, but some questions i would like to mention there, would be revolving around 2012, and this Hest, and the incident that was leaked out by a man who said be working in area 51. Apparently, they had been in contact with the “Grey” and he had even been attacked by an “Alien Grey”.
    But then i read that one who acutally saw Zozo, as an very, then i mean very very muscular green thing. Later on, he had also seen human-like, black things. Now that i write about the black spirits, i remember also one writing about a meeting with Zozo. It was a black spirit, in front of him. He asked if he was Zozo, and he was not sure if the spirit nod, or shook his head. And even later, he had seen these “Greys”. He had dreams about being in some sort of spiritual realm, where these Greys were around him. And also, all of the incidents happen after 03:00. It is because in biblic stories, there was some kind of thing of three, that God or Jesus had. So the devil used to do things in the way of three, just to mock God or Jesus. I was thinking, maybe Zozo is the devil? And these Grays and black spirits are in some sort of rank under him? Or even maybe, Zozo has his own greater beings? He could just be in the middle of the spirit circle, if you know what i mean. Perhaps there are stronger spirits than him, only that just he has a thing to mess with the human kind. Very much spiritual and historical events in the world, all of them somehow in the end binds up to God or Satan. I was very obsessed with this 2012 prediction. An very smart indian tribe had predicted this to be the day of apocalypse. Also, in the scientific world there actually is possible that a planet having an oval orbit could hit earth that year, or atleast come very close. So they plan on blowing it up or something. Anyway, a man had many sorts of research, leading to that those who habited this planet, were lizard-like creatures. Green, and very muscular. Is Zozo perhaps one of theese? I would really like to ask theese things to this Zozo. But i’m afraid of it, afraid of being obsessed with it and eventually doing something to myself. And also, asking Zozo if someone has a greater power than him, could be very provocating for him, who know what Zozo would do. And also, scrolling up this page, where someone had pointed out faces in the smoke, there’s a small one beside the largest, that almost looks like some kind of snake. And snakes, in biblical story are very relative to Satan. What if, that face is this Zozo, that could be of some lizard kind? But then another question pops up, if that small face is Zozo, who is then this much larger one? Because also, every person that has written of its encounters with Zozo, had described it being agressive, and very fast. Snakes are agressive, and very fast. I belive that Zozo is not the only great evil power. There must be more, like this Hest(Hester) or Abbadon.

    • jessica says:

      i think that whole commet is amazingly thought out. to come up with that can open new doors to to the mysterious ideas to the “spirit world” or the thought of paranormal beings that just opened my mind to other things.

      totally made me think,soo cool.

  68. johnnymapalo says:

    All jinns(demons) can do the same things as Zozo. They can all appear to human beings as snakes, reptiles or anything they want. I doubt Zozo is the devil himself.. There are 1000′s more demons that can do the same things he does. I think he’ s a more smaller demon if he’s messing with people on the ouija board.. That 2012 world ending thing I believe is a joke. They said the same thing about 2000 and looked at what happened…

  69. Christoffer says:

    johnnymapalo: But 2000 was just mainly because it was a new millenium. Not because an ancient tribe actually predicted it, and it had to do with several things, even proven science.

  70. Jonathan says:

    I want to add my two cents for the last comments.

    1) The millenium fear happens all the time and is only fear. Usually has a christian foundation. In the year 999, people believed the streets would be consumed in fire. 999 is 666 upside down. The biggest problem with these dates is how many times we have changed the calendar. I mean seriously what do dates really matter.

    2) as far as 2012, who knows but it’s thought to be the end of a cycle not the end of everything. There are Mayans still alive today and they believe as such. who knows. But this date differs because the Mayans didn’t say on December 21, 2012 the cycle ends. They gave time and on our current calendar it just falls on that day. I like to take the positive approach and see 2012 as ushering a new era of higher living. Only time will tell.

  71. Garrett says:

    Hi my friend said to look this site up because we actually played with a ouija board the other day. I am 13. My friends and i talked to a spirit named dale and my friend laughed and a stuffed animal got thrown across the house from my mom’s room….. but then a few minutes later the phone rang but there was no number and it said no one had called and did this 2 more times. The next morning i pressed redial and about 20-30 random digits appeared. Could this be an act of ZOZO?

  72. Woozle Wuzzle says:

    “I am currently researching this phenomena for a future book, and am in the initial stages of presenting my findings to a reputable demonologist who has been involved in hundreds of cases of paranormal activities across the world including A Haunting in Connecticut.

    you just debunked your so-called “demonologist”. should we now also assume that your story here is false? oh and where is this supposed pic that you claimed was attached to the story?

  73. Darren says:

    Debunked? Supposed? If you wish you may look at the “supposed” pic on my blog, or just about anywhere on the net. I have recieved emails from all over the world about the Zozo phenomena. If you believe it to be fictitious, go ahead. But if you have an open mind, and an oracle maybe you too can ring up Zozo. I wouldn’t if i were you, but if you happen to run across it, don’t expect any disclaimers or further warnings from me, find out for yourself….if you dare.

  74. disha says:

    i live in orlando florida. and the other day my friend and i were using the ouija board. we use the ouija board alot. and we came upon a spirit. we asked it its name and it said ZOZO. we kept on asking questions and it tried to get out of the board by going down the alphabet. then we got off. we didnt know what ZOZO ment. ”it” also kept on repeating ZOZO again and again. she looked zozo up and came upon this.

  75. johnnymapalo says:

    Man, Disha, you should have kept talking to Zozo. Ask him if he heard about this person on here that had many communications with him. Zozo knows alot. Ask him if he knows a demon named Zetoh!! What questions did you ask him. What answers did he give you??

  76. mia says:

    You deserve everything coming to you … You just can’t leave well enough alone!!! Well buddy when you mess with the bull you get the horns!!!!! Stay the frik away from that board … or is this even true? If so then you are nutz, if not great story.

  77. Robert says:

    This is so weird… Just a few months ago, I was using the board, and the spirit in contact referred to itself as “Bozo”.. Not Zozo nor Bahzozo, but a seeming cross between the two..
    THing is, this “Bozo” was very silly, constantly making jokes and spelling out words like “bonk” and “waffle” and “wakka wakka”. What a clown!

    (hahahaha j/k trying to add some humor)

  78. Hope says:

    How do I find your picture?? I recently purchased a ouija board and this spirit contacted me right away calling himself zozo over and over. He is sexual in nature with me and told me that he wants to come into me.

    My room mate came home late last night from work and said that she could hear me talking in my room. She didn’t stand by the door to hear but she thought that I was on the phone having a conversation with someone. I have no memory of this conversation. I would like to see your picture but can not find it here. Please help me find it so I can see what this zozo looks like.

  79. Hope says:

    I forgot to check the box for followup comments so I’m doing that now…

  80. reem says:

    pretty real story i bet its true.thanks for the advice

  81. Hope says:

    I found the picture, really scary stuff…………

  82. Angie says:

    I’m in my 30′s when I was in high school and maybe a few years out of school, it’s been sometime ago, my boyfriend and a few friends played with the board. We consistantly talked to Michael who was nice, said he came through the door, & he came from France I think he said he was a writer or artist. Can’t remember much else at the moment but the other person we talked to that I remember freaked me out, and I just told my husband not a week ago that I wouldn’t say the name ( to this day) I don’t remember what brought it up, I haven’t used the board since back then, was Hester. I was watching some show on syfy “scary but true” today and they were at the mertles plantation and just like when taps was there The lady that works there Heaster or Hester can’t remember how she spells it , was giving the tour. That is what sparked me to google it. And here I am. So found it very strange to find the words ouija and Hester together on the same site. There has to be something to it all…

  83. Megan says:

    First off, stop using this THINGS name! You guys, writing it, saying it, thinking about it, its all the same thing. giving it any kind of conscious thought is going to bring it on. Don’t antagonize it, don’t try to contact it, just leave it the hell alone. Furthermore, Darren, stop challenging people to try and contact it (the ‘…if you dare’) You know that people are going to read that and then try it out. Leave well enough alone. I couldn’t imagine willingly opening that door, I already have some kind of something in my apartment that hates my puppy and won’t leave, I don’t know why anybody would want to put themselves through that kind of hell. Show some common sense people.

  84. Anonymous says:

    hello, i purchaseda ouiji board at a garage sale from an elderly couple. I have always had an interested in the spirit world and had a great interest in trying to make contact. I did not dare to play the ouiji by myself so I just left it packed away until I had a friend convinced me to use it last night. FOr a hour we spoke to this woman spirit and as we went on with the session the word zozo kept being spelled out. as a newbie at this I had no clue what it meant until i looked it up and found it on your website. The energy on the oracle was wild and i am certain if we had removed our hands it would have flew off the board. several times it tried to spell out the alphabet. It was scary as heck and was terrified to see that it was evil… do i still need to cleanse the house even if we went to “goodbye”? I have children and am scared for them.

  85. Roger E says:

    that same ZOZO kept talkin to us one night this was the sec time i tryed the ouiji board i was with my bro and his girlfriend and we were supposably talkin to my grandma that apssed away about 10 years ago then she wassent there no more so we asked who it was and there it was zozo.. it told me to go to bed cuz it wanted to teach me a lesson and my mom was there cuz we wanted her to see that it really was my grandma but then when zozo came and said that to me! my mom got mad and told it you will NOT get close to my son and then she said how shes NOT scared of him and if anything he shuld be scared of her!!.. i was about 16 at the time and i was not really scared but i didnt trust it haha so i didnt go to bed till the sun was coming up.. and nothing has happen that i could say has something to do wit zozo..

  86. Darren says:

    Again the emails I receive are alarming concerning the amount of people who have come into contact with this thing, I will be updating the blog soon to respond to several questions as well as discuss this disturbing phenomena. Perplexing as well are there are reports of encounters across the globe, in different languages that Ive come across. Mexico, Denmark, U.K., and many other countries have posted stories and comments which will be in the update.

    I continue to discourage the practice of Ouija Board sessions, and other paranormal interference with spirits, demons, and the like. The Zozo phenomena is quite mysterious to say the least, and has continued to evolve without my provocation. I simply stand my experiences, and continue to research these new findings for my book.

    How can this all be explained rationally? There really is something going on which continues to defy logic, scientific reasoning, and cannot be dismissed as mere coincidence. Thanks again for the comments,

  87. Tegan says:

    I constantly check up on zozos popularity on dear old Google. Its growing at a very quick pace. Myspace is dying out, and the club scene just isnt what it used to be. I guess a zozos gotta do what a zozos gotta do! I barely fear this subject anymore, why bother? This like anything else in life should be taken on with a positive attitude. He is contacting more people, I have been contacting him for months and months but never until now came forward with it, if hundreds, maybe thousands have came forward with their experiences I wonder how many more there are/will be that would not come forward. And not just zozo, his yang; zaza also has shown presence probably a third of the time. And heres the big question more and more of us proceed to dwell on, who is this zozo? And his accomplice zaza? Maybe others.

    We find ourselves running to conclusions to cope with the reality which is well beyond our understanding. Yours truly is guilty as charged, I tried my best to fit this experience under a category, give the names faces and suppress my fear of the supernatural while being possibly biased and quick to judge. We can research and try to figure him out all we want and get temporary peace and quiet which in reality is the depths of the rabbit hole Just how deep does it get? Any coincidence that he is gaining a fan base and maybe power nearing this all-mysterious 2012? my story

    It all started with me acquiring the Ouija board, at 18 It was my first time using it and I didnt believe in it the slightest bit. So it was just for (beep) and giggles, in so many words. I have never had interest in the supernatural, not that I was a firm believer in one thing or another but just never bothered to care enough to stress over it. Whatever ends up happening, we cant stop whats coming for us. The board worked, and we spoke to a zozo, which was a very creative name for my friend who was using it with me to come up with, at least I thought at the time. With lots of intricate questions and problem solving and also blind-folding I realized there was something to this Ouija phenomenon, and proceeded to get to know my new acquaintance slowly, day by day. I learned he is a male, 9 feet tall or so, who claimed to be very much alive, not being a spirit. He said he was green and had a tail which resembled my iguanas. Red eyes Same characteristics with zaza, except for zozo claimed to have wings. These statements made no sense to me, but I went with it.

    He told me he was glad to finally contact me, for; him and her are my guardians and I am one of 6 chosen that they will be saving when 2012 rolls around, note that before this conversation I did not even acknowledge the famous apocalypse date, but shortly after began researching. The direct translation of apocalypse is the unveiling, what is it being unveiled, is there something to all of the conspiracy theories, at least some? Regarding this reptilian phenomena? Moving on, like I said they claim I am one of 6 chosen ones, genetically altered somehow. Strange but whatever, Im open minded I let him get his ideas across. He never threatened me. Never told me to do things. Mood swings occurred but just around some people who would use the Ouija with me. I asked if I will see him and he told me I wasnt ready and wont be for a while. But they are watching over me and always have.

    Now lets go back in time for a moment, when I was around 8 years old I had a dream, of something rather, and I still recall it, a male and female came to me saying I have a great purpose in life but I have a choice to go with them now or live out my life normally and leave when I am 22 Which will be in 2012, the choice I made is obvious and clear but how mind blowing would it be if it wasnt just a coincidence? I bite my knuckles and want to rip my hair out anytime I try to research zozos kind! Is there a more diverse random scattered data about anything else? And people complain about wikipedia? Its like taking a ride on a crazy train, the crazy ideas some people decide to share! Must be desperate to make sense of it with most of the things they say. What is the truth? I find it best to research every story, article, blog, whatever. Your brain will pick up on bits and pieces or rational material and put it together, its best to look at every side of the argument before making a solid judgment. Theres something to this swirl, and fear is the worst emotion to approach it with.

    Theres funky things we are not aware of in the world and being scared wont make them go away. It just is what it is. Complaining about hauntings? Maybe sitting around in the dark with candles asking for things of such manner, expecting the worst and being negative and pessimistic will bring negativity back at you. Not every mystery is pure evil, there is nothing fully good or bad, just like humans, we have different sides to us and if you think the Ouija is evil and will haunt you, nobody ever told you it wouldnt, right? Iran Iraq etc they are all evil because we have no idea who are the men behind the masks? Or under the towels if you will. Watching our soldiers murder their people for no reason, children, mothers, just innocent people would open your eyes. Tomato tomto. Yeah that 9 year old girl was really evil with her puppy, wait a minute. Enough rambles. I have been holding this in for so long, my mind is just all over the place. Im not somebody youd expect to have and embrace these experiences Thank you all so much for reading my story and I empower you ALL to share yours! Im as eager as the next person to put this puzzle together! :)

    • Midnight says:

      Zozo, is an abreviated form of Pazozo, which is a lie. It is Pazuzu, his accomplice, as you so eloquently put it, is also deceiving to you. Pazuzu’s accomplice is none other than his brother, Humwawa. They are the minions of Azag-Thoth. Azag-Thoth only answers to one, That is Kutulu. These demons have a collective name, The Azoni (Dog Faced) in ancient Akkadian. They want only chaos, and death. Pazuzu means suffering death, he does not want to keep you, he wants to kill you as slowly and painfully as he can. Do not deal with these spirits!!!! Make no mistake, these are not friends, and once they have you wrapped around thier finger, they don’t observe the time out hand signal. They are hard as **** to get rid of, I know this because have studied them and with the Necronomicon, (A book designed to try to keep them in the Abbis) I help get rid of them. Stay away from them!

  88. Tegan says:

    That was just the tip of the iceberg of my experiences, I will be checking up on this site regularly and if any of you would like to ask me questions or are in need of advice I’ll gladly give out my email address and such. People like us who experience this need to come together and help each other, we are scattered in an unorganized matter. Zozo is very much under-estimated and I think now is the time for something on a larger scale to be done about this.

  89. darren says:

    Again someone else comes forward. Tegan briefly mentions ZaZa, whom I have also contacted. Although with significantly less frequency. Her experiences sound positive for the most part, but what I find fascinating is the references to Zozo being a reptilian like creature, a “Grey” or “Reptoid” if you will. The oldest known reference online can be read at this link: http://www.iwasabducted.com/archives/reports/041005.htm

    This persons account was so real that he, like myself, have posted their stories on several different paranormal sites. He describes the reptilian scales, a lizard like appearance. A very peculiar account to say the least. He was frozen in fear when Zozo materialized.

    Tegan if you read this, feel free to visit my blog on my particular experiences with Zozo here: http://zozotheouijaspirit.blogspot.com/

    Also anyone who would like their experiences published should contact me. I am saving most of the correspondences to be included in a chapter of my book project which is still in the research phase. Also anyone who wants to assist can reach me as well. I apply a no fear approach to my research, but still deter the non experienced from contacting spirit entities.

    This phenomena is indeed gathering a cult like following, as our culture has evolved into an information sharing age, making it easier to share meaningful insights into this perplexing series of developments.

    I’m going to estimate that just based on my research the last few years, that Zozo has made its presence known to at least hundreds, if not thousands of people across the globe. What have we discovered here in this world of mystery and the unknown? Why is this particular being contacting so many unsuspecting participants?

    Again Zozo is usually hand in hand with deception, evil, and I am convinced I have been haunted by Zozo until religious provocation was intervened. It has the power to manifest, and be in multiple places at once, which could mean it has more power than we are aware of. I have left well enough alone until about a year ago when i began to tell my experiences online. I am still absolutely convinced this whole thing is indeed real, and quite possibly could develop into a greater understanding of sorts.

    Who knows where all of this leads, it sure has been a fascinating journey so far.


  90. Johnny Mapalo says:

    All spirits can be in multiple places at one time, not just Zozo. Human spirits can be in multiple places at one time as well.. They can talk to different people at one time as well. Usually they all adhere to a higher power but I believe only non-human demon/jinns can manifest themselves. I don’t think human spirits can do so.. Not too sure though..

    I also actually believe that UFO sightings are really demons or angels but that’s just my belief..

  91. melia says:

    hi darren –

    where’s the picture at, i can’t seem to find it…?

  92. marisol says:

    hey darren!
    i too live in tulsa, OK. those are some really scary stories and i believe you are telling the truth. you have got me very curious about this thing. i wish you good luck on your book and hope all goes well for you.

  93. Helen says:

    Hi Darren, Thanks for your creepy experience. Can i see the picture of the skeletons? i am fascinated by the paranormal .

  94. darren says:

    The photograph can be viewed on the new updated “Zozo” site which is still under heavy constuction: http://evans-transportation.com/zozo/

    The larger photo’s can be viewed on the original “ZoZo” site here:

    Also I received an email from someone claiming Zozo had a message he wanted me to have! The message first reads “HV3″ which strangely enough is an html script viewer used in web development. Is Zozo somehow trying to manipulate the new site?

    This person also describes a friend falling into a trance scribbling an automotive writing saying it wants to “KILL ME!” This happened shortly after being contacted by Zozo.

    This further proves that Zozo is indeed evil, and Ouija boards are as dangerous as ever. If you are contacted by Zozo, end the session properly and get rid of the board! Don’t go thu what myself and others have as a result of communication with this bad entity.

    The creepy message also contains the number 7 in several places. Aleister Crowley believed Pan to be the Wizard of Oz, and attributed to him the number 77. The Z within the circle literally spells out Oz, and the letter Z itself is made up of two 7s, one right side up and the other upside down (just look at the old Zellers logo). -Jake Kotze, The Brave New World Order (www.thebravenewworldorder.com)

    So Oz resonates 77 due to Z being made of two 7s. Jake believes Zozo to simply mean “Oz.” which Crowley used to equal 666, the number of the beast.

    Is Zozo the devil himself, or a powerful demonic force? The story continues to raise eyebrows in paranormal circles.

  95. John swartz says:

    My name is John swartz…I have spoken with zozo…his real name is d.c..I spoke with him with two of my friends…my friends and I have seen him…he has told us of our past…I will call me and my friends 3..for short.. We 3 have beaten him…he has killed us in our past lives….all three of us…it is now my turn to kill d.c…Darren I would like your email…I can tell you how to get rid of d.c…zozo is d.c….death creeper…that is his real name..I have seen him…I can see ghosts…so can my two friends….d.c follows us 3 wherever we go…he had talked to us on a walkie talkie….do not fear him… I am only 15…so r my two friends…d.c had possed us…and we beat him…so I would like to tell you my story..

  96. John swartz says:

    Us 3 have had many seances with zozo.. Aka d.c. We let him do everything.. He whent through the alphabet forwards and back…he did the corners…the stars…everything…we were not possed by that…but he has been in my body…he has shown us 3 to fear no fear…us 3 r not afraid of death…anymore……I can help u with any of your problems with him… I am telling u facts…please don’t consider me crazy…I am far from crazy…. But u could call me crazy…..us 3 encouraged him to posses us..and he did..and we won..

