Am I Having Psychic or Clairvoyant Dreams?

I have been having really strange dreams since I was about 5 or six years old. The first dream I had went like this, I, my mother and my nan were trapped inside a cave and were being chased by a lion. Later there came a fork in the cave and i and nan ran into one, and my mom ran into the other. I turned back to see that the lion was coming behind me and nan, and so I screamed in terror (I was a kid, remember) as I saw the lion eat my nan! A few days after that, she fell sick, and after three operations, died.

I had another weird dream when I was about twelve. I was in our own house and every thing was in place, except instead of our Guajarati painting, there was the painting of a mysterious woman wearing a white sari with a red border. Her eyes were fierce, beautiful eyes, and wore a magnificent crown on her head. Although I didn’t know her at all, I somehow seemed to know her. I walked into my parents room, and there she was, elegant and fierce, speaking to me ( I could see my self, although I was seeing this through my own eyes!) and I felt at that time I was related to her in some way.

The next morning, I related this dream to my mother, she believed what I said, and she said that maybe she was someone I knew in my previous life. I never had that dream again.

Now, at times when I sleep I have strange dreams about the future, and I don’t realize it until the day has come, and something that has happened in my dream happens. I know that’s normal, but this happens almost regularly. Am I a psychic? Can I see the future?

Now, I’m 14, and at night, at times I hear strange voices and sounds that aren’t supposed to come at that time of night. I have debunked most of the sounds, but some are there throughout the night. We have a lot of god’s pictures in our house (we are pious Hindus) and we pray to god every day. Am I clairvoyant or something?


Asked by Sarah

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  1. Hi Sarah,

    Yes, some people are born with the psychic gift of clairvoyant dreams. They are often clairaudient (clear hearing) as well. I know its a challenge, but it is one we choose for ourselves, for the good we can do others, before we are born into this lifetime. What seems to be happening now is that young people are waking up to the gift much earlier than they used to be. I would suggest that you get into the habit of keeping a book of your dreams beside your bed, and writing in it before you get up each morning, with as much detail as possible, anything you remember from the night before. Put the date on each journal entry, so that you are able to track what you have experienced and see what dreams are prophetic and what you only ‘think’ might be.

    Love & Peace
    Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

    • Ama!!!!!
      How ya doing, friend? :)
      That work thing I was mentioning a couple months ago is getting worse….so I’ll be off-and-on….But trying to make an effort when I can. As is always my complaint…all the great dream topics appear when I’m away. :(

      So, I had a dream epiphany a bit ago. The good thing about 70+ hours a week in front of 30 xterms and political maleficence abound, you stress your mind and overwhelm your visual cortex enough that you very naturally dream a lot! (A LOT!)
      Now I’ll add carriage returns in mysterious manner, to draw dramatic affect for this epiphany:

      We all dream about the future.
      Well, slightly more then that, we dream in all time…no time….heck, a different time. But I’m starting to understand it (slowly). It’s all about the perception. It’s all about your belief in your own capabilities. I can only explain it this way, but of course, it’s still just my own humble viewpoint.
      I had another one of those “lucid in all consciousness” dreams 2 weeks ago. Where I have to be honest, I don’t know if I was lucid or slightly awake (there was SP), but I saw my past and my future. The kicker was, I saw many different possible futures. They were still merely representations of “sets” of future possibilities. Meaning, somehow I knew that I was categorizing them….grouping them. I saw past, present and future, and times that didn’t even make sense. A week later, I dreamt that I had never existed. I could interact with all those I knew, and they were generous in talking to a stranger in this dream…..but I had never existed. Evidence of this was solid. I knew things about my parents…but “I” was unknown to them. It’s very eerie to consider what affect you have in the fabric, because life in the dream was very different as a result.

      To the OP: I only humbly throw out the consideration that every single one of us has the ability to have lucid dreams. To have prophetic dreams. All the filters that help make up your consciousness screen information with bias.
      I’m not saying you didn’t have a dream that was specific (prophetic or clairvoyant) . I just think it’s worth noting that it could have been about something that happened many past lives ago….and there is a resonance, a memory in the soul that led your childhood awareness to “see what was coming” (condolences, sorry to say it like this)….or it could have been a coincidence. Point is, I think we all dream about all time, but our waking reality rejects this. The little fragments that slip through to waking world are remembered and correlated to real life events in a lot of volatile ways…which means we, as humans are very often at the mercy of our own conscious rationale.

      That said, different people filter in different ways. I don’t have a lot of “prophetic dreams” anymore because I’m overwhelmed by experiences with lucid dreaming. I keep reality and dream separate because there was a time in childhood when I couldn’t tell the difference. That made a filter eventually….one that started to squelch the “prophetic” correlations.

