Is the Succubus Worse than Other Demons?

I watched a few days ago an episode from a television series on the paranormal and in it it was about a person who was proposed to work as an investigator. When they investigated a basement, they had to fight an unknown entity.

Later on, one of the investigators was targeted by the demon which was identified as being a succubus. What strikes me was the difficulty of the fight to get the man rid of it.

So, is this class of entities more dangerous than other types of demons or they are equally bad as them?

Thanks for answering!

Asked by blacktiti89

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  1. Hi Blacktiti89

    The succubus (attaches to men), and its counterpart the inclubus (attaches to women), is a sexual entity that feeds on the sexual energy produced by human beings. Since humans are sexual beings, driven by the need to procreate (make babies), they have a lot of focus on sex. It’s normal and should be healthy for everyone. Then along comes an entity that encourages people’s sexual appetites to the point of obsession .. and then drains them of that energy, sometimes to the point of them being unable to function sexually .. nor go out into society for fear of what their body reactions will either make them do in public – if they cannot control what is happening to them because they cannot fight something they cannot see. And their ‘need’ for sex could lead to behaviours such as sexually attacking other people, if the person being harassed does not have a strong will. Fighting this entity is fighting both themselves, their own bodies reactions, and the demon itself. It can consume them 24 hours a day, just trying to to not feel aroused by what the entity is doing to their bodies. You then have the mental violation, not just the physical one through the demon having sex with you when you don’t want it to. Bascially the person is driven insane by their ‘desires’. Sexual demons attack the core of human nature.

    Other demons destroy the mind and make the body do things the person doesn’t want to, when they are possessed, or badly oppressed. They stop people from leaving the house, isolate them from their friends, health and hygience fall away as well, but .. if they are strong willed, they can have a modicrum of a normal life.

    Why is it harder to get rid of them .. I ask this question over and over trying to find solutions, because I have a list of six people who are struggling with this around the world now, and while we can clear their energy of everything else … somehow we cannot stop this demon from continuing to harass them. Has it something to do with the fact that the drive for sex is a normal part of human life? Does the drive have to be removed completely before the entity will let go? Does it have something to do with the fact that, in some small way, the human is enjoying the stimulation? That should be normal too. We are created to enjoy sex, for the most part. It is a very complicated subject. I recommend to people in that situation that they seek counselling as well as help from an exorcist or someone like that. They have to defy their own human natures to be free. They have to learn how to. They have to understand themselves so very well. I wish it was easier to help them.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra

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