    Your avid helper John swartz

  97. john swartz says:

    some woman says she is one of the 2012….”helpers” well me and my friends hussan and hussain are three more of the six….. so i john swartz, and hussan abdulmagid and hussain abdulmagid are three other saviors….in our three past lives us 3 have fought zozo aka d.c…….we beat him…….in our past lives he hass killed us and then we killed him….time is in a loop….when us three die…time starts from our three births over again…what you are doing now has only happend once….us 3 have stopped the time loop by passing the test…we were supposed to die on august 6………..d.c talked through my friend….he used my friends voice….he said” time will be new afeter six tonight…you were supposed to die in a bike accident.”….so now time isnt in a loop any more

  98. john swartz says:

    me and my two friends DO NOT need the ouija board to contact zozo….aka d.c. whe can talk to him and see him whenever we choose…since he has possesed us…whe have a part of him inside us……….he has spoken to me in demonic…he said…”demonic words”………and then i asked my friends …and when we used the ouija bouard…he said he said be strong…he doesnt want us 3 to die yet,…….4 people have been uncovered of the six 2012 saviors…….. myself and hussain abdulmagid hussan abdulmagid and some nice women who responded to this sight…

  99. Tegan says:

    John, we should find the other 2. How can I get in touch with you? Zozo also follows me everywhere. I’m 19. I’m psychic and anytime I get knowledge like a premonition or reading people’s minds I feel him in the room with me. Do you have a myspace? I never thought I’d find the other 5. I feel like zozo does the things I tell him to. He says I own both him and zaza… Last night he started saying I’m a queen of some kind…

  100. John swartz says:

    I had the dame kind of dream you did when you were eight…I had one over the weekend…zozo showed me how he kille me and the other two in our past lives…he asked me a question…I answered then he killed me…zozo said he gives the six of us 1 wish each..but the price for that wish is death…zozo is with me today…he is following me around school….

  101. Tegan says:

    Dude what is wrong with you? How am I offended? I’m more annoyed than anything, do you not understand what is being said? English isn’t my first language but is it yours? Sweet Jesus. Ha ha. Move-to-new-site. This-one-obviously-won’t-let-us-post-contact-information. Rather than more trial and error it seems easier to maybe start communicating somewhere else. If the email posting didn’t work the first time why keep doing it? Caretaker obviously won’t let you and he/she is as annoyed as I am, trying to get something done and taking steps forward and you’re just doing hammertime side to side… Do-you-have-a-myspace? Are you a member on a different website we can move to then share information there? On your myspace did you use “John swartz” as your name and how old did you say you were there and where do you live?

  102. Kim says:

    I read this exact story on a Ouija board site I was once quite fond of…

  103. Cassidy says:

    (if u could find me on my myspace.. thats where i get my messages) My friend and i went in half on one of the ouija boards. We used it numerous times with numerous people but it always moved fast and right away when both of us were on the board. I didnt think anything of it until i read ur story……But One night we had a spirit spelling out ozoz zozo just different combinations of those letters.(I have goose bumps soo bad right now) and that night after we put it up… A huge spider crawled out from under my covers on the bed ….(Very creepy. I told my dad about it and he ripped the board up and threw it in the trash….Just soo many unexplained and scary things happened when we got that. Im glad someone else believes and understands where i am comming from.

  104. hgj says:

    i wask meaningful

  105. curious gorge says:

    i would love to know more about zozo, ooo i feel creepy just typing that name. me and my friends just recently started using the ouija board, i used to be a skeptic so as a joke i said ” hey its halloween lets get a ouija board” then last weekend we met zozo. as a beginner ouija-er im kinda freaked out. so i put my email in the box that says mail, so if you see that please send me some pointers on it bc im really curious about this thing.

  106. darren says:

    The phenomena has finally hit youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVFTgZwPCEo

    I have new theories developing. The “Zo” people of Burma have existed as an indigenous culture since time immemorial. They existed happily, and independently until the British Christians interrupted the flow of their existence.

    The “ZO” people believed to be direct descendants of the legendary “ZO.” They practiced a pagan form of spirituality known as “viz animism.” This “religion” if you will, involved the belief in the souls ability to manifest and transgress into objects, animals, and human beings. They believed in head shrinking, spirit possession, and curses.

    Could this be connected to the evil spirit known as ZOZO? I had suspected an ancient shaman may be responsible for this scourge.

    Check out the trailer for the new documentary already in production.

  107. John swartz says:

    Hello??????…..nobody is listening 2 me!!!…I am one o the six of 2012…haven’t you guys seen the documentary on t.v.???…the world was made and destroyed 3 times…and their were three teenagers involved…me and two of my friend are those three…darren!!!!…I wanna talk with you….I can help you with your documentation!!!…..please let me help you!!!!!!!!!…contact me as soon as you can!!!!!!…please…I want to help….I no everything you need to know!!!…

  108. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Darren,,, wow,, you really opened my eyes!! i wont even spell the demons name, but,, i am wondering if thats what i encountered with the board when i was 13… i am now 51… i do remember, at first it was fun,, then it got very serious and mean,, cussing, ect: i dont remember if it spelled out a name or not,, that has been many years ago… after that, i had a lot of trouble with evil…. i havent touched the board since that time, but have always, trully believed that something bad happened that day….

    thank you for the info.. it seems to answer many of my questions…… ktm

  109. Jamiee says:

    The other night me my uncle and my uncle’s friend were talking to zozo. I think the creepy parts were when zozo said that five sisters die. My uncle was the only person in the room who has five sisters. zozo also said that my uncle was evil. After a bit Zozo told my uncle’s frined to die. Zozo called me stupid.

  110. Belinda says:

    Wow, I’m totally enthralled here. I do feel for you Darren and I can totally sympathize as I’ve had some very frightening experiences with the board myself. My issue is with everyone else who has written to this website. Has everyone just lost their intelligence somewhere??? This board is NOT a game, it is very real and everything that comes from it or should I say – everything that comes from it uses it as a portal, is real and not nice. I have felt and heard things that would make most people cringe.
    No matter what you do – whether you antagonize or not, the demon (NOTE NOT SPIRIT) but again I say demon, can cause you emotional, mental and physical harm, even after you believe you have rid yourself of the problem. Education: Demons are not nice and they have no intention of being nice to you. They are present for one purpose in mind and that’s to destroy anyone they touch. Remember God is Good which equates to love, peace and protection, and Lucifer is Evil which equates to hate, disruption and fear. And those that work for Lucifer are demons, just as those who work for God are angels. And these demons have many names. The Ouja board has been used for centuries to communicate with the dead (supposedly) but the problem is the dead move on and it is only the vile that linger – waiting to enter our earthly plain.
    Having said all that I truly beseech any of you out there to reconsider playing with the Ouja board. There are some things in this world that are out of our human control, and it’s best to be safe rather than sorry. I can honestly say from personal experience, that it isn’t worth it.

  111. Tegan says:

    I assume you gather all this information because you stopped and interviewed a “demon” to find out everything about him? Which would make the two of you close acquaintances? Nobody here has lost their intelligence, we are here to discuss zozo not preach the bible and annoy one another. Nobody is going to listen to biased nonsense. If people are here discussing zozo they have obviously already used the ouija, intelligence states that telling them to never touch a ouija board is a belated statement and an epic fail. I speak for all of us when I say keep your opinions to yourself on this page unless they have something to do with zozo or a closely related subject. Most of us have email notofications enabled and are simply not interested in more spam than all of us already get. And speaking of the devil (har har) for the last month or so, all my ouija board attempts have been non-fulfilling and empty sessions. Zozo has either abandoned me or is very upset with me.

  112. John swartz says:

    Tegan…I have talked 2 zozo..he isn’t mad at u…he is with me now…I don’t need 2 talk 2 him in the board.he comes 2 me in my mind..

    • might be putting two and two together... says:

      well, i’ve just gotta say this after thinking about it. my oldest brother told me a story how a “shadow” was on his wall then came off of it. it then told him it might not hurt him, but maybe one of his brothers. well when i was 2,3, or 4, he heard me running around and asked what was wrong and all i said was something scared me. now the only reason i’m saying this is because i read somewhere that ZOZO was a shadow on a wall then came off, i’m just going to ask, does any of that sound that ZOZO contacted me when i was a kid?

  113. Jade says:

    I am thinking of doing a Ouija Board. But I’m confused at how ZoZo can reach so many different people? I have heard alot about him.. Is there anything else you can tell me about this?

  114. darren says:

    I’m still theorizing about how this Zozo can reach so many different people. I am corresponding with one particular person who has decided to summon Zozo under strict ritualistic formats. She wants to ask Zozo alot of questions even if it means exposing herself to inherent danger. Despite my objections, she says that she senses that Zozo is beyond mysterious, completely evil, and to her amazingly beautiful.

    Some claim that Zozo is simply an internet hoax of sorts, to them I simply say that it isn’t possible. I have seen with my own eyes the powers of this demonic spirit. I have talked with scores of people who have come to me for help in understanding their experiences after coming into contact with this presence. My blog regarding Zozo is receiving thousands of page views from the farthest corners of the world. Asia, Australia, New Zealand, India, places I never knew existed. Strange, unknown IP addresses, government agencies, college universities, and it’s just amazing how many people claim to have been contacted by this “phenomena.”

    It bothers me the many teenagers who claim that Zozo is inside them. They insist that they are “chosen”….and indeed they may be. I have witnessed two possessions in which Zozo actually warned them that if they didn’t submit to his sexual advances he would “devour” their souls. I have read accounts of Zozo telling people they would die in automobile accidents…..and then weeks later they indeed perished. My own best friend died in a violent car crash after being told by Zozo that he would die on the road, lonely, and would see him in hell. And although this was many years ago that this was foretold, my dear brother died alone, and on a dangerous turn, on Wikiowa Rd. outside of Sand Springs Oklahoma. Hours before his death Randy called me….his last words to me were …” I will see you in hell.”

    Now I realize that not all who play with Ouija Boards have bad experiences. Zozo has claimed to be a “leader” of Ouija Spirits….and I believe this. I think the people he comes to have some sort of alchemical vibrations that have something to do with laws of attraction. Zozo is a nasty minded spirit, always seeking attractive females to court, this I notice is always commented about by people who email me about their own experiences. Zozo is deceitful, knows many languages, and plays with peoples minds to gain trust. It’s obvious he seeks to steal souls much like satan himself.

    To you Jade I say leave the boards alone……many have written me saying the first time they ever played with a board …Zozo come to them immediately. Almost like he was already there. This is the scariest thing I ever seen, and the scariest part for me is unlike in the movie The Excorsist….there was only ONE person harmed. Zozo is coming to hundreds of people, possibly thousands. And folks THAT is something that terrifies me to the core.

  115. Darren says:

    While searching through a French website, I noticed Zozo is the last demon name mentioned in an article written entirely in French. I translated it to the following:

    ZOZO -
    Ce dmon peu connu a t formellement identifi par une jeune Picarde, dans une affaire de possession advenue en 1816 : elle tomba au pouvoir des dmons Zozo, Mimi et Crapoulet qui, entre autres facties, la faisaient marcher quatre pattes. This little devil has been formally identified by a young Picardy, in a case of possession happened in 1816 it fell into the hands of demons Zozo, Mimi and Crapoulet which, among other antics, made her crawl.

    It seems Zozo is indeed a demon capable of possessing the living. How ironic is it that it made this girl crawl on all fours like Linda Blair in The Exorcist? I have read that demons don’t like to be recognized by their real names, for this gives power to the demonologists who seek to cast them out of their hosts. So why does Zozo always insist in spelling out it’s name?

    According to the Catholic Church, knowing the demon’s name does give the priest a distinct advantage in exorcising it. Yet, in all truthfulness all demons are liars and in the most part will not give their names unless under great duress. Putting a demon under this kind of pressure is no easy task and should not even be considered by anyone untrained, unprepared and unprotected by God. Needless to say one that is not “called” into the field should not pursue it. This is one reason why the Catholic Church must allow for these rites to be performed, and in some circumstances will choose which priest does the exorcism.

    How does this stand up to the stories where someone will call out a demons name and ask a favor from it? This method of using a demons name supposedly does work, giving the person the appearance of some form of control of the demon. Of course this is opening the door for the demon to gain complete control later.
    Also there are records of demon posessions/hauntings where when the demon’s name was found out the activity would get stronger and more violent whenever the dark entity was addressed. I know that recently, the more effort put forth in researching this phenomena, the more increased the paranormal activity surrounding me.

    Demons are tricky, they can appear to be cooperating, but in reality they are finding ways to destroy you. Nothing good will ever come from working with demons. Trust me, I know from my own personal experience.
    Demons can be summoned, but there need to be several precautions in place. There needs to be an actual protective circle in which to summon them. The circle acts as a focus point, and protection for you from the demonic energies. The person doing the summoning needs to be in a separate circle which they are using their own energies to create and protect themselves. If you don’t use protection you can end up possessed or dead, neither of which are good. The demon isn’t going to show up and be docile or agreeable. No matter what your religion or belief system is, the christian ideals are pretty much correct. Demons are evil creatures, they trick, they lie, they kill. These are all part of their nature. They twist words, take their own interpretations and run with them. Never trust a demon. Never seek them out. You can’t kill them or destroy them. All you can do is banish them from an area or make them mad.

    And in the end does it really matter which spirit you converse with thru Ouija Boards? The sweet grandmother who passed away you are trying to contact very well may be a demon from hell…..who later may identify himself as Zozo!

  116. Big Chief says:

    Very Good. All demons can predict death. All demons can be in multiple places at one time. Non-human demons, like Zozo, has been around before man existed so they know all languages and can communicate in all languages.. They watch the earth and watch humans troubles. I believe demons are the alien that people believe to see from outer space.. They can possess living human beings. Demons-bad ones- are sexual creatures. Some can have sex with humans in this world.. Zozo is a proud demon, that’s why he has no problems giving out his name. You can’t kill him anyways so he can care less if you know his name.. All you can do is run him away but he will never die..

    Demons were created by the AlMighty. No shaman or voodoo priest created Zozo. Zozo was created before the first human being. Zozo and the other demons, angels, dead human spirits live in the same universe, parallel to us. We just cant see them and influence their world. They can see us though and influence our world..

  117. Tegan says:

    I think it’s interesting that in the movie paranormal activity, at the part where they leave powder on the floor and the tracks leading into the bedroom emerge, the demon that stalks them is nicknamed the “lizard man”, due to the prints left.

  118. Jade says:

    Thanks for that Darren. I found it very interesting. However, I still want to do a Ouija board. But I do not have any one experienced to do it with so I guess I’ll have to wait.

    Have you known alot of people to do Ouija boards?
    I’ve watched paranormal activity and I found that quite scary and not something Id want to encounter. But at the moment all I can think about is doing one and I’m not quite sure why?

    it might just be me being curious – But once I decide i want to do something I will do it. Have you anymore advice?

  119. tOOts says:

    I am interested in this zozo i have done a few ouja’s before but never have i come across him every time i have done it it has been with friends is it passable to do a board on your own if so would i be more likely to get harmed calling him out on my own?? i also found it interesting that some 1 said that zozo is apparently the 3 headed dog that guards the gates of hell witch in greak mythology was hadies (the greak god of the under world) pet. all gods in greak mythology had a so called ”pet” or beast do you think that these beast could be the demons of today?? wb plz

  120. John swartz says:

    Darren…I’m tht teenager tht said I’m chosen…I have interacted with Zozo many times…and I’m not trying to draw attention to myself…something tht is scary is when me and my two friends..the other chosen ones…zozo talked through one of them..zozo said tht we didn’t need the boar to talk to him..he said tht all we had to do was picture a triangle in out minds..and also me and my two friends can see and hear ghosts…they look like shadows..like the footprint of a departed soul..but anyway…my friend closed his eyes..he pictured a triangle..and what happened next was bizzare…my friend said he saw eyes..then a mouth..he saw the mouth move and then his moved…this was four months ago..but this is what he said…I asked hussan what happened…but his voice…it had no tone…..he told us that we were gunna die in a bike accident tht night…he told us tht if we wanted to live we should stay inside…he also said that if we stayed inside…someone else would be replaced…that scared us…then he said he was leaving…hussan opened his eyes and he couldn’t breathe…………but then their was a flash in the middle of the room..and he started breathing…later that night on the news….their was a car accident where we were going to go bike riding…and 4 people died…………after we saw that we whent and played ouija….zozo….he isn’t all that bad..he warned us not to go outside..but then again four people died…now here is another phenomena…when we played ouija on another day…zozo said that ghosts go in my room all the time..because I have a ouija board and planchette in my room…he said that they let me know they r their..they do tht by tapping on my wall…..not loudly..but gently…just enough soo I know they r their……that’s weird too…know about the Zozo I inside me thang….a while ago zozo told me and my two friends that In our three past lives we have lived as brothers…and I feel that is true cuz I have had a strong bond with my two friends ever since I met them 3 years ago..but zozo said that he killed us in our past three lives..the. when we were dead we killed him…this he said was in ancient Greek time…zozo is on Cerberus the three headed dog…and I guess that’s y I love Greek mythology so much…and he said that he wanted us to keep living so that’s y he told us about the car crash……and also…I encourage others to talk to zozo…befriend him…Darren doesn’t understand this as much as I do…he hasent had a near death experience with zozo…he hasent had his friend almost choke..he doesn’t contact zozo on a daily basis..he doesn’t hold seances with zozo..he can’t see or hear ghosts…he doesn’t have drams where zozo teaches him things…but I do…..I am a medium..and so r my two friends….zozo isn’t his real name…like I have said before…it’s DC…which stands for death creeper….DO NOT be afraid of Zozo..aka DC…if zozo is being a jerk do the same…he encourages bravery….he is enthraled whenever someone sasses him..he loves the challenge of arguing…the reason Darren started this forum is yes he wanted to warn people..but really he is scared…he is scared…too scared to even say 4 measly letters..zozo…….wow sooooooo scary…..i say his name all the time…I’m gunna get a tatoo of his name…he isn’t bad…he is a fallen angel who fell from the top…zozo doesn’t like people who are afraid of them…thts probably y he said iron tongue…he knew you were scared…and he preys on people with low aura…mine is very high….it is over 150….most people have only 40-50 aura…

    Big boi-John swartz

    • GirlRacer says:

      Wow. Your aura is 150. OMGWTFBBQKTHX. Its a pity your IQ appears nowhere near. How you can dismiss somebody elses experience is beyond me.

      So. You’re a medium. How many fingers am I holding up? I’ll give you a guess, medium. Its 1. Which one though. Concentrate now…

      Its not nice is it, somebody giving you the finger and ridiculing you. Thats what you did to Darren.

      Anyhow. This thing has you right where it wants you. Its impossible to befriend true evil. Selfishness, lies, deceit, dishonour, alternative motive; there are some of the things that true evil stand for. You may very well be a medium but even the best of mediums can be deceived. This thing will tell you anything you want to hear. It will make you feel like you’re invincible. The triangle thing doesn’t make a difference as its just another lie by this thing to make you feel like you are in control, you are not. He’s laughing at you. Laughing right in your face.

      I’m not a religious person though I hold my own belief. I’m not going to tell you to stop.

      I’m telling you the truth.

      Be careful.

  121. Jade says:

    John- If you are a medium does that mean you can tell me if I should do a ouija board or not?? And will it harm me in anyway?

  122. John swartz says:

    Yea jade…..you can use the ouija board…don’t be scared…and you don’t need the lights off…tht usually makes people afraid..just be calm…u can say wutever u wantto te board…..the only way a spirit can hurt u is if it’s connected 2 u..so go ahead

    • jacibo says:

      i do not wish to offend you john but you say you were chosen by who god? And you say the world has been deystroyed 3 times thats hard to belive. And if your a medium please tell me my age.

      Please reply.

  123. darrenteed says:

    I have stated before that not all Ouija sessions have negative outcomes. It can be fascinating, and entertaining. Once a friend of mine and I asked if we could talk to the deceased lead singer of ACDC, Bon Scott. Immediately the planchette spelled “Hey mates.” It used Australian terminologies, and to this day I believe we actually had a conversation with the prankish lead singer who drank himself to his death in 1971. Bon said he wanted to smoke some grass. My friend obliged, rolled a joint, lit it, and placed it into the hole on the centerpiece. This sounds crazy, but we saw the cherry on that marijuana cigarette blaze up……it appeared that Bon really was enjoying, and taking big puffs of the joint. I quit smoking years ago, but that long conversation stands out as one of the more innocent and entertaining Ouija sessions I was ever involved with.

