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Possible Demon Attachment?

When I was 17 I was rehearsing for my auditions for Carnegie Mellon University’s dance/theatre school. My drama coach – a great believer in the paranormal (I now realize) brought out a Ouija Board the last evening I was to rehearse with her. It absolutely made predictions which seemed ludicrous to me at the time.

Within 5 months the predictions I felt were ridiculous began happening. These were events that turned my life in a totally different direction and my life has truly been a very hard, sad existence. I have made terrible decisions both in career and love, and many times have wanted life to end.

Since several extremely traumatic predictions did occur, predictions that I had absolutely no idea would ever come to be, is it possible that something bad, or evil attached itself to me and has stayed with me? I recently purchased my birth chart and it held information of something happening when I was 17-18 years of age, something quite negative; unless I conquered this negative influence my life would continue on this sad, personally destructive path. My life will not go on for a lot of years, as I am now 60. Please, if anyone has an answer or suggestion I would be most grateful for any input.

Asked by Leslie Bolin

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Ouija Board Dream?

I had a dream last night where me my mom and my aunt drive to a house that’s supposed haunted. When we get there my aunt and mom get out but I stay in the car. My aunt doesn’t go in the house but after they check the door an find it unlocked my mom goes in (she’s a cop anyway haha) buy she comes right back out after a few minutes with wide eyes and says there are trapped kids who can’t leave. That they want to but can’t that they were murdered there and that there was potatoes grown on that area bit they weren’t allowed to play around them when they were alive.

Then I get out of the car and walk in with my mom and aunt and for some reason an Ouija Board planchette is there for some reason and things just get hectic and everything’s dizzy and spinning for me but not the other two. We throw the planchette far away from us but then we’re in different time with carriages and there were two black hearse and a black carriage.

We then buried the planchette and then I woke up. I’ve never layer with the planchette or board because my grandmother did when she was younger and my mom told me not to.

I’m curious and a little nervous to find out what this dream means. Any help?

Asked by KAM

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Who are the Creators of the Ouija Board?

I have heard of the Ouija board and that it can contact the spirits etc.

But, does anyone know who created them? And did the creators know what they are creating?

Asked by Lydia

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Are Online Ouija Boards Real?

I have a question… I know that Ouija boards are very dangerous, but are online Ouija boards the same to?

I wanted to try it but I’m not sure – is it dangerous if you are playing it on computer?

Asked by stellina

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How Can I Contact My Mom?

I planned to buy a Ouija board because I wanted to see if my mom would answer me or at least talk to me because there’s no other contact. But now I see the dangers in it…

I still think she should talk to me because she died in my house so she would want to at least talk to me, but I guess I’m wrong… I’m thinking about buying one. What should I do?

Asked by Jesusa

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Are Candles Needed And If So What Color?

Now I have heard many stories of friends who have used a spirit board (Ouija Board) and all of which warned me to stay away. But that just makes me want to try it more.

I was wondering are the candles really needed and if so what color would work best?

Sent in by Eva Halliwell

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Is There Really Anything to Ouija Boards?

I have tried using a Ouija board several different times and with different groups of people over the years.

I have never seen anything that made me think the Ouija Board was real or that there was anything paranormal or evil whatsoever about them. So is there really anything true to all these Ouija Board stories and stuff? If so then why havent I ever been able to see anything? (I mean the planchette never even moved)

Personally I believe the Ouija Board is nothing at all except for cardboard and paper.

Sent in by Hannah

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