      So, my advise. indulge. Give strong consideration to what you learn in dreams and make strides to become more aware while in them… end up learning and seeing a lot more then just prophetic dreams in your own linear time-line….I think you start to see why we are here at all. Warning: Rabbit hole. If you are anything like me, this will become a hobby, followed directly by obsession. :)

      Please keep us updated on your dream experiences, Sarah!

      • Hi Siddle,

        I’m fine. Spent Friday Saturday and nearly all of today at a haunted house, and other other locations, in mid-Victoria. We had an AMAZING time. But more on that later.

        Great answer as usual. Pity you can’t ‘dream’ you are working instead of going there. LOL

        Love & Peace

  2. Thanks, Ama,
    I do actually keep a diary i which I record the daily events, and also have a habit of recording my dreams.My dreams of the futurehave become more and more freqeunt, and the kicker is that I just can’t remember them. I’ve tried all I can to remember them.Just last night, at about 2:00,I was woken by my body being violently shaken.I could feel this, but could not open my eyes.When I opened my eyes, I felt like I was being watched.I read another article which said that when you have such dreams in which you slip and fall or something and literally feel shaken , it means that the soul was trying to escape from a demon. Is that true?
    I also wanted to ask about some sinister faces which I have been seeing only when I close my eyes, but can’t when I open them. Any explaination?

    • Hey Sarah,

      Do you know what astral travelling is? You can read about it here on CareTaker’s site. It is when our spirit goes out of our body, when we are sleeping, and goes Home (heaven) for a visit, or around the world. I once went to China that way.

      I remember once, coming back from one of those journeys, when I landed (slipped back into my body) way too fast and jerked myself awake and shook like a leaf for about an hour. One half of me wanted to giggle, but I was too busy trying to calm (quieten) myself down. Between 2.00am and 4.00am is when a person’s spirit is usually farthest away from its body, so .. from what you have written, I think it was more you ‘coming back’ the way I did, which includes a sense of ‘presence’ (often ourselves as spirit), than being haunted by any particular presence. Could you move your body, although you couldn’t open your eyes?

      A dream of slipping and falling .. is when you go out of your body, waking up momentarily, and ‘fall’ or ‘jerk’ yourself back into it. It has nothing to do with demons. It could also simply be a ‘clumsy moment’ or mean you should ‘watch your step’ in life. My dream book says stumbling or tripping means ‘relates to temporary setback that may serve to provide a beneficial element to one’s life’.

      Do you see the sinister faces when you are awake or just waking up? There is a state of mind/almost wakefulness where we can experience hypnogogic images of all sorts of weird things. You can look that up on the net too, if you are interested. They might be ghosts around you, so if you are worried about it, ask your guardian angel to ‘clear the energy around me’ .. I usually say something like ‘Michael, please clear the house for me, in the roof and under the floor and everywhere in between’. Works like a charm.

      Love & Peace

  3. Morning CT, thank you.

    Love & Peace

  4. No,Ama,
    I could not move my body.As you rightly said, my body too shook like leaf,and I could not open my eyes.I see the faces only when I am awake.The face could be seen when i blink, and is sometimes so scary, that I have to open my eyes.I think that my room is the most scariest room in the whole house, especially at night.I sometimes wake up at about 3:00 in the night to get this feeling of being watched.I always sleep on my tummy,(from when I was a kid,)and turn over and whisk off the bedsheets- to find noone there.I have tried praying whenever I get such a feeling, but it hasn’t gone.I’ve also heard that 3:00 is called the witching hour, and would like to know why it’s called so.


    • Hi Sarah,

      I think it would be a good idea to clear your room, and your house. We don’t need to feel frightened in a place that should be a sanctuary to us. to that end we have our Michael Invocation, which you will find up on the right hand side of this page, above ‘newest questions’. Read it through a few times to get an understanding of what it is asking, then say it for yourself, and then change the third line to read ‘remove all attachments from my ‘home’ (not house) and do it again. That should take care of your sinister faces as well. You are clairvoyant .. precognitive dreams are a symptom of the gift. :-) Don’t worry if you don’t remember, if they are important you will. At one stage in my development I used to see 14″ spiders everywhere out of the corner of my eyes .. no I wasn’t nuts, the dark was trying to stop me learning what I know now .. but all they did was help me be immune to the sight of big spiders, and when I finally told them so, out loud, one day .. I have never seen one since.

      3.00am is not really the witching hour. Midnight, or after midnight is more so. It is supposed to be when the magic is highest in the world (moon magic, women’s magic or evil magic .. for Christian reasons) and so was related to witches .. and 3.00am is supposed to be the devil’s time. Mostly its when the human spirit is farthest from the human body, and many terminally ill patients will quietly die then .. which is why nurses in hospitals go around waking up their patients between then and 4.00am.

      The world is very odd, but fascinating.

      Love & Peace

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