    John, it’s unfortunate that you seem bent on mocking me, when you don’t know me personally. You are somewhat correct, I have a fear of this particular demon. I have seen it possess 3 of my x-girlfriends, and I feel that it caused my little girl to almost lose her life. It predicted my best friends death, and haunted almost every house I have ever lived in. I have witnessed levitation, seen objects hurled across the room, seen it possess a dog before our very eyes, and was choked nearly unconscious during a nighmarish sleep paralysis episode which also happened to my current girlfriend. I seen a psychic vomit when she entered a home I lived in, she was terrified of Zozo’s presence. But you see, I know what Zozo is afraid of….Jesus Christ. That is the power I have over him, and it flees like a scared puppy when I tell it to be gone in his name.

    So, if one decides to test fate by using a Ouija Board, I say do so with great caution. How many “good” stories does one remember by using them? In my opinion, the risks outweigh the pleasantries. Zozo can indeed pretend to be perceived as nice, innocent, and playful. But underneath this facade, is a demonic evil that admits it wants to devour souls. If you think that it is ok for it to swim around in your mind in a triangle of deception, need I remind you that you are floating in the worst waters of Bermuda. If you think that Zozo is indeed inside of you, it probably is, and will use you to do whatever bidding it chooses. When one plays with fire, you eventually get burned. Zozo is a demonic entity, this I regard as fact. There are stories out there that hint that it has caused death, and I believe this demon has power to commit horrid acts to please it’s wicked sense of humor.

    Play if you must, but if it spells Zozo……be ready, and be careful what you wish for.

    • Simulacrum says:


      While you seem fairly knowledgeable about the subject, how do you explain the inconsistency between this Bon Scott story and the one on your site here http://zozotheouijaspirit.blogspot.com/?

      On the site, you clearly state that “Bon Scott” turned out to be ZoZo himself, and that your friend Randy “cussed him out”, earning himself a condemnation to Hell in the process.

      What I want to know is, are you going for flash and glory here or are you actually investigating and taking this seriously? I am taking this quite seriously, so I reserve the right to be cynical. I’ve read most of your posts and the site, and Randy’s death seems to be quite central to your experience with ZoZo. Considering he earned the demon’s ire via his “cussing”, that seems to be quite the thing to omit in this post I’m replying to.

      So which is it? I admit that I am intrigued by your analysis – it is in hand with my own findings, you have decent grammar (posters on this site, take note!), and you took the time to gather these stories, which obviously point toward some sort of truth. Speak.

  124. John swartz says:

    Darren…you say tht I could b in his control…tht is impossible…he cannot beat me and my two friends…he ha tried to posses us before…and he almost succeded with hussan…he is one of my two friends…you see me and my two friends are mediums…and I’m not mocking you….I no ur afraid…but I’m not…lately he has been making my life miserible…their is no fun in nothing I do…except girls…I guess tht s the part of growing up…but thts wut I mean by zozo is inside me…I see wut he sees…I can pursuade anyone to so anything I want…tht is something zozo can do…you see…he isn’t all tht bad…he gave me this weird mystic ability…zozo told me and my two friend tht he has been with us ever since we were born….he watched us being born…an he has been with us all this time…thts y I’m not scared of him…he gives me insight…he comes to me in dreams…..he warns me of dangers….and did you no dreams prepare us for any possible danger…..an also Darren i am sorry if I mocked you….but the best way to make someone to understand something is to tell them outright….I have seen things tht no one should ever see….a couple days ago I saw zozo walk into my class room…hussan was their…we were the only ppl who culd c Zozo…and we watched him walk up to me…he launched himself at me…I saw his face…..then he was inside me…a strong power overcame me…it dais to kill everyone in the room…but I beat him…I just focused my my mind…saw him in the triangle…and “pushed” my mind into the triangle…and it shattered….zozo never tried tht again….cuz I’m more powerful than zozo…tht is y he can’t posses me and my two friends…he can’t beat us…he days he has been trying since birth…he said he liked us in our past lives 3 times…I asked zozo y he keeps bringing us back to life…and he said it’s because he likes a challenge…he likes killing us ten we kill him…tht is also y I’m not afraid of death….and also zozo…and Darren….Jesus can’t do shit……tht doesn’t work…just like this…even if the planchette goes to goodbye it doesn’t mean he is gone…so even if u say “Jesus”..it doesn’t mean he is gone.. It gives u a false sense of security…thinking thts the only defense is gunna get u beat….their is only one way to beat him…to fight him in the triangle…I have beaten him many times…zozo had also told me tht when he kills me and my two friends tht the world starts over in a different time period…he said time may reverse or go forward….tht is y we have Dejavu….and haven’t u heard of the myth tht the world was destroyed and created again three times by three ppl..those three ppl r me and my two friends…I can help u Darren…we have aloe to discuss…please ask the caretaker if we can exchange information……

    • Krysta says:

      oook john, if what every one on here says is true then…do you realize you are talking to a demon?! why would he want to help you and be friendly towards you? i highly doubt he gives a D*** about you. you seem very easily manipulated. did you ever think that is the reason why he trys to communicate with you? kinda sounds to me like if he told you to kill off the whole world, you would. so…maybe, just some friendly advise…stop talking to demons. :) especially ones who try to kill innocent 1 year olds.


      ps. 2012 is a bunch of bs. they made a movie about it for gods sake.

    • silver_one says:

      Hi John, from your postings and sories I am impressed at the strength you have. I would advise you to watch how cocky you get about these dealings. I would also advise you to stop telling people to go to talk with DC/ZOZO through an Oujia board. The people that you instruct to do so are not YOU. If you and other 3 friends do hold a long standing and powerful boind it is aided by its 3 power Trinity. What if you and you 3 alone hold the power to keep this entity at bay, you would be leading others to harm. Please use more caution. Also I think that he has to have a slight bit of a hold on you otherwise you wouldn’t be contacting him so often. Are you able to go a single day without contacting him in any form, even once? If you are able to does he get mad? You have said that he is helpfull but when he came into you at school you wanted to kill. He could be helping you every now and then in the hopes that he will win your trust and your gaurd will be let down. Just a thought…

      • hussain abdulmagid says:

        i understand ur warning… and i have no problem not talking to dc, i go through months at a time not talking to him… he didnt want to “kill” he just meant that he felt rage… sorry for the confusion

  125. Tegan says:

    John, you religiously believe everything zozo says. From my experience, truth isn’t his main tactic. Darren is right, you mess with the devil, you get the horns. If zozo says you’re chosen, I’ve came to the conclusion it’s mostly chosen by him to harass, play jokes on and remind him of how gullible we are. He is a demon with all the time in the world to hide in the grass. This is heading in the worst direction for you, it wouldn’t surprise me if in the near future we saw no more comments from you on this blog. If you smell what I’m steppin on. You know all those times older more experienced people had to tell you “told you so”? This is one of those times. What did zozo look like to you if he actually walked into your classroom? I’ve also had sleep paralysis, many times, one time I was laying in bed, looking around since that’s all one can do when that happens, (I keep lights on) miraculously I can always move my eye balls and blink. The last time this happened, I felt a sinister presense, heard out of place sounds and saw something moving into my room enveloped in a mist or shadow, I shook the paralysis off quicker than ever out of fear and a book in the direction of the phenomena. Everything went back to normal after. John, everything you’re saying makes me want to forget about trying to contact you or take any advice from you. You are so deep, I wouldn’t want to be sucked down as well. I’m out of the hole now and I realize that yes, zozo is there but he is not someone to believe, and doing what he says is not something I recommend to anybody. Maybe zozo predicted your death, which demons can do and he rubs off on people, I feel like I inherited some of his abilities, I predicted my ex boyfriend’s death and warned him a week before it happened (his loved ones believe I’m a guardian angel, I beg to differ) and I’m beginning to have the ability to read minds. It’s not a blessing, it’s a curse. With zozo’s gifts come prices many are not willing to pay. Everything he gives comes in the most negative way, like the typical cliche sell-your-soul nonsense. But it’s nothing like that. Don’t ask zozo to grant you wishes. He would love to be your demented genie. At least he loves being mine. Even things I don’t say out loud, he uses his mind-reading skills well. Bottom line is, zozo may not be all evil but he picks a different game to play with everyone who communicates with him. Some are dirtier than others. He’s really gone all out with me, and I’m not really proud to say so. Zozo is no joke, he will make a joke out of anyone he chooses. He’s had aeons of practice and he loves a good laugh, on someone else’s expense.

  126. Tegan says:

    Zozo plays different tricks on all of us so we all feel unique and “chosen” by him, because everyone has a different story. Zozo is in so many words costing me an arm and a leg with his so called grace and gifts. I’m afraid that one day he will say, oh so remember all those things you wanted, well you got them. Now I’m gonna need a little favor. I won’t even fathom what his request might be, but he’s becoming more and more predictable. And yes, zozo loves to argue and sass people, thus creating a negative atmosphere and that’s when the demon has power over you.

  127. Darren says:

    Tegan, I’m glad you set the record straight. I was recently sent an email that may show what Zozo looks like in human form. I can’t believe I didn’t notice this before, but in my photograph that Zozo asked me to take, when you reverse the parameters, and apply the negative effect, the face becomes much clearer. I show the original, and then the negative image as a new posting on my Zozo blog here:


    I feel sorry for the people that Zozo has in his grip. He was inside me for many years before he was cast out of me by my mother and a priest. After he was cast out, I totally changed. I couldn’t believe that I actually believed in my mind that I was Ozzy Osbourne’s evil twin brother. Zozo’s hold on me was similar to what John is going through. My question to Tegan and John is how do you know it is Zozo? Did he come initially through a Ouija Board?

  128. Big Chief says:

    Hmm, some of the words that John Schwartz is saying makes absolutely no sense. If Zozo is a non-human demon that never lived on earth, how can you kill him? I’m curious about that one. If you killed Zozo before then what brought him back to life? How can you kill someone that has no earthly physical form?? Explain!!!

    • hussain abdulmagid says:

      this is one of johns frieds, d.c has told me many things about himself… he told me that he is the devil, and alot of other weird things… he told me that he had to commit suicide in the early 1700′s to become the devil, because he had a feeling that the “others” (the 3 of us) were coming… he wouldnt tell me his human name for some weird reason… he is a mysteriousely creepy lost spirit, that finds joy out of torturing people… john has kept some details out of his stories that all of us wont share for your saftey…

      • GirlRacer says:

        Hello, Hussain.

        He’s lying his demon arse off to you dude. Has you right where he wants you.

        And I gotta say, you type very similar, in fact the same as John.

        • hussain abdulmagid says:

          … sry, but john talks alot gayer than i do… (sry john) lol.
          but we played ouija board today and i asked d.c (zozo) when he died and we had a hard time geting it out of him. he told us that he died in 1666. i wasnt sure what else he was trying to say cause i think it was in latin. we tried to have a seonce with him, and another ghost kept coming through and saying that it could be really dangerous to do that with zozo… and 1 more time just in case U DONT UNDERSTAND, im NOT john…

          • GirlRacer says:

            I didn’t say you were. I said you type the same as John.

          • GirlRacer says:

            Sorry Hussain, could you clear this up for me?

            ZoZo told you he committed suicide in the early 1700′s. Then he told you he died in 1666, but it took you a while to get it from him.

            Which one is correct, please?


            • Big Chief says:

              Oh boy, how many times will people put “666″ as the Devils numbers??? “666″ is not the devils number. It’s some man made human number for the devil. Zozo died in 1666? What a coincidence?? HAHAHAH. You do know that people believed in the “devil” in Jesus Christ days so Zozo is definitely not the devil. He came waay after the devil was known to man. How can Zozo be the devil and have a human life at the same time?? How can Zozo know that you and your friends were coming and you and your friends were born in the 1900′s?? 300 plus year gap.

              • GirlRacer says:

                Well said Big Chief and I agree.

                Its good to see somebody who believes but who has a rational and logical mind.

                Hussain. You’re not chosen. No matter what ZoZo says, he’s EVIL. He’s turned your mind into believing he’s your friend and you’re something special that can kill something infinite.

                Serious question. You’re chosen as are the other 5. What are you chosen for? Why are you chosen?

                Evil doesn’t know how to be nice. Evil doesn’t know truth. Evil has you within reach and when it grasps you… I shudder to think. It won’t only target you. It’ll try to take down your friends and family. Do you want bloodshed?

                There is one thing that I believe to be truth in the bible (just one thing mind); Evil will turn man against his brother, neighbour against neighbour, and friend against friend.

                Wake up dude.

                Steph x

            • hussain abdulmagid says:

              its 1666 because other ghosts have backed up his story…

  129. Tegan says:

    Yes, zozo came through the ouija. Speaking of the devil(s), I haven’t heard from zaza in a long long time. I’ll check out the pictures you posted, do you mind posting him in his human form if you haven’t yet.

  130. Darren says:

    It seems that in almost every case, Zozo comes to people thru Ouija Boards. I’m really surprised that as many people who have mentioned it, that one of the more prominent demonologists haven’t written about this phenomena. Seems Zozo is still “under the radar.”

    Big Chief, I like what you have to say. Have I seen you in different paranormal threads? You always seem to make valid points, I appreciate that.

    And Tegan , yes I posted the Zozo pic of his face on my blog. I almost jumped out of my chair when I saw it……pretty strange how a myst can turn into a stunning form when a negative efffect is applied.

  131. tanya says:

    Me and my friends were playing a homemade Ouija board, we’d already talked to a couple spirits, some not actually interested in talking to us. One spirit told us his name was Shawn, and when we asked him where he was from, he repeatedly said zozo and sometimes z1zo. We didn’t have a clue what it was and finished talking to him. We decided to look up Zozo, to see if it was a place. When we did, we discovered this page and another, with a post about Zozo, with the picture of the mist & a skull that Zozo claimed to live in. My friend said, “Take a picture of me smoking,” We laughed at first, but did it anyway… The first picture we took, we saw a skull…

    We’re all scared to sleep now, especially after three out of four of us, saw a shadow (while we took turns going to the bathroom.) not belonging to us walking in the kitchen, in a spot that couldn’t be casted from where we were…

    • anna says:

      before i read your story i looked at the pic and i thought about what it was and then when reading it i was right it does look like a skull very fant though.i think its cool.but thats just me.

    • hussain abdulmagid says:

      sry to have to tell u this but… its just a coincidence that the smoke got pushed together like that, and the picture was taken at that moment lol

    • Caitlynn says:

      I don’t think that this is just a coincidence. But i don’t really think that it was ZOZO. Maybe it could have been but i don’t think so because you didn’t accually talk to ZOZO it’s self. I don’t think you should be affraid..just try not to think about it much.

  132. t00ts says:

    john none of it adds up m8 like big chief says how could u kill him wen he is demon and has no earthly form? and if u n ya 2 boys are mediums thn you would feel just how evil this zozo is….. if it made a psychic physically sick how could u not feel him for his true self? and i be leave that u thinking every thing it says to you is true is playing right in to his hands… that is what demons do they play tricks and lead you in to temptation the way you can show strength is not to be led in to temptation n not to hang on his every word. if i was tell you in the past life me n you have been killing each other for century’s you would think im a fruit cake….. but just because it came from a ouja board u will be leave it if anything then a demon has more reason to lie than a person so they can trick u.also i haven’t herd this myth about three boys recreating the world could u elaborate????? P.S im not mocking you but i just cant put it all together i find u to hard to be leave like you just playin about.

  133. Big Chief says:

    Also, you should look at these sites. These sites talk about Egyptian black magic and knowing demons original names so you can control them. Very interesting read:



    Also, John, don’t mean to rain on your parade but “Death Creeper” is not the name of a demon. That’s very odd for a demon to tell you that his name is “Death Creeper”. Demons usually have odd names or weird names to pronounce. “Death Creeper” to me sounds kind of imaginative and childish. I can’t fathom a big demon telling you that his name is “Death Creeper”. Death Creeper has no ancient meaning or significant meaning whatsoever. It sounds like a childish make believe name, no pun intended.. Demons usually have names of significance that many humans don’t fully understand.

    Zozo has an ancient meaning. Death creeper has no meaning whatsoever and it seems very odd and out of place that a big demon like Zozo would call himself the “Death Creeper”. Also, you can not kill a demon. You can hurt a demon if it takes earthly form and possesses a human or animal but you can not kill them. If you can not kill a human soul, how can you kill a demon soul which is more powerful and stronger than a human soul. Zozo telling you he killed you and your friends in a past life and you also killed him as well is false information.. How did you manage to kill Zozo? I’ve never heard of any human beings on earth killing demons. Only hurting them and vanishing them. How did Zozo say you killed him??

  134. Jade says:

    Me and my friend are planning on doing a Ouija board. Is there anything I should look out for that is a bad sign or does anyone have anything to say to make it as safe as possible??

  135. tanya says:

    i am the one who left the picture with the smoke skull if anyone knows anything pleas comment he didnt threaten us but every once in a while i think i see somthin and its the same with my friends idk

  136. SomeRandomGirl says:

    Im postitive Zozo and Zoso are connected… i have become obbsessed with this site and read alot of ouija board stories, at the least 25. and at least 15 of them involved a demon named Zoso or a demon named Zozo.

  137. Lotus S. Dust says:

    BIG CHIEF you are sadly mistaken about demons being able to be multiple places at one time. read the WORD, the BIBLE. the only spirit that can be all over the place at one time is THE HOLY SPIRIT. i just encourage you to do your home work. i have been a pastors daughter my whole life & i have been ordained for 4. i dont know everything but i do know this.


  138. Lotus S. Dust says:

    lol! sorry it me again all of you have such interesting things to say. i love it! also i would like to make it clear on one other comment i have read & i have sen a couple people type the same thing & its not entirely true, although demons may speak & understand many languages there remains to be 1 that they will never, TONGUES the language of ANGELS,i as blessed with the gift of tongues at the age 5 & i pray in this language often, especially when i am involved in spiritual warfare. read the BIBLE people, please learn the truth. again not preaching just stating the facts, & you are free to disagree it cool :)


    • Caretaker says:

      Lotus Dust, actually that isnt true:

      “Tongues” is not the language of the Angels. They are just other languages of man. Read below:

      Acts Chapter 2

      4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

      5 And there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven.

      6 Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded, because that every man heard them speak in his own language.

      7 And they were all amazed and marvelled, saying one to another, Behold, are not all these which speak Galilaeans?

      8 And how hear we every man in our own tongue, wherein we were born?”

  139. Lotus S. Dust says:

    darren i think what you are doing is great, i think we all need a greater understanding about this demon & how potentially dangerous & deadly demons can be. i support your research & efforts but more power to you darren i hope we can put an end to this demons games who has tampered in alot of our lives & yes i said “OUR” truthfully im so sick of this spirit it makes me physically ill at times i cant get out of bed. i do go to a prayer group for this & have friend in CHRIST & not in CHRIST as well praying for me all over the world. more power to yuh!



  140. Darren says:

    Jade..read this link before using Ouija:

    Also, make sure you aren’t disturbed during the session. Do not make fun of the spirit, and it’s best if friends surrounding the board remain open-minded and focused. Have someone stand so they can write down the messages received. Ouija spirits often abbreviate words, and use creative methods of communication. It’s a good idea to keep a log of your questions and answers.

    Do NOT use black candles, do NOT use Ouija boards naked, and do NOT ask for the spirit to “SHOW” itself. It is common for the centerpiece to at first move into a circular motion at first, and while the spirit is “thinking.”

    Be prepared for anything to happen…..this means simply nothing, to an incredible paranormal haunting…..you cannot know for sure. Signs of possession and hauntings are many, but commonly:
    Sweating, with unusual dilated pupils.
    Superhuman strength
    Denial of sudden physical ailment
    Sudden prophesy, knowledge of secret events, and changes in ones vocal vibrational activity….guttural, deep, raspiness, gravely, etc.
    Paranormal activity of any kind not limited to objects moving by themselves, doors opening and closing, sounds of knocking or scratching on walls and ceilings, strange behavior of animals…cats and dogs esp.
    Unexplained scratch marks
    Toys or dolls moving or turning themselves on at will, or at odd times,
    Disturbing feelings that something is watching you.
    EVP …lights going off or turning on, musical instruments playing by themslves.
    Shadows from the corners of your eyes.
    Sleep paralysis or constant vivid nightmares…( In full color)
    Suicidal thoughts, or extreme fluctuations in moods.
    Stomach distention.
    Cold spots, or deep vibrations coming from nowhere.
    Sleep walking.
    Foul odors,or the smell of sulfur
    Sudden sexual urges
    Bed shaking, or blankets or sheets being tugged, or on the floor when you wake up.
    Pictures falling, or especially swaying dramatically when both nails are intact with wall.
    Pictures of Jesus moving or in different positions.
    Objects disappearing and .reappearing.
    Sudden speaking in tongues, or choking, or sudden vocalization of foreign languages.

    These are but a few of the signs that something is wrong. If you experience Zozo, tell him that you wish for him to go back from where he came. Physically move the centerpiece over goodbye, and end the session. Do not use the board again for at least 30 days.

    Never burn a Ouija board, as it is thought to forever close the portal from which the spirit entered, thus trapping in your presence. It is rumored that if you burn a Ouija board either you or someone you know will die within 12 months. And although I have burned a few and survived, I had close friends and family members die not long afterward

    Again I highly discourage messing with the unknown, for you will always get unknown results. Karmactic rules apply. If you get scared while using a Ouija board, you unconsciously invite evil spirits towards you. They can cause death, disease, and manifestations. The sudden appearance of spiders and nasty insects are a dead giveaway that something has disturbed the normal flow, while using a Ouija board, also keep the tv off, if it comes on during your session, something is probably there with you.

    Remember it is said that it is impossible to speak to any spirit or angel in heaven while using an oracle, but you can speak to the human spiits in limbo, or in the legions of hell. But what good can come from this?

    Wether or not you are religious, prayer is effective. It can save you in so many ways. Use prayer if you become uneasy, or haunted. It saved me more times than one. The Ouija board taught me that there is a spirit world, and I simply believe in the powers that be. Good luck.

  141. Big Chief says:

    Locust Dust, are you kidding me??? Spirits can be in many places at one time!!! I’ve heard from more than a handful of people that talk to spirits say that spirits can be in multiple places at one time. I think the spirit world holds the same physical laws for everyone within it. Just like everyone on earth abides by the physical laws of earth, I believe that everyone in the spirit world abides by the same physical laws of the spirit world. Spirits can also tell the future too as that is not a Godly attribute only. The Bible was written by many 100′s of hands throughout the year. It’s a good book but I don’t believe it’s 100% truthful. There are many other religious books and trains of thoughts out there besides the Bible. Also, who plays the ouija board naked? Hahaha. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard such a thing.. What happens when you play the board naked??

    Also, with burning the board, I don’t believe that it closes any portal and leaves the entity in your home. The entity was first brought into your home by you inviting it in, with the power of your own words (mouth). You also banish the spirit back to where it came from by the power of your words (mouth). The ouija board is just a tool used to communicate with the spirit. The power to invite the spirit in and banish the spirit back is in your words (mouth). The portal is you (not the ouija board) talking with your words (mouth) and inviting the spirit into your home. The ouija board is not the portal, its you and your words (mouth).

    The more you talk to them, the more power you give them. Your inviting them into your home/life when you say outloud “Is there anybody here that would like to talk…”. The more you talk to spirits, the more you give them power to enter your life. I know people that burned boards after their house was blessed by preacher, etc,.., and nothing more happened afterwards. Some people use notebook paper as a ouija board. If they burn the notebook paper, nobody will die. I believe that’s a myth but others say otherwise.. Spirits can read your mind as well. The more you think about them, the more they come/stay around you and increase the paranormal activity around you..

  142. tOOts says:

    Big Chief you always seem to hit tha nail ryt on the head m8 fair shout. i agree that the person is the portal not the board well the person opens the portal by inviting a spirit in and the board is just a communication tool. lol what dose happen if u do it naked? what if every 1 is naked? also no 1 has yet answered my question can you do a ouja board on your own and still have strong results….? Lotus Dust….. sounds like u need to do your home work b4 telling people what wrong and what’s ryt also not every 1 will have the same be leafs as you so to some people what you are trying to say wont b ryt.

  143. darren says:

    The absence of clothing allows energy to transfer to and from the Ouija practitioners more freely. Now this can strengthen the session if one understands the basic ritualistic concepts behind the energy of sex magick, but body image is very engrained into American society, and nudity can prompt a natural response of self consciousness, thus inhibiting the focus and possibly inviting those spirits such as Zozo that feed on sexual exploitation.

    I had a terrible experience one time involving a Ouija session in the nude. I had been experimenting with sex magick, and had multiple boards going at the same time. The spirits that were invoked were expecting us to perform for them, but that was not our intent. They were nasty, perverted, and threatening to kill us if we didn’t “entertain” them.

    Zozo has always had a lust for human women, I have recently corresponded with two women who claimed to have been sexually molested by “Mr. Z” This has disrupted their lives as much as a “real” rape in our physical realm. I wouldn’t want this to happen, thus is just another reason I suggest not having sessions in the nude.

    Aleister Crowley believed “traffiing” with the dead to be just north of necrophilia. It can lead to sexual obsessiveness, and fetishism, perversion.. He also taught that f you have persistent and prolonged contact with the same spirit, that is highly suspicious. It very well may not be the departed, but some intruding entity. That is particularly likely if someone other than a friend or member of the family of the departed is acting as medium. A few unfortunate wraiths are drawn neither forward nor back and cling to our world for very sick reasons. In the rare case that the spirit whom you have contacted is dependable and reasonable then it is surely an advanced being of some kind. But here again, there are many kinds of “advanced beings” — few of which indeed are former earthlings.

  144. anonymous reader says:

    Darren, you are one brave bloke, If all those weird supernatural things occured to me I’d go live in the nearest church! or any holy building close by. Why didn’t you exorcise the demon, earlier when this thing followed your close ones too, many years of suffering would drive me insane.

    I have to congratulate you for bringing awareness. I’ve always been scared of the supernatural, well when it concerns anything to do with Hell. I’ve been curious to use the ouija board, but not curious and daring enough to do it ( lets face it, all the stories i’ve heard and read of have been negative experiences, and I know for some reason that if I ever do take a stab with the ouija board, I’d come across the deviant thing that has caused you and many other people a lot of suffering, and its probably because its a demon and I have fear and it’ll feeds off my fear, and I have a lot of it), I believe I have a combination of good and bad spirits following me throughout the day, and thats enough to freak me out.

    But thank you, your research and story has prevented me from doing stupid things in the future and I don’t want to dissapoint the man up stairs.

  145. Jamie Logan says:

    To John Swartz- I have read most of your comments and am very interested in them. I read this story about an hour ango on another website and have become inrtuiged with him, I keep wanting to know more about him. I have a ouija board and use it frequently, and I really want to contact Zozo. I am thinking about doing it tomorrow night when I have someone else here with me (I usually don’t do anything spiritual alone). What do you suggest I say? This all sounds eerie and whatnot, but I can’t help myself. I am only thirteen but I am very intereted in this kind of stuff :)

  146. tim says:

    last night me and my friend were playing the ouija board last night. we ask are there and spirts on here it said yes. then we asked how many. and it spelled out demon. after the N my friend said goodbye and flipped the board. did the evil spirt get out?

  147. Jamie says:

    My friend and I talked to zozo. He told us he was drunk lol

  148. Remington says:

    First off, I would like to say hi to everyone!

    You all have very interesting ideas. I have read all the comments on here.
    I got questions, or at least I think I do.

    Im 16 years old. Ever since I was a little girl, my parants have shared the word of Christ to me.But when things went really bad in my family, I driffed away from God. My family memebers did the same. Now its just my mom and I who live together, trying to make it in this world.

    I got into all kinds of bad things, not drugs,but more the sexual kinda of bad.However Im walking away from things like that. Most of the time Im doing school work or reading books. So I don’t get bored and do bad things. Well the things I read have sex, demons, witches, and creatures in them. Its been about a year since I been reading such things.

    Now tonight I went on the net, and looked for info about the Ouija Board game. Cause I thought it would be really “neat” to get my hands on one. Even tho my mom would not be too happy about it. Everything I have found out about the “game” has me feeling about it in two different ways. One way, Im scared to death, cause I beleive in such things as demons. “workers for the devil” And in the other way, Im going “crazy” not knowing what its like to encounter such power.

    My sister was being hunted by demons when she was a little girl, she is now 24 years old and is still scared of the dark. She remembers everything, and when she talks about it, it gives me the strongest feeling of being scared of something I know almost nothing of, but yet I want to know so much more about it. I will get the name of the demon who said he was her friend next time I come on here. I beleive it is not ZOZO. Nothing caused the demons to show up, my sister was too young to get her hands on any Ouija game, ect.

    I know I shouldn’t play around with this “board game”, but I truely want to know the feeling of asking questions, which have answers that would mean lots to me, from a higher power then us.

    I don’t know what to do. And you ppl seem like a good group to talk to about this “game” and demons. Please give me some idea’s of how I should go about this.

    I will listen to anyone’s ideas. I would really like what you have to say, Darren. :)

  149. darren says:

    I was invited recently to a paranormal radio show to discuss The Zozo Ouija Phenomena. Here is the link to the interview:

    Zozo Ouija Phenomena interview

    The interview got the attention of world renowned demonologist John Zaffis, and he went on the show the following week. On this interview he reveals for the first time that his team is investigating 3 ZOZO HAUNTINGS! He also goes on to say he thinks Zozo goes beyond spirits and demons, and believes Zozo is an actual Deity that pre-dates Christianity, and even theology it’self!

    The John Zaffis interview is in two parts: Part One:

    Zozo Ouija Phenomena interview Part One

    Part Two:

    Zozo Ouija Phenomena interview Part Two

    Finally, Zaffis is on the Zozo bandwagon. I suspect there will be much to talk about in the months to come. The phenomena continues. Stay tuned all you paranormal freaks you!

  150. Big Chief says:

    Just curious Darren. What chants did Zozo have you saying?? You said in the interview that Zozo made you chant some words you had no knowledge about.. You care to describe the chants here??

  151. Darren says:

    I don’t remember the actual words but I remember asking Zozo what language it was in and he said something to the effect that it was a “living” language. I never recited any of it, I knew better even back then.

    Man I’m getting correspondence from people that are claiming to be praying to this thing, they also claim Zozo answers their prayers! What a strange world we live in. Big Chief have you asked your “friend” if he knows Zozo?

    • hussain abdulmagid says:

      when my brother and john and me talk to zozo, my brother will sometimes let it talk through him… once in a while zozo will make him speak is a deep, and monotoned voice and he would say weird thing in different languages, like maybe latin or something…

  152. Big Chief says:

    Yes, I’ve asked my friend several times if he’s heard about Zozo from personal experience and he said No. He gave me a list of other demon names though and some Z demon names. He’s heard about Zozo through other friends. He has not contacted Zozo as he has only spoke to 2 demons. I don’t know, usually you can’t really summon powerful demons unless you say certain words or offer a “sacrifice”. Zozo coming through during regular ouija sessions is an anamoly if you ask me. Also, demons have innumerable names so Zozo could be another deity in history. I wonder if Zozo is really that powerful or high in rank.. People bowing down to Zozo or deities is of no shock to me. People did that in the olden days thinking that these demons were God.

  153. darren says:

    I suspect Zozo may be hiding his true identity. I have read Pazuzu is sometimes referred to as Zozo.

    The following is an excerpt from a different thread, but found it significant:

    When it comes to the opposite of God… demons and archetypal demons… demon lords etc, some of their names were spoken to people in visions or during dark rituals and these names were written down. Alot of them are secret, but as I explained in my earlier post in the thread ,these demon names are slipped into everyday terminology.

    To this day people still encounter demons in sleep or in visions and the demon speaks it’s name to them, scarring them psychically. To speak it’s name to the person is a form of attack, it leaves an imprint or a word in their head which they have a hard time letting go of.

    If any person has encountered a demon and had it’s name revealed to them it tends to be a serious event and they go running for the nearest religious authorities to save them.

    The most famous compilation of demonic names is in the Necronomicon which is considered by scholars to be a fake book. The story within and all the content within is supposedly fictional … never the less, the demonic names are still called upon by black magicians and satanists, and because the book is so old, it is likely that actual demons have inherited these names or manifested around them and rely on our speaking them or hearing them to allow entry to our world…

    For instance if you were a Demon and your real name was ‘George’… but people are attempting to summon a demon named ‘Gorgon’ (totally made that up) – there may be no such demon as ‘Gorgon’ but you are free to assume his title. The more you show up when that name is called the more you affiliate yourself with that name until it is a calling card for your demonic vibration…

    This kind of alter-ego name changing probably happens alot.

    • Midnight says:

      The Necronomicon, is not fake, how ever, there are a few mis-interperatations in the ones on the market. I found this out, when I was in Iraq. We had an Interperator, that was a Teacher of Anthropology in Baghdad. He told me that, many of the rural people still fear these beings. There are places in the north, that still have ruins of shrines atributed to them. The Iraqi’s are terrifide of any one that claims to practice Magic, for the fact that they might use these demons against them. If you want to know if something is fake, go to the people where it supposedly comes from and ask.

      • Caretaker says:

        The Necronomicon, is fake. It was created by H P Lovecraft :)

        • Midnight says:

          I used belive as you do and yes, H P Lovecraft was responsible for the Necronomicon that is sold on the market, and it should not be taken as is. The names of many of the spirits, however, are persian. When you mix truth with fantasy, it does not make the truth any less truthful. Take, for instance, The Greek Island where the god’s “supposedly” killed the Amazon Women. Plutarch discribed what is thought to be the battle field, based on the fact that he observed bones which he thought to be from thier giant horses, not to mention the blood red ground. The story of how the bones and the red color of the ground got there, may be just a fable meant to make sence of what the bones and color are from but, the fact that the bones are there and the ground is red, is irrefutable, as many of the bones from there are in museum collections round the world. Spirits from the Necronomicon; such as, the cuneiform “Im” or Iskur, Inana,and Marduke or if you prefer Lugal-dimmer-an-ki-a are truely from Iraq. Look this up, E-temen-anki ziggurat, and see what you find. I’ve been through the site! Some of the seals in the book are fake, some are not. Like I said, to find the truth, ask the people from there. Being a soldier, did not stem my practice of magic, in fact, it helped me out immencely where this is concerned. Also, in Iraq, Pazuzu is feared, Hanbi (Known in the Necronomicon as Azak thoth) Is his father. Some of Pazuzu’s statues and amulets are carbon dated as old as 800 BCE. They exist! The Azoni amulet (Dog faced) is Pazuzu’s Head. A good sorce is ArchaeoWiki.com! Look it up!

  154. darren says:

    I posted a video podcast of part one of the John Zaffis interview to youtube.. Here is the link:


  155. AJ says:

    It was a huge mistake using the Ouija Board in the first place. You have to get rid of it as a first step to getting rid of any demon.

    1. Burn the Ouija Board!

    Destroy it by fire. Also Burn any occult charms, jewelry, necklaces, adornments, and objects like the Skull Necklace described in this story. You’d be surprised at how they serve as beacons to evil spirits.

    The most important thing is to invoke the name of Jesus Christ. To plea the blood of Jesus over you and your family. It worked the first time this gentleman did it and he heard the “Boom”. But unfortunately the gentleman in this story continued to mess with the Ouija Board after that and it brought the demon back into his life. That “Boom” that occurred in the story was the authority of the Lord being brought down upon those demonic entities.

    Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the demons also believe, and tremble.
    James 2:19

    • Raven says:

      Nooooo. Big mistake, NEVER throw away or destroy a ouija board. The spirits you contacted will be let free to haunt you and could possess you. DONT do it. Just try and keep it locked someplace safe where nobody can find it and never use it or just sell it to someone else but you have to tell them the dangers of a ouija board. I’m 13 and never should of messed with one either.

  156. B Berg says:

    This entity has been around since at least the early 1980′s. That’s was the first & last time I saw that name since I read this post. All I can say is STAY AWAY from it!!!!!!!

  157. t00ts says:

    im one of these people who enjoy the thrill of feeling like i am in danger i have tried a number of times to contact ZoZo on my own (cuz no 1 els i hang around with is willing to try with me) however i have never had any success in contacting him. im really interested in him n would love to contact n speak to him i think a one on one interaction with him would mayb be a way of getting him to come out of his shell a little, and learn abit about him properly so i cn report back to you guys about the real ”ZoZo”. if anyone has any hints or tips on how to connect with ZoZo or even other ways than the board to speak to him aloan thn plz comment bk ASAP. thnx guys n girlz x

    • Midnight says:

      tOOts, Sounds like you have some inteligent friends! Playing Russian Roulett with a full cylinder, would be better than contacting Zozo!

  158. SixGirl says:

    This is all very interesting. Every other year or so I do a Google search to see if anyone else has experienced these two related to ouija boards. Today, I found a lot!

    In the late 80′s we managed to dig up the ‘A’ version of this particular… thing… And it came to live with us with all the results of a full-blown haunting, complete with disembodied glowing eyes. It really was a pain to get rid of, I’ll say that much. We tried everything… Fortunately, in the end, we did extricate it from the house.

    Mostly, I am interested in the ‘A’ version and what the differences are, the significance of there being two… or possibly one presenting itself with two slightly different names. Has anyone put this name past anyone who might be in a better position to identify it?

    It’s funny, but I get the feeling that if I took out the bound board on which we first contacted it, that it would come right back. It’s like a virus for ouija boards!

  159. Travis says:

    I stumbled across this when my friend insisted I try and research this zozo stuff. Her mom claims that a ouija ghost has haunted an apartment they live in. They say the ouija board is gone but stuff keeps happening like doors that open and close all by them selves. I dont believe in this, but my friend is totally freakin. What can I tell her?

  160. STS says:

    This was very interesting to read, today was the first day I have stumbled upon this name in almost four years.

    Four years ago i had just moved out from my parents house and in with a close friend. She purchased a quija board at some point and we played with it off and on at first then frequently for a while. There was a boy that would frequently come and talk to us i believe his ago was between 12 and 16, I cannot remember. He seemed friendly enough, but he would always stop talking to us at certain times, saying “Cant Say” or “No” or “He wont let me.”

    We didn’t bother asking about who this he is until this happened several times. The board kind of went crazy flying back and forth from O to Z or Z to O stopping precisely over the letters. The Board itself would start to move, but this only happened a couple of times and only when it seemed like we angered him. It would always be difficult to close out sessions with him, and we always tried to avoid contact with him at all. But he always found a way back. Nothing physically damaging ever happened to any of us as far as I know, nothing mentally damaging either.Whenever he seemed angry he would begin spelling out profanities and rude comments. And as I said before a couple time the board began to move in a circular (spinning) movement.

    We stopped using the board shortly after and have not used it since then. As far as I am aware there have been no lasting after effects among my friends or myself.

    We never asked this spirit if their name was zozo or oz or anything It seemed that every time he decided to interrupt any conversation that would be his introduction. and the repeated letters is what came up when we asked the young boy who wouldnt let him. We referred the spirit as OZ.

  161. One Way says:

    A word to the wise…”If ya keep knocking at the devil’s door sooner or later someone will answer.”

  162. angelaouijaboardplayer says:

    I have played the ouija board many times. i have one and i am fourteen.
    me and my friends have played and we played today.
    so it said we have gaurdian angels..is that true or is it just a bad spirit or maybe even ZOZO playing a trick on us?? i dont know but i heard anpther story about a girl who was talking to ZOZO and she said he was trying to do sexual stuff with her like rape? But we were asking the board if anyone likes my firned and it kept saying guys names that we know thn all of a sudden it starting spelling ZOE but then we said nevermind cause we have heard of the ZOZO story but we were confused becuase it said ZOE not ZO so can you please maybe explian to me maybe what happend?


  163. Rade says:

    I took an interest in Ouija boards not long ago; I haven’t experienced any contact with ‘Zozo’…… Comment has been posted as its own article Ideas and Theories about Ouija Boards ~ //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/ideas-and-theories-about-ouija-boards/

  164. Krysta says:

    wow, this is super creepy. i used to use a ouija board with my friend, but we stopped cause we got so sick of “zozo” always inerrupting. nothing really bad ever happened though. i started using it again a few years later with my best friend and her boyfriend and it said its name was Zeze but would randomly start going zozozozo. it really didnt like my best friend. it kept saying that it wanted to hurt her and that was when we stopped.

    Another thing that happend alot is it would start moving really fast going azbycx like it was going forward and backwards through the board at the same time. i have heard it it going through the alphabet before, but not this. it used to happen alll the time. we would always take out hands off before it could finish, but has this ever happend to anyone?

  165. Anonymous says:

    Krysta, ever heard of hiding in plain sight? For example, all the Egyptian themed decr at the Vatican? Sounds like you’re the gullible one, not John.

    • Krysta says:

      ok, that whole thing about 2012, i didnt write. that was my friend. but listening to a demon when he says that you are a chosen one and we have killed each other in past lives and i wanna help you and keep you alive? when this same demon has hurt so many others (as people have commented on here and other sites) ….come on now….

      just seems a little bit strange to me…

  166. Tegan says:

    Don’t play the violin for us. We are all curious, if you weren’t just as curious you wouldn’t be on this site. If you don’t have information to contribute please don’t write on here, like I’ve said before it’s extra spam in my email. We are adults who have made the choice to take on this path, if it’s not for you, carry on somewhere else… Your preaching may affect me if you at least knew how to spell:) if you have strong opinions against us, join a prayer group or get a diary.

    • Krysta says:

      i never said i wasnt. all i was trying to say was that maybe that kid should watch his back and think about who he is talking to. which is pretty much exactly what you said to him too. so…i really have no idea what you are talking about.

      and um…join a bible group? trust me, i was in NO WAY trying to preach a bible…i said nothing about it at all? so..i really dont knw what you are talking about.

  167. Tegan says:

    We all are thinking about who we are talking to. It’s a choice. We don’t know you. Don’t tell us to stop talking to ZoZo. I’m just saying don’t come in here with no information and act like somebody cares.

  168. Krysta says:

    well, apparently you cared enough to reply.
    if you dont, then dont answer.

    but, i am sorry if i upset you, or offended you. it wasnt my intention.
    i am just as interested as everyone here. it just seems like some on here are heading down a path that could get them hurt which none of us want to see.

    and i was reading some of your comment and if you are comfortable with it you should share more of your story. it seemed intersting.

    once again, i really didnt mean to offend you.

  169. t00ts says:

    I have kept on trying and trying to contact ZoZo on my own he never came when i was looking for him or called him but im guessing that i some how invited him to me like an open door and he now feels welcome. i have been woken in the early hours of the morning a few times now with a strong feeling of power in the atmosphere and not being able to move (like a paralysed feeling) the longest it has lasted is a couple of hours and with in that time it feels like i am being watched by a real evil presents. i also have been experiencing like a real light head, with throbbing which feels like something is trying to push out of my head the feeling has almost made me faint a lot of times whilst at work and home. the entity has not shown it self to me yet so i don’t no weather it is ZoZo or not i be leave that these feelings are test to see if im strong enuff for him to show him self to me and open up. i will keep u all up dated on what happens over the next few weeks if any 1 has any advice or appinions plz shear with me.

    • Big Chief says:

      Uhm, why would you want to summon Zozo or any other specific demon. What do you think he’s gonna do, come to you with milk and cookies? Do you think that he will try to hold an actually conversation with you? Most of those demons will try to attack you (possession) off hand if they don’t know you.. They know your energy around you and how to use it against you. I don’t think you wanna go that route. Demons also will come if and when they want to. They don’t have to come to you immediately or when you want them to. Zozo could be ignoring you and another demon could be taking on your invitation instead. Don’t waste your time with it. It’s not worth it.

  170. Aye says:

    I’m Aye and iv heard of the Ouija board and i never played it before but i heard itz really dangerous from the devil i heard that my sisters friends Emily died from that game i was really surprised that she died and she was it a room alone and playing it with my cousin
    i though it was just a game but it was caused from the Evil ZOZO i never heard of that devil but it is really scary that happened to that little girl all the school has heard of that game and the wanted to play it and i didn’t know what it was about but i started to play it and a old lady told me do u want to play but i said no but my friend said yes then after the next day
    she died so that’s why i read your writing and think about what happened to my life and tell it to u that everything that has happened it’s to dangerous to play that Ouija game.And i am sorry about the little girl.

  171. Algernon says:

    Repent anyone who thinks praying to evil demons is cool or fun!!! Your only on a road of lies and deception with these despicable cretins.
    Repeat the following and turn to your Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Our Farther, who art in Heaven,
    Hallowed be Thy name,
    Thy Kingdom come,
    Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven,
    Give us this day our daily bread,
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    As we forgive those who trespass against us,
    And lead us not into temptation,
    But deliver us from evil,

  172. courtney says:

    My boy friend and i calmed to have and contact with that demond to night. I couldnt help but to think that the name he gave me didnt add up, and went on line to look it up. 2 hours later i found this page. We got rid of the board.

  173. Anonymous says:

    Let me start by saying I am one of the most rational people I know what happened recently has completely freaked me out. My daughter went to a sleepover the other night and said they had spent hours on a Ouja board. None of these girls have ever done this before and none of them have any experience. They started talking to someone who kept saying he wanted to take them to hell. They asked the spirit what it did for a job and it said “Zozo”. They thought it was in reference to a zoo. They found out the next day what it was when they looked it up. The spirit knew things about all of them (including the street my daughter lived on years ago). I told her to never go near a Ouja board again. I was very shocked to look up this name and find out so many other people had the same experience.

  174. john hurcule says:

    zozo is a demon that guard the gates off hell hes a 3 headed dog i know it sounds stupid but its true zozo is evil zaza is his other head and azaz wich i havent talked too yet is the 3rd we talked to him tonight if you want to know anymore information on him…. (EMAIL ADDRESS AND REQUEST FOR CONTACT HAS BEEN REMOVED – Read the rules!)

  175. thraxbaby says:

    Sounds terrifying! where can I see the picture?

  176. Anonymous says:


    Did you say that you put a picture in this entry? I don’t see it, but I would like to do so.



  177. john hurcul says:

    its in the middle of the page if you scroll down you will see it and its under my friend tanyas name so press ctrl+f and then type tanya

  178. chris says:

    ZOZO ask if i can join him and i said yes that ll was last night and he said in 3 days i will be with him in hell

  179. Darren says:

    I am going to reveal some BONE CHILLING news, and updates into the entire phenomena soon. Thanks for all the interesting comments into all of this, I appreciate them, and read each one personally. I am interested in conducting some final interviews for my book, I’m not hard to find.

    There seems to be alot of interest into several of the stories on this site as they pertain to demonic entities. Please help caretaker keep the comments topic related, NO RELIGIOUS WARS PLEASE, LOL! We have certainly had enough of them!

    I’ll be on radio shows again soon, as a matter of fact, tune into this upcoming Wednesday’s show on Haunted Survivor Radio with Denice Jones and Steven Lachance. We will be discussing the phenomena.

    Please be cautious should you decide to dabble with spirit boards.

    • angelaouijaboardplayer says:

      hey i was just wondering have you heard of ZOZO’s wife? because today my friends and i were playing and said it was ZOZO’s wife and she was threatning us and calling us names she said we dont have any control over the board she has all the power and can leave it anytime she wants too. We told her goodbye many times and she said no, we finally said a prayer and she left but wil she come back? if you can reply that would be alot of help (:

      thanks angelaouijaboardplayer (:

      • Caretaker says:

        A ouija demon’s wife? ;)

      • Big Chief says:

        Haha, Zozo’s wife!!! You know there is some belief somewhere that demons do have wifes and children just like humans do in this world. I once saw some people doing a ouija session on youtube and the contact was saying its name was “Lilith” “Wife of Satan”. It was calling itself “Queen Demon” and said its name stood for “Corruption” and its age was “Eternal”.. It was an interesting one as it had some of what looked like orbs flying around during the ouija session. Anything could be possible, I guess.

  180. Anonymous says:

    Ok… This gave me chills, And maid me run and get my Bible. I used a Ouija Board about a year ago. And have had problems with all kinds of attacks ever since. I have my story on the open Forum under My True Story. But OMG when i used the board it told me over and over until something else took over. (No ZNZ, No ZNZ ) curiosity kills. It was like something different was trying to warn me, but i had no idea what that meant and didn’t to this day. The one that was trying to warn me was taken over by the ZNZ or I guess ZOZO. But it took over and started talking evil to me. And when I ask it what it wanted it said. (I want you to die.) So needless to say I stopped talking to it. But a have still continued to have problems. Lot’s of prayer and reading my bible. I’m with you shame on Parker Brother’s and in Toy’s R’ Us, Sickening!

  181. Al says:

    just mischevious spirits … no devil / Sata exist.

    • Anonymous says:

      How do you know that no devil/Satan exists?

      • Al says:

        How do we know anything exist ? However I base it off NDE studies , etc. Go to neardeath.com. I also base it off mediums who are credible , ITC , past life regession , AAEVP association atransc.org ) etc………………….

        • Big Chief says:

          Hmm, how would someone who had a near death experience and didn’t fully die know that the devil/Satan existed or not. Some mediums say he exist and some say he doesn’t. How would one no which mediums to trust. What about devil worshippers, witches, wizards, demon/jinn conjurer’s who’ve actually summoned real live demons and say that Satan/Devil exist. What about older cultures like the Yezidi devil worshippers of Iraq? Are they worshipping an imaginary devil/Satan? Their culture/religion predates Christianity and Judaism and they believed in the Devil/Satan…

  182. Dom says:

    i did quija board online hopefully it wasnt real but tht night it played on my mind i thort i heard stuff but i probly didnt i saw a spider in the night crawling from my wall 2 me i went got a xbox 360 game to whack it and it jumped at me i magaed 2 kill it but tht night i couldnt sleep so i went in with my mom dad and the next day was fine soo wat was wiv the spider and the qija board on the internet….???

    • Anonymous says:

      coincidene it sounds like.. internet ouija boards are computer programmed to give you a scare and are simply done for fun.. the voices u heard may just be u hearing things since ur mind plays tricks on you wen u become exhausted

  183. Will says:

    I think I posted this too far up so ill move it down.

    Im not sure that this is true but i was reading this article you wrote. I remember talking to my aunt a few years ago and she mentioned this guy she knew who used spells to summon demons. This man was a close friend to her. She said one day he was using an Ouija board for fun and he came across that same demon you came across. It really bothered him for awhile, I mean trying to kill him and/ or possibly his family if he had on The guy told her that zozo was a minion of satan. I forget what the mans name was I think his last name was Winters. I hope your doing all right now and that thing gets burnt in holy fire. I thought i should tell you that, hope it helped!

    EDIT: E-mailed my aunt said his name was John Henter. (looks like i got it really wrong)
    She says he was a black magician and he died 3 years ago from “suspicious circumstances” I guess his work caught up with him?

  184. Darius says:

    Strange enough i have encountered that ZoZo. Me and some friends decided to make a ouija board and have fun at a party. First question was is there anybode out there. arrow went to yes. asked for its name and it kept repeating ZoZo over and over. The strange thing is that when we googled zozo it seams a great many of people had a chat with him: )

  185. Anonymous says:

    I had a similar experience with friends. However, we called the spirit ZN because that’s what we thought his name was. We didnt talk to him long. We then found a guy who lived in hell named Vick. Vick would repeatedly say “ZN No” to questions we asked if he didnt want to answer them. We asked about ZN and he said he was a ruler of hell and wished to harm people. I’m pretty sure this ZN guy is Zozo, we just misunderstood his name.

  186. Madeline Hotcherter says:

    Dear Darren,
    I ran across this story by accident accually looking to buy a Ouija board but after reading your story I am not even going to mess with it. I dont want to harm my family from some stupid “game”. Thank you so much. I will pass this story along to my friends and hope they listen and get rid of their boards too.

  187. Phill says:

    Does anyone know anything about a ouija demon called Z8?

    Have looked all over the internet for anything and only found one other person that’s encountered this on Yahoo answers from the U.K.

    Wondering if Z8 is the same as ZoZo?


  188. Mastiff says:

    John swartz I think you should start taking your meds and if you dont have any get some fast. Do you realize how you sound? Many people with mental illness have feelings of grandeur I am not being a smart alek mate you need help and so do your friends by the sounds of it.

  189. TheScientist says:

    Two things,
    First I would like to take a neutral stand, I don’t know what is real or not, so I choose to look at everything with belief. Same goes for this.
    Second, I want to keep this brief.

    Zozo Pazuzu, has been around for awhile, I was able to track down some accounts of possession.(Thank you google.)

    As far as I can tell, he is more powerful than people expect.

    And for all I know.( And this is my major theory.)
    He may be one of “The Fallen” ( Please, please, please tell me, you all at least know what the Fallen Is.)

    Also, while I’m here, I will give you some more ouija board names to look out for:

    (Zota may be Zozo, so I’m not sure about him.)

    If I get any more information or confirm anything, then I will update this.

    Be safe, but if your like me,
    Continue to look for the truth.

  190. MuphinPie says:

    I believe you 100%.
    My house is haunted by a man who is literally retarded, to tell the truth. He is also a pervert. One morning as I was sitting on my bed, I felt something lift up the back of my shirt. One night, I also felt something grab my sides as I was sleeping (with my door shut). That’s not all. One time, my mom was all alone in the house, getting ready for work, when she felt something tap her on the bottom. She was COMPLETELY ALONE. And, just last night, I was playing with my cat when I felt a rush of cold air pass by me. My room barely gets breezes in the summer and it was very hot last night. Sometimes I also feel like I’m being watched in the shower.

  191. blue65 says:

    Some of this is hard to believe with all the younge kids that are e-mailing in.I believe your story but alot of the children’s stories sound some what fake.If this happened to my child I wouldn’t of tried to make a believer out of no one & would of never contacted this thing again.You sound like your obsedded with it & can’t let it go like it has a hold on you & from what I’ve read about ouija boards & sprits & demond that is just what they want to happen.There very wise & smart have centurys of time on there hands and are patience in fishing & reeling in souls getting complete control.Just the fact that your putting so much time & research into a book on him your giving him more power making him more real & making people curious to get a ouija & seek him out thereselves.You need to deleate this page get baptized or re-baptized pray to GOD & put this madness behind you before one day you can’t put it behind you.It sounds like it already has a hold on you,just look at all the time you devoted to this site on it.OOOHHH I believe this thing is real your not helping people to stay away from this thing,there are so many non-believers out there that your site alone has made I’m sure some of these kids out here contact this demon giving him more power & the chance to collect more souls get more people in his clutches & make believers out of all of them.

  192. Anonymous says:

    my brother and his friends saw zozo on an ouija today should they be worried

    • Raven says:

      I’d say yes cause he could haunt all of you and harm you guys. I’m only 13 but I do alot of research on the supernatural. It’s my interest. If you can purify your home and your family who saw zozo. Just take dried sage and burn it and read out of a bible. And say stuff like ‘let god bless this house and take away any negative energy.’

  193. Something Paranormal says:

    I have read this site and 1 thing i do not see in much detail is how you people are conducting you Ouija sessions!

    Myself I have never touched a Ouija board, nor will I ever, nor will i ever endorse it, or use it at one of my companies Ghost Hunting Events…………

    Note from Admin – Full comment is here – //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/conducting-ouija-board-sessions/

    • Something Paranormal says:

      I would like to point out I am not religious and actually grew up an atheist, before people start slandering me for my views and prayers, the prayers are just safety and respect.

  194. Tom says:

    ZOZO may just be the name it has given mortals to call it. Names to an ethereal being are more like thoughts, no, feelings that we as humans simply cannot relay to each other. As such, he may be Demogorgon itself for all its telling you, weaving a web of fear amongst people for no reason at all other than to cause chaos. Simply put, unless you actually know how to bind and control a spirit, you would be better off convincing yourself there are no ghosts, demons or ghoulies.

  195. Anonymous says:

    no its its name…….he wasnt expecting for him to look it up. this one is ruthless. watch yourselfand tom u should stop disregaurding facts of what you can not see, hear or touch yourself. just because you or others can not, doesnt mean we cant. not through just an evil board either!

  196. Unknown 'Claravoiant' says:

    Darren, dont let people fool you. but please be carefull for who you talk with he is trying to destroy you…. hes a game player and ruthless. please no more of those boards. your tainting your energy, you braught this evil thing back. and now the angels are going to have to send it back – if gods want em to.

    honest to god, im done caring what people thing. sound crazy or not, i know what i feel, hear and see. and this isnt pretty.

    Hes gone by zaza too, zozo,zoso obviously. zizo too. no you probably wont find it. or the other way around – zozi, which he likes demons under him call him that. its a form of ‘authority’ i guess. realize too, he might even change it from those as all. to either stop you, (because your leading people like me who can sense him and get him sent back) or end up hurting the poeple around you. he did make that women go crazy. he wanted it- most demons get a kick out of the sadness of us humans. please if you want, or even believe me, comment back?

  197. Unknown 'Claravoiant' says:

    realize too, this is me tapping into his energy (and he doesnt like it at all !)

  198. Unknown 'Claravoiant' says:


    Zotah, zotoh, (even without H) are other names he uses. as im not sure you will find them in the internet. this is pure energy.

  199. darren says:

    You have done your homework Clairvoyant. The names you mention do seem to be in liaison with Zozo’s band of outlaws.

    Perhaps we can discuss this in further detail? I’m not hard to find.

  200. darren says:

    The circles and figure eights you describe are known as the potentiate that begins the process of spirit communication through the Oracular Tablet known as the Ouija.

    This odd introduction can be viewed as the spirit download so to speak. You are giving the energy source permission to enter by common laws of intent, and by laws of attraction. If the spirit readily identifies itself by these “Z” names, you then have the spirit add fuel to the mixture by verifying the transfer by laws of recognition. This can open the door for negative manifestations.

    Proceed with caution, and never forget the importance of protective ritual to counter these entities, for lack of knowledge is one of the tools these daimons use for their entertainment.

    • Believer says:

      This is my first post on the site – I cannot believe how in-depth this all is!

      I wanted to respond to your mention of the figure 8. The first (and only) time I tried a ouija board, it started to continously move in the figure 8. This happened just after I asked how old “it” was. I noticed that it like to communicate in riddles and I was stumped on the figure 8. I then realized, that in math, the figure 8 represents infinity. When I asked if “its” age was infinite, it said “yes”.

      I have always had strong a belief in God and good and evil. I tried the ouija board in my friend’s Navy barracks room back in 1999. I just stopped by and he had it out and I casually sat and tried it. They said they had been trying it but it didn’t work. As soon as I tried it with my friend, It began communicating immedietely. Just like everyone has said in these threads….it was docile at first, then sassy, then evil. I definitely noticed a personality to it. It liked to be witty and clever in its answers. I asked it many question, but it was so long ago now, that I don’t remember most of them. I do remember it becoming irate and cussing at me at one point. When I asked where my next Navy duty station would be…it kept telling me “HI” “HI” “HI”….(another witty riddle), the next day I got orders to HAWAII! (State abbreviation “HI”). I definitely remember it doing the infinity sign (figure 8 ) when I asked its age. At one point, I wrote down the name of my first girlfriend on a piece of paper on the table for my friends to see (I wrote the name “Tammy”.). I then asked it what the name of my first girlfriend was. To my UTTER AMAZEMENT, it spelled out ” I – S-E-E – I-T”….becuase I had written it down on paper!! At that point I ghasped and RAN AWAY! Ever since then I have been CONVINCED that we are surrounded by an invisble dimension that exists parallel to ours and its changed my entire perspective! It’s not to be taking lightly!!

      FAST FORWARD one year to my next duty station in Hawaii. It was a Sunday evening and I was walking down the hall of my new barracks. I came across a barracks room where several people were playing another ouija board. I remember them sitting in the dark and one of the girls was crying and VERY upset with whatever the ouija board was telling her. I gave them a quick warning and kept on my way. The next morning…the girl that I saw crying (who I did not know!) approached me and asked if I knew anyone named “Adriana”. I was very confused, but answered yes. I told her that Adriana was my mother who passed away in 1993. Then the girl told me that an “Adriana” contacted her through the ouija board and instructed her to tell me “hi”.

      Knowing enough of about evil spirits and demons, I concluded that “something” was trying to provoke an emotion in me OR entice me to use the ouija board again. Although I totally believed the girl, I never believed it was my mother. Regardless, my knees buckled when she told me. It shocked me!

  201. Christina says:

    The toysRus by my house sells Ouija boards. They have glow in the dark and….take a guess? Pink princess! The box tells you to ask if you are going to be a movie star or things like that, it sickens me and is very confusing since it is telling children to get into that sort of thing. I still find pink princess boards hard to believe

    • Something Paranormal says:

      totally disgusting i thing the people that allow this should take a long hard look at thins site then shove there boards where the sun dont shine

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the pink princess Ouija boards are great!!!!!
      I have one!!
      They make cute display pieces and re-affirm the sillyness of the game!
      “One mans opinion”.

  202. Midnight says:

    People, read this, and heed it well! Zozo (Pazuzu,) has never been human, he and his brother Humwawa were, are, and ever shall be Azoni (Dog faced) Demons. They with thier father, Azak-Thoth, answer only to the sleeper (Kutulu.) They are from the ancient Persian panthion, and they are pure evil! Kutulu is the ancient Persian version of the Judao Christian Satan. If Pazuzu has said to you that he was human once, he is lying to you! Leave these demons alone! Do not contact them. Leave them in the Abyss where they belong or face for it the dearest price. Some on here have stated that he stated ” You have killed me in past life.” You cannot kill that which has never mortally lived. He is lying to you! As is his brother, father, and his wench of a mother. Do not trust Zozo (Pazuzu) at all. He will tell you what you want to hear, apear to be helpfull at first, and then when he has you right where he wants you, he will turn in to the monster that he is. There is only a finite time to rid your self of him after possession, after that you are his. If you are in the begining of your talks with him, cease them emediately. I say this to warn you, trifle with him no more.

  203. darren says:

    I have an article coming out on ParanormalUtopia.com that may be of interest to readers of this thread. After much more research I believe these “Zentities” are all intertwined, and in liaison with each other to poison humanity.

    Some criticize and ridicule my beliefs as going off the rails on a crazy train, but what a journey it has been. Its been written that a far better use of the paper for my book would be to wad it all up stuff it in my mouth, to which I commented that I never really cared for the taste.

    Wether Ouija Board activity is internal, or external by efforts of science to explain the phenomena, something sinister is taking place, and should used with the highest of caution.


  204. Desire says:

    I haven’t ran into ZOZO. I do know ZAZA.

    She claims that she was a human who killed her children, sacrificing them to the you know who. I can’t type his name even because of what happened last night.

    First you have to understand we use a board regularly. ZAZA has been a menace and has made her presence known by moving things and opening doors and cupboards. She has recruited help because she wants my cousin in law.

    Her help is KIM. KIM is strong. We have a good spirit who is around most of the time he says his name is Zeus, he is STRONG. He has ran ZAZA off numerous times, but he told us that KIM is over a thousand times stronger than he is.

    My cousin in law claims that he thinks that K is a reaper of sorts and shouldn’t therefore be able to communicate through the board at all.

    I am nervous writing this now, I feel like someone is reading over my shoulder, maybe they are.

    On another note, Zeus had a message for us a few nights ago… “dod 09212012″.
    For those who use boards often and have asked, the spirits will tell you they are not allowed to talk about the 2012 issue or the end of the world. Zeus instigated this, we did not ask him. Further more it has led to thoughts about the rule of not speaking on the subject of the decimation of the majority of the population.

  205. Anonymous says:

    i definitely met this character, although i believed its name to be OZ. this was probably because the majority of the information i received from it was repetitive, as in “ZOZOZOZOZOZOZOZOZO.” shortly after meeting this character, my friends and i decided to give up Ouija boards forever. we even agreed to never say OZ’s name aloud again.

    starting at the age of 13, my friends and i played with a few different ouija boards. most of the time, we had good conversations with nice entities. however, after meeting OZ, we could only talk to OZ, no matter which board we were using, where we were at, or who we were with. this was frustrating, to say the least. then strange, and unwelcome things began happening to all of us. electronics turning off and on by themselves, figures appearing to us, etc. i even believed my 2 year old sister was communicating with it, and being harassed by it. after destroying the board that we used to initiate contact, we stopped ‘playing’ with them altogether. we never felt disturbed by OZ again. however, even though we are all in late 20′s, we still do not speak its name….for fear it will manifest.
    honestly i’m worried i will regret even writing this comment!

  206. James 'ZOZO' Edwards says:

    What you people fail to realize is that even though ZOZO is a powerful demon, he is not among the living. Your living energies are 100,000 times stronger than any spirit or demon. Your fear gives it the power to do what it wants. ‘Dont be afraid of the dark, make the dark afraid of you.’ is a little saying that I like. You must be confident in your ability to say ‘Screw You!’ to the spirits/demons that are tormenting you. I say ZOZO on a daily basis just to piss him off. Most of the population is ignorant to the true ways of the world.
    I am not.

  207. No name says:

    My mom told me once that her brother was murdered and she went to her friend’s house one night and they found a ouija board.
    She asked it who killed her brother and the board actually gave 2 names.
    5 months later those men were charged and found guilty for killing her brother.
    I think ouija boards are for real, but i will never mess with one.
    Darren, I believe your story, and I highly encourage you to NEVER touch a ouija board again.
    May god bless you all and keep you safe.

  208. Anonymous says:

    Ok it is the same person who said ZOZO would possess me and hurt me and my friend alot and its true. Every saturday something bad has happened. Like my friends cousin died of od(overdosed) and last saturday i had a terrible dream about him and this saturday my friends cousin’s grandpa is sick and in critical condition can someone help me out plz

  209. darren says:

    I still believe people should be highly cautious when dealing with Z-Entities, or any other alien intelligences while on Ouija boards.

    I was reading a thread on a paranormal site today where the latest “cool” trend was this 15 year old emo chic contacted Zozo and is daring it to “kill” her. She brags that although it said it would cause hour harm, she reports no activity. She goes on to say it is simply the ideomotor effect, and she laughs and mocks Zozo.

    Let’s hope she remains unharmed. Like the lyrics say in the old Jethro Tull song, “He who made kittens, also put snakes in the grass. These beings have time on their side. Asking an unknown intelligence to murder you, even if leaning on the bending ideomotor effect, is not a promising experiment.

    Whomever, or whatever, is causing these responses during Ouija sessions should be studied. Until a safer method of spirit communication can be invented, the Ouija will remain an endless debate. Halloween is almost here. If you decide to have fun on a Ouija, enjoy yourselves……but be respectful to yourself, and the unseen. If you encounter Zozo, Zaza, Z8, Zam, or other Zentities be extra guarded. Watch for the circular movements, the figure eights, and the mind reading. These spirits will abbreviate terms similar to text messaging. They will use numbers instead of spelling long words. Planchette intensity is a HUGE giveaway when dealing with a being that is literally using you in this game of chance.

    Zaza may be far more dangerous than I had written a year ago. This is the alternate name of what Crowley said was the most powerful evil of all. The demon of the abyss, and everything in it. This isn’t something to be messed with folks.

  210. Matt Schreurs says:

    Alright guys, after reading pretty much everything about ZoZo, im going to my buddys house tonight to try and contact him. Hopefully I can get some contact…I’ve been wanting something to scare the hell out of me lately and ZoZo seems to be the one to do it. Call me crazy, but I want to prove to my friends this stuff is real. They sometimes move the glass to get me all excited that now I am bored to play. This has sparked my interest again. If anything happens I’ll let you all know tomorrow. If im alive…

  211. Big Chief says:

    Hahaha. Your still on the Zozo trail. I read some peoples stories about their contacts with Zozo and I believe alot of them are good liars. One of them said they envisioned Zozo and they saw a blue light and Zozo went on to tell them that he hated all Christians. Yeah right, like a demon would tell you which religious people he hates. He hates all people, not just Christians specifically..
    Also, what do numbers mean, the number “0″ specifically. I had 2 friends use the board one time and the contact kept telling them that he wanted to talk about “0″. It kept going to the number “0″ and told them that he represents the number “0″. Said it had some ancient meaning or something. He said his name wasn’t “0″ but he stood for the number “0″. Any clue.

  212. Robin says:


    I feel like I have to tell you my story:

    I have not hade contact with zozo but while we were playing the Ouija board in college when our board got “bored” it would do one of two things. It would just move in a figure 8 pattern or it would spell out zoso over and over. Your stories have freaked me out. When I was in college everyone wasn’t on the internet so I often wondered what zoso meant but today at work we were all telling our scary stories it being close to Halloween and all and it occured to me to look it up and see what it meant, if anything. I read story after story of the zozo/zoso demon. We had so many very real things happen to us while “playing” our ouija board too many to name but now I’m thinking I was talking to the zozo demon……….

    wow and I was thinking of playing tonight with the girls from work just for “fun” I might think twice about that now.

  213. That Girl says:

    When I was a little girl, my older sister had a ouija board. We sat at our kitchen table to use it and had asked who was with us. It was Zam. He had a certain dislike for my sister but had always said “nice” things about me and that he liked me (over her). A few years later, I would play with my friends and we would always get Zam. It became so predictable that I wouldn’t even tell the people my stories of Zam but just wait for him to reveal himself. I was at a friends house when we spoke to a spirit. The spirit claimed to be of her father who died in a fire in their garage. After asking the spirit several questions, he changed his tune and revealed he was indeed Zam. I didn’t tell anyone using it who the spirit was who I would usually get on the board. He made the candle in the room’s fire grow about 2 inches higher than before and go directly out. Years passed and I was telling some friends about it, again, leaving out Zam’s name. They wanted to play and they went out and bought a board and started to play. I refused to play- thinking Zam must be connected to me somehow and low and behold, they got Zam. We took the board over to my friends house and had his dad get involved. We asked several questions and one was I asked the pin number to my bf’s debit card. The ouija gave it to me and he had to change his pin. The ouija predicted an illness in a child that was just to be born within days of their family. Eventually I stopped hanging out with these people but I received a call one day telling me that they were playing the game and provoking Zam when this 300lb male in his teens that was with them suddenly slumped forward and face planted from a couch directly onto the floor. He had passed out and when he came to, he said it felt like someone grabbed him around the throat and choked him out.

  214. anoynmous... says:

    Ouija boards should not be consulted for entertaining purposes these boards link the world we live in to the other world….you may think it’s funny to ask stupid questions but you will regret it once you have consulted them….once you call upon them they will stay until you find a way to send them back to their own world…..even so these boards are dangerous unless you know how to control the board and know what you are doing

  215. Anoynmous says:

    Cool Story Bro

  216. Betsy says:

    My sessions always had a Mama Zaza as the spirit. Always the same, for years. Not Zozo, but kind of close . . .

  217. sharayah says:

    man i think you put way to much of your time into this Demon Zozo.when i went to you other site,it was like a shrine to him.goodness all you talk about is ZOZO.it dosen’t feel like your warning people of him.it’s more like showing people he’s here.it’s almost like you admire this Demon ZoZo, for what? i don’t know.that thing hurt you child and broke up your relationships well you know what it did to you. you put to much of your life into that Demon.maybe you should put that time into GOD NOT NO LITTLE DEMON CALLED ZOZO! take care of your self.

    • Raven says:

      I think he is warning people. I was very intereed in what Darren had to say, and I read everything. For those of people who hadn’t experienced zozo he was pretty much telling everyone about this demonic spirit. It was an interesting thing to read, and my bestfriend contacted zozo today and she’s freaking out at her house cause zozo said he kills. She asked he kills who and he said surprise, and then goodbye. I think we both know what that means. I’m scared for her and im gonna stay up all night texting her to make sure she’s safe tonight! She’s my bestfriend and the thought of her being murdered by a demon puts me to tears.

  218. CEMETERY says:

    I have had my Experience with Zozo, though mine don’t really follow the poltergiest stuff, though i kinda did want it to happen… when I talked to him he was pretty humorous, and kinda perverted. thus the fact he was very kind yet sarcasticly smart-mouthy to me… and actually claimed he was my Guardian Demon… I do talk to him frequently… though it was really only using a pendulum. I have talked to him on my Ouija Board… but that was only when I was with someone else.

  219. Unused says:

    I just read up about this ZOZO on a forum which I lurk, I read both sides. People who Believe and then those asking for proof (Death certificates of said people who have died)

    I was curious to why, when people decide to contact him don’t just make a recording.

    To make people believe you need to show them some kind of proof, when I was younger I was allowed to watch the locals participate in a Ouiji session. I loved it, not the whole evil demon side and spirits.

    Nothing ever happened to these people, nothing happened to me either yet I did do a few sessions with them. I’ve heard so many people tell me their stories but there has been no proof at all, even said witnesses could not be brought forward.

    I’m not here to say you are lying, I’m here because we need to shed light on situations that actually happen. If we have proof people will believe and people will take more care when doing something as stupid as a Ouiji board.

    I would just like to point out that I’m an owner of a beautiful Ouiji board that I came to own six years ago. Its slate with a glass top, I use it to stand my prized items on.

  220. Darren says:

    Providing death certificates would be ridiculous in my opinion. I will provide interviews with many people who have had encounters with this entity, as well as interviews with demonologists and clergy members. As well as interviews with people that were present during some of my sessions with Mr. Z. As I stated on the site from which you said you “lurk,” there are pics of me and my friends at Randy’s funeral, as well as the story of what happened to him. In the tribute there are pics of us standing by his casket, how would a death certificate be any more conclusive to you?

    Check youtube for actual footage of communication with Zaza, and Mr. Z as I prefer to reference it. I don’t know how many times I have received emails from unsuspecting individuals who go into Ouija sessions unprepared and with no expectations, and then it comes to them suddenly and scares them enough to look it up on the internet, leading them to me. My advice is most always the same, QUIT MESSING WITH OUIJA”S!

    In many instances they have never heard of Mr. Z, and most of the time it interacts with people by spelling negative messages, and most people are smart enough not to continue conversing with this nasty entity. It’s people who antagonize it, demand that it show itself, and test it’s power when the diabolical oppression begins. I’m dealing with several cases where families are terrified because of circumstances surrounding this thing. Mister Z feeds on fear plain and simple. I was able to break free from oppression when I finally made a stand to defeat it.

    My site is not a shrine to it, but a warning to those who encounter Mr. Z or other Z-named entities. They all show similarities in that they have negative agendas, it’s that simple. They aren’t there to hold your hand, but to grab ahold of you and attach themselves to your weaknesses. If you believe in God, or a higher intelligence, than surely you recognize the possibility that evil exists. Do some studying and ask yourself how many positive experiences come about with Ouija sessions as opposed to the negative accounts. You will find that for every one hundred sessions, perhaps 3 or 4 will report a positive encounter. Do the math……if Ouija sessions are only a result of ideomotor action than how do scientists explain all the negativity? Why aren’t these negative manifestations found in other subconscious interactions such as hypnosis and lucid dreaming? The fact is Ideomotor actions cannot totally explain Ouija sessions, and even during blindfold sessions under strict conditions, individuals were still able to spell words, and in particular hone in on the letter Z.

    There very well could be something going on behind the scenes with Z Phenomena, as there have been leaks that the National Security Agency and other foreign governments have been experimenting with Ouija phenomena for years, look up the Gulf Breeze 6 Incident. My mister Z blog has received hits from the United States Bishops office to the Vatican, countless Universities, Government agencies worldwide, and endless spoofed ISP’s. I don’t know what to make of all this, but one thing is certain…..there is SOMETHING going on with this phenomena. It isn’t Skinny man syndrome, it isn’t an urban legend, and at this point any interpretation is merely speculation unless somewhere in the Vatican’s archives, or other classified texts there may be more information as to what could be going on. Then again it could all be explained as over-active imaginations….but that seems more unlikely than an actual phenomena.

    This thing is popping up everywhere, and has been around since BEFORE modern Ouija boards, so the Jury remains deadlocked. Noone knows what is really happening other than perhaps God himself. I will continue to warn people about what CAN happen when you communicate with the other side.

    • Anonymous91 says:

      Hey Darren,

      I think I may have contacted this ZOZO, but my story is very personal and i don’t want to post it here. I have LOTS of questions and am desperate for some answers. Would you mind if I emailed you? You seem to know alot about this ZOZO and I have no where else to turn to for answers.

      I would really really appreciate it!!!!

      • Caretaker says:

        It is not possible to email each other here as personal contact info is not permitted to be posted. You are here as an anonymous user by the way so no one knows who you are.

  221. Andrew says:

    When will the picture come sorry im inpaintent but my brother is a skeptic and if he say it he might belive

  222. Anonymous says:

    Im wiritng this to let you guys know I have seen this demon before in my dreams. I will leave this as annomous. When I incounter “zozo” I was told what his real life story was. This kid lived back in the days when hitler was in power. I dont remember the name of the book. I do however remember that he said something to the fact that he died in a fire and he wanted me to find his mother. He kept spelling somthing with an M. Im sorry that I cant remember the name of the book and the M was the name of the book. I had a vision of this demon in my dreams chasing me tryin to kill me. He was PALE WHITE VERY SKINNY AND HE WAS VERY DEMONIC!!! When he told me he died in a fire and his mom was missing. I didnt know how to react. He spelled my mothers name and he also spelled my sisters name a no one in the room knew how to spell either names. This is serious! When he started to spell his mothers name it didnt make sense. I looked up “zozo” NOTHING! Then I looked up his mothers name and came across EXACTALLY WHAT HE TOLD me! He did die in a fire his mother died before the fire! He told me if I didnt help him I would be KILLED THen I stoped playing and had crazy visions. This “zozo” caracter is not FAKE PEOPLE and stop worrying about other kids who arent your to worry about. I think you jealous that you didnt encounter this. Could it be possible that maybe your just scared because your being haunted. These dreams Ive had where crazy! I moved out of the house where I was playing the BOARD. Them a few months later somone else moves in. The dream Ive had a couple of times had a demon staring at me through the window Of my bedroom. He was pointing at me with his pale face as if he really was in my dreams ALIVE! Then the new people who moved in my place where gothic people. Their son was a painter. HE PAINTED A PICTURE OF THE DEMON I SAW IN MY VISIONS IT WAS THE PALED FACED DEMON!!!! . This ZOZO….. is not a game ITS A LITTLE TEN YEAR OLD NOW OLDER HE’s TRaPPED IN LINGO HE WANTS OUT LEAVE HIM BE!!!!!!! He’s angry and wants to be free !

  223. Anonymous says:

    oh im was the one with the vision and spoke of a little boy in a fire … let me know what information of mine that could be helpful!

    • GirlRacer says:

      Was the book you speak of called ‘Mein Kampf’ (phonetically it’d be mine or main cam-f depending on the area you come from)

      Its a book written by Hitler, some say for the supporters of the national socialist (nazi) party. It details his political belief, and the ideal of the third reich. But this isn’t about Hitler. I just wondered if this is the book beginning with an M you speak of?

      Await your response.


  224. Robin says:

    OMG I thought the same thing when I read about the book!!

  225. Kaitlyn says:

    i moved into my house about five years ago. it was made just for us, so there was no possible way of there to be people that died in our house. about 3 years ago we thought there was some kind of paranormal activity going on. the toilet would flush at random, we would hear glass breaking in the middle of the night, and nothing would be there, old creepey pictures of ancestors would fly off the wall, and the coffee machine would make coffee randomly, while being unplugged. this was going on for about a year, and sometimes my mom would say that she saw a little girl in an old white night gown standing at the foot of our stairs. our friends told us that they had purchused a ouija board, so we decided to see if there was any spirits living among us. i didnt think that it would work, but it acutally did. we found out that there was a little girl named nycole zaza that lived here on a farm before us. the grounds that we live on use to be war grounds, so this didnt suprise us. we also found out that she had died of the measels when she was 6 years old, in 1925. so that explains the little girl that my mom said that she had seen. so ive been doing research, and cant find anything on her. after a long time of researching the subject, i found there was ouija boards named zaza, or zozo. this put me into more research, and i found a little girl named lola zaza, who was the same age, and was born and died the same years as nycole. thats all i could find, but i want to know more. if anyone can help me, or if anyone knows more answers about lola zaza, i would greatly appreciate it. thanks.

  226. Matt says:

    I think that I may have encountered zozo but I am unsure.
    When I asked his name he said zaza then he said zozo.
    None of us knew a zozo or anything but afterwards we found out that other people have had encounters.
    Later(while we were using the ouija board) he threw a glass at the back of my head.
    It was only me and my friends in the house and all the doors were locked nobody else was in there, it was also my drink that I left on the table behind us.
    I have had some things happen to me randomly ever since like putting something down then turning around and its on a different table.
    He doesn’t seem like he wants to harm me but im being caustious right now.
    Im trying not to do anything to antagonize him.
    Any advice on if it might be zozo or if it might be another entity?

    And Ive been wondering if anyone believes that online ouija boards work or if they know that they work.

  227. John swartz says:

    Interaction with spirit last night.

    I relaxed and closed my eyes..I created a chant—–?

    lonely spirit hear my plee,
    I’m the one who needs to be,
    the one who seeks and the one to see.
    Connect me with your guiding light,
    Bring to me knowledge and sight.
    It won’t be used to better myself,
    But for others, for better health.
    All you other wandering spirits, do not block the one who’s nearest.
    The one I feel but cannot see,
    The one I seek to help me.

    I waited a few minutes…I then heard dripping, like. It was coming from a faucet. I listened, it kept going. I then proceeded to mute my t.v and said to my dad, “I think you left the water on”. So he goes into the kitchen and bathroom……….No water running. My dad told me I must be hearing things. The water stops.He sits back down and
    I hear the water running again. So I go and check….nothing!!!!. Now, it’s winter Time in new York. 16 degrees, how can there be water dripping outside!!?!??..not possible. So I continue on with my night and later on when I was eating an orange, my wiimote starts flashing like crazy. Then something told me to say “uh-oh”. Then all of a sudden my dad, who is in the other room talking on the phone says
    “uh-oh”. WTF. Now I have been able to hear spirits and partially see them, ad quick flashes or an arm or something. But it has been a very long time since I made contact with a spirit who responded back. Candles won’t stop flickering and walls are being hit by the entities. I have also read that mediums and clairvoyance’s can feel the spirits pain or feelings when being the medium. And as my friends being mediums, and I too, I never experienced much of the feelings. Until I used the chant. I felt a chill and then a pain in my heart. Not of the nature seen in a heart attack, but that of a broken heart.. I then spoke loudly, “wandering spirit i feel your pain, connected to you is a broken heart.” the pain subsided. This here is a new experience. An previous things that I have posted show ignorance. But with age comes wisdom. Two years older and 3 more since the terrible day I sensed the powerful presence warning me of the serious and life changing consequence I was about to face, I now know I don’t know everything about connecting and contacting spirits. So I ask of anyone on this site, anyone who can see and contact spirits to help and aid me in helping others avoid the bad and rid people of the evil spirits that may inhabit their lives. Three hours have now passed since I made contact with the spirit and it’s off to bed the time of this post will be around 10 hours later. Anyone with helpful information, please i ask for your help. And anyone who wants to post criticism or how bad it is to contact spirits towards my post, don’t waist your time. I DO know of the consequences of the spirit world and I DO know of the good and bad. If you don’t have anything good to add, don’t post anything at all. I may not be in any position to say this since I didnt create this site but, this is a site for information on the zozo phenomenon and other stories of the paranormal activities and encounters, not for haters and non believers.

  228. Teri says:

    What happened with your daughter? Do you not see her any longer? Surely she should be a MASSIVE part of your life.

  229. Anonymous says:

    I think yous are all highly religiously indoctrinated and non of this exists, you should hate your so called teachers for not educating you’s on the theory of evolution, oh and just to prove the point do dogs cats or whales have demons? oh yes they do ….. an entity called man…………..

  230. anonamous says:

    well, i gotta say is, wow, some scary stuff. And don’t ask me why, after reading all these things and using the ouija board myself(only getting spirits that don’t do much…) instead of being deterred, i’ve been more and more intreguid and almost wanting a demon. strange…..

    • JayBee says:

      I agree with you.
      I have used my oujia board many times in the past, I have even use it in the old private hospital that’s abandoned in my town of Cobourg, Ontario. I haven’t had much experience with it and I have never encountered this ZOZO character, although I have heard many stories of it, one being of Jimmy Page of course, and I have always been fascinated with the occult, I actually own a copy of the Satanic Bible, author Anton Zander LaVey. it’s all very interesting and if I have this fascination for demons and that satanic religion, then why have I not encountered a single demonic spirit?
      I might actually try calling ZOZO forth tonight on my ouija board because I am very intrigued by this and am wanting a real life experience.
      the only abnormal eperience I’ve had is a week after I painted the pentagram on my bedroom door I started putting magazines in a box in my room, and I came back an hour later to see all the magazines scattered across my room, there was no explanation since I’m the only one here, but that’s as far as my spiritual encounters go.

  231. Amber says:

    I am on this site because I recently met a girl who moved into my town she was telling me about how when she was young her and her friends would use the board and came in contact with you know who (I refuse to type or say name) but they never thought much of it. Then, years later one of the girls in the group decided to google him and found many things about him. I am a believer. It is 4am and I am reading these stories and all of a sudden my dog started barking loudly at the corner. I am getting off this site because I thoroughly believe he is here.

  232. Luna says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I’ve been researching this spirit and this is probably the most interesting story about the entity yet. I personally have never used an Ouija board (I never plan to), but I’ve always believed in the spirit world. Also, I’m slightly, well, confused about something that has just recently occurred in my life. Like I said, I’ve never used an Ouija board and I don’t ever plan on using one. But something I saw the most recent Christmas in my grandparents house frightened me and it’s confusing. I was wondering if someone could possibly be any help? Thank you if you can.

  233. Anonymous says:

    We make our own fear an our own fear makes it seem real. I dont expect you to keep this on your page as i see you remove all contradicting comments. The boards only make ya parra try livein in the real world Like the man said do it blind folded an have some one write down what it spells. There is a reason why they are sold as games. I have some hungry hippos that need feedin…..Got to GOGO BOZO…

    • Caretaker says:

      “Anonymous” you are WRONG! The only comments that are removed are those which do not follow the rules. You say that I seem to remove all contradicting comments? Well that tells me that you either aren’t reading the comments or you just aren’t paying attention. This page is full of contradicting comments.

    • scarygirl67 says:

      Anonymous, I have to agree with CT. There are all kinds of thoughts on this board, skeptical and believer, educated believer and cynical non believer. And as he said, the only ones removed are the ones that break the rules. Do ya need to hear them again? Comments that are abusive, insulting or profane…comments in another language that no one will be able to read…all caps posts (because no one likes to be yelled at), and no personal information, such as emails, phone numbers, or where you live.

      Sounds pretty simple to me! I have done a lot of research on the whole Zozo thing myself and believe me I have some very strong opinions about it. When I first read the story, it fascinated me. Then I found out that there is a movie being done about this by Darren. “Based on actual events” even. So yeah, I’m starting to call BS on it. It seems to me now that it is a viral campaign to get this whole thing going and get seeds planted all over the place. Am I right? Heck, I don’t know!! But it is my opinion and as you see..my opinion changed after I did some more looking around. I suggest you do the same with the posts here..because ones who disagree are not censored.

  234. Big Chief says:

    Hmm, Question? Why does every person who doesn’t believe in the “ouija” propose the blindfold test? Is that the only thing they can come up with? Didn’t the author of this story announce already that he did the blinfold test with his daughter and they still got coherent answers. If the blindfold test was already done as suggested and the answers on the board were still spelled out coherently then what does one suggest next? Is the blindfold test the only test that one can do to prove the”ouija” is simply ideomotor effect only?

    The blindfold test in my opinion is a folly and its weak. If words are still spelled out coherently on the board during the blindfold test and the switching of the boards then the “skeptic” is stuck and now looking for more “tricks” to disprove the “ouija board” or existence of an outside entity presence. How about having someone whose not touching the board, write down words on a notepad, stand outside the room and ask the participants to spell out the words that are written down. Write down all kinds of ridiculous words and have the users ask the board what words are on the paper and to spell it out on the board. If the words are spelled out correctly, then walla, you’ve got your proof.

    Wouldn’t that be better proof than blindfolding people and playing tricks with the board. Who’s to say that whatever your communicating with, if anything at all, is up to playing games with you. You take whatever you can get if you can get anything at all. You can also place light items on the board and have the “entity” move it to yes or no questions without you touching the board. That will also disprove the ideomotor effect.

    • GirlRacer says:

      I understand your logic, however with your method, how would we know spirit would want to partake in the experiment. Some people may call it disrespectful to spirit to play these kind of parlour games, some may say its a great idea, and some may say that the words have been predetermined beforehand by two people.

      I’m not sceptical about the ouija, and i’m not sceptical about the paranormal in general. I’m as curious as anyone and yes, I’ve had experiences myself. Personally speaking, I’d trust the blindfold test more than your method and I mean that with complete respect.

      Both believers and sceptics have their own thoughts on this. Treat none with contempt, as we are all human.

      • Steve Howerton says:

        VERY eloquently stated.
        My hats off to you lady.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hi Chief
          My name is Steve.
          Im an ex Circus flying trapeze catcher….now a hospital engineer for the last 21 years.
          Even in the Circus…we played with Ouija boards “sometimes” after the show.
          That was however….years ago. It didnt work….and it doesnt work.
          Its all self imposed.
          Sorry if you dis-agree….as I stated…thats your right.
          I myself do not believe in Santa Claus. Should I do more research so I might be sure….or is the simple fact that I “know” he is not real…suffice?
          If I research what I already know to be a fallacy be nothing more than wasting my time?
          I realize the value of believing in the supernatural….or what ever interests a person.
          Thats great!!!
          Its fun to be scared!
          But….believers are only scareing themselves.
          It is harmless up to the point that some kid starts to really believe in it….and is frightened.
          I read that very thing in some of the posts.
          They are easily led and tend to follow rather than lead.
          That concerns me…..and therefore causes me to be vocal about my beliefs….which are the other side of the coin.
          There are no “real” Ouija sessions. Thats hocus pocus….”in my opinion”….pure and simple.
          Thanks for the reply and while carrying on…I remain…..
          Beyond Belief

      • Big Chief says:

        Also, going by your logic how do you know that the spirit wants to play the “blindfold test” with you. How do you know that the spirit is up for games as you say as the blindfold test could also be seen as playing a game with the “spirit”. If you place something light on the board and have the “spirit” move it without any hands on the object or board then you’ve discredited the ideomotor effect right off the bat. Suppose you do the blindfold test and 50% of the time the words or sentences spelled out are correct and the other 50% of the time is nothing but gibberish. What would be your conclusion then? The test would be inconclusive. Blindfold test is a waste of time if you ask me. It proves absolutely nothing.

        I know of a skeptic that claimed his group played the ouija board for 4 years. He said he did the blindfold test with friends and 60% of the time gibberish was spelled out on the board. He said 30% of the time coherent words and sentences were spelled while the players were blindfolded and the boards switched around without them knowing. Exactly what did these results prove. Nothing in my opinion but he concluded that the ouija board was sometimes ideomotor effect and other times some psychic kinetic energy or some nonsense. Never did he give the idea of a “spirit” presence any thought. To him, even if the blindfold test gave 100% coherent words and sentences that still was not enough proof for him to conclude that there was a “spirit” presence. Blindfold test proves absolutely nothing to hard-lined skeptics. Its just a cheap trick they use in my opinion to claim ideomotor effect.

  235. kenneth delong says:

    hello my name is ken i am 16 i have seen some of my best frinds die bc of these things i am scared to death of this i think he is kill me and my frinds in order from yungest to oldest i am the second oldest in the grup i might b next pray for me plezzz

  236. Anonymous says:

    I believe you, it might be really hard to get rid of this zozo for good.
    Personnally i have only done an experiment once, nothing major but my friends say they have seen scary things….
    Theres a youtube video of a girl guetting posessed by ZoZo:

  237. Mandi26 says:

    I have had a couple of experiences with Ouija boards. We would get a “deomon” which I hate to say named “X”. One night my friends and I were asking it “why are you always the one we come in contact with?”. Unclear messages were given, but the indicator kept making a figure eight on the board. After awhile it would give us clear messages. One of them was about my best friend who was trying to contact her “spirit guide”. “X” told her that a family debt was nedded to be paid in blood.
    That night, her little brother had a dream about someone evil and “X” appeared throught out his dreams. We decided to get rid f the board and so we did hoping it wouldn’t “come back” which it didn’t. My best friend’s house and mine are still acting wierd with the shadows she sees in her room and the unexplained stuff I see in my house. My point is is that I think we came in contact with a demon and I know where your coming from on this subject

  238. Freaked Out says:


    Since you and many other people have experienced the demonic presence of Zozo (whom I have never met because I do not mess with Ouija boards. They freak me out) I was wondering if you told him something nice, or if you could fend him off in any way? I recently learned

  239. Bloss says:

    Hi! I played the online ouija, and I am wondering what 24pm means. Anyway, I have heard multiple stories about this character and will help you research. I am 11, yet I have known about Ouija boards since I was 9..

  240. Anonymous says:

    i am scared incredibly easily and i think ZOZO is haunting me. i have had a rubbish life and i want to know how to make him stop. i know it has nothing to do with it but i have had many, many black outs and my XBOX has gotten the red ring more than once. would any kind of demon respect this about me and my rubish life?

  241. coolbean says:

    the picture…is it on the internet? i would love to see it x

  242. call me stupid says:

    okay, now, it’s been a while since i’ve messed around with the ouija board, but, now coming back to this, and playing with it a couple of days ago, and now, it’s almost like, i want a demon, want some sort of pure adreniline rush, and the feeling of, well, immense power, unequaled by anything out there. now, is this some per-dispostition of power that i want, or, was getting the ouija board a HUGE mistake for the sake that some demon is coming through, without really doing anything and planting thoughts in my head. please, tell me what you think

  243. Anonymous says:

    my friend and i have had a experience with this so called zozo well anyway heres what happened she was begging her mom for the board and she finally got it…..from her dadwell i came over to her house and um…….well we were playing with it and i asked it whats your name ouiji board and i thought it was a fake but then all of a sudden it put ZOZO and me and ashliegh looked at eachother then back at the board she told me we should take a vacation.. im like yah but where to then all oof a sudden the arrow thing point to the words and spelled out this d-o y-o-u w-a-n-t t-o g-o t-o p-a-r-a-d-i-s-e and we said wheres paridise and then zozo spelled out h-e-l-l later we put it up and then we went to bed her bedroom door opened and we screamed we say the shadow of a woman we said zozo? it nodded its head and later on we felt like we were getting stabbed so we looked at her arms and then we saw the word zo carved on our arms filled in mith blood …..abd thats all i remember sorry :(

  244. jacibo says:

    zozo is absoulute pure untamed evil do not mess with it!

  245. jessica says:

    i was wondering if i get a board and i dont play it would anything happen? just out of couriousity.

  246. Grace says:

    I have just read this story as it has worried me. All of your stories have. I am 13 years old. I know I shouldnt be messing with them but my curiosity got the better of me. When I was around 10-11 I was obsessed with the occult. I acted as though Satan was my God. But now I know the only one I should love his God himself. When I was around 12 almost 13 I made a Ouija Board with a perfect shape of Cardboard. A few friends and I tried it. We eventually got a person called Hequeep. I got very worried because I never heard of him. This experience still worries me to this day because what he told me. He said that after I was 13 he wouldnt tell me when but he would drag me down to hell because thats were Im supposed to be. Supposedly Hell was my home where I was supposed to be. He also said that he wouldnt hurt my friends just me because my soul is evil. I started crying at this point because he said hes coming for me. I couldnt sleep that night either.This spirit claimed to be a demon and a friend of Zozo. And If I stopped playing the Ouija Board he would conjure Satan himself to inhabit the board. At this point I was shaking. He wouldnt let me stop. I barely knew how to close the session but eventually he said I could close the session so I said the Lords Prayer and cut up the board into 7 pieces and buried it because supposedly if you burned it you where opening up the spirit world and anything could come through. Im still worried to this day about when the time will come or will this demon ever say what he said he will do. He also said he was a sort of Incubus which is a demon that rapes woman. It is in the true movie Paranormal Entity. This demon said the night he drags me down to hell he would rape me weakening my soul to make it easier to take me down to Hell. As I sit here now explaining this story my lightbulb is flashing and my light is turned off. Is just explaining this story making Hequeep angry?Back to the story. At one point I asked again are you still here? But it said No. I said who are you? It spelt ZOZO. My friends started crying and mocking the things it was saying. I screamed at them to stop because it could tempt him to do something terrible. I have never played a Ouija Board again. I dont think I intend to. If anyone can help me on this situation please do. Im scared out of my mind.

    Darren your story has really shocked me and good luck with the book I will most certainly read it. Everyones cases on ZOZO has. My story is true, do not say it isnt because I have witnesses. My mother hates me for trying the Ouija board in my house…But I never tried it before so I did. My friends find it funny that this experience happened. I though do not. If anyone has heard of this name Hequeep please reply to this. This Demon also said that if I did not do what he says when he tells me something he would posess me. I have put down the lord for so long Im worried that he wont help me if this situation gets worse. I mocked religion and everything to do with it. I now regret it so much after my encounter.

    One day I went to my baby cousins christining. This only happened a few weeks ago. I was at the back standing up as everyone was praying and singing. I wanted to sing but its almost felt as though someone was forcing me not to. I kept getting waves of nausceousness aswell. I felt so weak standing up and I kept having to sit down. I was shaking violently apparently at one point. Thats what my father told me. I told him I had to get out. He said we couldnt so I sat there feeling as though someone was touching the back of my neck. At one point I heard a whispher saying. “Dont You Dare” because I was about to go up for the communion part. So I sat back down glaring at the priests with hatred,I knew it wasnt me inside. I felt as though I wasnt myself at all. After half an hour of sitting there shaking,hearing voices,glaring at people and nausceousness we got up to leave. As soon as I got out of the church I felt so much better. So I lay down in the car to rest because I was sweating pretty badly. After a sleep in the back of the car I felt much better. I will never forget this experience because its as though whoever that evil force was…It didnt want me near God. I feel trapped. Help me…please. This is true I would never lie about something like this after the stories I have read I needed to tell my experience.

  247. Catherine says:

    Internet possession

    I “caught ” some demons when I was 12 and playing with the Oujia Board. I’ve got two and they take after some living people I really knew called George and Jennifer. The Jennifer demon never pretended to be nice and almost killed me a few times in my early twenties. But that was twenty years ago- I am 43.

    A few years ago something freaky happend. I ran into a online oujia board and thought what was the harm because it was just a computer bot spelling out things for you. So I went and asked it a question and it said it’s name was Jennifer. OMG I freaked out. I shut off my internet ..signed myself out. But it didn’t disconnect although my computer showed me as having no signal. SO then I unpluged my modem and the computer STILL had internet. I was now receiving free internet from a demon! I restared the computer.. It still wouldn’t disconnect. So i took the batteries out and then left it all night. and then the next day it behaved normally.

    I decided not to give it power by being afraid of it so I went back to the bot Ojuia board and it acted normal and boring as a comuter program trying to be a dead peron. It was no longer possessed. But I just want to warn people that a demon CAN take over a bot program if it wants.

  248. Karl says:

    He people My name is Karlin Im 21 male live in Ontario Canada I played with one of the Ouija boards last winter around january I think. Well I played it by Myself and things happend like My house door opened by itself, I was thinking was that suppose to be a spirit, then I starting talking with the ouija board it said something was moving the triangle thing words came up it said Marzus I asked Marzus what are You? He said or She is a demon. It said things like kill Chris You will have everything and stuff like that for some reason I asked it what am I was I someone else before, My hand moved by itself like a finger tip was touching it the Marzus said Im a demon I laughed I told the marzus does that make Us friends then. The Marzus did things like move pictures on My desk I knew something was there I got happy so I quit the game for a few hours started playing again I asked for Marzus something else came up and said Im a ghost what You want? I said is Marzus over there it said no. Then the ghost said I have to go, then another thing started saying stuff. I asked what are You it said You have no names for Me, I asked it is Marzus there with You the thing said no it also started saying things like it’s not to late change. I think I was on to something what ever I was talking to first was saying things but then the second time I played it was like something else didn’t want Me to play no more. Has anyone else heard the name marz or marzus on the ouija board ?

    • Chris1983 says:

      Im pretty sure using the ouija board by yourself is dangerous. Im sure someone can explain a little more on this….

  249. Anonymous says:

    If the 12 gauge shotgun is made by Daisy….like the Ouija Board.. along with Chutes and Ladders…is made by Parker Bros…..then yes…it would be the same.

    • Caretaker says:

      So they are the same because they are made by the same company? Following that same logic a Kodak Battery would be the same thing as a Kodak camera :)

  250. Anonymous says:

    Its a childs game.
    Parker Bros makes other toys that arent games….so your argument holds no water…..ie….a hula hoop and the game Risk….are also 2 different things…..and both harmless….just like Ouija.
    Do your best to get over it.
    Its NOT haunted. Its a parlour game.
    Well….maybe its haunted by Bozo….but if he talks to you….just dont buy the circus tickets!

    • Caretaker says:

      Anonymous – I dont have an argument YOU do. You are arguing that the Ouija is the same as Chutes and Ladders which is not true. I did not say that it wasnt a game, I said nothing other than THEY ARE NOT THE SAME :) and that is an irrefutable fact

      • Chris H. says:

        People who haven’t seen or experienced the things that some of us have (which let’s us know 100% without a doubt that these things exist) will never believe us unless they get to experience these things themselves. I too knew that the ouija board was fake, there is no such thing as ghosts or spirits, and life and everything is based on science. I WAS WRONG, and I knew it once I saw and experienced what I did, but before that I woulda said the exact same thing as ANON.

        • Caretaker says:

          Even if one were to say that a Ouija Board was nothing more than a game it still doesnt make sense to say it is the same as Chutes and Ladders. Anyone may believe that Ouija Boards are “real” or just a game and that is fine and I would not dispute either one but we can all see very easily that it isnt the same as Chutes and Ladders :) I think most of us can also see that just because something is made by the same company as another item that doesnt make them the same. I think we have to follow logic even with paranormal topics.

  251. Anonymous says:

    Dear Caretaker
    My comparison to the game Chutes and Ladders was to illustrate my point and befief that Ouija is nothing more than a game. I might have used any game to compare…but thats the one a chose…..as it is a childs game……like Ouija is.
    There are no haunted games…..boards……just “self haunted” people.
    People with great imaginations. There is nothing wrong with imagination.
    I own 7 Ouija boards. I use them for silly display pieces now but have “tried” them all….and…..they do not work. Into play comes….imagination.
    Im not putting folks down who beileve in them. Thats fine with me!!
    Im only stating….by my own experiences and the use of common sense…that its a game.
    A Parker Bros…..William Fuld…..homemade….or otherwise…..game.
    I even have a pink little girls Ouija board….just for fun……to display with my others.
    Please be assured I respect your views and you are entiltled to them….as am I.
    As for me……Its a childs game.
    Not really even that fun.
    But please……if you are a believer….believe away!
    Common sense however….will not allow me to join you.
    Have fun!

    • Caretaker says:

      Anonymous – Why do you assume that I believe? I never gave any indication whatsoever about what I believed concerning a Ouija board. The Mattel Company designed some guns. Does that mean that everything that Mattel manufactures is the same as a gun? It doesnt matter what my beliefs are about the Ouija it is not the same as C&L and the idea that a thing is the same, or even similar, to another just because they are made by the same company is not logical.

      Feel free to tell everyone that a Ouija Board is nothing but a game. By the same token though you may also tell them that a 9/16 wrench is just a piece of metal and so on

  252. Anonymous says:

    They are the same only in the sense that they are harmless.entertainment items.
    Thats my point of comparison.
    I also “think” I said “IF you believe”….not THAT you believe.
    If I mis-stated……my apologies……but thats what I meant!
    I also noticed I had some typos……my bad.

    • Caretaker says:

      Anon – its cool and I meant no harm or malice whatsoever with my remarks. You may also consider that anything can become a tool. If a person truly believed that a chutes and ladders game was a means to communicate with the other side then I have no doubt personally that some of them would have some sort of “experience” when using it for that purpose. Thats quite often the thing with tools, especially on this topic, they can be used to focus what is already in a person or group of people. The “event” doesnt spring forth from a ouija game left to itself, it springs from the human beings that are using it as a focus point.

      Oh and as for me, I have never tried a Ouija Board and to be honest I never really felt much of a desire to.

  253. Anonymous says:

    Dear Caretaker…..
    Point well taken…eloqantly stated…and agreed.
    IF…folks are having fun or feel they are talking to whatever via a game board….more power to them! There are however….differing views on most any subject….and mine differs. My belief is that they are silly harmless games……so when I read of people being scared….or haunted….its nice to let them know that maybe….just maybe….its all in their head…..as I believe it is. They may believe otherwise….thats fine.
    I cant see it from my house!
    ps….my name is Steve.

    • Caretaker says:

      Hey Steve glad to talk with you. I would not believe in ghosts myself if I had not encountered them personally. I dont know or understand exactly what they are (or who) but I have no doubt that they exist. I do think that in nearly all cases of ‘paranormal encounters’ there is a mundane explanation but there are those which are much more.

    • Caretaker says:

      Here is a good article The Ouija Board a History

  254. Anonymous says:

    Oh I believe in entities for sure….but to talk to them at will via a game board…I dont.
    I myself….have never come across one. Tried and failed many times.
    Much like UFOs. Im a total believer in them….just have not seen any!
    I think that there are parallel universes….and sometimes we…and or they….come across alittle. I think that what a ghost or spirit is. Still….never seen one.
    Would love to though!!!!!
    What fun!

  255. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the link. Ive seen it before.
    Takes me right back however to my statement that there are no haunted games….just haunted people. Many people are very very easily led. Look at Jonestown…or the Heavens Gate cult. Hell just look at religion in general! If folks wanna believe that stuff…….or feel they have a need to…..great!!! I think it fills a void in them…..or maybe its an insurance policy for the hereafter….who knows. Maybe……they are afraid. If so….it makes them easy marks for charlatins
    As for me……Athiest….and loving it.
    All who wonder…are not lost.
    But….as always…to each his own.
    Been fun talkin atcha!
    Steve….”Beyond Belief”

    • 1Chris1983 says:

      I too was an atheist my whole life, until 5 years ago. I knew there was no such thing as God, Ghosts, Spirits, Demons, etc.., I KNEW Science was the explanation for everything behind life. I would have said the exact same things as you have been saying here. I’m not here trying to convince you that your wrong, cause I know unless you have an experience the same as I had, you will never believe. The few of us who have had a genuine supernatural experience want non-believers like yourself to know that you are wrong, but unless you see what we have seen you wont believe. Please note Im not a religious person, I dont go to church, I simply know 100% without a doubt that the supernatural realm exists. I have been in your shoes, I use to think people who thought they seen spirits or thought they were speaking to spirits through a Ouija board were either on hallucinogens or were crazy or were simply lying, but I was the one who was wrong, just as you are wrong. I truly hope one day you will know what some of us know, cause once you do know, your life is never the same, its truly freeing to know. Like I said though, your thinking exactly what I woulda thought long ago, if I had read this. That Im full of it., but it doesnt bother me cause I understand.

  256. ellis says:

    I have only read the three posts above and the quotes but if spirits can communicate by knocking, moving things around, making nioses then why not through a ouija board? im not saying I believe in it one way or another simply because until there is definite proof nobody can say for sure one way or the other and if the people taking part in a ouija board session are making the glass/pionter move subconciously and/or are reading the minds of the others that are there to answer questions correctly then i think this is pretty amazing in itself. And of course they can be dangerous (there is plenty of evidence of that!) wether or not you are talking to a true spirit, if you are or think you are talkin to a malevolant being then it can mess with your head i suppose, depends on the person.
    ive only had one experience with a ouija board and the reason i know none of us were moving it purposly is because there were 3 of us and one was crying as she was scared, one was sat eyes wide open looking pretty horrified and both accused me of moving it because i was sat luaghing plus when we asked a question and it kept going to the letter ‘Y’ it took us all a minute to realise it was asking ‘why?’, yeah, i know thats pretty slow but we were all taken up with the fact it was actually moving. And then things were only weird in that house after us doing that, i wouldnt do it again regardless of it being actual spirit or all in the mind because it was creepy :/
    Oh and the comment on zozo i was originally going to make was something a tiny but weird happened> The word Zozo popped into my head and i could not seem to get rid of it, it was that ‘probbing’ (dunno how else to describe it) that i decided to google it, I was amazed to see it pop up and even more amazed when i read what the thing was supposed to be, just a bit strange as i never have words randomly pop into my mind and not leave.
    Cool site, thankyou :)

  257. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your reply Chris!
    I support your stance and or beliefs 100%.
    I do not however…share them.
    Thats my right.
    I too…..know what is “real” and what is not……and this talking to spirits via a game board…is not.
    No disrespect…….just my silly use of common sense.
    I remain…..”Beyond Belief”.

    • Big Chief says:

      Ok, glad you responded to my questions Mr. Anonymous. It seems as if your going into it having already in your mind that it doesn’t work so you really have no intentions of seeing if it works or not. When you played with the board for years as you say, did whatever you use as a planchette move at all. Did it just lie dormant on the board? Well, the reason I asked if you were an atheist is because I see the same pattern with many atheist concerning the “ouija board”.

      The majority of them all claim that it doesn’t work and they’ve played it for years and so forth. Even those who it actually “worked” for claimed that it was nothing more than their own subconscious at work. It just seems that many atheist just don’t want it to work regardless of it working or not. You even claimed that there are “no real ouija sessions” showing that you are a stern 100% believer that it doesn’t work, regardless. No proof of it working will ever change your mind. Is that the right way to research something to see if its real or not. You should go into it with no bias at all to see if it works or not. You need to attend some “real” sessions and observe as an outsider. Just my opinion. Carry on..

  258. Big Chief says:

    This topic is still going. Haha. Haven’t been here for the while. To the anonymous person that says they are an atheist and the ouija board doesn’t work. I just wanted to ask you a few questions.

    1. Why do you own 7 ouija boards if they don’t work? What is your fascination with something that doesn’ t work?

    2. Why did you try to use all 7 boards as if the board is what makes it work?? Seems as if the board doesn’t work for you because you have no clue as to how it works..

    3. Who do you play your 7 boards with? Yourself. How do you play it? What do you say? Where do you play it? How long do you play it for??

    4. Have you ever observed a “real” ouija session or have been witnessed to any groups that claimed to make it work?

    Just a few questions if you may…

  259. blue1965 says:

    I find all the stories from children just that – stories.Although I do believe some of what’s said but alot of it is just plain BS.If I ever put my daughter in any danger like you did I would of been scared to death to ever contact any thing like this entity again.How selfish you sound when it comes to your family putting your child in danger knowing that this thing was behind her almost death.It sounds to me like this entity (I won’t even spell this things name because it sounds so dangerous) means more to you than the safety and love of your own child.Any body with a lick of common sense would of never attempted to try and contact this thing ever again.Either your just obsessed with it (under it’s spell) or just plain lying,I don’t really know but you sound like you need some serious help if it is true and it has really gone this far. No thing good will come of this and from what I’ve researched on stuff like this the end result of messing with unclean spirits is death or a mental illness that you can not and won’t recover from.Please pray to GOD for the strength to break the spell that this unclean spirit has you under ASAP.

  260. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chief
    Hope your day was good.
    I will do my best to answer your questions for you.
    Please bare in mind I do not deny you your right to believe in Ouija boards or anything super natural. Thats your right.
    I myself…..do not believe in it….the ouija board….thats my right.
    Now on to your questions….
    1. Why do you own 7 ouija boards if they don’t work? What is your fascination with something that doesn’ t work?
    I collect my chilhood. I enjoy bringing it back to the present…..as it was so much fun being a child of the 1960s. First and foremost….I collect Beatles memrobilia. My collection can be seen on youtube under the user…fab42. The videos are called BEATLEROOM part 1 and BEATLEROOM part 2. If you watch them and look closely….you will see some of my Ouija boards. Ouija was quite a fad in the 60s when I was a kid. Everybody had one and we all played with them for years..on and off….so its a time I remember…..and therefore collect.
    I collected them and display them because of the fun reactions I recieve from visitors. Comments like “that thing is evil”….or “I would not allow that board in my home”….among many others. It entertains me!
    2. Why did you try to use all 7 boards as if the board is what makes it work?? Seems as if the board doesn’t work for you because you have no clue as to how it works..
    Why not? I own em! Why not try em all? Ive been playing with them…on and off….mostly off….for 50 years. How long do you suggest playing them to make them work…60 years? 70? More?
    3. Who do you play your 7 boards with? Yourself. How do you play it? What do you say? Where do you play it? How long do you play it for??
    I have played with the game board for a long time now…..hither and yawn. Since it doent work……I didnt go overboard trying to make it work no more than I would bring water to a dead horse. Still….I guess we thought it was fun eh?
    I have played with 2-3-4-5-6 people as I remember…as well as by myself…..all with the same result……..zilch……doesnt work.
    When something doesnt work….it is easy to tire of it.
    Yet….we tried!
    We played at midnight….2-3 am…..as we were told that was the “witching hours”….or something like that. Anyways….it was silly.
    4. Have you ever observed a “real” ouija session or have been witnessed to any groups that claimed to make it work?
    Let me ask you the same question…re-phrased.
    “Have you ever observed a “real” fire breathing dragon or been witness to any group who claimed to have slain one?
    There are no dragons….are there.
    And on my side of the coin….there are no real Ouija board sessions.
    Its…to “me”….hocus pocus.
    There are however….haunted people. People who love to fool or trick themselves.
    I see no harm in this…and really couldnt care less.
    If it makes em happy to pretend…..more power to em.
    I myself……cant get thru that sticky issue called common sense…..again…thats my right.
    I noticed you mentioned that Im an Athiest. True enough.
    Im a member of a Non Prophet organization….millions strong.
    We are nice people…..but we possess the power of free thinking…..not fear and dogma.
    Christianity to “me” is best summed up this way…….
    “The belief that some cosmic Jewish Zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree”.
    Makes perfect sense.
    But there goes that silly common sense issue I possess again….
    Please dont misunderstand me…..IF you or anyone thinks Ouija boards allow you or them to talk to the netherworlds……more power to you.
    I myself….know its baloney.
    But hey….if everyone thought exactly like you….or me…..it would indeed be a shallow world no? Thats where diversity rules. It makes life entertaining and prodes us to question why.
    In closing….I remain…..
    Beyond Belief

  261. Anonymous says:

    Hey Chief
    How about we agree on this…..
    We….you and I….simply agree to disagree!
    Would that work?
    Hope so!
    Otherwise……have a great week.
    “Here comes fall”
    Take care

  262. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry but NOBODY cares about your beliefs! This is a zozo the ouija spirit blog not a ouija board debate! If you have no information to add to this, don’t write on here! I’m tired of getting email notifications of pointless comments like yours! Take it somewhere else! Nobody cares that you don’t believe in the ouija board, trust me!

  263. ??????? says:

    I don’t understand you people!!! why would you do such a thing in the first place…..why would you get or make a ouija bord and use it??!! makes no sense no me?! i lalked too a guy a while ago on the internet that told me about this demon wich name i refuse to name or write!!! i still remember the name… i had never heard about that name today i watched a video on youtube and about a 2 girl using the oujia bord and i couldnt believe it when the demon said its name was “the same”…. i typed the name in at google and came here…. BUT TO MY SUPRISE, the story he told me resembles exactly to the story i read here?!
    I will never mess with that bord and i suggest you do the same…………… because……. WHY WOULD YOU PLAY WITH FIRE WHEN YOU KNOW YOU CANGET BURNED????!!!!

  264. Anonymous says:

    No Jesus or God can save you, you have all the power you need right now to accomplish anything. Stop being a needy homo-sapien who has to rely on some “Higher Power” for whatever reason and you will wake up to your true potential… The world is your oyster.

  265. Chris says:

    Okay guys. Theres been a running theme here. That theme is Jesus.

    There is only one name by which a person can be saved, and that is the name of Jesus Christ. If a demon is threatening to drag your soul to hell, its a liar. There is no one in hell right now, not even the demons. Hell [the lake of fire] is made for the Devil and his angels [demons] and they will be cast into the Lake of Fire and destroyed on the day of judgement. So fear not they can only take you to hell [if you are unsaved] by killing you.

    Now, God himself in Leviticus and Deuteronomy said that Divination is dangerous and worthy of a death sentence for anyone who does it, anyone who is doing it should stop immediately, for your own safety. If you are being attacked by Demons you will have to REPENT [turn away from this sin and do what is right in God's eyes] and have faith in Jesus Christ. Then in the name of Jesus command these demons to leave, if they refuse ask Jesus to help you. He is sure to :)

    The one thing that matters in this is you, Jesus will rid you of these demons. But you also should get right with him too. Also, all this casting circles and doing rituals does nothing. It may seem to, but its also keeping you from God, so the demons will pretend it works, but look how quickly these demons start attacking.

    Jesus is the only one who can stop these Demons. You have NO power unless you have Christ.

  266. call me stupid says:

    Hey, I’m just really interested in this thing, and every time i have done it, i’ve had a couple of friends with me. Now, we all know that Halloween is coming up, and, because every time i have used it, i’m pretty sure my own sub conscience was moving it, my friends and I have decieded on Halloween, to use the ouija board, possibly in a graveyard. and we also have joked around on making a deal with the devil/ a demon.

  267. mamaturtle says:

    Those God-forsaken boards are not allowed on my property. Doesn’t matter if it’s from a toy store or printed/written on paper. Here’s just one more reason why!

  268. Anonymous says:

    From your own website……
    ” We do not always agree with what other authors have written, but we respect their right to their own viewpoint and we appreciate them for sharing”
    Please remove me from your mailing list!!!!!!!

    • Caretaker says:

      I have no idea what you are going on about. You signed up for the notifications and each one of them has a link within it where you can remove yourself. That is something that you have control of.

  269. Jonathan says:

    I have one named,”ZaZa.”and unknowing if it miss spelt it or not. But. It has been doing alot of hurtful things like to not just me, but to my Mom swell.. tryed to posses me once, woke up up, feet hanging off the bed dully sat up, and was starring into the mirror. It has bit me, I wake up with scratch markes all up and dien my legs every day. Just wondering if this is the same thing? Oh, and “ZaZa”so said it had a partner named “Ded”or “Dead” and it only co.es out during.g the summer. Hibernates during the cold or

  270. A-hole says:

    You know I copied something out of this Egyptology book this weekend. It has something to do with the letter “Z”. Here it goes:

    The serpent or snake is a symbol of Zeta and Zeta is the sixth letter of the Aramic Hebrew Alphabet and the sixth letter in the Greek Alphabet. The Zeta or the “Serpent People’s” symbol is hidden in the Zig Zag Zig, which is Z,Z,Z or (666). And Zeh in Arabic, which is the 11th letter and ties into the 11 sons of Canaan or 11 sons of Jacob who was supposedly sold to the Egyptians. They were called Sata “Apep, Apophis” seed in Egypt.

  271. islandgirl says:

    Hey guys has anyone ever had an expeience with a demon named Malcolm or Tax/…..i have been afraid and had things happen for 18yrs! things have started back up again….bed shaking…..feeling terrified all the time in my home…..strange noises and voices……please help!!1

  272. Dfink says:

    all this talk just makes me wanna try it! kinda doing the opposite of what you set out to do no? the only thing that is keeping me is; while i was reading this i kept hearing strange noises in the house 0-0 blaming on the cats :)

  273. Anonymous says:

    I played with the ouija board saturday and as you know zozo was the one to answer not many ppl know he’s not after men but has a fascination of tormenting girls. Today my problems started with shadows and loud banging noises so I went to check it out and nothing was around and so then I took a picture only to find a man standing far behind me as I kept taking them he appeared to get closer! Then a rubbing feel on my face then I asked what he wanted and let go of the little thing that carries the words across and it spelled my name out then I asked what paradise was as did the thread writer and he spelled zozos I asked again and it as well spelled hell then I found this thread and now I’m trying to figure out how to get rid of him. HELP!

  274. Eric says:

    where is the picture? u said u were going to show it…

  275. Anonymous says:

    omg, my friends say never to play with those boards, they r real and scary, one friend said her sister was at a party, they tried it, and it kept repeating KILL SARAH. sarah was the host’s sister, and no one at the party even mentioned her name. the other friend said that she and two other people tried it and a few weeks later one broke her leg and the other sprained her ankle!!! but i still want to use it, although im very creeped out about it…

  276. person says:

    one of my friends tried it with two of her friends… the next day, on broke her leg and the other sprained her ankle! Another friend of mine’s sister was at a party and she tried it with a group… it repeated saying to kill the hosts sister and no one mentioned her at the party AT ALL. scary, isn’t it?!

  277. adrianna says:

    i have heard of him and hopefully will never have anything to do with him

  278. A Dingo says:

    Like millions of others, I find this topic fascinating and the stories compelling.
    But it always leaves me with so-many unanswered questions and that inevitably allows my imagination to create so-many intense scenarios that “could be” or ” might have already played-out” somewhere out there in this vast global ocean of souls.
    I cannot help but wonder just how diverse this entity is in it’s approach of an intended victim.
    Some accounts almost mirror a blossoming relationship with the unseen being.
    The intended victim seemingly seduced into a state of blissful consent.
    Others seem to be entirely savage in nature and unpredictable in the depth of horror each new encounter might produce.
    This is the genre of the new millennium , based on experiences unfathomable to most yet strangely irresistible, drawing the masses ever-closer as moths to a flame…the flame of damnation.

  279. Darren says:

    I continue to get disturbing experiences with this entity sent to me from my site at http://www.zozotheouijaspirit.blogspot.com

    A recent article I found attempts to de-code the mystery behind the “Zo” and again brings up the possibility that we might be dealing with a sinister force. Dingo’s recent comment echoes some of my thoughts.

    The numerology, the name itself, the linguistic clues, the history, and hundreds of experiences I have collected all point to a very clever and insidious entity. Even the demonologists are perplexed.

    Meanwhile like an unsolicited telephone call from a greedy collector, this phenomena continues to unfold unexpectantly.

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